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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1880, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 17, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Otto established in 1857 Albert Lei Minnesota thursday june 17, 1880. Number 25. Business directory. Attol Seys t h. Parker attorney a t Law office Corner of Broadway end College streets near the court House Albert Lea Minn. Minnesota. Treman Slac Keek lawyer. Land for Side. Albert Lea attorney at Law Cor. Clark Seebt m. Palmer lawyer. Office Over Hod East id s store Albert Minn it attorney at Law and collecting Igent. Office on Clark St., Albert Lea Minn. Rpm Kek Whytock attorneys at Law opera inn. J. A. Lovely d of Mobo at. T Ovelt Morgan lawyers. Office Over wedge up cer s drag store Albert physicians. A Nelson m. A physician and surgeon. Hartland homeopathic Prysi circa surgeon Albert Lea i. Am. Office next door East of ton National House on Clark St. M. Dodge m. A physician and hts Bugeon. First door West of r. Parks store wit Liam Street Albert Lea. Or. H. H. W1lcox, druggist and apothecary Clemville uinn., physician and veterinary burgeon. Prescriptions solicited. Cells from the coun try answered wit t dispatch. Dentists. A. H. Street office Over Brick store Sou h of the Post office c. Merrill dentist office Over we Dice 8 Leer s drug store. A h. So tier the old City Dray line deals in hard and sort Coal 17003 of All kinds and Blacksmith Coal. Yard near s. M. Depot Wood eased and delivered. Slate at Hewitt s. Banners Trade solicited. Meat Oitto Market the old and Tea verite stand. He door North of Palmer s Storo where May b found a full and Complete Stock of a.11 in tads of meats ten sch will be sold As cheap of the cheapest. The patronage of the Public a respectfully solicited. Clasa of meat Keisli and poultry in Iii Ita Beason. A a proprietor Cash paid for hides Tuow Albert Lea ins., collection and real estate Agency. I buy and sell real estate on commission. Collections made in this and adjoining coun ties at reasonable rates. Taxes Oaid for non residents. Abstracts steam ship tickets to and from Europe on several first class lines. Foreign Exchange bought and sold on All principal european cities. I represent the following reliable and time tried insurance companies Continental of new York. American of Philadelphia. Milwaukee mechanics of Milwaukee. German Freeport he correspondence solicited. H o. Haukness. W. P. Sergeant dealer in All Kinde of lumber a tingles Sasoji doors and Yard on Broadway North of helps livery stable Granoli Yards bartl4b, e. A Wicks at. Woodside j. Ishing lumber win do won to to the most convenient of my Yards a my a Ciupei for handling it Are unsurpassed and my always Complete. I Aru always ready to Cue bargains. W. P. Sergeant. M Money and stocks. To loan on real estate Security approved notes and mortgages bought App j to a. H. Street. Office Over Brick store is bulb of Post office. Tonet to loan. A. M. Tyrer has a Large mount of Money to wan at a Low rate of interest. Opera House Block Albert Lea. Miscellaneous. F. Dealer in ready made e and custom made boots Ana slices. Work done to order Sau faction guaranteed. Broadway test door Naff Fri of Elliman s. Give him before Purchas my elsewhere. Freeborn county heal estate 3st c land loan and abstract a. M. Tyrer opera House Albert in. D. D. K. P. Hubs. H. A bbl non co., bags to of Albert Lea do of a you ral baling business we hive Foi Sale improved City property Mil fawns. S. Hopkins architect1 and Guilder. Albert Lea in inn. Shop Oil. The. Corner of a Siam and Newton Eer Job work properly attended to ilm6 Over 100 improved farms fax e Al e. Ten improved farms in every Novra in the county to suit purchaser for Cash or on Long time. Tillage lots with or houses for Sale or to rent. Prices to suit times and customers. Parties desiring to Purchase Minnesota Cen trial or Winona St. Peter rail Road lands can find a fall list and prices at Iny office. 33-Yl the Geee backers. The Chicago june National convention of the National Greenback labor party met i o clock this afternoon. Of p. Dewees Pennsylvania chairman of the National con Mittee called the Assembly to order and Rev should not be refunded Bat paid As rapidly so is practicable according to contract. To enable the government to meet the obligations of the Lea Al tender car ency should be substituted for the notes of the National Banks the note banking system abolished and the unlimited coinage of Silver As Well As Gold Reub listed by Law. About 1 o clock this morning the Green Liuo Haj i util v ingals of Dea Moine. Offered prayer ii a cyfers began presenting the names of can the course of which he said the d dates for presidential nominations. The preachers of the country Haa agreed to offer first ballot was taken at with the Fol prayers for the Republican and be Gilt Weaver 226, Wright 324, conventions on May Slat last and that 117 Chase 100, Butler 95, Allis 41, the Groe crackers whom they had came on their own Hook. This was to i. C i u 11 of with loud cheers and subsequent portions of in the formal ballot most of the his petition called Forth applause and were transferred to Weaver and be cries of fore the close of Roll Call he having received chairman Dewees read the Call for Tho 500, there waa a general Stampede to vestion and made a Brief speech. He alluded _ Garfield Blaine and Grant to terms of the greatest disapproval which caused renewed applause. The galleries nearly empty but the body of the Dele Gates stats was fairly filled. The secretaries state that sixty five delegates Are present rep resenting every state in the onion. Hon. Gilbert a. Be la mater was made Tern piracy chairman. In a speech of sore length he said he was glad of the slight defection in his party last summer which had rid them o Summers mud cowards. P. U. Laxson of Kansas and Gas. E. Litch Man of Massachusetts were appointed secretaries. The Secretary read a statement of the National executive committee and at Ita conclusion the Roll of states was called for names of delegates to be appointed on the various committees upon the National executive committee. T7ie Somerau faction Csc ago june Pomeroy Hoyt or club Wing of the Greenback labor party Call ing itself the Union Greenback Jabor met to Day at Farwell Hall. Their candidates for president and vice president nominated Al St. Loais last March Are Stephen a. Jedi lease of new Jersey and b. J. Chambers of Texas. This convention is held in the interest party Harmony to emphasize the demand for a distinctively Greenback candidate and to sprees hostility to any Compromise or condition with the democratic party managers which they have feared would be attempted by the convention at the exposition. Hugo Preyer called the meeting to order and Ralph e. Hoj t took the chair. About 100 were prese of. No important business was done during the Early part of the afternoon. Chicago june Farwell Hall Green backers held a Lively session this morn ing the question under discussion being whether they should maintain a distinctive organization As against the convention at the exposition and whether the clubs or organizations in the various states should be preserved. The former proposition was voted Down but the latter was decided in the affirmative. In the exposition the convention on credentials reported c17 of the regular delegates Euti led to scats and 233 others including the Farwell Tzuli delegates. A minority re port was made including the litter delegates and a debate of some length was entered upon motion to adopt the minority report. During the afternoon the confusion was so great that several sergeants at Anns were appointed with Dennis Kearney at their head to help preserve order which they managed to do at a risk of breaking up the convention. Finally a permanent Organiza Tion was effected by the selection of k. S. Trevellick of Michigan permanent chair Man. In the evening session the com Mitteer adopted the report of the committee on rules. After voting Down by Large majority a pro position to make a two thirds vote of the convention necessary to the selection of a presidential candidate. A Delegate for can Masbach setts moved to allow incomplete delegations to cast the full vote of their state. In the confusion which followed there was a bewildering entanglement of Points of order personal explanations amendments substitutes and demands from half a dozen members a time for recognition by the chair in the midst of which the chair called on All delegates to take their seats and announced that he would tire them out and obtain order if it took till Christmas and that they could t now Seonrye recognition by standing no even if they stood on their Heads. Finally the proposition was adopted and a memorial of tee social labor party was read. It expresses a desire for representation in this body for the purpose of making com Mon warfare against the Money Power and claimed to have voters in socialistic party. On motion or. Stibbs of Iowa the 3art of the committe on credentials report which had not be been adopted was taken up and the Section favouring admission of forty four socialist delegates and also the admission o representatives of the Union Greenback party As delegates was adopted under Cal. For the previous question by de la mater after Van Patter the socialist Leader Hac expressed the purpose of the socialists ii applying for admission a committee of five was appointed to invite the socialist an Union Greenback delegates to seats in the convention. And the chair announced that gov. As. B. Weaver of Iowa was the nominee f the Greenback labor party for president n the first ballot. On the first ballot for ice president there were Only two nominees m West of Mississippi and e. J. Hambers of Texas West received 330, tambers 414, and was declared the nominee i the convention. The socialists insisted i their Resolution regarding the right of in to the sail and it was adopted. The owe Union was very turbulent throughout to night and adjourned it a. M. Indiana ski Anapolis june democratic Sto convention met at the new wigwam at 10 o Ocic this morning. The Ball with a seating Carcity of waa fully occupied. Nearly Nanour was consumed in locating the delegates the convention was called to on by cd b. Shaw chairman of the Central committee. Hon. Francis d. Kurd of Barto Long county was chosen temporary chair a and John w. Kearns of Howard county Teo Prary Secretary. The con Gra ional districts were then called and co Mitties on credentials and permanent or Zanation were selected. The committee on pertinent organization reported for permanent Lis gov. Thos. A. Hendricks and Johniw. Kearns permanent Secretary. The no nation of gov. Hendricks was received withe utmost enthusiasm the members of the invention cheering for several minutes Manj delegates rising to their feet and swing ing Ajir hats. The committee on resolutions mad their report. The resolutions instruct the debates to the Cincinnati convention to preset the names of sex nov. T. A. Hendricks for resident. Also instruct the to vote a unit on All questions coming before the Naonal convention. After the adoption of the isolation a Hev. Or. Foster led in prayer Tho debates rising to their feet and standing daring he invocation. The districts were then called the appointment of delegates to the convention and two delegates and two alter neg from each congressional District were electors and members of the 6ate Central committee were then chosen the convention then proceeded to the sedition of a state ticket. Hon. Franklin Sander of Marion county Hon. 1 Saab p. Gray Landolph county and judge c. Downe of Ohio county were placed in Nona Coati prior governor. The first ballot resulted folios for Sanders 514js for or downy 121. Before the second ballot concluded the name of was wit drawn and or. Banders rated b acclamation. Promise of Good times again. In All Thia we recognize the Blessing of god upon on coun try and we denounce it As false and blasphemous when partisan leaders claim that this is the work of their bands and that the people shall be thankful to them and not grateful to heaven for returning Prosperity. Approve the sentiment expressed by gov. Hendricks in Bio letter of acceptance in 1s76, that the iniquitous coolie system which through the Agency of wealthy companies imports chinese Bondsmen establishing a species of slavery and interfering with the just Reward of labor on the Pacific coast should be utterly abolished. State administration is entitled to the respect and support of the people. The government of Indiana in efficiently administered and More cheaply than that of any other state. We recognize the rights of coloured citizens As Well As Whites who Emi grate to Indiana but we condemn and denounce the action of the Republican party in importing into this state pauper negroes for the sole purpose of using them As voters. Hereby instruct Par Dele Gates in the National convention at Cincinnati to present to that body the name of Thomes a. Hendrick up. As a candidate for president of the United states who has at Oil times Faith fully maintained the cause of democratic truth and Justice acceptably to the democracy of the whole Union thus assuring the election of a democratic legislature and a United states senator in 1881, and c just pure and constitutional administration of the general govern ment. Favor the continuance of the two third s Rule in the National convention and the delegates this Day chosen Are hereby instructed to vote Tor Hon. Thomas a. Hen Dricks As on candidate for the presidency and to vote As a unit on All questions in said convention. The delegates at Large to the Cincinnati convention Are senator j. A. Mcdonald Sena Tor d. W. Voorhees. Judge w. E. Black and col j. K. Slack. As Well As the entire congressional delegates will Epport Hendricks for the presidential nomination. The convention completed the state ticket by the nomination the present state officers for Secretary of state auditor treasurer re Porter and clerk of the supreme court. J. P. Gray was Nomi t1 City Dane buys and Sells foreign Ana Domestic drafts. Est Sells passage tickets to and from All Points of Europe. Est fire insurance effected in Tho Best companies. To Loaa on improved farms at Low interest and has for Sale on easy terms House and lot in Block 23, Village of Albert Lea. House and lot in Parker s addition. Lot 6s3i rods in Hall s addition. 134 acres of land in eat award Freeborn Bounty. So acres of land in Moscow Ive Eborn county. So acres of land in Dunbar Faribault county. 220 acres of land in Worth county Iowa g. Gulbrandson Albert Lea. Chicago june following plat form was adopted in the Greenback National convention last night without de Bate civil government should guarantee the divine right of every labourer the results of Bis toil thus enabling producers of wealth to provide themselves with the Means of physical Comfort and the facilities for mental social and moral culture and we condemn As Unwor thy to our civil nution the barbarism which imposes on wealth producers a state of Perpet Ual Drudgery. As the Price of base animal exertion notwithstanding the enormous increase of productive Power the Universal introduction of labor saving machinery Aud the discovery of new agents for the increase of wealth. The task of the labourer is scarcely lightened the hours 01 toil no but Little shortened few producers Ere lifted from poverty to Comfort and pecuniary Independence. The associated monopolies the International Syndicate and other favored classes desire More Money and cheap labor Strong government and hence a weak people. The value of Money has been the Means or dividing society into hostile classes of unjust i distribution of the products of labor and of the building up of monopolies of associated capital endowed with Power to Confederate private property it has kept Money p scarce and the Scarcity of Money enforces debt Trade and Public and corporation Loans. Debt engenders usury and usury ends in the bankruptcy of the Borrower. Other results Are de ranged markets uncertainty in manufacturing Enterprise and agriculture precarious and intermit taut employment for the labor Indus trial work increasing pauperism and crime and the consequent intimidation and disfranchisement of the producer and rapid declination into a corporate feudalism there fore we declare the right to make and Issue Money is a Sovereign Power to be maintained by the people for the common Benefit. The Dele gation of this right to corporations is a surren Der of the Central attribute of Sovei dignity void of constitutional Sanction conferring upon a subordinate irresponsible Power absolute Dominion Over Industry and Commerce All Money we bluer metallic or paper should be issued and its volume collected and controlled by the government and not by or through Bank ing corporations and when so issued should be a full Legal tender for All debts Public and private. The Bonds of the United states. The slowing platform was adopted by the democratic convention democracy of Indiana in Delegate convention assembled congratulate the democracy of the count Jon the Harmony prevailing within its organization Apon the unanimity in the Pur pose to behind it every occasion and senti ment of Liscord and stand As one Man for Suc Cess in 880, and we give Assurance to the democrats of the country that accept g the dec Lirati of principles and purposes that May be Lade at Cincinnati and the candidates who Majth Ete be chosen we will give to them our Earnst and individual support. Believe that Law should been acted and administered Only for the Public god and All class legislation and All favouritism a the government should be Defeated and made odious that taxes should be levied justly ail the most rigid Economy should control Public expenditures that the elections must be Iee from the control of army oth vials to that thy shall be fair and honest As they once were and that the rightful jurisdiction of the state on Refl Mutt be restored in All cases where it is been usurped by the Federal authority Sithat Justice May be administered cheaply Ari speedily. Coin and paper Money of the country Skuld be of uniform value and readily land should have As great Purchas la Power k the Money of other first class of the world and the paper Mone like the Coin should be furnished by to United states and should not e in exec sap such Quantity As will always remain at pm with Coin. Inasmuch As out standing Treasury notes Are no longer Neces sary to the Gre rement in the use of its credit and Are Nsefik Only As Money they should be Ladebu Bietto taxation As other Money. We declare our gratification at of the Mem Bers of cod grip in reducing pub he expenditures and in cutting off the allowance and payment of questionable and fraudulent claims results Din a saving to the Treasury of More than one Uia Dreu million dollars. Wil stand with All our might against the aggression of jibe lie publican leaders upon the rights if the state made for the purpose of bin Long up a Strong Central Power dangerous to of the people. We will in All the constitutional rights and Power of the United states a Faith fully we will maintain and vindicate the rights of Sta Tesko asserted by them in the Constitution. Leila tire of 1877 is entitled to honorable mention for having redeemed the pledges of the democratic convention of 1870, to provide by Law Ijar Tho comforts Sod safety of labourers in to Bernices Aud securing their wages to the person employed by corporations and we Are in such legislation in the premises a May Bea necessary and proper. To Oong Atlate the of the state that by the action of the democrats of the Lait legis representation on population and contiguity of territory Only the shame and taint of fraud hav been removed from the apportionment of representation and that now the people Willbo equally and fairly Lep Teofie of Indiana Are justly proud of their system of free schools and will maintain their full Frece and usefulness and to that end we must Sto to it that the manage ment thereof to not become wasteful or extravagant and that a part of the munificent fund which they have provided shall be used for sectarian or for an other purpose whatever than the support of Boonmon Poh ools. Are gratified that the democrats in con refis have acted in respect to bounties and pensions for a oldies and their families in the spirit of Justice Ani liberality. Hold up to Publio detestation the conduct of the Republican party in placing Hayes and Wheeler criminal practices shocking to every honest and dam aging to our institutions in offices to which they were Nob Elo Cfred. It an outrage upon ree government and a

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