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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 3, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota F through new Lur Day. Hie crowd uncover hug face the Goa Greet us they Siyl j x along nig Patt Stpiere moved a Jeneral w poverty and woe. 3 dragged by one Wei try Man t or Mage blown by the Lay a poor coffin Verj Rode and Bare Ana lie who Drew it Bent before my Load with doll and pollen air. Stow we bust to the grave he Only f Soldier Ihei abort reply. A Soldier f the Czar Only a Roe Nan who Pool and Brave. Hov Vori. I follow. Sac Tifi one goes not Bent his Raisel Hig the passers of tit on to Bike sight then followed silently and Prince and Artisan and All in one company. Till a tooth around Tuiel friendless grave de by that princely heart True Hoa ored the poor and Brave. I a Ttoe barque Carrie of new was on. Her Way from Buenos Ayres by Way of Matanzas in the month of 1878, and on the eleventh was two Hundred Miles off the brazilian coast when an object was descried which upon scrutiny Dis closed itself a raft containing a single person. L a boat was immediately lowered andr sent off to the assistance of the Estrany who beyond All question was sorely in need of it. When he was reached he was found More dead than alive la fa5t, he could scarcely move and for a time it looked As if he would succumb i spite of the Caro and attention shown him. However removed to the ship where the kindest attention Vas Given him and being an unusually powerful and ath fetid Iaac he speedily recovered his usual health and strength. He was a negro who could speak 110 Lan Guage besides the brazilian patois and it was in this language he told his Etory. I of his name was Manuel Francesco and he was a native of 33razil, though he refused to Tell from what portion of the Empire he Cariffe. Years Prev Iotis he was convicted of a Petty theft i Hio Janeiro and was sentenced to a penal servitude of five Zeritis on the a stand of Fernando Noronha. His experience was a he was expo Bod to the flaming rays of tie Tun and compelled to toil with the Chain gang from Early morning till late at night. When the energies of the poor Fellows they were prodded into renewed activity by the bayonets of the merciless sol Dier guards. Nevertheless Manuel toiled and Laboured in this Purgatory for it full year by which tune his driven him to the Point of desperation he i evolved toes Cape or die in the attempt. But it was much easier to form thu Rebo Lution them to carry it out. Hike All Peua colonies every possible precaution is taken to prevent any of the convicts getting away and the Case of the miserable wretch would have pronounced hopeless by any am All who knew the safeguards by which he was in ironed. He had never heard of any one getting from the Island before serving out his entire term but for All that was goaded to Stich a Point that he the overwhelming of lances against him. I wins As obedient and trac to table in Iee know Hoof which Jii _ f 11__ ii. J _ far ii their perilous voyage now died out Lay Ocean. They could detect no signs of Pursuit and though relieved from All danger of that nature they speedily greater perils closing i upon them. A of f the Long heaving swell of the Atlantic More trying upon heir raft which was twisted and strained to that extent that the occupants were in constant fear of seeing it go to pieces and drop them into gained and was finally a of the a i Ervent in the 1 to a het7 them Clit there he stayed another year during which he never wavered in his Resolution and do voted a his spare time t o completing Hie preparations. I. Feliia Jacup Noronha k one Hundred and from the Eastern extremity of Brazil and is Eire stay As a place of detention a gel tried and sen tote province of Penu Nanco. Island itself is Home six mile the in Cir of Corn greatest Difili and Are wised with of the Wai and the pics ii to the galleys Are compelled to do general Motif rework break Stone and Reni at the _ f 6 not Obj Prefi to carry b Oll and Chain but Ore As a Rule chained together i forced Foj Shiou. Francesco having settled in his determination to leave or at least to make Tho at tempt took two companions into his conf planned to Gether. In Ito by Little they collected together a Small store of provisions a bits of Cord a. _ these were. Con to Yod piecemeal and by night to one of the Many Barren rocks forming Tho earn Anglo de Noronha group. They readied Tho place by Hahn Mug and they bite be Clad in Giu Herlaug from Tho Drift Wood of Tho Butch a Quantity of Bam boo joints from we Rich they constructed a very primitive raft about ton feet Juare and two feet thick. A Short Mast fastened at one Ovid and n broken ear to ans Yov for u Leer Iii Apparaj atus completed the whith they iad resolved in risk the u Livos. Every i Eji Diness the Thiee convicts waited for.-, the darkest of a night. Tit was not wig i co joing and stealthily swimming o it to. Their Meudez tons they noiselessly shoved Tho Craft into the water boil Trad the Rubilou was i a Light Breeze carried them along at a pleasant rate Hope of Granth de and ten Miles Distant. When Daylight dawned Over Tho Atlantic the three fugitives Cost anxious glances be Jiing them. With their naked eyes they were barely Able to Soo Fernando a Noronha lying Cloud in the horizon but Tho Breeze which Harl wafted Thorn thus suffered on account of of water then opportunities for storing that Indis Pemble commodity is Well As food having been so dubious that journey very ill pre pared indeed. Not Only but the few provisions which they did have soon became saturated sea water arid Yahng them Only Intel burping thirst i the Sun beat Down upon their Heads with i pitiless fury and there was no Means at command of warding the maddening rays. It was not Long indeed before their Tor that they bitterly regretted having made the venture and could they Havo done so would have re turned to their Captivity and punishment again. W but even that Wise Tate recourse was wind and All they could do was to submit to the whim of the currents hoping that some parsing them up before death did. The second Day passed like the first the raft Drifting whither it chose without let or hindrance from those upon it while each hour added Tatj the a Teninty of their torment. On the third Day one of the three was taken Down with a fever which is generally of the most virulent Eort in that tropical Cli mate. He his delirium All night but his companions could not do the slight est thing to relieve his sufferings. The end was certain so Jarfas this poor fellow was concerned and tie fourth Day had scarcely dawned when he became quiet in a few minutes after was dead. Just As the raft made one of its Wrech Uig obedience to the heaving of the sea the body rolled off into the Ocean. It scarcely touched the surface when something flashed through the Blue water an immense pair of jaws opened and closed with ferocious and the remains of the negro were swallowed by an enormous shark which dogged the raft Nith that persistency shown by those hyenas of the deep when there i-5 sickness and death on Board ship. R guides these frightful creatures unerring As it is in incomprehensible it was As if they scouted death in the air and were merely biding their time. A half Doz ii of enormous size now showed themselves by Ileath and around the Raff and henceforth Tho natives knew they meant to cling to it until no prey was left for them. This Colin Hou could just continue Bug and flip succeeding Hajj snowed Unis Tali Uble highs of a the Brassy sky became dark and threatening and the White can gather them All around her to t4ll them Ofir heir father who lies out in the cold and of their father in heaven and the Beautiful world lie has Given them to enjoy she will count pleasure. After years of toil and Caro the Goldon beams gather to Crown the brow of the woman who is faithful to the last. Her children strew her pathway with roses of love. Or if one two or All arc insensible of their obligations to her and every earthly thing seems fraught with bitterness beams Gold make her Radiant in immortal roles and Over there Angels will gladly Nestle i the warmth of her great Mother s old letters. Never born kindly written letters it is so pleasant to read them Over when Tho Ink is Brown the paper yellow with the gentle hands that traced tie Friendly words Are folded aver the hearts that prompted them under Tye Green Sod. Above All never Burn love letters. To rend them in after years is like a resurrection of one s youth. The elderly spinster finds in the impassioned offer she Twenty years Ngo a Fountain of Reju senescence. Glancing Over it she realizes that she was once a Belle and a Beauty and beholds her former life in a Mirror much More congenial to her tastes than the one that confronts her in her dress ing room. The widow indeed derives a most Sweet and isolem Consolation from let ters of the beloved one who has journeyed before her to the far off land from which there comes no and where she Hopes one Day to join him. No photographs can so vividly recall to the memory of the Mother the tenderness and Devotion of the children who have left at the Call of heaven As the epistolary outpourings of that love. The letter of a True son or daughter to a True Mother is some thing better than an image of the features it is a reflex of the writer s soul. Keep All Loving letters. Burn Only the harsh ones and in burning them forgive and forge1 Ito dance of a communist. A remarkable episode in the arrival of the amnesties communists brought Home by the Loire recently deserves notice writes a Paris correspondent. Among them was to Man named ten Yean in the Spring of 1870, loved and was beloved by a charming girl whose father held a Post under the Empire. The Young couple agreed married but the old imperialist aware of the be pub can tendencies of his daughter s suitor gave an absolute refusal to Gilbert s demand for her hand and there was no Hope that he could Ever be brought to change his Resolution. At this Point the Story turns into Rorn Loftice and its later incident might form the subject of a the lovers resolved to prove the Depths of by dying together and accordingly proceeded to a Little inn at a Village on the Banks of the there having decked themselves with Flowers and exchanged a kiss Gilbert fired one barrel of a revolver at his mistress and immediately discharged another into his own breast. Both were severely wounded but neither fatally they were tended cured but not pardoned. The father took Back his Daugh Ter and it is said persuaded her some Little time after to marry one of his colleagues. As for Gilbert his despair knew no and when the War broke out he went to seek from prussian bullets the death he had failed to inflict by Hin own hand. But he escaped unscathed and then in he madness threw himself Tito the insurrection again spared death though he fought desperately again it the Vorsa Illais exposing his life in the most reckless Way. He arrested and transported to Neil Caledonia whence he has now returned pardoned for his poli tical crimes but not for the attempted Mur Der. No sooner Hod he landed at Brest on his return Home than he was arrested by a couple of gendarme its he was taking his first meal on French soil after eight Yean exile. The sympathizing correspondent from w Hose letter i derive particulars says Gilbert was at the last moment offered the Means of escape but he refused to Avail himself of them declaring that he preferred to stand his trial and he is now in prison at the disposal of the procurer of the Republic. A. A Young Man was wanted by the police the London sporting and dramatic in and his Sicil in the of making up and dodging his would be captors was so considerable that for a Long time he escaped detection. At length a Clever Detec Ive was put on his track and first of All he Pegau to inquire about his associates. One of the most intimate of them was it appeared a certain Young woman and about Are he first of All found out everything. He lad reason to suspect that the was acquainted with the fugitive s hiding place so the first thing done was to follow her on a saturday afternoon when she was free Roin her employment. A innocent Young detective in the Guiso of a Ciu Penter was old off to watch Aud endeavoured to strike up a acquaintance in which design he was not very successful though he ascertained that Kingston was her destination that after noon. To Kingston he went and traced Ier to a occupied by an old Man. About whom the neighbors knew no More Han that he was an old Man. He was an elderly in valid never went out never went to the door saw and How was he caught and examined there was Noth ing known about him to justify the police m entering the and the detective walked round the place i company with the wondering what to do nest. The Back of the was a Garden in which was a Kennel containing a big dog or not containing him for he was lying out i the Sun at the end of his Chain. No sign of life was visible in the. Jump Over the Wall and kick that dog Thea hide Seh hid the said the Detec Tive to the in a moment the Man was Over the Wall and the dog was howling from the effects of a tick in he ribs. Neighbouring dogs joined i the chorus and at the window appeared the old gentleman. No one was about the dog continued to howl and his owner came Down the Garden to see what was the matter. Beneath the Well made Gray wig the detective recognized the object of his search and in a moment Tho arrest was made. Dyl Nii tug Ether. A touching incident of cared in the death of two aged people or. And mrs. Dickson at Osko Loose Loti recently. For Cove in attendance during their illness they were placed in separate bedrooms. The Heads of the Beds were placed against a thin partition which having an open door permitted the two old people to Converse though not Able to Sec each other. The night before the husband died his wife heard him groaning and was very anxious with him but was unable to arise. Soon she was informed that to was dying and in order near him Tho Beds wore moved Boas to bring them parallel with the partition the Heads opposite the door. Liis done the fond wife reached out grasped her husband by the hand and held it during his last moments. Thus death found them As nearly or quite fifty one years before Tho marriage ceremony had left them hand in hand. Are estimated to to about babies born every year in Paris of which number Are put Oufa to nurse. A let no Man presume to give advice to others that has not first Given Good counsel to himself. Scientific. Ones of the recent German inventions consists of a new kind of cloth which is com posed principally or entirely of sponge. In its manufacture the sponges Are first thoroughly beaten with a heavy Hammer i order to crush All the Mineral and vegetable impurities so that they can be easily washed out they Are then dried and pared with a Sharp knife the pairings being sewed to Gether. The fabric whih is thus obtained is described As being free from Alj the Dan. Ger which sometimes arises from the absorption dyes into the system it absorbs without checking the perspiration Boas to diminish the danger of taking cold it is a bad conductor and therefore helps to maintain a uniform surface temperature it can be More readily cleansed than the Ordinary Woollen garments its flexibility de creases the liability of chaffing and the ease with which it can be employed in shoes stockings drawers undershirts and other articles of clothing will it is thought Ren Der the new material especially useful As a Protection against rheumatic and pulmonary attacks. Lajioe quantities of pottery Are manufactured in Brazil from the hard Siliceous bark of the Cardipe tree. In the process the ashes of the bark Are powdered and mixed with the purest Clay that can be obtained from the Beds of the land being preferred As it tithes up a larger Quantity of the Ash and thus produces a stronger kind of Ware. Though the proportions of Ash and Clay Are varied at the will of the maker and according to the Quality of the bark a Superior kind of pottery is produced by a mixture of equal parts of Fine Clay and ashes. All sorts of vessels of Small or Large size for household or other purposes Are made of this kind of Ware As Are also vases or ornamental articles Many of which Are painted and glazed. These articles Are All very durable and arc Able to stand almost any amount of heat. One secret of the strength of the material is that the cell of the Sepa rate layers Are by limited to a greater or less degree the forming in the Celk when the bark is Young or immature. It is now found practicable to relieve Zinc plates or sheets of their rigidity and thus facilitate the working of the tame into the various forms desired. In the treatment of Sheet Ziac. With this i View a Bath of Lin seed Oil is prepared and into this the plates ire plunged these being subjected to the action of Oil while in a state of ebullition for some thirty minutes More or less Accord ing to the thickness of the Metal the plates Are then removed from the Bath and after the Oil is thoroughly drained from their str i faces they Are Well cleaned and Are the ready for the Market plates which 1 through this process Are represent eur to possess great ductility and capable of receiving and retaining a High polish on this account they May be advantageously employed As a substitute for Lead or at a great reduction of Cost i a variety of these for example being the innings of sinks and cisterns and the cover ing of counter and other surfaces requiring o metallic Protection. A Jusis Novelty just now is the Mata or fire extinguisher. It is filled with water to which is added a charge of bicarbonate of soda and some other ingredients and a Small Cylinder in de the arge is filled with a solution of tartaric acid

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