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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 3, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota The King of May. Lie Wasut very pretty he Wasny to very Wise and he -1 Good Tseu asked a 4 nest Ion. In \ Oral Zed Surprise. A freckled lad a speckled lad who would turn in his toes and Tho Aff h nor. Absolutely bad a had such a Mutiny nose he Hadnot any manners he did no to know his books and i must own his principles did not belie his loks. He a Lumny at work and awkward at play and every hair grew a different Way a then Why lid they make him Kin of May yes blithely in a Circle they whirled around their King and there he stood half crying had pleased to hear them egg till in his heart a mighty part was Given him to do emotion thrilled la s utile breast and gave Lim Fervour new a tudo it that i will a he thought. A it lust much. I ought a a ooh do of do a Sang they a Maud we will Crown you King of May a a til do it yes ill do it a his a heart Sang Back again until a Ray of loveliness came to his face so Plain. His eyelids quivered he almost shivered his Young form stood erect when Manly thoughts stir Boyish souls what else can you expect and still they Sang their round Lay. The circling girls so Sweet and Gay about their King their King of May hark the King is speaking the eager girls press near. He says aloud a a ii do it a in ringing voice and Clear. And from his pocket As from a socket slowly he Drew it Forth a he looked to East he looked to West. He looked to South and the skies their Best Assurance gave. A twas Noble to be kind and Brave. He Drew it Forth he gave it Over As though he were each Maidens Lover. As though it were his life. The thing they a begged for hours and hours to Cut the May pole vines and Flowers that Little rascals knife a see them see them Well a Day How gleefully they skip away. Leaving alone their King of May his Brief reign ended. Well a Day Adrienne s Story it was never Happy at aunt Browns but there seemed no Prospect that i should leave her. I had come out so to speak As tar As any one so repressed Goula come out Bat i might As Well staid in. I Only sat in Corners talked with the chaperone or listened to some garrulous octogenarian. Aunt Brown s interest id me such As it was died a natural death after my first season if had always been weakly and the result was a sad deficiency in my wardrobe. She had married off two daughters without difficulty but a neice it seems stuck closer than a Burr. However it was not my Tault that i remained unmarried. I had done my Best to be fascinating. Though i hated the idea of marrying tor Home or position it i was Suie i i should not find it hard to love one that was kind to me if Only on account of the Novelty. I was thirty now and not unused to hearing the changes rung upon old maids and the beggars who to choosers by my younger cousins Susette and Annie. But i had had one Opportunity to change for better or worse of which they had never dreamed. The son of aunt Browne a second husband Cedric Browne had asked me to marry him three years before As we rowed up the River in june for the Rosy Laurel blooms to decorate the House and piazzas for Susette s birthday fete. I sometimes wondered what aunt Browne would have thought of the proceeding As she had set her heart upon marrying Susette to Cedric. Perhaps i refused him because i was taken unawares because i was not enough interested to care about frustrating aunt Browne a plans perhaps i did not expect to be taken at my word but imagined it the proper Way to decline in order to be import Ned. I believe All my favorite heroines had conducted in this Wise. However we rowed Home through the Sunset our boat heaped with the Pink Flowers in silence. A you look As if you were Laden with Sunset Clouds a a said Susette who was watching for us on the Shore but i am certain Cedric looked eke a thundercloud. Toe next Jay was the fete. Every body brought presents for Susette. Cedric gave her an antique necklace of tor quoi ses i was sure he had meant it for me. We had supper out of doors under the great Pine Trees and dancing in the Moonlight. That Day i began to regard Cedric Browne attentively. I had known him under the same roof for weeks at a time i Hau laughed and talked with him believing him foreordained to minister to Sunset Tco a happiness a was Inace Ess Able As a Star in heaven a so far As i was concerned. He had helped me with and Ciez a children who had come to live at aunt Browne a when their Mother died. But that he should regard me with any tender emotions i had never even cared to wish. In fact i had thought Little about Nim till to Day. I had never observed till to Day that his eyes were As tender As stars that his face Vias like that Radiant countenance of Mozart in the music room that his smile was simply enchantment. It was rather late to make these discoveries. He did not leave us once it seemed As if he staid u to Long enough tor me to know All i had lost. Since then he had been with us once again for a whole month but Little waiter was ill with a spinal affection that kept him on his Back and me by his Side and though Cedric used to relieve me often by Day and by night i could see from my window and from occasional glimpses into the drawing room that the balance of his time was spent in Susetter a company. A aunt Susette s Beau is going to make me a Kite a Teddy confided to Walter one Day. A who s be ask d Walter from his bed. A Why Cedric Etc course Cedric Browne a Bridget says so herself a As if that put matter beyond dispute. The next Day when Cedric came up to amuse Walter with the affairs of Down stairs that youth demanded a i say Are you really aunt Susetter a Beau Cedric Adrienne a Ever so much nicer. When in a a Man ill marry a then you la be luckier than i a a said Cedric winding up a top and spinning it on his Palm. It was a year since then. I no longer went out. I was fairly pane. Aunt Bro who had abandoned All Hopes of me. I was a Good Nursery maid a cheap governess an inexpensive companion in the family. In the meantime i could have married any Day if i had chosen to accept the Rev. Abel Amherst and Transfer my labors to the parsonage. To be sure this would not have proved the Brilliant marriage my aunt hat expected of me nor the romantic one i had dreamed of myself and it was n1 till i came into poses Gion of a certain family secret that i began to revolve the visibility in my mind. It seem hat whet a amp a rant married her second husband or. Browne Susette and Anne were both Lowells they had subsisted upon the Patrimony left to Cedric by his Mother and that after his father s death Cedric had turned in the same yearly income from the estate tor the family use and that i Adrienne Lennox owed my daily bread to the Man i had refused Ani who had forgotten me. Earning my own livelihood was out of the question Drudgery was my Only vocation and that was too badly paid to be encouraging. I looked at the Rev. Abel Amherst often at this period with a View to installing him in Cedric a place if Cedric would Only vacate. Oddly enough or. Amherst renewed his suit at this time and pressed it with the eagerness of a Lover and for the Host time i began to hesitate. A the woman who hesitates is lost a said Susette. I had been out on the Hills one Day trying to make up my mind to forget Cedric and marry or. Amherst but whenever i began to think with some interest of going to Parish meetings becoming the president of Dakota leagues and sewing circles visiting the poor and drinking Tea opposite the Rev. Or. Amherst All the rest of my Days somehow or other Cedric a face would slip into the picture uninvited and blot out his rivals As Strong sunlight fad a negative photograph. A there is a letter tor you Adrienne a said aunt Browne when i entered the House a in the music room on the top of the Dado under Mozart s i went into the music room but there was no letter to be seen. A perhaps one of toe girls has removed it a she suggested. But no one had meddled with it. Grandma cooked a letter Over the Teakettle a said Teddy reflectively. A by a est a said grandma a i wrote a letter to your a child. I Hadnot any blotting paper but the fire answers the purpose quite As at that time i had never heard of opening letters by steam. Well we ransacked the House for that truant letter but in vain. Who was it from aunt a i asked. A How should i know child a a but the handwriting the Post Mark a a the postmark was blurred. A had it a foreign stamp a i asked with sudden eagerness. Cedric had gone abroad some months before and i had not heard of his return. A a foreign stamp no. Were Vou expecting a foreign letter a a no but it is the unexpected that always happens you a it s awfully provoking a said Susette. A perhaps it was Only the recipes mrs. Clark was going to Send a nothing More Likely but what has become of it its a prolonged game of Hunt the a and supposing it a a letter notifying you of the existence of a first Amherst put in Anne a for of a legacy left by your forty fifth Cousin in Australia a and then the door Bill rang. A Well after that i supposed i must have accepted or. Amherst. Everybody behaved As if i had. I received congratulations and a ring and the Parish begun repairs upon the parsonage before i could Muster courage to Tell or. Amherst All about Cedric and my mistake and How i was t at All sure i could Ever get Over it and care for anybody else but that i would do my Best. And he smiled in a sort of absent Way when i told him but seemed Content to take me As i was for better or worse Only it did strike me sometimes that he was the most a demonstrative Lover in Christendom but i Hadnot much experience in lovers and perhaps they weren tas gushing in real life As novels pictured. He used to kiss my nand when we parted that was All. He was very gentle but a Little sad. I fancied with a look which might mean that he was half afraid of so much happiness or that to marry the woman he loved Wasny tall that fancy had painted it. And often i thought i had perhaps done wrong to Tell him everything about Cedric so unreservedly yet i had Only meant to be honest. But the Day was appointed and suddenly Cedric appeared among us when i thought he was at the worlds end and the girls decorated the Little Church with White Field daisies and grasses for the occasion. You May believe that i avoided Cedric in the interval before the wedding As much As possible but somehow i was always stumbling upon him he seemed j to be perpetually at my Elbow he surprised me More than once with traces of tears on my face. The sound of his voice made my heart turn and quiver within me. If i had dared 10 withdraw at this juncture i m afraid i should have done so but it was toe late and though i Felt like a hypocrite whenever or. Amherst appeared hi3 looks of sober satisfaction which reminded me of those lines of Matthew Coyden on sir Philip Sidney a a full Assurance give by looks. Continual Comfort in a face the Una ments of gospel might have taught me that All was Well with him. A you Are the oddest sweethearts i Ever saw a gossiped Susette. A i would t give a Straw tor such a Lover and As for you Adrienne you resemble a ghost More than a Bride in Short a thousand years of Purgatory would ill represent my sufferings during those last weeks before my wedding. Well to Crown the whole aunt Brown said Cedric must give me away he was the Only male relative the head of the family so to speak and he could do it so admirably. A we shall see a a said he. I m afraid i should make a poor figure at giving Adrienne away a and he stroked his Fate moustache As he spoke and looked at me just As he looked that Day we gathered the Laurel for Susette s fete i could have sworn he did. I did no to answer for fear my voice would be husky and the tears would Start. The wedding was to be quite private Only relatives. Aunt Brownie arranged every thing to suit herself and the proprieties it did no to become a Clergyman a Bride to make a great Parade. At the Church i remember my veil caught in the Carriage door Aud an Orange Blossom tumbled Tram my Wreath which Cedric picked up and wore in Bis Button Hole. Then he Drew my half lifeless Arm within his and directly the wedding March pealed Forth in great resounding Waves of Melody. My grandmothers India Muslin blew out in abundant creamy folds behind me Aud Cedric and i he wrote me All that sad Little Story you thought right to Tell him and added that he was making a sacrifice that in renouncing you he renounced All that made life Lovely to him except his work yet he Felt it was better one should fail of a heaven on Earth than two should Sutler and that if i love you As i had once said would i take his place at the marriage and allow him to solemnize it it was a whim of his to have it so a to avoid explanations a he said. I believe in my Luck you know Adrienne. We bandied letters to and fro canvassing the subject. I feared he had made a mistake As i had renewed my Oiler some Little while before but had received no reply still a dozen things happen to letters every a yes Ana something happened to yours a i said. Y ears after when Susette and Anne were married when Adele a husband had taken the children Home to a new Mamma and aunt Browne had gone to a the land of the hereafter a when Cedric was repairing the old House tor a summer residence in ripping away the ancient Dado in the music room which had always warped away from the Wall in warm weather leaving a Little crack the carpenters unearthed my lost letter. Had it slipped Down. There or had aunt Browne Given it a push ? we give her the Benefit of the i z to. A double turn of Fortune when Albert Wickliff and Eva Stanfield first plighted their troth w hat a suitable match it would the Universal comment. Both were Young and handsome the fathers of both were wealthy and everything connected with their love Drif ted along so smoothly that let Atli sighed for a Little something to give the current a romantic Ripple. Trouble in this world is not always sighed for in vain. Sudden As a Thunderclap one Day came the announcement that or. Wickliff Alberto a father was a ruined Man. The catastrophe seemed As great a Surprise to himself As to every body else. But the fallen merchant was too proud and honorable to attempt to secure anything from the wreck of his Fortune at the expense of his creditors. Every debt w As paid to the utmost Farthing and he was left penniless. The Strain and Shock proved too much for or. Wickliffe strength and in less than a month after his failure he Sank under his misfortunes from which he found Refuge in the grave. In the eyes of or. Stanfield. Albert Wick ii Ftp a qualification for the Post Olson in Law underwent a Radical change As that Young gentleman was right speedily Given to understand. To the father of a Marriageable daughter there is a wide difference Between a suitor pin handsome Fortune and the same Sal tor minus any Fortune at All. But in Evans eyes. Albert was the same forever and in Pite of everything fatherly authority included she Clung to her first Choice and in due time the pair were married. A or Stanfield was so much incensed at his daughters Gisob relived to disinherit her and icing a widow or and having no other child to leave his Fortune to he called in a lawyer and made a will giving every Thingbo Geoffrey Earle a Distant relative whom he had scarcely Ever seen and tor whom he did not care a Straw. But Albert Wickliff and Bis Young wife were too full of Home and happiness to care for loss of Fortune. Albert found employment which a abide him to maintain a pleasant Little Home where a fond Welcome awaited. Him on his daily toil and in time there 1 was a fair haired Bright coed boy to add his charming prattle to the Welcome. Or. Stanfield never forgave Eva. Not even when the hand of affliction fell u it on him and she offered to come my Sage from or. Dyke requesting me to cd me and prepare his will. A a a i have neither Chick nor child a he said a but there san act of Justice id like to do before going through the final Clearing a i begged him to explain his wishes. A a a everything i have a he replied a i got by robbing my late employer. I did it by degrees and in a manner to excite no suspicion. This was the cause of the failure which excited so much Surprise. I have not squandered the Money but have kept it secretly invested so that it has grown instead of a then he directed my to draft a will leaving All to a a whom a exclaimed Albert Pale with excitement a ofom a answered the lawyer a and you Are to Day a Richer Man than your father Ever was. The will will he proved in a Day or two and you May then take immediate Albert ran to Eva with the tidings he had just heard. A Eva Eva a he exclaimed a a in be something to Tell you a a what if in be already heard it a she replied with a Happy sparkle in her eyes. A Why who can have told you a a a a letter which has just come announcing the death of Geoffrey Nat ant Kinsman in whose favor Ray father made his will. Lie was drowned while j out yachting and it Cern 1 am his near est heir. Of course i am not glad to hear of or. Earle s death but a Albert interrupted her Wiki the Story of his own Good Fortune at w hich she was a much surprised As he had been at hers. Kit after ail the current of Albert s and Eva s happiness returned to the old smooth Hammand neither Ever again sighed after romantic Ripples. Bauta Claus was both punctual and Bountiful toward Charley and the Little Fellows Faith in the Jolly Saint is unbounded. Silty horse. Let him have a Short straight Back and a straight Rump and you be got a gentleman a horse. The Withers should be High and the shoulders Well set Back and Broad but Don t get them too deep in the Chest. The forelegs should be Short. Give me a pretty three Miles later in the Day. His Muscles soon showed improvement his appetite increased and he was doing himself apparently great Good. After a few weeks he increased the size of his dumb Bells to five pounds and lengthened his walk to four Miles a Day straight Hind log with the Hock Low with still apparent Good effects and to non Down Short Postern joints and a round anxious to expand his Chest by other sex Muli a toot. There Are All kinds of horses but the animal that has these Points is almost sure to be slightly Graceful Good natured and serviceable. Asro color tastes differ. Bays Brown Aud chestnuts Are the Best. Koans Are very fashionable at present. A great Many Gray and Sorrels Are bought Here for shipment to Mexico and Cuba. They do Erciso having More direct effect upon it he took to rowing on the Harlem River every morning taking a pleasant pull at the oars. His fare was Plain and simple a cup of Coffee and some biscuit before starting and after his aquatic constitutional a substantial meal. aeon the picture of robust health Brown As a Berry with Muscles on the Bacas Justice takes precedence of All Ordinary creditors on his helpless tenants estates and controls the system of cultivation of ten in utter disregard of private rights or private judgement Aud in addition. Secures to of every in proven May make on tin Magazine. Well in a hot climate under a tropical of his shoulders. His sleep was sound poor Little Joe prop yer eyes wide open Joey for in be brought you tamping expat. Apples no a Long sight better done Tye take no mtg rest Walt Flowers Joe i snowed you a like Ems ainu to them scrum Pilous ainu to them High tears my boy j by Nat a them fur Joey ? there poor Little Joedon to cry i was skipping past a Winder Vvs be re a bang up lady Sot Al amongst a lot of Bushes each one dim in from a pot every Bush had Flowers on it pretty me be not Vav ibo you could have seen a Era was such a stunning show. Well. I thought of you poor Feller Lyra Here so sick and weak. Never Knowin any Comfort and i puts on a lot of Cheek a missus a says i a if you please Mam could i a you for a Rose for a Little brother missus never need one. I then i told her All about you How i bridged you up poor Joe Licking women folks to do it. Such a Imp you a you know a til yer got that awful Tumble j by As i had got yer in hard wont too to earn yer Livin blacking boo. Tor honest tin. A Low that Tumble crippled of you. Do s you could t hyper much a Joe it hurled when i seen you fur the ural Lima with your Cratch a but a i says a a key a Laid up now. Mum a pears to weaken every Day. Joe. She up and went to Cuttin that s the How of this Tokay i j say a it seem to me. Ole fell. You is quite Yerselis to night j kind of it Kirk its been a Fortt Deuce yer eyes has been so Bright j better wad i m glad to hear it yes they re Mif qty pretty Joe dec Liias of Ems made you Happy Well i thought it would you know. J never leu the country did you Flowers growing everywhere Sun for the same reason that you find Light coloured clothing most serviceable in j summer. That circus horse behind you i is what Many people Call a Calico horse now i Call him a genuine Piebald. Its 1 a Freak of nature and May happen a Prophet. Curse me the blabbing lip a the mischief that an Idle Tongue can j do ii a sum past calculation. For As the apostle says a ittle matter kindles a great tire Trad the spark is dropped by the it Nile Tongue w without it thought of consequences which sends the c it a viagra to n Lur and w Ide. That there try Eop a toe close mouthed for any Cor loft in their society is not to be denied but better is the strictest and surest Reserve than to at loosely riddled habit of speech which never pauses for a second thought and deals havoc right Ana left. Although it May be with no unkind intention. Probably it would be Good for people possessed of this habit to recollect tout it is Only the wings of a gnat that Flap fifteen thousand times in a second. These babbling lips As Tenneyson Calls them will undergo a sort of classification in three different orders one that thinks absolute frankness Aud truthfulness can be maintained Only by always telling All one knows about everything whether it is toe listeners business or not and that to keep anything to Rae a self is a a pin Tio Reri another who talks on the impulse and without taxing the trouble to think it it is Best i to speak or he silent although always t Good natured and a third who talks tor i the Sake of talking and revels maliciously enviously revenge fully in spreading evil report. The first is a very gos j sip in All simplicity an individual too frequently of transparent Folly a Well of j information where every neighbor j pumps the Las sometimes adds a spice to life by the peculiarly pungent j Way of looking at things and reporting i them and both of them Are known for what they Are and so although the harm they to is immense it is not so Unrath of amp Bie As that of the second or the impulsive and purely Idle an i Tongue. La everybody with whom one talks his digestion excellent his appetite in venous. Thus he continued growing robust tor two or inc months until he i Lecanu the envy a a his Fellows. Every Day he took a cold Shower Bath followed by a brisk abrasion of the skin with a flesh Brush. On Days when they could not Row he walked to the moderate extent of five Milts. Ile was comparatively moderate in exercise with the oars. He was temperate in All things and in splendid spirits medal and physical. So car the Experiment was a Success. Early in september however a Small some. Like a pimple no geared on it gone of his a Houyu is and his Fig t writ a i soul 1 stiff and lignin swollen that re refused to heal and the stiffness of the wrist increased Fin he had to give up rowing from that time he i a in to run Down headache soreness swelled Ankles and wrists and general symptom of debility set in an i i adore december he seemed to be thoroughly a used up a then it a thought beat to consult i physician and one of the most eminent in new York was called in. He was thoroughly examined. The heart and lungs kidney and liver were pronounced sound he was simply run a in and needed rest. The physician prescribed a took plenty of substantial Nanshing food Anc All the sleep possible and under this regime the Young Man is slowly recovering the vitality he loft during the sum Mer when he thought i e was put Tim new life and strength into Hirsell the physician who had Nim in charge said be had on his visiting list a Large thought be amps number of Young men w to had been leaders in collegiate sports Ana who had used themselves up physically some of them beyond recover. If they live they will be prematurely old men too much exercise is As bad As no exer Cise if not worse. Just where the Golden Means is must be determined by Wadi via us i experience. Perhaps the time to quit is when one feel the first symptom of fatigue or weariness. Yes he coaids. A new Bonnet new Bonnet twelve Dot Urs for a new Bonnet a exclaimed m Slick the other evening As his wife Bug knew All the co relations of tilings and 8� a rom.t\,e we ter a yes. Only twelve dollars he l in Tov replied. Could weigh trifles at their Worth and i had no biases prejudices or Ranfors it might not do so much mischief for one to flaunt the virtue of unrestricted frankness but As that presupposes a Universal imm Spence and infinite which do not belong to humanity it is 1 impossible to toll All one knows either with Wisdom or righteousness and there is always a Root of selfishness Aud love of 1 pleasure at the base of this order of talk. I to say nothing of the flagrant disregard of the Rule of doing unto others As you a oui i have them do unto you. Manifest absolute reversion which the tenant a m Ian ago farm near Haw and Claude me in Otto in real life. Mrs Hooper write by the of Iladel ii a Telegraph i recently told by Young French gentleman 1 the son r f the prefect of la i a i a of rho strangest romances a it re a a overcame to my know sgt me Lour years a peasant i a a who lived on a the town it Clemson Forrand Tell in love u Iii Iii eau Titu laughter Al a Genii limn of Good of tune and position he timing at a hat time seventeen years of age my the you to lady just i i teen. Rill new Claude Melnotte was so madly in in that be went straight to the House of the Young girds parents and demanded her hand n marriage. The lather treated a or pot. Tern a proposition with Good natured scorn. A come Bock when you have an income of $40,-000 2 x ,000 traces a was his answer and then we will flee about the infatuated youth 1 forthwith set a re. Now one a a in a Tow n of Iberia Mif a of water. Tuere is no it relies tor it water t and Wells. Under to a Spring is a valuable and commas i a Retat >0 the Young Leas an i adjacent ire it i Tara to it Oey. In Eon were standing before the altar and or. The marriage ser Amherst was Reading vice i do believe that aunt Browne fainted or she would have forbidden the banns. A you see it was impossible for me to give you away Adrienne a said Cedric later when we were steaming out of town. A Amherst is a Trump and May he find a wife As Sweet As mrs. Brown if it Hadnot been for him i should have been of All men the most miserable today. What do you think he did Why minister at his bedside would sent to see her and he died at last uttering no word of Pardon. Poor Eva grieved hmm and deeply Over her fatness death. Though be could not reproach herself for having kept Faith Iii his adversity with him whom i she had chosen in Prosperity it added materially to the keenness of her sorrow to think that her Parent s resentment had 1 been carried to the grave. But further troubles were in store j hard times came and Albert lost his j situation. Eva had easily acquired the i lesson of frugality. She could live without refining on their Humble income. But when that was gone and grim want i stood at the door her courage Well nigh yielded. It broke her heart to use her husband s Haggard face and note his anxious efforts to conceal from her his cares. Christmas was near at hand Aud when Little Charley began to prattle of Bauta Claus and the Fine things of which he already saw himself the possessor by the Eye of Faith Eva had to turn away to hide her tears. One morning the landlord came to demand his rent. The Money was not forthcoming and Albert could give no definite Assurance As to when it would be. A then you must find other quarters a was the Gruff remark with which the Man took his leave. Jolt was almost with feeling a of despair that Albert took his hat to depart on his daily seach Lor employment. Little Charley ran to receive the accustomed Good Bye kiss. A a won to Santa thus Tome soon papa a he asked. A i Hope so a his father answered in a voice which lessened Charleys Faith by several degrees. A nah Wickliff a cried lawyer Lamprey slapping Alberton the Back As they mat some hours later a by George you re in Luck Man a in answer to the others surprised look or. Lamprey continued a you remember Myron Dyke your fathers old clerk a a everybody thought him poor. Urn a i always believed him so especially after he lost his place on my fathers a Well you and All the rest were much mistaken. He died yesterday leaving Ever so Many thousands snugly invested. He seems to have been a perfect miser pretending to be As poor As Lazarus while in reality he had a huge Fortune secretly Albert looked incredulous. A i have the Best reason for knowing the truth of what i say a persisted the lawyer. A Dyke fell sick last week and for economical reasons put off Calimag a doctor till too late. At last he got frightened and sent for doctor dead March who told him it was All up with him. Old dead March is remarkably candid in such matters and the upshot was a Mea sometime a Hen you re better. Me be i Kin take Yon there. Flowers in heaven pm i so Poe so Dan know much about it though ainu to a. Fly As w of i might to on them to is Little Joe. But in be Hee red it hinted somewhere that in heavens Golden Gale things is everlasting cheer Oil b Heve thai. What the likewise the re folks Don t get hungry to Good people when they Dies. Find themselves Well fillet forever Joe my boy wot a Iii yer eyes thought they look i a Usu sing Leroh no Don t you have no fear heaven was made fur such As you is Joe wot makes you look so queer Here Wake up of do not look that Way Joe. My boy hold up your head Here s your Flowers you dropped a of by god eau Joe be dead cd both by the singularity Trank and the smug Early malicious talker. Ami it everybody were of Saint like kindliness the venom of the malicious talker would rub off innocently As Dew Rolls off a cabbage Leaf. But As these arc the Only conditions under which either of these two talkers last alluded to might display their Powers freely and these conditions Are impossible it follows that silence would better become them. Bat we can imagine no circumstances under which it Wou debt Best for the thoughtless talker to have unrestricted the use of the Tongue like All our gift is something god Given Aud in is sacred. We Nave no right to profligate with it and their is a twelve dollars for a Bonnet is a con founded outrage and i know it a he went on. A Why i can Fine silk hats beit Volence or a at Money Anc some Strawberry change left. Ifs a dead swindle to ask twelve dollars tor a Bonnet a Well i can to do any better or. Slick that is the Price and i must pay it or go a by a of done to know How to buy that s what ails you a he growled. A it. Let Money that i can buy a twelve Dollar Bonnet tor eight dollars. It is All in knowing How to handle the a i wish you d try it a a i will by George i will ill bring you up a new Bonnet in the morning and ill get it four dollars cheaper than you dare to a or. Blick was an Good a his word. He went into a millinery store next Forenoon with i Eyeteeth All so opened and with him at Bis word and of mme Uit it of the or Raou i i 1 City no River near it so n Springa circumstances to p Ece a property rely High Price ver set Oft for an re to search for hidden Spring. My Lui Ormut said that he had Honey outed the whole Side 01 the Mountain Witt his work constructing at one joint a Tun be Over two Miles in length. Al -. A executed with his of. 1 hands. He works from Dawn to dark live upon potatoes of his own and never spen i so much a a son upon a Mug of Beer. Every sunday he goes to mass in the town after which he proceeds to the House if his lady love to ask of lie is married it a Likely to be. On r reviving a re Pons in the negative he contentedly homeward and starts out afresh to his toil on the Morrow. This life has continued now tor full four years. Up to the present time he has discovered thro important Springs each of which he has sold for #5,000, but though now Jim eased of what for a Mas in his condition Lite is wealth he abates none of the hardships of existence. He has one i namely to lie come the posse or a a Fortune sufficient to enable hint to Cia in tot hand of the object of his Blind pay in it a. Yet no one who knows the parti even imagines that the Young lady will Ever consent to marry him. She is now Twenty years of age and pretty refined Tad accomplished while he 1 a coarse unlettered peasant without even Phy ical come i leu is As he is Short and Thicket a Bro d and solid . What will be til end of his dream i wonder my informant told me that tile Story a True in every particular he a i himself visited the works and entered the curious Tunnel and been presented to this new Jacob willing to serve even then Seton years for his Rachel. Play oth As re p the a Good horse graphic Hewer it iou dealer. By .1 sew York Scribner a monthly a i can to explain whats real Good horse is a said one of the Best natured dealers in the Street. They Are As different As men in buying a horse you must look first to his head and eyes for Igns of intelligence temper courage and honesty. Unless a horse has brains you can to teach him anything any More than you can a half witted child Bee that tall Bay there a Tine looking animal fifteen hands lug. You can t teach that horse anything. Why Well in mho you a difference in Heads but have a Cawl of his heels. Look at the brutes head that rounding nose that tapering forehead that Broad full place below the eyes. You can to Trust him. Kick Well i guess so put him in a ten acre lot where he s got plenty of Wing and hell kick the Horn off the the worlds treatment of Man and beast has the tendency to enlarge Aud intensify bad qualities if they predominate. This Good natured Phreno Logist could not refrain from slapping in the face the horse whose character had been so cruelly Iii heated while he had but the gentlest treatment for a sleek Iii bed sorrel that pricked her ears Forward and looked intelligent enough to understand All that was being said. A that s an awful Good Mare a he added. A a she Sas True As the eur. You can see breadth and fullness Between the Ems and and eyes. You can to hire that Mare to act mean or Hurta body. Tile Eye should be full and Hazel is a Good color. I like a Small thin ear and want a horse to throw his ears Well Forward. Look out tor the brute that wants to listen to All the conversation going on behind him. The horse that turns Back his ears till they almost meet at the Points take my word for it is sure to do something wrong. See that straight elegant face. A horse with a dashing face is cowardly and a cowardly brute is usually vicious. Then i like a Square muzzle with Large nostrils to let in plenty of air to the lungs. For the underside of a head a Good horse should be Well Cut under the jowl with jaw Bones Broad and wide apart under the throttle. A so much for the head a he continued. A the next thing to consider is the build of the animal. Never buy a Long legged y even a species of profanity la its thoughtless use. The drop of water that drips from the Finger to the Palm unfelt Falls like a Bullet Down the deep Haft of the mine and the word launched into inti Ltd acquires More Force with every moment of passing time. Professor you mans Tell us that a we May easily hear the song of a Little in re five Hundred feet above a it but la before that note c Uli have travelled to cur ears it Mut have Lilied with wave pulsations a sphere of j air one thousand Lect in diameter or have thrown into agitation nearly eighteen tons of atmospheric and if such things Are True concerning merely material and physical affairs How great i the growing momentum of the meaning of every spoken work. Certain Philo Siphers hold that each material object in the universe has its spirit us i correspondence or counterpart like that it the la it by and its ghost. And thus of the word it Aouad be the material thing the significance of that word the effect of that sound disturbs with its i oration the spiritual atmosphere. If the Hunter in the Frozen air of the upper Alps. We Are told Bounds from Ptak to Peak speechless and silent lest any sound he Manea should dislodge the Avalanche and hurl All about and below to destruction it would seem As it the most empty headed Babbler might have As much thought concerning the disastrous consequences of the echoing and re echoing 01 Idle words consequences that May dislodge lives from their Happy ways and ruin souls. Doubtless if they paused think of this As Well As of the next word they said the poet would cease to find a cause tor his mad hero to it oat so wildly a Prophet curse me the babbling he a too much exercise. In a lit of remorse a gentleman who the idea in his mind that every Bonnet in the store was priced at exactly twelve dollars. He looked around a Little selected a Bonnet that pleased Lim and pointing his care it it and calling up his deepest voice he inquired a Marc you asking Tav dollars for that Bonnet / a the woman flashed looked from the Bonnet to the Man and was trying to reply when he Aid a these Are not the times for outrageous prices and All buyers realize it. I la give you eight dollars for that Bonnet and not a cent a a that that Bonnet a in a a weight dollars and no More a he interrupted and Abe put the article Box and took his Money. A a what a i Tell my wife he a whispered he As he went out. A i toll you it takes a Man to buy g"0 is ,0 matter whether its Fence put gets or paper when he sat Down at Home and took the cover off the Box and held up the Bonnet mrs. Blick asked a How much did she charge you a a weight dollars Madam while Yon would have paid a Richard in she said As she tried to Lauifi All Over at once. A i was with the lady next door when she ordered that Bonnet Lur her Cook and the Price was to let a four dollars. You see it a Ile held up i Fin / a counted three fives out of his Wallet and left them on a chair for her. Who owns the land in England. More than halt the soil of the United kingdom is nominally owned by some 2,Ock persons. According to a valuable analysis of the very ill arranged and incomplete Parli mediary return of the land owners of the United kingdom published in the financial Reform record for 1878, 421 persons Are the owners of 22,880,735 acres or nearly 5,000,000 acres More than one fourth of the total area of the United kingdom. The mind is unable to grasp what such a monopoly costs the country but certain features of it stand Forth with i a prominence sufficiently notable. In a most absolutes Ense the Well being of the entire population of borne 32,000,000 souls had encouraged a a a aug in and of ins to j is placed in the Power of a few thousands. Lake More physical exercise to expand his Chest and develop his Muscles gives to the new York time the unfortunate results of his Experiment. He had read and was strongly impressed by Blaikie s Book of instruction a How to get he gave the Book to his Young Friend who. Having read it determined to take a course of daily physical exercise. This Young Man about Twenty six year of age was tall and slender. He had just returned from a business trip to the tropics and was in Good health but not robust. His Chest wii3 Flat and narrow and his Muscles Small and flaccid. He agreed with his elder acquaint i necessities of the Case they cling to their Ance that both needed development j game make penal enactments about it so he set to work. And struggle to augment the intensity of it Wras in the first months of the sum \ the evil Winch it is to the people As it Mer of 1788. He began first with three the very existence of the country depend Pound dumb Bells using them every j on hares and rabbits. In his absolute morning and taking a walk of two or supremacy the landowner overrides All for these thousand the multitude toils and it May be on occasion starves. Hence we have continually la before us that most saddening of All spectacles two or three families living in great Pendor and haul by their Gates the miserably poor the abject laves of the Sod whose sole Hope in life is too often the workhouse that famous device against revolution paid tor by the Middle classes and tile paupers grave. Our land owners have not merely burdened the land with their game preserves they have tied it up and actively conspired to prevent its due cultivation. Instead of ruins to the True Gem of thought Fain not the Mies to heaven Are Bat few and Short. Clothe and wrap yourself in humility so that i aha be impossible to tear from you this covering. The re is a by easing attending the min n of mercy. The luxury of doing Good urns is every other Persona enjoyment. The Humble Man t l Ough surrounded with the scorn an i reproach of the world is still in peace for toe stability of his peace re Teth not Pon the world but upon god. While we Wran a Ere in the dark we Are dying and prvs ing to the world that will decade All our controversies and the safest passage thither is by peaceable Holmes. \ Young r a Carat rec in r the Hgt he a Fere her practice of bad habits though by Patien an i godly it Row Fie May regain the celestial com pan Ash in of his Kotlier in heaven. Every Man ought to Endeavor at Eminence not to by pulling i tuners Down but by reusing Bienne. Cand enjoy the pleasure of his of a Superb ii to whither imaginary or real without interrupting others in the same Felicity. The shortest and surest Way to live with Honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to Fie and if we observe we shall find that All human Virtues increase and strengthen themselves by the experience of them. A look Back to former times and the struggles that the were and wish we had been helpers in to fight but there is honorable warfare now. Or have not the courage to do ii we on see neither should we have had vision 01 courage then. Infinite til would not enable you to sweep away a Mist but by ascending a Little you. A Otto a look Over it All together. S3 it is Wuh our mortal improvement a wrestle fiercely with is vicious habit which could have no hoi i upon us if we ase a of into a higher moral atmosphere. Or. Horatio Grey Moor compares the Indiana to Marquis de Talleyrand. Of the Rodmen he i reported As saying a they Are natural orator and Diplomatist. Tile finest Jie Echos that were made to me when i w a governor were made by the Iroquois indians. Yet they would not speak except in their own language and through so interpreter though they poke English perfectly Well. They reminded me of Talleyrand i. It would not allow himself to speak English or be addressed in that Tongue who it he was in great Britain though he was a fluent English scholar. Do you ask Whit w la educate your son your example will educate him your conversation with your triads the by since she sees you trauma to toe Likings and Dis Likings he sees you express these will educate him the society you live in will educate him above All your rank. Your situation in life your Home your table will educate him. It s not in your Power to withdraw from him the continual influence of til est lungs except you were to withdraw yourself fron them also. Education goes on at every instant of time you can neither Stop it nor turn its coarse. What theae have a tendency to in fee v it or child that he will be. The Cooks employed by the Dull of new York receive larger salaries than a Large majority of Tho now York editors. But the Cooks done to get free Passee to the circuses and minstrel shows and the a a inside matter a they prepare done to Mold Public opinion As it were

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