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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1887, Page 7

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 16, 1887, Albert Lea, Minnesota Ogle by s decision. The governor of Illinois seals the Fate of the anarchists. Fielt Tan and gel swab h sentence commuted Parnon i. Flucher and Kagel to pay the Ulm Elf la cell. Their Fate announced. Smuw3field, 111., nov. 7 o clock lost evening the governor s Secretary announced from the Steps of Ibe executive that the governor Bod decided not to interfere in the cases of spies Parsons Fischer. Engel Ana a Leger but would commute to life imprison ment the sentences of Fielden and Scwab. The decision of the governor in the moment Ous Case is As follows Svaib of iia Thois. Executive office ill. Nov. 10.-on the Aoth Day of August 1886, in the Cook county criminal court. August spies Albert k. Parsons Sam Uel Fielden Michael Scwab Adolph Fischer George Engel and Louis Lingk were found guilty by the verdict of the jury and afterwards sentenced to be banged for the murder of Mav Bias an up peal was taken from such in Dong and sentence to the supreme court of the state. Court upon a final bearing and after mature deliberation unanimously affirmed the judgment of the court below. The Case now comes before me by petition of the defendants for consideration As governor of the state if the letters of albeit Parsons Adolph Fischer George Engel and Lou i Lingg demanding unconditional or As they express it Liberty or and protesting in the strongest language against mercy or com mutation of the sentence pronounced against them can be considered petitions Pardon could it be granted which might imply any guilt whatever upon the part of either of to Fem would not be such a vindication As they demand executive intervention upon the grounds insisted upon by the four above named persons. It could in no proper sense be deemed an exercise of the constitutional Power to Grant , commutations and pardons unless based upon the belief of my part of their entire innocence of the crime of a Blob they stand convicted. Careful consideration of the evidence in the record of the trial of the pan As Well As of All alleged and claimed for them outside of the record bus failed to produce upon my mind any impression tending to impeach Tai verdict of the jury or the judgment of the trial or of the supreme court affirming the guilt of All these parties. Satisfied Iber Elore As i am of their guilt j am precluded from considering the question of commutation of the sentences of Albert r. Par sons Adolph Fischer George Kogel and Louis Lingg to imprisonment in the Penitentiary a they emphatically declare Tuey will not accept Samuel Fielden Michael Scwab and an gust spies unite in a petition for executive clemency Fielden and Schwab. In , separate and supplementary petitions Lor the commutation of their sentences. Whue As said above i am satisfied of the guilt of a the parties As found by the Verd it of the jury a Blob was sustained by the judgments of the courts a most careful consideration of the whole subject leads me to the conclusion tha the sentence of the Law As to Samuel fielder and Michael Schwab May be modified As to each of them in the interest of humanity am without doing violence to Public Justice. And a to the said Samuel Fielden and a Lcmae Scwab the sentence is commuted to imprison ment in the Penitentiary for Hie. As to All the other above named i do not feel justified in interfering with the sentence of the court i would gladly have come to a different conclusion in regard to the sentence of defendants August spies Adolph Fulsche George Bagel Albert r. Par sons and Louis Lingk i regret to say that under the solemn sense of the obligations of my office. I have been unable to do so. 3. Oglesby Bis own . Chicago not. Thing was As quiet in the county jail As usual yesterday morning until about o clock when suddenly every body within the building was startled by a loud report such As would be caused by the discharge of a shot pin and for a moment every one seemed powerless to act As if waiting to see some dire Ca Lamity follow. Then it was realized that the report had come from Lingg s cell and All the jail officials in the by idling rushed to tie spot from which the sound had come with the exception of turnkey Pierce who rushed to secure the door leading into the visitor s Hall Lingg s cell was entered and the desperate Man was found lying on Bis face on the cot with the whole of the under part of his face and a por Tion of Bis nose blown away. He presented Cue of the most shocking sights that it is possible Battle of the ballots. Tha on tuesday ont beaten by majority in York Victory in Ohio Al inc Teutul in Cook s t1ctoit d sew Yobe. Alb int n. A. Not. 10 approximately Complete returns to the argot from All she Donn tree in the state give Cook Lor Secretary of state plurality ova Grant a net democratic loss of 468 compared with Hill s plurality in 1885. New Yolk nov. Returns from tuesday s election in new York to far a Ecel Ved show that the democrats have carried the state by majority. The be publicans will probably retain control of be legislature but further returns May Cut Down their majority in that body. In new York City colonel Fellows Defeated Delancey Nachou Fox states attorney by the the third seem to have made decided Galna last year they gave their nominee for the Appeal s Bench votes. This year their tote May reach the labor tote for the entire state is estimated at of which was polled outside of new York and lags counties. The returns from the state Are not yet Complete but enough have been received indicate that the Senate and Assembly remain be Publ can. The present Senate stand ii As follows republicans 20 democrats 12. The next Senate according to a recent figures which Are not Complete will Tandas follows republicans 10 demo 13. The present Assembly stands a follows be publicans 74 democrats 54. The indications Are that this majority of 20 will be somewhat reduced. New Yob not. George says the 0nlted labor party has met Boll Bun not its Waterloo. Victory in the end is certain. The result proves that there Are men in new York who can not be seduced away from principle. Wasa Raovoa nov. General Opin Ion is that the Success of the democrats in new York Means renomination for Cleve land and that he will carry that state. Of Bike s cars Cassati not. Latest returns from the City and county precincts show Foraker b election Yoter 6.000. He ran almost even with his ticket Powell dem ran ahead of is ticket showing the of the arrangement by which belts was slaughtered by his Union labor friends. The balance of the Union labor polled a heavy equal to the democrats. The prohibitionist vote was very Light the fullest returns received indicate a plurality of 26.000 for Foraker. The legislature probably stands Senate 24 Republican House 67 be Public interesting items gathered from various localities. Northwest news. Lisco. To imagine. At first it was supposed that he was dead and the body was carried out of the cell and Laid on the Bath room floor. Then it was noticed that he was still breathing and messages were at once Dis patched for the county physician. His assistant or. Gray was speedily on the spot closely Fol Lowed by or. Fenger the expert surgeon. They directed that a Bench should be Bronett into the room and the body placed upon it. Then or. Fenger speaking to Lingg in German told him to open his eyes and he did so. He told him to close them and he did so thus indicating clearly that he was still conscious and knew what was going on around him. A cur gory examination of the cell revealed a Dyna mite Candle with a percussion Cap fastened on the Wick and it Ems evident that Lingg had lighted the Candle and shoved it into his Mouth until it Billoded. After Lingg s wounds had been dressed and stimulants administered to him hypodermic ally the scattered Man made an Effort to raise himself up and he was lifted to a sitting posture by those in attendance. He then signified that he wanted to write and a Pencil was placed in his hand and a Block of paper before him. He wrote that he wanted to sit up As he could not breathe when lying Down. He also asked for More Brandy which was administered to him hypodermic ally. Lingg remained sensible to within a few minutes of his deut. Which occurred at o clock in the afternoon six hours within a minute or two of the explosion of the full Jinan ing Cap. During this period of time to exhibited marvelous Neivi on several occasions writing Brief requests on paper is they occurred to him. The instrument which Lingg used to destroy himself was a simple looking in itself being a fulminating Cap in Inch and a half Long cd. Red at the closed end by a specially prepared full Racli i 3 exploded Liy concussion. In this Cap Lingg is supposed to have placed a piece of Fuso about Throe inches Long. The Cap Lingg placed in the end of a Candle. Whether the dynamite was in the Candle or not is a question us the whole machine was blown away. Internal Revenue. In pm too. Chicano. Nov. Result of county election yesterday was a Complete been Rlicon Triumph All the Candy Daws on the be publican ticket in eluding every candidate for county commissioner being elected. Judge Gary s majority in the county of re election As judge of the Superior court is Over judge Longenecker s i Jority for state s attorney is about h. C. Senne s majority for chairman of the Board of county commissioners is Abou Chicago not. Of the questions toted upon tuesday was the proposed an relation to the City of about two thirds o Hyde Park the South half of Lake View a of Brighton a strip from the Eastern part of Cicero and Section 25 of Jefferson. Chi Cago practically had her own Way. As so generally does and her population has been increased in a single Day something like 65.000. Hyde Park Brighton Cicero and Jefferson voted to come in and Lake flew and lace decided to stay out As regards the propositions As de from candidates for office that were voted on by the people of this county it is certain that the question has carried. The Fate of the jury commission Law is As yet undecided the vote upon the question of its adoption or rejection being very close. Iowa. Lbs Morsit in., not. From 750 of the precincts of the state show a net democratic gain of 785. The same vote maintained in the rest the state will give Larrabee for governor 12.000 plurality Over Ander son dem and a majority of Over All the vote of Cain co. A for governor Between and Farnham pro for governor will fall under 200 in the state. The legislature will be be publican by about 45 on joint ballot Complete returns from Fly by three of the ninety nine counties to the. State give Lar Rabee Bep 87.569 Anderson 442 Cain fam Ham 2l Larrabee s plurality Over Anderson and his majority Over All 3.982. These same counties last year gave Jackson Bep Sells a bwsepek5 Bep Blicas dict out. Phyla Dalahia nov. 10. From All counties in Pennsylvania show a plural Ity of Between and for Hart for state treasurer a democratic gain of about As compared with the tote for state treasurer in 1885 and that for governor last year. Massachusetts. Boston not. All towns and cities in the state give for governor Ames Lovering Earle Marks 848. This makes Ames plurality against last year. This is a Clear majority of against. 923 in 1886. A tote foe minn., not. Dakota election returns Are Tery meager but Thi figures received show a majority of abort for division. Divis on has carried by a Good majority the principal oppo Ritto coming from North Dakota in South Dakota the vote in favor of division was very Large. Local option seems to Havi gained the Day in most of the counties. New Jersey. Bexton n. J., nov. Turns yesterday indicate that the next leg is nature will stand 32 democrats 9. 37 democrats 23. Maryland. A Litho re Mil nov. Was Antic Patel the democrats carried nearly Ever thing in the state though Complete of Tenn can not yet be Given reliable estimate from throughout the stats show that Jacl son s majority for governor will be Abou the smallest received by any got Emor in Wouly years. Iowa. Pm the first Brick methodist burst built in Iowa located St Burlington Jean by been transformed into a Lea tet the Una granting state certificates of in corporation went into effect july 1, 1888, and Tinea that time 567 certificates have teen granted to state and 133 to foreign Scorpo Ragu. A. 3. Graham editor of be bed Oak in to deut found dead in Bis office the tier evening. A bottle labelled tincture f aconite was near. Be bought the Poison in the morning telling the druggist be wanted it for a Friend is the country for Medicine. Temporary insanity was the Ause. The harness and saddlery House of Mueler Nepper in Sioux City made am assign ment the other Day. Liaf Liticea Susete the pharmaceutical certificate of l. Al an Erson a was revoked recently because during a two months absence in Chicago his store was run by an unregistered Young Man. Anderson can not engage in the drug in Sines la Iowa again. The state supreme court has decided that the Law reorganizing the grand. July f the state is constitutional John Damy at one time a Well to de citizen of be Mare but for the past two an inmate of the Plymouth county Oor House went to bed a few nights ago with a lighted pipe. The caught fire and being feeble he was unable help himself and was burned to death the German american savings Bank at Burlington has increased Ite capital Stock trom to lure Are 207 presbyterian sunday schools in the state with an enrolment of members. The appointment is announced of George w. Ogilvie to be superintendent of the Deer Homes i Northwestern Railroad known As the Oncu line and l. F. Martin to be superintendent of the so Louis Das Tolnes Northern known As the Boone line miss Martha fairer a White girl whose parents move in Good society in. Mason City eloped a few Days ago with Thomas Jefferson a coloured jockey. The Young woman s family had renounced her. Farmers near Canning factories have realized Twenty dollars per acre this year for the Sweet Corn Thev raised. Illinois. The following rates of state tar for is tension against the equalized assessment of All property in Illinois for the year 1887 have been determined upon for general state purposes three and nine tenths Mills the members of the a a Aust re the sons of meters a and women belief corps gave a except Feu Tad Camp lire to commander in chief bes at til Acker Post Hall in Minneapolis the other night the tug Byberry is supposed to Hare been lost in Lake of the Woods during the recent storm George Heenan a Well known mining expert among the Pas the Pipestone reservation is Bow cleared to All settlers f jul pics who settled there Baring moved their Homes with their furniture and Effleeta Captain bean and judge Kinney Agenor for the yank Tous have secured from the written agree ments notto return so the Reserve and to remove All their houses Boms and improve ments March 1 next a one Balf interest in the valuable Ion lands Mothe Vermillion Range near Dulath was recently sold by the consolidated Ter million company to engling capitalists for the land comprises acres of valuable Iron property some of which already bees partially developed the englishmen will Nee 000 or More so developing the property. Excitement the still running High in a Tosh and Vicinity Over the discovery of the Silver and Gold Fields at shoo Fly. The latest assays run about Tufty dollars to the Ion in Gold and about Twenty eight dollars to the ton in sifter. Numerous proposals Aav been made for purchasing shares of stocks but the company thus far ref times to Well a Dollar s Worth of Stock to any one and will proceed As fast As possible to Apik shafts and put in Mills for the proper development of the mines. The diphtheria scare at Rochester has entirely subsided and schools hate filled up again. Potatoes at fifty cents a Bushel have paid the Farmers better than any other shop in Olmsted county this year. The dedication services of the Ansta rus Adolphus College at St Peter took place a few Days ago. Governor Mcgill making the opening address. The exercises concluded with a grand musical convention and Pyro technical displays. By a premature blast a few Days ago at the mine in Tower two miners William Hamm and John Beardon were instantly killed. Both leave families. Four others were injured. A Large number of filings were made in the land office in Dunn Chi the other Day in the Twenty to thirty and thirty to forty indemnity limits of the Northern Pacific Road which were recently dec did by the Secretary of the Interior a forfeited. Isaac j. Cutler an old resident and. Of Tensive Farmer of Glasgow township while feeding his hogs recently was attacked by a Large boar and came very near being killed. The timely arrival of the hired Man saved Bis life. Mrs. Be due of Minneapolis eighty four years of age in route to Aurora Al accompanied by her two daughters to visit her son. Or. E. H. Be due died of App Plesy on the East bound St. Paul train just West of s or. And mrs. Bielland mown an Tinfo Rutm. To at to supt at i Hope the Public has not the i Lea that or. Bowser ant i const evilly quarrelling or that be is a failure As a husband. No Farally is happier than ours and or. Bowser is one of the Best husbands in the world. He i simply a Little bit queer. That is Haven t been married quite Long enough for me to tone him Down. Like Many other Young Hus bands he wean a much larger hat now than he will couple of years Bence but that is a fault instead of an evil. The other evening he came Home in a of excitement prom ended around the Kouse with Iris nose in the air for a while and then in did those books Corno up mrs. There a a package came a. Have you been getting another Bateh of useless All books Are useless to some peo mrs Bowser if you were like some wives-1 know of you d encourage instead of insulting i be glad to have you read every evening. History or poli they Are works on Ora tory mrs. Bowser i Hare been advised princely style. The mantel pieces of the mansion were of China. The House was owned by the family for Many years. It then passed into the hands of strangers and was finally pulled Down. The ancient a also owned by him Here he gave the ground for the building of a Church. Wren who built the great was the architect on each Dollar for state school purposes one and four tenths on each Dollar aggregating five and three tenths Mills on each Dollar. Cracks men forced the Post office Safe at Petersburg the other night and stole in Stamps and in Money. Governor Boss of new Mexico hns re moved the cattle quarantine restrictions from Illinois except Cook county. The soldiers Home at Quincy has admitted 524 inmates of whom 262 Are natives and foreigners the foreign ers Are divided As follows Germany 110 Ireland 95 England 12, and Scotland 10. Two Hundred and fifty six Are married or have Irving children 67 Are or towers without children and 197 Are single. The trades and professions number 63, and torn Are 151 Farmers and 192 labourers. A number of Farmers in Pope county who ave occupied their lands for a Quarter of a entry were ousted a few Days ago by ejectment suits brought by non resident Polo. Synopsis of Tho annual Kosport of str. Miller Trio commissioner. Washington nov. Annual report of or. Millor the commissioner of internal Keven due has been Trade Publ c. The total amount of Rev Nua collected during the fiscal ended june 81, 1887, was pc Cipis from Tux on spirits Dur ing the year were or 53.aiu.m4 less than during the preceding year. Fermented liquors furnished or about the preceding year tobacco Pipirs , snuff etc., an alleged incendiary fire destroyed the on ice houses the Moline ice company Ibe the other evening. Loss no insurance. Edgar Fitzgerald a fifteen year old son f j. Fitzgerald of Jefferson county was Crown from a horse and almost instantly tiled the other afternoon. E. Eddy proprietor of the City hotel at Geneseo shot himself dead a few Days ago. 3e was nearly fifty years old and leaves a wife and family. Financial troubles were said to have been the cause of his act George Wolf Ord of Georgetown who had been shamefully abusing and Mal treating Lis wife was taken out by a party of neigh ors the other night tied to a tree and Folven a thorough whipping. He was then mined Over to the authorities and placed in jail William Gaffney and Samuel Carnahan of Paris were killed the other Day by the caving in of a gravel Bank. William fright Man sixty years of age died from neglect and starvation in Chicago a few nights ago. Mrs. Schnaubelt Mother in Law of anarchist Schwab and Mother of Budolph Schnaubelt tie supposed bomb thrower reached Chicago the other Day. She came alone from Germany. Wisconsin. In the redistricting of the state the legislature made one Hundred and one Assem Bly districts whereas the Constitution of Wisconsin says there shall not be to exceed one Hundred. This fact was not discovered until the governor had signed the Law and the statesmen had departed for their Homes. The question now is whether it will be necessary to Call a special session of the legislature Weed out Che obnoxious District and have the thing Legal Michigan. In Ishpeming the other night James Mcconkey stabbed Charles Williams twice inflicted fatal in Jones in a quarrel Over a woman. Mcconkey was arrested. Arthur Billar Barber was arrested in Bay City a few Days ago As a counterfeiter. Dies for bogus Silver dollars were found in his Possession. Bobert Brockie a Farmer of Pavilion fell from a Load of Corn stalks the other after noon and struck on his head. His neck was dislocated and he was picked up for dead but when taken Home it was found that he was alive and a doctor was called. The doctor at the Earnest request of his friends set the Farmer s neck. Brockie con. Tinned to live and is now Able to talk. This is said to be the first Case on record so far As known where a Man lived after his neck was dislocated. Or. H. Montgomery of Marshall was stricken with paralysis the other Day and died in a Short time. He was an old Resi Dent of the City and a leading physician. Mrs. C. H. Tunage was fatally burned at Marshall a few Days ago by a gasoline explosion. She tried to Light the stove in the dark and the Casoline flowed too freely. Reports to the state Board of health by fifty two observers in different parts of the state for the week ended october 29 indicated that inflammation of the brain and Membranous croup increased and remit tent fever Typo Maler Lal fever diphtheria and dysentery decreased in area of Prev diphtheria was reported at fifteen places Scarlet fever at thirteen typhoid fever at Twenty two measles at four places. The state Board of fund commissioners have been authorized to Purchase Michigan War Bonds if obtainable at a reasonable Premium with the surplus in the state Trenary also to buy government Bonds when deemed advisable. The female philanthropists at Muskegon Are preparing plans for the erection of a Home for the friendless. The employees of the state school for the Blind at Lansing struck the other Day be cause Iron bars were placed at the windows of their rooms. The october report of the state prison shows the following in prison october 1, 760 received during month 38 recaptured 1 total 799 discharged by expiration of sentence 22 discharged for new trial 2 transferred to insane Asylum 2 died 1, leaving in prison october 31, 772. By my Many friends to take a few lessons in elocution and delivery and to then accept some of the numerous invitations tendered me to address this or that society or Richard Moses Bowser Yon can t be in that s Tell out at the top of your voice and Tell every body in de troit that my name is Richard Moses maybe it sounds better than major. Why should t i Pluck the laurels from the Field of oratory if some people Are satisfied to Grovel in the dust they need t try to prevent others from soaring to the but you have no i Haven Teh i was present enough and made myself pretty Well understood when your hand in marriage you Don t know me mrs. Bowser. See and he Drew himself up to his full Hight which is a trial e Over five feet swelled his stomach out and As he Dakota. The other a slide of Rock occurred on the 160-foot level of the Iron Hill mine near Deadwood bringing Down Ore of the estimated value of a Cave happened a Short time ago revealing very Rich Ore but it did not compare with tuis body last Laid open. Assays were said lifted himself up on Bis toes he waved his Arm and began gentlemen May cry peace peace but there is no Pence Gate which sweeps from the North will brins to a the clash of yes or. Bowser but your voice is squeaky and you Are very very Short please give it up. I should feel awfully bad if you made squeaky voice very very Short make a failure mrs. Bowser Yon want to choke me Oft but you can t do it you will yet be deafened by the plaudits of the multitude who cheer my he had five or six books of speeches dialogues and lessons in preparatory greatness and As soon As supper was Over he locked himself in the Library and began. He was still going it when i went to bed and at Midnight i was awakened to see him before the Glass on the Dresser and to hear him saying i Tell you gentlemen that the bul Warks of american Liberty Are totter ing to their foundations. A few More such acts As these few few few More such acts if Yon Wake up the baby he May have i said. Or. Bowser was so indignant that he would not utter a word in reply nor did he address me until after dinner next Day. He continued his labors for a week or ten a tips ranging in his outbursts of oratory from the doing child to an Appeal for then from what i overhear i made up my mind that he was pre paring an address for a special Occa Sion. He could t keep the news to himself but soon informed me that he was to soon address the Young men s Liberty club. I pity the poor Man when i look Back Over Days. He w Rote and re wrote. I think he prepared As Many As six or Sevon addresses before to got one to suit and to spout at least fourteen hours per Dav trying to commit it to memory. To looked Tor Chaptico Church. Philip key had his vault Bini where he is buried. He married1 twice. His second wife was a miss Barton and she gave the first legacy Ever Given in Manry latin for the education of the poor and her will War recorded in Annapolis As the Best will Ever made by a won Van. Philip key had several sons and Beautiful who married in the famous Bryce family of Scotland. His sons All became distinguished men and several married and their descendants both sons and daughters were noted men and women in the history of Maryland. Hon. Philip key. Of lived on the of Romfo River and grandson of lord key was a member Congressi he was a thorough scholar and 3 perfect gentleman and at Nineteen when he went to Europe to be presented to the English court was considered the hands unrest Man there. His daughters were said to have been the most Beautiful women eve raised in Maryland. The last of that family now living is mrs or. John Biscoe who resides in Baltimore and although far advanced in years she still retains All the faculties of youth. She was the far famed Belle the Beautiful Mary key. Once i was in St Mary s a Buntyon a visit to the late John Hall of he had built a splendid House about a mile from the Wicomico River. The buildings on that place were sad to be the finest in Lewer Maryland. Or. Key was a Man of splendid appearance and one of the e most courteous men in his House 1 Ever met. His aunt was the of Argyle Scotland. He married a miss seeder a most Beautiful woman his children were perfectly Beautiful St Mary s county has the Honor of claiming the great key family and the descendant of one of them that gave unto the world the greatest National Anthem Ever penned by Man. The Star spangled Francis key was like his race not Only a great one. But a Good one. For generations Back it has been said a key never turned his face from any poor Man. Hon. Philip key was the largest land Holder Ever in St. Mary s county. Baltimore american. Harmony of sea Birds. Had been away from for a couple of months and on his re turn met Robinson. Said Dum Ley after the greeting was Over. I am honestly glad to get Back. After All there is no p acc like Home. 1 s Poso the boys were asking after "0, replied Robinson. There s Brown the Gas collector inquired Only this morning if you Ever expected to or 0 Mure than during the preceding of year the tax brought in Back and Tom Sawyer the tailor w8duringthorijlitm nth of the fiscal year that it sin Jet of tax. The Cost or Collet to ins he internal taxes flaring the year War about 3 -j-10 per cent of the amount collected. An angry depositor. He tries to shout the president of the ship idled Earth at St. St. Louis nov. A depositor in the suspended fifth National entered the borne of Henry Overstolz presi Dent of the Bank. Last in fret ill attempted to assassinate him. Is dangerously ill and when Haggerty was denied Al minis on to Tho room he fired two shots through the door m the e direction of the sick Cham her and scared the other people in the House so that the fled panic stricken to a neighbor s. H ingerly was arrested. He was very Mil h under the influence of liquor. To had in the broken Bank. Or Eilerich Hyson proprietor a the Gal House at Claire wis., who fought Coloru Richardson with revolvers a week Ugo clod thursday afternoon from the wounds to Roach Cir. To know where a letter would reach you and Over at the Holo in the Wall said he very anxious to see Yon going Well so Long old boy i s pose you re anxious to see the wife and y. Sun. A Good old Western Massachusetts town lives a doctor who has buried four wires. When no. 4 was a Bride of a few Days she went with her oldest stepdaughter into an attic to find an ironing Board. Seeing a Board that she thought would answer her purpose nicely she was about to take it when the daughter exclaimed "0, Don t take that for that is what father uses to Lay out his wives transcript five men were nearly crashed to death recently by the falling of a Root of a log Ging Camp near Long Lake. Governor Busk has issued a formal order for the cleaning tit of the immoral Dens at Hurley and promised the local authorities All the assistance needed. A Well dressed Young Man named Frank Novotny recently swindled a number of his friends at la Crosse. He robbed his landlord and wheeled his Best out of Blackhawk trips no. 2, order of ked men was organized at Beloit a few even Ings ago and the following officers were chosen Prophet e. D. Scott Groat Sachem e. A. Howell Seiv Sior Sagamore a. L How Ard. Edward b. Borland travelling agent for a Milwaukee drug House was one of the victims of the recent propeller Vernon Dis Aster. Twenty seven orphan children have recently been provided comfortable Homes in the town of Highland. Iowa county. It has finally been decided to remove the d j. Lutheran Seminary from Madison to min b k Neapolis. During the past Twenty years 101 divorces have been granted in Brown county. At la Crosse a scheme is on foot to Organ ize a Stock company with a capital of 000 to Purchase grounds for a Trina not and Stock show and tie lust fair next year. The Exchange Bank of Meaford made an assignment n few lava ago. Tho deposits were Between and All the school trustees county and town in cars and Farmers and business men in District were interested. Hon a non Rogers sex mayor of Janes Vilie died a few Days ago after a Long ill Ness. To give the return of about per ton and it was thought that a Large body existed which would reach that value. Tie surveying corps of the Chligo a Northwestern Railroad reached Pierre the other Day. The line As surveyed comes from Gettysburg Potter county. A Lodge of the masonic fraternity has been organized at Button. The Banks of 1 Ankton report greatly in creased business activity since the crop be Gan to More. The hotel thieves got in their work the other night at that Crown by Goiner through Minnesota. Eco. Erick l. Peterson pastor for main rears of the scandinavian episcopal Church at Fairiba in committed suicide the other morning by shooting himself through the heart with a revolver. Tie deceased hid been sick and had acted strangely for some time past p. H her Schmai adn Luton furniture dealer made an lament recently. Liabilities assets upon me As his enemy and refused to have any further conversation on the subject until the Day of the evening when he was to speak. Then being apparently very nervous he remarked i you think my voice has in i Hope it there you go do your very Best to discourage me at Midnight they brought m b of ser Home in a Hack. He was in a nervous chill. He went upon the plat form to deliver his address and began me assure you thai 1 highly appreciate the great Honor paid me by this club in selecting picking me out to picking to Cut that was. As far Asho got one boy yelled out Goit and others told him to take his nose off put it Brick on his Tongue etc., and he broke right Down. The papers next morning charitably in Franci from even mentioning his mime. I was looking to so noon Liy prospectors on the school a Claon i of said when or. Bow North of Huron that j bl.c.l1cf.xst. J smiled the Burlington House helping themselves to of nil kinds. Watches jewelry and Money in considerable quantities were taken. No clue. The Bismarck tribute fays the Breed ing of Broncos to be discouraged by the refusal of people to buy the Treacher Ous . Tho mule is Lamb like com pared with one of these Montana Brud Man governor Church has issued his Procla Raat on appointing love Liber 24 As Plauks in Civ stated the other after a concert heard among the Filanda North Ivest of Scotland. We Are All More or less charmed with the notes of the thrushes the warblers and other Birds of the Forest who sing in the morning Anil at night. In the Case of these Birds it is comm Only individual voices that please us most. Not infrequently the effect of the mingled notes is discordant. With sea fowl the opposite has been observed to be the Case As we see from. Or. Macculloch s account of what he Beard among the islands North and West of Scotland i have often been entertained with the extraordinary concerts of the sea fowl in Ailsa the Shimant islands and elsewhere but i never heard any or Chestra so numerous so various and so perfect As this one which seemed to consist of almost All the Birds that frequent the seas and rocks of these wild coasts. I perhaps do injustice to the performers did i at tempt to assign the parts which each took in this concert but it was easy to distinguish the Short shrill treble of the puffins and auks the melodious and varied notes of the different gulls the tenors of the divers and guillemots and the croaking basses of the Cor Morants. But the variety of tones was far beyond my Power of analysis. It May appear ludicrous to Call this music melodious or to speak of the Harmony formed by 8 Uch ingredients yet it is a combination of sounds to which a musician will listen with in Terest and Delight although the sep Arate cries of the different individuals Are Seldom thought agreeable. Few of the notes in this concert could per haps have been referred to the scale if separately examined yet the Harmony was often As full and perfect As if it Liefl been the product of Well tuned instruments and the effect was infinitely Superior to that which is often heard in a Spring morning among the sing 6chool and Church. Chair of sanitary engineering believed to be the Only one in the world has been established in the Imperial University of Japan. Are in the Church of gland one Hundred clergymen con verts from Judaism and Over three thousand communicants. Best and a Ablest live Are Thosa which Are set toward High ideals. And the highest and noblest Ideal thut any Man can have is jews of Almeron. William c. Sot Rill Secre tary and treasurer of the Western Atlantic Railroad formerly of Maine left for Atlanta University and for the y. M. C. A. Of the same City. Prosper of Hartford conn., ites presented the City Mission of that with St 208-acre farm to be used As an Industrial school for homeless children. The monetary value of the gift is a Little Short of show that there Are at present 870 090 Adsit converts fron the Heathen world Lull communion with various protestant churches the result of missionary labor. These with Thein families and dependents in Christian aggregate at least opinion. College has decided to break up hazing. Already a number of students who have interfered with freshmen have been sent Home. Haz ing b a relic of barbarism that should not be tolerated a single Day. And it Only thrives in colleges Fiere discipline is Chris Tana advocate. Was in 1810 Chat the american Board the first foreign missionary society in this country was formed since then it has received from Church for its world wide Mission work Over during this period the contributions to As tha foreign Mission societies of the country have amounted to from Cape Salmasi Liberia Bishop William Taylor says the King and chiefs bind themselves by written agreement to give us All the land we need for. Our a Rissio and Industrial school purposes to Clear Sand and first to build Good Kitchen and and. Alfrea of charge. We Hope d. seventeen houses Between this and Christmas and to occupy Themi by thirty new missionary men and women. By january 1888." i am asked what is the remedy or the deeper sorrows of she human heart a Man should chiefly look to in Progress through life As the Power that is to sustain him under trials and enable him manfully to confront his afflictions i must Point him to some thing which in a Well known by Mavis called the old old Story told of in an old old Book and taught with a old old teaching which is the greatest and Best gift Ever Given to Gladstone. Piety that Christ smiles upon is stand a Pinch and fact a storm that would rather ear an Hon est crust than face sumptuously on. Unholy gains that gladly gives up its Couch of ease to Sally off on its miss Foo among the outcasts that sets its Bari Tan face like a Flint against fast to nails sins. We talk glibly about taking no a Cross but a Cross is intended for somebody s crucifixion. On Calvary s we know full Well who bled away Bis precious life. On our Cross self is to be the Cuyler. Novelties in. Jewelry. Charming works of Art Deil fined by Clever american Artl std. An Odd brooch of oxidized Silver is a Leaf Over which three bugs Are ing. An Odd design for a pungent in oxidized Silver represents the Brancho a tree. Sleeve links and buttons of oxidized Silver in scroll work Are assuming widespread popularity. Nineteen Gold balls each set with a Turquoise is a pleasing combination for a but eyelet recently seen. A pretty idea in link cuff buttons is a bundle of Gold faggots tied together with ropes of Fine Gold wire. A recent match Box of oxidized Silver is etched As if covered at random with dollars half dollars Quarter Dol Lars and ten event pieces. In Scarf pins a new design recently noticed consisted of a Small spoon of Gold in the hollow part of which is ing Birds of the while it was so entirely different As not to admit of any comparison. In the Sou Birds there Are few tones and few notes but i hey Are decided and steady. The body of sound is also far greater and How Ever inferior in variety or sweetness the notes of the individuals May be. Here is much More variety in the harmonious combinations and in that which musicians would Call the contrivance and design remind me of some of the ancient religions compositions which consist of a perpetual succession of fugue and imitation on a few simple notes and sometimes it appeared As if different orchestras were taking up the same phrase. Companion. Railroads in Russia. Depth 303 of had been struck a feet. Much mail is still addressed Toi Antou As the capital of Dakota. There Are Only revive of the t Litfy Steht states of Union that have As Many Miles of Railroad As Lias. John d. Lawler of Mitchell has been appointed i Dakota Liy governor Church in Placa of John Raymond a Sif Mcd. Or. La Virr was bom in Erie county n. A. In Ami Camo to in 18s2 and locked at Mitchell where he since , Anil is president of the National Bank of tha City and a owner. In he was elected to represent the Mitchell District in Tho territorial counti1. Two scandinavians res Dinar on the North Side of Luke i Winsitt about Twenty five Miles Northwest of Volga were thrown from the boat in which Thev were Hunt my recently and Loti a Burlington Mia Sotl surveying party is sketching the Lay of the Belle Fourcha Valley in the Biack Hill at him kindly but to Shook one fist Ai Tho baby and the other at me and Loai Belv replied right by i la pay you off if i have to Wade ill Gor Knoal the key family. Sketch of tie author Orlic in incr Ami ancestry. France so to k y Noim in Fred Crick county of 1, 1770. Acid Hotl in 11. Is 13 his a Nemika lick we k in English Nobleman of a great we Alili sulilo.1 in s. Alary s county Ali list seat of government in the la Tor Par of the a Ixion i it jury a 1 Lidil no Sinei Iff of lie. Colo Nies Heio lie Lin Iii his Bonus Ifill Home Wolf and lived in resting a mouse of oxidized Silver. A pretty design for a Scarf pin consists of three closely placed Gold triangles through the centers of which runs a bar set at each end with a Pearl. A Pansy of Dull finished Gold in Tho Center of which rests a Bug with Diamond wings Opal body and Ruby eyes is As pretty a brooch As we Hava seen for some time. I she equestrian match Box is one of very often they Tho Many new dc3iorns recently placed before the Public the cover is n sad dle and on other portions of the Box can be found whips bits and other articles used by riders. A Rich and tasty brooch seen recently is composed of three amethysts bunched together in representation of Flowers. In the Center of each Stone is set a Diamond. The Flowers termin ate n Gold wires twisted to represent Flower stems. Anio is the Many novel Heads for limb Ell is recently introduced is one in which v Monkey of Ivory is a care As sitting on the top of a Silver bacru1. Which with wide spread wings i ring to escape from tha i Liuio is of its Tormentor. An Attr Calivo Vest Chain noticed recently i made in Oblong links. At Juni of tie i a ibid Chain proper by i Lino a nines lantern of col Rcd in in nation of the genuine article. Of Ivory. Silver a Jih of Tho odder the local length of russian Linos is now Biml 18 00 0 Miles of which 13. 500 Art winked Liy Public companies kist of them subsidized and All More under government control and the remainder worked by the stale u self. The number f pats Nof is Rar from join wry july 15 2c5. 2g- by Tho Flicia Linos. 1 177 896 by the state Lin-.-, an i 8 Kijoo those of the grand duchy of Fiu Lanil. This showed an i Croas of 11 per Vonder. I. S. W is i slight e a nun of the Iii in 18ss.--.v. Y. Post 13ortiwetl-a.fi. U pop .i.ur. Recently Njo Imp lie ,1 newspaper a spa Peri

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