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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 2 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 2, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTv r ns, Per Tear, hi Adv .nee, ff2 OO ll \TES Of AnVKRTISlSb. I VV I vv i ;i in i ii rn I I y inch inch inch inch in th c*! col eff l.OOj I . >0 J tO I.To! 2.50 150 2.50, a,50 5 00 % ii 4. ») 4. 50; 0.00,10.00 Mi! 8.50}13.50 L > 9.00 16.50 •WK 5.50; 10.00! 16.00,20 OO 6.: 5 j 12 OOjlfdO 25.00 4 5 ) 5.25J 7.0:)114.00 2-ioojjO. 15 ) 8 5 » I 2.00 22.00 -UMM TAO. 4.501 5.5 » 0. OO iO.OO 10.00 18.00 18.00 OO O!) 50 OO 90.00 Of tic us freeborn county ’or.STV CoMMISSIOSKR* ; ll. G. Emmett. Wm. 0. Lincolrl. James Thoresoa. Jaint!» ll. 0 of Ive: Ole Hanson. Taxascher—Charles Kittelson. Auditor—S. ButchoMvP Register or Dkriw—^e*e*‘Ao*. Hhrrikf—T. .1. Sheen art. Driu’TV Sn kb in— Jacob T.arson-. «li.UKK of (.’iiniT—A. W. White. Probate JrOUK—Gilbert GulbranasoB. Sc h ooi. Sc peri ntf.n ok vt—ll Thurston Gocsty Scrneyor—Wm G-('tjRosr.n—J Frosh aug. Court Com mission hr—ll. ll. Spicer. T5ENrTISaTlY. DK. A. II. sr UK, KT, VOLUME 16. REAK ESTATE AGENCY. r AVE have for sale, lands and farms in cvelT^NaiiAn this county. TERMSto^twit everybody, h LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining aud perfecting titles, arc unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and FLATS of every piece of land in this county. & lacy    Ty rev, Albert Lea, Minn April 25, 1876. Albert LfeAi minnesota, thursday, november 2, isto. NUMBER 4! Banker*. H. D. Brew:*. D. Ii. P. HIBBS. H. D. BROWN A C6.’l BM OF ALBERT LEA, ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA 'OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office. Albert Lea. Minnesota. OR. DE M. CRANDALL, 33 DEJ IST T I S T. Office over A. E. Johnson'? store. Broadway, Albert Lea Baba, DDS    H.    A.    Avery. DSNTISTRY, :B ABE dc “V IEZ !I3, BT, R<»*»id*nt Dentists —Basford'** Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, - - - * Branch Office, ■WI.          “.....* Physicians. M. NI. D3D3E, M. D., Knots and Shoes. KTJE \ptr Boot Si Shoe Store. O. F. .V J*. IV«‘Uoii Have just received and w ill keep in slock the largest assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. CUSTOM IHDE WORK. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed.and orders for New Goods or for Repairs will be Riled, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west aide, Albert L.a, Minn. Sn    GIVE THEM A CALL. A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. h. 0 Drown a co. bankers1 REFERENCES: Int Nat. Dank, Austin. Int Xat. Bank. St. Paul. 3d Nut. Dank, Chicago. 4tb Nat. Dank, New York. 34tf TDE FII EEI!! IIH COLM! BHK. THON. II. AK VISTItOXG, Banker. MR. II ITR NETTERS TEST. The.day was yet young, 'rhcn ti traveler left the train at the little platform station at Norton, and leaving directions about his baggage with the baggagemaster, sauntered leisurely up the dost) road. Ile had engaged summer board by letter, and was seeking his destina-ation. * Straight ahead until you come to it!” This was the station-master’s r;i rection Straight ahead Lucien Gaylord proceeded, until he paused to look at a “ tableau vivant.” framed in flowering vines A girl, seated Upon a shady porch, shilling peas Her broad hat was pushed back. leav ing exposed a face purely oval, delicate featured, e*edt6y of complexion, with brown eyes and golden hair, drawn si tup.y tack in waving bands, to fall in clustering curls about the slender throat. Most unlike rustic leau'y was the high bred fare. the slender white hands, the self-potesse I pose ; but yet the dre-« was a quiet brown calico, wall white apron, ruffles, and ruffs While I • ucieu Gaylord looked at l.er, she lifted her eyes and saw him He raided his hat. asking : ** Can you direct me to 3I#is Strong's ? ” “It is here, was the answer, and opening the ga'o, Lucien entered, inen-tilly Sincluding thai the silvery sweet v nee was us deliciously refined a^ the face strove to meet every demand made up. ! My aunt h e *.* #u _    }.-r    w    lw never left her home. and | identical iii app:,'ranee with that upon on his brajns^and hands, giving every I luke no finery tf» S »rtor». ill it she | the lace of the I Tit* A u«»tj iii I an- other lady enter I n?w branch of the business the closest does not at all reddle Ii iv! diluent my attention, and straining every power ti: life is hi re from, w Ii .-it it is with her pay back faithfully the confidence r*- !    “    And    you, wild giant hate zn iii i posed in him    1    —1---- -,i- b JL I trim W woof III * ver Pl Store 1 c *w st yr* aa Clark at ~1>. tnt#, lr a • ’•Bl V V Ii He I I, h suitors, arere willing to give Nearly ,tw<j years had pause I. when I treasure of Vo'ir love o .1.,.. \i- i» :____  i»    1    .    •    .    .1    1    t    * rn my me the Lite lie one day Mr Lurnette called Lucid) in- “ Ah. Lu.den, I * (,f ©nr For poiiitr•v.tiiB fancy shoes, is on the vrn Fashion »ye is a tyrant! , He j to his private office, closing the door to°k us both under his rule in those after hiui I am about to make a strange dis closure to summer days at X *rton. when I we* writing to papa of Aunt Maria’s bo ird- II<»r*#.b iqfc . riding you,” Re said gravely,. “ and j *nd he was hoping and fearing for j had I want you to well weigh what i say to Die you Up *0 this time yid have known *«H me only as a bu: incss man ,Uy Lilt come How to the library and him you hive reconsidered hi* offer, and wid marry that unknown lady you refused so p isitively, only this speak to you as friend Ina friend, i arn a rich mag. but I have but few friends, th ‘ruing “ Lucien Gaylord, shall I count you as !    ** Ma# that another test. May ? one *    !    “ Not of un seek I,.g I knew ** You honor me,” hi whelmed with surprise faltered over- uiy in/ of it until ago. bidding rn I knew noth papa t old me an hour put on my mn*! , I ani a ta.lier. Air. Burnette said. captivating dr**##. to punish you for ’ and my only child is a daughter, who yoor refusal of hand and fortune, by lias been to mo a subject of deep. prayer (winning your heart against your own l pm the right 1 cheek, of each of rhein there, appeared I a piece of courr.pla-i«*r. I he 'ables 1 filled up and n u a lady ut one of them j but wore c »urt-pla*iier on the cheek •And then the gentleman copfid ■ * vt f I v I looking for a revelation wi!?edf They comprehended the intuition. The lady ! who had been raptuCPd in the night J had confided her extremity to her friend. ami they had come to the re*- J cub to outwit .the tonic humanity They I ha d succeeded. u*o The di-c >nifi?ted men at that particular t .bh? knew that beneath one of the in;*nv pieces el ! court plaster in the room were hidden the marks of teeth, hut which was the | four buttons up to ten and rw-I identical bit of eourf-plaster they could not tell And fh**v nev.-r learned **•( Ut * p among the lad ii lf! be w IS lash* riu>. at Newport. §    * f    *    I rh chemisettes of tulle or lace, to in will open corsages. Fringe.is the choice fur edging garments trimmed with lace. -    _ .    I,.-* gg f r Long wrifted glover, r.l tbrcc or tour buttons fur general wear. Full dress retjuires gloves wi»h fron fill anxiety I have feared that whr*n W|il I die. the wealth I have w Mild make J The bet the wife of    plausible    fortune:    I    -'lay’s hunter. wa*, surely h saucy triumph in tom*, deserving of the severe I have feared that my bu>i censure of Lucieti'n warmest kiss, so he as pMSsibi ness would fall to ruin in inc unpeient ; hands Oiler. I have hop.ci! to meet, * uiu.'t t; It I punishment blamed f *r giving such Mr Burnet e. too, was • at sotnelitiie. an honorahie upright man. • mi*chievrtjs!y fond of referring to that I I® w h mu I might teach the secret of mv j success, and who might succeed to my business [ java prayed that when I die, I might leave my chi d nuder the p?oiccting car * of a husband, who had not sought her for her wealth, a man of w I cia Lucien Gaylord,” he baid tv * ',r’ ^e:,rf ar,d firm principle Lucien I- •    ,    .    J    J    I    <    •... 1. . 1 i i. 1    . ALBERT LEA. ■■■■   . MINN. ■w OlaE    TG, Maker and Repairer of Bray is in es. A: ilOvifM EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call, and wtrrantei lo give satisfaction Leave orders on the ?G.tfe At A. E Johnson’s store, Albert Lea, Minn. MALLERY BIRK Keep on hand cat z < ell Boots & Shoes. H“a„A?w.^ yui^ Ufllue aud Residence up Stairs over the Post Af/hERT LEA, ------ MINN X> C    Isl    n«i    >1,    I> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN ANC SURGEON j^N L \KU CITY, MINN., reat all diseases to which mankind is subject, to th'* tie^r of his ability. Dr. Rowland has made*1 specially of diseases o Wooten and Children, and chronic discases oi long standing. By long experience att i strict attention to Ii is profession, he is eon tident of treating all curable cli setts? s with success. Obstetrical cases treated Av it ii **arc and sue less.‘ OonPtittinn.it free. lo ‘■M^W*1 ■» *          — JLawyers X I,ami • Brents. K O. STACY.    v    M.    Tyrf.15. STACY & TYRER, iiornevH at Law. Notaries Public, Real Estate and ('<»s,iei*?)ug Agents. (’* i'vN KY A NPI NG all kinds adcin ately done, acknowledgment* taken oaths a lministered. ,Nc. Taxes paid. Tides investigated. Lands bought ani sell. Par; icular attention paid to collect ion. t 'cruel- Clark and    8 Shop on Clark «treei, norlh and opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are Ctli^loyfed. Orders left on the slate at J promptly attended to. W. Fniiih’s Repairing done to order, cheap and ou -dinrt notice. (Ii** him a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. O. P. H \NhON. I. J. Pac LMI*. lloHN A. LOVI T Y. LOVELY k VTTORNKA on Sts., When Lea Jami- s H. Park KR PARKER, S At GAW. Office i’ Hewitt’s Block. ALBERT LEA, - HD • I airs I st door -    -    MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, JLi AWTB31 A A I) FOH S A IL. Id ! > LA FRT LEA.    -    -    -    MINN. JOHN ANDERSON ATTOBXKY .VT I HI) .MWY PUBLIC, HAMSON & PAULSON, Mannfiwturrrs of Bootw cfc Siiocs, .VII w< rk warranted to give sati^fa.'ti-.n aud done to order <>u short notice. Slioj. near cor. of Droad-way aud Williams streets. Albeit Lea, Minn, ' FSTIX. J. TRUESDELL, -    -    MINNESOTA1 DEALER IN BOOTS & A II. SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS A DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. A Go Seasoned W ood. j Orders left on the alate at Lincoln Bro*, attended to fit once .It ii finery. mrs. john stage, has receded * ” “U Selected Stock —OF— MILLINERY GOODS ! Expressly for the I Fall A Winter Trade!! i ; Which will besold cheaper than ever before Hi> Stock of fine Goods rfo I I V ll Hi ii. YW Office over Wedge & Spicer's Druj ALLERT LEA. MINN. Brr--:-  -—----------     "» •tor Hotels- HALL HOUSE VV. G FOST Id Ii Proprietor Albert Lea, , - - Ii nn. ©Id ber House This Hotel bttving recently befit com pletely refitted an I furnished, is now prepared to give AMBLE ACCOM HODA HON.* to all guests and travelers. Goo<l sUiblittg and nttcutiv!* groo n* ( om nudiDUS sample -•oms Tounected with the premises G. -A-. IlavLge Having bought the obi and favorite stand of A 0 ll 1 me haugh is prepared to do all kinds of Si— AC KSMITHING — AND — 11 OR?S    >    KIN    G Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Uhert Lea.    45tf t RADE WILL BE F(*IND COMPLETE, ALL OF W ii ICH WILL BE SOLD VEHY CHEAP, Iii view of Ute depression in the Grain Market.    ltii • Hen I • it ar kef s. A. II. MCMILLEN H AS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET1 On East -hie Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. HIGHEST PRICE PMD FOR HTJMA.Kr IIAIU, and Gents’ Chains from .-ame made to cr'Gr. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work in that line. All of the very F A TEST STYLES f Latest styles! -of WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR Pot NG BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE ( ash paid for Hides, Tallow. &c., &c. TUY IHM ! MILLINERY! AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST aT AIRS. RICHARDS OLD STAND. Corner Broadway and William street. GOO IVN EWS! buy good FLOUR and lf you want to r EEI), c ill at Photogrn yh s. A. Fuller’s J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and u here you will always find the beat quality ever offered for sale in this Market, and at the LOW EST PRICE. My motto is PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! G. T. GARONER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the Peoples StorE . bl thet 87tf Albert 4 Minn.. Sept. 16. 1875 THE PARKER CUN. JU Cf way of introduction My Aunt 31 aril*# n<-w boarder I: Vin hail better rest np^n tho porch, be f‘»ro I ca!' her It is a tin some, sunny j walk from the cation.w Perfectly ea^y. with just audlcictif Cordiality in the tone t«»r welc«»ti"', Lu- j cion accep!**i the invitation, and started a conversation, watching tho dainty fingers shelling peas. with a touch that ' was tight yet finn 3]‘St| Siring ap peared presently, ani took her new b *arUer to bis room. a.*king her niece to carry her pap *0 the kitchen. bor we v* ill give y.ni an earlv dinner after four long walk, she said bf*#flit*iii), hustling about to bring e >t>! w (t< *- t.pd tv< "Ii rowels “ Vou ## nt J 'ur trunk :    I will have it sent up as soon ai it eouui *’ ** 31 iv," she told her no ce, he is a ..coden*attery ipch.Tli'tn. aud hind some a- a pint un i “ I like iii- manner." May answered. wishing Der peas ai the sink. •* Shall I rn »ko a cu*car I. Auntie ? ” “ If y«»u will. dear! Oh. dear. to j think that Cynthia s h<»u!J chi> day of j all ott.ers, act so ! '* For Cynthia, the only Servant, had been caught 'n the act * t guisstng spoons I fnon th** k 11 ch et* window to a villainous , Uaiking tramp, an i th** pair had been j handed over to the village constable which accounted for the tuc* that May ) was i.v»#U'd sjwistant c?*ik till. «.och tiux* a* Cvnfhia eotfld K* rr'p.,2;“ d ** And n >hod\ knows when that will I he,’ said .Miss Strong, ** fir servant# at I Norton are scarcer than gold ” j None being found to replace the , thieving Cynthia .May was ..ft*-n found j in the kitchen, not very e^h.-ienf, but • willing, and f*uco*eding in many culi I nary triumphs si nply by obeying or: der#. I ll in 1 kc a grind Cook of y nj yi't,” I her aunt often t Id her ; and she wool,! ; laugh merely at the hope But Lucien ' Gaylord, enjoying a brief summer holt. ! day. often wished heartily that he might I b»* permitted rn (ive on bread and milk, it by sn d ling he c nsld k*?. p M ,y oat ' of the kitchen Whenever she WIK j free she found him waiting F<*r her. Sand th**y rested uj >p the pore'), or walked in shady jam s. chatting pleasantly, gradually going beyond surface talk. mutually interested aud pita?* find so much sympathy of thought feeling, that time sped only too sui! when tin y were together It puzzled Lumen often to Brid nothing *d rustic awkwardness in the lovely girl, w ho was #o!f-pos*<-8sed and graceful as if bred in the highest society She *as reticent about herself, but very frank about her duties as cook and assistant in the house Having nothing to hide, Lucien soon unfolded his life to her. won bv her gentle sympathy and evident interest He told her of his boyhood with a wealthy father, who died -uddenlv Ie,iv ing nothing of a once handsome fortune ; of his own position aa clerk in a >ugbt T— and be in ti ij! <r*f, I Us,*? 1 he man I day you will dine Wi»h tm traduced to 31 Ss Burnet ti ” •* 11 ” I hu cry broke from leucine s lip# in such am az rjient. that he thought he niu*t dr**ati». cr his employer was in st IM ‘jid. si IOU \ on ! ” was the answer Btl! it is ail Impossible Lu cien momentuou# interview, after heartily accepting Lucien’? cffns«*nt to all kb plans But h * Hi ii it jct regretted hi# offer, nor the p '**ition he ha* given Lucien of full part fief ’n his lucrative busine ?, while every hope of his loving ! heart i# gratified by th° home happiness j Mat* I. who restaffs with bile. Lucien ■ gladly accepting the pr«»p»>sal to form I One M lh** family. There are two rosy I children in inc gram] nursery and at ; r«*a*lv the fifth adniv.-rsary *.f May’* wedding day has passed, but then there j ha^ been no regr**t yet in the 6 h on *, as the result of Nil I test Trying lo ftripart Information. Nothing pleases Mach bn oft?’"I*    to * a cl a ice t i rn pa rf ii.;    .0 it i>>n. an d I srjve him as few opporrunities as practice on me. he is always ready to serf*'? an acfff&iatancc with strangers Le at costed a stranger who ••Dtod rjs-ir the main building, apparently waiting firs un .ne: *' Fine $s*. sir ” This being * f ‘afislMc statement, the stranger nodded ** This is. I guess, the fin st exhibi-ever saw." continued White braid# in one or tp*#r * * nil! be more popular ttan narrow .0 • I    * I he niixture of thread and -ilk popular in steelie*' 4Ht* *'***«#o»»**# J , Navy blue and ordinal r *1. fh-r combination for the coming m u son. Ink glove# ^<rk c tmn the w ar! 31 ack ** So I understand UtiriAger. “You would he surpri.-*l I tho iir. mcn«esai and bonding' c >t “ No doubt ” “ Y‘*« sir. that main shad*:# will predominate in, f*r fall and winter, to t*'**'1 a urn es. Crc de stripes, just now in vogu *. iit. . narr.-w line# of aillt on cither linen or • bat i.-te gr**und. I Op?n c rsagea will appear in ere* -t ing toilets Many vril: b-t cut s I >« u lr. of money the alt v the back as in fn»nt. to learn ground- »h uiluing it'ivif Mr. lappy [Lirnett’s lo *P w!y renaming his self p •ssible? NVI y *0, if arn w. A Cornua’# Wit. •fit fman not une nn**cted c *>f- .fUst p road.cd General rn inputs th»*n an -ther gerjt’-onan Micks #trafig**r.#ay ing: ap- \ h. A young bank clerk at Tomn? * h s just espoused a lady who is deM*r»h**«l hi the marriage tioiice a# the •* f»< daughter of 3! * J »r . .staff- ff i i gr in J ii sghterof General - (’ ffond-in-Fhief *>f her regttncfit, an i of the late General — Colonel Comunn U r K"V it hrigiin ll twi- C»u a i *ee you a Certainlyreplied the Genera! and grand.Uuglit* r * Sir--.    hi    C When a dog bark: the late General i*. r. c ii. .at right in Jaoan. mg prc- your v *r wi!J think *r r ungrateful su alf IU ss, hut I cann t .-dr* In nohie, gs-nerou* p»i»n Faithful service tr‘i* friendsh p. I can give you gladU but you mast seek an<*rh**r heir, snot! son in law. I arn n >t free ” You refuse my da Ugh * cr ? ” *‘ I have given my S and won hei*’t I could never tiefr.iv” the B sU>l or* was in ler May I a-k w o**re My prom;#e*l wife i- no heiress, but a Htnple country in *i*h n. lovely and g'*!*t!*» I w:l» pot wary you. sir. with a lover# pr ii-.* but \**u wt * ut rn ** «iy that I hav»- work1* I for two tears, with the hope >>f winnings irne position that wii] enable rue '«* offer a h-*me to my wife If you wti’ put me in s*ich a sill*.n you wi , gain my w irniest grifi-tud**, t ut I o ust not fhulk again of the dazzling offer w.iich you have nude me." ) on r« fuse (41 he tnv son.:n-'aw— my hi lr : " “ I refuse any out?* 11 with St laouis, re-*ent!y, a id while there c**nfiied to a Lund th* details of an adventure in a I* -t**n hotel. #* remarkable a- to deserts a line in print. The story is brief. ut with sri i ii ii* use r** )r.*l as showing i how in # *me things lovely wo ncn will always come to the relief of a sister in distress to outwit the tyrant man Tilt* j urnali^t above ref. rred to j st 'Up:*:g at a h *tel. a private owe.where • the gjae*l# were accu^H-m- d to the en I life ;re«**t*»ui of the h *u**e felt, late one night »he imperative nee.*s#ity of ea»-ing some fruit before retiring It w,i-too late to s.end out and buv any ; he j lid mil want to ar *t*-e the s* rvarn of the boule at si late an h *ur, and yet fru*t < r preserves or something toothsome of the kind seemed to him a t ec-essity. Ile kn»-w where the store-room was. knew that the d mr was left open, j aud finally resolved to go down quieti} ! aud prig enough ?v *etin .t* to aati**f\ ) his need No #«>oner was the |F r :v^ turning to Mack a# he walked away •aid. “ I may #**e yon again and the exact figures ” *’Thuni»-r an*! lightning ! *’ w pored Mack, reaning against support “ Thats the high .mucky iii runs the exposition ! ” he zet me thai •■•u acteu upon traitor to a pure heart that puts trust five middle# be was in the in die It makes it harder to give you up But at least accept my invitation to dinner and to friendship ” “ Gladly, gratefully ! ” Af six then, I fhaD expect you ” kt »« he awake 7 Lucien a*»ked him-suif the question uu.re than on'e. .a^ he p ured over the ledgers added long column# of figures, and wrote business letters Had John Burnett*. tUfe mil: h 10k igllt afd within stove room king preserves oat of a jar and **n-joying him#'*!! immensely in satisfying the craning which ha! conic upon him In a few m autos the enjoyment of the man at the preserve# was complete Than he was startled by a light,.swift -t**p in the hall, there was a whii*h and a ru-tI*' of garments, the door opened suddenly and some one bounded in with such suddenness.as camingsqinre- A Firmer** JoV»*. The Havana Journal say** : u We re. i emily h»*iird a g***>d j *ke perpetr;if* d by j Chemung county farmer, a member of the Elmira Farmers’ t duh. II - h id been bothered greatly by hunters f'r >m the city, who had entered his wood# with a perfect abandon, aadslaughtered the squirrel? in great numbeis One I «iay he procured two or three squirrels, aul to* k them to a taxidermist and had them ft off d He to..k thorn to his wood** an<: nailed them fas: to the limb# of as many tre«*. in such a w »y that they could he enily discovered bv |he hunter** ll w mirh r>«)wder and lead ha?* been wasted on th *#e two 'ijairrels if i> hard to tell, hut many a good marksman has wondered why h** ovid not bag th* game.. The obi farmer has ti ‘ubtlesf enj *yed many ti h^.irfy - laugh at the discomfiture of the hunters *Ye are not sure that we ought to have let flit* «** eret .Mil, but th** J * »k ** is a lit?Ic to*-, g.md rn keep. work a year for the neighbor# that were disturbed The dog get# off ea-icr.be-j !,Jg -imply killed Our enlighteu^*^.-eooatry i*a» - iii rn my thing- t * i« ;.r:! from the ui *re favored but Ie-** civil.X;*i people. ^ husband recently airy cd hi n-elf* cia I; irately with gaiters, game-htg ain! gun. accompanied by his faithful*«Sog, g »cs f*»r*h hunt, but t«» i-h*>ots tatkirg • imp* -aihie i * return erupty-banded tithe bouse, he stops at the market and buys a hare, which he presents t* F’-_ .rife The hare was terribly high— not alone in price. “Ah!” said his. wife, with a sniff; " so J U kill**.*! i* ? You wert right, It is high time.” Ai vertiseo:ent newspaper*:    **    I; from a Black Hill# having been q»iife| generally given out that ('aptain B r h id d* parted frau; thj^ c: tear# an opportunity is here offcretf !c "iow hts remains an i witn tht u banc -TC# # . it i 1 hams plete liq rn the AL * coffee whole r* *nd nills.” d* >ck pit*! •fir aiel a coli -the fi..**»t rot! -hi it*to Eugene.— • Come. >i* d *wn on ti e die By sh »re, iud l*e:»r the migh’j * c**mi — * J can't sh *iom* because I’d baru u.y I* •    *    * .    .    z    i    ^7    against    the    form    of    the    midnight tionatre, renlly made him the magnific1 raid cent proposals still ringing in his ear Mere they both insane? His head was <“!! whirling as he dressed himself and started f'1*' the splendid Fifth avenue mansioh.inc rich merchant callt-d h*s house. F.verv I r, to knock him half-way across the room and fairly off hi# foot f^eap mg up at once, he closed with his gn Conscious assai Isnt, to f»e startled by a subdued,{'brick an*! find i!.at he had ; captured t woman I Kart bar. and rn >re .    I _    *    » V I » ll ll    91 HI. lit"    til-#    fit : to    ury th*    money could command met his j pluuip forri| of the U(|v    wh an(j    eyes in    the adornment    of    the wide    ed something to ml rn    we ftly I drawing    room I •crores    uf    priceless    c!aj \n a night dress    S v.alue hung upon the wall. rare statuary gleamed against velvet (Murrains, tht visitor • feet sa ak deep in the richest carpets, th« odors of choice exotic# filled the air Had all this Seen really placed within his grasp ? lie wa# still musing of t his. when Mr. Burnette himself crossed tne room. “ Have you thought better of your refusal ? ” “ T can only repeat it, sir ! My heart. my love are no longer at my disposal ” There was a rustle of silk upon the rich carpet, a lady advanced dressed in wholesale dry goods house, upon a small ! *tohnniefing. lustrous silk#, with rare * ry lux- rerrihlt still, he disc *vere«i that the who ha*! want-well a# he, was till. though trying, the oeoasi *n not one of unmixed horror, by any means, and in a mount the gentleman^ nerve peturnod and his curiosity ro-e to fever heat ** W ho is this ? ” he demanded of the plutr.p figure 10 hi# arms No answer H ho i# it ? ” he repeated. “ You’ll out get out of this until you tell.” Still no an-wer, but a struggle in the dark; ness, the plump fijurfi trying hart! to get away. How they Taught a Whale. Cooper’s great New \**rk Iquirttini the fir*t of the kind 00 this Gpptiacsat was op«jn***l la#t evening. The most interesting object in the collection is j th** young white whale born la<t spring, and ie ti feet long by tw<< feet in diameter af hi# w^dost part. He reached I    lf I this city yesterday, ss— ihc box iu which IIC Uj w.i) h »i?ted by * derrick 1 and tilted, so that lie might fed! into the immense tank which had been prr pared for him Ile at once disported j *yfu!1y after his imprisonment He was taken at Grain II irbnr. Labrador There ii a lot.sc cavity in the beaph : opposite Grain Harbor village, left dry q' • st low tide. A deep tank was dug in it, and enc day at high tide sixty men *    y    * formed their two dorm h*>ats in a semi r nr Amelia you silly g. »#«, pi.(bauk biose. 'Yh.-n a stranger a-kcd a Lair - : gin, whe rn. t ut a p .rty. if - e pr impriy r**rfie * ; ffaa married, she *• n**f quite, but I ve sued three or t%ar I chaps for breach of promise. ’ You can t depend on Kan?a- % • .f -if' v— . * .u j *.    ’ A Oi.. *), Mea I I .*##ed info fV.»v*; . w<*rih jail c *nraim i two fil.s, a knit* , a b'attIe a*! acid, and a roil of iii »iin A country that cann * I a»t. ... which gViiw# -*tich wheat us expect to get ahead y »ry J ih in the A L misville girl wa# .-hot it a dij «*r tw » ag**, and the doctor# are now engaged in mining ff*rthebaP#* ie of them has worked his passage into the fijot for ro great a distance th* I they arc obliged to let hi# provi- i,,rfllrH lilt '»r mu    ii    *r*    ^    »u    j    •    »    .    *    «    .t .    ,    1    1    r    .u    •    down    to    atm    by    a    rope circle, an i w-re rewarded tor their    J    1 several day’s waiting by finding several The women of Otarnfn, Canada, have young whale# between them and the * presented a petition to the legr>!itur, shore    This young whale took refuge Prriy*ng for the abolition of the liquor in the cavity and hid in it# depth# * traffic. It bears eight htfodrcd' Guarding the two inlet# against it# es i twenty signature, the first two Wring* Cape the men waited for the tide to ebb. 1 hose of the wife of the late governor * , .    ,    I    *    1    f    -    .    I    and    a#    the wale? betaaffc shalLw he ran and the Wife of the prime minister, equal lack of response, but this lime I .    ,    ,    .    ,    ,    -    1    r into the tank, and thence he wa# lifted Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    ^    MINN J'lHN NI. MARTY, flint YOU WD CIVIL EYGIVEER, ALBERT LEA, MEYN, Leave orders with Stacy k Tyrer. TERECIA ANDERSON, - call and be convinced. Over Wedge & Spicer*# Drug Store, ALDER! LUV,    -    Minn. First door south of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea. PORTRAIT PAINTING! KTowia tile Tim© P. Daniels, Hill paint y?*ir likeness in complete Style foi the small sum of $25. Orders sent to him, Postoffice Bot, 22V,. Albert 4*ra. Minn., will receive prompt attention. velxvinuifitf SEND STAMP FOR CIRCUWAk PARKER BR c's 'EST t-FRIDEN,C* rR SALE—Lite Scholarship in Mat the Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of this institution. The scholarship will be told on favorable terms. Apply to    I.    BOTSFORD. Hall ct? West, DEALERS IN MefTehandlwv *£NHI "    AffSTf*q salary. Often he had told hor of the dream# his father’s death had shattered, the hope of beittg a great lawyer or an author, moving the world by his pen. Yet he wj*s bravely cheerful hoping to conquer fortune by perseverance ani energy Not until they Wdre fast friends did he tell her all this dud a little later he told her of a new dream, a new hope. a love death only could destroy. \\ iii yod let me take back to my drudgery the hope that if I can conquer fortune, you will come to share it ? ” he asked “ VV ill you be my wife, love, in the future when I gather about Ute ut I least comfort for a home ? ” He had wooed her in a straigl t-for-wfird manly fashion, and she was not surprised Sh# put her hand in his, promising all he asked Ile went back to the desk in the autumn, but only a week later was offered a better position in the counting room of the great merchant prince, John Burnette “ If i# strange.” he wrote to May. “ Mr Burnette himself seems interested in tne. though I am an entire stranger to him. He watches me, and promotes me rapidly, see jungly pleased with all I do Darling, if this contin ne# our home will soon be secured ! ” it did continue Mr Burnette, a man of grave, reserved presence, seemed inspired by some deep interest in hi# new clerk He watched him keenly, moving him from department to depart ment in his vast business, till he had some insight into every branch fie gave him confidential business to transact, and put him irrfds counting-hoase jew.-Is in her hair and upon her wrists A lady wi?h soft brown eyes and gold; en curl# who was introduced as: “ My daughter, Mabel, Mr. Gaylord ”    3 Lut who was. surely, May, his own May. niece of Maria Strong, who took Slimmer boarder# in a small Country vib I age Mr Burnette had disappeared when Lucien moved his wondering eye# tipon 'lay’s face, and only the lady of the true love remained \ ou will forgive me. Lucien,” she said. drawing him to a seat upon the sofa, beside her, “ lf you think I have deceived you, when I tell you how it all h ippcn.*d My father spoke only the truth this morning, when he told you mv future was the only anxiety of Ins life J Cannot t**!lyou his worship i» w love for me! When I re?tlrncd from vorton, I told him of your love for tne. my promise to you Knowing vou loved mc for myself alone, with no knowledge of my position or fortune. I begged my father to send for you at once, and tell you the truth. But next to his chih! my father love# his business, which he ha# built up by hi9 own energy He wished to be sure that it would not be ruined in ths haflpsnf bi# son-in law. and I consented to his fest of your capacity. It i# no small compliment. Lucien. for him to teM mc he is perfectly satisfied, willing to trust the future of both his child and his business to you ” “ But.May.are you not Mi## Strong’s niece ? ” “I am She is my mother’s sister ftvety summer I spend some weeks in Notion. Still I never have performed any menial labor there, except during qui! lack OI resp I a resounding slap in the face from a hand that was doubtless pretty, but which bit with decided force, wa# the reward of the questioner. Ile wa# put on hi# mettle at once • You think you’ll get off unknown ! wed! see about that I’’ he exclaimed ** Lve a device that’ll w irk. I think And, then after a silent and determined struggle, he caught a little bit hard to leave a mark which he knew could not disappear for a day or tw > Then he released his unknown prison ing a boat bedded with seaweed A canvass was thrown over the b**at. and it was towed to a #chdofle? r.r»a hoisted by a derrick and lowered into a tank well cushioned with seaweed in the hold The irater wa# two fee* deep. Th’# shallowness wa# nec**s#ary to enable the whale to lift his head and blow The tank had a depth of only three feet,and I    effect    '    -/?jHl    a doctor to a young • i    u    will    cd ct* pl    a    hitter    e-u’d, titter enough Iii# hack being dry, it I morning, wont    y>u,    doctor?’    inquired1 was necessary that two men should “ Maria,” oherve ! Mr, !Tal?cT he was putting rn his clothes. “ there. ain’t no patch on them breeches yet ” “ I can’t fix ’t now, no way ; I’m too on v ”    “ Well, gimme the patch thenfc* and I’ll carry it arotfnc? wit h mc I -don’t want people to thick I can’t af. ford the cloth ” “ All bitters have a heating ten*! ncf’ ut the i-ul} s right cheek    between hi#    ^a(j j(    been full, he wou!*d    not have    had !#dy teeth awd    hit it—not #0    badly a# to j breik the velvety *km, but sufficiently    nPc^m;iry ,a,t    mKn DOU’    buckets of water    udoq it    every fifteen minutes After seven days the the !^Jy. \ materialized spirit in flocti&'t* t got so mad at a fellow the other evening schooner reach.-) Quebec, and tliere (fv,r turntnir on a lifrht at the wrooi; er, and she fled like the wind along the |he „nk w,g trans-sMpfed Into a rail DIO* passage, uisappearirgin some room impossible to locate in ihc darkness The next morning the gentleman, j .shrimps. with » mystery to sol e. came down to breakfast early No ladies had yet ap- J road car. The whale is fed with minnow# and j head open room alive ment that it yelled :    “ Let go of me until I get the ax and #p’it that cnr’g He shall cec*»r leave And Luoiefiv forking ever for Mary, visit, when thoro wa# no •ervaot. A negro being asked what he wa# in peared, but at hi# table were one or I jail for.said it was for borrowing money two inti male mule friends, and to them “    ”    1    *    '----- — j-*. he confided the story of the adventure in the night, relating also the means he had taken to secure the identification of the unknown lady. The most intense curiosity at once prevailed at the table, and the advent of the ladies was answer. “ Well now,” pursued the teacher, “if I were to bore a hole But,” said the questioner, “t icy don’t put people in jail for borrowing ntouej “ Yes,” said the negro, *f but I had to knock the man down free or fo' time# before he Wodld lend it to me ” A teacher asked a bright little girl .    ,    . ,    ,    “    What    country    is    opposite    us on th® awane* with an impatience scarcely to |    ,    ..    ,    '    ft    ,u her be controlled hive minutes later the « door opened, and the belle ol the hotel entered demurely, glided across the room, and seated herself for breakfast, Hager eyes fbi1 ow od her, and, as her face wa9 fairly exposed, there was a sensation among the gentlemen. Upon her right cheek wag a strip of court* plaster an inch long ! The efcited men exchanged glances and whispers anti smiles The mystery was solved early But just then' anoter lady enter#, this time the dignified matron. As she seated hersell th *ae was disclosed upon bef right cheek a pioce of court-plaster Female Lynch*Law. A Philadelphia item apprise# us'bf# fact never respected befire, that Judge Lynch is muffled. She takes after the old man. too. in very close fashion She calU d on Mrs Osborne on Tuesday.and demanded tif her sa apology for slander# ing lief ( Mr. L’&) husband Mrs. O. replied that she would eotiffffi to her eternal punishment first. ThtfficSoft Mr# Lynch drew a pretty little revolver from her pretty little muff, and ir.-through this earth, and you were to go verted a good-sized bullet in Mr#. Osin at this end. where would you come: borne’# left lung. “We are not pleased,” out ? ”    “ Out of the hole, sir,” replied the pupil, with an air of triumph, A negro witness, on a horse trial in a New Jersey court was asked to explain the difference between a box stall anda coufrtfon stall. Strtrrghrening himself up, foe printed to the* ftptfsre inclosure in which the judge was scoffed and said ** Dat ar’S what I call# a box staft, dere, whir dat oh> bow is a* ) says the Cincinnati TirffY*, “ with this cia?*# of performance#'; but John Henry I looks upon them with a cheerful coun-'. ! tenancy He «»ff *rs to st.»y home, an i tend the baby. and wash the disfio#, if his wife will go out and* whip’his* ere*!-’ itors • Mrs fL-nry,’ say# h£ • if y*»u* get ki!3*d, I pledge y-nt my Word an I honor that you alkali hare a alumni?^ I tenors*/
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