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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 18, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota The warning. In the summer of 179s, when society in Ulster was completely disorganized a poor woman too weary to go fur ther was set Down with her baby and a Large trunk at Tho inn door. A night s lodging was requested and the tired traveler placed herself by the fireside while supper was being prepared. Evil looking men moved about the room and she saw them cast Many glances at the trunk which was unusually Large for a poor woman to possess. A Good Deal of whispering in Irish took place which she being n Derry woman could not understand but Tho Host As he sharpened knives upon the Board seemed to nod toward her in a threaten ing manner. A cock just then strutted up to her plucked her dress with his beak and. Crowed loudly. Wring his neck the said the Host to the servant girl. The Bird flew up to the rafters out of harm s Way Bat As soon As the commotion was Over he came Down again and once More crowed and plucked the traveler s gown. Much alarmed Tho poor woman Rose up and said is calmly As she could ill go a wee piece along the Road to look about me. Please take care o my trunk a i la be Back before the supper s no one attempting to detain her. She left Tho inn with her child. Walking quietly until out of sight of the Black Lake and gaunt firs.-, she Bemis to run wildly along Tho Road Gap. A party of yeomanry met her Sheri she was almost exhausted and to them she told her Story. It was a time when All houses Wera limbic to to entered and examined. Tho was thoroughly searched papers were found Tho Host in to rebellion and human remains As Well As clothing Silver am other valuables discovered on the premises that travellers had been Ruamie away Vich there. Ilia woman was to her Destina Tion by Tho und did not re turn to Derry until the troublous times. Were Over. She lived to Tell her grandchildren How the cock had her be Grav politic ill duels. The practice of fighting political duels thought now confined chiefly to France and Austria was once Universal. Three generations ago every Public Paitz iia-1 its Paul do Cassagnau. Within the memory of Many men still ii do Young member of the Irish asking a Veteran How he should achieve Success there was answered always have your of this was no figure of speech. Warren Hasting a time when his fall would Probach have involved that of British India risked life in n Duel with sir Philip whom he shot through Tho body while himself escaping Una nit the Duke of Wellington s with lord Winchelsea in Battersea 1 ids when Tho Iron Duke disdainfully tired in the air has found a place in history As has also Alexander Hamilton s Fatui encounter with Aaron Burr. Daub l o Cornell killed his and himself wounded More than once. A very singular Case of this kind Martcil the later life of Tho famous Irish orator. Henry Grattan who disabled a parliamentary opponent in a Duel. A Frickm of the latter came to condole with him and in weighed against his adversary in no measured Terras. Said the invalid there s a Little fellow in the chair yonder who would t be a lease to Irenr the Little fellow was no other than Grattan himself who having watched for three nights by i antagonist s bedside had just fallen asleep from sheer woman s softening. It s remarked old forty niner this morning As Iio t Len Over his Glass to our reporter. As Toni Shin what a. Coward a Man is Reg Lar a Ryvlin Iutuk a Jove i be travelled a Good bit am held up my end in most of the Camps on the coast St uce 4.9. I be got three bullets inside o Rue. I be shot an shot at an never heard nobody say had t As Good grit As most Fellers that. Foini. But at Home i m a Kyoto. Afore d let Tho old woman know that he hot biscuit Watn c Al when it s like stir amalgam i d fill myself As full As a re tort. I be done it lots o times. Mos o my troth is gone from Triggin 01 Beefsteak that the old woman has Fried d be think i Roar out and enss whoa i go Over a chair in the dark no sir when i m Rubbin my an Keepin Back the tears i m likewise save Tiu of fear the old woman has been woke b the the his shining Scalp. When we was firs hitched i thought i was superintendent but after year or two of arg Yin the pint i settled Down to Shovic the Cai at Low wages. I can lick any Man o nil age an cried the old gentleman banging the Saloon table with his Friuk led fist. Ill shoot knife stand up o rough and Tumble for Coin but when hang my hat on the Peg in Tho Hall an take Oil my Muddy boots a hear the old woman ask if that s me i Tell you the starch comes right oat Ginia in eur chronicle. R me Usu Wuhu ii u. I upset. It did t use to be i poor fellow thoughtfully ribbing a promising i out i. A scape race under the charge of the Bridgewater England Board of guardians has manifested extraordinary Powers of invention. The Rumor had got abroad that Tua workhouse master to punish a refractory boy had locked him in the dead House that while there the lad lifted a Corpse out of a coffin dressed in his clothes and then Down in the coffin himself that some one came to give Tho prisoner food and offered it to the newly dressed Corpse when Tho Lively Urchin in the Joihn raised himself and spoke frightening the person so Itiat to dropped Tho food and bolted. The Muster was Able however to show that the whole Story was a fabrication and traced it to a mischievous boy whom be had had to report twice to the guardians for conduct unbecoming a pauper and an inmate of the work House. Don t whip. Tim following has been handed us for publication by Otic who is greatly inter Estedia Tho proper treatment of children in regard to government a Parent who does not know How to govern a child without whipping it ought to surrender the cure of that child to some Wiser person. Sportsmen once thought it necessary to lash their docs in training Thorn for tin Field. They know now that a whip should never to used. Horsemen Taco thought that it was Nec Essary to whip Colts to teach them to Start and Stop at the word and to pull steadily. They know now that an Apple is better than the lash and u Caress bet Ter than a blow it dogs and horses can be educated without what is there in our children that makes it necessary to slap and Pound them have icy toss intelligence have they Celd arts Are they lower in the scale of be we have heard Many people say if we were to bring up another child would never whip they arc Wise it too late. Instead of god doing so Lite for children that they must to wiped int. Goodness he has done so much or them that even whipping can t ruin is As a Rule. But alas there re Many exceptions to this Rule. Many Hildren arc of such Quality that a blow Nakes them cowardly or reckless or Cle Eit tul or permanently ugly. Whipping makes them steal whipping makes them ate their parents whipping makes Home distasteful to them whipping Breaks Weir the boys runaways lakes the girls seek happiness anywhere and anyhow. Whipping is barbarous. A. Righting tar. We have recently heard an interesting anecdote by which one can deduce a moral and adorn it into a tale of How cond thought so often prevents vast complications. There is a Yankee skip per from Ilarue Well known As a local Ruder opt. Pitcher. He is like most to men Large proportioned and pow Erful. Some years ago he ran the Krauz rom Washington to Boston but has seen abroad since trading Between this country and the continent. As Tho Story Joes a British troop ship commanded an irritable impetuous old Duffer of the Queens was at Anchor in a Loreign poit. Capac. Pitcher s bark was being piloted in and through some mismanagement fouled the Jibb Coli of the troop ship doing however Little or no damage. Tho old officer in a f Ary rage howled come on Board the Yankee skipper not exactly know ing what to do under the circumstances pulled in his gig to the ladder of the troop ship and mounted to the deck lie was somewhat startled Wien As he Binod upon it the old of Heer called sentry arrest that niun.1 the skipper was astonished but quickly answered i us an american citizen. I am unarmed but no Mun All arrest arrest him sentry. Don t you hear Mev roared the Captain. I t1 sentry advanced to seize the skipper but was met with a left hander that would discount a pile Driver. Quickly the Yankee made for the gang Way striking Down every Man who in tar cred leaped into his gig and pulled off to his bark. Straight to the Ameri can Consul he went and put his Case be fore him. The latter told him he would attend to the matter and the nest Day the skipper called. The Consul sat at Tho Center of the table to his right was Tho English officer no other than vice Admiral sir James Hope k. C. 13., in All Tho splendor of full uniform. Admiral Hope capt. Introduced the Consul. Captain i am delighted to meet responded the Admiral. And now let the War go he spoke in tie suave St manner and with Tho sweetest of smiles. The skip i i a bluntly said that to thought the officer should apologize. Not at All not at All no dear Friend. You came on Board my ship whipped Tho entire Queen s Navy and escaped without a scratch. Is that not sufficient satisfaction Don t let us have any Alabama claim business please Don t ask an apology you Are too Good a fellow i know to enforce Well began the Captain greatly mollified. Well Admiral i sorter guess that perhaps it s All of course it is. We Are diplomats nud i have some splendid Brandy in my Cabin. There Are excellent cigars we will adjourn to our Brandy and cigars and our two nations will postpone the War. If All your sailors Are like you i should prefer that the War be indefinitely Boston journal. Trousers first Forn in England. It is generally known to All Middle aged men by that breeches began to give place to trousers during the first decade of the present Century but it is generally known that trousers were actually worn by London Elquis ites in the latter years of the last Century. It will be says a writer in Arliss pocket Magazine of classic and polite new series vol ume 3, 1s25, from the following description of a Dandy published in 1791, thut trousers were then in fashion and were considered As a. Ridiculous article of dress advertisement extraordinary last saturday night sup posed in the lobby of the new theater an overgrown baby who arrived but two Days ago in town from the country. He had on a Light coloured coat with Cape hanging c tirelessly Over his shoulders a pair of his father s breeches which reached Down to his Ankles and an old pair of Bis Grandmamma s spectacles which he converted into an opera Glass. He had on his sister s High crowned hat and Lis hair Cut so Short that you might observe his Bare poll. Laughs a great Deal can swear a few fashionable oaths but Doea not know How to write his name. Answers to the name of master Iickey. As he Hud Only sixpence a pocket Money it is feared he is detained in some cake shop for his Reck if so All demands shall to care fully paid if to is restored to his Clis " burlesque Adver Tisei dorits such As the foregoing were not common in old magazines. A Tough question. Children Are often puzzled by questions which Are not understood by their ciders. During the late Franco Prus sinn War a sunday school scholar read about the prayers with which the Ger mans and French were petitioning heaven for Success to their arms. Asked a Little girl of her Par ent i Don t see what the lord can do under the circumstances do you her an b give the Victory to both of them and it seems to me like a terrible dilemma to to placed her Mother who was not entirely satisfied with the role which great Britain played in Tho Ixl fair remarked Well my dear child Jhm Hopshe will do As the English do and remain three Beautiful inscriptions. Over the triple doorways of an italian Cathedral there Are three inscriptions spanning the splendid Arches. Over one is carved a Beautiful of roses and underneath the legend All that pleases is but for a Over the other is sculptured a Cross and there Are the words All that troubles is but for a but underneath the great Central Entrance in the main aisle is the inscription that Only is important which is the Wolf and the mouse. A Wolf into to our Day bore Oft u stolen sheep and on the prey fed to Tho Tell. Then finding he could not devour it to the Bone upon Tho spot he solved till supper time the rest to keep beside it Laid him and vre it to sleep. The smell Ull Urcyl n neighbouring Rouee to creep with caution it or his Uny Toufee. Part Lulo of meat he slyly stole Tiou swiftly sped win Back into his vet spite of All his care the Wolf invoke and into cries and lamentations broke Halloo there murder robbery will one fetch the police i m Ruiu Ert and Mizoue. Confound these miscreant mice of shame Krief that Auy for leg Rcd thing should be a University Tau urine proposing in Texas. They manage these things differently i Texas. This is How a fond couple come to an understanding according to one who pretends to know. He sits on oneside of the room in a big Volute rocking chair she on the other Side in a Little White Oak rocking chair. A Long eared does hound is by his Side a Basket of sewing by hers. Both the Young people Rock incessantly. He sighs heavily and looks out of the West window at a Myrtle she sighs lightly and Gazos out of the East window at the turnip Patch. At last he remarks this is mighty Good weather for cot ton the lady responds if we Only had Auy to the rocking Coutin ups. What s your dog s asks the. Coony another still Ness. What s he Good what she Good eay.3 he Abstractedly. Your dog for belching silence for half a hour. To looks like a Deer he is but lie s sort o bellowed an Gettin old an slow an he Ain t no count on a cold Trail in the quiet Teu minutes that a uses she takes two stitches in Hur quilt a gorgeous affair made after the pattern called pose of your a raiding Many then More rocking and somehow the big rocking chair and the Little rocking chair Are jammed Side by Side Pricil rocking is impossible. Makin he observes. She replies brightening up for she is great 011 quilts. I be just finished a gorgeous Eagle of a setting and a nation s Pride have you Ever saw the yellow Rose of the More silence. Then to says do you love i do presently his nand is accidentally placed on hers of which she does n t Keem to be at All aware. Then he mid Denly says i be a great mind to bite what have you e. Great mind to bite me liase you won t have Kase you Ain t axed Well a then now i has Coony dreams he hears a sound of kissing and next Day the Young Man goes after a marriage Bers will animals in Africa. Although the gradual spread of the population toward the Interior of Africa is driving the wild animals further and further Inland and though they Are consequently difficult to reach in the More inaccessible haunts to which Thoy have retreated yet the larger wild Ani Mals have with one or two exceptions scarcely suffered any diminution from the advancing tide of civilization. Ostriches have suffered perhaps the most but Only to Exchange u wild for a domesticated state. Elephants Are frequently seen within a Short distance of Southern and Southeastern coasts. Hip pop Otami Are abundant. Even the larger beasts of prey Are by no Means uncommon and Tiger. Are especially de predators. If the reports of Diamond diggers in the Northwest Are to be believed a new animal has lately male its appearance As a candidate for the Honor of being chased by an enterprising sportsman. It is called by the Bushman or natives the Bear and is de scribed As being about the size of a lion but far stronger in make and a tremendous head and neck. Its legs Are much Shorter than a Lions but much stouter and it is apparently far More powerful. Its color is a dark yellow with Black spots. It runs or creeps along the ground but does not bound like a lion. Ife has sometimes been seen accompanied by a smaller a that the race is apparently not yet quite extinct whatever Tho Ani Mal May the key ruler. A Man Falls from the scaffold. The reporter hastens to the spot and pushes his Way to the Man s Side. My life voyage is nearly whispered the dying Man As he held the reporter s hand. My soul Bhe an uni wished Craft is being swept from its earthly mooring and carried out into the great pathless Ocean of eternity. Of How unprepared i am for this journey How my spirit shrinks from embarking on that silent solemn Seal i have a wife and Beautiful child who will mourn my absence and now that i see no future nothing but the dark impenetrable Shadow of death which will soon hide me from earthly eyes the world looks More Beautiful and i How i Long to stay. Good by. Good for courage courage 1" whispered the reporter while tears As big As Hickory nuts chased each other Down his nose is Cour he whispered do you spell your the colonel s advice. In reference to anecdotes of the late War a Story is told on col. B. Of the ninety ninth Illinois volunteers. While that regiment was being transported Down the River from St. Iunus a Soldier by Accident fell overboard and As usual eve Erv Boucly became excited. Above the be heard col. B s stentorian voice calling out to the struggling Man grab a Root grab a the idea of a Man grabbing hold of a Root in the Middle of a River to save him self from drowning was ludicrous. The boys remembered it however and at the first charge on the works of Vicksburg the colonel received an ugly shot in the calf of his leg which brought him to the ground. He rolled Over several times in pain and while the balls from the works were Cuttin g the dust around him he cried out cease tiring firing you Are drawing the fire from the enemy on a wounded Man 1" the boys saw their Chance and the whole regiment with shouts of laughter j a Root grab a the Book. Gallery Sarrad Pietnik is manifold. A Minster Rich in holy Eli tilt a Anil Beau a to t n and t Riezgo the circles of Lorl. Alontra in trn it Aureole in martyrs Rit and Ohrt Neel half acquaint fun with to Lorines of prop Liet Bard ii nil their Tahlieu traced in univ but i Illy when on form and word Obs Ino fulls from above the White Light we read the Mystic characters Aricue. Slid Liu lit informs the silent until is pause at last Awo hell Quioro "11 e owe ineffable face love wonder and Rul orc. Milliner. Neglect of Trio Eye. Whatever an ounce of prevention May bit to other members of the body it certainly is Worth Many pounds of cure to the Eye. Like a chronometer watch this delicate Organ will stand any amount of use not to say abuse but when once thrown off its balance it very rarely can be brought Back to its original perfection of action or if it is it be comes Over after liable to a return of disability of function or the seat of actual disease. One would have sup posed from this fact and from the fact that modern civilization has imposed upon the Eye an Ever increasing amount of Strain both As to the actual amount of work done and the constantly increasing brilliancy and duration of the illumination under which it a performed that the great Otic would have been exercised in maintaining the Organ in a condition of health and the greatest care and solicitude used in Ito treatment when diseased. And Yot it Safe to Sny there is no Organ in the body Tho welfare of which is so persistently neglected As the Eye. I have known fond and doting Moth ers take their children of 4 Ami 5 years of ago to have their first Teeth tilled instead of having them extracted to thai the jaw might not suffer in its due development and become in later rears contracted while the Eye the most m Tell Ectal tie most apprehensive and the most discriminating of All on organs receives not even a passing thought much less an examination. It never so Nib to occur to the parents that the principal agent in u could b Educa Tion is the Eye that through it it gains not Only its souse of Tho methods and ways of existence of others Btu even the a fans for the maintenance of its Koivu Tor does it occur to the parents for an instant that Many of the mental As Well As bodily attributes of a aug child Are fashioned even if they Are not created by the condition of the Tye alone a child is put to school without the sigh Tel to inquiry on the part of the Parent much less on the part of the teacher whether it bus the Normal amount of sight whether it sees objects sharply and Well indistinctly and distorted whether it be cd or far sighted whether it sees with one or two eyes or finally if it see clearly Aud distinctly whether it s not using a Quantity of nervous Force Pili event after a Tii in riot Only to sex Hught the Energy of the visual Organ but Tho nervous system at Large. Domestic in mine. De Reni sat i memoirs of the private life of Csipok on and Jose Phine Are some very interesting de tails of the Imperial household. Napoleon s income about a Vear exclusive of what he took from the secret service and funds. He Al Lowed himself a year for his dress. It is Well Kun Ovrut that if an article of clothing did not suit him exactly either in make or material it was condemned Aud that he was greatly give to inking or greasing his White breeches and to burning his boots by using his Boot As a poker especially when he was angry or excited. He usually Rose at 7. If he wakened in the night he frequently bathed ate or worked before going to sleep again. He suffered from a foul stomach and often fancied that he had been poisoned. It took m. De Remusat a Long time to teach him to shave him self the Chamberlain was moved to this through Napoleon s visible uneasiness when in the Barber s hands. If a garment did not please him it was torn off and thrown on the floor or into the fire. To trimming his nails of which he was vain he used countless pairs of scissors that were smashed off hand if they were not Sharp. The Only perfume he was partial to was Cologne of which he required sixty bottles a month. He ate and drank Little though to was very fond of Coffee. At dinner he had every thing served at once and fed at Hazard often taking Cream or a dish of sweets before touching the entrees How juju tigers irow. Nutmeg grow on Little Trees which look like Small Pear Trees and Are generally Over Twenty feet High. The flow ers Are very much like the Lily of the Valley. They Are Pale and very Fra Grant. The Nutmeg is the seed of the fruit and Mace is the Thiu covering Over this seed. The fruit is about As Large As a peach. When Ripe it Breaks open and shows the Little nut inside. The Trees grow on the islands of Asia and in tropical America. They Bear fruit for seventy or eighty years having Ripe fruit upon them at All seasons. A Fine tree in Jamaica has Over Nutmeg on it yearly. The dutch used to have All this Nutmeg Trade As they owned the Banda islands and conquered All the other and destroyed the Trees. To keep the Price up they once burned three piles of Nutmeg each of which was As Largo As a Church. Nature did not sympathize with their mean Ness. The nut Meg Pigeon found in All Tho Indian islands did for the world what the dutch determined should not be the nuts which Are their food into All the surrounding countries Aud Trees grew up again and the world had the Benefit. Stuart s artistic treatment of tie eyes. Stuart the Painter once executed the portrait of a lady in new York who was fussy critical Over exacting and Nice to a degree that tried in the Fez Treme his rather excitable tempera ment. The portrait was changed again and again the Shade of the hair the color of the eyes the expression of the month the pose of the head the arrangement of the drapery Etc., were repeatedly altered at Tho suggestion of the lady one Day Madame came in with several friends to see the portrait and As usual she began to criticise and said i do not think or. Stuart you have Given my eyes the right express the patience of the artist was exhausted he could stand no More. Walking up to Tho portrait and draw ing Back his fist he thrust it through the Canvas and exclaimed in Blunt but vigorous Anglo Saxon your throwing the Canvas aside portrait was finished. He had Given it the last touch. Growing old. 1 is we Are All growing old though unconsciously and the current of life flown on smoothly As Ever indeed Fuller the current the More noise ii a. The flow. And months and years Are after ail so very much alike that they pats without special observation and we begin to get old before we think of in. Aud when we sit Down to a simple sum in sub traction of. The year of our birth from the current arc astonished at the answer and Are so doubtful of its correctness that we go Over it a second time but always with the same result. Children grow up around us but we get used to that and Seldom atop to compute their Ages and realize Tho Swift flight of the years. In fact our children never get old to us. The wife who has stood lovingly and faithfully at our Side so Long never changes and is always the fair Young Bride of the old and Happy Days. And so with Hus the wife. Though his hair might have grown Gray in some Way which we do not understand Aud his firm step May seem a Little loss elastic or firm than it was. The husband doers not seem to have changed much after All. He is to us Tho same Strong Manly one whom we loved so much and to whom we confided so much just a Little while ago. To be sure the few friends of our youth that remain Are All Gray headed but we do not think much of that for to All seem to be using the same fashionable hair Dye. There is nothing a that to attract special attention. Some have been a has raid that if we doubt whether we arc really growing old we should look in the face of a Friend whom we have not keen Lur Twenty years. The preacher tried that a few s ago. To did More he looked in the face of a Friend whom he had not seen for nearly forty what his thought of him was he dots not now. They were both too polite i express their thoughts. He knows that he kept wondering and wonders yet what had happened to his Friend that he should look so very old. True stories about animals. Yon said the spotted Horbe who is Consi Dued a great philos opher by the rett of the menagerie that the grooviest hour is just before morning replied the the the Zebra said that these remarks were too profound for animals that had t been through the entire Curri the Carrier Pigeon wondered if a steady course of that treatment would make homing Birds of All of combing asked the Poland Router there s no Carrier Pigeon in the menagerie can Lay Over me in that feature 1 the mexican dog said to would like to Sec any Man from the lion Tamer Down comb his hair with a steel the elephant remarked they would have to follow the old recipe for cooking a Hare they would have to first Catob Tho the bit Flo said that speaking of Combs it was his Hornest the elephant interrupted Here comes the advertisement of the b. 31. Land department. He added does John Bonnell know you re out of your the Buffalo asked him if the use of celluloid in the manufacture of billiard balls had affected the Ivory Trade enough to sour his temper but the Tiger said the discussion had wandered from the subject and was growing too per Ronal. And he added Licking his chops hungrily As the keeper passed too close to his Cage it was about and As he did t feel very Well that morning a Little manna d be about All he cared and then As he made a pass at the wary keeper and missed him he added that if he could t have it about thirty five pounds of rare beef would do. And then the keeper passed around the usual refreshments and the menagerie speedily ate itself to Haick Eye. Countered rather a severe storm the Clergyman remembering what he had been shown before managed to make his Way with Grant difficulty to the forecastle and was overheard by the Captain Asho Cnoc away exclaiming to himself thank god they re swearing and Vir Tuum. .1 reflection uni ii e x ode May to Nib guardian of t be Happy and it Jan a Brothc-i1-. Luthart of Likhtik i Jund. Urjil in i Jay 1 1 of i Wiy ulc May aeon us in cart of Lah Tiiu Diu min All v of cynic Northern gusts Aud than o a Jujj. By air Srofe 10 attic ground tic Park Al pub Koine to Lioe entrusts. O triple were the in zen bunds luit bound the Oaken or Art of line who Clet tie deep u Ith Earhest beat. I Fca Rud not Agni Kales that a i Ettle Frith the Polar Bli its and Swcap die sea. Be Laiing. Spec and Iii snowy feud la Litno Atli Tho and Learless a Toboco. 11 c liquid realms that tyrant Rotim ruled what path of death Ould he line shunned who Tosi Jed upon i he main and to nil dangers schooled to seen the Renoi Steib of the Good and watched inc fretted beae that the St irs and maw the by notched All vain Niada Jove b of Zhitar Law which placed repel line sfas by to can far Greece and our Hesperia Gince Rod Leaf Barkert leap scornful o or the Waves. Oki customs cause and Man. Attempting Ali. No Jon per Siks the Bounds to of Odd. Poriae aliens from other realms mole living Tiro by and it a famine and embraced the North v.v.11 thur arms and lire till i Atli advanced with non l Pace. On Torl Jid tar erf caved an airy path la Roii r n space. And her cult caused a Urc a to my k. There is Cliff toy Jan to for pfc and Colly to on to i in k the sky. On crimes Jove still Raimo to Wail and ij9 deadly from on Kun slim. In Vlf flu strange food. Some score or so of contributors to a French sporting journal dined one Day upon the Hanu and heart of a lion killed by constant Cheret in Algeria. The flesh of the lion was found to be particularly firm and close grained Liko that of a horse but although pronounced palatable it Only achieved what h termed a Success d Stirne while the heart skilfully prepared with to files was unanimously voted Tough and indigestible. In fact the French journalists were not much better pleased with their fare than was Bruce tie traveler when the guest of the Arab tribe of welled Sidebo Ounim the sons of the fathers of the bound by vow to cat lion s flesh once every Day for the traveler found male lion meat lean Tough and Musky in flavor lioness meat a trifle fatter and More palatable and whelp flesh the Nastiest of the three. A mindful that an unlocked for pleasure is t Price Welcome Frank a Jackland did not advise his guests on a certain Occa Sion that they were about to enlarge their a agronomic experiences but who11, the soup had been disposed of asked p. Famous gourmand sitting near him How to liked it. Very Well the answer. Turtle is it not i Only because i did not rid Auy Green Buckland of Hook his head. I fancied it had a somewhat Musky taste but not at All remarked his neighbor. All alligators 1 replied the Host. The Cayman fellow i dissected this dior using. And which Yon have just been Liscus Sinur 1 half a dozen of the Sud i enl eur lightened diners suddenly tarted to their feet two or three slunk rom the room and the rest of the Ineal enjoyed by Only a portion of the original company. U see what imagination said Lauckland. Had i told hem it Turtle or Terrapin or bar do West soup or the gluten of a. Fish from he maw of a sea Bird they would have pronounced it excellent and their digestion would have been none the worse. I Tell them that it is Alligator soup and their Gorges Rise at As Good a Lish As Ever a Man need fore warned and were he gentlemen who lunched on the of opus at the Brighton aquarium trying t in turn boiled broiled and cold. They found it. Excellent eating reset Jling skate but not so tender As might be. The verdict would probably have been still More favourable had the octo pus been boiled first and then roasted is is the Way in Corsica where the monster is esteemed a great delicacy. Journal. Saw the elephant and died. That there is u limit to elephantine endurance was proved Long ago by the dismal drenching administered to a cer Tain tailor of Delhi whose excessive hardiness with the Needle prompted my to offer gratuitous and unprovoked insult to a huge pachyderm which of traded the tip of its trunk upon his notice As he sat in his shop window. A. Still More terrific reprisal than this has recently been exercised by a vexed ele Phant upon an imprudent person who trifled with the colossal beast s appetite it provoked it to ungovernable fury. The elephant in question constituted the great attraction of a trav Eling menagerie that arrived in Amster dam a few Days ago and was permitted to Camp out in one of the Public Gar Dens there. An old gentleman inspired by the elephant s amiable expression of countenance with the conviction that maharajah would stand any amount of teasing proceeded to of Fer a tempting Lump of bread to the Ani Mal deftly withdrawing it however beyond the reach of maharajah s trunk each time that receptacle was thrust Forth to grasp it. The ocular perform Ance having been repeated several times the elephant suddenly stepped Forward close to his Side of the railing seized his Tormentor s body in his trunk lifted him clean Over the Barrier interposing Between them and hurled him to the ground. Having got his enemy Down maharajah trod upon him with such indic tire vehemence that when the much too merry old gentleman was finally got out of the enclosure he was London Telegraph. Thoughts. Myths originate. No doubt Many legends of the ancient world though not really his tory Are myths which have Arisen by reasoning on actual events As definite As that some four years ago. Was terrifying the peasant Riml in North Germany and especially in pose. The report had spread far and Tomt All Catholic children with Black hair and Blue eyes were to be sent out of the country some said to while others declared it was the King of who had been playing cards with the Sultan of Turkey Ted had staked and lost fair haired Blue eyed children and there were floors travelling about in covered carts to collect to Chi and the schoolmasters were helping for they were to have so for every child they handed Over. For a time the popular excitement was quite serious the a Reutbr kept the children away from school and hid them Ami when they appeared in the streets of the Market town the Little ones Clung to them with terrified looks. Or. Schwa Ilze the Well known took the pains to Trace Tolfe Rumor to its source. One thing was quite Plain that its prime cause was that grave and Learned body the anthropological society of Berlin who without a thought of the commotion they were stirring up had in order to class the population As to race induced the authorities to have a census made throughout the local schools to Ascer Tain the color of the children s skin hair and eyes. Had it been Only the boys to the government inspection of whom for military conscription the German peasants Are Only too Well accustomed nothing would Heve been thought of it but Why should the officials want to know about the Little girls hair and eyes science Mont taking Atli upon it the London times tells tin Good Story a Clergyman who lately Lef Liverpool in on of the huge Ocean steam it s began to feel rather soon after leaving the Mouth of the River and having had an introduction to tin Captain sought him out to learn if then was any danger. The Captain did no answer immediately but Levi his Passen Ger to the forecastle Ana told him to list on to what was going on. The Clergyman was shocked to Hoar a Paity of sailors swearing Vigoro by and expressed i horror to his conductor. The Captain merely remarked do you think these men would swear in such a manner if ther was any real whereupon the Parson seemed satisfied and retired. A Day or two afterwards when they in l Sefu hints on Economy. If every Man of family would Lay in Small amount of Copper wire from coarse to Fine and some rivets and burs of the same Metal also a pair of pin res or pliers suitable for use with wire ind a pair of Tinner s shears or snips n punch to make holes for the rivets and a Hammer he will have an outfit with which a person with very Little Mechan ical skill can save enough Money every year to Pav the subscription Price of our paper by mending cracked or broken articles about the premises with the rivets he can almost instantly Rand in a durable manner any broken strap about harness replace sundry Iron hoops on hollow Ware and will Fine frequent use for them for other Arti cles often preventing loss of time in sending to the harness maker or other manufacturers. The Copper wire Wil come into frequent use in every House hold to keep intact Many things weak inked by use fractured or broken Suol is or on the farm Rake Fork or Hoe handles by wrapping the wire tightly Rouru the injured Tho end with the pincers firmly and cutting them off with Tho shears a neat Durn blk Job is accomplished. Copper Wir can be easily restored after having kinked by frequent use by drawing i forcibly around an Iron Rod or hard Wood. By the help of the shears joints of stove pipe can to shortened thou Rean ired and extra tin Oasis of Al sizes can be made to serve Many us Cru purposes. Leaks in roofs can to easily remedied by inserting strips of tin two inches wide and six inches Long under Tho shingles where they join. This Patchwork cannot be seen As the strips Are covered by the shingles. Strips of tin tacked Over knot holes or season cracks in floors or to guard against ver min such As mice and rats Are cheap Uncle efficacious. By cutting out the Side or end of kerosene cans and turn ing Down the sides with the pincers and imn Irner and inserting either Sid Wiso or crosswise a wire bail the will to found As durable and Handy As Aud will last longer than hooped wooden Ware. A confirmed card player became con Vinced that card playing was perhaps because he had a Long run of bad Luck and perhaps for higher reasons. He broke the subject very gently to his companions when they were Busy at their favorite game by saying Verioti sly Well friends i think after All that a great Deal of valuable time is wasted in playing his partner who never dreamed of the depth of his remark answered yes i be often thought so too. Just thinly for instance How much time we waste in lot and touch of hand. Hoar Aud Oyt a that Bce a know Paui u her i i this nov that in our Fanti Arp ail the Simc. Alone. Jilt Cal Ari Otlet a r Ali in Lvov a. In or s list Tel a touch a Korinow Cseh the a he re. Can aunt her to. We a i lir a Clear As that i Vilich to i duty. Tor h re it Lac by limn an Light. Jut the or Hie lil lit is Day. N eartly. A h a n alone hath Clear fared l i you Call me our mortal the v by liar that parts Var each of ii As on Lieh part Star Troin a Narce is k but a name i or that Olfe would namely. Until our in rapture claim Snow take in irl Linn. Voltaire s remains. To Hen he died at Paris in May 1778, he Church there refused be culture to to Arch enemy and his body was in erred in Champagne. During the revolution tie National Assembly de Creed that to Oltaire s remains should be wrought to Paris and they were accordingly deposited in the pantheon with great pomp in 1791. Thither of presently came the body of Eort Sean. One dark night in May 1814, when the bourbons were enjoying their own again some of the faithful indignant that the Bones of such ene Mies to religion should rest in Conse crated ground Thrpo. The Pell Mell into a sack and carried Vliem to a Point in the suburbs near Bercy where there was a Large vacant lot belonging to the cite. Here a Hole had been already dug. And the contents of the sack were shaken into it and covered with Quick Lime. The Hole was then filled in and the conspirators trampled Down the Earth. Voltaire s heart had been saved by a whose family it remained until 1864. On its then being offered to the government Napoleon ii decided that it should be placed with the body. On consulting the archbishop of Paris that functionary suggested expediency of verifying the actual presence Voltaire s remains. An investigation followed and the truth came ont. The heart was then placed in the National Library and a portion of the brain appropriated by the sur Geon at the autopsy was publicly sold. Its present whereabouts is unknown. Religious notions. Notions about religion May grow no in people s Heads As hair grows on them any feeling. Much that we cannot ask of Man we Are o so glad if any Wise and Friendly Man will offer. Whosoever examines and enjoys a scripture Story feels that he is brought nearer to god thereby. Whatever innocently interesting the mind fills the heart with pure affectionate feeling serves for edification. Christ has both to make himself de sired As a guest and to persuade those who already desire him that he is most willing to Coine. It is quite natural and very useful that there should be much homely and simple narrative in the Bible. This makes us feel that salvation comes to the and does not merely wait in the Church till we go to it. The Evangelic narratives domesticate the gospel in our souls the dignified Ruth becomes affable yet. Remains dignified end we love what we Revere because it is so familiar with t. T. Lynch. Oki Gix of the tee i Uncle immediately after the inst declaration of War with England Elba set Anderson of new York then a contractor visited Troy on the Hudson where was concentrated and whore lie purchased a Large Quantity of pork Etc. The inspectors of these articles at that place Scro messes. Eben Ezer and Samuel Wilson. The latter gentleman invariably known As Uncle Bam generally superintended in person a Large number of workmen who on this occasion were employed in Hunt ing Over the provisions purchased by the contractor for the army. The casks were marked e. This work fell to the lot of a facetious fellow in the employ of the messes. On being used by some of his fellow workmen the meaning of Tho Mark for the letters u. S. For United states were then almost entirely new to them said he did not knot unless it meant Elbert Anderson and Uncle Sara Wilson. The joke took upon Tho workmen and passed currently and Uncle Sam himself being present was occasionally rallied by thai of the increasing extent of his possessions. Many of these work men being of a character denominated food for were found shortly after following the recruiting drum and dashing toward the Frontier lines for the double purpose of meeting the ene my and of eating the provisions they had lately Laboured to put in Good order. Their old jokes accompanied them and before the first Campaign ended this identical one first appeared in print it gained favor rapidly till it penetrated and was recognized in every part of the country and will no doubt continue so while nation. The United states remain a spa erf

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