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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 15 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 15, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaJ nf YTTT! mim\ conny staxdabd. PUBLISH KO BV BRY THC USD AY. Terms, Per Year, la Adv nee, $‘2 OO KATES OF ADV BETIS INO. I I W J* I I inch I .OD I2 inchi r 1"T5I3 inch i 2.Y>A inch: 3.25]5 i ach I col ! 4.501.] col I 6. YO!I *ol i 10.00•J W I. 50 I 4 w 5 ill jj 2 50j 4.5013.50 6.00] 5 (H) 7.0©]J 5.50 iO.Ooj! *L. 5’ 12.00;I 7.00 I 4.00,ll 2.00 22.00j18.00 30.0016 in I I VOLUME 16. Tke tar,;CM I rn *-4 lad* A L iidbn eoweMpowlPnl »4 ihi ai \ or k A\ arid iron clad v©s* vs :    The    mu4    powerful ever built was branched 9.00 16.50* ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1876 NUMBER 24 Hankers. OFFICERS OF FREEBORN COUNTY II. I). BROWN’S Col.STT CliMM 1SSIOSKKS : ll. G. Emmons. Wai. 0. Lincoln. James Tboresoa. J ame* II. Goatee. Ole Hanson. Auditor—S. BatchcUler RK<jistfu or Deeds—August Peterson. Sheriff—T. J. Sheehan. Deputy Sheriff “Jacob Larson. Clerk of Court—A.W. White. Proiiate Judge -Gilbert Gulbrandson. School Suck iii nt bn dent—II. Thurston. County’ Sbrneyor—Win. <1. Kellar. Coroner—J. Pros-.aug. Court Commission lr—R. B. Spicer. DElffTISTlTY. DU. A. II. STREET, /A:..,;:; A ll m I I mm Wlm nil [successor TO I Established ALBERT LEA, ill II ALL.] -    1807. MINNESOTA- OFFICE. OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Poet ORI ce, Albert Lea, Minnesota. OS. OE M. CRANDALL, UT 'A? X SS store, Broad- JLLa GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Echange on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Xjoans Money, discounts notes, Negotiates County, Township, and Schoo District Bonds. ll KA!. ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands aud farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining and perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PL YTS of every piece of land in this county. St ac if *V Ty rev, Albert Lea, Minn. April 2£, 1876. r thrilling history make* k ever ]>uuli-0*’<l. It con* Grande nteunial Exlii- OfKee over A. E. Johnson svav, Albert Lea INTEREST Kabo, DDS ll. \. Avery. ZEI IS ZEE cis -ZK. "NT" -t-. ^ 7Z" * Rppirteut Dentists—Basford > Mock, Austin ALBERT EEA, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, Physicians. S. H. WASHBURN, M. D. ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE- Physician Office at Wood’s Drug OTsr St« us. •Jut 13 & Surgeon. st ire. C> -nsultation room* Albert Lea. Minn. NI. NI. 3D3S5, Ria S3 SS <£ Da, ill Office aud Hp ride ii ce Offica. albert lea, - up stairs over the Poet MINN. ; > (’ How Itiutl NI, 14 t'> OTIC PHY31C5Aft AND SURGEON LUCK CITY, MINN., mankind T *V IN Will treat rill J s sui 11ISLa* to the best of Rowland ha '..ti-    ~    •' Women aud ( a i n i r n. us of long -tati'ling. By long strict att', nil oft to his pro;' i curable disensas wit Ii ti Isnt ot ti ".i ss ©access. care and to which f his ability. Dr. • ■lait J of 'Ii eases at d chn olio diseases experience and sn on. he is coolie d Collections receive energetic and prompt attentiuo Remittances made daily. Charges arc in accordance with the ens tom of National Ranks in this State. H. D. BROWET, Banker. refercences. First Nationa I* auk, Austin. Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Third National Bank. Chicago. Fourth National Bank, New \ork THE FRMRX COIXTV BM, G AGENTS WANTED FOR THE EPI TEN 1X11 AL HISTORY of the u. S. The gr<-at in:, re. I in tin* the fastest s. ll Jig tam* a full account ut t»iti« til. APT!IVN.—Oi l, Iiu’nmpl: t*, & Unreliable works art' lx»inc circulated; that the Ie ok you boy cont e! a I I ti I inc Uuu i n % int- aud tug."* Paffcn. Non ti for circular* and extra term* to Age tit*. Address Natl'.sal Publishing o., Incas", t-lumbar, and st. L mis. OTO*1 dux at home. Wonts warned. Outfit Q I £, tern s free. TK UU .V CO., Augusta, Me. TIO: 253 For tin* Campaign. r The evt bo faithfully a YOH Iv SI X is t , all |*art2o* • We will h r the Presidential campaign will Se I fully ill us? rated in THE NEW lo nd it to candid men of I the WEEKLY EDITION i^Dt j u^es) j -tpa d, frnu now until after eh te a ir oO ('ti*. I In SUNDAY EDITION, same si/,-. I r ct : or th* Ti STLY, I sa in >. ss‘I IK). TUE >l'N, N *v Vc rk City. at the .« Addn GOING TO THE DOGS. “I received your bill to day, Mr Leonard/* said a customer,as he entered the shop of a master mechanic. “ Weare sending out all our accounts this season,” returned the mechanic, bowing. “ I want to pay you ” ‘ Very well, Mr. Baker, we are a1 ways glad to get money.” “ But you must throw off something Let me see”—and the customer drew \ out the bill-5’ twenty-seven dollars and j forty six cents. Twenty-five will do I There, receipt the bill, and I will pay j y°u”    f. t ^ Mr. Leonard shook his head. “ I Can’t deduct one cent from the * bill, Mr. Baker. Every article is charged I at our regular price ” “Oh. yes, you can. Just make it * j j twenty-five dollars, even money. Here ! it is.” And Baker counted out the ca>h. “ I’m lorry, Mr B iker, I can’t affud I to dodo st anything. ll you'd only owed me twenty five dollars, your bill would have been just that amount. I would not have a lied a cunt bey on I what was due, nor can I take a cent less than my due.” “ Then you won’t deduct the odd money ?” “ I cannot, indeed.” “ Very well.” The manner of the customer was changed Ile was evidently offended. “The bill i- too high bv just the sum I asked to Inve stricken off But, no ma*ter, I. can pay it ‘‘Then you mean to insinuate,” said the mechanic, who was an independent sort of a man. “ that I am cheating you out of two dollars and forty six ceuts!' “ I didn t say so ” “But it is plain that you think you w ul In t have aahed an ab it lf you consider my charges ju: wouldn’t dispute th sui “Uh. never mind, never mind not vv :-1*• words ab .:    ll    re    .* that he diives the best of them away. ! to his son, in time, if he had not fallen    Centennial Glimpses. I used to make large bills with him,J into such an egregious error about old \ The boy who started from home t<» walk to the Centennial is b ing picked up. hungry and repentant. Int ha.eu’t dealt at his shop now for some time.” “ Ah I I was not aware of that. I am glad I spoke to you, lur I shouldn’t like to lose six or seven hundred dol men ard So the world moves on. Peopl e are prone to think that what they smile on * policemen in ai) parts of the country. lives, and what they frown upon is blighted and must die. [ars. A Story or tfceCnnneetlCBt State Prison Appropos of amelioration of discipline in the ConnecticutSta(% prison during the last thirty years, the story of Pool, of New Haven, sentenced for life for burning his .Acre. is told once more. Another man on his deathbed eon fess‘’id the crime, but Pool did not live to reap the fruits of the confession. Naturally of fine sensibilities and noble manhood, he became at last frenzied by cruel treatment, and forfeited his life. Pool was placed in the shoe shop. and compelled to finish six pairs a day lo used to work. it was with great pain lie accomplished this ta-k But th<-old | greedy contractors, notcontenf, soon increased the burden to eight pairs. An and I expostulate ii or a murmur only brought a blow. An eye turned te heaven fir help was answered with the iush. No eye could lo k up With this task pool found his health tailing, his mind going. His nerves were unbalanced by the least “ Six or seven hundred dollars ! Is it I possible he wants to buy so recklessly ? i Take my advice, and dou’t think ot j trusting him.” i “ I certainly shall not.” j When Leonard ordered the goods, the merchant declined selling, except for cash. “ As you pdeosc,” returned the mechanic. indifferently, aud went elsewhere and made his purcha>e. It happened that Leonard had a very pretty and interacting daughter, on whose education the mechanic had bestowed greet pains ; and it als*) happened that Baker had a son, who, ’n uu*st things, was a “ chip cd the block/* Particularly was he like his father io Ins great love for mosey scarcely had he reached his majority ere he began to look about him with a careful eye to a good matrimonial arrangement. by which plenty of money would be secured    . Adelaide Leonard, on account of her ;    irritation    I he    sweat    poured    from    his beauty and accomplishments, was much |    brow, and    for    wiping    it oil    lie    was    rep- caressed, and mingled much in society. ] mounded and punished. Every keeper so. or merit, t. you tm au U *♦ Screw ii !*• lingier na I iii hi n- -nil can.that’rf rh.--.in.a" istr: ; » if tarn mow, that’n lr .ut,” ina fait..liar th - rn'ti. "t . f tin-* two du»caaep.Then«hea-*h t ti ay at.- • I". - attack different j un- <«f ti..t-*. -.tem, up ca i-t* i- lH*Uevi I to be a iK i- -n us acidin tht* Purify lh - i«y he use fTARRAN SS 8ELTZ I •IR APERIENT.If will d<. if; w rk q.fdih as I fimrotiiTiiiy. It lath«* great frit-i! a f the t»ll 3"**! er fp.ia rheumatism;.n<l goat. St »LD BY AL L DUtatGIsTS. la to Male Still I .mateC* At,-, la their I Tali tv. Chela NOTHINGther five doll >i bi ad Jai i d 'Wn. I he I t he account an i , oth of which his cm and h i the I J.i OIC the ! wo’ll your added yid f b hi nlv c has bange • UH his p p tenet with a ] turned and left the cr word. *• It— the last bill be ever has against me.” muttered Baker to himself, us he walked away. “ lf that i* his manner of treating his customer*, he ll soon go to the d"g*s. It was downright insult mg. and no r inru-t int*1 * then maut air. and • hop without alioth* Tho*. It. A It.)!STRONG, Batiker. This Claim-Hocst* Established in 1865 PENSIONS A.: will stand that * fr nu a vulgar and mr d. Xii* law iuelodt-H d* do* '..IIV* I. If w Th* tSIH-i x **!•** aud •ll, iti-aPl*ly at i entitled insinuate insinuate .51 H ump h a1 ALBERT LEA. WMH. VV rot ISI rt. wilt th I IHS*.'! I monej he evi and Mr. tokened his calmer.” “ i ve paid . hut it’s the r handles I ” Established 1860. BOUNTY: 2. X WI Ult ■ TNT OU ITO Oh.+tntric.B crises treated with Con milionat free, lo SjCsivyers t • Scents. K. C. Sr act. A. SI. Ty KEB. STACY b TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Not tri - Puhi ic, Real Estate and tVdecting \^'-nts. t < >\ N LY ANDING ct nil kinds advuiately done. acknowledg- ! m:»n«s t iken oat Sis a Iministered, &c. Ta ton its id, Tit! s investigated, Lands bought an I sold. Particular attention J paid to collection.    ; Cor Ar Clark aul N eve na St».. ,MI'»rt Lea Jo., A. Ie,VKI-r.    II.    I’AItKER LOVELY & PARKER, TO IXN CTS .Vt J. AVV. up stairs As I all t*» * ; paper*, I re.^ anil sc 4 th Cfi I B. V Iu -a GU •ud ful l*i ■■•I, ana an ariff* mil,AK' E E. LEM* ai tail! la- am ict of - ice* —fill, I rcju -t -••j ly and rvtxiru of I, L"( k Kox 47, Waahinjrt a, I*. ii aa an honorable i. A. Halibut, M. moi*, late* Maj-Gcn. in iu* nti< n name of this paper. PreoTDom County ST A IS DARI).1A GREAT OFFER VhilHtv Un rd-.    J    .ar    I.-’tie fin-ly riu! I. - tit f ~    We    have    200    ct>I*-*. Vat en U anted. 9 Humph* sent f* mump V. H. El l.LEK A I O- Br* flit a, Ma-s. PUBLISHED AT ALBERT LEA, —BY— MINN. IOO U first-clas* mi than ever )« f-iOn Box*.*) <i im ai till v uut I Daring this mouth s«re will di- }»* ' -e *1 ml-hand IT \ NOS and OIIO AH8 <># kent, including Water*" at l> Mer prices r * ' tiered. New 7 Octave Pian< - f**r id bhins • I. Terms, f40 cash and fin .. n.iid. New 4 Oi ta . * I Hftop organs nticnian from .'in ithcr. rn ii *h Ic? mech.rn ic. ‘Mean to Y*‘s I did mean to Baker, in volant*: pace. ** Heil Im t.c continued t<* I him «a great deal J last dollar of mine )>44"I wa*    **»U    a- Mi- **    I”’ hdrew hts custom from the offending challie and gave :t to toother “ I ve got on* of y*»ur old castouters Leonard,” said a friend in the .‘•ain business, to the rn. cannie. »<ne six or tight rn nths afterward. “ Ah I who is it ? ” “ Baker.” I nard shrugged • “ How came you to lose •• I’ll tell you h >w to k» “Well hew ? “ lf your bill amounts to thirty dollars. rn ike it thirty-three an I a few odd the items Young Baker had Diet her and could not help being her beamy and grace. • There’s a chance for you,” sai l a friend to him. one evening. “ In Miss Leonard ? ” “ Yes.” “ She’s a charming girl.” replied tin v mg ti rn. *• I w nd r if her father*! wvrth anvilling ? *• People say so.’* “ Indeed! ” “ Yea They say the laid up iomething qui ap i a- A Ll aide i- his will of course get it all ’ “ I was ii »t a wart After this. young ingle attentive t i made pertvF heart. He ev^n went s > far as to visit pretty regularly at h**r house, and wa-meditating au av *wa! of his attachment wh« n his father said to him one day— What young lady was that I saw you with on the -treet yesterday after I ll* Hill ? ” * Her name was Leonard ” •• The daughter of old I nard in — | street ? ** “ Yes. sir.” Mr. Baker looked grave, and shook ! his head frequently ' seemed watching with an evil eye and truck with taunting him with threat- and jeers To add to his distress his task wa- increased to ten pairs. He demurred, protested. flew into a ra* e That night he was fl agged, thrust into a dungeon without food, w i I bout ted. aud n*xt day, with his baek all mw and n >t a moment of sleep with but a cru-t fur hi- fund, he was ordered to finish clef *‘« that the hour of his I ii Docent of the f And now Philadelphia is real mad because New York don’t visit the Cen. tenniol more numerously arid .-pend more money. It s funny when ^ou feel that way. The woman suffragists point with pride ” to the fact that the only pera n who fainted on tho Centennial Kxhibi tion grounds on the opening day was a man. (’attle, said to be the best and heaviest in the wurld. have arrived in Philadelphia for exhibition, among them an ox weighing 4,000 pounds and a heifer weighing 3.300 pounds. An Egyptian correspondent confirms the report that the Khedive intends to s rid his oldest son. I urfik Push*, to this country to see the Centennial Ex-; hibition He is a promising young man, they say. The so-called Centennial Hotels con* | tinue to charge §5 a day, aud. for want I of mint mi, ar; losing money at that. It i will he difficult f.*r these proprietors to j get through the season without los;ng I at least part of their imm*Dse outlay I This is to be regretted, for the building-which they have erected are in themselves a monument to American enter prise. Three or four month* ago it will be remembered that Fairmont Park— at least that porti *n of it near the Main Exhibit!* n Building—wa- surrounded on all sides by vacant field-To day these fields are covered wiih iub-'antia'ly-bui.t ionian'daring at 1< houses capable of •3-i fifteen th *u-- pairs disfoiuti had e it ii soft! Balter w.is ex Mbs I a it able inroads ur><»n ne cr iibe and he * to ( DIO! ne • tty res a nard, and upon h n pa a), mired I a ii J the • ut the - vr>‘re yet having no hope th, he concealed a kl*if * s i! hi- life as dearly a-; did what he was able t task that day, and evil bell struck and the e’.ev not finished. With fiend people, sprung up wiUerne-.* carl In a lew w r I, at a new cif) was aim pave Wtiff* 8Kk sum ana i sr re vscan i -n h< GOD * and I out OI nod hundreds of carr : wagons now rattle thr< els that a few months t ii t». One of the grea teds wa- cr. etc I at a c • another c<»st a still bi a- accommodation for I Bas it a ex L cf *ger 4 Of I is ti rn a it ignitv th* a \ ut den. n seep* rs oraere to the dung* on to await the War i ii** \N ariL ti came, and. withr ut ingto entreaty or nearing a word of ex phnation. ordered him to strip hiu.-Mf to the raw flesh again, pl ce his hands against the wall, an I receive the lashes on hi,- already lacerated back. ** No. never! ’ sail Lo I. “Take* that!” and Warden Webster fell dead. Fr rn that k *ur cats and shower baths, aud brutalities in general,were at a discount in the institution. Brute force was I* T all I and ei:.-who Vt uffl th World’s l air cl ae ■.••se buildings are to be t rn d wi sol I fi r old lumber. They wil only a little while, and ti e me: built them may lose I irg*1 fortune* but all the more because of this are they evidences of the strength, ;he en terprise, and “ the spirit of b Ii under-taking * of the American pc >ple found Po J <1 th* Not Ii lath* •u kn »w anything at -ut ner I A. V, b j anc em in g ut ht r. but I know that I’ lug to the d* _s as fa st n otrneto iu t men, re wt g eon ta n k« »i a Combcst!on —T h New York News say- of the causes a sp**ntaneou9 co mbust ion, d< ut*tl€ origi ii of many of the in cit -, aud on shins. the ieatrnctive fire-ihat many are d and •a the ic iKD I t) I fVc am ■’I U I I liiougtu ‘J • houlder- p him. cen1 mal i. bv increasin: * t lh. no ! I ve been looking to gee his shop shut up or to hear of hi* be- 1 mg - 'Id oat by the sheriff, every day. for these two years pu>t.’ “ IndctMl ! ” “ Miss Leonard is a very I ve!y girl “ Ther*’* n * gainsaying Adelaide g pers «nal attractions, replied the >n ; •* but if her father i* in the condition . tiles tin* matter as far * riled I am glad you ibjeet. for I might have I rib The n tr ti IO VK J he nt v Dor* Farmmt UIL? he f I ermantowii I dvioced are not with a 2 ’ * Vi VU allege ouie < I., ate. He will want tho surplus knocked with ff > k <•!**•., t> sud “tool, warranted, f*»r *lOt' -$20 ra>h^ ami SS niouthly until    Illtostrated catalitgu*-.-* ma if J. AGENTS W VK TEI). HOH AUE \\ ATlTltS vY SONS, 4S1 HroaiDvuy, N. Y. AT im H    s I >1 cc i A I*BF.RT LEA. - 1st door. - Al IN KEMAH BLACKMER, Parker & Botsford, Proprietors. $5*. $20: lf "I Xjb W a Y 321JSL I, AN S> I "OI J « .V Kl AL ABUT LEA, -    -    -    '    MINN.    I Motets. KALT, HOUSE W. 0. FOSTER, Proprietor. Alhert Lea, - - Minn. "WoY>loer House Th if ll ctrl hf.ving recently Keen completely refitted and furnished, is now preps red lo give    . AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS to nil guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentive glooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the premises The Standard is the oldest paper on the line of the Southern Minnesota Railroad : has an extensive circulation among the reading portion of the community ; the cir-latmn is constantly increasing, and its advantages as an advertising medium has long been recognized by a farge list of paying patrons. oft which you can afford to do ; then he will pay it. and think vu just the man for him “ You lost hint, then. because you wouldn’t abate anything From a true bill.” “ I did.” “Thank you. But suppose my bill should be twenty -tx or -even.or eight, i what then ? I couldn’t knock off the • •lid dollars for the purpose of making an even sum ” ,    l" No In that case you    must addon MILITARY    AGENCY ;    until you get above thirty l»vni-tmi» for DIB    vs    i    Soldier*    wmnd- j    t» And fall back on that    ?    ” “ Yes, it will be knocking off odd dollars, which he will think clear gain “ That would be hardly honest. day at ’ me. Sample*! \v.«rth $1 Stinson & * o., Portland, Me. ySYCHOMA.VCf, OR SOUL (’HARMING.’ Wow > ' - er eex may fwifantc and run- (lie love ai d atT- ti*. - of any p* r»**n they choose, in-- tan tty. This -imple mental ae<i*tr»i»ent all * an I**»ss.-s, t>y n iii. ft r 25 «* nte; la ther with a m iv! . *-'• ()’ i lr, iif!*';*♦ "an Oracle, Dr* ani*, Ii nits to Ladies. A *,n*. r ■ I;. Uh),CK)0 sold. Address, T. WILLIAM & co.. Pul i * hers. I’hiladeli Ina, Pen Til 12 MAN YOUR procure    ...... ....... ..... ^ ^ od, injured, or ruptur* d, h*.-wevt-r slightly ; *>V»tav»»« j an iner*•af”* f "Id rates ; coll* cts arr* a-- el l*y and | h >untv, hr. N -haroe unh s successful. L* tiers j promptly a..-v    *-d by addressing J. H. SCHOLL, Attorney to Law, 51 Ultaxubera Steeet, New York City, care I’. O. B x 2,532. FRUSSINGS WHITE WINE —AS AN- jnVIN HI. MARTY, Civil Engineer aV Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of (1 ross<“ CJoniity, Win, respectfully says of Freeborn i« prepared to the people County that he to *lo any kind of Surveying, laving out Town Plats. Roads, etc..as well us making plans and specifications for Houses, Barns, etc. 41 ti Or. A. Ilaugo Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C ITiniebaugU is prepared lo do all kinds of BL AO KSMITH1NG -AND-IIORSINSIIOHIIN <»- Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and sec. Albert Lea. The Standard makes an especial aim to publish all the valuable .statistics of the County, rendering it peculiarly attractive as an immigration document Many residents of the county appreciate this fact, and are sending the paper to their Eastern friends. We desire to increase the usefulness of The .Standard in this regard, and would be glad to add many more such names to our list. OUR. OI'*brfited for Its Purity, Strength and FTnvnr. Warranted to Keep Pick lo*. "We tin ft mn tee I* tC be entirely free from Sulphuric A cid or other riblet **ri-ohs «nhsr.vnre. with which Mont Yir.?anr is adulterated. For sale by all Grocer*. Lar^ert Vinegar Works in the World, tetab. l-kS. E. L. l*iiUS81NG <fcCO,Chicago. THE MEADOW KING Miower stands at the head in tho front rank of Mower*. It has valuable points of superiority over any of its* competitor*. Absolute aatiefaeti >u is guaranteed to the purchas*w or motley refunded. Examine it aud you will buy no other. For «irculara, etc., address SS. I,. SHELDON, Gin. Ag’t. MADISON, VV IS. 4tli July,1376. FIRE WORKS AND EXHIBITION GOODS! Tor City and Tnun Display. The attention of Dealers and committees is called to our large assortment of superior quality Fireworks, Finn**, C’entennial Banners, Illumination Lanterns, and * *ther gisnls suitable for celebrations. Orders filled fr m our Store at Eastern Maufac-turers Prices. Send for catalogue. Discount to the trade. SCHWEITZER & BEER, IMPORTERS OF TOYS AND FANCY GOODS, Anent- Eagle VV arks, 188-190 State St., Chicago. Cdf ii I' ISP Photographs. J. A. Fuller’s PHOI08BAPH ROOMS, Union Block, Last side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN the I NOR SALE—Lit© Scholarship in Madison Business College. A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of this institution. Th© scholarship vv ill be sold on favorable terms. Apply to 1    l"    BOTSFORD. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT WE ABL DOING FIB ST-CLASS JOB-WOBK, PROMPTLY, AND AT REASON AI> LE R AT KS, W E a re G R A D-UALLY ADDING TO OUR FACILITIES, AND SHALL ENDEAVOR TO FULLY KEEP UP IV IT 11 THE TIMES and FOR SALL —A new Sewing Machine, mufti cutters price, and on to    p.    G.    PARKER. less than n time* Legal Blanks. We keep the most complete assortment of Legal blanks of any country office in the State, aud we pride ourselves on tfe* fact that our STOCKLI TRADE will compare favorably with the best work to be found anywhere. GOOD NEWS! lf you want ta buy good FLOUR FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety S tore, where you will always find the best quality ever offered for sale in this Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AHD LET LIVE! call and be convinced. First door south of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea* “ Hardly, but you must do it or lose his custom some other day.” “ I shall have to accommodate him, j I suppose. II he will be cheated, it can’t be helped ” On the very first bill Baker paid to his new tradesman, he obtained an abatement of one dollar and ninety cents, odd money, and actually paid three dollars more than was justly due Still he was well satisfied, imagining that he had made a saving of one dol lar and ninety cents The n*>t overscrupulous tradesman laughed in his sleeve, and kept his customer. Having withdrawn his support from Leonard, it was the candid opinion of Mr Baker that he was “gung to the dogs,” as he expressed it, about as fast as a man could go. Ile often passed tho shop, but rarely saw a customer. “ No wonder,’ he would say to himself “ A man like him can’t expect, and don’t deserve custom.” In the eyes of Mr. Baker, the very grass seemed to grow upon the pavement before the door of the declining tradesman. Dust settled thickly in his window, and the old sign turned grayer in the bleaching air. “ Going to the dogs and no wonder/’ Baker would say to himself, as he went by Ile appeared to take a strange interest in watching the gradual decay ol the mechanic’s fortunes One day a mercantile friend said to him : “ Do you know anything about this Leonard ? ” “ Why?” asked Baker. ** Because he wants to make a pretty large bill with me.” “ On time ? ** “ Yes, on the usual credit of six months.** “ Don’t scil to him. Why, the man is going to the dogs at railroad speed.” “ Indeed I ** Lv Yes. I’m looking every day to see him close up. He might have done well, for he understood his business. But he’s so unaccommodating, anti I might say so insulting to biti (JUStUUIcrs, that Ait she is cow introduced the t committed mvselt. and. when D have d scorer cd my error “ Aud a sad error it would hare b.*en Henry In any future matter of ibis I kind, I hope you will he perfectly frank I with me I have much more accurate knowledge of the condition and stand -I in * of people than you can possibly I »    *» ; have. Th© «on promised t > do what his father wished Fr un that time the visits to Miss Leonard were Abated, and his attentions to her. when thev met in society, became c I lly formal The sweet young girl, whose feelings had really bien interested, felt the change, and was for a tune unhappy, but in a few days she recovered her-ell and was again bright and cheetful as usual. One day, about a year after his time rally ? Mains ma rn rn v is tile only real or desirable Cum pen-at Ion for physical or mental labor *>r f**r the cares and anxieties incident to human life. an I hence nnk*» the accuuiu*; grand object d Lfe • cir ideal, we are t< efforts a failure. I well rem cm bt Years ago hearing la wood *■ ti*rn win i from S 'Ult oil that OI fury of p ti >n is mn Prca.dent may cause A. ut r !:t i **s mite •UU* • at t hav the ge n <y>3i rtain c nim it- erat I n or stored iii i is well r.ditions of sly, and th it -oakcd with 'Ti- wi at Portsmouth recently, the Princes* L* wise presiding at the certmowy. The* new vessel, the Inflexible, i«* aw immensely strong ship, I ut the 57 tora Krupp gnu c -n pieree her through ami through at 2.990 yards* duilwaiua B Hem i- tilt- thing to Mop? Kven if it shout"! bu found j *>.-ible to Iui!d a ship which would withstand the heaviest guns— and guns of IOO tons, with IS Lucia calaber, are now being made fiw the* Italian uavy—every vessel is still liable* ♦ < be sent to the bottom by a wretch**! little torpedo The Inflexible is 32*) feet long, and « 5 fiwt wide ; she has. en tines of immense force; she will hart* four guns of SI tons rad*. She maybe ds scribed as a monitor, 75 feet wide; and IOO feet long, with walla 41 inches thick, floated by the addition of an un-. armored bow and stern, ^pfhe m mitoe or citadel is 12 feet high. half abox* and half below water ; within its Willis are the engines, the b' ilcr?. the base cf* the turrets, the hydraulic niaehinerjr for loading the guns, and the magazines Her guns will cairy projectile* weighing I,GAO pounds and measuring IG inches io ct retro* ferewci The (aswell was perfectly successful, and when this immense vess* I took the water, she wa* not half so bad looking as she secrue*! to be when on the ways. Diamond Pointed Courage without discipline is nearer beastline.-. than manhood—Sir I* Si*IL toy. Faith in immortality is the highest tribute that tho world has paid la this worth of life.—JSmurrwon. There is nothing more frightful than for a teacher to know only what hi* -ch :ar- are intended to know -Cf*the. The tr.Ottt lovable heart is that whicfk loves th# illest readily ; but that which* easily love^. also easily forgets -GmtkeZ A timid person is frightened before* d ■ nger. a c* ;rd during the time. and! a courageous rson afterwards—A’** Apter. . If you have built castles in the air your w rk m ud not be lost J that I* where they should be. Now pu* louii-dations under them.— Thoreau. Death is as near to the young as thcj ol I ; here is all the difference :    Ileal bt stands behind the young man’s back* Let re the old u»uu s lave—Hex. 77 .LA/ms. N 'thine mat*-*- I >ve sweeter and ten-derer than a little previ <us!-e 'Ming at.dl fr vexing, just as the grape-c!u>te.s ac-quire I y a lr st befire vintage thinnex* skins and better flavor.— Riel Or. Love is like a hunt * r, who cares not [ame once eau.-bt. which he* pursued w th the mast intense* iou breathless eagerness Love is ti* :r ngcst in pursuit; friendship in poc-•e-si on —En ■ non. Live is indeed heaven np^n earth ^ • '.nee heaven above w* ulu not bu heaven* airboat it: for, where is not love, there* * fear ; I ut “ perfect love casteth oak fear ” And vet vr* naturally fear no sit for the may h: to offend what we most love — WiUntm Been i< SIV: from I pica ai*’y mild L »:    l *!v —fine a deen tin narv water in which the meat was par*-.< • ri ilk Ie ll »ur over. add a* of butter, and curer with n toler-thiek crust Chicken pie may ba in the same way. tion of and fail > ap! to more man— arm. wbe n we 1 Br uke his Fathers Heart. tu*ni ey the j\ few da ifs *g'f. Geol rge Baum an.to I realize Ii v in! I at I ie •nee. Ill , was sentenced «)nthin k our tinLarge ut 1 it et ny. t* . the 8bel by- rn vil Ie jiil in r fbi; t v tiny s. His fat ln rthan forty tot I, •^ ii very badly, and w: is seen bit ter-who owned iy Vt r*epi ng iii fr* ut of the jail. On evf Cattle,OH' day. wi ole d jug stun' e w rk «> II ad real*. A horses and sheep family of children and was tree fr« m «lebt—grumbling to my father about the hard times, s tying that it cost him that he c uldn’t make r: tw. ne wa to have fc 11.0 ,(’r, J Vj ikl.i attacked by a fit n brought on by red lot plow much I: anything I wed rec expression that broke over nance as he. evident*v I the peculiar bis counte »r the first gut the idea through living was a rfh father asked him if Iv caution to his son. in regard to Miss but it the balance was on the wrong Leonard Mr Baker happened to pass side, he bad not only lived in vain, but along a street where he had not been j as Artemus Ward said of Jeff’. Davis, for months. Just opposite a large, new, beautiful bouse, to which the painters were giving their last touches. he met a friend. As they passed, Baker said : “That’s an elegant house. It has been built since I was in this neighbor hood ’* u yes it is a very fine house, and I suppose didn’t cost less than twenty thousand dollars.    _ “ No I should think not. Who built fallen to us in pleasant pisces it ? Do you know ? ” “ Yes. it was built by Leonard ” “ By whom ? ” Baker looked surprised “ Bv old Leonard suppose ti his grief. aer- ** in*- r*a ii i p ow *h .re, ami. being unable to extricate himself, remained in the position until a hole had been burned through the body of suffi •dent size t<> admit of his entrails pr »-truding. From the eff cts of this accident he died on Thursday. His w»n wa.** taken from the jail. ani under] guard attended his father’s funeral. To Broll a Steak First see that the fire is clear and not ton much of it ; opeo s ide all the drafts, to ca* ry off all the smoke that is made during the pr cess of broiling ; then see that the gridir n is smooth and quite clean, rub i: well with whiting or chalk, lay on your steak. Unless y)ur stake is tough do not pound it, md it you are obliged to do so use a utensil w th a blunt edge, and do not hack or that it would have been sn much money jilM 'ntt> PleCtS- ' *’j’Ci being to slightly break the muscles rather than i divide them. After it is on the fire d<* tim that his when my •• n;ak>* ’ hi« living joyed the good things « f I si *n, prof coted by the laws Mis wool tything. he didn t This man had en fe in pr *fu surrounded by social privileges, no griping! of p >v-erty to day or anxieties for to Borrow. yet all th es a counted as nothing If s j small balance was found upon the right j side of the ledger, it wa." just so much I •• mads ” bv living through the year ; Tries and Rain Tile bulletin of the Torrey B tanigaH Club c tains a sugg- stive oaragrapli. in reference to the influence of ire* * ut n rain and atmospheric rn *isture. as. sh wn by the experience of the u*l«mk of Santa Cruz, and the West Indie*. This island is said to have been a garden of lr* sh mss. beauty, aid fertility 2t* \.-ar- ago; it was covered with wimkD* tvt-es were everywhere abundant, ami ruins wire profuse aud frequent Th©-recent visit of a gent leman who ha<! kt: urn the l.-iatid in its palmier day** r< vpaled a hmtditablc ehangg.one-fourila of the island having In come an utt< r desert cut awn proc* a . The f»»r» **r.s aud trees had been. . r .in la I? I ad censed, and th* f desicatioB, begining at one* co i OI tlit island had advanced gradm-;i 11 v and irresistibly upon the land. until for seven miles it had become as dry and barren as the sea shore. House* and plantations had Wen abandoned* id van cwt I desolation basteetii and watt he I t»y the people, wholly un ab lo in his pocket if he had died last year If we are to take this view, I grant    ... we shall realize rather small “ pay ’’ for I not stick a fork into it. or the juice wit farming operations generally. But i> escape. Neither salt n »r pepper it; do money all. or even the most desirable that on the di.-h Throw a little salt over the steak. ai- Compensation I Tho value of our ,%Q hre. and put privileges would be batter appreciated !    under    sole    to    carb    *mze    orsetr. if deprived of tlicm. II was not satisfied when h land that joinel him. “ Our lines have vobinson Crusoe    I    turn    over <1°'C^J’ lo    carbonize owned all the    ^ie    °4her    Gdt*. after which it    shout ! be exposed to a sh*w fire. The steak \|. j should be turned repeatedly and care most every hillside and valley is dotted    ! ^u^y» an'*    whec it tee.s rather firm to jeQDy Lind is now for sate is New York. 1 the    touch    it is rare, and if    so liked it G' prevent it. but knowing the time aL most to a certainty when their own hab~ Ration**, their gardens and fresh fields would be a part of the waste. Indeed* the whole island seemed doomed to become a desert This sad result is owinp entirely, according to the belief of th» inhabitants, to the destruction of the trees upon the island some years ago. Personal and General. In what key would a love* writ© a proposal of marriage? — Be win© ah t A s r ATL E of the late Sir James Simp** son, the i Greducer of chloroform, is. it* be erected i : Edinburg, Scotland. The “vol that was made lo orde? in Havana t vc nty-five years ago for with its schoolhouse ; iu nearly every hamlet the church spire p >ints heaven- ! should b© taken oft, laid ward ; colleges and seminaries are en- on which a tablespoonful You know him ” ] dowed in every State; book* and news-“ Impossible ! He’s not able to build papers abound ; every community has a house like thai. “ Oh, yes he is, and a half dozen more like it. if necessary. “ Leonard ? ” “ Certainly ! Why, lie i“ worth at least a hundred thousand dollars ” “ You must be in error ” “ No His daughter is to be married next month to an excellent young man. and this house has been built, and is to be furnished as a marriage present.” “ Incredible ! I thought he was going, or had gone to the dogs, long ago ” “ Leonard I ** The friend could not help laughing. “ He go to the dogs. Oh, no! There isnT a man in his trade who does so good a business, as little show as he makes. Good work, good prices, and punctuality, are the cardinal principles of his establishment, and make, all substantial. How in the world could you have taken such a notion ? ’* “ I don’t know, but such has been my impression for a longtime,” replied Baker, who felt exceedingly cut down on account of the mistake he had made, and particularly so in view of the elo-. ant house and a hundred thousand dollar*, which tu^ht all have bclon-ed its association or organization for mutu on a hot dish. I of butter been me Led, less than one half tea spoonful of salt,a pinch of white pepper and if you like, one teaspoonful o a1 assistance and instruction, such as chopped parsley, wad mixed I he libraries, lyceums, farmers’ clubs, agri- I    maJ    then    be    duLst,‘d    Wlth cultural societies, &c , the whole backed i    if "<* J»'©    10    j"rl[‘    3,11,1 * up bv healthy public sentiment that ; envy, a tablespoonful ot absolutely allows each individual to stand upon j boltin!; water added, when the steak his own merits and pa*s for what he is »hon><l be turned Irom one side to lh- worth, rendering these privileges available alike to all, rich and poor. Transplanting Cabbages.—Tho best cabbages we ever raised in this State were transplanted on the 8th day of July. We notice that in many instances there is a disposition to set out cabbages for wiuter use early in the season. It is better to transplant the first week in July. The time then will be ample for the plants to reach maturity iii the northwest, and they will keep through the winter without de eaying to such an extent as if transplanted so early in the season.—Farm-ers L » am. other and nerved immediately. It may be added to this, that to those who do not burn wood, and consequent Iv are not possessed of this best of ill means of cooking .neat, a bright bcd of coals, that a tolerable substitute is of fored in broilers that fit in the hol^s of the stove. The healthfulness of meat- The Boston common council has ap- hap i pf printed $15,(NIO for the purchase of bronze tiled »!lions of the declaration of ] independence, to be placed in Faneuil Hall. Mr. John W Garrett, ofB&hi®ore* Md . has given $15 DOO ta the IVabodjr Institute, in that city, to be ascd iu purchasing statuary and paintings for the art gallery now building. Mr. Joseph Jefferson, who finds i tim© amid his dramatic duties to indulge a passion for painting, has been asked to contribute ome of his works to th© next exhibition in Loadon. An exchange says: u We are in receipt of iwo poems, OM on the ‘Throb-rag Brain/ aud the other on a 4 Bleeding Heart ’ We will wait until we ra-e ive <*ne <»n the Stomach Ach©, and cooked by broiling over those cooked by frying, is undisputed, and those who ; publish ail three together do not know the luxury of a prime sir loin. or porter house steak nicely boiled, are to be commiserated. note of thin. John Bull, make Secret a rf iloW>on fays bo intend® _____ hereafter to keep fifteen first ehos ship* A celebrated physician being asked an I five iron clad» constantly in tcadt* Brooklyn, thanks t> Mr. Beecher, did nobly for the Soldiers’ Home enterprise A subscription of over $12,-000 in thirty minutes is something to be noted iu these hard times- what was the best way to prepare CU cumbers for the table, said :    “ Pear theui nicely ; cut them up in thin Slice transversely, pour good cider vinegar on them, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, aud then throw them into the pig-pen.” ____________ Bates, Au imp roving 5er“t. ness for duty. • Whose portrait was d"»?” asked U T.“ ton of his tripod, as they w«*fe £«>-in. through a picture gallery. “That? ll wry Clay,” was the reply. “Hendry GI ay?” “Yes, t«. be aura; ll envy CUy.M >. der great cigar man,” said ha utter ui 'jucnt r* reflection.
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