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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 25 1880, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 25, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Established in 1857. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday March 25, 1880. Number 13. Business directory. Attorneys. h. Parker attorney at v office Comer of Broadway and streets near the court House Albert Lea Tateman Blackmer lawyer. Land for Sale. Albert Lea. Minnesota. Mohn Jsse attorney at Law Cor. Clark Broadway Albert Lea Minn t Obert m. Lawyer. Office Over Hedenstad a store Albert Lea Minn. U. Tau pc attorney at Law and collecting agent office on Clark St Albert Lea Mina. A pyrex Whytock attorneys at Law opera Block Albert Lea Mhz 1. A. D. F. ovely Morgan lawyers. Office Over wedge Spicer s drug store. Albert Lea Minn. Physicians. A Nelson m. 0., physician and surgeon. Liar land Minn. Homeopath ii physician surgeon Albert Lea Minn. Office next door East of the National House on Clark St. M. Dodge m. D. Physician and Stuegeon. First door West of r. N. Parks store til Mam Street. Albert Minn. Dentists. A. H. Street dentist. Office Over trick store South of the Post office c. Merrill dentist. Office Over wedge vye did not regard it but simply looked upon it As an amendment offered to the amendment proposed by Springer no Inan on the Republican Side of the House As he Frye understood it proposed to offer a. Amend ment or proposed us accept an amendment As compromising or anything else on the pending deficiency Bill whatever might be the purpose when distinctive and Independent legislation should be offered. Or. Randall said the Between the two parties to his minr1, was being narrowed Down by the discussion to Day. This is on the statute Book. We believe it is unconstitutional. The object of the amendment offered by the gentle Man from Illinois Springer is to take from that act a partisan administration of its Powers. On the other Side of the House it is distinctly asserted by several members who have addressed the House that they will not be Satis fied with any Compromise or any change a the existing Law. Or. On an appropriation Bill. Derisive laughter from the democrats. Cess the election Laws All Nert week on a Dis Tinct Bill and we Are with you. Or. Are ready to meet Issue. Right from the be publican Side i we if marshals Are to be used at elections whatever May be the constitutionality of such a Law Yie marshals should be divided Between the two or three parties contending at such election. We will not vote Money for any partisan purposes. We Don t want Tow Money to be used for any party end whatever. Or. No party end does the gentleman say did not the gentleman from Ohio Ewing Fay ten minutes ago that he wanted this Law for party ends and that he would take it now on account of the advantages which he could get and that after Ward having attained these advantages he would strike All the election Laws from the statue Book. Applause on the Republican Side or. Take no Man s word on either Side the House. I take the acts of the party who have the officers to execute this Law in contradiction to the words of any body i of have administered this Law in an outrageous and unjustifiable manner. Or. . Or. Randall we ask no More to Day than that the statutes shall be made so that its Powers shall be exercised on All alike and those who administer the Laws Khali be drawn from the great body of the peo pie without regard to party associations or affiliations. Applause on the democratic Side or. Garfield Rose to reply prefacing Bis speech with theret Nark that All members pres ent wern equal and that no Meuiner bad Lauy authority to bind anybody but himself. He therefore spoke fur himself Ashu always did. The first object which he tried to have before his mind in legislation was to be right and on ibis question the Law after a Keg and heated session of debate in which All sorts of accusations had been made against them there had been made but one Lodgment in his mind unfavourable to the election Laws. There Hod been one charge made by the other Side and in so far that charge waa True. He considered it a just objection to those Laws. The charge was that the election Laws bad been used or were capable being used Lor filling an election precinct with men of one parly whose time could be used at the Public expense for party engineering and electioneering purposes. If the Laws were capable of being so used it was in that event an unjust Law. Expressions of appt Uval on the demo cratic Side. At All Timea and on All proper occasions be bad expressed himself and did now express himself As willing to modify the Law so that the alleged abuses should not take place. Applause on the democratic Side no other valid objection to Trie Law had been to Bis mind urged on the other Sido of the House at the last session or at the pres ent one. What has happened now in Tho first place members of the Republican Side of the House with entire unanimity object to riders on appropriation Bills. They had done All in their Power to prevent any rider but they had been ruled in order. He held it also to be his duty to help to make As decent and proper an amendment As could be for himself disclaiming the i prot to speak for anybody but himself he had yesterday proposed an amendment to better a proposed amendment by so fixing it that marshals having their 83 a Day might be appointed by the courts and equally from political parties in order to prevent any real complaint made against the Law. He would vote for the proposition himself if he stood alone on either one or both sides of the House. Applause and manifestations of approval on the democratic Side the demo cratic Side of the House had not Only not accepted that proposition but had voted it Down and substituted in its place a proposition which had these terms in in. First that compensation should be ont Down to 52 per any and second that there should never be More than three of those marshals under any contingency in any election precinct and third that they should never be employed More than three Days even though the execution of the registration Lawo shall last for ten or fifteen Days. What did this mean it meant under the Mere semblance of obeying the Law that in face of riots where there might be a thousand rioters about an election place there should be but three men to keep the peace of the United states against them All. In other words it was n word in Advance to the mob to come in sufficient numbers to overwhelm the keepers of the peace and let hell not Law and order Rule and reign on election Day. If that proposition waa upon the plainest Bill in the world he would never vote for if because it took the bowels and vitals oat of the election Law. If however the other ride of the Hoose would take the naked proposition which for himself he had offered he would vote for it if he stood alone. A Republican for it on an appropriation Bill or. Will vote for it a a better ment of the pending amendment. I do not say that it is proper to put it on appropriation Bills. It is improper but i say that i will vote for the betterment of the pending amendment. Here the five rain ate Rale expired and the Hammer of the speaker fell. Or. A Stahon offered As a substitute for the pending amendment the one offered yesterday by or. Garfield in these words provided that hereafter special Deputy of elec Tion for performing any duties in reference to any election shall receive the Aam of per Day in full for compensation and that All appointments of such special Deputy marshals shall be made by the judge of the circuit court of the United for the District in which such marshals Are to perform their duties or by the District judge in the absence of a circuit judge such Deputy marshals to be appointed in equal numbers from the different political parties. Or. Cox said to was if or wiping out the election Law. He never disguised it and All the Salt and Sanctity of the other ride of the House cannot Cave it. All that gentle by on the other Side can do is to sugar it Devil himself cannot save this Law from deep damnation in the end. The gentleman from Ohio Garfield yesterday in answering what i said about the supreme court indulged a a speech filled with mystery rhetoric Flimsy logic and lies. He that we were bound to obey the supreme Law of the land As the supreme court interpreted it. No sir that is not my Opin Ion of our duty. Gen. Jackson at least de Nied that be was bound by the decision of the supreme court. That court declared the United states Bank Law unconstitutional but Jackson defied it does my Friend from Ohio remember the fugitive slave Law or. The dred Scott decision too. Or. The gentleman have carried out the f a Gutive slave Law by voting Money for slave catchers applause answer that question. Answer it any of you would you have voted Money to have carried oat the Fugi Tive slave Law after the court declared it to be constitutional Vou Are dumb. Load laugh Ter or. Have said that no Power in the universe Woald make acc vote a Dollar or move a step to execute that Law. 31r. Are Only one Man on that Side and very Good one. After some further Ducus Eion the Meta statute offered by or. A Sumabon was agreed to yeas 106, nays 53, several prominent lie publicans such As Garfield Kelly Hiscock Kice and Harris voting for it. The question recurred on the adoption of Springer s amendment As amended by the substitute and it was agreed to year 121, nays 211 most of the republicans refusing to vote. The committee then ruse and reported the Bill to the House. All the amendments save that in reference to pay of marshals waa agreed to. Or. Conger asked for a division on that amendment but the speaker ruled amendment reported from the committee of the whole must be voted upon in its entirety and could not be divided. Or. Conger appealed from the decision which Appeal waa on motion of or. Springer Laid upon the table yeas 167. 49. The amendment was then agreed to yeas 115, 107. The vote was a party one with the exception of or. Butterworth who voted in the affirmative and Arneld Blackburn Converse Hooker Hurd Mckenzie Smith of Georgia and Oscar Turner who voted in the negative a vote waa then taken on the passage of the Bill and it retailed yeas 111, nays 104, so the Bill passed. At the close of the Roll Call the vote stood 100 to 100 for some time. As the list of those who had not responded was called affirmative and negative responses alternated Bat finally the result was announced. All the be Pabli cans voted against it and the following democrats Blackburn Hooker Hurd Knott Ana o. Turner. Or. Atkins by unanimous consent reported a Bill appropriating f for Public print ing with a proviso that entire deficiency appropriation for that purpose Beall not exceed and the House immediately went in to committee of the whole and As quickly Rose and reported Back the Bill which was passed without the yeas and nays they being dispensed with by unanimous consent general capital x Miles City sensation. Is. Zeb Bejzer shoots and War. Kekseo. Jealousy Over a woman of the town the hours of the Avon murderer in anguish and raving of Philadelphia reverend expelled and another suspended from the ministry for granting fraudulent medical crime and Cuno Alty record. Mtg Deb at Miles City. Bisma Bok d. T., March a Bismarck 2viimnejmilee City special says win Keene was fatally shot by or Lieberherr last night. Cause jealousy Over a sporting woman named Dora Wells alias Dode Blieese. Heejae will die. Lebeyher is in jail. Warm to Day Enow All gone. Expelled and sc8pekded. Be Ladelphia March 19. The Metho dist conference last night expelled. B. Miller from the ministry and the Church and suspended Rev. Major from the minis try for one year. Miller and Dean was Secretary of the medical College where a re Porter registered As a student and by pay ment of received from Dean a certificate entitling the reporter to practice Medicine. An Appeal will be taken in both cases. The Avon. Roc testes n. Y., March Parson known As the Avon murderer entirely broke Down this Forenoon fainting and vomiting while being shaved and continually raving about his innocence. He charged the crime of killing Withey on mrs. Withey. After breakfast he became Calmer but his cries could be heard outside the jail. The execution took place at he claimed inno Cence on the scaffold. Erin s stricken Isle. Dust resin the famine deepening Kosturn the occasion for a National expression of re Newal of diplomatic relations Germany and the Dis Bess deepening. Dublin March distress in the famine districts is deepening daily. Of Money by the mansion House committee exceed the receipts. The land league say it is desirable Parnell s arrival shall be marked by the expression of National greeting. Bon fires on the Hills and bands of music in towns throughout Ireland Are suggested for sunday evening next. Dipolomat1o with the Vatican. Beblin March consequence of the Pope s Friendly attitude it is probable that direct diplomatic relations Between germans and the Vatican will shortly be resumed. Los Dok March House of com Mons has adjourned until the 24th inst. The times Saya the ballot act Baa great change in the character of the constituency. Political organizations cannot evade the effect of secret voting nor Lake sure beforehand of resells. Pork packing. Of a Ekkeb s wife. Sax feb Scisco March 19. The wife of Hypolite Belloc of Belloc to 4 against Advance g to 1 against chocolate 7 to 1 j against parole and 10 to 1 against the others. Parole at the finish was half a length in front of Advance with a length Between the second and. Time new Yoek March Liverpool special says parole was not placed by the judges who gave the race to Advance Strath one Sec Ond emperor Titus third. The owner of and Vance obtained the stakes. Parole swerved on the Home stretch. Grand National Steeple Chase won by Empress the Liberator second Dawn Patrick third. Fourteen run. I betting on the University boat race to i Morrow is 4 to 1 in favor of Oxford. Floods in the Tennessee 1uveb. Nash vice March Tennessee River is ont of the Banks at Benville and within two inches of covering the rails on the Memphis Louisville Railroad and Ris ing half an Inch an hour. Passengers have to be transferred. It will take a Rise or ten feet to cause any damage to the Railroad Bridge. Labor troubles. The business of Chicago the past year 1m detail. Chicago March White k Crowell s eleventh annual report of pork pack ing of the City published to Day gives the Fol lowing details packing of bogs during the Winter season a decrease of 417.89s from the preceding year packing during the past twelve months off most other Western have suffered in the same ratio total yield of lard pounds or pounds less than list year. There were also made barrels pork against last year pounds of Short rib sides against bust year pounds of Short clears against last year pounds of Long clears against year of Staffordshire sides against dry salted shoulders against 332 last year Green bams against last year dry suited hams against last year Long Cut Haras against last Yew pierces Sweet pickled shoulders against last year pierces Sweet pickled hams against last year cum Berland sides against last year and other cuts of sides aggregating about pounds against year. The re sults of the twelve months packing May be summarized As having produced a Irge increase in Short ribs and pork and to produced much less lard and most of the prod note than the precede us year. Randall the action of the Pennsylvania democratic state Central committee tie regular Fly of us Philadelphia delegation endorsed. March the democratic state committee met at the doom this afternoon and selected Bambi org As the place and april 28tb As the Date for holding the state convention. A Resolution offered to instruct the of the state convention to recognize the us Gowan delegation from Philadelphia in Mak ing up the Roll for temporary organization of the state convention was carried by a vote of 28 to 15. The committee was in session from 3 f. Until nearly 8, and the Duc Miona at times were both animated and protracted. Nothing else of importance was presented to the 1xvolustary cremation. Drapery of a Corpse fired by Mains scorched and Interior of Holm burned mox Teal March Sexton died yesterday and this morning some dra Pery about the remains took fire from tapers. Ite Salt Interior of the Bonse burned and the body of Sexton slightly burned. Mrs. Sext on and three other women were with difficulty rescued from the roof. State troops Ord real out in to quiet coloured Cincinnati cig Rhi Axa kerb lockout. Hood Lotis. New Orleans March negro labourers Are on a strike in St. Charles Parish. The governor on application of the Whites has ordered the Louisiana artillery to the in wish. The Whites report the negroes threaten to Burn the sugar houses if their demands Are not complied with. Look out ended. Cincinnati March Cigar makers lock ont which has kept nearly men ont of employment for the last four weeks will end with this week and the men will go to work nest monday. This result was obtained by Mutual concessions the Union agreeing to not object to female employ ment and to not undertake to dictate prices leaving the employees of each shop to agree with their employers and that non Union men May work along with members of the Union. The manufacturers withdrew their demand of a pledge from the employees that they would not join the Cigar makers Guiou. While it was supposed this morning that the action of the Cigar makers would end the lockout on monday it now appears that at their meeting to Day the Cigar makers took exceptions to the Mode in which the action of the manufacturers was communicated to them namely through tie newspapers and they accordingly refuse to consider any proposition which does not come directly in writing from the manufacturers to the Union. Stilke of Bai Moamis at Sedama. Be. Louis March workmen in the Missouri Pacific machine shops at Seda Litt quit work to Day. Also Tho miners in the mines of the rond in that Vicinity. Rhode Island republicans. Provide ice March Republican state convention to Daj. Governor Van Maud o declining to be a candidate nominated Alfred h. Littlefield for governor and Henry h. Fay for lieutenant governor. The other state officers nominated Are the present incumbents. The following delegates to the National convention at Chicago were unanimously elected John f. Sanborn Charles h. Handy Thomas c. Chase David l. Aldrich Isaac m. Fetter i. Goodwin William a. Pierce Horace a. Jenckes. The delegation is understood to j be Xinau Iyoub for some Little Surprise is expressed outside at the result. A brought to terms. Ottawa March is now understood a Verj important Concession has been trained from the British government and i that american cattle will be permitted the privilege of transit through Canada from one american port to another with the priv i Liege also of stopping for rest and other j accommodations at some place in Canada. Pork packing at St. I Xmas. Or. Louis. March h. Morgan Secretary of the merchants Exchange furnishes the following statistics of pork pack no at St. Louis from november 1 to March. 1 number of hogs packed aver age Gross weight a Shade Over 258 pounds Cost per Hundred pounds yield of lard a Shade Over 3c to Audi amount of pork made barrels. Oh1 for. Memphis 150 be Grots men women and children wore passengers of the Golden knee which Parsad up to night for Cincinnati. They Are an Advance numbers to Fol Low from Tho Vicinity of Helena and Are in route to Liberia. Lake at i ii Vul. Buffalo March propellor w. Graves and Bargo Gorgu Adams Grain Laden arrived from Toledo. The earliest Grain arrivals known. Suicide. Chicago March afternoon Linel h. Butler of Horenci mich., suicide by jumping into the River at the Illinois Cen trial slip. He was alive when taken ont but died soon after. Mobile March Little eeb won the mile and an eighth dash in half mile heats won by Hattie buyer in 51 and Long Taw won the two mile dash in Siew spa Peri

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