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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 10, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Windmill. Behold n giant am i aloft Here in my Tower with my Granite jaws i devour the Maize Hie wheat and the Rye and grind them into flour. I look Down Over the farms in the Fields of Grain i see the Harvest that is to be and i fling aloft my arms for i know it is All for my. I hear the sound of flails far of from the threshing floors in barns with their open doors and the wind the wind in my sails louder and louder roars. I stand Here in my place with my foot on the Rock below and whichever Way it May blow i meet it face to face As a Brave Man meets his foe. And while we wrestle and strive my master the Miller stands and feeds me with his hands. For he knows who makes him thrive. Who makes him lord of lands. On sundays i take my rest Church going Bells begin their Low melodious Din i Cross my arms of my breast and All is peace within. His. Longfellow in youth s companion. Haider. a at your service sir from tile Gav worsted she was sorting she looked up with a mischievous expression befitting her words yet underlying it a goodly measure of the rare tenderness that Only a woman a lace can Wear. Hers seemed a strange face for a Lover to Irown upon but frown he did ulily emphatically. A i am in no mood for jesting Saidee a he continued glumly a nor probably will you he when i Tell you what that we have so Long debited must be decided Between us now. The sunny smile died torn her Counte Nance the rare tenderness seemed but tile rarer for its Gravity. A i am sorry Wilfred Quot she answered softly a i so hoped you would see its impossibility and agree with he could but read How she loved him but he read something else now in look and tone something that momentarily banished the frown and paled his handsome face. With a passionate impulse he arose and crossing Over to where she sat took her hands in his and gazed Dow n into her Brown eyes Long and Stead ily. A Saidee do you care at All forme a he asked finally. A do i care for you Wilfred a she murmured reproachfully yet with the rapture of his touch reflected in her face a do i care for you Oil How can you ask me that when you know that there is Only you Only you in the whole wide world for me a his hands fell he turned a yay from her impatiently with a bitter smile. A if i am All the world to you Saidee you certainly have a very strange Way of showing it. Your words Are pretty but they do not weigh at All with me. If you would have me believe you come and Promise to obey me As every woman should the Man she he extended his arms toward Hei As he spoke there was a look on his face she could not mistake. She knew that it would be the last last time but still she took no step Forward she simply stood terrified appealingly gazing up at him. A a Wilfred a a Ile was frowning again now deeper than before. A i know w hat you would Gay. Saidee a he interrupted a a and it is Only a w Aste of words. As i said before your words have no weight with me it is enough for me that you Are ready to have me go away alone. And now As i shall go tomorrow we May As Well say she had not taken her eyes from his lace and he still looked Back at her relentlessly steadily. At his last word she shivered a death like pallor overspread her countenance Aud she answered him Brokenly a a Wilfred a he did not interrupt her now he Bent Forward with conscious eagerness tor her words. His own were honest but he Felt certain of their effect he did not doubt that in this decisive moment he would Ghin her to his will. She would surely not let him go she was about to yield to him to say that there could be no Good Bye Between them that sooner than this she would Adjure All and follow him. And so he Ben Forward for the answer eagerly with a certain Hope. A Wilfred if you so will you must g but i can never say Good Bye to you. That was Wii at she said Brokenly tenderly yet with the gentle firmness that had so startled him just now. A if you so will you must they were Little words but he did not mistake them the fullest judicial sentence never weighed More heavily. A moment he stood regarding Lier shaking with pain and disappointment a moment passion swayed him a fleeting wavering impulse but he quickly crushed them Down. A i do so will Sadiee a he replied with scornful emphasis a and sin be you object to Good Bye let its make it Good afternoon. This was their parting so he left her striding out and past the window by which she sat. She did not turn she sat fixed and rigid listening to his Retreat ing footsteps each of which was a knife stabbing deep Down in her heart. As they died away she started up As if to follow him her lips parted with a passionate cry but As suddenly his cutting words floated Back to her it Sank into a moan. A and this is the end of it All a she murmured a when by knows How i love him when he knows i would die for him. Of Wilfred my love my Dearest How could you leave me so a it was not strange that that other time should Rise vividly before her that Day six months ago when in this very room in the first Blissful realization of their Mutual passion he had fallen on his Knees before her and solemnly affirmed that come what would no Power on Earth should Ever separate her. A if Ever a woman was sure of a Man Saidee you Are sure of me a what music the words were neither of them could foresee the future and the sore test that awaited them. Al seemed Bright before them they were to be married in six months time and she was to go away with him to Brazil where he had secured a government appoint ment. There seemed no need of the passion ate protestations the solemn oath of this fond Lover their truth was to be tried in the fifth month of their engagement aunt Ruth of w lion Saidee Wras the is pedal pet and protege was thrown from her Carriage and received injuries which though it was not believed they would prove total left her in a very apprehensive state. True the wedding Day wa3 named and Wilfred must go True there were Loving j hearts besides Saidee a to care for poor aunt Ruth but it seemed to her tender nature most a crime to leave her until at least the danger was positively All past. And when one morning the old lady Drew Down the face to hers and whispered imploringly a you will not leave me pet while there is a doubt of my getting Well a she promised unhesitatingly that she would not. Perhaps if she had known Wilfred Hare better she would not have promised so readily. But she knew him Only As the tender Lover the Man who had sworn that come what would no Power on the Earth should Ever separate him from her. It could be easily settled she thought he As she would feel very sad and disappointed but he As she must see the impossibility of her going now. They could be married and As soon As aunt Ruth was decided out of danger she would go with him. All this in full Trust and Faith she confided to Wilfred Hare. She was ill prepared for the reception her words met the imperious Workings of the Many a will. What right had she without consulting him even to make a Promise to any one that conflicted with her own to him his love gave him the right to command her if she loved him she w Ould obey. She must marry him and go away with him else their present relations must cease. In vain she pleaded her Promise her tender affection for Ruth he would yield nothing to an old woman a whim. So he remained imperious persistent she troubled yet hopeful thinking that finally he must yield neither believing that separation was possible when the testing time should come. Saidee strove to smile she took up Lier worsted and continued sorting them As if thus to begin disciplining herself tor the burdens of her new life. It could not be otherwise she thought she could not break Lier Promise to her aunt Ruth she could not leave her now. And As Wilfred w filled she must submit. Amid her pain arose a sudden keen feeling of disappointment it vanished almost immediately in a realization that was born from it. A i in so glad a she said softly a that i am not one of those who think a perfect object is necessary for Loving i do not think a perfect object is a test of love. I am not Blind Wilfred is very tyrannical selfish very very unkind but As never till to Day have i fully realized it so never has he been so dear to this realization awoke a tender resolve. Come to understand and forgive her and then All would be Well again. Those were uneventful Days till one morning the news was brought to Saidee that aunt Ruth could not live that contrary to expectation the Peculiar troubles that resulted from her injuries had developed fatally. Her gentle heart smote her for often often this later time she had regretted her Promise in her anguish wished she had broken it. Far a while remorse banished All else from her thoughts but love is a mighty thing and poor aunt Ruth had not been Long under the Sod in fore it regained the Mastery. He would surely write now that aunt Ruth was dead he would surely understand. So she was musing one Twilight when there came a Knock at the door and a letter Wras handed into her at the sight of the familiar i iting she could not repress a rapturous cry despite the presence of the new servant who knew nothing of Wilfred Hare her trembling fingers could scarcely break the Seal. And when she did Only a wadding card the Little note she had written him and the line a it is but right i should restore to you your Wilfred Hare had proven himself. She read it she broke into tilt of hysterical laughter and then not knowing what she did she dropped it and went Down and out Over the Lawn far into the Maple Grove. Looking ahead saw Mark Vale coming toward her. He had heard of this he was coming vaguely with Only the thought that he must com tort her. She waited for him she stretched out the hand which still held the card. With a dreary smile Mark a she said a did Yon know Wilfred was married did you know a she could say no More the Lull reality had broke. Ile had endured much he could not endure the look now on her face. With tue water Mill listen to the water Mill All the Livelong Day. How the creaking of the wheel wears the hours away languidly the water glides useless on and still never Corning Back again to the Watermill and a proverb haunts my mind As the spell is East a the Mill will never it Rind with Hie water that has take the lesson to yourself Loving heart and True. Golden years Are passing by youth is passing too try to make the most of life lose no Honc to Way All that you eau Call your own lies in this to Day. Power intellect and strength Man not can not Las the Mill will never grind with the Waler that has passed. Of the wasted hours of life that have by i a of the Good we nigh have done lost with log Days. Out a sigh. Love that we might once lava saved with but a sing # word thoughts conceived but never penned perishing unheard. Take the be son to your heart take of hold it fast the Mill will never grind with the water that has passed. A the late Den. Mccullum. Musk and pennyroyal. M iss Margaret Willis slapped her maid in the face one morning As the girl wu3 o n dressing her hair. A How often must i Tell you not to draw the hair so tightly Back from my forehead a she excl Traad. A it must lie quite Loose though firmly held you quite make me look like a right Quot it was a Soh hand yet it could give a stinging blow As Agnesia had Learned during the last Tew weeks for such blows were new in her experience with miss Willis who till lately had let Een tile sweetest of mistresses. She said nothing however but made haste to by sen the Brown sudden uncontrollable impulse he threw hair Over that snowy forehead till mar his arms around Ber and Drew Are to i breast a Job Saidee a give me forgive me but i cannot see you so a so cried Mark vane quite terrified at his act striving vainly to Loose his arms. To his Surprise Abe did not resist him. He even fancied she Clung to him. A do not Send me away Quot a voice floated up to him. A i have Only got you to love me and i know you love me very was this a de Usison or was she mocking him in her despair a Saidee a he murmured bewilder Day. A do you mean that that you could marry me a he was All she had. Hers wa9 a nature to crave a prop it seemed to Ber that moment that never a love was so Sweet to woman As Mark vanes was to j her. A i loved Wilfred a she answered Brokenly. A but i have lost love and i must have love or my heart will break. A i can never let him go away so i must prove to him How dear he is and must Ever be to from a his came the Ender note that found its Way not it morning to Wilfred Hare a i cannot let you go away dear without one Little word. I know you Are angry with me and i am very very Unap dear Mark ii you can marry me so i by for never since our engagement have i loved you As to Dav. My Little word is that i must always always love you and that i will never marry any Man except Wilfred Hare. Perhaps some Day you will understand and forgive me and then you will be glad to think of very sadly she dropped the tender Little note in the mail Box very drearily she went Back the familiar Road to her Home. It seemed but yesterday that she had walked Here with Wilfred so Happy and confident. How sad and dark the Road seemed now to absorbed was Saidee that she did not see the Man walking just ahead of her who suddenly turned and will be a Good wife to a Saidee a with the one word therein Lay his soul he Drew her gently almost reverently Closen to his wildly beating heart. And so he married her and he is Content. Per she never repulses him his love i seems always Sweet to her and sometimes rf1 her own will a Twining her arms a it it i him tenderly. She comes and i neck kisses Gareth a Sharp a pc is in told her that the right Point had let Een leached. Miss Willis was already dressed tor she had adopted the custom of the Empress eugenic of having her hair arranged last. When it was finished she Rose letting slip the Large Cambric Mantle that covered or Ami went to take a careful Survey of herself in a Long Mirror that stood Between the two windows. The result c it did not have been otherwise than pleasing. She wore a Long tunic of lace and Muslin in stripes Over a Lavender silk and Rose coloured bows on the half open sleeves Aud under ire Lovely chm. A a a w per he toward her a vase of Large Pink and White , she fastened a Oun it ii of them round her head a Coronet and taking the Pearl rings from he ears. Hung fuchsias in their Placer. A i am going for a walk below the in i Vedere a in said then to her maid a say nothing a out it to any one Ami keep people away if you can. If any of those dreadful tourists come Here to see the grounds Tell the Gardener to come to the Terrace and whistle miss Willis went Down the Grana Stair. Not a Oul was in sight. At this hours it Hail just struck eleven from the clock in the grand Fountain All tile ladies and gentlemen Iii the Villa except perhaps the master of it the Marquis of san Giorgio were in their rooms and would leave them Only at rite Souna of the breakfast Bell. Which tans precisely branching stems with tiny Blue blossoms. Picture after picture started up. The Large old fashioned mansion House with its pleasant verandas its Fields and gardens and Woods appeared All its twittering swallows circling round the boiling Spring bubbling up under a Birch tree in the Field the Well with its curb pole Aud bucket Mossy and Dank in the midst of the Chip strewn backyard shining tin milk Caus drying on a sunny Bench outside the Back door lace curtains waving in the drawing room w in do pm i to Tusk rent Muslin curtains fluttering Aud puffing out from the Chambers above. A Blue smoke curled up from the Chimney of the Kitchen where the 1 floor was so White and the Birds Eye flitted map a ironing table turned Back on Hing i is and left a great chair tor All but Iron the town but a mile Distant i looked Over an intervening i and the primeval Forest Hung dark As a thundercloud close at the other hand. It was the Liest of the City with the Best of the country. She had gone into the Woods with her brother Jamie. She had coaxed him to take her and Jamie never refused her anything. How Good he was to her that Day lifting her Over the wet places giving her All the i a tie yellow violets he found holding her p to look into a Birds nest while the Moth Bird chirped Dis tres fully from a heir tree and telling Lier such wonderful things of Birds and Trees and Dower that lie had Learned from books. Picture followed pictures of a nue aright others Mournful Many of them interwoven with the simple Herb which she held clasped to it her breast with unconscious hands. There was John. With a dreamy smile on her lips and her unseeing eyes fixed her fancy saw him grow up through All her remembrances of him first Lamia Dearest Friend and play fellow later Firmi. It it and to Revei her Friend. An Earnest Good boy and an Earnest a Cwm Many a firm As Arock in principles and Chara ter. Aud with something that might remind line of the Rock in his form my face. In the Square Broad shoulders the wide it redhead and the firm Mouth that a never to ready to smile Ami never had too much to say. He was gentle too from the time when in her seventh year he lifted her. Ail wet and trembling out of the i Rook into w hich she had fallen it i keep Verv you want to Quot be replied almost angrily. She looked into his lace with Herair flies smile. A a and if i do not want to. John hate to and wont a a Diu that Case we had Batter not breakfast he replied quietly. They went out in the tent Hung breakfast room where the company we Ere a sem bied and miss Willis was edified to Sec he very cordial her aunts greeting of the new Comer was Atter the first involuntary scow i of recognition. As for the Maiquis he was so truly rend Grace icily courteous that Margaret added a Lew explanatory words to her introduction. A emr. Norton was a Ach Bollello to my she sat i. A i have known urn All my she compared tile two while they talked the Marquis wits tall mender and Pale a and his Beautiful face had that look of mildness which is the result of Pride Aud culture rather than of a mild Dispo Itson. One might have Slid of this Man that his face was Calm and unruffled not Lecause his passions were not Strong but because of their strength which earned Alt before it. It is obstructed passion that Graves the face. Whatever the Marquis of ban Giorgio had wished to do that he had done and whatever he Iliad wished to possess had never been Long denied him. The two gentlemen to amp iced a Little on political subjects. John was now a senator. His ideas were quite t ear. An i were Well expressed. To be s ire la French was not chopped quite Fine enough he had the fog bsh accent and pronounced too conscientiously All the Little words which he should Only have brushed but he Spike grammar Illy Aud some Way it seemed a condescension for him to Peak French at All. A i must make him practice talking with me against the time when he will in president and will have to talk with the Lour winds a thought miss Willis Bhe saw with real gratitude an j amp or ration that the Marquia perceiving that the guest did not under and Carlie i her Home in his anus to their interview when she had laughingly turned aside the declaration a i love that for the Hundredth time he had attempted to make and left him with that Hurt yet patient look which she had so often caused his time not a spoken to Nee Lee Lei sent. Even coquetry Day when a Fie. She sobbed it her gratitude t a ooh John How i do love you Lur in intr up just now tile water was Chok inc me. I wish you would always stay close to me just As Long As i and John had responded with his Cheek blushing warm against her Chilly wet one a til never i ii you when you want me,ramey.�?� and he Uever had failed her. A Bell rang. it the lied of the school Houe hidden a Hin i the Trees or it f one of the Many churches is town key and the Hill it rang so loudly and sounded so near that it broke through reverie. Her mind came Back to her eyes and looked about receiving a Shock that Alin St blinded her. For All the lands ape seemed in a whirl Aud her visions reeled and fell like a City Over an earthquake. Kit self. It shall be of the seventh Day it october that Wil give you nearly two months in which to fully reconcile mrs. Margaret laughed. A but you do not know How you will be Tai Cen if you marry me a she said. A i have become a dreadful woman. John Don t be too much horrified but l a at my maid a a nonsense a a i really do. I Reave struck her once with the hair Brush and countless times with my band. A Ipoh your i id would t Hurt a Fly a Lii he and to a a tor a moment the Volt White band and Gar it Little squeeze it try its Quality. A it almost makes a Blister she persisted a a Agama cd. In a a perfect fury when in a he looked at her seriously and saw thai she was serious. A it is High time that you should go Home and have some one to Tike care of Yon a he said. A a in a sure that you have Len tormented till you Are nervous. In future beat any one but me. Pansy. It in t Nice you know for a servant to see her mistress in a pass n. I could understand but she would that Way was the Way that he always excused her when he a that she regretted a fault silent la along toe Good came to the great Gate but. Little one opened i a sed through shut they walked in Roar till the that was shut and the sent pm it and leaned a moment of to separated tile in. A i can of it give you any this Quot he said Rafter sadly Back at the Villa. A you Are 5 a great Deal to int. a it is All Beautiful i u not make one Nappie a in a Verv Little while t i tire keel rail that hug like glancing ice if Ino a a y Ai. Wen wan urge Shady re a herself upon lace to assume in Hasty or unkind word Hail her and never once had a wih of hers or seemed t that i he he it re ter and paused As if awaiting her. She started j i in entering a As she Drew closer and perceived him her first impulse was too flee she shrank from the sad face that she Felt was so l be j her own now. But it was tool amp the had retraced j is Steps to meet her and was now walking at her Side. ,�?� he said softly a Saidee there Are no Many Days now. Do not Send me away rom he made no Effort to t Oak his tenderness either in word or Rook. He had loved Lier from the Happy tune when As children they had walked this very Road together she knew it and it bad once been the great sorrow of her life that she could not return this love. Despite the sting of his words there awoke in her heart a pity for him such As she a i never known before a wild regretful longing that she could not have oved him a sudden strange realization that she had wasted her affection that this Many a stanch Loyal heart was Worth a Hundred such As Wilfred Hare s. This last she battled quickly Down not so the pity or the longing. Strangely moved scarcely knowing what she did she placed her hand on his Arm and answered gently a there will be Many Many Days for us to w Alk together Mark a a he could but have a presentiment of her meaning so sadly Earnest was her tone. A what do you say Saidee a he asked him from though knows de scripture. Why he named his child Juda. A my wife he Jess presented me wid do fines boy in Dis country a said Black Little Rock magistrates office taking off his hat and slinging perspiration from la brow with crooked forefinger. A Yas Geu he went on a de finest Chile i Cher seed. Arr est jes got a Twenty dollars Gold piece right Heah ter Nib de Man what can guess what i Hez named him. Tor keep yer from spreading Ober de whole universe of names. Ill state Dat hits a Bible a Abraham Quot guessed some our. Nor sail Quot a Paul a a nor sail a a Job a a guess a Nickodemus a a keeper Cornin a Rabi Melicz a a try me the guessing ceased Atte finally Bill remarked a use named Dat boy Judas e a what a said the magistrate betrayed our a can t help it. Bat s be boys name. It Hez been slighted. Nobody Hez Cher had de immoral courage ter name a Chile fur Dat Man. But Dat ainu to de main reason Why i names him Judas. I be got de Bible ter a stain me in Gibin de Chile Dat name. A How does the Bible sustain you in desiring to perpetuate that name a asked the magistrate. A in remarking of Judas it says Dat it would Bab bin Betta fur Dat Man of he at noon. It the Marquis was out he would be at the potteries in the very farthest Corner of the Villa. He almost in variably devoted the hour or two before breakfast to his correspondence. Follow ing a Little path to among the drubs and i to the level we windows above she might like a Large Flower in the Rich Greta. She did not wid from the windows however i time Aad a Judas wound Ere Margaret re from the have shown of the to it i Al Evn but to escape All observation for a time and to study for a hour her position with the airs of heaven blowing alar it her. To she went nearer the Belvedere an i when she saw its darn Balustrade stand out against the Blue Tkv began to walk s a Way to Aud fro in its Shadow. Here was her position he was a Young Beautiful and accomplish o new England girl. Rich for her native Ltd Bat not Rich for one of the grand cities either of the new or the old world. A wealthy and ambitious aunt who had spent the greater part of her life in Europe had in Bis a Eva her careless this love bad begun on the Hall drowned Aud wholly had Clung round his re it. Him stand Rea otly spout More slow Tine to v than a Cual. An to Metis peat i. Alter breakfast Thev a., i ing through the Are. Willis fasten new Comer and cont led to him to of mtr refs approaching marriage. A whom is she to marry he asked a a we by the Marquis of course. Hav you Beard a a is she a he asked dryly. The Marquis stood beside Marg a you have known this gentleman your life a he asked gently but a it la Bhe was beginning to and Dia Ler a is Story. Onion a a i know what i. Ally delighted Quot wid i has t begun to i an though Ever inc be to me a a Why John she Vantly drawing Back. A never a lace you of that Dayve Lojec i i Ltd Brook a he went on. Ing Over it. Good by go. J. Anal i see you Bhe a a Uch things Job re she replied. Becomes an old a it one perpetual rep me Perpetu gentleman. A it i 3trv to me offered yourself a in a Indish Kret. All Ace. Feel him so or obey that sail Oreana John on nosed the Marquis. Him is at they woman Horn she should a a in the a n the Lim birr Che nun the up the trunks open Inan i Hijji in the a Trees thickened to dense branches of the Pines ran is an umbrella runs up in to themselves in a tuft a Wick i put la re i the Here Al it in Woollen i change it it Stone Bale airy Arches a moment the painful embarrassment of a who is oblige i to refuse a Man w admires and who fears that she so have refused him More promptly. I sure she had expressly stipulated that her consenting to spend a week a a ? Villa should not be taken As a encouragement of his suit she was not sorry of a or having com. A this wife is in Rome with him Marquis pursued watching Hisey Ion s cat lace. A emr. Norton is not so replied. There was a moment of silence then he exclaimed a whew Long am i to wait i for your answer Signorina if you did not know , y a must know emphasizing the wort an i glancing to where John imprisoned in a slant Coin r by mrs. Willis is vet watching their c Aversa Tion. A i Tan answer you n it a. Mar Jib she said. A and i wish that i had done of i before. Forgive me a a a enough a he said passionately. Then making an Effort added with gentle coldness. A i won. I spare y of an explanation a by u through heroics but John and blushed a titties. Bhe where John s place Magazine. Re a a. Arses to me a you out of the i Lave been nor. Dear it a time to n three y after him. A now sly i will never Tell a Bat i could Nev. The Only place in feet going Bhe smiled did no to say lip Pineau t tenth. My Abba that i Nur. In t i Wax a is echoes. Lit i Lave seen Ftp a j can renew a Tai of me heart a a re me Hie a Dew. My a and t by. Or a Laie away i never Felt ii pm fast i to Day Kent Ala j o in Ain a a i psf with with an almost pleading look in a a Palace ones and it i a grand before the you six i c v i i w Loggia and w Savage Woods had climbed the Hillside a w Hite flood water came falling Down in plunges sprinkling the leaning f a and in cons i Lac Ion Flower r an to masks and the cupids it he a the spa a i it a get it All. Aret re a numbered a Century old temptation of clearly that it seemed to in newly whispered in Lier ear All this will i give Oro o a tit r Ere. Intending t it in i with pity for her and a Joy he could not Neber had t Ben repress mingling oddly in his look and Tom. A Ftnat i am not going to be married Mark that is not yet awhile. W Ilfred is angry with me but i must not Tell you i do not know Why i so forget myself. It is Only that i am to stay with aunt Ruth for the present that is All she truly said she did not know Why she Felt a very tra Toress thus openly to by me Wilfred Hare. Bhe did not realize poor Saidee How pleasant Mark Yale a Devotion had suddenly become to Here How Plain she was making this. But he could not see. He walked on beside her silently Little dreaming he was aught to her to Day beyond what he had been before. Never had life seemed so dreary to Mark Yale not even that Bleak morning when he Learned she was to marry Wilfred Hare. Then his unselfish soul found Solace in the thought a Well a a a act considering now Many Roufs is opened at de duo when i goes Home wid a Side of meat it Wood hat lieu Betta fur Dat boy of mine Etc he d Neber seed de Daylight. I knows what ize a talking about. I take de scripture Frum de Refre fences. In de future i finds Dat de boy Hez made a improvement on himself Den ill change his name ter sagacity of ant. When or. Franklin was in Paris As he sat quietly and alone at his breakfast one morning he saw a number of Black ants Busy with the contents of the sugar bowl. He drove them away but they returned. Again he dispersed them in a few minutes they were seen climbing from Lump to Lump As if nothing happened. To try their ingenuity he had the sugar bowl suspended by a string from the Ceil that she was Happy now he stood in the ing. They endeavoured to reach it by presence of her misery he who had he tile Power would not have permitted the winds to blow roughly on Here and could not save Lier its least Pang. He understood Wilfred Hare better than she it would have been easier perhaps to resign her to any other Man. It was not strange that in this hour realizing his own loyalty and tenderness he should rail at Justice and the Meriest of myths. Quot the Days passed slowly drearily to Bailee with each her love tor Wilfred Hare growing deeper Iier grief sharper a More unendurable. A come what will no Power on Earth aha separate me from you a morn noon and night those mad words came Back to her and with them a Hope to feed upon. Barely All would be right standing on each others Back several mounted in this manner and reached upwards but in vain the Chain of the ants fell fast us it was raised. After repeated attempts they went away and he supposed they had Given up the matter but presently he saw them descending the string and dropping Down upon the lumps of sugar. They had scaled the Walls traversed the ceiling Aud discovered another Road to the treasure. The notion of putting a Light inside the body so As to see what is going on there and to take remedial or preventive measures accordingly is not entirely new but it is very interesting. This is the aim substantially of the a pol scope a an invention which it is assert Able thought. He could not give her up j eel. Will Render an examination of every he was Only angry with her he would i part of the human body feasible. Great match for her. Margaret had glumly come abroad but had not committed herself to the matrimonial scheme Baa indeed been very co Ilab it it the candidate who immediately preen u a hum of. The Marquis was agreeable elegant read of very High lineage and he was not very old. She had no serious objection to make but she had not yet been Ible to consent though daily urged by her aunt and by the Lover himself. Aud she could say neither yes nor no. Bhe was too id Aeron to accept and the Pron it sit Ion waa to Brilliant to refuse. By had seen enough of society in l Inion pans and Rome to lie weary of taking a subordinate place. With a Coronet in the Beautiful Golden Brown hair she could become a social Power. Her orig it disdainful eyes had searched out Allt a wheels and Cranks of tire social Mac nine and with time and familiarity disdain was rapidly losing Itsell Iii ambition. Ii was a game and a Brilliant and exciting one it seemed to her. She was beginning to find that her Beauty was a weapon to use not merely a pretty Flower. It might procure her other advantages besides a Coronet. But just As her imagination was about taking fire and she tii ought a i will carry in a half open Rose and give it to him before them All and give him a smile with it which he shall understand Quot some other second thought set aside her Hal formed decision. Walking thus preoccupied almost tor rented be became conscious presently i of some sensible touch that reached her heart yet so delicately that she was not j aware by what sense it entered. It persisted softly withdrawing for an instant to make its presence More clearly Felt on returning and at every return the emotion it caused became perceptible. Her attention at length arrested by this soft Importunity Margret Willis paused Aud looked around to see what it was that had set her heart murmuring i articulately like a to tiler Over the Cradle of her sleeping child. It was no sight or sound though the Birds were singing their noon lullabies. It was a perfume Strong penetrating and familiar How More familiar than anything else there even while unrecognized Bhe stood and breathed it a moment then Bent and looked searchingly in the grass. It was Gay with Flowers of every Hue and set thickly among them and looking Over their Heads were stalks of pennyroyal the dear old new England Herb studded a along the the1 if falling Down thou w me on right it weeping go Hyce Over the whole then gathering up Lier Long skirts she went swiftly toward the h us. The Aret breakfast Bell had ceased ringing and the other would ring in fifteen minutes. Reaching the House she was told that a gentleman a. Waiting in the it it for her. A what an hour for a visit a the the Dis contentedly a she went trailing the empty room to the lat when ther Fin longer. A taught thro a tall too j at a window a i esteem like to pm a you will pm own happiness. Ans proud smile. A a he a got his quiet of a Norton a anti be takes it r ought not to stay Here any going Back it rom now Quot he said. Sol what abruptly to mrs. Willis. A go Bye i suppose i shall see you there some time or she ignored the Good Bye and Ai de him As he went toward Margaret. Tae Marquis seeing his movement collected an engagement. A please your Friend to it slav to dinner Quot ire hastily Quot i Snail return in an to lie left the room. A when and where am i going to see you Aguia Margaret Quot John asked conscious of mrs. Wild angry face at his Elbow. A i am g ing the station right away. I am me d it Waid and the High desires of Day Are Dea a ambition reign is of the heart that once heat High for his a que a line of Maorek in More a Lon rim Salt let Ake City by maa adl1zb. Lis it to the mormon capital t it it lies deep in the Alley which is �,000 feet of the sea. T the right he r. Irth to the South the est mountains lying in pm the City. America has. S Irv eyed from the Dit i i distinctly Oriental amp two of the tar West who have Only dreamed of the East imagine How Damascus May look. White Horn. Rii Aing amid Rich masses of Green foliage a dome a t wer a spire that May answer for a minaret deep gardens buildings with Flat re Fra a taint Mist of dust marking the me of a travelled Street a sky of More than the Oriental softness overhead an i an atmosphere so pore that a luxury and to look gain such Poer of vision tinge reach let us Valley above the lev to the left to East an i toe a the midst of to no other like Lance it Wear Pear amp nce. So a Broad shouldered Man looking out. At sight of him the blood rushed to Lier forehead. A i no bewitched to Day a i am certainly be witched a she thought and walked slowly toward him not so aroused from her former dream As to have Laid aside or thrown away the Bunch of p in Royal Dre had clasped to Lierbo Tom. Ii turned at the i tight rust of her garments. His face was Pale Bot his manat quite Calm. A How do you do Margaret a he said. As if he had seen her the week before. A i Hope i am not How it happened she knew not out at sight of him All the do malice and mischief woke in her heart. The intense Blue eyes which were drinking in her face the slight tremor in the deep voice a a i the signs we hich told that he was to her just what be had Ever been made a it of her again the laughing tyrant. Yet she laughed with Joy and was triumphant at seeing him so handsome. Her educated eyes found him finer looking than he had looked to her ignorant Keo. A you do intrude awfully. John a she said giving him her hand a there Are two persons in the House who will lie enraged at your a one is your aunt a a said coldly. A and the other is who a a never mind come and get some break last. The Bell is ringing and i Ain hungry. Of you need t hesitate about the invitation we All ask whom we please. I have bad one a or two persons to breakfast. They will already have Laid a place for Bise was turning away half waiting i it it a him when he took her hand a ill you Are going to marry him i will not sit at his table. Tell me the truth done to play with me Bhe had never Beard his voice so passionate it was almost commanding. A what is your advice about the matter a she asked innocently turning once More toward him and dropping her eyes. A i would advise you to marry him ii the Greta with Over a Manrara Quot it a a ii walk Down a you and we can talk it said. A but Margaret it to it it to to go now Quot her aunt interposed sharply does no to look Well to go out at noon one a this is one of ii exceptions Quot i the Niece. Bhe led him out Garden by the path an hour before and him the Story of to to breath through i that toe j Twenty in of the Pede to Sparin to City Ere with Gray the Gutter sh1 n pure and Delic along with the of the t in pea is stones or Wood of bricks Art far Par among might v try there thrust them be of the Footway the passers by. The Wasatch redeem t who has five i Rte to it is thus tempted. Lid through the Flower he had taken but on the Way she to i pennyroyal. A i knew you could t dolt Pansy a he said with a tremor in his voice. A i Neard in America that you were going to marry an italian and i darted in Twenty Tou hours alter Ward. Yet i never believed it though i knew that your aunt Woald ire teasing a you were much too sure of me she replied pathetically. A i am a Tulip wicked John and i was becoming ambitious to Shine in a Why should t you like to Shim in in rear. Oro to Street Covil i pop each Side where Iii de there i a Stream of o la water hurling fiercely impetus gained at the top the dwellings of Adobe or san Burnt and Are enshrined i. Shops Here and ves out to the Edge toil offer their wares to it is a goer throng that Ach a one As on no or. R Street in Las Broad Earth eau Gate i or. Here is a mormon Saint a patriarch 1 with twelve wives Aad so Many children that he is compelled to refer to his Laem i uranium Book for a list of them. Stout. Rugged coarse in nature and in feature he is of the kind to i found this Valley a wilderness an transformed it into a luscious Garden. There is a i Yah Indian Clad. Perhaps in a Black stovepipe Nat a Blanket and Buckskin breeches. He j wears huge earnings Long straight hair a thick and As Black As Midnight Here is a mexican dashing along at break i neck Speed upon a shaggy Pony. He wears a dress As picturesque As that of a greek and he is As Tine a horseman As j the arabian desert knows. There go i two army officers wearing Blue Coats and i looking As if they were in authority. They Hie to the Camp upon the Hillside society a a he asked smiling in her Beauty from whence the guns this control can Lul face. J level the City in a Day. Gentile miners a ooh but you great honest Goose Yiu with whiskers Broad hats. Browsers tuck do not know what that sometimes med in boots and pistols thrust in belts plies a she replied quite seriously a when i swagger about in search of fire water there is a crowd of handsome Brilliant j mormon policemen quiet reserved but women trying to do the same thing it i keen As hounds stand upon the Corner sometimes Means All sorts of Petty tricks huge wagons drawn by sly eight and and ten mules come lumbering Down the John became serious and looked Down. A Street bringing from outlying settlements he had heard of such things. Of the to or tithes fir the Prophet s a and it in t impossible that i might i store Houe. Have accepted the Marquis it it had a been for you and the Johns face flushed and he looked at Park might be proud her sternly. A How could you accept him toe women of me when you find never refused me and you now hurrying past them dash gig Octal and i ant pleasure Carr Ich As Hyde but where Are Ere Are enough. And then Gentile w Mien passes out be in tile extreme a entry. Occur it. There is the polygamy of Turkey with an approach to the jus to a which keeps the women in knew i Wras waiting and hoping for you Quot j not often and the mormon women a he demanded. Pear less frequently. It is orientalism a because you had no right to wait and Hope a she replied tranquilly. A you ought to have come and taken me. I i like men who Cut the gordian a better late than never a said John Norton with the Quick Strong breath of one who has escaped a danger. A i have i come for you now and i intend to take i you Back with me no later than the first of november we can be married in october. I am going to came the Day my a the i in it Are i wit owe i novel a a j the View of the american who live East of the Rocky mount afire re it in to flu f the Cit Reni of Loudon Range City in new City born c last ii Alf Century a City of its a City t i it is striking As As interesting As unprecedented to

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