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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 18, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota The jump Kif. Of Greenly and fair in the lands of the Sun the of Tho Gourd and the Rich Melon run and the lock and the tree find the cottage in told with leaves All greenness and blossoms a. Unit o or Nii Zevah s Prophet once grew while lie waited to know that his warning was True and centred for the storm Cloud and listened in for the Rush of the whirlwind and red tire of on the of the acrid the dark Spanish my Den counts with the fruit of the tangled line Usu. I. And the Creole of Cuba laughs out to behold through Orange leaves shining the Broad spheres of Gold yet with dearer Delight from his Home in the North on the Fields of his Harvest Tho Yankee looks Forth where crookneck Are coiling and yellow fruit fines and the Sun of september melts Down on his Ahou thanksgiving Day when from cast and from West from North and from South come the Pilgrim and guest when the Gray haired new England or sees round hib Board the old broken links of affection restored when the cure wearied Man seeks his Mother once More and the worn Matron smiles where the girl smiled before what moisten the lip and what brightens the Eye. What Call Back Tho past like Rich pumpkin Pic of fruit loved of boyhood the old Day recall ing when to u Wood grapes were Purling and Brown nuts were falling when wild ugly faces we carved in its skin out through the dark with a Candle i Luu we laughed round the Corn Heap with hearts All in time our chair a Broad pumpkin our lantern the Moon tales of the fairy who travelled like team in a pumpkin Shell coach with two rats for u team then thanks Tor thy present none sweeter or letter k or smoked from an oven or circled a Platter. Fair hands never wrought a pastry More Fine brighter eyes never watched o or its baking than thine. And the prayer which my Mouth is Loo full to express swells my heart that thy Shadow May never grow less that the Days of thy lot May be lengthened below and the Fame of thy Worth like the rom skin Vine grow and thy life be As Sweet and in last Sunset void us a. Did fair As thine own pumpkin John. G. Ihmi a. A thue ghost Story. The Story i am about to Rel Etc is strictly True. The adventure therein related happened to two of my nearest relatives father and of whom arc Lis ing and ready to Bear witness to its truth. From my father s own lips i have received it Ana i will Endeavor to give it As nearly As possible in his own words urn nay Youthful Days i was called to the bar As was also your Uncle Paul. We entered the Law for different reasons i from Choice and inclination lie for convenience. However we began our career at the nine and it so happened that 1s-8 we were both engaged on Tho South Wales the assizes were held in a town where a great Friend of my brother s lived. He therefore proposed to make his House our Headquarters and wrote to say that if convenient both he and my self would partake of his hospitality Tor a few Days. Letter in. Answer told us that or. Hawkins was from Home but having left servants in the House and a House keeper in charge who would attend to All our wants to begged that we would make ourselves at Homo there to Long As might suit us. Accordingly though Paul was disappointed at losing the Prospect of seeing his Friend we agreed to a there having no better arrangement in View. Arriving we found a Large cheer Ful looking Villa on the outskirts of the town f iveing a Stream backed by Tower ing Hills and with a Nice Garden and pleasure grounds surrounding it. Every thing both inside and outside the House wore a air of Comfort and brightness not often to to met with in a Bachelor s Home. The household now consisted of three female housekeeper and two Only Man servant having accompanied his master on Bis travels. The housekeeper a tidy comfortable old lady showed us round the House and having taken a Down a Long corridor lined with doors asked us take one of two or three bed zooms already prepared for the reception of visitors. Last of All she took us into a Large double bedded room at the end of the passage before named with two Tine buy windows com manding separate views of the grand Welsh Hills which were All around. We both exclaimed with Delight a she ush ered us into it. Said the old lady is whore the master sleeps when his brother conies Down Here. They each have one bed. It is master s fancy because they always slept in the same room As boys and they like to keep it up. Master said that either this room or any of the other three was to be Tor you sir whichever you please to choose Ned cried my brother who was stationed in one of the windows suppose we follow Hawkin s example and take up our abode Here where could one find a More splendid View i positively cannot tear myself away from this window and i followed his Caze As he spoke Clown a Valley of exquisite Beauty indeed bordered on one Side by along Range of gorse covered Hills with a rippling Stream winding through its midst. I agreed gladly and having told our decision to the housekeeper she curtsied and withdrew. I shall make a Point of paying Haw Kins a Long visit next exclaimed Paul when the door was closed. By Jove what fibbing there must to in that Stream it is enough to make one crazy to have to pore Over those everlasting briefs this glorious weather a waste of life in fact in t it i smiled at the enthusiasm of my younger brother. He was us May to guessed from the above speech not wholly in love with his profession and nature us Well As inclination would to have designed him for a different calling. Strong tall and athletic High Spint etl and daring it seemed a sort of contradiction in nature to see him poring Over old Dusty books of the Law. Far better could i picture him at the head of a regiment or leading an exploring party through the wilds of Africa. Nevertheless for tune and Tho necessity or Larnino his bread had placed him were he was and All things considered he made a of Ood fight out. Had some Tough work to get through that evening preparatory to next Day s business before to could explore the Lovely scene around us and not until we had completed it and dined did we set Forth upon our ramble. Then a Bro ther barrister joined us and we went out on an exploring expedition. We followed fora mile or two the windings of the Stream and Paul observed with longing Eye the Trout that Lay asleep in Shoals in its Clear deep pools. We watched the Hawks and Buz Zards flying to their nests and finally after a toilsome ascent of one of the High est Mountain Points we sat Down and watched the Moon Rise Over is Lovely a Seeno As Ever delighted the Eye of Man. It was late in the night or rather Early morning when we returned to Plas Mervyn and Tho old housekeeper who opened the door looked As if she had been aroused from her first sleep but she most punctilious by did the honors of the place and having partaken of a cosy supper which she provided we retired to rest. I waa never More heartily tired in my life than when leaving hastily thrown off Iny clothes pausing to lock the door invariable custom both at Home and i threw myself on the luxurious Spring bed which awaited me. The bed i had chosen Lay along the Wall at right angles to that occupied by my brother whose feet As he Lay faced to the door. I have said that i was much fatigued and never did fail More quickly into a heavy and dreamless slumber. Heavily As i slept however. I was awoke and complexly awoke the word is uttered in my brother s voice. The Iii you was room Al most As Light As Day and raising myself in bed i beheld Paul also half raised and reclining on his Elbow and Between his bed and mine but nearer to and facing him i most distinctly saw somebody a tall Large figure whether menu or woman i could not distinguish with some sort of Loose drapery hanging round it. I called out without a moment s reflection. What s the matter who is and making a rus ii out of bed i Flung myself toward the unknown person with some vague intention of col Laring a burglar. To my amazement i rushed past it through it As it seemed to my brother s bedside and when i reached it there was nothing to be one but our Twe selves visible in the room. I made a dash Ai. The door it was locked As i had left it the night before and that no our had lately passed through it i had the Evi Dence of my senses to Tell. For the first time an sort of chill came Over me for l had not Only seen but had to presence of a third person in the room and f knew Paul bad seen it As Well. Did you see i of course i saw said Paul that was Why i called you is i exclaimed. What on Earth does it mean the door is locked and no one came in that Way. Are their any secret doors in this room do get up. And let us look Uncle then got up and we commenced a thorough examination of the whole place moving the furniture rap Ping on the Walls and searching every crack and Crevice but without the slight est result. It was a ghost alter All old said Paul at length. Let us turn in again and never mind it. Aie very harmless cteatures., and i am too tired to sit up even for a ghost so we did As he said and being Verv tired were soon asleep again and slept soundly till Daylight streamed in to our room. Thu assizes lasted a week ant we remained at our present quarters enjoying to the full the Brief snatches of country life which our Lew Leisure hours enabled us to enjoy. It was a Ireat after the Stuffy air of London Aud we were disturbed by no More ghostly visitations. We discussed the subject sometimes and almost persuaded our selves that it was a result of being Over tired in mind Aud body and that it was caused by an excited imagination and overtaxed brain. It required a Effort on my part to imagine your Uncle in any of the above conditions. He was about the last Man that i should think Likely to fail under an hallucination of any kind. If it appears again speak to it. I said. It is perhaps some poor creature who cannot rest in Giac because of an a redressed wrong the old tale you and ghosts cannot speak until spoken to i certainly lie replied if it gives me the Chance this was on the last Day of our stay at Plas Mervyn. We were to Start by coach in the morning. I Hud a Brief to attend to and resolutely remained Iii looks that evening while my brother took his ramble. I sat till very late in my room writing busily. Paul had warned me not to wait up for him so when i had finished my writing and found it was already twelve o clock i shut up for Tho night and went to bed. I must have slept very soundly for i have no recollection of hearing my brother coming to bed but in my dreams it must have be on Long after i thought i heard his voice talking. I heard it again More distinctly and gradually arousing became conscious that there was talk ing in Rny brother had spoken. I rubbed my eyes and looked about bewildered. Between my brother s bed and mine in exactly the same position there stood again that same figure i had seen on u previous right. As i gazed Paul spoke again. I believe he said what do Ycu something of the kind. There was no answer but the phantom moved toward the door and a great Long Arm was extended under the drapery and seemed to Beckon him to follow. Next minute Paul was out of bed and both he and the figure disappeared through the door. All this happened in a second or to. I thought i was dreaming jump ing out of bed to make sure of it i saw my brother s bed empty. I was about to Rush after him when i Bethought me of lighting a Candle. It took but a Mii Ute to effect this and then Candle in land i entered the Long passage which eel to our room. At the far end of it in Lis night shirt ghastly Pale and leaning against the Wall i beheld Paul. He was Ilone and staring straight before him Ike a Man in a trance. It was sometime a Foro i could Rouse him sufficiently to Jot him Back into the loom again. Even Hen he did not speak at first. Paul 111 heaven s name what is it what have you i exclaimed for lie continued Pale and trembling. O Good heavens was his first pc Lamarion As he Sank into a chair am asleep or i have reamed such a thing and i void i was t frightened. You saw it was i assured him that i had seen it Well. I Fol owed it to find out where it went and saw i asked eagerly. He did not speak Lor a moment and then he told me that the phantom had led him to the end of the corridor where it paused pointed with its Finger to the ground and disappeared. There lying full in the rays of the Moon which shone through an Oriel window overhead he beheld a coffin and on it in Large White letters the following inscription Paul Mer Rell. Born june a 1300. Died october 10, 1328. It was now june of the year 1828. What he told me made Rny blood run cold. In vain i told myself that it was a dream. I myself had seen the apparition and had seen it twice Over. Determined however to find out it any trick had been played on us i in stantly went Down the Condor this time without a examined particularly All spot where Rny brother had described the coffin to have been. Not a Trace of anything unusual could i find. All was still and peaceful and so Dright was the Moon shining thai i could perfectly distinguish the faces o1 the old portraits on the Walls. My brother was visibly changed after this. He did not speak much on the subject after this nig in Anil 1 observed thai lie became Graver and More silent and thoughtful and his old boisterous spirits quite forsook him. For myself though i was not i be Lieve naturally superstitious and i Felt persuaded that a the end i should us Ravel the mystery and Trace the strange apparition of that night to natural causes still i feared for him Lor the occurrence seemed to have taken a hold upon his mind and i had heard of cases Weic such warnings merely through working strongly on the imagination had Brough about their own fulfilment. "1 set myself in every Way to diver his mind from the subject and Flecter. To laugh at the whole thing and to make sure of being Al to gift it out but wrote privately in our Friend Hawkin my Iother particularly wished it Kep a and told him the state of the Case beseeching him if he could hint u any possible explanation of the mystery to do so without delay. Ofis letter m Asmo to unsatisfactory he had never heard of such of jul Nance n his Lite. There was an haunted Cham Ber in his House nor did it even boast an Heridi Virv ghost of any sort nor did i believe any of the servants the old woman before mentioned and her two nieces All of whoa had lived with him Lor years capable of playing i trick of any kind. I was forced drop my investigations but i kept an anxious Wutcik Uvea Paul and a. Far As business permitted was constantly with him. To in Greal alarm i saw that a. The months Roucis on his depression it Mcd to increase privately i a physician on tilt Case. Uis advice but seconded the promptings my own cumm ii sen in his mind in every possible change of thing to keep him from brooding Ovtia it it we j now the ii l of sept embed 1828. The Day Drew near to my great vexation i was summoned away from Home just a this time. I was a Call that i could not Well to obey. I pondered devising every possible Means of remaining my brother till after the 30th. Nil resources failing i committed him to one or two trusty friends to whom i told till the binding them to solemn secrecy and with a anxious heart set Lorth of my journey. I had to pass not fur from the scene of our summer visit. I made it my Busi Ness to go to pias Mervyn and from thence to give it More an air of truth i wrote my brother the following letter a fabrication from to falsehood if you surely a Par Donable falsehood if Ever there was one Deai i have solved the mys Teiry of Plas Mervyn. You will laugh with me about it when i see you again Aud so i hoped he would dear nyl. No time for particulars Hawkins is Well. We changed horses at 1-5., Aud so i came Here fur a sight of him. Will again from s. In terrible haste Vours. This i hoped would buoy him up till the dreaded Day was and that Over the danger averted. My Friend Hawkins sympathised kindly in my anxiety. Not Content with expressions of sympathy to insisted of making business in town for the second week in october and assuring himself of my brother s welfare promising to let to know the 10th and the Fol lowing Day How he found him. Ile Iven Only knows How in u Distant town in the North of England i awaited those letters. They came surely enough and poor Uncle Paul Here my lather would pause and shake his head sadly while he pauses i will take up the thread of his Story and finish it for Pooi Uncle Paul what of him simply that he is alive and Well at tins inocent a Hale old Man of sixty five that am i engaged Dine at his House at seven o clock this e ening by the by it is now half past Aud that on this Day three weeks the once dreaded 10th of always kept As a Day of Jubilee in his family i am to be married to is youngest prettiest girl in so much for ghostly predictions Why he loved his teacher. A Schoolboy about ten years old was the other Day halted by a benevolent minded citizen and asked if he liked to go to school. No was the prompt reply. Then you Don t love your a yes sir. That is i did until yesterday but now i Why have you loved her since yester Well you know Jack Cain Well he s the worst fighter in our room. He can lick Rue and two other boys with one hand tied behind him. Well he was go ing to lick to last night and he was shaking his fist at me in school and showing his Teeth and getting to Allex cited when the teacher saw him 1 did Yon bet she did and the Way she took him out of that and walloped him and humbled him Down made me feel As if she were a Mother to inc. When school was oat. Jack class t touch nobody. To was wilted Down. And when i hit him with a hunk of dirt he never even looked around. I i m going to try and lick him in the morning before he gets Over feeling thoughts. When you Bury an old animosity never mind putting tip a Tombstone. Worrying will Wear the richest life to shreds. A Sweet temper is to the household what Sunshine is to Trees and Flowers. Everything we meet with Here below is More or less infectious. If we live Habi Wally among Good and pleasant people we inevitably will imbibe some thing of their disposition. Reflected. Far on the Hillside some resplendent Blaze fronts the Low Sun and blinds my As i craze. Arhat sudden splendor All the cold air thrills what dazzling to Lares adorn these lonely lulls slow sinks the Sun i look and look twas Day s last Elory lit some easement pane. A poor reflection transient but How Bright Only a broken Ray of heavenly father o let thy radiance be. So mirrored in Ely Saul that looks to thee so let Rny spirit with thy brightness Shine that wondering Man shall know the Light divine free me from stains of passion of grief and Ein to glow without for thee and Home Hose Tonij Cooke in Good company. A strange dream Story. There is an inexplicable i believe has never been among the traditions of the fat Fertile Hill country of Western most Quarter in the world to serve As a Breeding place of mystery. It was settled most wholly by Well to do Farmers from the North of Ireland economical hard working too after the exact manner described by John Knox and having Little patience with any a Mauiu i. Not a Likely people assuredly to give credence to any fanciful superstitions and still less to originate Tern. Thia Story indeed has a bold matter of fact character in every which quite sets it apart from re lations of the supernatural. I have never heard it explained and it is the Best authentic Al mystery in my knowledge. Here it is in Brief among the scotch Irish settlers in Washington county in is 12 was a family named Plymire who occupied a comfortable farm and House. Itch cd the daughter was engaged to a Young Farmer in the neighbourhood. Of a saturday evening in july having finished Hei week s work she dressed herself tidily and started in visit her married Bis Ter who lived on a farm about rive Miles Distant intending to return on monday morning. She tied up her sunday gown and hat in a Check ered handkerchief and carried her shoes and stockings in the other hand meaning to walk in her Bare feet Ami to put them to when she came in bight of her desm Tiou after the canny scout fashion. She left Home about seven o clock in order to have the Cool evening for her walk. The Road to the farm was lonely Aad. The l lil did not return Homo on lion Day but no alarm was it it As the family thought that her sifter would probably wish to detain her for a few Days and it was tit until the latter part of thit week thut it was found she had never been at her Siiter s. The country was scoured but in vain tiie alarm spread and excited a degree us Tenor u the peaceable to it Stie Community which Wurum seem in Eppli Cable to City people to whom the newspaper has brought .1 Bud Tret of crime Situe their childhood. To children raised in the lonely hamlets and Hill farms was a Frt Ojo. Unreal horror ail they pm a u i was from the doings of can1it nil in the family Bible. The Sirh get Hosae on saturday at seven o clock. That nig it Long before ten o clock i Rumers go to bed with Thea woman living in Green county about forty Miles from the Plymire farm awoke her husband in great error declaring that she and just seen a a tinder done4, and went on to describe a the had never Eta before Hill country with a Wigon Road i tinning through Aud a girl with a bundle tied in a Check ered handkerchief her shoes and White Stock Ings in tiie other hand walking briskly Down the Side of the Road. She was met by i Young woman judged from their manner the uce Piug was by sat Down on a log and talked Lor time. The Man it last Rose stepped behind her. And drawing out u Hatchet struck her twice on the heart. She fell Back Ward on the Rotten leaves dead. Presently the Man was joined by another also Young who asked. Is it donor hand together they lifted the body and carried it away out of her sight. After a they tame Back found the bundle of sunday livery and tiie shoes and stockings nil of which were stained with blood. There was a ruined old Mill near the Road they went into it. Lifted a Loose Board in the Ilo Rinir put the Bun dle shoo Etc. With the Hatcher under Neath ii id be placed the Board. Then they separated and went through the Woods in different the Larmeir s wife told her dream to her husband that a Wirht the nest Day sunday to a Little country Church she remained during the intermission by tween the morning and alter Oon services. The neighbors who had come from acir Ruit of Twenty Miles to Church gathering according to their homely habit in the to eat their lunch and the noses. Our dreamer told her Story again and again Foi she was impressed by it As if it had been Rea Ity. After the aft Artoon service the Congre gation separated going to their widely scattered Homes. There were thus Maas witnesses ready to cart ill to the walking swiftly led them to the old Mill and the Board under which Lay Tho stained clothes Aud the Hatchet. The girl s body Wasto Turl afterwards buried by a Creek near at hand. Rachel s Lover had already been arrested on suspicion. It was hinted that to had grown tired of the girl and for Many reasons found her hard to shake p2. The woman recognized him in a crowd of other men Ami startled her companion still More by Point ing out another Young fellow from the West As his companion in her dream the Young Man was tried in the town of Washington for murder. The dreamer was brought into court and an Effort was actually made to put her on Tho witness stand but even then men cannot be Hung on the evidence of a dream. Without it there was not enough proof for conviction and the jury unwilling enough we May be sure allowed the prisoner to escape. It was held As positive proof of his guilt that he immediately Marrier the sister of the other accused Man Anc removed to Ohio then the wilderness of the r. H. D. In Lippincott 8 mag de Jiunn Kean. Face that the woman had told her dream the morning after the murder was committed at a distance of forty Miles when it was absolutely impossible that the news should have reached her. There were no telegraphs we must remember and 110 railways in t Jose even mail carriers in those secluded districts. When the Story of the girl s disappear Ance was told Over the country at the end of the next week the people to whom the dream had been repeated recalled it. Now a jays the matter would Only serve As Good material for the reporters but the men of those Days still believed thut took an oversight even of their dreams. Might not this to a hint from Lim the Kev. Charles Wheeler a Bap is Clergyman of Washington Well town in Western Pennsylvania and Vir Ginia a generation ago and Ephraim Lilaine esq., a magistrate father of the present senator from Maine and As popu a a Man in his narrower Circle drove Over to see the woman who had told the dream. Without stating their purpose hey took her and her husband on pre Ense of business to the Plymire Arm. To was the first time in her Lite that she lad Leit her own county and she was greatly amused and interested. They prove Over the whole of the Road Down which Rachael Plymire had gone. Have you Ever seen this neighbor one of them asked. Was Tho reply. That ended the matter and they turned Jack taking a Little used Cross Road to time. Presently the woman started in in great agitation crying this is he place i dreamed they assured her that Rachel Plymire my not been upon that Road at All. I know nothing about she said but the girl i saw in my dream came Long Here there is the path through which the Mau came and beyond that turning you will finita the log on which in they did find the log and on the ground the stains of blood. The woman now the great tragedian i laced All the year the theatre was in great Straits Thi managers wore As drowning men clutch ing at straws otherwise they would no have ventured upon the desperate expedient of suffering air. Ivean to appear for weeks he had Hung about the Thea tre begging that he might Havi a trial. He was known to the stage door keepers As the Man with tin because of the heavy Coachman Cape lie was bitter Winter weather the Snow two feet deep upon the ground. Lie allowed his Chai Ici at but one rehearsal waa though necessary this was on the morning of Thi memorable january 2-j, 1s14, the Day for his i re Romance. He re pealed hi-3 Spe Chc with some Intima Tion of the manner he proposed to adopt in delivering them before the footlights his play Fellows predicted failure tin manager boldly denounced the in ii ovations of the provincial actor. If am wrong the Public will in me i said the tragedian of the theatre Hoyt i Exeter. The stage manager shrugged i. I shoulders. The actor dined liberally Lor the first time in Many Day.-, upon Steak and Porter than walked the Rouse the Snow from his lodging in Cecil Stine to the theatre carrying his properties us old pair of Biack silk stockings Collar and a Black contrary t All precedent Hii shy lock wore a Black up in a a my kerchief Anc thrust into the pocket of the great Coa with the capes. The House was Only i Quarter full. The play began Dre Arih enough. Yet shylock s Early As Ivean rendered totem they were like a chapter of Douglas a Carroli was wont to impressed tin audience stirred to extraordinary in thus Asui afterwards when the time Cam. For the actor .6 outbursts of Pas Sion. Oxberry wit. Surprised that of Small an audience kick up to great a the Success of Deinum shylock could m Lunger be Jues to sued. The triumphant actor a Urrico Home crying exult Lurly to his wife Mary you shall ride in your Carriage Aud Charier my and he the three year old baby from Bis cot. You shall go to Eton on the actor s Ond night the receipts were just double those of the is to House was half Lull. The committee of management began to doubt whether a genuine Success Hud liven achieved they Hai suffered to much from quasi successes they even contemplated the removal o Kean s name Tiroui the Bills and the Tria of another candidate. Lord Byron Seuss Bly expostulated you have got great Genius .101002 you and you Don t know it. But he will fall through like Manv others unless we lift him and Force the town to come and see him. There is enough in Kean to Bear out any extent of panegyric and it will nut do to Trust an Opportunity like this to the Mere Rou Tine of Ordinary chance.-. We Mut go in a buds rail up in the proprietors Aud editors of the leading papers and ask them to attend person and write the articles this advice was followed with the happiest results for key Kiev Fame Aud Fortune. He appeared in shylock Iii teen times during i first Jason at Druid Lane an -1 tiie part remained to the last one Ufalie most admired in Bis Ropert Orv. A Light in the window. Oft the coast of one of the Orkney is lands and right opposite the Harbor stood a Lone Rock against which in Stormy nights the boats of ret ruin. To her Tuuu struck and were lost. Fifty years Ign there lived on this is land a Young girl in a cottage with her father and they loved each other very tenderly. One Stormy Iii rat the father was away of the sea in his Fisherman s Doat. Aud though his daughter watched for him in much fear Aud trouble he did not come Home sad to Tell in the morn ing his dead body was found washed upon the Beach. Luis boat As he sought the Harbor had struck against the lonely cock Aud gone Down. In her deep sorrow this Fisherman s orphan did not think of herself alone. She was scarcely More than a child hum Bio poor Ana weak yet she said in her heart that while she lived no More beats should be lost on Tho lonely if a Light shining through the window would guide them safely into the Harbor and so after watching by the body of her father according to the custom of her peo ple until it was buried she Lay Down and slept during the Day and when night fell she arose and lighting a Candle placed it in the window of her cottage so that it might be seen by any Fisherman coming in from Tho sea and guide him safely in Harbor she sat by the Candle All night and trimmed it and spun but when the Day dawned she went to bed Early and slept. As Many Hanks As sh-3 spun before Lor her daily bread she spun still Aud one Over to buy her nightly Candle and from that time to this Lor titty years through youth maturity old age she has turned night into Day and in the Snow storms of Winter through driving mists deceptive Moonlight and solemn darkness that Northern Harbor has Neser been with out the o Light other Caudle. How Many lives she has saved by the Light of her Caudle and How Many meals she won Lor the starving families of the Boatmen it is impossible to say. How Many dark nights the fishermen depended on it have gone Forth can not be told. There it stood regular As. A Lighthouse steadily As constant care could make it always brighter when Daylight waned the Fisherman had Only to keep it con stantly in View Aud they were Safe there was one thing to intercept it and that was the Rock. However far they might have gone out to sea they had Only Tebear Down for that lighted they were sure of Safe Entrance to the incl Oil. The past. I of Linin Ray past behind me like a Robe threadbare m the seam and out of Date. I have outgrown it. Wherefore Sli Ouid 1 and dwell upon its Beauty and its yes of Oriental splendor or complain that i must needs Distant it i to an weave Tipon the shuttles of the future Yeara a Fabrie More durable. Subdued it May be in the blending of its when sombre shades to Mintle yet the Irlam of Golden Warp shall shoot it through and through while Over All a fad cd Lustre lies and starred with Ireilis made out of Crystal tears my new Robe shall be Richer than the old. I Heck a. A plucky girl. So you won t go to Church this even ing said Otto von pol Heini to his eldest daughter one sunday in de Cember As he and the rest of the family were setting out for the Market town to hear Parson Knoppy preach an Advent Sermon. No int ii. Dorothea can go a my Stead Aud i will keep the keep the Leotise alone to. I will lease Hans to protect the and the Maase. I would rather not have said or three times of the flags of flail to intimate to tiie members of his household that it was time to be of. They came clattering Down stairs and trudged out of dint rent Large and rather noisy troop. Otto Yon Pul Heim was a. Landowner on a Small what would be in England a Ilc Nian he Hau i Tain y of ten sous and daughters pm Hunt counting two servant wenches and a couple of borers whom he treated As his children. The eldest Ottavo labourers a tall. Rosy cheeked fair haired Blue eyed fal Low named Karl bad shown signs of late of being a bit soft 1 about and this displeased her father for though he was a kind master he had a Squire s Pride Aud a void have kicked Karl straight Svay out of his House in he had suspected Maichin of cherishing any regard Lor him. At least this ii what had once said to Kail with Mure ii is than prudence for worldly would perhaps have suggested should begin by turning Kurl Bolo in Malchon s sentiments toward him la i is Penc cd into affection Xor come Tome let s be o2 repeated old Polheim. Impatiently wife and you Bertha. Frida us i Gretchen you Hans take one the lanterns and you Kurl. Lead the Way with the Karl slunk out. Looking very Shetti a. But Chi rely had he got into tin. Open before the Candle in his lantern blown our. And he ran Back to Crit another. Maichin was standing in the Hall Ami struck a match fur him. She strut in a second and third for somehow the phosphorous would not act and theoper i Tiu of lighting was delayed a Karl took the Init in his hand touched Malchau s hand and the girl b Suheil. It s a cruelly cold night to in filtered she. And i Don t like leaving you whispered Karl. I think i shall steal by they could returned so soon. Cociu Steps and voices be the Kitchen had a High window seven feet above the Ioor. And it with shutters. But in the shutters Loz Enge apertures were Cut. Malchen climbed on to the Dresser under the window and looked out what she saw would have made most timid girls jump run away half dead with terror. Nine men not one Black masks on their faces and implements in hand had entered the farm Yard and were evidently holdings a Council As How they should commence their attack on the House. They stood in a group and some of them pointed to the apertures in the Kitchen shutters where Light was visible As if they were taking note of the fact that the farm was not quite abandoned Milstien remembered having heard that brigands had infesting some of the districts in an adjoining province and she saw that if she hesitated to act she would be lost there Hung Over the mantles Eif two double barrelled fowling Pic res and a hours Pion a. Which Veie Al ways kept a Protection the farm against solve in Winter and for the intimidation of poacher ind tramps at other sea sous of the year. Malchen had tse same horror of Iii Arneja As other Girs but at this in it it her blood voted at tiie idea of leaving the farm to be plan without s Rifting a blow for it. Hiir Vou poll Eini owned a Good Deal of Ilver Pluite and was accustomed to keep ii Rev. Of Money within the o Ikea Chest in his bed Aino Nir which nigh to through Thith it if her father were robbed of All his Cash i. Would get into a vile humor which make its Eil cts Felt at the week and Render tilt place uninhabitable. Now maj Icin stood in terror or her la ther when lie a Ang y. R in to the Chimney and tiie. Thei. We try climbed on the table again. Tji Littie lattices outside tiie in tit wide open so Malchen could thrust out the o Iier weapon.5 lire a t a malefactors. Velore doing of. However. He put i Coil into her Mouth to alter t pc ring of her voice and making a i if both hands shouted a a tone which of a Dud like r. Out of Church and come Back to St of if you Are Safe Oil. No. He door will be exclaimed milk Hen in n flutter. Then climb the Orchid an sword Karl nothing daunted and he executed a Wink As he went Forth int the cold. Very audacious lit is 1 muttered Malchen to herself but she apparently thought that it of no use to bar the door if Karl meant to Jet Over the Garden Wali is she simply shut it. Turned Back to spend her even ii a the Kitchen. Herr von Polheim s Sto d a lonely part the country two Miles from in Havana. It bad once been a Castle and All the Rooni. On the ground Rio or tie lame Iii do apartments with Wainscot a Walls and old Oaken furniture. The Kitchen which served As the Ordinary sitting room to the family of an Eveni ice. Was Uitile Fortubne by some we Iii out the drafts Anil by the wifi loaded in the immense chimneys All Day Long. There were Arm chairs under the bulging mantel of the Chimney of either Side of the andirons and in one of these mulches took her seat. She began to knit but soon her work subsided into her Lap. And she begin to stare at the lire in a soft reverie. There were faces of course a the red embers of the crumbling nine logs and Karl s was chief among them. Mau Hen who was a pretty sentimental Young lady of eighteen but somewhat cautious As be comes the daughter of a gentleman who can prefix a you to his name asked in self it she liked Karl. Did she truly eel for him More than she did Tor any other Man would she Grieve for him of he met with a Accident if he left Ler father s service ii he were taken for military service and forced to risk his life in the wars after Fenc no a Little with her conscience the dam Iel decided that she did not quite know what she ought to think about Karl but hat he was a very bold Aud not the be easily put Down Young she admit de to herself frankly enough in her quaint German phrase log. Malchau. From being romantic was a Jold girl and Felt no fear at being alone u the big House on a Winter s evening. The coughing of the wind through the Bare Trees outside the noise of draughts baking doors that was Loose of their Linges the monotonous tick tack of the Utcher clock did not disturb her composure. She sat listening for footsteps ind conned Over in her mind what Sharp hmm she should say to dismiss Karl if to lad the Impe Tience to present himself before her. The worst of it was that Kurl Vas just such a Young Mau As might be dirt Erent to Sharp things. His boldness Sally exceeded his belief. Why. That cry evening in touching her lingers he iad actually but Here Maic Beu gave a slight she Hoard food Apps and fancied that it was Revei to be Sulli gently blamed Karl who had played Ruhaut from Church faithful to his impudent Promise. She Rose Aud stood coyly in the mid Ilo of the Kitchen her Cheeks Pink and or bosom heaving. She thought she would take to flight As soon As Karl s cavy tread was heard in the passage she waited two or three minutes with nit hearing the door open yet there were tips outside and now that her ears Weie trained she heard voices. Her relatives lad not gone an hour so it was not like j a it s who no answer. Rite a at but ii Ither in aver Jim Jet fairly dismayed when they the exclamation h conveyed the i la i that the Olio had lir to spoken or. Not alone but Hai several men under ins i now. Whoa i give the that word lire Sharp and aim straight. I two report instantly followed this command Ami then cume two others. When the report cleared away. Malchen. Who looked out with Haggard her heart thumping awfully the while saw four men stretched out on the Aow Ami saw nothing else. The other live Mem Bers of the band had taken a right. The were loaded with slugs perhaps i have killed them ejaculated Mal Chen. In terror for her combative ardor abated of a a idea now tha so easy Victory had sen Wop. Of dear what shall i do " she had taken up the horse pistol and glanced out to Sec if there was another stint to be fired. Tot re a choking sensation at her and Jle Beirau to whimper. It is All too. She could not Bear the of those dead men. All killed by her hand. But one 01 them suddenly moved and tried to Ris i to his Knees. Immediately the a ent Aiea till Maie Hea pistol to give him is quit Tus but luckily for himself the Man roared out us Maschea Mal Chen help tis Kuril exclaimed the girl. Her voice seemed to expire in her. While her heart turned to ice. Karl is it thou of yes. And i am wounded i am sob Bjo the luckless fellow and it s All for thet1." Malchen tottered and might have fal Len the table had there been any one present to catch her in his arms. It was. The scrambled Down somehow made the door. Holding her Pis Tol. One o As she touched the but site stir mounted it and out. In another moment she could judge with her own of the murderous effects other Voi Ley. Three men Lay on the Snow Stone dead As Lor Kail. Sing hid clean sliced Oil a part of his right oar and Cheek so tint he bled like 7 pig but he was other wife unhurt. Of. Karl Karl How Earnest thou hither in such Malchau As she Tore Ier apron to staunch his wound. Meiu Gott it was for snivel a the unhappy Karl. These men Are Iny friends we had All come for a Lark and meant to carry Theo off for i hoped tha thy too obstinate lather would consent of necessity to our marriage. Of. Of. My peace Karl but of How foolish of sighed Malchus. How could St thou think that nine men Wero required to carry me fir mein Gott. I thought thou wast romantic was All that Karl could say be tween two squeaks caused by the anguish in his Eai. One is sorry to say that the tribunals of Bavaria took a one Eyd View of the Ariar and wanted to sentence Karl fur burglary but the attitude of poor Mal Cheu had been so hero Cal that King Lou is i i. Sent for her to Munich Aud having decorated her with the Cross of civil Mer it asked her what he could do to please her. Pardon Niy Karl Aad give him a Dower to marry prayed Tho faithful Maiden sobbing. His majesty pulled slightly wry face at mention of Dower but courtiers were present so he gave his Royal Promise wouldst marry a Man with one ear. Added he. Laughing. He lost his other for responded Malchau drying her eyes. Well this is a queer said the King amused. We will have n made into a libretto and my Friend Wagner Here shall set it to the composer of the future Bent his head As if the Happy thought had already occurred to new York stir. Heron Netcel h. Terrible vengeance of a husband wife has gone off with a hand Somer Naii dear he writes please hand the enclosed set of false Teeth to my late wife and ask her to be so Good As to return my fathers which in the hurry of the moment she took by my wrote a husband to his wife i shall not be Home till very late this evening. Do not wait for me. It s for thy Sake i work by the Light of the Pale effulgent Moon As if it were the Bright dazzling she did t wait she went and got a detective and hunted him up

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