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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 6, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Bolian. His soul is tuned to subtler harmonies than our Dull music never mortal touch woke such wild sweetness from the Well tuned Harp mortal touch from him can draw his Best a set him in the Woodlands or where lakes loud heaven a Mirror for its thousand eyes or where the Ocean evermore complains in lonely grandeur of its loneliness. These Rouse him to full rapture and he Breaks into the sweetness of an Angelus song who wakes on Earth now fail a in sleep from heaven. So the eolian Harp owns not the Swap of harps lingers not the ordered Laws of Tongue sonatas it phony yet breathes its whole full heart Forth to the Lawless wind. A the is stator the death of Ashby. How the hero of the Shenandoah Valley fell. I from the Springfield mass. Republican in july 1861, we saw the first body of Confederate cavalry which passed the Valley of the Shenandoah. It consisted of about 500 Well mounted men chiefly Farmers from the lower part of the Valley and counties along the mar land Border looking As if they were out on a big Hunt. There was no attempt at uniforms except that most of the Cavaliers had exchanged their Coats for Hunting shirts of flannel. There was a great variety of hats of every style shape and material and the weapons of the troop were As irregular As their other appointments few of the men then having sabres and most of them having such arms As they had Lieen accustomed to use in Field sports. The commander of the troop was col. Angus Mcdonald of Hampshire county a country lawyer the father of seventeen Fine sons and daughters. Several of his sons became Well known As Gallant soldiers. The lieutenant colonel of the regiment was a modest unassuming Young Man who had the usual easy Graceful bearing of a Virginia gentleman. His manners were very quiet rather diffident and his whole appearance conveyed the idea of an amiable easy going southerner. This was Turner Ashby a Man of dauntless courage and one of the chivalrous heroes of the army. It was said that before the outbreak of hostilities Ashby then Captain of a Volunteer company was ordered to arrest a Northern Man living in his neighbourhood who was suspected of being Quot an abolitionist and incendiary and who after the close of the War became conspicuous As judge Underwood. Ashby a generous soul revolted at the thought of going at dead of night to a Many a House to assassinate or even to arrest him without Legal authority and he privately informed or. Underwood of the danger that threatened him and having Given Bis Man ample time to escape led his troop to its destination Only to find the Bird had flown. Ashby Early became famous from the deeds of daring and the splendid feats of horsemanship in which he delighted. In marches in the Valley his cavalry commander soon became known to the be Genii soldiers with whom he was constantly skirmishing. They often singled out his Manly form for a a target and Long declared that he wore a charmed life. Once when closely pressed by his enemies some of whom had managed to pass around him and Cut Oft his Retreat to his command he astonished his purses who supposed him in their Power and rejoiced in the Prospect of making him prisoner by springing from his not it Hie White horse to the top of a High Fence then speaking to the Well trained Steed and striking the Fence with his band the horse dashed Over it and Ashby vaulted into his Saddle waving his hat to his foes who cheered lustily is he Rode off in the opposite direction. A col. Ashby a a said a Young Man who had just joined his command a i have no arms where shall i apply for them a a the enemy Aie Well supplied Quot was the quiet answer a you can easily provide yourself from their in june i860, Jackson was slow making his second Retreat through the Valley contending with the federals every step of the Way. Ashby was the hero of the hour Gen. Jackson not then having developed that Genius which has made his name immortal. The exploits of the sleepless cavalry Leader who incessantly harassed or impeded the advancing federals were in everybody s Mouth the soldiers worshipped him and the citizens looked at him As their defense from the invading army. I Well remember the passing of the troops through our Village. As our friends were chiefly in the cavalry we bestowed Little attention upon the weary infantry who were making forced marches and enduring great hardship daily with wonderful patience and Faith in their leaders. I he army had been passing for hours when about to o clock a somewhat thick set Man Well mounted and Riding very slowly paused a moment in front of the porch where we stood saying last words to two or three Young officers. A there is Ashby a whispered somebody and All eyes were turn cd upon the quiet gentleman very gentle and composed in bearing simply dressed mud wearing a very heavy Black Beard which nearly covered his lace. You ought to have seen general Ashby Blush just Dow Quot said a Young Friend who had dismounted to speak to a group of girls in the Park a a lady came out and Kand Security and Tierce spirits bowed and Strong men wept bitter tears Over the Early dead. The treatment of diphtheria. Or. Thomas Gurney senior physician to the City dispensary London makes the following contribution to the lancet a since i have held the position of physician to the City dispensary i have had considerably More than one thousand cases of disease of the Throat under my care Many of which both in Public and private practice have been cases of diphtheria. About this by tar the most serious disease of the Throat we have much to learn. The stillness of the neck the disturbance of the circulation the rapid Rise of temperature before affection of the Throat is observed All Point to its being a blood Poison calling for a prompt decisive treatment. A the two questions that arise when called to a Case of diphtheria As indeed in All diseases Are How does the disease tend to kill the patient and How does nature Endeavor to rid herself of the disease a diphtheria tends to kill by suffocation and by its exhausting the vital Energy. Suffocation May be either accidental if when the membrane is thrown off it becomes lodged in the Larynx natural if the swelling inside the Throat shuts Oft the Supply of air to the lungs. Nature will attain the Mastery Over her enemy if the strength be kept up and the deposits arrested. Quot with these Points to support Are our great aim. To succeed in this i have adopted a Respirator made of the Ordinary shape and size the front the being minutely perforated. Inside of Respirator i have two or three perforated plates inserted Between which i place common Tow not Cotton Wool a i then drop on each of the layers of Tow ten to Twenty drops of a solution of carbolic acid creosote and Glycerine. Should the patient tire of these i use turpentine or iodine. I place the Respirator Over the Mouth and keep it continually applied. My next idea is to provide tile patient with warm moist air. To do this i have two kettles of water kept boiling on the fire attached to the spouts of the kettles i have an elastic tube of an Inch Caliper at the end of which is a Spray like nozzle which i put immediately under the Mouth of the patient. By this Means i get my disinfectant remedies carried moist to the Throat. As a sedative to the pain i know nothing so comfortable to the patient. Previous to this j i take care to give an Active purge which usually removes offensive stools effete poisonous matter. Internally i give aconite in frequent Small doses two to four minims of the tincture at the same time freely supporting the strength with milk Cream and eggs with or without Brandy and beef Tea and Libi Tum. As a drink i recommend patients to take As much chlorate of Potash in solution As they can without vomiting. I have found chlorate of Potash highly beneficial in All cases of a Low typhoid charac if this is objected to i advise the girl i have a new Bonnet ill go up to he Orch to hear the new preacher Young Johathan Birch he a single and handsome but they say he s so shy and that his sermons Are Long Ami dreadfully dry but being a Bachelor ill try for his Sake to look interested and keep wide awake. What a Good congregation in a glad that i came. That face is familiar but what is her name r a yes at the social she Sang through her nose. I wonder if Murry will Ever proposer the choir has finished its opening hymn. The preachers too Pale and awfully thin. His prayers i think tedious and prosy and _ Long they say that he really thinks dancing is wrong. What Beautiful mantles those Burton Wear i wonder if they really do bleach their hair they dress awful stylish and have front Pew. They say that their fathers As Rich As a jew. A there goes the Sermon i must listen with care of Hasni to Frank Fields got Beautiful hair i must catch if i can. The Drift of the text. I wonder what Beau Belle Laws will have next a me How i wish the choir would sing. I would give a Good Deal for a new Diamond ring. Of Why done to the preachers All preach to the Point i have sat Here till every Bones out of joint. I have a creak in my neck and a pain in my Back i declare. Mary Riley has got a new sack and ifs All lined through with the finest of fur i never could see what folks fancied in her. Avell the Sermon progressing i must listen and learn How i wish head warm up and not look so Stern. Mary Gray is in mourning. I wonder who is dead. Shed look Well in Black if her bar was not red. In the Pew right behind me is old Deacon More i done to mind Bis bleeping but Why does he it Nore a lust hear that Moss baby i know or. Birch most hate so to have it disturbing the Church. And How can he preach and Pray through it the say Maggie r Ball a that her dress was St Lovely divine but i will not believe it was better than mine. The Sermon is finished the Bible is closed the collection has awakened the Deacon that dozed. I must feel in my pockets and get out my dime those boy in the gallery Are having a Good time Mary Martin what a Beautiful s was the a Belle of tile her dancing Why there hat How pretty fat. He would be if so e wan a by Many diphtheria. And now we i Lave a tune from thee heir i think that their ringing Hicks feeling and i wonder if Murray will to get at the door. Or if he will join that pert Minnie Moore ? their sleepy month after, the funds to Clear off the paper the a old Money bags holding it refused to discharge wishing to secure his interest for a year. I was on my Way to learn the Date of expiration a fire among our office papers had destroyed the memoranda and i must go Down and get the Date from old grip who lived South of Grafton about five Miles. The stranger pumped All this out of me in about ten minutes and yet i never once suspected he was receiving any information. A i am not positive Quot i added but i am pretty sure that the time is the us which would be tuesday a and then your folks will Send Down the Money and discharge the mortgage of Couse a a s a a huh yes i shall most Likely bring it Down a i replied and it never occurred to me How imprudent i was. He turned the conversation into another Chancel and did not once attempt to pump me further. Me got to Grafton at 10 50, and to my great Surprise he announced that he was going to Stop in town on business for a few Days. I had not even asked his name or vocation while he knew everything about me. Ave went to the hotel had dinner Ani then i secured a livery team and drove out getting through with business go that i was Back to take the 3 20 express East. My Friend was on the porch of the hotel As i drove up carrying the same honest dignified lace. A Nav Ell lid you find out ? a he inquired in his pleasant Way. A yes it was on the 18th, As i expected Quot i replied. We had lunch together and when we Shook Llanos and parted i had no More idea of meeting him again than i had of knowing you. In fact he told me he would sail for England in a week or ten Days and should not return to America. It parting he gave me his card. It was a modest piece of pasteboard and bore the name of a George Raleigh a in old English script. Everything at the office went on As usual and the 13th came at length. Law a Law had arranged with me to go Down with the Money and i looked upon it a no siness of no Small importance. A we know Yon Are All right a remarked the senior partner As i was about to go a but i want to give you a word of warning nevertheless. Don t take any strangers into your Confidence until von have passed out the Money and look out who sits next to it was something new for him to caution me and i could not but wonder at but in the Bustle of getting aboard the seat and fell into them. It seemed to me a if i weighed a ton. But he carries me along without an Effort and Laid me Down within a Rod of a Fence which ran along on one Side of an old pasture. Just now i began to feel a Little better. The effects of the drug were wearing off and i had faint suspicion that something unusual had happened. But i was powerless to move a limb the sensation was like that when your foot goes to sleep. A Tan you speak a inquired Raleigh bending Over me a because if you can it will pave me some trouble. I want to know just where you have stowed that now i Regan to realize my situation. His face looked natural again and the Load was Oft my Tongue. I also Felt that i could move my fingers a Little George Raleigh Are Vou going to Rob me i asked finding my voice at last. A Well some folks might Call i ring a but we dress up the term by calling it the Only financial equalizing the floating currency each one is provided and no a you Shan t have the Money die first a i yelled rising a Little. A nah i see did t take quite enough a he coolly remarked. A Well i Haw provided for he went to the buggy procured ropes and a gag. And Knelt Clown beside me. I had but Little strength left and he conquered me in a moment. Lying on my right Side looking toward the Fence he tied my hands behind me and then for de the gag into my Mouth. A there now you see you Are in Ely fixed up and All because you acted like a fool instead of a sensible Young lawyer soon to lie admitted to the bar. It a Rob a Little Way of so that one left i will it he treatment that i Detrain de to devote myself to a thorough warfare on rogues. I therefore joined the detect j be Force and Atter due study took my place a a full fledged detective. The dignity or labor. Those who toil to earn their bread need not Blush to own their jut a i Bey in Noble footsteps tread and a claim to live have go. Toil is not the wage of sin tor in fat Den work was Given Man wag made to work and win spoils of Earth and Blis of heaver. He who at the Anvil unde striking while the Iron cion.-. Though he works with Horny hand the hoeing blow. At the loom and in la held in the hop. And on the a Here men wisely Power w u d there is dignity in p i. Hth-5s.a&Quot a Ltd a a a a a a Quot ins Trolo i to teach men How Bra writes that others go <1 May Ain Speaks to truth fresh seat to Civ he can Airn the Quot Manly right a Avith the cons of toil to tand a be Rose its his mental mid help to bless i Nat a it and. He who a life at ease idly wafting ail i Day a in intr Only Eif to please filled with Pride aim courting protean not a Nobleman. Hilt ii existence is a Ahi and when ends Fife Blat Boon Wil die his pm a Tine while of at i w the Money which was All and divided she a so proud of her Eves old lid in Button kids. Ter. Juice of Lemons to be taken thought to be a specific for should the system of the patient be very weak i prescribe Belladonna instead of aconite but i find Mere encouraging i results from the latter. As soon a the i urgent symptoms have subsided i order 1 Strych Nia with or without Nitro Hydro choleric acid this not Only being the Best tonic but also preventing the paralysis which so often follows diphtheria. I have found this treatment to be highly beneficial but knowing the tendency there is to rheumatism after this terrible disease i never forget our Friend Carbonate of i do we a i lad ame finished and ill get my a old hundreds i Muff i think fur one Day Ive bad preaching enough. The aisle is so crowded Well have to go a Law. And there a Minnie Moore walking off we my Beau see How so struts in her new , i always did hate her impudent Way in pretend no to a her and turn up my nose. And show How indifferent i am to the beaux there s Jennie Jone opposite waiting to see la i had a gentleman dime Home with me. A me i know a and a will be vexed. For i Lave forgotten every word of the text it the train i forgot what he said. Orth Bary prudence had induced my to place in Bank Bills into three packages under my shirt next my skin. Where the deft land of a pickpocket a uld not reach it. Interested in a newspaper time flew Oyas the train flew West Ani at length the hoarse voice of the cond actor warned me that i Hart reached Grafton. I leaped Down was making tor the livery stable when i heard a familiar voice and looked up to see Raleigh. He e l in a buggy and had cd for me to come in. Done to express your he was seat seemingly was prise the by Little Blue eyes Congre earthly made a de him a Bunch of Flowers and complimentary speech and i thought Ashby would he could not help taking the Flowers but As soon As she went into her House lie banded them to one of the boys and said a please take it i cannot carry them through the a Captain a said Gen. Ashby at this instant speaking very so adv and without a Trace of excitement to one or the Young men. A you had better mount the enemy Are entering the town. Tell the citizens they had better keep within doors a he said to an old gentleman whom he met a few Steps further on a there might be skirmishing through the amp a few minutes later the handsomely equipped Federal cavalry dashed past the House and swarmed in every direction a Large party pursuing Ashby others taking by ways to surround him and myriads seem to Spring up everywhere. A hour or two later part of the Confederate infantry made a stand in a Green Hillside in front of a Beautiful Grove about two Miles from the Village and a Lar a Force of federals attacked them. At first the Southern troops recoiled and fell Back before them and Ashby watching the affray hard by sprang from his horse and waving his sword in air rallied the faltering Maryland regiment and charged a upon the fedcia1 troops who fled before him. And then on that fair june Momin Quot with the Lovely scenery of his native land lying in Beauty All around him Ashby the hero of the Valley fell pierced through the heart and the Long waving grass and the Lovely wild Flowers were dyed in Noble blood that Clay. The body was borne by Loving hands to a place of the household. In the family As in the Church Gate the highest and sweetest Joys. It is there memory gains its richest treasures and frames the divines pictures. The recollections at Home do not fade with the lapse of years but dwell in the mind when limbs totter and eyes grow dim with age. Youth is lived Over again when the frosts of Winter have silvered the hair and fireside groups of the Long ago come Back As Loving and As Radiant As when first remembered in the old Home of childhood. Of Days of childhood hours of Bliss How Bright and Golden when life was Young and years were few. Be Are gone but not forgotten. The old familiar scenes grew instinct with new life and freshness. The family Circle is once More Complete and the brightening glow of an unselfish Devotion reflects its Charm on every face. Voices that have been hushed in the silence of the grave speak anew the words of affection and tones soft and gentle As Only a Mother can accent fall lovingly on the ear. The fire Light flickers on the Hearth casts its Shadow on the Wall the evening hour of prayer draws nigh and with reverent hearts we bowed us Down to Pray. Around that worship Are linked our holiest memories. Ave never forget these scenes of Devotion. Above family altars Bend ministering Angels around them Bend immortal souls. Earth can never offer fairer pictures than families joined in prayer and time is not Long enough for such petitions to be forgotten. The family is the Center of All healthful influence of moral Power of genuine Aliceton. It is the basis of society As Well As of government. Tile condition of the family determines the condition of the Community. Every Well regulated and wisely governed household is a moral Force in the world. Children grow up under such training to become useful members of society. They Are noted for Good manners Good Breeding and proper deportment. In virtuous Homes never grow the apples of Sodom. The dead sea fruit never ripens under such an atmosphere. The air is too sunny and Bright and Golden and nothing can of room and Blossom there but the Flowers of peace and True Content. These Watt their doors and display their hues in All seasons and through All changes and give to the family the Only glimpses of Eden to be found of love glorifies the family sanctifies the Home sweetens All its Joys and brightens All its charms. It warms As Well As brightens purifies As Well As ennobled and folds around the fireside wings As soft and tender As the Dove. Adhere love dwells in the Home happiness comes to abide. The Trail of the Serpent is not there traced by its slime nor its deadly rattle heard in its chamber of peace. Affection Waves its Banner at the portals and under its ample folds there Falls the Sunshine amid the Benediction of heaven. Earth has no fairer scene than a lox ing Loyal household mirrors. Peace is within its Walls and happiness its abiding , s. Economist. The Boston newspapers Tell of a stage struck woman who got a divorce from her husband in order to become an actress failed dismally behind the footlights returned to her Home and begged to be made a wife again which was done by a remarriage. Or. Achy i joined the detective. Can i sit with you a a certainly a Nice weather a a splendid a crops growing a yes be i was sitting in a car on a Ayi Consin Railroad one Day years ago when a Good looking pleasant spoken Man came Aion stopped at my seat and the above conversation took place the latter part of it after i had Given him part of Ray seat. Now i am regarded As a social Man like a joke More so then than now. On entering a Railroad car i always looke it about for a talkative Man and then got As close to him As possible and Drainer him dry if the journey was Long enough and i want to state one thing More. Left an orphan before i could realize the sad event which made me one i got kicked Here and cuffed there and grew up lie tween folks As they say. I ought to have had at the time of which i pretty thorough knowledge of human nature and to have been enabled to read evil in a Man s lace it he intended me evil. Did not Pride myself at being Over keen or Sharp but the knocking around amen strangers ought to have Given and one Good experience. Well the stranger and i fell into an easy Strain of conversation As we Rode together and in ten minutes i began to enjoy his company. He was a Well made fellow finely dressed and wore a Fine watch Ami a Simon pure Diamond ring. I never saw a Man who could talk so easily and so pleasantly. It seemed that he had Only to open his Mouth and the words fell right out. I had travelled in the South so had he. I had heard the Roar of the Pacific he knew All about it. I had been up in a balloon Down in a mine been blown up smashed up and repaired again and again my new Friend had experienced All these things and was wishing for something or of a More startling nature. We agreed on politics neither had any religion and i had never before met such a Railroad companion. Did you Ever meet a Man who though a stranger to you ten minutes before. Could wrest from you All your secrets which you had sworn to yourself not to reveal Well he was such a Man. It was not Long before he commenced asking me questions. Ile did not seem trying to quiz and draw me out but he asked me questions in such a sly roundabout Way that Lief Ore i knew it i was Givin Quot him my history. I was at the time just at the Point of being admitted to the bar of Ayi Consin As a student of Law in Law of brie Iville. The firm were old lawyers with a lucrative practice and it had been talked Over that in about a month i should be the of the firm. A year before a Farmer named Preston Down about four Miles from Grafton died and his matters had been put into the hands of Law a Law for settlement. Preston had died Rich. He had Money in Bank Railroad Stock mortgages ac., and everything was settled up to the satisfaction of the relict and fatherless. About a year before his death being pinched for Money and not wishing to sell anything at a sacrifice Preston had Given a mortgage on his own farm for three thousand dollars. Awhile the papers read a for one year from Date a there was a verbal agreement that it should be lifted any time that Preston desired. A told s heart grow very Talka at my or away As he _ _. Be Gan a i stopped at the wheel. A i did intend to go away but changed my mind. An i Uke this Section so web that i am going out to Day to look at a farm with a new to purchasing. Come ride up to the we Rode up ordered lunch and while we were discussing it or. Raleigh uis co ered that the farm he was going to see was just beyond that of old grips. How fortunate i could ride out with him see the farm return in his company and he was greatly pleased. I Quot As also pleased had any one me a we got into the buggy that George Raleigh meant to return a in with my Money in his pocket and my blood upon his hands i should have believed him a Lunatic. And yet George Itale Igli had planned to do that very thing. It was a Lovely Day in june and the Coo Breeze and the sight of the Meadow and Green Groves made my larger. My companion was five. But he did t even hint Rand. He talked As tar could. A to excuse me Quot he exclaimed after we had passed a mile from the Village and were among the farm houses. A i should have offered you this he Drew from his pocket a Small flask of wine and handed it to me. Now i was temperate in regard to drinks. In fact i detested the smell of anything intoxicating. But i had not the moral courage to Tell him so Ami hand Back the flask undisturbed. I feared to offend him and so i drank perhaps three Good swallows. He called my attention to the Woods at the left As he received Back the Hask and when i looked around again he was just removing it from his lips As if lie had drank heartily. In about five minutes i let Egan to feel queer. The fences along the Road seemed to grow higher and the Trees to grow larger something came to my ears hat the rattle of the buggy seemed a Ion Quot Way Oft. How strange achy i believe i am going to be sick a i exclaimed holding to the sent with All my might. A you do look strange a he replied a snaky smile stealing Over Bis lace a i should t wonder if it was i did not suspect the game he had played. His words were like an Echo and ids face seemed twice As Large As it a amp. My head began to spin and my brain began to snap and crack and i was greatly frightened. Iou Are badly off Quot he continued looking into my face. A i will drive As last As possible and get a doctor. My Tongue was so heavy that i could not reply. I clutched the scat shut my eyes amt he put his horse at his beset it . The met a Farmer s team and can remember that one of the occupants called out to know what ailed that Man Raleigh did not reply but urged his horse Forward. Three Miles from Grafton was a Long stretch of Forest and this was soon reach. He pain in my head was so violent and a was not so badly Ati acted when open ing my eyes. I had settled into a sort awhile he was speaking indeed he was tying me i Hod caught sight the White face of a Little girl looking us from Between the rain of the Fen Quot con d see her great Blue eyes an i i that she was frightened. There were red stains around her Mouth and on the Little hand resting in the Rah and i Knaw that she was some Farmer s child a catching for strawberries. I could not warn her at her danger and i leaved that she would lie seen or heard. Awhile Raleigh was tying the last knot i winked at tire Little girl As hard As i Cut uld hoping that she would move away. But she did not go. A Nav Cli now for the Money. and he began searching it s. He went from one to the moving ail the articles Felt Boot leg and then finally hand Over my bosom and found they. A Lila Here it is a he exclaimed drawing out the packages. I Don t hardly believe that old grip will see and of this he sat Down near my of and undid the packages and was Cool enough to go at it to cd unt the Money. As be commenced the Little girl waved her hand at me. My heart went thumping tor i expected that she would utter a word or shout by she Sank Down from sight anti i spa a. By ii a. Labor i Reward and re to educate the latent Power a and he nerve a i a Ltd the be-6 a who employ h Gold Hou working not beyond i Toni Init not a on and beneath h Rua i glad Liana it had Bof my infer. A a. Mig will. At.--. Ail a said Balmy pock other renown my passed his Mon bings he who e who Iii for by i none it As tie a an hit As a i in i made Neve sleeps the ground Lur food ins a Harvest reaps Ork and feel Aubain a fast Good they a r to be named a thin mused on it when a in brine Complete control Day after Day we worked i a. My companions a Hii ret a Iran to say i did not Tacoma said nothing t Twat the nag of and i asked them nothing a Vns to the Ltd a Stilt of their washing the excavate soil a Hail worked about three week Ami had termed a Tunnel Exten Ling abet fifteen feet into the Hill when co Sikut tired out i sat Down to rest in the ave i had Only intended to a it a Little while Tat had not elapsed before in was sound asleep. I was awakened be a and found my feet and legs Complete covered by a a of stones Ani Din the front part of the Tunnel had fallen in Aud m a Ranur buried a jog ten feet of the Tokanel remained firm my from my observation of its Structure prior to to e a. Cit Lent i a recon Dan Quot Rafhat re to Cluse to fear danger from a Quarter. Jar Tom had earned dirt enough to the rive o keep them bus there for the rest of the j a so there w is no need to a for their assistance. The question to. It fir How ran Ole be sustained int.--.r>.,1 state i had read a a dozen times Stati a Quot Arion to the amount of air consumed hourly by but like most eve wondered at the t Nan Rev me. The figures. How much i would been Able to recall thought was How self this que ten Tion. Ii i wee eing sings be had merely then forgotten i was Wor k Mick is a tix Sel fat no my Vagt operation in enc amp ought passed through Drew off the other Boot and p a a Wattle in the in. A la owed and a gleam of her frock As sue the grass. A you be Quot my Young Friend Quot As he Drew of one his befits and deposited some of the bibs in it a a there nothing like transacting business As it be Quot transacted. Some men would have shot or stabbed you. But its Only the apprentices who do such work. All the real gentle a n i our calling do business Ai Tlemcen h some a fifties and then continued a i have it a1 planned out with you As soon As i get a disposed of around my Persay you it a your Back and pour of the wine Down your Thiodar. There s enough of it to make you sleep until term Trow night and by that time i shall be hundreds of Miles away. As soon As i seethe drug take effect i shall untie your hands and remove the gag. Ashen you come out of your sleep it you Ever do you had latter crawl out to the Road where Vou will most Likely meet some traveler Oon. I want to use the horse and buggy otherwise i would leave them for How coolly he talked. He treated the matter As ii it were a regular transaction in which i fully acquiesced. Ile had me to Leal Money i Hal i am an old Miner. Not one of the nowadays Washoe and Nevada Stripe but an old 411california Miner. I have been engaged in descriptions of mining transactions except one new argued one of mining Stock in companies i believe they it ail it a feet a am Nous undertakings was one a Tunnel in which i and my Hartse aged in the summer of 152. Gee afternoon in that year a i was carrying up a bucket of water from the River to our tent to the Topf the Bank my foot caught u a Ier a Large Stone and my perpendicular West a it nce changed to a horizontal posture while the water from the overturned bucket spread itself a a a direction. With a few expletives Ltd rather a forcible character quite customary and common in that Region Ano period i raised myself to my feet again and picking up the bucket about to retrace my Steps to the when my attention was attn ted folded Page or which Bani i Der the Stone which caused when my foot tripped of overturned i ter form. Lax sex h a Given to have a in. The next or extricate rat Solu with shovel and fir that had fat hat All i should i Eini mediately would fall in peasant i i racked some Means of vain. Do in it 1st de Ulo throw Myshil Down on the ground and a when i observed that pick to Clear a Jen it was Vert be Able to Rem a replaced by the ii from above. To my poor brain liberating myself but in leaning against the w Spode nov Iva about a the Likely be Wou t Whit is was j de i s Ute to i the haled dumb stupor with a brain so benumbed that i1 lad to say to myself a this is tree that is a stump ac.,before i could make sure that i was not wrong. Halt a mile Down the Road we struck the Forest and then Raleigh turned the horse into a Blind Road leading Back into the Woods. I could not understand what he intended. I tried to grapple with the question but could not resolve it. A Cavell Here we Are a exclaimed Raleigh when we had reached a Point forty rods from the main Road. He stopped the horse got out and hitched him and then came round to the wheel. A you Don t feel just right but i guess you la be bettor soon a he remarked. A come let me help you lie reached up his arms and i let Quot of a fast Pri Oner and i Felt that he could do just As he pleased. While i was think i saw the Little White face appear be tween the rails again but in a moment ii vanished and its place was taken b the Sun burned Phil of a Farmer. He locked from me to Raleigh and Bact a again and i winked at Bim in a Way that a readily understood. He disappeared and i Felt that i should be saved. A no old grip won t get his tin t Day mused Raleigh storing away the Bills in his pockets a you will go Back to Law a Law feeling put out and Cut up but they can t blame you. It is no your fault at All. True had you minded your business on the car. And not been so free with a stranger this would not have happened. I was on my was to Milwaukee and had no thought of such Rich pickings i a Law nothing of the Farmer. Balei finished his counting i made up my mind that the Tanner was afraid to inter Fere and had run away. My heart went Down As Raleigh got up for i saw that lie was about to carry out his plan of fur ther drugging me. He turned me on my Back sat Down astride of me and dulled out the wine flask. A now in just about a minute we i be through with this business a he remarked trying to put the Mouth of the flask tween my jaws. I rolled my head on one Side and he did not succeed. He was jamming the flask against my Teeth when i caught the sound of a soft step the crash of i club and Raleigh rolled off my body he tried to leap up but three Farmers struck him Down and one of the blows rendered him senseless. Before he came to i was free of gag and ropes and had him securely bound. Over beyond the pasture a Farmer and his hands were raking Hay. A Little Blue Eves a Only eight years old had w Ander de off after strawberries and had Fortu brately for me witnessed a part of Ila Liegh s proceedings. She had hurried Bax to her fat Are and told him that a a Man was All tied up out understanding the situation he and his men hat moved around so As to secure an advantage and Raleigh s capture was the result. W Hen the Rascal found his senses lie was terribly taken Back and cursed enough for the whole Flanders army. We took him Back to Grafton and when i saw him again he was on his Way to the Penitentiary to serve a term of fifteen years. The mortgage was duly lifted and the gift which Law a Law sent Vaty Grey kept her in dresses for Many a year. For myself i Felt so humiliated at having fallen into the Rascal s True and so i was River Aura ted by a Ben placed in Eph fall. Tone was a paper folded in by to View. I picked it up Ain i proceeded to examine it. It was written in characters very irregular As if Maeby a person with a wounded band and written with contents were As follows. If this Linter should fall into the hands of any person i wish to inform him that i Nave bees attacked and mortar Wou a Ltd by my two partners who wished to Ltd a Tai ii my Money. to discover it alter wounding me have fled leaving me Here to die Ever gets this letter will find Bure Ravine at the foot of a blazed Pencil. The water on a sea j Way Down the Side it i was alarmed As i in the Earth above mass Down on my i ment the thought struck Niche turned to my advantage. I not direct it so that it woul sufficient Earth in its Progress it of the Cave to make an cd enough to Abow to Craw. Even if i Only succeeded in air Hole it would enable i so nxil11 a a fax Tco Rescue. Carefully exam. A water. I succeeded where it entered t Reat Joy. Ascertains direct it by cutting sides it my prison t that blocked up til Quot Pine. The air at this stifling and i j w As done must be should perish for w after cutting a i to flow Iowa the the Cave ant my late. Arrest of a making it Ive. At first t it might Ioos i ring Anither the next moral it might achy could w Ash away a to the out Anre through it making an me at Lea could c it cd the comm in Fin Hng t be Cave and i that i Coal a Channel oui it mass c to i Tox t my of the in spot to my i easily c f the r Earth be ton line a Ami do Nev Avho-1 in a tree. We Twenty paces due North of this a a Quot containing 5,000 in Gold dust. That it May prove More fort Iii ate Propene to him than it has to me is the with of Andrew i stood for some moment after Reading the letter like one awakened from a dream. I could not convince in Seif that the letter in my hand and read it Over and Ove ing i might get some clue from the handwriting to the real author. It might be a trick got up by my partners to raise a laugh at Rev expense. No the place were it was found and the purely accidental discovery rendered such a surmise Aery improbable. I sat Down on a i it it a and turned the matter Over in min i for sume time. At last i was genuine again think Ray up de with redoubled vigor. A Hovel. I push. I u through de Earth As far As i was Abb waited for further action of in a few minute i t till at Las it w a m placing Tho pick handle pushed both As i Ras p what eagerness Dill i Wale first opening made by the .3 quite hot and % w Are w h a Ever quickly Cir i int of i Ygea. Anne for the water i enlarged the Stream entered joked a. See that it flow i the Entrance. A a wbk or Aing my in to Terian d then the water. Mid push it further. Cd my reach. Then against it. I 0>-Lbie. With ii to Sec the water but waa and pacing Oil the required distance in the direction mentioned in the letter i came to a Large tree. Carefully extruding it i discovered a Star clearly indicating that the tree had been a Obi Zed at some Remote Peri. This was a confirmation Strong As holy writ a and i immediately went to work to discover the local itys of the Ravine. Here i was at fault. Nothing a f the kind was to ire seen. To a., appearances a Stream of water never had passed in the neighbor Hood of the tree. This was not c scour aging and i sat a own on the ground and read the letter again to see that i had not i taken an v of its directions. No soon gratified by observing that it flowed in a steady tread in the Rii Rectina in which i had pushed the pick and shovel. Iii a Lew minute i discovered a faint glimmering in the distance which might be to opening t the effect of an excited imagination. I scarcely knew which. But the doubt sgt a dissolved into certainty and an opening some five inches in diameter speedily disclosed itself. Larger and larger the opening grew Lump after Lump of Earth was washed away by the Stream till the Channel i came Large enough to place or head and Call iou Fly j just As i was t i caught sigh of ily seizing it. I f. Were m search of Accident i Neve Vishin Quot to burp concealed it Anu few in in i Ami a w ised it nil assistance. It Wing my Hen i Backun am bag. Last to it is the. One we which but for the lid Nave found. A companions i my cuts. In a Lew minutes they came up the Hill and soon liberated me fire pleasant position. Jack a h it see you re a so As Bill and i in. You know Trainer t get a it ice. Anil Vouha i up my in a a a my ate old am de we have cd into amp pc Only place but where was i was in the High the Ravine a tap it it a the shoulder aroused me from my meditations Aud looking up i Baw my two partners who loudly abused me tor having neglected the preparation for their supper. As an excuse i showed them the letter and detailed the manner of finding it. To my Surprise they were As much excited Lay its Jerusal As i had been and we All looked around persevering by for some time but without much effect. At last Jack Nesbitt who had been a Miner since 48, said a i think there has been a Ravine Here but it has been tilled up by the heavy on close examination we decided that his supposition was Correct and Atter some consultation we determined to commence digging Early on the following morning. Morning came and we repaired to the spot with pick and shovel. Jack deposed that we should follow the course of the Ravine which appeared to run into the body of the Hill rather than to do Down for is he said we would lie More Likely to find the bag in the lied of the Ravine by following it up than by digging Down in any one place. The result was that in a few Days we had formed quite a Cave in the siae of the Hill ave worked at this Tunnel four Days without finding the bag. On the fourth Day Jack proposed that he and my other partner Bill Jennings should carry the dirt we had excavated Down to the River and Wash it leaving me to dig in the Tunnel. In that Way they thought they might a make grub while searching for Ridden Money. I thought the idea very foolish but As they entered so eagerly into my views regarding the buried bag of dust i made no objection to the plan and dug away with redoubled Energy u fact. I had thought so much about the object of our search that i had become get that Lettes it that we would gtd in no with the Hope of it because we knew hard with such an ten ing meanwhile to i this we have have not made it ing on a Cavell Ned Sal hand a i am glad t fellow the More so ceiling you a Little been trying a tunnelling Opi laughed at a yes Quot i said. A a Vii when yen made up our minds to the Job with Vou finding any bag b you a work twice a inducement Wash the excavate i o it done and my boy. We less than 300 any Day since we be Gan a then you thick the bag a Humbug do you a i asked. A of course Quot said he. A Cavell i Don to an i intend looking for it Quot said i. A now. What is the use of being foolish a quoth Bill Jennings. We hate got As much dirt As we can Wash for some time and it pays. I can t Sec the use of continuing such a wild Goose Chase ast a Hunt for that a be that As it May Quot said i. A i intend to follow it a have i Ned we May As Well Tell you first As last. I wrote that letter in a rolex to get you to go into tonne Ling a Ami the a blazed tree Quot said i a a How about that ? the Blaze s certain la two years j Rock hesitate i. A a achy you Aid he a we found that tree and wrote that letter to suit a then what do you think of this in i asked showing him the bag i found in the Cave. Jack was nonplussed. It i Oak ing the bag we found about#3,000 Worthen Gold. Jack would never confess but always insisted that the variance Between the statement in the letter and the amount in the bag was proof enough there was no connection Between the two. I done to think so however and i believe that jacks assertion of having written the letter was untrue. Ave could never ascertain anything about or. Forrest so we divided the Money be Ween us. Men from time immemorial have kissed women and have been sorry for it afterwards. For instance there is the Case of Jacob who when he kissed Bachel lifted up his voice and wept

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