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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 11 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 11, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesota\ tnt err' ri*e % i m.iwiinfc. the Fft£EB08\ HOLTH’ STAM)ABD. PVULISOEU EVKHV T H I’ P SI > A T. Sra?, Per lear, In Adv.nee, £2 00 t^nuM I! Be an) id rf#. It is l**:fp vent. mid if n rifljf girl. #d?N red cheefT, flffilS ti palpitation of fHfi h art fofi f'ltiib ffijrfhj Young M*ffj woald it be ant habit fuf* brr ro mil oft h is father steepest lino® the weather, rIteI of ADV F'HTIS Dirt, r iv I 2 VS I W i 8 IU I V) in VOLUME IG. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA; THURSDAY, MAY ll, 1876. NUMBER 19 *    inch    I.O0|    1.50    2 50    4.50    0.00,10.00 T    inch I    1.751    2.50    3.5(1    (5.001    8.50 15.00 S    inch|    2.501    5.50;    0.1)0    LOO}    9.00|10.o0 A    tnohj *5- Mian kerb. 5 inch I col I col * col 4.00 4.501 5.501 5.50 10.00; 18.00 20.00 ♦J.: 5j 1*2.00 lfi.06l25.00 45.25' 7.0oll4.00 22.00 30.00 6.501 8.5 » 12.00 j22.OO;SO.OOj50.OO 10.00! 18.00 18.00 30.00 50 (MI 90.00 II. I). BROWN S DB. A. it. ST It KET, CC LII [Sl’bCRSSbK IO f. H All.] •Millinery. HES. J OEN STAGE,: is receiving the and Best SELECTED STOLK of MILLINERY GOODS, Blaine's vt ii iii vat leu Mr. ¥< '.MMM bhindi Established -*    1807 ALBERT LEA, - MINNESOTA. •ALL WORK WARRANTED to give complete satisfaction. r TEBTH EXTRACTED By THE USE OF | CHLOROFORM El HER. OR NITROUS OXID. Office, over the Drag Store, fcrCth ct bist Office. Albert Lea, Minnesota. GENERAL TACKING BUSINESS T RANSACTED. EVER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY' TO MEET THE WANTS OF Spring A Sumner Trade Which will be8old cheaper than ever before HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HITMAN IIAin, she lives in doe of those horrid, niu»iy OR. DE NI. CRANDALL; JO BNTIS Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys dold drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. 1 and Gents’Chains from same made to order.    ,    .    , Also Ladies Switches, and all other work j back ro«»iii in the t lira story. in that line. OC## over A- R Johnson’s store, Broau-.rar, Albert Pea Sells Domestic Exchange. ital 19 Kcbange on all the Principal Cities of Europe. IT. A. Avery* Rabe-DIS    __ mSKrTisTRY. ni3E dr ,/W IE IE? Kemdent Detttints-Basford's Flock; Austin I, i very St ables. ONLY .1 DOLLAR.    I    Mrs. TV barton    bit her    lip    with    vexa- ‘•She rzVi very nicely,”    said Mrs. i Hon.., Wharton, “really, very nicely, indeed.    ‘‘Tell . !tf* Id leave iL Bridget, and I    have been in i i- nwisly circulated, Aud if you have any work you wish to will call and settle with him fwr il|    ;!n address hufoc the ILu-e be dint well aud very cheaply, I would tomorrow.”    .    ...    .    .    »    ■ advise you to employ her.”    1    “He    says ma’am. Mrs Dalton wHnts % I ^ * 1    ”    ’    '    ’ Mrs Wharton was siltingbefore the | it 'I')’0'* don’t happen to have the mon j by ho classes a empiric vindication fire in her crimson silk morning wrap* e> handy. Dine apples uuesn t go beg per, with her glossy hair as smooth as -in this season ut the year satin, and her pretty hands loaded with    “K**? Mrs^ Halt n have it. then ; I ll rich ring*, lying in* her lap    She felt j    ne*^    buy    another    article    of Mrs    Hep that she was doing a charitable deed in j    Per Mrs Wharton was now’ considerably annoyed ‘•To think a dollar should be such a useful thing,” she muttered to herself, taking up lier putt folio A half finished letter lay there—one to her sister, who was the wife of a clergyman out West,    with    a nock cd litile children around    her    The last words she had written    were:    ‘ I send you a dollar to buy a doll for    the baby. I ever sold to the Ai law tie and Da the Missouri. Kansas and Tai <s road IJ(rti»ptO|, and that not a dollar et money from either of ever came or went to my profit < efit. ut euiployibg this poor soldier s widow, aud a still greater one in recommending her to her friends it is easy to be a good Christian tinder such circumstances. ‘•Well. I shall eel lainly send for her,” said Mrs. Marvin ; “what did you tell me her name and address were V* “Oh, she is called Mrs Leggett, and his slandering The conclusiveness « his dr fease may b«- judg d ot I rom lh following summary with which lh speech Con -bided : “ Let me how Mr. Sneaker brit ti summarize what I have presented. “First—The story of my receivin £6-4.000, or any other sum of money All For One tem From the New York Tribune It cay see or a 7ery small thing to 'ave a bent, but wheb tliffk-pi*: if mul 11 pl ie . daily for a number of ye**?* it is an important item iii the rF»me?tic econ* .•my ibis thought was suggested bv ii.* tact that every afternoon about ten min ut r* before fivj o’clock an i;nmen>c cm i«d of people begins lo as se Bt bit* in front of the Fulton Fairy house on their w»y lo Brook!)n. lucy are simply vv.ii mg lur five o clock at which hum the fire to Brooklyn is reduced from two cents to one cent. Thin is the her between six and eight in the the bad roads, the hard tidies end tho bad Ht’&iqtif: ociei U and then fehtark : “Mr Quincy I ha Vie nil aTcctlob fop yon? son Cicoree, and I tliihk I coaid >oon learn to love bim.” Q liney would took at her from the corner of his eye. and the would ooh* tinue:    . • I can wash, hake, cut over clothe!; sew, pi ty ti*; piano, manage a servant, em ro»dt ry. sing, -•peak good srram- at. Ile *r riage other thing ol value, from Hie I Ilion ! uh ru ng and five and seven in the eve Ducific Railroad I oui pa ny, directly oi Bing. arid is the concession granted by indirectly, or in any form. is ab bitci* ! ii,*- Ferry Company in consideration o; disproved by tile must #uiicltl?Be ti i 1> jug relieved by the city author'tie? of a home happy. ’ Quincy tam iHMh from the hoHlef of the other ete. ah * -'Hi? Ii»8ly    : “I hear that he is !i*4j*e big Kll. ii saving, well educated. «ensible, has no bad habits, and is just the kind of A husband I want I don’t expect soy money with him, but will do my share of work. planning and saving to help him secure a home and a bank bouk. With your permission I should Blk to pay my addresses to Kith.*' * Mr. Quincy would tell Bef to £d ahead if he was a sensible man. and would there be anything wrung about it ? mony. *• 8ecOTid- -That no bond of mil ! tenement houses, No street, the W: f • OI my little name sake ” Mrs. Marvin entered the details in I “How provoking . she exclaimed her little pearl bound t&biet, and took ^ "aI 1 finish my hitter lur lack her leave, internally convinced that j tbe ^ver!asting dollar . Mrs. Wharton was a “good Samaritan” th r b -rn ii . Fumer bonus of #1 UG.OOO per year lid by the Company. Yet the differ •i*c« « > the Ferry Company between me uud taro cents during these hour? - -no gi-rat that tor a year past the I’ ni pu.y has been trying to abrogate its She leaned back in the velvet cosh* CITY LIVERY ion ALBERT LEA, - - - Branch Office, iioana Money, DISCOUNTS NOTES, AND of the very highest class. Meaowhiie the latter was gazing , *( li'i / lit‘r -half, drowsily W’tcbing dreamily into the lire, wondering what Hie blazo. and listetiihg «o th*-patter of toilette would be most appropriate for ri4iri 00 l^c window, fell la.'? asleep the morrow evening’s soiree.    ^    here    was    she    .    Iii    the lector b a? mg ’ort “Third—That, instead of rec bonds of the Bittie Rock ani Smith road a.- a gratuity. I never I one cicer t at the regular Murker price and. iribiead of making a lar^e t *rI un “There’s my Dea-areen ^atin ” mused of 1-haron. gliding over the Styx—and out of that company. I have incurred a ■? *    *    I    t    i_    .     i    .1    .i    .    _L    _    a*.i    ........    I....    r>.    ..    •    i.„    ...    . SALE STABLE. ■r—— Physicians. NI. NI. DODGE, NI. D., Negotiates County, Township, and Schoo District Ronds. Mrs. \\ hartoii, checking off the various ;JV?he bark touched the shores I th garments on the lip of her white fin Oiht-r world, the ghastly toll gather ex gers; but Dve worn it already. And , u tided his hand relentlessly . there is my Marie J^ouiso blue bilk, it !are» B you please, ma am severe pectin lary I mss fro ut th me ut lu its securities, which Vt ur I tam and out of such aff air? 111V still r as th two e* nu if i car Iii disiai ritit-s T O •st » 'I INTEREST AtL(1 WED ON TIME t)E POSITS. O lio# at W Jltice. albert lea, ,tol's l>riig store. Residence ofcr Post _ -    -    -    MINN. Collections receive energetic and prompt Remittances made thy. attent i no NEW BUGGIES, UA R RT AG ES, HARNESSES. and RELIABLE HORSES. the skirt was only gored a little more. The lemon colored buckle is not becoming to me. Dm sorry I bought it. And the while grenadine not worn at Mr First-class Turnouts at Aruiyt’s Reasonable Vflees ! Corner of Broad wav and Hark streets. I I -it I i, Mina. I> c t*ov» ?l. ii ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TAIN LAKE UITY, MINN., Will treat all diseases td tfliich mankind U subject, to the best ot his ability. Dr. Rowland has made a specialty ct <L-* a es VY omen and Children, an I carnic lipases ( HT long standing. By long experience aud , st rid attention to his profession, bels con- ( fidont of treating all curable disea'a? wiili j Obstetrical crises irented 'V11 ft ('ousultionat free. lo Charges are in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks in this State. HALL, I’ropi ic? or. H. D. BRCW1J, Bani rer. Success. :arc aud success. Lawyers *V Esau ti •treats. W. WHITE, REFERCENCES. First National Bank Austin Mien. First National Bank. St. Baul. Fourth National Bank, New York Fourth National Bank, Chicago. • Heat •Markets. A. ll. MCMILLEN I! AS RF!MOT Et) THE OLD PIONEER KEAT4IARKET ! My wine c lured silt wi»h the ruby set would I <uk very well, if the ouiou- Fanny linier hadn't got one just like it And purple velvet don’t light up very well ut night. Dh dear ! I really think I moat gut seme thing ne"’. A rose e ion d tissoe per-haj«*r a bite indian muslin My wardrobe is if* 11iiil? dr* adtuily buhitid Dear mu, wh**’e that ? Hew you start ed me Mrs. Leggett • I beg your j *r 'tire, sui I the su i tie >e:ini'tn >**. ru'f! Mrs. Wharton had her fare ready ; she handed it up. eager to pass thr-ugh the gates where she could seethe inu-*i cal wave of the palm trees, aud -i»arkie of glitter! lg tides that flow btueatii the ehadow. **SIi*>rt By a dollar, ma’am Short hp the single dollar y*iu cheated the poor seam&uressi out uf. Y ou felt*riot eutef ” Mrs NX barton then drew out a bun "rows the popular gossip of larg tunes amaaecd in Coif pres *    * c hardly expect, Mr. Speaker, that ti statement Irout me will stop the w • of thosu who have beet! so industri* » ly ctriu ating th* se exlcaoius I UioUths past. I he eflbrt hn> be ti i ergetic and continuotia lo i*i read the lit uric*' I ti private circle* Ermv.'ar visittd the * dit I f»r ,!»di I. (Ired dollar hill The grim Chai m i. Ti. Ult Kl I h».i < Tilt On East side Broadway, THE PEOPLE I I lo. « v. im ut of ?hii •but I knocked u did n 4 an* Avr rn you 'hould fen laid th ma’am; I arn k ; k Mg Ii -filly forward >y, well worn e (*• r j I 11 uh S ter next e lady j (OU may >us, ho\^ V CLEUK OF HIF. DISTRICT CDI RT. THOM. II. A It VI ST II ON ti, Banker. JUSTICE OF TI!CPF V? U GENERA!. COLLEi il-.<« AGENT, \i' . NC., vt Particular attention paidt. Heme Colicc-iioIIS    office*    at the Court Home. A LBERT LE.A - - - -    MINN. K. It. P. Hi DU'. (J. WEIHER. A1 BEST LEA* MINN. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES t DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE HI ar id Hoots amt Shoes. 3kt:el2^w~ BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE WEDGE Sl HIBBS, ATTOHXEJY !°l iii if ACW Boot & Shoe Store jpgjrCttsh paid fnr Hides. T„r...*r. .v** , &• irritable n ••however, now y*>u are here. as w ll sit down- i * *d gra* wet v**u are—positively dripping ! ••Yes, ma ain. ?t rains very hard I have no umbrella • No umbrella ! dt ir pie, how shock inc Well, did you bring hone those things ? ’ ma’am, here th y are ” the seamstress jr*.duc*d a nt'K Ir< ut I * ct lith her sh**:! jiu ti* goodness they are in it se* rn tolerably dry VS sh / -k hi' Ii cal • It y**u had ten thousand it Would not d»»; nothing uiil serve our parpe** but that one dollar.” Charon turned the boat briskly around; Mrs \Y H a ft oa was ju.-t iug her lips t«* utter a wild civ o gUpC;. a bt n sh# aw• ke She shdddered: » ant had assumed pi eternal meusins rooms ot tim leading ilepuLtiran j <j from ie sion to (J.naha, and wi, *'>* ut revelations to Cosie that were too I rible even t«j be spoken in i**ud t o and at last tile revelations have b has been trying to a1, e it tract tor the one cent ternate, and re.'tore the former eyittem ol paving a b*»t»lftr ll is estimated that they would >a\e • 50,000 per annum by charging Hts and paying $100,000 per an o the city. I here I' one boracic which charges oil centi for thy ca and eiirht cents tor its Ion 'cst This is the Fourth Avenue line it is remarkable that the Third Avenue tine has established a handsomely paying r Ute, connecting the Grand Central depot with their main line, simply on the patronage of those who pre* car-* becan># the charge is six ovui the Fount Avenue line (» from inside the depot, and. therefor* the most convenient, at six cents pc ride Yow will see people of the higf cm c.ftM daily traveling Iruot one st an to ae other in the city markets to save ct ut in the price of meat and ve-et; Spring Ox^rf*!!!^ Now, set out your Mort s. N’*»w, transplant jour winter umfcr* clothing N w. b gin to sit on the door step Now, plant. Let os. Now, parse Ie*., Now, turn up the fail. Now. corner beets. Now. sell-Krie Now, drill your Centennial seeds. Now. .-ow onions. (If you sow id tears you shall reap in joy ) N <w, throw oyster cans over the front pretor Hr cent.' rting N *w begin to perspire. Now. bl afer hands. Now. gei tho back ache. Now. borrov.' a wheel barrow. N -w forget to return it. N**w. get bilious Now. plant the pills. *hree lh 4 hi! I. Y Lo oi t u U 21 Mr > an ii nea th* gladly r •Oles, t lur: I am now. nth year ot a natl mal -* r. ll. i have taken and given doubt > .id rn iii v thin I dc La Ic YI hid* I W« ll. ill I have rn* d *ui*t th in fuller light, I re u*-% r in w uid ret* r a ir.es! Char) i. toot sit K now w. .coim K *f. r*- the stairs. **\V ell, what lr it ? •Have you a d liar ?” “Halt a di ten of them if you want •Hut I only wantfl one—yurt a d a I ii any an.- UGI ca; int Fr cr !*CiC lie. lh auge. but I I g in my palm ne put t > the I ti ere nee. or I r #rl lo my c hr*nu* , and the sreit •ut ‘As A n fi packet TRA" HIM ! N« tin wet at u Iii ix dollars, ma am He gave it lr ately rang the b< •dohti. I Wan India rubber cl ar*>u;< i to Mrs. it is what I owe I hn ,1 her, an i she Imutedi the w ob; eci irk; 14 Cl »ur )ffieo, Room No. I, H'elge’s Bi..ck. Corner (Murk and ’Jroadwnr. ALBERT LEA, MINN O. Y'; A NT. Ta. .'N Have iaht received and will keep in stock JAME - ll. PAUK*:!! JOH* A. Ij()VF.LT. LOVELY Sl PARKER, ATTOHNUYS a-Vt J , A NT , Dffice in Hewitt’s Block, upstairs 1st door. ALBERT LEA,    MIN HEM AU BLACKMER, LAWYER L A N 1> FOR S V X, J A LA FRT LEA, -    -    -    - I MIN s". k. C. STACY. Ai M. I TUER, StAdY k TYRER. Atiornpy, ut I.aw. Notaries PdMir, Rea Estate ii rid Collecting Agents. CONNEY ANDING    ^ (if all kind-* ad evil ately done. acknowledgments taken oaths administered. <kc. Taxes paid. J" vies investigated, Lands bought am! 'eld. Particular attention paid to collection. horner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea tile largest assortment of .Be v wk, A Shoes of ail kinds. To be found in town. GATO ll HUIE WORK. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed,and orders for New Good# av for Repairs will be filled, Cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west Ride, Albert Loa, Minn. 8tf    GIVE    THEM    A CALL. Tailor Shop. B. H. SKAUG Merchant tailoH ALBERT LEA. IX el*• I; *r ut in I iv NEW GOGt>S HAVE CCME. AND NEW STY LE OF FASHION FOR THE SPRING k SUMMER, 1876 ! isn t that high I Mrs Wharton, *1 -c uteri “I worked cie VCO days faitkfu them, mn ain “Well. I suppose I must pay y<»u JV'k, caid Mrs YI harlot), *<l Ii* r pulse atulss >vrly . xumiinng it partmeuts “Dear uie, I have * five dollar bill; I suppose you not change a twenty I Mrs Leggett smiled bitterly. “No, ma am. I could not.” •Well, then, we wtli '•nil it five dol- wh it en trig c ui nit a Could Tart breath* J more “Fcrhap# th gat* s DOW,” sui •My dear, w .rn a ad cd her as. And Mrs you to put on ink. and take this bill L ggett, and lei! her her I” d. and Mrs. W harton . axil) y will let me in th * I she dreamily .at do ywu m;an ?“ de Urn ie bed ha; baud. W barton told him the j fiji In ti a th* nt th bundu) fck a outings Bank Dday ft t i od s special p gu.an, and one o pro .r** hint LU w rk fri* vital system it works like tin p od ; it replenishes .K tiu'tieitj ai.J v.g *r. which the ] i't sox da. a have drained away, and flip pl ie# tile force which is to fiii the Sit day? succeeding ; and iu ti.e ecuti my >! ex iat#ii#e it answers the suaie purp se a-in the cc ti* l.j of income is answered by the saving bank. The irugal man I A Strange (me aterday Ureooon an old lady and daughter drove into the city on the lot road in a one-horse wagon, and ** r e v.a.> sect*.#d in an a)h*v n^ar wer park ow Rind *iph street w lf tie w man went off in search of a dry I- 'tore Some boys wand igh the alley, saw a chance t »•. iin.i one of them borrowed a wrench crs got a pry, aud in about five min-- they had placed the biod whee!' the vehicle where the fore wheel' i b* vu in the habit of running. H\ I by the women abd her d-it>h!ef urucd, ut tied the horse, led him offt I the Either looked at the vehick I remarked : 'vein* as if this binned old h* r5t i been kicking in the dash board ’ n, mother,” &allcd the girl, a Tiif. House of kcprcsentative1 has passed a bi ii limiting to 2.560 acre# the area that shall be entered in any one ii.'lance for a town site, unless tile excess claimed is actually settled Upon, inhabited and used for bunt ess aud municipal purposes. The bill also throw* open to homestead a fid pre eruption settlement all lands heretofore entered under the town site law which c me within the above provisions regard i g vntri -s in excess of 2.560 acres. Thi.3 *aW ha' been enacted in order id uitet what th shrewd est Mormon d«*dge ” for ti law has b*ken sorely abused in Utahj where insignificant places have beet) tit bar of " the p halter: but the mother The pitch was so great tbar th; - tied up th: u du't. * S' at slanted skyward, ani the we ? *£T the hub, walked sr ow od ig ii. alii ?aid : I**1 bet onions that this horse is ' bed to the wrong end of thi? ig«-n ! ” i hey were in a great puzzle when a *ng. saw the true state of duo auth corp orated as “cities” aud obtained Ie# co tracts of gt vernmerit land,' mprbing from 16 to square milt.-ch, as “town •i?ef.” T%dFf bf these es hav!?    town    sites    of    IG 'Yjunrc* miles each, and 7 of them ti.O' acquired the title to tracf4 or 40 square miles each. Under bim that ail this land was iu-1 in city Iidiits, the Mormon rities have been able to make ex * Ila.: ti I ctiuns and to maintain abuse? keep (heerfut It is not very difficult for a person *♦/ bo sunny tempered when everything ii going prospered “fly trith -.Ahi. When * man Dis made two or three hundred liars a day. and all the scenes ar*4 la -ora b?« ft w;**f U.l J. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA DEALER IN Hotels BOOTS & SHOES. Has en hand a full line of CLOTHS, CASSIMERE?, DOESKINS. REAVES. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS; UC. and will fill orders on short notice, as reasonable as can be done in the pine#. Broadway, east side, near Brown s Bank 48if lar^. won t we :    A    d    Car    iso t much : either way, and the five is all Dve got “A dollar is a good deal to mc, Mrs Wharton I    1-4 story «*f her day’s adventure', aud the dt• im that closed them • HeU n, said her husband gravely, * I t this be a (OmSoD to you. never lo neglect the just dues of the poor. A d"har .a lint UiU^h to us—Vt their, it may Ie the list frail bulwark between ihtui aud starvation Hut there was do danger of Mrs Wharton ever forgetting the lesson she had received. woo puts a Wax 2 p<*ui; :    to day, aint another J mud next ui*»L?h, and who it. his quiet way is putting by bi? staled pound from time to time, whru he gets (»td and trail gets n**t only the ?atiie pound buck aga*n, bat a ire--4 amount to morrow, ho? -i t i». □Sax leg lf!e sam*? good natured mar. v Mauds besides >!h brow contracted d deal of Hork for ll. Boy# want to be rich, great, or good. without working They think that learned, wealthy, and influential men And the conscientious man, who husbands one day of his existence every week—who. instead cf allow iug Nutid.iy to be truing .cd and torn in the hurry and scramble of life, treasure.' it lip—the I* »rd of JrD’.days keeps it for him, and iif length of day-the halo of age give? it back with usury The gay ini:* bank of hutnao existence is the week!)’ Sunday. aff ii?, and he leaned up against a store he can be. \\ hen the hour come# td ani laughed rill the tears came. A close the store, he takes his hat from blacksmith was sent for. the wheel? tLe peg. buttons up his overcoat, draw# properly placed, and the old lady re- ■ on his gloves and starts for his home rn »r«ic(L as .-he climbed up :    j with the feelings of a king. He feel# Blamed if I wasn’t afraid for one kindly towards everybody. He boy* a r •ll that I’d either pot cma^-eved wa? I sing my reason I just want to get Ii.lid of some of these Detroit boy*!” — Ik lr >it Free Frtss. paper of the newsboy, snaps him a ten cent scrip and hurries along without waiting l**r the return change, chuck ling to himself as if he baff £>i;rfetrfftt?'] His Stock of fine o?60’dS rfo XI. A. HANSON, Merchant Tailor! i he laaj i em “I have given you w**rk, Mrs, Leggett ” “I know it, ma’am, and I’m very much    obliged    t*»r    your    kindness”    , • And    I    "twutd    IM    very sorry    to have ! ?re T"r> °r'unil'e-    ,hlt    lhe> buv'e'51 so ‘nth 11)1 a thing as a ' dollar part os    •“"*    <h«ir respective,,.here, t ti    I    hey    scarcely    ever thins that by hard ha*l belore him as queer a case as has Mr? Le arett wa? gilcllt • s!v did wor^ ^Int °* perseverance most of ever been set down in the annals of the n *t know what to say. * ll God    doe3    not    reward    Iptiuea# . as    conduct    tending    to    provoke    a    breach God    did not    ut    the    ne a cc    The    kisser    was    Kila TI pu Malicious kissing A Memphis Ju?tice of the Dc a* ha? *iHttenfiluI I him?;. xhibition af the Argent inc Re I c will c insist of SO.ODu artlclee. Twelve men have been killed at the Centena*#! buildings in three months. bour pictnres froa the Munich art gallery will be sent to the exposition The f jreign exhibitors, as a r'Cfr^ra! a fir?t class j* ke. tVhcn he cones to hi? house he MbileJf at the servant,kissed his wife,—or ought to—bounce# the baby, and fills the entire household WI rule, bring their own showcases with W G FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH BILL Bi! 80LD Al. BE RT LEA, MINN. IfaS on hand constantly a full line of J these men have risen to their present law. It was a case of malicious kiting •(’:!!    it fiv< dollars I”    said    Mrfl    .positions. Idlers never    rLe    iii    the    ,    characterized on the    warrant    of arrest Wharton, tossing the bill info the lap 7r,jr,‘*- of the    soldier’s    widow    “A    dollar    by “riches aud honor    Uod did    not    ut the peace I he    kisser    was J*,n’t signify, end    then I recommended    111:4Lc to be, UioieS8 a,jd    l}'« al    I    Du,lJ’ a ^ll ******    »la|ne<i    Wlfh lhe ease and reap without sow ing    Y\    lien    tan of Africa, and toe kissed    was Cha3 ti rem. a ?ensc of his own supreme satisfaction. Ah me. How easy it is to be good natured under such circumstances. What saints we all are wbetf sill    &ahi. ilut times change. The business sky loi*ks dark and becomes black with om- kuiiji r .    .    . lnous cIouds I nder our feet ruff j • e    ’^u    or nearly    rumblings and the premonitory un- bul! ieU ae^e5, 18 'overe* b>’ tnat-’binery ^teadyness which always precedes rn I financial earthctuake. The commercial Wol3U>or House This Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give A M BLE AGC OM MOD AT ION? fo Jill guests and travelers. Good stabling •md attentive grooms. Commodious sample f-ooms connected with the premises VERY CHEAP, In view of ttie depression in the Grain Market.    I    tit OXaXJ TANGY, Maker and Repairer of Photographs. J. A. Fuller's PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, Eastside Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    - MINN Boots & Shoes. Shop on Clark street, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. JOHN M. MARTY, Civil engineer X Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of La Crosse' County, YVis; b especially says to the people 6f Freeborn t'ounty that lie is prepared to do any kind of Surveying, laying out Town Plats, Roads, etc.,as well as making plans and specifications for Hou'e?, Barns, etc.    41t4 GOOD NEWS! lf you want to buy good FLOUR and FE Fib, call at J. T. GREEN’S FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN a are employed. English, French § Domestic my friend, M ^ Marvin, to employ you.    ,    . this morning ”    i    lartuers    CHli    sow    an(1    reaP    on    lhe    same    Glesson, a!?o of African descent. A e..! jfSai ,-tatule of Prince Bismarck : atmosphtrc i> iii6tio(iIWJ aflrf Bppress-I c exh(bited in the (itrmau ait ive; ever)b..Jy acofeJ dabpet. Buyers • Thank you, ma’am,” caid tho poor day> anJ '«es blossom and yield fruit Charles explained to the Court that he WAinan. faintly, as abe took the money, I'0" ,he 6auiu “•J\****“ *'®« “*•**> I d:<l nut object to judicious kissing a. a feeling inwardly that she had been d« j can b*iys hope tai become ui*n of mark -    j    general rnle~ifi tact it was not au uu- frauded. yet    perfectly    aware    thai    she ed >"<,ut"ce alld sequisitiun without    pleasant ceremony, time and place aud had no means ol redress.    working    tor    it.    |    opportunity permitting, but he did ob _I A splendta carnage rolls along the    ject to ELas persisting in kissing him „    .    j street. Boyg look at it and say to    I    iu the presence of his wile. This w*? “Madill,    ii    you    please,    said    Mary, * themselves, “lie’s a fortunate man :    I    not ahnroved of bv lbs wife, and made Perfect fits guaranteed. 48tf XX nil c*3 West, DEALERS IN Oc^noi*al MerchandiKc, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINN. Repairing done lo order, cheap arid on short notice. Gi™ him a call.    * 37tf    Albert    bcd; Mirth. O. P. Hanson. I. J. PAULSON. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Boots ct* Siioes, All work warranted to give satisfaction and done to order on short notice. Hliop near cOr, of Broadway and Williams streets, Albert Lea, ilinu. Mf ray Moines. Flour Feed and Variety Store, WING & HOVE'S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended to on first call, and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the ?late at A. E. Johnson’s store, Albert 4*ea, Minn. A. IL Squish. G. II. Babbitt. here you will always Brit? the hest quaDty M/\TTTm fc, DA l>13Trrrr rer offered for sale in this Market, and j (J Jj I    I    I. w ever at the LOWEST PRICE. My rdotto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! Call aud be convinced. First door south of the People's 8torc, fir'.alway, Albert Lea. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals iri HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned B ood. Order? left on the slate at Lincoln Bros. aK ended to at oat#. C3F. A. Haug© Having bought the old ami favorite ?tertd OIA C Ii lioebaugh is prepared to «lo all kinds of Bl AO KSMITI—I ING — AND— HORSESHOEING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea. 45tf MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, SenNoncd 'W ood ! Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith’s promptly attended to.    Gtt Q. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE Albert Le», Minn., 8ept, 16, 1875 department.    arc timid.; sellers,a re suspicious. The The kingdom of the Xctherlanda will    of    trade    shrinks    Goods    remain exhibit 1.8,50 books published during unsold; paper on which you had relied the recent years on educational topics r°€S protest ; hotreehold expensed S‘'»ne.    begin to crowd ; small bills accumulate; .A d -sign in chromo lithography, ii *duns -row imrer“t^e. Ah, no# Is the iustratiug the growth and history ui the , !lloe; .,,neDd’ wb*D ZP0**    in yod American flag, will decorate the tAa?n 13 a    J    >*%    a    Praee.    and    a    grace* xbib'iienbtrilding.    J ?«> white that it shall be seen in the i. I j- t highest heaven and noted there. Now oi the italian display ;    .    • ,    _ I J is the time to sa tv what stuff department There will exhibits of statuary i you are really made of Now is the time, if tf in the house.’ said the up. and lor the first time in her pretty life, feeling the want of a dollar. Mrs Clarence Fitz Gerald was the next person en bounced—a lady of the utmost style, whose acquaintance Mrs. Wharton just succeeded in making. “You start at my being out in this storm, my dear, but I am raising a dollar Subscription for a poor musician who has just broken his afrit. Of cour?e I may depend Oil you.” Mrs Wharton colored. “I will send it around in the morning ” “That won’t do,” said Airs Fitz Gerald, shrugging her shoulder; “I ani determined to settle the business to day ” “I am very sorry,” said our mortified heroine, “but I have not a single dollar in the house.” Mrs Fitz Gerald bowed coldly ; evidently she did not believe the protestation. and Mrs. Wharton saw her enter her coupe and diive away with the comfortable consciousness that fhe would be invited to no more of Mrs. Clarence Fitz Gerald’s delightful exclusive parties. “Mrs Wharton,” said the cook, “there is a boy at the door from the fruiteries ; he has an elegant pine-up-ple that Mrs. Dapper sent around ” “It will be just tile very thing I want for dessert,” said Mrs Wharton; ‘ how much is it V’ “A dollar, ma’am ” “Once more the everlasting dollar I” A dollar, ma’am.”    pant of that costly vehicle was pro ba- I Klim Daily hid a spite against bim, and alon«N a»d the paintings will be cant I *'"!! How provoking, I have t a doffs* bly once a poor boy. who worked hard ,he was paying him in malicious kisses. ' iu J -elected    H    -    >f    von    V n*ii 4ty c-ocring Qiany years, winning the confidence of I constantly disturbing the peace betweeu j Thirty Indian families. •*ifh their » higDtr tweeter th iii ffiD iror*!? ** ahi all around Iud) by))» iBdtwry. into* | hitusell ani? •lie. Ile was tired of the j h'as. trapping! iud paraphernalia, will possnidom lei that faith be manifest'in ritj and noble bearing. Had he teen j malice so expressed by Kila, and had ; tkvuirrp ..H the Centennial-rounds, uu- year conduct everywhere Don’t fake as idle and loose as many boys are, he her arrested lo see if she could no) to dor I In-direction of Prof Baird    I    . ..W...,. f..,.. .-j   ii  . would not have owned the carr.a,e | grained The Justice d.dn’t know Xhe en(ire    of re(iucjn,. anJ '    ZZSM    That nor have been a UMliuna.re Many . what lo do with eu.h a ease, aa the law |    ont    wi|| be illustrated household has its own cared and years of earnest toil, s.ru^linc, to(.ver- had Dot contemplated such an offense-, b , t.alifernia firm. They have con troubles, and clouds enough in it’s own come    obstacles,    practicing    he    urns    a8 mal.emus kissing. Ile suspended    ,raeu.d for ,he construction of , n|iilU.    >tj    ’KH your wife your d.fficultice ; rigid    economy, and bravely    holding out    , judgment and turned    Kila    loose on good    .    ,ur<, lwcnty starol, quartg    ui|, f ,h ,    but    in s.Kh a brave, sentle and loTtttt against great discouragement, ta th* I bfehsviflr; to tie me tsa’i settled, and    '    wa, w.ianead o^ 6P Je»i<if he, apirhf; secret ol his soc^ess.    probably never will be. Kila remarked    .    .    ....    w;n    ai.    ak,    ..!«    .    ,    ^    . i i i* .i    ,    I    t    bour    structures    in    the villta etyle of cause thefh rather to rise buoy. ut-* as she left the cuurt-room that she was i ,    .    ’    "    iv .lt ok.    •    *•    n    J    . •n(, h.4VP m..rp iu . nnt ne fK tf architecture, in aduitton to the main *> Jt t,,e    that    she    is    fully    truster or II # H    h/’H    rat her Kh ’ I    '    building, will be erectud    to aecommo- j ed    Jou and m*J ^ »W« to help you. nigger yet. He ...d    he d    Mtber abe J    ,    l0    ■ Bear ye one an..,hor’,, burdens Ld ^ hit him with a brick any time than to ,    ,    4.    .    /•    , - .    ,    .    fulfill ik» law of    " hardly cnterud their heads that hard I kiss him with malice aforethought.    exhibit    works    of    art    tor which there ic- i Daeiel Webster could make.a great speech Boys heard him, arid said, “Whit a gift I How fortunate he is to posse?? such talents I” The thought work enabled him to do it The first time he undertook to de*f]tim in a .'Cliool room he broke down. But per-seVering industry overcame all obsta des. By hard study ftat after j ear, and equally diligent practice, he be came the dis!irtgtti?hcd orrifof. Take away a quarter of I century of his life. in which Iu? carefully qualified himself for his profession, having no rdie hours and no “bcd of down,” and Die world wold I not hate kno#»r Darnel Wrb* ster lioys should not forget this. Ile could make a great speech becasse he worked for it. Buys, it is a good rule that nothing valuable in this world can be had without working for it. And the time to begin work is now. j    no room in the main building. They ~~    7"# ,    ~    .    will each    be one hundred and forty by “ Thou    Hast Loved    Mrand Lei.    .Mc,    I    n,rtv fwt    The ^ of lhe f„ur wil) b‘e f..r twenty    five    cents,’    is    the latest    case    i    j}2jj0i*    Four rooms will also be added of heartless desertion, and may be seen I |0    1„,rt(l    si^    of    the    aunt!    to    the in the window of a music publisher. | ;irt An inside dental expense—having a tooth filled. A North Carolina man wants to ex- j hibit fifty of the ugliest men in the Dinted States at ..he (Centennial There now I There’s a thane# for us to I see the show. A Til tie boy. when poking the drumstick of a chicken, swallowed one of the tendons which are so numerous in th# legs of a fowl. and wag nearly choked. The tendon was. however, extracted with great diflkairy from the little fellow’s thriKit. when lie cxelahfttff, “f)h, mam- After all there will be a specimen of Kuiopean loyalty on exhibition af the    ilia, it wasn’t the chickabiddy’s fault; Centennial Tair Herr Castan, of Ber-    it v:,s because cook forgot to take off lin, has succeeded in making a wax    8 garters ! ' figure of W illiam I so true to life that [ FXde #a£ tailing away one cvcniug. A lady acquaintance prop unds the I the Ktripefor ooaH not #ithhoL! bis at toe flinhei-table. to a n an of rank, following conundrum :    What is the i apffob.ftiort ttbcn it wa^ a few day? ago who#, at a point of one of his best afo- worst caSe of youthful profanity mer,- i brought let the palace and exhibited to rics, che ol the pa: y interrupted him tinned in lb# 8fcfiptorrc ? Job who ! the imperial family. The figure is soddenly with an air of most <-om*ider-curscd the daj when he was born I clothed ii e^ery pafrictrlaf like the ate ap ii* gy. “I bc^ y* or pardon, Mr. “Go out. young man; she’s riot J bfnpefaf oft ftatj occa.'ion§, the ufess footc, bul your liamlkervhief is half here!” said a Pennsylvania preacher, j having been made by the Koiperora out oi y« or pocket ’ ‘‘’fhi.iik you, sir, * last    Sunday,    in    the midst    of    his sermon.    f:»il-*r, and the insignia are ail exact    said I’i ole, replacing ii; “you inn# to a    youth    whom    he    saw    standing    heai- J copies of the originals, anil some of    the corm any b*-tt€r ibau I Jo.” a».^ tst'Twly in the doorway.    ‘    them arc of nearly equal value.    I    finished fie juke
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