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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 4 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 4, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotatele mum colxtv standard. PUBLISHkD EVKRT TIIPRSDAY. forms, for Year, In Adv.nee, $‘2 00 ferret Cr ai>v©rtisIjig. * tach a inch | cal j col * col I Vt i 2 IV 4 wt.flH I* 50 2 uH1.7-5 I 2 50 8.501I 2.50 I .* i *» .50 : 5 00ZIA I 50 5.50 JLM) 5 5 > 6.: 54.50 5 25 7.«)6.50 8 50 1-0010.00 13 OO 18.00VOLUME 16. DENTISTRY, 1)H. A. H. STREUR o ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY. MAY 4, 1876. NUMBER 18 SHM i f aa—OrfMllin Hankers. II. I). BROWN S •ItiUinery. MRS. JOHN STAGE, is receiving tile nm .I ORDINANCES ■rife -OK T5IE- [SCCCKSSOB TO F. HAIL.] Established -    -    -    1807 and Best SELECTED STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS, TOWN OF ALBERT LEA. PUBLISHED) BY AUVHOR!TV. ALBERT LEA, - MINNESOTA. ALL WORK WARRANTED tc give com- i pletc satisfactir-tt. fRSTH EXTRACTED BY THE USE OF CHLOROFORM Et RER. OR NITROUSOXID. Office, Cv'er I Ag Drug Store* south of Dost Office, Albert Lea, MinCegbfa. OR. DE NI. CRANDALL, TI E NT19 *37« Offioa over A. E. Johnson's store, Broadway, Albert Lea. Babe, DDS    H.    A.    Avery. DJE3NTI9TDLY. BABE dc -A*.- bt”' BH Bo “LT, Evident Dentists—Basfurd’s Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, - -    -    Branch    Office,    ! Physicians NI. NI. DODGE, NI. D., “ SUtiliBiUiii IV * HHY Office at Wood's Draft store. Residence over Post Office. ALBERT LEA, - - - - MINN. A (J83ERAL LACKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United Stales Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Solis F,change oh fill the p’riddipal Cities of Europe. Ijoans Money, DISCOUNTS NOTFS, Negotiates County, Township, and Schoo District Bcrtd®. INTEREST ALLOWED ON TIME DEPOSITS. Oollooti oils receive energetic and prompt attentive Remittance? made Kilv. EYER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE WANTS OF Spring1 & nmmer Trade Winch will be sold cheaper titan ever before HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIR, and Gents’ Chains front same made to order. Also Ladies’ Snitches, and all other work in that line. Livery Si abl es. CITY LIVERY AN ORDINANCE TO PREVENT ItAST DRIVING AND RIDING. The Hoard of Supervisors of Hie Town of Albert Lea do ordam as follows : Skction I. It shall not be lawful for any person or persons to ride any horse or mule, or to drive any horse or horses, mule s or mules, or any draught animal, on ait} | of the public streets, on or adjacent to the I torn-site of Albert Lea, or on atty street adjacent if •aid ttffHl-Sftf. a» the same is platted and retotoied iii Hie office of the Register of Deeds of Freeborn county, Minnesota, at a rate of sp“cd greater than ! eight miles per hour, nor at any rate of | speed so as to interfere, by such riding or In the Colter. Jim Mazer was awlul drunk. Mf lay in Lite gutter oil a back street, bedaubed with slime and filth ; his hat was gone ; his frowsy lock? wefe watt'r-suaked and full ol dirt; there was a ghastly leaden hue ou his countenance, aud his half closed eyes were set and motionless, and tile sight .v . cd lo have gone from them, for he was dead drunk ! Me staggered up the street yesterday, au hour aiuiotit before it wue time to The Pi iguc the Pl aortic, that terror of the QM NY of id, is again on its westward march ftom Asia, toward Europe, having already reached the *r*\-t bank ut the Tigris In its Utj.-f-'iloiis aul deadly Course 'I lie la>t vi.-lt of ti,e scourge iii England v\as in 1605, in ne than 200 years ago, and it has to t ap peaced in any part of the European continent for uiore than bal! .H cent IHA •Judging by the timttilli'r feti Hcd Iii the ancient c-itie.'* of Bagdad and Hdlah ^ -T - ’ - £;; - , A PfilWld Nrr>l From Mr l>,i filii Hideout, who has heel! engaged in preparing a section of a petrified tree for the Centennial Ka Intuito©, the Winnemucca Star b arns the following relating to the pi ti Ti d forest in the desert llutnboldt:    *•    On    the    plain How to .flake Kit rftVfifnftff ta* fa it.unable Of c« Rr3e rn Hurrah* >n in    tv In more d ffic ti It iii this conntry than ebw-where. for the reason that effticafioii, ( character, aud r»***i»* rn* nf have tio support in rank. A duchess limy dre>t rf flinty, l!8e flffofinfiiieally, and H»terf»in plainly. Pfl« P rf!*?*; a dtRihfcre. Mid in the hest Jb.tdelV. a ISH to (mn bs? j threshold is to Iv ad min cd t*» it. Bet j a lady who is not a duche*f*- %tn» h; *> only the vague fradi'mti of jp fief family up ui her .>id •, must he a kefy exeey* j tional pi>rson. if. without motley she maintain* any kind of eorresfsdidHig I p**sih***». In VI ashington. for iii?tabH** Nevi! bi) j a Hieb . Aret of sure who ?h* md live lilly, abd ' • - ft*    Ooh:* his of north thing from it upon »g hi' removal. to maintain abd 1 a gat am I would find in a boarding fa ,r cry difficul* use. and light the street lamps, aud he bf there In Asiatic Turkey, the difease is a* where he fell, surrounded by a crowd ! virulent as ever, aud, from some unel-of wondering youngsters who peered at j plained cau.'.e.^it moves with greater him askant, and vainly endeavoring to rapidity than it did ac* ut ary ag*. The put Ute into tho inanimate body by chances are that it will in a few week* pelting it with little pebble stone* ; reach Constantinople, and fruui there “Ain’t e a funny man to seep wifout spread rapidly all over ?jur* pc The doin’to bed queried a little Miss. London Times thinks it w *| evadi “He ain’t dot no pillow, caver/* pip England, and Irow thence to ti cd a companion ; •*! toodnt Ii ak he’d j shores of America, in il^se mod* rn waiito he wifout a pillow. ’    days ut last travel, is but a step It As the little oues were debating would prove a most unwelc >ui; lenten whether or not they should cover the nit! visitor, and it mu*t be admitted sleeper up as the robins did the babes 1 that the faeiiitirs tor its transportation in toe woods.au old gray headed woman I hither ate a hundred fold Frater this about thirty mites from the Black reek range of mountains, stand one of th** ! without a carriage, cud without *ntef-gruiifpst natural curiosities ever difCov tainmcnt.'. the social standing which ah end iii Nevada. It is a petrified forest, i Hmrbitious. clever, and daring wife might iii which the stumps of many of the require. Vet by his position she wou d iroe*, now channeed into •■olid rock. are I be rte beefily Odored to the sjdem.ld still standing, 'inci** arc no living trees rivalry of luxury and profusion ofeve»y kind ; and if she sold her influence, it would be that she might shine sud conquer by magnificence. Fuch a won au we read of them in novels, ahd at the hold invention nf the would carry her gay al*dat?!!y In lie very moment cd disgfateful exp*'•me In her boti**, superbly lot* frats*], and richly dec* n»t- d corruption, she would s and supreme and queenly in a e* st y robs « f wove n lie* and embroidered with bribe*-; driving, with the fret* n*** of **:eh street? by persons en foot; rtcfr shul' it be lnWfu1 | came down the street until She Ca int to • year than iu any previous pc Hod AXD SALE STABLE. NEW BUGGIES CARRIAGES, II \R~ NE SSE 8, and RELIABLE HORSES. First-class Turnouts at Reasonable Prices I for shy persiaI tfr per* Otis t" engage in any j wjlere J1U1 ]ay, when she suddenly race or trial of speed with any animal or    2    i    •    ;    ;    J animals above described, at any rate of PaUB€<i» aod ln aa    h* ape***!, upon said street sleet?.    I    tttue. Sec. 2. Any person violating the pro-! “Jimmy I Jiminy!’ she groaned as Visions of this oruiimnrc, shall, upon cob- | she pushed the tanged hair iroUi he viction thereof, be punished bv » fine <-i I fore his ejes, aud tenderly wiped th ’ not more than te»t tDflltrS, nor Ie*** then two dollars, and pay all costs of prosecution. The Town Marshal may arrest any per-! son or persons engaged in the violation of any of the provision* of this Ord nance, with or without warrant. Passed May I, a. i*. 1876 * W ll AMITH, Chairman. Attest : J. II. 1’abker. Clerk. Charges are in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks in thisState. 1> U* Roxvlautl, 31, 1^ ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TWIN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will treat all diseases to which mankind j I* subject, to the best of hi-1 ability. Dr. ;    _    Tn’H    ATTTVf    T Rowland has made a specialty of diseases of J Jtyi JJ. JJliU Vt av f ij3.Illl0r Women and Children, and chronic diseases hf long standing. By long experience au I strict attention to his profession, heix confident of treating all curable diseases with Success. Obstetrical cases treated with Cart* anti success. OonsuUionat free, lo Confer of Bro i d bort Ij <* a, Mi att. nj hii*l *’lurk street', TP, I’ropi ietor. REFERCENCES. First National Bank, Austin, Minn. First National Bank, 8t. 1‘uul. Fourth National Bank, New York Fourth National Bank, Chicago. • Iteat •liarkris. it ll. M MM.LUN AN ORDINANCE TO PREVENT THE EXHIBITING AND U8F OF >TAl I. ION8 IN Pl BLD . The Loutd Of Stiprrt .* TS of lh, tot s nj At btri l.*a do ord&in rn* follows : Sr* Th*x I. No person *-r persons ill in'lecently exhibit any stair na, bu!!, jack. boar, nr ram. within the town of Albert Le*, or put any such stallion, bu ii. jack, boar. or ram, unless in «otne enclosed p!a* e out of the public alew. Any person guilty of a violation of this ! ordinance, shall, upon e< nvictinu thereof. Lawyers A* Land .Isfeals. |’j|[ FBEEBOHX ^ W. WHITE,    I CLERK OF THE II1STRICT COLET, I USTR E OF TH EPK ACE, GENERAL COLLECTING AG ENT, &l\, &C., At’. Darticular attention paid to Home * o:!ec-tions.    Office    at the t ourt Ilotiie. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - MINN. HAS REMOVED TUE OLD D IHM CCO MEAT ll A D lf CT T* ll be punished by a Ane of nu? mnr» than ten rlUllttn ITI CA I “mAnrVL I I dollars, nor if* ♦**»*? five dollar* HOI Thoa. II. ARMSTRONG, Hanker. AiBVkT LEA. MINN. A. <t. Weik.k. D. It. I*. Hli.ns, WEDGE L HIBBS, fVTTOirXEVS sit UA>V )ffice, Room No. I. Wedge’s Biock, Corner Clark and ’^roadway. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    *    -    MINN. Hoots amt Shoes. jsTjn^w Boot Su Shoe Shop. O. TP. Nelson Having purchased property Broadway, has opened * on Ions A. I (OYE LY. Jam* H. PAUKER LOVELY Si PARKER, ATTORN IOV!-! .Vt LAW, Office in Hewitt’s Block, up stairs 1st door. ALBERT LEA,    MIN "HEMAN blackmee~ Xoi J^-TTSTY J&tt U X 1> FOH A L I:! A LAE RT LEA, -    -    -    -    MINN. BuOT & SHOE STORE, FOR Four or five workmen will be constantly employed, and orders for New Good or for Repairs will be filledj cheap and oil the shortest notice 8tf OI VK HIM A CALL. te. C. STACY.    Ai    yf,    Tv    HER. STACY & TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Real Estate and Collecting Agents. V    CONN EV ANL ING Of air kinds adorn ately done, acknowledgments taken oaths administered, &c. Taxes paid, Titles investigated, Lands bought and seld. Particular attention paid to collection. Corner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea ■ a i.          _  *    ..L    1    JJ1 Hotels. HALL HOUSE W. G. FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - J. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA DEALER IN BOOTS & On East side Broadway, fir*t door 'outh of THE PEOPLE'S STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOB DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPONES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. IfeirCash paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., Ae. TUY LUTTS* I Tailor Shay. B. H. SKAUG Merchant tailoH ALBERT LEA. NEA' GOODS HAVE COME, AND NEW style of Fashion for the SPRING & SUMMER, 1«76 Has en hand a full line of CLOTHS, CASSI MERES. DOESKINS. REAVES. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS, ic. and will fill orders on short notice, as reasonable as can be done in the place. Broadway, east side, near Brown's Bank 48tf dollars, nor Ie** thin five dnlUrs. and shall nay in addition thereto the ♦*«!• of prosecution. * Skc. 2. The Tow ii Marshal may arr*"* | any parson or person- engaged in in - vio-JUlion of any of the provision, of this or- * dination, a i’h or with -ut warrant Paaand May I, a. i>. Ir7*i VV H. SMITH, Chairman I Attest : J. H. PaWKKt, Clerk. e ii a.? ti u cis lroui bis ta cc ; 'J ninny ! wake up—©peu your eye* ; it s me. Jimmy, dtm’t you know me ?" The dttiiikcn man made no answer more than to raise his eyelids just a trifle as he drew a deeper, longer breath, and the obi lady raising his head until it rested on her knee, sobbed in a br » ken voice as she wiped the tear- from her eyes and leaned over to kiss his dirty cheek : * Drunk. Jiminy, sa»4 yon wouldn't gt know your tuotlKr, folks are all look in kn< vt *« I hate to ha? a drunkard. Tend fly the bound her handkerchief over hi* bare load, an J u.—it* d to rat?* him to his lief. but ©ach tunc befell t'j the ground. Hut again ►he tried, unwilling that any hands should touch pica in 1656 and in si* rn nth* ti•» him. and she had just gin hun partly in b,ur hundred thousand p* r-< ns died of it. In 1661 5 6 it st ruck ferret in l> n drunk A and you t so V*»u don't •limmy ; and the at jr**o. and biod e thcui cill j* ▼ b*»y 'J his epidemic, fur which no reined\ has ever been found, is d* scribed as a malignant, Contagious lever, characterised by an eruption ut uarbunciefl lie tore its lust vi»»it in London in 1665, it is amd to have invaded England every thirty or forty years In 172‘J it vis Red Marseilles, and Moscow in 1771 and 1772. It ravaged the Neapolitan dominions as Ute aa 1^16 The “black death which scourged Rn rope about the middle of the fourteenth century 3ppc»rs to h:»vw    tli*. <Fri«fif(f| pmgus fhc gr*af»:*t rav^iro* *if the Plague occurred in Western Europe during the ►eventeemh c« ntury In Ib id and 1604 it Was fearfully dost!UC live in b>th England and Ireland Thirty lh u&and pei'ons *it«*«i in L ti don ah to*, and twenty years later ti.ii tv -I* we: thousand peri?he«l iii thai ci'\ iii Iv'.** titan a twelve-month. Ab>uf »ev n years later f rance w is made one Vast burial gr tio'i fbi* tim tic s? urge. and JI » l f* fbi thousand persons d cd •*! th Ljooi a!-*nc. TI Phi gilt rsj pie** in 1656. and in -' it Tftcit* are no living trees *r Vegetation of any kind. other than stunted sage-brush in the vicinity Some of the**-* sneient giants of the forest, nhicb flour shed. perhaps, thou sands of vears ag<\ w hen the climate of Ne va tis Aal Undoubtedly more favors hie fir the growth of lo sn rial! vegetables than at present, rival in site the big trees ©f Cili6-rt»U F»tJrtips tfat.s browd intn solid rock stand* in sit upright Jjofition, with their roots imbedded i»1 the soil, as when growing. that measure Dem fifteen to twenty six .    careless,    graceful,    ready,    smiling    with feet in ciHstHtiferebce, and the ground ;    fret. flowing    g**ssip ;    knowing,    ar    si.t* in tho vicinity is stfewn vtlltJ trucks I    Jfrsci an*! rum. bi; br ti with and limbs, which retain their natural shape ani sze. Mr. Hideout deter us y bowed md chatted; ab l greeted the bright guests of ti tttonienf; tlist the scene was all a hideous phabt-tnining to secure a section of one <*f asntsgovia of deceit, that the naked these trees for the Centennial Exhibi- sword hung by a hair just above ber lion with two other men, spent twelve ■ stately head, and that at any moment dsjs in catting it Dom the Stump This 1 the ghastly men*, mrne, would glare bp-was accomplished by drilling a1) around rn her walls in the appalled eyes of hef the tree and separating it with wedges blithe con.pant The specimen is three feet high, and What is fbfe ihbral of this sertnoli ? eighteen feet in circumfer**!©*, and its The tex!, ihdeed, it is not necessary to e>timated weight is three tons it announce What jy it bot the old lls out roil 4 n n nt\ -v nj* rn |»f ■hfd'5fs AN OR DI N AN* K TO PROTF T I EOP-ERTY FROM UNSAFE EXPOSURE TO FIRE. TI,- Hoard of Sn per'    of the T‘>U'ti f .ti ber/ Lem d" Ordain af follows : Skctios I. It shall ii t be law ful for any person or persons, occupying eith»*r tn »hole or in part, any LuilUing on tin* lowD-Sitft of Albert I,ch. as tile same is plntteii an<l reuordoil in the ef*!ee of the Regi>ter of Deeds of Freeborn county, Minne'Ota. to extend any stove-pipe con nected with a stove or fire through the roof j doorwsv test the same Is pro *    *    *    ^ h**r arms and was half dragging, halt carrjiiig him away, when an officer laid his hand un her shoulder and said: * ti r, m/am. tem me take the brute. an' I ll carry him off to a [ lace where be can get sober. **N», no, sir—he » not a brute/' exclaimed the rncither, winding her arm? tighter around the drunken man ; “he’s my i».»j—lb»s is—bes d*umiy. And you tnu-n’t take him to jail ; oh, don’t sir—plena© don t. He never was in Jail/’ si e went fin anxiously ; “and he dtdu t mean to get drtink, I know he didu*i--f’.r he t rounsed mc to.' And without waiting for a rej.lv sh* staggered on with bur h»ad Th > *ie who f dEwred saw her st rug _'le along, nutil she reached a little shanty in the part ol the tjwn where the low down folks live, when she ! paused and dragged her burden through lion, and m arly one hundred thousand died All means of .'t ipping it were unavailing, and it'    was only checked by the tcrribk fire ih.tt laid in a*htrs ti large potion of lh** city The mot horrible ,'C*n-' e-er witnessed in the great metrop* lie ocuurrcd during the prevalence of the sc • urge—teen es ig in their ch irs jtt r that so appall the pen ! lineutioii failed in the tt'k d id three bms it stands ob the ^tunip from which it wa# severed, rendv to be landed on a wagon Mr Rid**out docs not feel able to incur the expenses of bringing it by team »*• the railroad, though he had once made arrangements to do so, but the other party to the agreement failed lo perform lits part He is anxious to celt the at tent ion of the Centennial Commissioners to the matte* and see if they will not furnish the means to get it to the railroad. I he country in which it is situated i1* an inviting lleld for geologists.” ?•> Clean a Mh*ij non. Tike a qtmrt of wa* r and p< ur .'lowly info it half a pint of sulphuric acid. The mixture will become quite warm from chemical action, and this is the j . a-on why the acid should be pour. d slowly into the wnter. rather theft the water into the add, and Jct it remain on the ir< n till it evaporates Then wa*h it again The object is to give the acid time to dissolve the rust. Then w -h with water and you will perceive where the Worst spots are. A} ply some more acid, and rub on those spots with a brick. The acid and the scouring will remove un .st of the rust. Then wash the ui^uld board thor uglily with water tn remove the acid. and rub His Stock of fine Goods rfo Webber House This Hotel having recently been completely lefitted and furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOM MOD AT I ON S to all guests and travelers. Good stabling aud attentive grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the premises Photographs. J- A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN JOHN M. MARTY, Civil engineer X Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of La Crosse (Jouiity, Wis, respectfully says to    the people of Freeborn County that he Is prepared    to    do    any kind of Hnrveying, laying out Town Plats, Roads, etc., as well as making plans and specifications for Houses, Barns, etc.    4lid GOOD NEWS ! TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERY CHEAP, In view' of the depression in the Grain Market.    lGt OLE TANG-, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. Shop on Clark street, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. XI. a. nAsrsoBf. Merchant Tailor! ALBERT LEA, MINN. Ila, on hand constantly a full line cf English, French Domestic CLOTHS! Perfect fits guaranteed. of said pudding, unless the same Ii pro I * ’ ^    ' ""J* . u^t u ) s e    J IO! tected by a safe and suitable chimney UP °n a ,n    f’Tiicr; then she built either of brick, tin. or iron, nor to I combed out the tangled hair and washed extend «uch otove-pipe through or out of j the dirt from his bice, aud then as "h*1 any window, or out of the side of said j cover 'd him over with a faded quilt building, nor to roo any etove-pipe through • -    -    -    -    1 any partition wall in such building, un!*--the same is protected by a tin or iron safe. Sec. 2 No person or person? shall throw or deposit any co ils of fire, embers, or ashes upon the si reels of sai I town-site known as Broadway, Clark, Main. and William streets ; nor shall any person or persons throw or deposit anywhere upon Blocks 14, 21, IS, or 22, of said town-site, any coals of fin*, embers, or ashes containing then, God, You fire. Any persons violating the provisions of this section, shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than ten dollars, nor less than two dollars, ami pay costs of prosecution. Sec. *1 It shall not be lawful for any person or persons to maintain and use any snioke-hou**e, or any building for a smokehouse, on the lots and block? situated upon Broadway or Clark street, on said townsite, unless the same is built of brick, nor to build or have a fire in any tt ood-shed or in any outhouse, or in the open air, except in a stove, located and used in a safe aud* proper manner therein. Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the Town Eighteen Hundred \*ars Lfler Death. A ** »rri “pendent of Appleton’* J jut aa!, Writing *if oaeuvatioR? at I’i*mp is ?.»}5 I “Among the in interesting of the objects luttiid recently arc* two fekeleiiin?, ©ne of a somewhat elderly man. the other of a woman. They were found in the Via Stabia among the ashes of perfectly bright and Miiooth ann*,once that if we are tcT he saved fmm I bd swift dry rot of corruption, the foul d«--cadenee of older Staten, oms way to btl-Lrin i? individually and unitedly to di** countenance extravagance. Intcdli-gf*»ce. r« Ani menu wit. shrewdness, ©til* t(ration, ate still more lovely and des • ritb’c than TohfaritT and JupWT: I hey can set n Jaffaiftfl lf they will. if they choose, they can max* elf rati** gance vulgar by confining it to the*© who ego be nothing hut extravagant. /lot In bd Aloft* Pay as you go. Never fool in business matters. Pa ant kick everyone in your path* Learn to think and act for }ourself. Leep ahead rut her than behind the times. TWI «'np tn fdl ne* jn bfiMBcai flours * Have arder, sjsfclji. feglilatjfv tad also promptness. IF) not meddle with business y*»tl know nothing of. I -c your own brains rather that* those of others. A man of honor respects his word »4 he d<*c? hi* bond. Ko man Can get rich by Sifting around and 'aloon?. JI have a place rd tantra there ©Left wanted; basin es** the a« i J. alii rub it : »f«*rei dry. Brush it over with petrnkun. or    lf nther oil, and l*.*t it be till spring. 'V!ien you go to plowing, take a bottle    Help others    * hen    yon    tun, bnf    fteve/ of acid water to the field with you and Hive* what you cannot aff rd because ii apply it every hour to any spot of ru-t »» fashionable. that may remain. The acid and the    Learn to say    “ Nu.”    So    necessity tiring of the earth will soon make it for snapping it out dog.fashion, bul she flapped her thin Wrinkled hands together, prayed : “Oh. God ! forgive J iou my, for he didnt mean to get drunk Make him better while I e is sleeping, God, and make bim stronger >o that when lie awakes he will he fitted to withstand the temptations that be*et him. And hall have forever all the praise that can ll >vr from the lips of a mother who is broken hearted ’ And then to huuiaus it seemed .'till in the room and dark ; but there must have been a ru.'tliug of ingel wings around about her, aud the light that the Great Spirit brings when he comes, must have shooe in on the old woman’s soul. the last eruption, evidently overtaken in their flight and buried ir? the cinders According t? the amal tref hod em-ployed to frfcsefte the cx'erfta! appearance of objects, liquid plaster va-poured info the cavity which serving as a mould, a fac simile of the forms was obtained ; and thus perfect!' prr-s?rved, the statue like bodies were place I in glass cases iii the Pompeii museum. While appreciating a1) the horror of such a death and the fullering endured, as shown by * he position, I cannot but imagine what would hate been the astonishment of that man or woman had some prophet informed them that eighteen hundred years af ter their death, their forms, and even as much of their garments as were n it consarned in the eruption, would be placed in a muvntn for inspection bv a multitude of sight tcers. some from lf all iron rrk be washed off with petroleum as soon a? we put our tool?, implements, and machines aside for the winter, it will keep them from rusting, and save a great deal of trouble and annoyance, to say nothing of depreciation and loss. - —■ -m- —    -    — Brillgp Building From the Liberty Blade. Jutt now there is mach bridge building The usual freshets all over the country have ti ated away, or otherwise destroyed! mast important bridges J'rains are behind time and basin*.**? of many kin Is ha? be* n greatly interfered with, becau't a bridge **>iucv here t' gone. Now there is anothe r bridge needed We cannot say it n eJ? rebuilding, or repairing, f.*r it never has been built Still the firth of this bridge ha* long been felt, and the lack of It harf great!? say it firmly and respectfully. Good Advice for the Volxg. • Aroid all boastings and exaggerations, backbiting, abiM, and evil speaking ; slang phrase* and oaths in conversation} depreciate no man s qualities, and accept hospitalities of I? e humblest kind in i Ic arty and apprr ii tire manner} tv*.id giving «ffence. and if you do of* lend, hive the manliness to apob>giiv } i ti ‘ use as rn urb elegance aa p* seibie into vt*ur thoughts as well as jour actions j and. as you avoid vulgarities von will increase the enjoyment *f life, and "ow in the respect of ut he rn. cr Anubing culls Bowen Ile pri.bab’y drv ay m make a good thing lait Beech swamp ’’ Would How to I make everything else first. A r< cent marriage notice ends a “dismal wishes he lauds, the existence of which they had *nrerler^d with one of the most im j f eint marriage notice ends with never dreamed of.    *    P<>rUnt works of this ?tate ; yes, of the t}ie ^”*?iular expression, probably added “The poor woman is lying on her entire country. This bridge should \y |    ■    waggish    friend    ;    ‘    May    all    their face, and even the form of her hair, j 'MJbf over the gu.f that divides the two Marshal to give verbal notiie to any per- I county, hi. similar lo rfcose found P“.' “P b('yn<1*    *►    *>«?    ar®    br*"chea of temperance wrier. The son violating the provisions of section I in White county and other places in    her forehead, an i she is sup     ^ and 3 of this ordinance, to desist there- I Tennessee hut is mstlv „,nr« crrfln ported by the other. Her stony limbs | bc    there    are    many earnest are well formed, and traces A Pjsmj Graveyard Iii Tennessee An ancient graveyard of vast proportions has been found in Coffee 48tf Repairing done to order, cheap and on short notice. Give .him a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. O. P. Hanson. I. J. Pa ti LOOK. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Boots db SilOCS, All work warranted to give Katisfaction and done j to order on sh.>rt notice. Shop near cor. of Broadway aud Williams streets, Albert Lea, Minn. If von want to buy good FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Feed and Variety Store, Pray Lines. WING Ar HOVE’S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call, and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson’s stoic, Albert Lea, Minn. Hall db West, DEALERS IN GctiPiiil Merclmudiso, AUSTIN, -    MINN. Cf. A. Hiaugio Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C Himebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of SLACKSMIThflNG —AND— IIORSE-SIIOEING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Seasoned Wood! Orders left on the slate at J. W. Fmith’s promptly attended to.    6tf to desist therefrom, or to make the necessary changes, to conform to this ordinance, and if such person shall continue, thereafter in the violation of the provisions of said sections or a fly of them, or shall refuse to make the necessary changes required, within a reasonable time, thereafter, he or she shall upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than ten dollars nor less than five dollars, and shall pay the cos’s of prosecution. Passed May I, a. d. 1876. Y. IL SMITH, Chairman. Attest: J. IL Parkf.r, Clerk. Icnnessee. but is vastly more extensive, and shows that the race of of a gar- best material for such a bridge would charity. There are temperance people and workers outside uiies who once inhabited this country were very numerous. The same pe- : uient are seen passing in folds around ! socref temperance societies. But her. The man, although placed on hi' r^€- °FPose us 80 strongly that eome- culiarites of position observed in the ^;ie^ 'n f\e e*hibiuoB, when ------- White county graves are found in these 1 wa9 ,,lrne,J 0,1 hl* 8,de °ne "rm    I n .    ,    .°‘hcr ?PPfe,ri- The writer of the letter says : "Some I 2" h“ h,p > l!’, ot2er •* «PI;l“‘d The 1 „„ 2 I.    7^'' d’ bf. future troubles be little ones.” There is wo bing vr*v original in a money market rep ,rt. It is loo fall of quotations. Tiy;re is economy in traveling on fast mail trains Y «>u umke what you en4 dial farther nd and here bi* leadership came to af! A. IL SouiXft* G. H. Babbitt. where you will always find ihe best (|uali.y ever offered for sale in this Market, and *>Q[ J ER & BARBI I I. a, the LOVV EST I -Kl. fc. My..lottoc|n EXpRESj & DRAY LINE. TO LlVt Ani) LL I Lift! Deals In HARD and SOFT COAL. Cull and be convinced.    !    Also Seasoned Wood. First door south of the Peoples 8iui'c, Broad tv ny, Albert Lea. C>r<ler^ I cfi on the slate at Lincoln Bros. attended to ut once. G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE lf Albert Lea, Minn., Sept. IG, 18! AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO DISORDERLY HOUSES AND HOUSES OF ILL FAME. The Hoard of Supervisors of the town of Albert Lea do sh dam as follows ; Section I. No person or persons shall, within the limits of the town of Albert Lea, keep a house of ill-fame, or a place resorted to for the purpose of prosti aition or lewdness, or shall keep a disorderly or ill governed house or place, or a house for the practice of fornication, or for the resort of persons of evil name or Lime, or dishonest conversation, or who shall suffer to come together at such house or place, persons of evil name or fame, or who shall commit or suffer to be committed therein any immoral, immodest, or other improper conduct or behavior, or any tippling, reveling, rioting, or disturbance. Every person so offending in the premises shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dolls! s, and Imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or either, at the discretion of the Court; and may, moreover, be held to bail for good behavior. Provided, Proof of general reputation of ill-fame shall be sufficient evidence that such a house is a house of ill-fame within the meaning of this ordinance. Skc. 2. Any person or persons who shall, w ithin the town ut Albei t Lea, visit, resort, or frequent any such house or place as is described in the preceding section of this ordinance, or who shall voluntarily be an inmate therein, shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars, nor more than ten dollars, for each offense. Passed May I, a. p. 1876. W. ll. SMITH, Chairman. | Attest: J. IL Barmie, Claik. ■ •    r    .    ,    j    2^ k great u< ai tanner in * anted found | timP we, forget their principles and length of time. 8»y a philosopher:    “My friend considerable excitement and curiosity | fac.c is    distorted, bat »a.8iTe |    *'’rk    w.ith    clos>    '1    ‘jnors    ; and ‘"""•■©'d I"* »<••««* wife to the altar took place a few days since near Hills- an 1 9UJ'Joth,J •*»««•    the    lornt    j "c ca * pr j'idiced and filles b, buro. Coffee county, on James Brown’s of fastenings of the sandals sronnd «■"“    *"!' ’ f'rk *':h cl.wd farm. A man was plonghine a field 'he ankle, aid of the lonK batton hifb-j ^'’or»    -re 'ho* wasting rn neb which has been cultivated many years    er ,lp on ,he le- to ho,d them’ " cl,-ar I    I1"’', .0f’P,‘8!l’-    rach    0,hf'r-    "W" ploughing up a utao’s skull and other 60el' The‘‘mbs are partly drawn j    6ho°id    work    together against    oar    com- bones. After making further exauiina I    “P-    rhe skel‘''nn »t a    tolerably large | «••">    fl,e-    '•*jen.pe«neo    V\    e all    know lion they found that there weie about'    d"-"'    ll8d,reccn,lf f,,und-    19 ln tbe Mu    f.T*.,he    “““ (>f    <>'»*    has    sui SIX acres in the graveyard They were !    seu“‘ of. PomP*''. hi* whole lorui pre- ,    2“ buried in a sitting or standing position ;    serv, (^ *n P^a'ter- *n Hie same manner Their bones show that they were a    as lh°8f ^u8t “f"1?1™*    Fl3 .is !>inP dwarf race of people, about three feet    °n    *>ac®c* wr*thing in    suffering, bit high 11 is estimated that there were about 75.000 to 100.000 buried there. Trifles —The world is made up of trifles. The grand movements ol great events, and the changes of Empires, are founded in causes, very generally, w hich would be pronounced trifles by the world. Yes, “trifles light as air” hove led to some of the most important discoveries we have. The fall of an ap pie gave Newton the clue to gravitation ; the rising up of the lid of a tea kettle gave us our railroads, steamboats. ocean steamers, and a thousand other things, not to speak of the press —that, combined, put the world centuries ahead In the mysteries of the universe and the purposes of God. To the observation of a flower dimly pie hired on a stone, we owe the philo soph ital researches in chemistry and light which ultimately gave us the daguerreotype. intr his hind Ie The Lawyers ought to sleep veil. It ie immaterial on which Gde they lie. j Professor (to Freshman)—'“‘What in a circle i freshman, (after much re* I flection)—“A round, straight line. with a hole in the middle. * Tom Moore compared love lo a pn-fafo, “because it shoot? from the eyes/* Or rather." exclaimed Byron, “because lur are plainly seen. much while we quarrel, or discuss the way we shall save the drunkard and col I Brother and sister Good Templars. ** become? al) the le.'S bv paring.” j let us begin this new bridge, and resolve j An old edition ol Moire s ©r^reohv „    |    never to say a word against a person or -ay? :    -Albany has four" hundred IlAfitT —“I trust everything under society that is strictly teetotal and try- dwelling houses and tweniy-fotlr hun ! God,” said fiord Brougham, “to habit, | mg to advance our common cause.    dr. d inhabitants. All standing with j upon which in all ages, the lawgiver, ‘      7-;    -    ,    their gable ends to the street.” as well as the schoolmaster, has mainly j * he cu.-tom of appointing youn placed his reliance; habit which makes everything easy, and casts ail difficulties upon the deviation from a wonted course. Make sobriety a habit, and intemperance will be hateful; make prudence a habit, and reckless profligacy will he as contrary to the nature of the child, grown or adult, as the most atrocious crimes are to any of your lord ships. Give a child the habit of sa- ! them ? ’ inquired the prisoner, credly regarding the truth ; of careful I nf them," responded the Judge A holy iii London reward for the has offered 1500 lawyers to defend pauper criminals re ceived a backset the other day. The rewar*    conviction of persons Judge nad appointed two joong law- ! * ,re W^-g »b««« l/wedo* ijrtem.ti-yers to defend an old and experienced Ca.^ PI*,S‘,MM,« dogs by throwing down horse thief After inspect!...-    punned food .»(he siree.. inspecting nut counsel for some time in silence, the prisoner rose in his place an addressed the Bench : “Arc them to defend me V* “Yes, sir." said His Honor. “Both of Bot h Then “Are yon married, my dear T9 asked an rid gentleman of a pretty girl with whom he chanced to sirring in a railway carriage. '‘No.” said she; “bn! I ve IU .1 a fellow fi r a breach of promise.” A very practice old lady having priced a comfortable hoking antique chair at a store devoted to the sale of old curiosities remarked, with a flounce. “Good gracious ! your old truck costs anT”e"he twk’ a paddle more than the new.    |    jp |1P a bridle to Always operating for a rise—emetics, not.” ly respecting the property of others; I Z guilty,** and the p* nr follow Mr. Pettit writs arrested the of her day of scrupulously abstaining from all acts 1°°^ A'8 9'-a^ :,n‘^ sighed heavily.    \    in Chicago, fur stealing a pair of gloves. of improvidence which can involve him       ~    !    A clear cise ol Pettit larceny, that. in distress, sod be will just as likely 1 A gentleman who has been ex pc ti- j think    of    rushing    Into    an element    in    renting oh the subject, say? iii an ex-    “flow like its f.fher it is,” exclaimed which    he    cannot    breathe, as    of lying,    i    cha,'£©. he thinks    p. tatoos are worth    ■    nurse, on the occasion at the chrts- j thirty cents a bu.'bel to feed to wtoek. I toning of a baby whore father wa* over They are not only nutritious; but are seventy, and had flurried a youn nr wife. excellent appetizer* and promoters of “Very like.” replied • sartirical Ldj ; I digestion Experiments go to show that “bahi, and not a tooth in its head.” 1    I peck of peaces    will produce .. milch    The American Wf’l arc just I    Bilk m a bushel    of bee!., turnips or    taking an account of moral .tack, and I carrots cheating or swearing.” At the marriage of an Albauia wid ower, one of the servants was asked if his master would take a bridle lour. Dunno aah; when ole missus war to de her ; dunno new one or A man always feels put out when he is tukeu in. have already learned so much of trseh other that they almost wish they hadn’t opened the I
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