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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 16, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaHmm Toot*standard. PUBLISH Kit SVKRT THlJBIOAY* Per Year, III Adv .nee, $‘2 00 BUE? OP AIU’KKTIJSWa. I w i 2 w I A w j 0 sn j 6 rn J y VOLUME IG-. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1876. NUMBER 46 inch l.Oll inch 1.75j iac'/ 2.*» ' MI Ch I 3.2->j SHOU LU C»l lh! 5 col t 6. SJI H col ' I 0.0 I IO 4. r»01 ffi.DO 10.00 ii.OO! 8.50;lo.o0 7.00] O.oo 16.50 5 .Atli I O.OOjlO.OO 20 OO 6.: o\ 12.00' 18.00125.00 7.00; 11.00,22 OO AO.OO >.» 12.00 22 OO 10.00 ho.oo I ) 18.0 ) AO O’) 50 OO 00.00 1.5) 2 50 2.50 A. 50 5.50 5 OO A.-* I 0 OFFICERS OF FREEBORN UDlNft lC*»PTT r OK >11 OX F. RS : IT. G. Kin mon*. Win. C. Lincoln. J kines Thorcson. J*mot ll. 11ozlcc. Ole Hanson. T*h*0Rku — (’harlem Kitten. A i UTOr—S. Bai cheldcr Roister OK Deeds—August Peterson. Si chi KF —T. J Sheehan. Deputy Shkmiw' —Jae.ot) Larson. Clerk of t * > u ut—A - H * White. Probvtk ,1 KOOK—Hilbert IiiObrandon. School Sr im: r nrBVneVT—II. Thurston. Cbbsty Surnkyoh—Wrn G. Kellar. Casonkk—J Frosh ait cr. CiCK (!n\imissioNkb—ll. H Spicer. DENTISTRY, DR. A. II. STREET, CS Pl TSS. -H Am •» .;es CO Vi&elLWM KHAL ESTATE AG ENC Ah WE have for sale* land* find farms in every town in this count)*. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, bnf* Owe, and a low rate of interest. IF you dc*iV$ to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lahuS, examining and perfecting titles, are ane (hale I. as we have ABS I RAC I S, TRANSFERS, and PLATS bf every piece of laud in this county. Stacy *V Tyrcr, Albeit Lea, Minn April ‘25, 1876. .....MW    l_    ■    I    ■ ■■ ■— I I ■ ">■■■ S2 not Ti and Shoes. Boot Slice Store. Hankers. H. D. D. B. P. HIBBS. H. D. BROWN & CO.’S ALBERT LEA* VlimWTA O. I* vV N. J. XyFFlCI W* Sa* • OVER THE DRUG South of Post Office. N oIhou in stock STORE « Albert Lea. MinnesSia Have just received arid will keep the trod**'rd assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. A GEN KRAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. ii. D. BROWN a CO. BACKERS. REFERENCES: Isl Nat. Hark, Aob tin. l«t Nat. lJauk, St. Paul. 3d Nat. I,auk, Chicago. 4th Nat. bank, New York. 34tf THE FREEBORN' COOT BAAK, OR. OE m, CRANDALL, EJ KT I? X S /JI3, Office over A. E. Johnson'* store, Broadway, Albert Lea Hahs, I) 1) a    M.    A.    Avery. -IR, A. 33 TE 6c -A. T7“ E ^ "ST*, Rofeidout DiMitiAte— B;v«*f>»rd> Block, Auntie •ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - Branch Office, I Four or five \Vkirkmen will be constantly employed,and orders for New Goods er for E-’pait‘f ill be filled-, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west side. Albert L<-a, Minn. 8tf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. Thus. II. ARMS I KONG, Banker. ALBERT LEA, - - *. - MINN. Physicians. a. DODGE, Kl. D.i OL® TANa, Maker and Repairer of MS ray Manes. WtNci & IIOVK'S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. j Any and all jobs attended toon first call, j and warranted to give satisfaction. I Leave OtdcH ch the Slate at A. E. John-| son's store, Albert Lei, MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand ILI. cai ae fl ii" Boots & Skoes.    Coal, Offlce aud Vita oe. JUlIi Reaidtuce up Stair* over the Post j Shnh ort r.Uvh street, north site of Wedge 5 Spicers I'rug and cppo-| • lore. ALBERT LEA. I> (?    lttnd    >1,    1> TSLtGTIC PHY>iCiAR AND SUR3E0N TU IN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will treat all di-tenses to wliich nuifllcMld is subject, to the best of his ability. Dr. Rowland has mad-' a specialty of discases of Worsen and Chil I fen; and chronic discases nf ton*; standing. By long experience aud strict attention tu His profession, iieL con-iHeat ol treating all curable diseases with Obstetrical case* irented with and success. * onbulttonal tree. lo FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are en'p*o.y,*‘ Soatk<>u«Ml W<»< Order- left on t)ie slate a* 2. W. Fniiln’s promptly intended th. A. II. SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals in II VRD aud SOFT COAL. A's:) I? eft'’bited Wood. __ _ _ POETBT. fh* ** Agen*9 Once upon an evening bleary While I sat me dreamy, dreary In the sunshine thinking over Things that passed in days Cf yore ; While I nodded, nearly sleeping. Gently paiV.e a something creeping Up my back like water leaping— Leftpittg Upward from the door ; " ‘Tis a tooling breeze. ’ I muttered, “ From the regions ’neath the floor— Only this and nothing more I ’ Ah ! distinctly I remember— It was in that wet September, When the earth aud every member Of Creation that it bore Had for days and weeks been soakirg In the meanest, most provoking Foggy rains that, without joking, We had ever seen before ; So I knew it must be very Cold and damp V. chaa th the door— Very cold beneath tt'e floor! So I sat mc, nearly napping, In the sunshine, stretching, griping. Craving water but delighted With the brede from neath the boor: Til! I found me waxiug cbln^r. And the stretching growing bolder And myself a-feeling older— folder Ih&h IM fell before ; feeling Hint my joints were stiffer Than they were in days of yore— Stiffer than they’d been before ! AU along my back the creeping Soon gave place to ru<ftirt£. leaping, As if counties^ frozen demon? Had eoncllFdeel ta explore AB *he cavities—•“ the varmints I ” I wixt me and my nether garments, Up into my hair and downward Through my boots into the floor; Thi n I found myself afluking. Gently first, but more and mor<i-Every moment mire ani more. .Twas the “ ager * ” And it shook me In my very clothes, an i took me Shaking to the kitchen-— e?erv Place when there m.ih warmth instore Shaking till the dishes clattered, Shaking till the f«*a wa* spatter*- ?. Shaking, and >*itb all my warming Feeling col der than before ; Shaking tiii ii Ka I ex! lusted All its power to shake me more— Till it could no*, shake me more! Then it re«t<M till the morrow. Then resumed, with all the horror That it hnd the face to borrow, Shaking, .“hoking a* befire ■ Abd from :! ;t day in September— Day that I shall long remember— It has made diurnal visits. Shaking, '•baking #>u -o sore ! playing at the head of a famous regiment. iii* has to mount guutd iii his turn whenever the guard is under the command of an officer, either carrying his drum with him. or ' ti the cist o fifer his btl trie; his ti tty when on guard being; to iro on official ( md often in n-ofiiei.il) err.md.-., to sound or beat the salute or tattoo, and to accompany with a lantern the officer’s 4‘ nm nils ** V niu ht In barracks, tho drummer por-ftirms ord rly or picket duty, whi^h consists in sounding or beating the *• calli *’    **r,a warnitigs for the as«etti- h'.injr of the troops for the different drills and parades When in camp the whole hand of I drummers and fifers assembl# four times j h (Ivy under the ^oiduiand of the drum-major. and play what ie termed reveille. I troop, retreat, aud tattoo, or. as s*a.ie are inclined to r ill if. th- taptoo. The neb verb reteilh r re vi-ille i from tlie Fr to awake is -ti fly |);sy i d at fi ll ve A    ti OD Al The fate of the brave and gallant Ouster has deep'y timehed the public heart, which sees only a Tearier faddier leading a*charjre against an amhdMht-d foe. and filling at tlie h«*ad of his nn-ri aud in t!»e thickest of the fray A monument has b-en proposed, and subscriptions have been made. But a truer mottttmen*., more enduring than brass or garble, woo id he an Indian policy kotulligent. moral, and efficient. Luster Would not have fallen iii viiu if such a p die* should be the result of his death. Ii is a permanent acca Sd-vion of our humanity and ability that over the Canadian line th»- relations be tween the Indians and the whites are so tranquil, while on our side they are -u non d tip »n per) et aal treachery,waste, ahu war. When lie was a yonng lieu-t«*nant on lh** frontier. Cen. f I runt ffaw tin-, and, watching attentively, lie came to the conclusion that the reason of the Country i u!.iisheY». From the Si»ux City Journal. 'I he puUlisht rs of country newsp-i- pers are the must accommodating pool pi- in the word They are so accont-fii da’itij! that very respectable people have coble to exriect them to work for nulling. How thor • *'uspeutah!e pe'-- p’c expect the j n*»t tpideffefand hl-v. that is not llltl ii Ce til ne vr«^»apc more and, and : *or devil* to fire. *r?odo That is a p*»int proba-cor.sidi red ^Hardly a s to tile office of any country r that does not contain one or I;____ ,t    _i Wearing* Dr 11 all says, in Mtyrtji It ural X *w r Yorker:    Put it on ai op cr. I fie 6r-t wesk in Novamh* r, a g'**yi. niMmmil ol<f-fashi.»n*d- lo.me    %<mr. tm J woolen .. inned shirt, ati«T,d«i not lay it ] aside fyr a thinner arr .cie. at leaiK not ; until the first day Maj, cm f», th* latitude of New (Jrfr-ins tT e ad vim 1 the fed because it if nim not fall up,’ ifi.*.cc£, kv>^    feathery    by mr. . in".,-    -    . Hear it only i the daytime nills** j you are very lunch of so    than chancre it for a similar one in aierp iT —lettings the two hang aile roar* !y un‘j chair to '*ry in a    iffV,r«f*>n If leaving if off at ni^m gTief Jn* |l ' cold never mind that; persevere until 1 von lake no more cold by the omission. N * on: ceases to wear ahoW KeeaD*" j t^ey caused corns; it is the proper wZ {lungs which makes them intl caon*. bigot th* nior-* .y* - >ur cloth! 40 whii wear a great de I,; do jr.u in th ippltcnti 1.1 WOUI ! that ms to *• please insert esteem it a great f.itw,” The fact is, compart!ive-;o I,iii*k it Unbecoming to a«k of the country 2rw“poper that it • Ii .ii do free advert    for    tVt si*. im in til The Ie,, , j grmd will V d*v-fimc. Those wf'i I of ch4hif>g in niyrht, mu-t pear more j in 'he diy, or thuj will fe.ri chilly alf the time; and our own observation ; leaches us that the people who muffle nu atrail are .the *r»sdie#t to complain it ta » *-u co id. •p. I cc in fisher ha CID I o’ejoek A M t * r«»osc tl.e en nip from its diff-reeee was ihat the Fliifrl ie-h respect .slumb rs ; am] a very pretty effect it cd the rights cf the Indices and kept i ha** when one stands at a distance and faith with them, while we make treat' listens lo the Various hands play*#" it 1 'es fhem as if they were eivihi d as they mihrh round their camp, each 1 aJ,*d powerful nations, and thi n practi- introdueinjr into the regulation nome favori e Nat tonal air played a‘ nine a M . I is tfie c meneement of an < rd*”*»*■*• mn? I I onp r.*’, r.. ij minuted rent them as v J he Tolly with the Indians may be ai amt treating with buffaloed But toe mf. my *d’ violating tr*-aties when we h,n made them is undeniable, and guilty both of the infamy and the ft We make treaties—that is, we pledge our faith—and then leave swindlers and knave* t?f all ki.idi to execute them. Ile maintain and breed pa aper colonies The savages, who In >w us. and who w iil neither be pauperized or trust our word. we pursue, and slay, *f can at an incredible expanse The Dower of our young officers is lost in inglorious forays. A;l*, *'"e of the intelligent student* 6i1 fl •rmii* f«) be ?:iter-f making treaties i. mary «J.iy s pr j ceedlncf-, r thov at sunset, ?*r *■ **11 ti-fire,” n? it i- sometimes en(led.beingthe time when the evening {run is fin-d aud the standard lowered, and tattoo or r«i5l-c ill at ten o’clock P m Twenty atlantes are allowed far the duration’of the ’ roll.call. th*- co to meneement and finish i rf which are sounded on the bogle.end are ca ilea the B i -t ani last Only th** infantry regiments posse** a ! drum and fife band, the members of i wliich number from twenty tc ’ * for each bal ta ii fi. In one of the battle* of the Pe r. a drummer, whose name a huh been onforfunafely ry. hiving wandered from are Iy mr t v newspaper i“ all the pub-fo sell, and this he is InrgeP F.ctid to give away ; if the appticj-tions for free advertising were confined to the mail*, the country publiahei could get along with the matter with com p.ir* ti re comfort. It is hard on him however, when the business men of the town exilic to the * ffiee with sug-grstfons to certain nt*w-paper work for the npbuildiog of the town — and of themselves in particular. A biggest I* *n by lo* publisher as to the propriety of the work b M<V I- f why wear flannel next u> iho ski^ '* preference to silk rn c Mton ? I-cc ti.ie it i-*    \    ft    eo^ywrs heat away from toe o »uy iei*s iap?c.*y * does it no slowly that it i.i called a nonconductor ; ii fee Is !«** c*»l»l whim w* t<»ucli it to the skin thin silk «r eotid^’ If th#* three are wetted, the flaunt feel? •scold at ^ first toad 1. an* ira her as ta the propriety ol »*. ** .«• f*lir :v >.    ii *« j *• * mr, n. lilt in. >1V received. lac truth r. that if .t WI, I Mi % cr M cat!.1 th^ i b* *re h I 'ie truth newspaper is b *ught, an*l if be if the in it, it w 1 *n t Iv, unfa is. h**we worth buy it will pay advertise*! town cm it **!iI have one There is no occasion whatever f-»r new?.pap{r men, m »re than other pc*.pit-, going a.i*.Ct ow their hand* and kners. in the moat C^nvep; tent attitQijc f*»r k'-’kin*' They shoald »fet up od tl.eir bet When they ean- «ff-rd a newspaper in 'll it, *r ,> tai en Repairing; done to ordf>r, clicup nn*l oil shot-* notice. GB’e him a call. :,7st'    r\"*ert    Lea,    Mina. Orders left on )he atteinled to at once lift!?* al tdhC&ih bros. Shaking off my borts, an i ph* Me to be I. if notliirg more— Fully this and not fling more « w j hi'* I hist • itiid nini or*hi 1:1 Bonaparte prisoner a? rant lh Ii I told if was pornr. to f* I ei ti se I a d fed h in tr* ne • .Nap J he d,M v th“ ‘on at .iy u; i. r i ti! *r •I ** ir[-s l **f to ii* r*>L'-F rent* a sp win Ii im I* rand up -n ti lo- whole subject ri** irt (' h*‘• 's and P *f!*r f ‘ J . “Th*- fact is that tlo-e ln**; f, (hi 'n' ng qu*** «1 it * t a ii the trm 1 to be prisoner IOn ut*.mer, ti h of the brot)-hr. and to beat “ heil K- rep ire *1 ru: (). i’. Hi NUON. I. J. Tau USON. HAMSON £ PAULSON, ■*» SliocSi M*♦ VMI: ti BdOt.y ck; Jfsaivyers *V Mai a ti •Mgcnts. .... C. STAi-Y.    ^    A.    M.    Tv    HER.    ; STACY k TYRER, ttornevN at Law. Notaries Bu bl ic, Real Estate and Collecting Agents. CANNEYANCI NG all kin-1 s a*h*:n:itcly *l*»ne. acknowledg- ; merits taken oaths administered, «kc. •Taxes paid, Titles investigate*!. Lands s bought and se! I. Particular attention j paid to collection.    j •Comer Clark and Newton Sis., Albert Lea I All work warranted to give sati-faction and d* re * order on short notice. Sh*>]• near cur, of Hr.*aa- vav and V. ilia ins streets, Albert Lea, Mina: J. TRUESDELL, j AUM IN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA- DEALER IX BOOTS & J«BS A. Lovclt. James II. Parker ! «nunnery. MRS. JOHN STAGE, has received a well Selected Stock —OF— MILLINERY GOODS! Expressly for the Fall A Winter Trade! I Which will be sold cheaper than ever before And to- <lay the seal!,in*, flitting Pbuild my cot luge see me silting Moodily Withih the sun-hine Just inside my silent door— Baiting for the ** ager, see.ning Like a man forever dreaming ; And the sunlight streaming Throws no shadow on the floor. For I am too thin and sallow To make shadows on the door— Nary shadow any more ! DRUMMERS AXD FIFERS. And the vill ic* ’wakes to the sound of the drum. — Otd Sonj- Drums aud tiles are probably the most 1 ancient, un they are certainly the most j familiar, of ail our musical rirapherna-! lia ; and they have been through many ages associated with scenes of warlike interest and di-play. Whatever be their rat n. tin d*-t n»a f * eye rklcd £ tire the terrific 1 die ti. -itll en- ihJ ie sat*. “The fact is that these Induna, with whom we have made a n*»iemu treaty that thelt territory should not be invaded, and that they ?*h«*u!d receive st! pf lies dp T» their reservation*, hive s“en from one tbodsan*! to fifteen hun-«)r«*d u 1 imt r» during the pre> nt a*-:.- -n or'* ring an*l (*cr‘jpying theil territory, white the Irxiiins. owing to the failure of this and the la-t f n^re-“ t" tuake idtqtiate appr* priati<*ns f *r their sub “’.'fence, instead of being fattened, as the 2**ntleui3n aavs, bv the sopr^ort of news- afettf juittin*: tho n^w$-pap.-r business; the country printers should in-’vt that tho) be pat I for their service*. They should disabuse th*- public mind of the impressio-i rhit been i“< a man ply' for one adverti^e-r* nt H- ta ’ell ill lea to .is many more tree as he ch >os**a to call for Thev “h«-u!*l c< rrect the pr»pafar error that a ut in tak “ the paper he has a anything else the print bec:* is right t t.ki *p can supply ; goii%«* to a st**r this t i.ivernni<»ii!, they have situ *w beat rctrt it, sud \ T‘ re- p Ii iiuch I. »f cannet. proudly ;    “    no in th** Engii'h army. treat/’ “ P. , I ' ”    .    vii.ii v* 1 • •    *    .ii i.*t •* Y a ;.r* 1 Brave la I, your own army ” Thi ti turni *•: t«> th pol- *n gave dirt i ii*-mer should be C -ff JtiC t> I he Kn^'i'h Ii To s. * ver, a tickle j t ie, for \Vat*Ti *0 this humble sad d*-ath lie had <1 the drummer, a thing is kn »wi \Y never re- td an n-tt 4 I. ha lier. i in nevn vcd ” Th(; fletf Cloud in vestiga lion of last year, no matter how inadequate. Suffield ti t»h-*w the practice on tier our Indian policy, and we regretted then that ex-Governor Bullock, cd Massachusetts, declined the appointment tip n the commission, because there was evidently the opportunity of an exhaustive r-p *rt up^n the wh , cr. which i’d *’ hit*j: else ti *>ne w *uld n*»t think ; an I buying a yard of calico and asking that a silk dnss pattern b*^ t brow n in The deid^bear policy is never profitable to newspapers How to Keep Bouqn^fs Fresh,* ii mn mau? SUD- d the There ? bonq, the.a in i tor in va ere. again I are vnrt lets fr ti« r-w. » me *r- w a few att) of the country, and would r have i to ack F nunc at the I her * met been out rn, >’h* «J. u rn - A IL# i ga.ety s h w- i\e of ntion sinner cr Ut “ive action. It is plain I aal si I* as we undertake to support the Indians as paupers, j and then fail to supply the food, to respect their rights to reservation*, and ver-1 ■s for kccp-people stick gait tho warm it ; nth *f ammonia >*vers lh JT- ng day s roses at with a 1 then permit the re with their fupp rtf. .I G- LOVELY & PARKER) AT TOUN ICY.-? At l.AAV. tile PtnpV nf fir,t• Oiijds rfn ill ll TH Hi Ofi-a ii: Hewitt’s Block, up glairs 1 n door. ; ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - MIN ! HEMAH BLACKMER, X-. A.WYE3H. L A N I) FOH S A I. K ! 4 LA SRT LEA, -    -    -    - MINN. ii ii 1/ Ul^ 11I11I TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH W ILL DB F“LD JOHN* ANDERSON, ATTOUNHY /VT LAW WD NOTARY Pi BLK Office over Wedge & Spicer'a Drug Store, ALBERT LEA, MINN. MMotets. HALL HOUSE \V. Or FOST Kit, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - M.nn. 'XJSJr obbcr House This I f or cl lowing recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give A M P I/ E ACCOM MO DA TI ON S • wall guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentivegrooms. Commodious sample /■•oms co u nee ted with the premises VERY CHEAP, In view of Hie depression in the Grain Market.    I6t • Heat • Markets. A. im sh? 1 HIGHEST PRICE PMD FOR HUMAN HAIR, and Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, aud all other work in that line. *>M r f<*ru)*-?l a _ k ben lath as t*jcv rode the bij*»ne:s. steel lay the 00 late I*) seek ti AWA Has removed the old PIONEER MEAT-EftARKET ! On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. $^)T'Cash paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., &c. 6. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE body    of skiraiishers    who    were sud lea origin there    la a charm connected with •    •Hacked    by    cavalry    arid    Inn ft    ba    k the fife and drum which is alien to all other instruments, aud which makes the music they produce more applicable t<» military purposes than any other It would be difficult if not wholly ifrpoPM hie to describe the cause of this. but it is certain that on the line of march men find it easier to keep step to the live! tones of the    fife and    th** uripl r d! fifth, drum than )*> follow    a brass bind which i cannot be distinctly heard further than j about half the length of a betail iota. It I is a singular thing, however, that it is I only the Englisb-^peaking people who make this kind of music National, for the French and other Continental armies generally march to the sound of the drum alone, or to a combination of y The square, nt! 1; • tilth the advancing cuCi'-ters right up to the points of Beneath that rampart of drummer wh*» had heel t the .shelter of the square Ile ^ is .-ai.* however, and when the h r'mien frere driven back Ie jumped merrily upon his legi md shouted :    •• II ,Bo, com rades ! here I am safe enough fhese wi le tbt* lase words he ever uttered; f. r at that mom* tit a round shot flurried (its h ad iff his cthiulders and bespattered rvation* to be tun ; to give the best weapons and millrun rn, and th* n furnish the pretense of their u«ih*» them a*f»in*t us ; to treat with theta as men, md then hunt them like skunks—so Ion" we aha!! have the rn**st rally md bloody Indian wars, and tho most tragical ambuscades •daughters, an I ananas! nit ie. na The Indian is unddubte-lly fl sava^c. and .'i“ comr td s w;th his brains .8 the fortune of w.»r. In the Crimea, on the evenin ' day on which an savage greatly spoiled by the kind of contact with which he meets at the West. There is no romance, ther* is generally no interest whatever, in him or his fate. But there should bo some intere.-t in our own good faith and humanity. in the lives of our soldiers and fr ntier settlers, and in the Ligation to ueh i.“ supp rt our Indian policy. All this I 'boul*! certainly be enough to demand of the ' a borough consideration of th** subject, un suect fctefut atte-kj#nd the adoption of arnica Which ** n tiJC j{, jun a j should neither be pueri'e n«ir disgrace I) juo. : r co th n : ouglkly at tight, n hen the i of furnac*-heat has made ti dr op and their stems limp and lifeletu, I clip them a listle and set th in afloat in a Harlot! basin full of cold waler lathe morn bg they c n»c out mule over int** Cri>p beauti*, as freiH fnd as blooming as it jnnt pickc* I. All flow. ers, however, will not stand this water-cure Heliotrope blackens and fall** to pieces under it; azaleas drop Aum their stems, the mignonette soaks sway its fragrance. For these T u<e dry, cold air. I wrap them in cotton wpo! and Sit them on a §h«lf in t^e ice^chest I I can a*d:.*sl hea» yeti laugh, bat really I am not joking. Flower!) thai treated kefp perfectly for a week with mc, and often longer. gets warm sooner than silk of tfVtrou,* and does Bot cling ti the skin wh«e damp, as much as th-*y do Wr know what -i Mi ?-k **( coldness is impvrtpff to* 'he •kin when. after efWeise an . T rale'1, An in ni.neat shirt worn next the skin, is lr eight in contact, by » char ge of pillion, with a p**Y of the ; “kin which it did not touch a mort**#* affere—oitcii sending a sin Muring chil-" through the whole system. A good deal has been written and* said abiut silk being beat on acconet' of it? electr'cal agencies; but all thai* is guess work. He are jnorr hliixf fra'ef. ifS fell flyout that f>ubtlh    J and until we know in* Vfc fi. \\ q :h*? greater vbdon to be guided by our , sensations. t Another, reason why woolen £«nne) »V ? better is. that while c-itton and silk ab-* s ?rb the perspiration, and are equally^ saturated with it. a woolen garment conT v* ys the rn nature to the outside, where* j the microscope,Df d Very good eve. wi l* >ce the water standing in iii nu mer* hie* drops Thi« is shown at any bour, by c v ring a profusely sweating h*>rse* with a blanket and letting him stand.* In a short time the hair and the inn*? surface ol the blanket wilt bo dry* while the moisture wiil be felt or* tho outside. IT we would be wise we moat U'C our sense* ant* observe fc? ouVselv#*. > >me persons trefer f?hitc lfIHnel * which uiay be prcrenW IroUl fulling-ap if fir“t wished in pretty warm soap' sud?, th* n rinsed in one wafer as hot as* can well be borne by the hands. Aft«r j being once made a white widen shirt' should never be put in edd water, but' always washed as ab >ve. not by purting-*°:,P un if, but by washing it in soap* , suds, not v .-1 y hot. ‘r 37tf Albert Lea, Minn., Sept. IO, iA /a TRY IHM ! rn ii I 'nay— •— G-. A* Raug© IU vins* l)Oiiglit the old and favorite stand of A 0 IIimehaugh is prepared to ‘lo all kinds of —AND— I IO RS    IO    IG    I    TV    G Satisfaction ga»ranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf Photographs. J*. A. P’uUer’B PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broad way, ALBERT LEA -    -    -    MINN JHHN til. MARTY, SURVEYOR WD CIVIL ENGINEER, GOODNEWS! lf you want to buy g**od FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety , where you will always find the best quality ever oftero?l for sale in this Market, arui at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call and be convinced. THE PARKER CUM. SfN5 STAM* V0t» BMbVLAfl PARKER BROS WEST MERIDEN,CT. 1^0R SALE—Lite Scholarship in the JIL Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of this institution. The scholarship will be sold on favorable terras. Apply to    I.    BOTSFORD. and his brave men. as the slaughter 0 I Custer drum and bugle, when their brass bands had b*:en ma:!; are not playing. But this kind of mu- ; drummer w;.s {observed to leave the and wBich would tend to spire u?^ sic has never found favor with our trenches with hi* cm of tea in his hind. I constant repetition of “ueh sorr British regiments, though many at- i and in the mid't of a fearful “bower of 'u' ercnfs tempts have been made to introduce it I shot find shell from the Bussian bat- I It has a foreign ring to it Which makes j teriti he threaded his way among the I    —~—-- it unpleasant to Kngiish ears, and it is wounded, giving a drink bete and a j A wealthy merchant who had become of ^ a very monotonous character, there j drink there until his can was emptied | bankrupt was met nome time after hi# being no more than five notes on the I Then flinging Il e Can fcttard the enemy j misfortune bv n friend, who asked common bugle; consequently the few with a gesture of defiance, he walked tunes vhat can be played upon it have a coolly back ta his p-»st. l'.y the means sameness about thew which is exceed- | of this timely assistance some of tho ingly wearisome to the ear    But this    wounded were able    to bear their sufft-r- doea not prevent its being    used occa-i    ;    ings until darkness    enabled them to be sionally, as a chance to the    music of the j    rescued fr ut death.    The drummer boy trombone or the fife.    1    who did this brave    flood received the h*»w he *2" crofting en. “ 1’rstty weii! said he. *‘ J am upon my leg* yrfjitt ** “ How—already ?    “    Y'es    \    I    have been obliged to part wrtn my carriage and horses, and must uow walk.” Selling Jewelry and Greenhorn-;, From the Baltimore New-*. We don’t know when vc read of a better way wf awinfling th nm who like to atake uioQej easy than the following: At the Meadville Fair last Friday, a man ol very fur trab.6 appearance, c’aiuiin" to repro eat a large jewelry drove upon the ground and gathered I Crowd about him, offering a two- bd br greenback to any one who would give SI 75 for it I*he offer was readily taken. He fbsn sol*! the amount he had just received for one dollar, saying that his ohjt ct was not to make any money at all, but to advertise his h ISSC. This was kept up till but a small frat*ti »n of the two.foliar note re “!ta I named, which he gcnureuslv throu'*h *ft*» j ,    ?    3    jw    O into the crowd Tie then offered some I rings for sale, saying he would sci! them for twenty cents apiece, but would take as much more as any on*, chose to j give. \\ hen he had di?'j:K>scd cf his : rings in this way, he req netted ill those “ Drummer ” is the lowest rank in the British army, for the private soldiers are included in the term file, and the fofmer feceiVes a penny per ditto more pay than the tatter. But though Victoria Cross from Her Majesty’s own hand. Turn out ! turn out ! ” cried a 3 roystering teamster to some one he wa?    had    purchased    t*> hold up their 1 J meeting. *‘ Turn out, or III serve you hands lie tnen refunded their money as I did the other mao I” The airan- ? 10 them, and trave them as much more ; cr, in astonishment.complied.but when ! those who had paid twenty cents re First door south of the People’s Store, Broa*Iway, Albert Lea. ALBERT LEA, MINN*. Leave orders with Stacy & Tyrer. TEREGIA ANDERSON, PORTRAIT PAINTING! Now is til© Time Over Wodge Si Spicer s Drug Stere, ALBERT LUA -    -    -    XiftJL P. Daniels, Will paint your likeness in complete style I for the small sura of $25. Orders sent to him, Postoffice Box, 229, Albert Lea, Minn., will receive prompt at-I tent ion. voixviiia42tf JAMES W. STAGE DEALER IN Hardware, Tin-    Wa Stoves, $c JOB WORK AND REPAIRING DONE Heat and Cheap! Agent for Howe's Scales AND MILLER BROS, WARRANTED KNIVES humble, it is not a rank which ought to be despised, seeing, as we ly show, that it has been ennobled by brave deeds, and, like the highest rank in the army, honored with the presence and patronage of loyalty itself. The holders of the rank are generally the sons of soldiers, and have been educated in the regimental school,the attendance at which is still kept up.even after they join the service, until they attain the age of eighteen. Before they are permitted to enter the regiment, however, the consent of their parents is obtained, and the boys themselves must be thoroughly trustworthy and intelligent. As. however, the supply of boys, sons of men still serving, is limited, in consequence of the restrictions with respect to marriage in the army, many of them are obtained from those excellent institutions, the Duke of York, Caledonian and Hibernian schools, where they have already received a semi-military education) fitting them for the new career which they have chosen to adopt. The barrack-life of a drummer is not an en viable one, for the youth 13 exposed to many evil temptations, and is often made the slave or errand-boy of the common soldier. But these evils have of late years been considerably decreased by the wise act of separating the boys from the met* and allowing them to have a mess of their own. The One more incident we may mention of    recent    occurrence.    During    the    John    was nearly    opposite, called    to hint    ceived about fifty cents, ami those who Abyssinian    expedition a bugler,    whese 1 with,    “    Pray, sir,    how    did you serve the    Pa'd filly cents received about one dol- j tar. He then sold some sleeve-buttons in the same way, always returning two j dollars for one. Having now whetted I the appetite of tile crowd, and excited I their cupidity, he displayed some ffiich ought lo    name we have forgotten, though it is    J    other man ? ”    u Why. sir,” said the shall present-    inscribed on holland s roll ol honor,    wair, tipping a    w!hk, “I told    him to was appointed Held bugler, and as such    turn out, and    he    wouldn’t so I    turned his duty was to accompany the General    I    cut myself.” in command. V\ hen the army ap- j preached Magdala this gallant |fd left) A maiden tidy said to her little neph- j chains, which*, he said, rf e would not Lord Napier’s side unseen, and reach- cw, “ Now, Johnny, you go to bed ear- |seu for less t},.in two dollars iug the gates before the storming party, he was the first to dash into the strong hold of the tyrant. For this daring Mr* vice he of course obtained the cross lur valor. Iforned Men in Africa* A paper by Oapt J. S. Hay, OU the horned man of Africa, was read it the recent meeting of the British A'soeiar tion. He also exhibited sketches of two Africans with horns. Mr. Hyde Iy, and alway* do an, and yon will be , bot. as he said befor-;. he would lake as rosy checked and handsome when you I U1H,-1, M t|,c onerosity of the haver Kfow Bp ’’ Johnny thought over this woa]d pr(inipt (,iui to    x|]e    cha-jn9 a    minutes    and    then    observed,    I    were soon disposed of. some rivin" two “ Well, aunty, you must have sat up a I d;>l!ar», sonic fore. and some even as good deal when you we*e Jcung.    |    much aS Uh UDvJ fifiee|1 Adiate. When he had accumulated about $20C, fie tints nit of money, he thought fie would1 put what he had iii his pocket, and he advised those who h id any left to do the same. He then lifted his hat, bade them Hulled Cam* This oM-rishi>»n*’d luxury is conin into st) ta a train, and as it is really a d« IfciotiQf dish. when properly preflared i may be acceptable to Enow fljJr r*c?fl * operandi of doing it right. Take a six j 'fuarf pan of ashes- hard wood ashet it possible, as they are strongestpu them into an iron kettle, with Hire "alions of water j tat thejfi' ffofl abos five minutes; th*»n set iff the fire, an tad*!* pintcf cd,* v*dfeV to' «ot(l« i ■ -r t&m ‘if 3-*    *» -•    .    . i ti 0.. tire ij c ar.u strain ; put it it I j an iron kettle, and then add six quart j shelled corn ; put it over a brisk fin and let it boil hall an hour, skiuimin md stirring frequently. The outaid .“jviusof rho kernels will then iftjfof >;ra;n off the lye," and rinse thorough! .11 several clear waters When the ly is thus weakened, turn the the corn in to a large dish-pnn, and tujrn in wats enough to cover it ; then rub" lh* roach J flit?* lite hands, till the black chit com6 off; ritise sud strain off till th waler : Mf 5?EH? ' .ncn put back into 1 c can kettle, with water enough to cot I er it, and tat it boil flrwfj. Tt Wi j swell to aigre flgfrf J..i?hYc Loa fin quantity. b?dl ti]! qkAte soh ; it ma 1 he necessary to add a little *»ter ores sionally ; stir often, so as nut #*» bur I at the b >ttom of the kettle , when quit j soft add two tablespoonful* of *»:». *r> I stir well. To be eaten with uai k « j butter and sugar. How Much Mow it?—A cowGm*' bring e^eh year to its owner, af h?*t $40. I'hat i> to giy. a’cbwsh'ould h ; worth lo life farmer in jpwif true an j lawful m<»nev. $'O1 a )*ear. A c***^ fair, arerace cow, when chee*** wi bring 15 cents per p>uud, will h worth 5?oO a year to the fi|rmf*r. \V I mean the western cow We mftlY). to* when the cow to fully milked, and prop^rlr T‘5 J WH. buffer is wonh 30 cenu-i p .un.i;wnic c ly folks have to p?j f.r go* *1, pleat 'resh butter, a g>id ai nr will brin more than -tioO a year t*» irs owner. b*i however good a Cow nny he. unl*»a.s cli prnpef Cire is observed tkw e ?w will rn pay for its keeping AeA •**• a (»,, only wants to have ptafff * * *■'>£ fom kept war or ^ chaff Of $« ***nte P'Jntj (* gwxi wafer, fft«N kirfmljl, rfevef hunted by J*»g» oi* kicks or beat by men, aud >he will' be wort double to the farmer, than wherr no 4 te'gt&h’ is given to her comfort.- Austria annually consumes 100.00)0 1 !^e n , 2    about cLUl. bottles of champagne ; ffpaiii, 300,000; I q8 impudence to tell hrs Victims!    ~~    *•*    ; Belgium, 500.000; Italy, 500,000 ; »    ds Jbev seertftn to have pTenlJ of ( Tooj.mch; anxiety to dfi’a'g’rs “ ■ -*  ---- -*    '.rJWJL’ * I    lid    —A JI.. “ OI DUStnCSS' I lf nuV ch uTdh’ ehtc Holland, 600,000 ; Germany, l,3ff0, OOO ; England. 5.000 OOO ; Kus»is, 2 000,000 ; France, 2,000,000; and North America, 10,000,000. Ctaike said it was difficult to assign any reason for the appearance of the horns, but there was no doubt hut that Captain Hay had seen them. One way might be that they had been inserted or inoculated into the face; but Capt Hay informed them that it wag soWn4. aud unplanted’, rootless fl iwer, I craven Fug a somewhat* o&Vr^et 3*1^? Reap of stone*. The man who ti ft b’eavrty in ft«r f**ta!s, ti tots do f bf finite in its breath, may well    is rhtfpaVent- mine, win Had horny t merely rffWf, flwll ha age au?i rvflcc- age of the    ;    file    mnu whose heart plates    on    various    parts    of    his    hod^ , lion of ffiui,    yet    a Ioffe    from    Him    they I swell* af E'cfrol^ng if, will be ready lo He had    trot    heard    from    anvbody    arty    if    there    ta    ireriy in    our hearts',    think ?! bds roots' that reach below th'euf. good day. and drove off the grounds, to A gru’mblihg old bachelor, after (the utter astonishment of tho unsophis-listcning to the following, u She was ? t{fated. her muver’s own ’ittle darlin' wopsy. J • ~T    ~ pop^y, deary dueksy, so she Warr, a*nd Erthrf inerc is a Hod, and that God VTJ shc mo/kec^sfill^aJkcd, “ tthy don't lh® V^T^\    bfaTt of truth    and loveli- 1    » ,    ,    1'e 0    j women speak some decent kind of Fug- we*®»    #J^    p >rv or art if    but an un- ject ot the parents to remove the horns, ,• » , ,.r-    ....    „    ^ .. i • K u    j    1    ,    •    Itsh to their children winch he regarded as a natural growth* [ One suggestion was : that it was a carts 1 As thro fayfl come fvatt* the sun, and of mislormation, of which thcie was a-yet a Rf hot fac irtft So our love memorable example in the case of the and pity, though they are rtv>t God, but porcupine mine,” who had horny : merely rf pwt, ’JTeak fuiage aud ft*flee- —- % •• v«* vu »v t icv* a verf apt to leat? 11K t«> o^eflook Worl I that lies' very near our hands Whcr the priest md the Levity were goin when they passed by t' e witmded triv 1 er, and left him to be cared Tnt \*J !ha J heretical Samaritan, I very likely, howcVtrf. fay $efc I down to Jcftetfrf,-fa' s>fe if they eotoh » net rc^cl? uihsses'. j A celebrated p*>et tdverttaeif that h would supply ** lines for any oi)<iasiofi.' A fisherman sought hiui soon1 stiff am wanted a line strong e*i«?g** -6*^feb 1 porpoise. duties of the drummer are somewhgf 0f'''*ufftaietrt expluftafion with regard fo    cfoure^ from the fo Chi ta in of mercy a varied kind, and are not by smy its being trtiffciaHy jrodiie#d in ?** ff th’nre ta fhe light of love in us, it it means limited tc? tbs pleasant latk of manner ty ffhieh he bjd referred r in9 from* the full sun of love. rf ta a good thing In have the gobd- wiil of a dig. Rhode Itends to the f>ntVr ! nsal g ^ItfeWnTV #he rrt^isilres six fet I tfrfSft folfitf first e'mtfes from* hVin iff f    Mlfir.    !?ot    having    1W* I spread, n« tun dp.
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