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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 16 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 16, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesota*3? JEX 33 mim\ ioum standard. FURUSttliH EVDRT THCE-Ql/Y. in r.'Ji, r\*r Ye ar, Iii Itlv-lice, 5*2 00 RATKfT dr A ti VFH ITI SIN G. i ’’"I D A’ 4 w I o IU (» ut j i y) i i»ch I .(H >\ I. oO J 50] 4.50 6.00 10.00'4 inch I -7a •> 50 3.501 <) <K> 8.50 13.005 tach J.5*> •» 50 a BOI 7.O') IL OO 10.504 itwh4 •*><1 5.50! 10.00* 16.00 20 OO5 inch 4.t« •a. VI Ai 1200 !8.U*> 25.00i UR.'I 4 a ti !k Et 7.00 14.00 22 OO mooA vol8. o) 12.00 22.00 30.00 iXj.doI si col xx. 10.440 DL OO 18.00 30. OO 50 OO OO.00VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA* THURSDAY, MARCH 16. 1876. NUMBER Ii , IL* Hankers. r>BKTTISTltT( A. IL STREET, M. I)., CO All wo it i4 Warranted to give complot** *Atish&ctiofi. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN! Office, st his Drug Store, near f*e Post 6fhoe. Albert Lea. Minnesota. DR. DE M. CRANDALL, TA EN TIS Ti Office over A. E. JdffosoVs store, Broadway, Albert Lea lube, I> T> S    It.    A.    Avery. DJSNTISTB.T. A. 33 S cis _£>. "V* E H "2", lUaideut Dentist*—Bnfwd’s Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, - - -    -    Branch    Office, Will be at Wedge & Spicer*8 from March tit ii to ’doth 187ii. REFERENCE: Dr. A. C. Wed?©, Br. C. W. Billiard. Mrs. P. T. Scotland. Mrs. Win. Booth. Physicians. Ms Mi BODuE, Mi Bl) miveifiiw gsnnfjmi in MRS. JOHN STAGE, Has recently returned from her trip East with one of the II. I). BROWN’S ™ nnijnm n|jj Largest- and Best SELECTED STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS, MARKUM. A BKlil. Ul. CHAPTER. I. [.ftCCKSSOR TO F. WALL.] Estsblhrhed -    -    -    18b 7 ALBERT LEA, - MINNESOTA. A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Echange on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Loans Money, DISCOUNTS NOTES, I ride .^»scj»h came, and was welcomed as becram# fht? ditmity of one who had a fortune to bestow. Henrietta thought hp was a “dear ..    ;    tat#”    of    a man, and shd w.iPdered that tions into the house . I really believe the ladies ever let hiifi remain a theh-tliat Charles has fallen in love with the e!<»r ! girl . exclaimed Mrs. Mason to her j Grace, by the contrivance of Mrs rl11^rk!4nil O nidrplpnil in tnrtHiirntn Al K M    t “So tnucli for bringing poor rein I rom the gpnth* i till netter* of female hi fiery, he chowed an nattiest* in 'he Mck room that won d have d tie holer to a Benedict To the int'Mise relief of her devoted friend, G race recovered. The d'** :i,*e was banished from the lo'title, and Mr-Mason and Henrietta ventured to re [Special C«rr»*©|w»rt*lei»ce of Standard. ] SEWS rHeM/TilK YATHl.WI, cantil W’Aaitixt Ton. March 3, UTO. Tin* NewHerald, in ointment' in*; oji ti i* ill tempted ho fica** bluetit of cure the investment of eight} fit* h.if-i Hons of dollars of fuvcijgtfe gold, iii the country ; that it will give w«»rk in thousand* eft’laborers and artisans now I unemployed, that it w»ll Mart into active operation, hundred of factories. I now iarc f in fact that It Will revive trade?. commence, tfnd industry; rwtnfV • prosperity abd will solve the Ammer* I problem. The ar«ror¥e*ft    he good aud is vigort :dj :*t stat cdf Mi. I A new 6o Bt at a tit the Democratic Pot dent has been brought f»if the boun? of us!Ion frW to th# frotit. EYER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE AVANTS OF FALL k WINTER TRADE Which will be sold unusually low. HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN- BEAIR, Mjieery Stables. husband, a merchant in moderate cir- ’ Mason, was not present when her uncle turn cumstanees iu the city of Boston^ arrived; but Mr. Mason, understand- j '*1 trust you have had a pleasant vi ing the trick, sought h -r in ponton and introduced her to the man of non *J “Well, suppose he has; she is a stood girl, is she not V* quickly responded the merchant. “I don’t know but that she is good enough ; but she is s pauper I’’ “Not exactly a pauper, Mrs Mason ’’ “Didn’t we take her into the family to keep her from starving V* “I did not so understand it. You Kellogg in Louisiana, and the impeach totem of < * * * v Aims and Li'-ut Oof. I bv is. Ion* in article ninth d “ Let us make haste slowly ” The genera! ten or of flic article is. that ikes* net** -how This is Ottlonel James O Brcwtdhintf. of St Louis. Missouri. He has n**vff held oflue. but is a lawyer of ar*kft*r*4« edged ability, anda man of unblemi*) cd reputation. His friends, who inin W to Ufge him for the placesjj and tru y. •‘that nothing can be brought up against him, and that this is at* ut* CITY LIVERY AND SALE STAELE. it, madam.” sui?! ruth? Joseph, coldly “Pleasant ! nay. far from it. You do na injustice ; we were perfectly mi-era The poor cirl was loo modest and re- Mf on account of *oUr dangerous ill a vpirir of wtnietsfti upon the part of | ,r .    ,    ,    ’    _    ,    ,, .- -    *    r    *    I    I*    .u .•    O    *    doubted element of strength So far tiring to force herself upon the notice i ness    * mf bern x^-.nlc toward ttonherw Kl I    ....    .    .    . of Encl# Joseph, who was ton deeply j ‘ Humph !” said I nclc Jooepb with J . i •    .    >    Tm„    ,    fl    as lW,lJ or *nteg:rity is concerned, the hill I    ••    •    *    pun I lr.! u.*>    j.*.    i    I    ITM    *    v    w    *i-tl    I    ii    t    j ». _    tit    it    «    % sorbed by the unremitting attentions ’ a sneer.    .    1    .    j    Democrats could hardly confer the of Henrietta to perceive lier situation, The love between friaries and Grace *”*? iern H'pu do ans have ami wa- die I    ^ their wowiirrwtiow ofi * or discover the uictiial capacity in strenghtened by the scenes of suffering !‘*,rT- •••J which the Herald has hereto j . needed a young woman to assist you in < which she acted    '    through which they had passed.was new (<»re denied I h»*e kb© lived there, j ..    .    .    .    ^    M    \ sewing, and employed her at Ital! the    At tea line)* Joseph complained of and unit! cm bis sentioient. Of c*mr-c »a fr* jf1 §he North who have    f,n    y    Dem °f a foreigi *e«A M usual wages.    being    ill,    and    mid that lie had not been Uncle Joseph hid not witnessed their .i ii    .    iii    *B,cwlh    19 that the war in Spain “Yes and isn t she a nnnnnr fur -.ll ii - l i i i    i    i    i    i •    .    i    i    -n    •tudicd and coml rehetHled the sifua v»»    pauper    tor    a    l    Wejj    glace    he    landed    on    the previous MB) at ut! devotion to him in his illne ss.    s    is over. and 13at ’    %    j    day.    without suspecting the existence of some    clearly    whit    a return lo p* wnr coun(rv (icntly, -Irs. Muon ; yon fjrL'et    yjfg Muou and her daughter were strong bond of union between them of the rebel Democracy would result in. I ti at 6 e is my sisters daughter, iwid aj] syuipathy. The ailini? bachelor wa© * r/*        «©»;»in».t*-«ii;^i has fled from Ii RP. Negotiates County, Township, and Schoo District lionds. INTEREST IlJiUr ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE- fai! befire the year is out.” “So much the more reason why Charie8 should look out for himself “It he loves my niece. I sincerely NEW BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, HAR- j h°pe be will marry h^r, for I believe NESSES, anil RELIABLE HORSES. the merchant a little sternly.    conducted to his apartment, arid herb r    ’    *s    * *s ^ie 19 a penniless j teas and jugs of bot water were put in girl for all that. A pretty match lur j requisition. Henrietta volunteered to our Son .    f    pjt ajj njgjjt by bt* bedside and minis “Aud why not for our son ? I am not a mil/ton a in. If the times don’t come easier than they have been, J shall First-class Turnouts at Reasonable Pt 'ires ! eiije lit W*‘k1s Dr ll* ©tore. Residence over Post Office. Albert lev, ----- MINN. i> C Rom IhiuL M, 1^ ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Collect! ohs receive energetic and prompt attent iii* Remittances made daily. Corner of Broadway and Clark atreets, bert Lea, Mum. II.VI.IY, Proprietor. TA IN LAKE CITY, MINN., tv ill treat all diseases to which mankind is mil*}cc*, to tile best ot bis ability. Dr. Charges are in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks in thisState. • Heat Markets. Rowland has made a specialty of diseases of Women and Children, and chronic diseases •if low* standing. By long experience aud Strict attention to his profession, heis conodont ot treating all curable diseases with Success. Obstetrical cases treated with Care and suc.,i*-*s.    (’oiisultionat tree. lo H. D. BROWN, Banker. REFERCENCES. First National Bank, Austin, Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Fourth National Bank, New York Fourth National Bank, Chicago. Mowers A I.,nut .I|||E E||E[[}|)||\ COUNTY BANK. W. WHITE, Wm. TUNELL Well known and long established MEAT    MA Vt ill alway- be found open and well sup- A. CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT, plied with tile BEST QUALITY OF MEAT. Tho*. II. Alt.lfSTUOMJ, Banker. I USTICK OF TH EPK ACE. GENERAL COLLECTING AGENT. \C.. ,y<\, AC. Particular attention paid to Home < oiler* lions.    Office*    at the Court ll"uie. ALBERT LEA.    -    -    -    -    NUNN. Wk HOK.    I*. K« I*. Bibbs. ALBERT LEA. MINN. Hoots and Shoes. WEDGE & HIBBS, A PTOUNKYS sit ANV Boot & Shoe Shop, I (lice, Room No. I, *v edge's Biock, Corner Clark and broadway. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    -    MINN. O. F1. Nelson John A. I/O va LY.    James    ll.    Pakkkb LOVELY & PARKER, ATTORNKYS .Vt l.AW, Having purchased property Broad way, lias opened e on 1 which the conjitry affords. BEEF. PORK, NI UTTON, VEAL. ; Fish and Poultry will always be found ; in their seasons at b's shop, while LARD, TALLOW, IIAMS, SAUSAGE, AC., I will be kept constantly on hand. j him a call. I Four doors south of the Webber House, ALBERT LEA, ... MINN 19if. Give BuOT & SHOE STORE, ■FOR- Office in Hewitt's Block, up stairs 1st door. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, XjAWYER t, A A f)k FOH Si A IL, \ Z I A LA KUT LEA, -    -    -    MINN. CBM MIE WOKE. A. II. M'MUXKX HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET! Four or five workmen will be constantly employed, and orders for New Good or for Repairs will be filled, cheap and on the shortest notice On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE'S STORE. it (’. Hr sew    v. M. Tyke*. STAGY & TYRER, Attorney-’ lit Law. Notaries Public, Real Estate and Collecting Agents. Ct INN EY A NC IN ti Cf ©ll kin Is a leu i ately done. acknowledgments taken oaths administered. Ac. Taxes paid. Titles investigated. Lands bought and seld. Particular attention paid to coHcctiomj fit.rner Clark and Newton Sis., Albert Lea 8tf GIVE HIM A CALL. J. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA DEALER IN Hotels. HALL HOUSE BOOTS & 1 VY. G KOSTKll. Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Minn. W clo To ox* House This Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS to all guests and travelers. Good stabling and ut t entire grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the premises His Stock of fine Goods rfo SPRING AND she is one of the best girls in the world ; certainly she ie vastly superior to the silly, affected, mincing, novel reading misses of fashionable society. I i >m-mend his ta*te and his judgment ” “Well, Mr. Mason, lam surprised!” “Not the least occasion to be eur prised.” “Let me tell yon, Mr Mason, that I never will consent to see Charles throw himself away on a pauper. If you I haven’t the spirit to prevent so dis I graceful a match, I shall send the girl away” “Don’t you do it, madam,” said Mr Mason, in a firm, decided tone J “I shall do it! replied the lady, wax J ing warm at the obstinacy of lier hus-I band, who In trivial matters, was in the habit of Jetting her have ber own way “Iletter not,” quietly responded the gentleman. I    “The minx put on such    airs    and smirked so, that I really believe she meant to catch him ” I    “What, Grace ? Impossible!    She is a little gentle, quiet thing,    arid I    am sure the idea of a flirtation never en -j tered her s;mp!e head ” I    “Humph I” sneered the    lady.    ‘I I know better. And now that he is j really making love to her, the pr Tok ing jade seems to look upon it an a * matter of course ; thinks it is jc— as ! much a proper thing that she should be the wife of our Charles, as though she had been b >rn a princess!” “Poor thing ! I suppose she is bu* i msn. and actually loves the bov I” *    ‘ Loves him or not. I'll make an end of it.” “Don’t bo rash, Mrs. Mason,” replied the husband, twirling in his fin-( | gers a buff envelope, marked “Telegraph.” “What have you got there?” “i had almost forgot to mention that brother Joseph has arrived in New Y’oik, and telegraphs that he will be ; here to night by the New Haven train.” “Ju*t like you ’. Never tell of a thing till the last moment I” said the lady WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR petulantly DOING BUSINESS, HE PRO-    ‘    I received    the dispatch only tw POSES TO GIVE    hours    ago” 1 “Here is another kettle of fish,” con ter to his wants ; but the sick luau did not d«*em it nece-sai v. During all this confusion, Grace j was not to be seen. She was not per I milked to a--ist in the preparations for , the sick man’s comfort; everything must be done by Henrietta's own hand j Notwithstanding the kind attentions lavi>hed upon I ncie Joseph, there was no improvement in his condition ; but on the contrary, he rapidly grew worse, aud at midnight the physician ' was sent for Henrietta f ad not left the bed side for a moment She wa* the most devoted creature in the world. and the bachelor Could not but con trust ber devotion with the otter neg lect of Grace, who Lad not once en- i i tertd hi?* room, even to enquire how lie did. Henrietta’s prospects were decidedly brilliant The phjsidrn came, and after feel-iti-r the pulse of the sufferer, inquired I where he resided when at home. I ade Joseph replied that ht- bud no home—had just come from Ca leon a I “I see,” said the physician* “Wa.* there any sickness ou board ihetdiip T* * j “There was. I came by the overland i route to Liverpool, thence by a New York liner. There wa- a Ste rage full ol emigrants on board, among whom , the fever raged fearfully.”    ,    ,    ,    .    „ “Ju*t so,” returned the physician, i * .' V/ * ip ‘j*, , • and you have trot the chip fever.” j    '    '<    r' “The ship fever !” exclaimed Henri- j ctta. rushing out of the loom. The sick man turned, aud witnessed her abrupt departure. With a sigh, j .'Uch as only eau bt* wrung from a bach- , dor ooucioas of his loneliness, he drew the bed clothes closely srouud him. and , apparently abandoned himself to the fate which the dreadful disease seemed i to foreshadow * The physician made up his prescrip-1 tion aud retired No one was left v. ith ! Uncle Joseph but his brother. “I am deserted, brother,” said the j-ick man. ! “No, brother, I am here.” “Hut there is no band of woman i here ; well, ii Is a dreadful disease,” i aud the sufferer sighed aga ’n Mr Mason went d 'vtn to the sitting, *    O    f room, whither his wife and daughter j had fled. “How is this, wife? Is Joseph lo be at andoned now that he lunet needs attention ?” asked he of Mrs. Mason. “You don’t think whi» readily admitted hi* affection The I bachelor recommended an immediate I marriage. 1 The step was nof. of course, ungrateful to the feelings t*f the InTer Arid the desire to redeem Grace from the I life of drudgery to which she was reduced by the heartlessness of his mother. seemed to demand their imtnedtate unb»n. The young man’.- intentions’were soon noi*cd through the family. Mr© Mason renewed khe opposition she had before made, and even went so far a* to threat ■ en that, if ©he e« old not break up the match, she would embitter the lives of the parties I Bete Joseph rcmons»ral<d “ May I ask. madam, what objection logic winch lead y»u can jxnwiblj have to the mar-riftge? ” said he, with considerable itcri n ss in his mintier. “ What objection ! why, the girl is a beggar:    I    have    employed    her in mv family to keep her out of the almshouse. which. I think, is objection enough,” replied Mrs Bl a son, disliking the inter-j fercnce o! Uncle Joseph. “ Your Poi*, f think, is not wealthy, so that he need demand a rich wife ” ** He need not marry a beggar, for i all that.” upon r rather leaving it in just as ntttwh I roven that the Kepubltesns ut the doubt as before. The question. “BV hit 8.>utIi were correct in their views, and ev« n tile Herald his to acknowledge its err <r. It says Impeachment i- a political expedient in louisiana. In Mississippi the fatno' flute of things »-X’*t liven as revere a critic as Mr. N rdhoff in censuring Off* Ames, ex aerate.** him from corruption. It further says, “ Is there no danger that impeachment will become revolution ?” D> we find in the Sauth wherever (hi Democrats have gained power, a tendency to revolution ? The that way is clear: “The recoil.*!rue?ion acts are unconstitutional and void ; every act don* un-[Kir them is unc nonrational and void T:ie amendmettrs about tile debit m l slavery are like the * die - of Germany annexing Alist* a d Lorraine—the edicts of a c icqr. ror We acc pl th rn e is worthy a prince, beggar •plied very likely,” sneered the lady. “ I owe my fife to her. When others fora *>k me. she wa* constant,’ I ncle .I seph. pointedly. I* She knew yon were rich,” said Mr-Mnaon. sarcastically “ So did you arni your very amiable daughter Y<*u were Ijke angels round *hip we are going to my pill* w. till the doctor said. fever.’ when yon fled like sheep ” The lady looked black a* a thumler cloud “ I trust you wilt withdraw your objections to thi* marriage, Mrs. Mason. You perceive that Charles iv resolute, and will have his own way about it.” continued I acle Joseph, in a more pliable Dine. •* His own way ! All this for bad advising! I cannot prevent it. perhaps; but I will never consent to it No ! a son of mine shall never have mv con-ent to marry a beggar girl ” “ Madam, she is no longer a beggar She is the heiress of all my fortune,” said I neb; J»*ecph. with sadden energy. “ And Henrietta ? ” said she. treaty, because the sword was at her throat, and tho vandal on her soil The SWC rd was at our throat, the vandal un our soil : what the sw trd mike* the ew tfd bri nk* We are not bound bv anything J me under tim revonstrnet-tion acta.” The writer of that article must have, by Some chance, penetrated into the inmost councils of so me of the southern Democratic lenders. He his given in the above cxtr icr the exact argument-they u*e.—what southern Repub Beans charg'd and the I Icr lid dooit-d. It now admits the truth, t» enable it to cantion the Democrats against *!ieh action, until after the uext Presid iitinl election, because such conduct wilt arouse the N »rth and defeat the Dem ocratic candidate No matter how un worthy the motive, we ar** jrlad to see the truth admitted. The advice come* too late, even if it was heeded, for the eye* and the understanding of the people of the North h ive been 'ally opened on this subject, and all danger of a becomes of all the pins ' ’ has often b< en asked, perhaps, and has been answered with about the same illumination. Free. Ewer, many years ago. in this city, was hugely amused at aquation asked in the Sacramento (Jni"fl4 namely. “Where doeJaM the Water g**?’* To wh*ch interrogation the questioner proceeded, with the phllonophirtil m* briety of an owl, to reply th rough a long column article, when it might have been answered in two wo»d*^-the ocean. Hut it is not so easy to answer sa#»«- W    J Factorily the quest ion as to what b.* comes of the precious metals. That a vast amount has been extracted fr ut the earth, according ta an English writer, who. of course, must depend Ut a great degree np*»n guess work, not less than Sa.(HK),OOO,OOI), since the da}s of Noah, in gold and silver, there can be no doubt Of thi# amoQfit he thinks that SB 'JOO,OOO.OOO have be» n produced since the discovery of Ane f* ica. The Christian world to credit* d with having had $2,000,000 OOO. m*-t rt of which has been disposed of by ship BETTER SATISFACTION J tinned the lady, musing. “That ever- lftKt in or j, i4.pp nf hah ret ta «vt » k a THAN EVER BEFORE. only as France signed the Frank! wrecks, gilding, fire and various nth* ways, as effectually, we might sttggrM, as many of our cititcrs have deposed of theirs by investing in stocks, lit thinks this loss proceeds at the rare of Slti.0otj,000 annually, while the pi*»-dwction be puts at $40,000#(Km*# which Is Undoubtedly loo )«.w. J One half of the balance, ffBNO,OOO.* OOO, he thinks is held in the *bftf» r*f plate and ornaments. Of the balance in the anti rhristian world, waste and losses omitted, he thinks that over a thousand billions have been hidden i* Asiatic lands in different ages of tho world and he continue.* that is well known that a thousand m ii lions were thus hidden in india and China, in tit* six years succeeding 1851 j that ta during the time when wholesale murder and slaughter, and wholesale robbery and despoliation w -e the business of the natives and thjir enemies. One would think that China must be carpeted with gidd leaf, paved with silver dollars, glittering with the precious metals, did he think only of the vast sums sent there for hundreds of years ; past, littto or none of which ever come* back. Hut somehow those metal* have a fate there, as they have elsewhere—* a v -      u    ,    oi i 1 t\    .    ~    , they disappear. L ke many other com- W IOU, a fenny ©be de- Dekorra!.® wee** ...the n.xt e >»• modulo, (Wj MTT® .heir Arpc** and r    when    I    most    needed    a    friend,    pa-ia hu pure J away The Herald disappear '**- L ------    " Squash paid for Hides, Tallow. &c., Sic. try him ! NEW MEAT MARKET. stay .» the room -uh the ah.p fever ? Mrted nie tkw ,    .    friend. replied Mrs .Mason    rep!M    the Weheh.r. vehemently. • lf ,    " "" I .    }°l    niaJ,?s be 10 ,hl' roou' “ ’ I had ten thousand fortunes, they would lasting niece of yours is in the way in the house    ...    .    -    . aeam    “We    must leave the house immedi- “I hope the poor girl has no more ately. Why did he not go to the hoe- | .u a •jins to ..nvtror »»    i. ii T.    .    •    j    i    thousand dollars to the newly-married sinh to answer lor.    ;    pitai r It was not very considerate of i «.    ,ka    i    ------------ “W here do you suppose your brother I him to bring the fever into the family, j resj,jnp ,* n . a »*    *8    *    *    6    thousand    Ii-publican rn ij *rit v. h»v«,kno»n that hehad it'” Tb. AMihg. ©ttt'phw    after    In    U    »‘*»'“ •»«" I nave not the remotest idea.    I    “Heaven    forgive    your    heartlessness!    r    j    t    mPin« ,k.ra ^    c i I he ceremony was performed at the means tncre a violation of every it is mv brother to die with no one .    I    .    .    .    . ,    .    . What became of all the might have said (and told the truth) ‘ be bat a poor return for all that Grace r^at Louisiana and Mississippi im has done for me. I make over fifty peacliment meant and was revolution,” for in each of these Stites there i* full TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERY CHEAP, In view of the depression in the Grain Market.    I    Ct OLE TA3STO, Maker and Repairer of ?-w I* ho tog mph s. J'. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, LB BKT LEA -    -    -    MINN Boots & Shoes. Shop on Clark street, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer's Drug store. JOHN M. MARTY, Cir it Engineer A* Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of Ltt Cfossi* i <nmty, Wis , * expect t idly says to the people af Freeborn County that he is prepared to do any kind of Surveying, laying out Town Pints. Roads, etc., as well as making plans and specifications for Houses, Barns, etc.    4114 GOOD NE NY 8! If yam want to buy good FLOUR and FEED, os ll at J. T. GREEN’S El our Feed and Variety , FIKST-CLASSW REMEN are employed. Repairing done to order, cheap and on short notice. Giwe him a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. O. P. Hawsoh.    I.    J.    Paulson. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Loots db Siioos, JACOB STAUDENRAUS Hag opened a new MEAT MARKET on Clark street, east of McNeil & Van Vechten’s C arpenter Shop, where he proposes to keep everything usually found in his line, and also proposes to sell at as LOW RATES as the Market w ill afford A portion of the patronage of the citizens of Albert Lea is respectfully solicited 49tf Hall db ‘West, DEALERS IN General Merchandise, AUSTIN, -    MINN. All work warranted to give ©atiafaction and done to order on short notice. Hhop near cor. of Broadway aud Williams street*, Albert Lea, Minu. Dray Lines. WING & ITOVE’S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended to on first call, and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson s store, Albert Lea, Minn, there you will al way* find lite best quality ?vsr offered Hr sale in this Market, and it the LOWEST PUK E. My l otto is rO LIVE AND LET LIVE! all aud be convinced. Uirtt <Ioor south of (ne People's Store, load way, Albert J,ca. A. ll. SQUIER.    Cr.    H.    BARRITT. SQUIER & BABBITT. CITY EXPRESS A DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the slate at Liticoln Bros. attended tu at once. O- A. ECaugo Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C Himebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of Bl— AC KSMITHING —AND— HORSESHOEING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Seasoned "Wood J Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith’s promptly attended to.    6tf SERVICE BULL AT J. P. COLBY’S STABLE, In grove near big Bakery. Fees, -    - $i OO Albeit Lea, Minnesota. •Don’t you suppose that angelic Hut is my brother to die with no one l 16    »-    m    •    •/•.Iii    ,    . iec. of yours will wheedle him oil of to are for him J” exclaimed Mr- Ma IT f L    !"    *VT I 0P" P    J "* 1>cm"cra,s'    anJ ! poeHom ot his wile; tor when the mer-; shows thou, as rnneh forsworn a. a a part of it ? “I hope so.” “You don’t want he should leave it all in your family, then ?” sneered the lady. “No, I hope he will do justly.” “I wish I could get her out of the way before he comes.” “Don’t attempt it, Mrs. Mason,” said the merchant, with very decided emphasis. “If she were only out of the way, Henrietta would come in for the whole,” added the lady, aa she hurried out of the room to make arrangements for the reception of I ncle Joseph. gold with which Solomon covered hi» grand temple? What became of nil the Spanish spoils in South1 AmfTtf'% and Mexico ? One might ask sot ft questions forever and be no wiser then -fore. Gold and silver serve their purposes and disappear, as do the human race, and old boots and all other material things, and there is none so wise as can tell us accurately what has become that knowledge does not give us any particular gratification. CHAPTER Jr. Uncle Joseph was a Calcutta mer chant, in which capacity he had accumulated an immense fortune. Being a bachelor, the probable disposition of his property became a question of considerable interest among his relations. The family of Mr. Mason, the merchant introduced in the last chapter, included but two children, a son and a daughter Grace was the only daughter of a sister, recently deceased, who had been for many years a widow. It was supposed that Uncle Joseph would make one of his nieces his heiress This was the old fellow’s whim, and no one could gainsay the whim of a bachelor. From some indications of preference which he had bestowed upon Henrietta in her childhood, it was generally believed that she would prove to be the fortunate one. Henrietta had been educated to be a lady. Her delicate fingers were never soiled by rude collision with pots and kettles, and she had been taught to believe that it was delicate sensibility to be afraid of a spider or a bull frog. She played the piano with passable skill and lingered away half her time at full length cm the sofa, pouring over the contents of a novel. son, indignantly.    '    “ ”* ",0    ,u*    »ntn inc mer- shows them as much forsworn as when of them. Wkff the fiTWcet is turned A- r »-    „    i    chant said it should be so, he had the .l unit-    —u i .x.    »-    .    *    *    • * iou must hire a nurse.    I    *__________,      x.    •_    .    they shouldered their guns against *here has the gaslight gone ? one might ...    ,    nrmness to carry his point.    *    c °    *    r- r r ...    ^ “And yon will dnert him ?    Th    „ewlv Mrried ennnl* io,,V ,m •'heir connlry.    >?k,    »nd the question would be »• rea» o “\\ e can t May here where the    shin I    ,vp:r    r„ ;i    " i„, L . .    „    T    ,    able    and perhaps ss difficult toanswi-r. ....    II    their    re- donee ,n a be.ut.ful hun*,; Congree, T    mean    the    Democrat,., are | We know pretty well where our lU.lw who consent to* make hu^hotwTwUh    6‘.i11    d"Wn    ,h* P°r,i?n of."C,c! and aiIver h“ *-«. •»** tjielri    already meagre salaries of the clerks Henrietta i* now thirty five years of : an<^ officials. The bill    restoring    the the hoise who bm a heart,” replied    Mr.    “»*’ *nd,*B “»*d™id ”    »» 'la“»    T*™™ *    •»>« »«>»»    soldier,    who \t    I    ir.i.    .    •    «    |    still continues to be termagant, though en ■ ti fed in the r^hollinn w .« Am*™* ,..l Mason, as he left the room to seek the I u u u i » - l•    -    -    ,r*    ine    reoetiion    was aiscu.^^ea ’ e *    i    her husband maintains his lntegruv i apartment of Grace.    1    -.u    c    a    t    •    •    ,    *    aaa recommit v„    ,    .    ,    with firmness and decision. She has (.race was    ready in    a    moment    to    at-    never torKjTt n Tnclc Juaephfor makinc    10 have lhe    Pensions pail durinjr    ti tend her uncle to the ,.ck room, whee    ,he    hei    nd    ‘bsW ncvc7 i time the parti*, -ere in rebellio.. reg.rdIm. of the danger ot eonugton I wj|,    ,h    wor(hy    Lehelo    never    This looked a little too much like of “    * she laved the burn.ng brow of the suf-1    J:--e-1 - .    '°°    “    Napoleon was a middle siled man, fever is.” “No, papa, it would be suicidal,” added Henrietta. “His fortune would do us no god if we caught the fever ” “Go then ! but there is still one in Napoleon al St. Helena, The St. J a mc* Magazine contain* an An effort was made interesting description of Napoleon’* he ; life at St. Helena. The personal »p-lon.    of    the great man is described ferer, and did all that an angel hand ceases to rejoice over the disposition he r„,;nn -    ^    *    r    , •    -    •    •    -    ferln2    a    Pren"UB’    »"    ‘"MOU,    for    even    I    about    five    felt    seven    inehe.    htKh.    veri I    I    I    •    j    lit)    IT? I'lLUItUlil OH ill could do to render him comfortable. | bonete*will ** ProPcrl^> an Pro d J j the doughfaces in the ll Early in the morning Mrs. Mason and her daughter departed for the residence of a friend in the country. CHAPTER III. IC* mise to stand corpulent, but well proportioned up to During the debate, Mr Hoar, of Massa lhe neek. Ile possessed a great flow of ! snirits and ise A Frenchman who has lived in Amor- ! chusctts gave a well merited ch ».*eh't* I    ant* when he thought proper had a wonderful command over his tern- for some J«rt, ujt:    “    j    tent to th, rebel brager, f,,, .heir —^ —lid a railroad, the first thiDg I    ,    °    ,    ♦    r--,-----n--j —„ ^ they do is to break ground. This is    u,an^ impertinence*. Nothing worth    violent His neck was as    thick a* a For several weeks (trace, with such    j    done with great ceremony. Then they    ®6®Honing besides thi* has occurred.    small horse’*, his head very    lar«*e, >ru| assistance &8 Mr. Mffson and Charles    break the stockholders. This is done    I The caucus committee, appointed by    hovered with thin black    hair, fie could "ive, nursed the invalid with the most untiring devotion. All her time was spent by his bedside. She was all gentleness and sympathy, bearing pa Gently with his petulance and ill humor, and never betraying the slightest appearance of anger when he scolded and even swore at her. The fever turned and he began to mend. He was now out of danger, and rapidly advancing to complete restoration. The physician commended the skill and devotion of his nurse, assuring him that he owed his life to her. But the devotion of the poor cirl without ceremony. Forward and loquacious youth : “ By Jove, you know—upon my word, now —if I were to see a ghost, you know, I would be a chattering idiot for the rest of my life.” Ingenious maiden : “ Haven’t you seen a gi»o#t ? ” Hi* complex- .Mr. Lamar, on the currency qurMioa *ha»*d dew to hi. cr*. ,    7    was    very    yellow,    and    his    eye* shone from its inner an(j penetrating—in short, had be di»- has failed “to evolve consciousness” ait} tiling upon w hich guised himself in any dress, you could the hard and soft money men can agree, in fact the members of the committee have only been more strongly Sugar wedding : marrying a candid confirmed in their individual opinions man. Wooden wedding : marrying a perfect stick. Tin wedding: one that pans out well. Silver wedding : marrying a gray beard. Crystal wedding : marrying one addicted to tho glass. Golden wedding : when the groom ie a minor, and the bride is a little vain. asuu * iii/ UCI uin;u ut mc jsirv I ^11 I j    ' cost her dearly ; for scarcely had Uncle I    wedding:    when    the    “    wash Joseph recovered, before she was taken I down with the fever, and for weeks I mgs are large. It is said that during one of the meet ing*. Mr. Morrison said to Mr. Holman, have told him above other uien. Napoleon was pleased with hi* residence at St. Helena. * The climate/ said he, * is delightful, and I never lasted such wholesome water as we get here.' JV-m a hi!! near hts residence, where h« loved to stand alone, he had a fall view "Holman you are an ass” If he did ®r^ry person going to or returning use thi. language, he can be credited ' lr"D‘    he    *oa!d    0,"'B    w,,k “What am I made of?” asked a - , .    .    ...    ,    down *© the corner of the wall (which with ..avmg told the truth once Aa I was about three hundred yard* from the matter stands “it is a very pretty the house)t stand there bv himself, and quarrel” and the party is hopelessly ; whenever workingmen passed stop split on the question. Another, see-    *nd    an    them    questions;    bn!    of Another sec-    a« mein question* ; bot of ...    ..    ,    officers    or    gentlemen    passing    he    would uusii WUU mo lever, ana lur weens ■    "    i    wit asset! a ;    •        officers    or    gentlemen    r languished on the very verge .of the little girl, fresh from her Sunday school I Genal to some extent, disturbing cie- n0( ta|jC (fje pithiest notice If Im grave.    .    lesson,    as    she    essayed    to    show off ber went is the Texas and Pacific hill stopped any persons th ”    ^ rave. Y et there was no female lave her brow save that of a hired nurse did his own existence, aud day and cnsayed to show oil her menu, the Tex** and Pacific bill stopped any persona that he thouzhi in to a younger sister. “ I 8ea>0 *f lh* Democrats from the Has distress." he always gave them a little Inn hnnosf o n^ir e. *»    _    .    we?    v hand to I knowledge don’t know,” was the honest answer. nu i m i ju ■ j j. tru » j    answer.    tern    Middle    .States,    and    frotaalnnu'    rooncy* Charles Mason loved her as he [ ‘ M hat does mamma sweep up from the ...    .    J ^ Such was the pro-pective heiress of j night he watched over hor with a con-l tide Joseph’s large fortune. Her I staney and devotion worthy the loving father was far from approving the edu- * heart of the gentler sex. cation she had received, and had used I Fnele Joseph, too, wa* an anxious all the influence he possessed, short of j watcher round her bed. Though he quarreling, to have thoc defects rem- ! was a bachelor, and had spent the ll    I    '»•»*••    it* greater part <*! hi> life iii Iiidit. away UDU3 Ul (I III Ut U 29 VV cep up IIUUJ Hic    .    “ floor?” was the first speaker’s next trial t,lc «h|ect to taking up this bill * start- i* ttJl ,r    it in Soerate*’ method. “ Pin,, needles, They say it must be deferred until af in Iowv wbo was |jn    an® offend and ban pins. was the prompt but un-j ter the election. Tho *>uthcrn and against the State. When the ease was expected response__ southwestern members claim that it announced in court, “The State «f , - , sill*    -av    would be an element of stromth in    vcr*^    Simpson Casar," tliea».<i Little girl, believe rn a man in the ,    African exclaimed : - U ha, I *. wl'j, •us lades believe in a man    eon lest.    sey    that    tho    ztnr-    ,s,,tc nf tow., d 8 c|,j|t,: IVn , t urrttillers ’’ tn on iu tin -VI h"iu*\ moon- that contest. allice <>f the iii to rot asked tor hi
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