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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 1 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 1, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotaii the FREEBORN COOTY STANDARD, PUBLISH KH EVERY THURSDAY. terms, Per Year, la Adv.nee, $‘2 00 I? VT ES OF A DV K RTI S ! NC,. ‘ I I VV I 2 w 4 w I 3 m ti iii j I yinch l.Oo 1.50 2 5(i 4.50 6.00 IO.OOinch 1.75 2.50 3.50 6.00 8.50,13.50inch 2.50 3.50 5 Ov) 7.00 O.(K) 16.50inch 3.25 4.50 5.50; IO.OOM6.00120.OOinch Loo 5.5 > (hi 5 12.00 I 8.00 25.00C<»1 4 50 5 25 7.00 I LOO 22.00t30.00col 6.50 8.5 I 12.00 22.00 30.00 50.00col 10.00 13.00 18.00 3O0H) 50 OO 90,00VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JUNE I, 1876. ** Com ms ll in in w t "I he f    ffiirhfiit    »/rtf if ii* ni Vt uttered editorially By Th.! National I fetchers’ Motif My " K >r people who* j titre b en ap; item?y * .veil drilled in i writing camp os Cion 11 ut im: tbtdf school life it ii* *rrfctog« what a small percentage :—;L—•   JE—a—    vf Atrxrioiin can write a simple | with ease aud correct nesr Tho \JT7 ll    12 I?    I~£    O    O    in our opinion, is ta bo found in the way vy    lJl-i    Ai    a*    in wliiult eompo-iti un we tftffg&lin the' j sfwat majority of schools la the firs* ■aaMUMUWMMMnBii letter cause ,• Hankers. 3DEMTISTHT, DU. A. II. STREET, II. I). BROWN’S PASTURAGE. PASTURAGE HANNAH ARNETT’S FAITH. Oil co [SUCCESSOR TU F. HAI.!..] Established _    -    -    1807 The undersigned has 500 Acres Fine Pasture Land, which he proposes offering to the Public during the Herding Season. This land is well interspersed with timber, and is bounded on the south and east by the beautiful Lake Geneva, affording an abundant supply of pure water and cooling shade Grass luxuriant and abundant. Applications, stating number and age, will be received until the loth day of June. , agemcnt had well nigh become despair T.'ovro    j    Lord Cornwallis, after ins victory at $1 *25 [ Fort Lee, had marched hts army to A. C c ii t <k ii ii i it I Sto i* V The days were at their darkest, and the hearts of our grandfathers were weighed down with d mbt and despondency. Defeat had followed defeat for the American troops, until the army had become demoralized, and discour- 1 forgotten one thing which Kngiaud has j    Proverbs    of    Confucians not and wa have—one thing which out- I |fc wfco fin,]* p|eJu»ure in vice and I weighs all Kngiand’s treasurers, and j pai„ %n virtue, is a novice both in the that is KIGHT. God is on our side, of)C ul„] tho other. aud every volley from our muskets is an s One may do without mankind, but j Weare poor, weak, . 0|,c has need of a friend. echo of His voice. ter. had apparently just completed sou Work on herniate, the noise having bren made by the filling of a ruler from the table to the floor. The girl was fast asleep. Mrs Lawson did not wake her Ab It I: Jcanie waa sitting at her desk,irmlA    . he \$ catted ?V of schools •rn me need too an * cither ideas or on lo write a *cn OC of a:iv idea* n. Lefors vocabulary >*• posit ion/ »f his own, OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. DU. DE M. CRANDALL, YX TH IST TIS S3l" - Office over A. E. Johnson > ^torc, Broad* « ay, Albert Lea. Ila be, DDS    •    H.    A.    Avery- X)JE3NTISTriY. -A- "NT" IEZ UFI "52” , Rt-sid»nt Dentists-**Ba.Hford't» Block, Au>tm ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    -    Brunch    Office, ALBERT LEA, - MINNESOTA I9 h if s i f i a i I s. s. H. WASHBURN, M. D. Physician & Surgeon. Office at Wood’s Uroj over SUmw. •jot I 3 Consultation rooms Albert Lea, Minn. M. M. DODGE, NI. D., wa "SS. <s GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells-Domestic Exchange. Solis Bch ango on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Xjoans Money, DISCOUNTS NOTES, Negotiates County, Township, and Sebec District Bonds. SEASON TERMS Cattle, one year old .............. Two years old ..................... Three years old................... Four years old or over........... Season, 4 months. Alares with foal, colts, and cattle for fattening, special rates Address the subscriber by mail at ^hc CLARK'S GROVE Post Office, or personally at his residence near the old Dane church, in Bath. 17    LOUIS    JORGENSON. 25 i were now encamped. On the BOth of Elizabethtown, Dec 1776, where they I kii>? thc ,eet lfrjt have tripled up<m i tho fbi fb us! And you call yourselves meo— the sons of those who gave up home and fortune and fatherland, to make for themselves and for dear liberty, a 1 <Mt j November the brothers IL.we had is sued their celebrated proclamation, which promised protection to all who within BO days should declare theni- and few, but God is fighting for us We } The pleasure of doing good is the at limc- and ort t,l(* f'dlowingdaj ii entered into ibis *trn»o-l,» «,i»h nuro      was    after    noon    before    thc    girl    could    be hearts and counted the cost and were willing to ] silver, and their hearts of wax pay the price, were it our heart’s blood. The most curiosa women willingly And now—now. becasse for a time the j cast down their eyes to be looked at. day is going against us, you would give I The tongues of women increase by up all and sneak back, like cravens, to 1 all they take from their feet. The fiucst roads do not go far. When men are together they li.-fen iris  struggle with pure j onjy unc that never wears out.    .    .    .    ,    , prayerful lips. We had'    The inmds of women are of    ..nick-, rouged from the deep sleep rn which she cost and were willine to '    sad their heart, of watt    K C'1 »    1    J™ nwakemng. Jennie spoke of the problems, and expressed her intention of making further trial at their solution Upon getting the slate she found them completely solve ! in her own hand, each line neatly ruled and the figuring without the slightest to one another ; but women and girl, <*"*; At this she wa, greatly surpri-co look atone another.    I Mer Hat knowledge of the puzzling ex The mort timid girl ha, courage to ample, wa, ofleavmg them unsolved on the night before. Of her performances in her sleep she knew when awake absolutely nothing, and her resting place in the wilderness! Oh, wind • ft en / ♦?/« rkets. A ll. Al MILLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MfiHKET . talk scandal. selves neither to take up arena against I ^bauie upon you cowards!”    )    The    tree    overthrown    by the their Sovereign, nor to encourage nth-1    ^er Words bad    rushed out in a fiery    ;    had more branches than roots era to do so. It was to discuss the ad ;which her    husband had vainly    j ri he dog in his kennel barks    at    his ! ; violability of accepting fchi- offered pro- j    sfr*veii 10 cheek.    I do not know how    fleas. but the dog who is hunting    does • toot ion that a group of men b id met in    *^rs -Arnett looked, but I fancy her a    I    not feel them. oue of the largo old houses of which httle woman, with kindly blue eyes I He who Hts th inca be given to him ! Elizabethtown was. at that lime, full and delicate features,— a tender and i* not guru! at taking We are apt to think of those old ll)V‘8P bitte souJ- whose scornful,blazing times as days of unuiittigated loyalty words must have seemed f*» her amazed and courage ; of our ancestor* ss un i hearers Uke inspired fury of pytho- ss On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE'S STORE. j faltering heroes, swerving never in the { o/®** -Arc wc not a1! prophets at ' darkest hours from that straight and times—prophets of good or evil, accord-thorny path which conscience bade them - to our bent, and w.th more power mr    .1     aspect    fo INTEREST ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE- Office at Wood's Drag Office. -ti.ro. Residence over Post Colloctl ons A LIV I RT LEA, ----- MINN. ii c w ow lintel, M, I> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AHD SURGEON TWIN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will treat all diseases to which mankind is subject, to the hest of las ability. Dr. Rowland has made a specialty of discases of Women and Children, and chronic diseases of long standing. By long experience aud strict attention to his profession, heis con* fideut of treating all curable diseases with success. Obstetrical cases treated with care and success. Consult ionat tree, lo receive energetic and prompt Remittances made daily. attention Lawyers X ijand Agents. Charge.*1 are in accordance with the ens tom of NaGonal Bunks in this State. H. D. BftOWN, Banker. REFERCENCES. First National Bank, Austin, Minn. First National Bauk, St. Paul. Fourth National Bank, New \ ork Fourth National Bank, Chicago. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR { DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! | THAN EVER BEFORE. I ffi^yM'ush paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., Sic. TIIY HIM ! ALBERT LEA IEOH FOUUDEY JI N JLS Machine SiiopS tread let human nature is human nature in all ages, and if at times the I “old fashioned fire burned low in man j ]y hearts, and prof mod discouragement palsied fora time the most ar*! age. what are we that we der at or condemn them ? riod Dr Ashbel Grecu MUI k out At court people sing that they may drink ; iii a village people drink that they may sing Great t«*uls have wills, others only feeble wishes Thc prison is shut night and d ..yet it is always lull; the temples are al- than we ourself ei the fulfilment of our own prophecies j wave open. aud yet you find no one iD \\ ho ^hull say how far this fragile them. ardent cour-should won Uf this pe wrote: wave of decoding over the I heardia man of some shrewdness once say that when the British troops over ran the State of New Jerst y in tile closing part of the year 1776, the whole populate in could have been bought for 1^ pence a liead ” The debate was long and crave Some were f r accepting tho offered terms at > nee ; others hung back a lit tie, but all hid at length agre. d that it was the ' lily thing to Im* <| ne. Hup**. e»*urage. loaity, faith, honor — al! seemed sw.-pt away Upon tile great fl »*k1 of panic which Lid otr.i.i ii..-. I .. .I I here w. w!uMil tilt rant, one sotting vv. vietion Ii >-st was sound of where sin womau aid* d to ^ti.y thi bt inn which Ha* .-preaq land ? “ I icnth men/ said got >d Air Arnett uneasily. “ I beg you to excuse this tintst ut seemly iutwrrupti* n to our council. M y wife ie beside herself, I think \ ou all know her and know that it is ti t her w-oif to im ddle with tailitics, or to brav\! and bluster. To-m<»rrow she WU I see her I illy, hut now I pray y< sit iii bad listen ii* I* ut 15. C. STACY. A. M. Typ.kr. STACY £. TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Real Estate and Collecting Agent*, CONVEYANCING Cf all kinds adcuiately done. acknowledgments taken oatits administered Taxes paid. Titles investigat bought and sol I. paid to collect i‘ut. Corner Clark ; THE FREEBOBX COLXTY BANK. Tlio>. II. AH.HSTUOMJ, Baaker. Sic. J, Lands Particular attention ALBERTJjA^ MINN. PLATFORM SCALES. I ANNING Manufactured, and tlie to be found in Market rates. MILLS. MILK SA FLS. MOST PL RFL1 I All at reduced < Y+ wit it » one us cager dis] JO whns<* I * very far Mrs Arni in the n th * debut sat. Slit lenee until, carried ingf. »he could bear iugiiig to her f t*1 x»r an i cot tm thi r, ! Hts ♦art th rom c t, the vt r<* had had ii i w av I Wt V Were ir wbe carr \ ing ; wife of >**m. and reach* d iffiened i by lier el N cwt on St A. D. Wi ix.K, s., Albert Lea D. It. P. HIBBS, Established 1860. WEDGE & HIBBS, AT FOKNHYS st! LA W office, Room No. I. A edge s block, t oi nci Clark and broadway. ALPERT LEA, -    - - - MINN. John A. I.ovki.y.    .TaMKS II. 1’arkku LOVELY & PARKER, ATTOUNKYS At I.AAV, •Xs sa Freetorn County STANDARD. Office ic Hewitt's Block, up stairs. ALBERT LHA, -    -    -    .. 1st door. - Al IN HEMAN BLACKMER, IjAWYEIII A N I) 1X>1I s A I, I! ! A LAK RT LEA, -    -    -    -    MINN motels. HALL HOUSE PUBLISHED AT ALBERT LEA, —BY— MINN. Parker & Botsfori, Proprietors. \V. G FOST KR, Albert Lea, - Proprietor. - Minn. ALL KINDS OF CASTINGS FURNISHED and repairs upon Machinery <it»ne to order Fnuu lery near th*- Depot 17t*25    A    ben    Lea,    Minn. REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for ride, lands aud farms iii every touu in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, aud a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us I F you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining and perfecting titles, are unequaled, us we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land iii this county. Stacy X Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn. April 2**, 187*». LIGHTNING the parlor d se in bled group. Can you fancy t low rm*m, with fht I irntCire "I tho I I by thc tail wax ca fir* s which l!az**d Around th*- table. pallid, gloomy, d*- In the door way th in thc antique c*- thc*>*‘ latter day", r. no tnt e pus! front*. iud * d th r, of •goo-! r!a- < tithe the lier in siree! and open e as soc ut nee Already her words juibcriiig mauh-ani use who heard hi its «*wn fitting 1 < at It felt t >u k in the light c; mau » brave w* kc y * ur pr tcct ut on, • Dr >ur ake?t iud ; \v ti t- T she t reply began to stir the in the bosoms of *r. Ktithttbiastu lines. Ko one re acidly his «t u J* rn ti _ *1 lid. ion, if you will,’* tor waiting in vain fora aim vonr-eives traitor.- All error* have only a time : after a h an* I rod million of objections, subtlc-Subtletift, sophisms, and Ii**", the suiall-•*st truth remains precisely what it was before. Who is the man most insupportable I to us? Ile whom we have offended and whom we can reproach with nothing. t Receive your thoughts as guest*, and treat your desires like children. Whoever makes a great lu.-s about j doing good. d*>es very little ; he who wGhe* to be seen and notice*! when he is doing giKid. will not do it long ; he who mingles humor and caprice with it mother not j having mentioned the subject left her i the more bewildered. Yesterday the 1 girl brought the work to seh »oI and re- I lated the incident attending to her ; reacher. Thc room was entirely dark. the girl soundly asleep during the { ! working out of the test examples. .She had never before shown any symptoms ■ of sleep working, nor have any of her relatives been so afft-cied. I    —    I - —  . — # «—----- Sowed Corn for Cow*. A New Hampshire correspondent of I j the Country Gentleman writes as fol * S lows: j I hare been engaged fn the milk business for a number of years, and have found it very necessary to supply I my cows with some proper fb*»d. Our lu thc abs® He borrows th *m from the mo.-1 accessible source T he result is that in nine case-1 out of ten the compostli n ta * number of unmeaning phrases, Me Outed iii such a way as to betoken industry il^not honu-fy on the part of the pupil, •ind culpable ncgligi nee or downright ignorance < n the part of the teacher who docs not detect thc plagiarism mad* prevent it.- recurrence. Another Ca;^*s —and this is peculiar to high school-* and colleges, so called—is tile use ox false eloquence and highly, wrought rhetorical ffourGhcs.    School master; mm>t give common sense tor ies on which to write, and where the subl et lit, to the choice of thc pn pi I he shonQ he j directed to choose such Ko ant I. topics as the *iligh* r .r^thrtir. / * faiks with Angels, • Xigilts with rf*? I Gods/ ‘Travels in Jupiter. or ■ \ in the Moon/ should be permitted. _  —    _ Soak Your Bulter Parka-t ; I have noticed constantly the habit of d dry men of packing their hut nr | into new butter packages without being ->»ak -1. T!ii.i I-* the gruat-./'t uu.tiaLa that dairymen can make in pacffidg' butter, the p.icknges, which are new, uulet»- soaked, impart the flavor of the wood in the butter, which is readily detected from twi it i ll i a tv He will d of avoiding faults and reproach** never aC'juire virtue. F *r htui who does everything worth thtei r, »r one s ur i i glue tit ads am vo ar 'love adit in ti th* iviv fui.-e to your e untry a ad id. but horrible Will be the • u will bring upon ii the ht-ad* of those that you I tell y*»u that England will never conquer. I know it and feel it in every fibr • of my heart. Has G d led us so far, to desert us n*iw J AV ill He, who led <*ur fathers aero** the stormy winter sea I 5».*ke ta*. *r -their trust in Ii Witt oiintry, a .k . u- u and hug, rou ti AL art lace n — r artened w otna n. trupt mv Cl never tuucn cleave to lh her.” >he dashed up u d zzied him hiidren w rn * tnt bi; It ti tm ,'S, we iatiiiLar. Can you n p*»ise of her bead, the lier blue eyes, the cr/ her voice, the majesty. sc th which clothed h The men all start* w in I* WoToDer House This Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to {rive AM FLE ACCOM MIGRATIONS to nil guests ami travelers. Good stabling and attentive grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with tlie premises JOHN WI. KARTY, Civil Engineer A' Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of Ih.ii Cross,' County, AV is;, respectfully says to the people Thk StanuvT!I» is the oldest paper on the line of thc Font horn Minnesota Railroad : has an extensive circulation among the reading portion of the community ; the cir-•    lutimi    is constantly increasing, and its advantages as an advertising medium has long been recognized by a large list of paying patrons. of Hie Freeborn County that he is prepared to do any kind ot Surveying, laying out I own Plats, Roads, etc..as well as making plans and specifications tor Houses, Barns, etc.    41t4 AS AN Immigration DoclmeaT j GOOD NEWS! lf you want lo buy guod FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed    an Variety , where you will a1 ways find the best quality ever offered for sale in this Market, and at the-LO WEST PRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call and be convinced. 4*»    ' Fir-! door -outb of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea. GF. A. Haugo Having bought the old and favorite stand j of A G Himebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of BL AO K S M I T H I N G ; — AND — I toits Id-Sl IO HING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    dot I PR SALE—Lite Scholarship hr the Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietors of tins institution. The hffiilarsiitp v\ ill bu sob! on favorable terms. Ap,,!* Ll    I- BOTSFORD. Tub Standard makes an especial aim to publish all the valuable statistics of the County, rendering it peculiarly attractive as an immigration document Many residents of the county apppreciate this fact, aud are sending the paper to their Eastern friends. W’eMesire to increase the usefulness of Tiik Standard in this regard, and would be ^dad to add many more such names to our list. Tho undersigned would respectfully announce to tile people of Freeborn county and vicinity, that he will continue to erect Lightning Rods the coming season. All buildings roded by me are INSURED AGAINST LIGHTNING! to the amount of $1,000, free of charge. I u-*c an ENTIRE COPPER ROD—the best in use. People wishing their buildings protected, will do well to see me before purchasing elsewhere, always bearing in mind that it is butter to purchase at home, or of some one you know, than of transient vendors. Thanking you for past favors, and soliciting your future patronage, I urn, respectfully, Yours, .Ste., SIDNEY PARTRIDGE. Albert L*a, Minn., April 17, 187G. I(»ni4 Southern Minnesota R, R- PasM-nger Train** Arrive and depart. tire j wi hat t fancy t he proud indign tt light of ip. dear t no - of and defiance,and **r as a garment t d up at h-r en-I trance; the "Lh1 of a ghost could hard-* Iv have caused in «re perturbation than did that of this little w man Her j hu-bui I advanced hastily She lad no business here j a woman should | know her place and keep it Questions ! of tuditiu- and p**iiri *1. xp> ii nfs Tory> but he woald sh ie!! her ible, and point out the impropriety of lur conduct afterwards. I when they should be alone. St. he went I quickly up to her with a warning whi* j per : J “ Hannah ! Hat) lab ! this bito place for you We do not want you here , just now ; ” but now- it seemed ns if she I scarcely saw him, a* with one hand -fie pushed him back and turned to the I startled group. u Have y**u made your decision, gentlemen?” she asked. Have you chosen tile part of men, or traitors ? ” vt hid nirtg lave put For me, I stay id my hand shill irid. nor my heart ji him who shames h r hu>b md a gaze Ilk j sudden I iii h t - pr**pur time, one day is The Ie*s indulgence fine bt s.-lf. t!»c more one may have for others Towers are mea-ared by their shadows, and great mew by those who are envious of them We must do quickly what there is no hurry for, to he able to do slowly what demands haste. He win* wi-»he9 to secure the good of nth r*». has already secured his own. *' The way to zlory is through the palace : the way to fortune through the market; to virtue through thc desert/' • The truths which we least wish to New England pastures fail to yield during the months of August, September, and October. Whatever is necessary lo keep up the flow of milk for the milk trade, is equally so for butter and cb****dairying. Dairymen whodonot furnish proper and sufficient food for their cows when their worn out pastures do not yield it, suff-r a double loss The yield of milk butter. Ac , is greatly reduced, and their cows are greatly reduced in flesh. It costs less than half as much to keep our animals in good condition as it does to put on what is in its lof»t by want of pr -per fo«*d. The quality of milk and bulter is much improved, as well as quantity increased packed, depreciated, as attire-two to five cents i* r pound inly thinks will and depreciate* the qcMrfy to five cent? per pound. 5 have seen butter which has c*.n**^, this market which I knew ha-1 h<*t*ii made by good and experienced butter makers, and was really fine w tmi* I. fran*1 p un•} by ness in lid .-oak wig the puck ag Now it is to the interest of ter makers to make good bt and have it come, in sweet, got lion which will bring good prier*; Dairymen have olten WOP de re I whv their butter did not bring good pric-. ». I hey ?ay their b atter was hue. sud refer to their neighbor* to verify their statement! This may all be true ; but do they ever ask, •* Did our butter Cure ess- all but-* iffer and Hi condi-- arrive in Ac. tint w it »•* ^aod condition—was it sweet. ; they never ask these *|i/t\!--t pack their butler in packages ira! BU by Usins Tres I green feed d, usually dry part of the sea? rn. Different kinds of feed may be given cows and growing stock to supply the place of insufficient pasturage, >uch as sowed corn, unripe oats, Ac, Sowed corn I cons'der a more reliable aud cheaper substitute for good pasturage than any other crop I have tried Sowed corn, with prup*er culture, may be raised in abundance at a reasonable Cost, and what is not wanted for immediate use, can be easily cured, and makes excellent teed for winier. I have to J top advt hurry and! :ssarj prep market in market [rices. «e ail dairymen to soak L s b jut th send it off look for th< Now we their packages at len-t twenry-fuur hours before puck it.g their butter. ” I'm going to stop attending <**r uaurch, peevishly exclaimed a vinegar-faced spinster not a thousand miles from Chicago, the other day. “ Why,-t has happened ? anxiously in-* 1 corn, but have derived the largest and him who surest results from thc following meJh [od: •• Isaac, we have lived together f*»r twenty years, and for all <*f them I have been a true aud loving wile to you Hut I am the chili of (j >*1 and of my c -untry, and ii you do this shameful thing, I will never again own you for After planting my ho«<i crops the 1st of June), I plow a piece of sod land, which needs cultivating and lna-nut ing. and harrow thorough!v, then my hit in mark apart. up .1, “ My dear wife ! auhast. you d * rn •rn ;1 the husband w w hat \ >u are Leave me. for such a thing as ii-*t for thorn as far as un saying this ! ” *• For such * thing as this?” she tried sco/nfully. “ What greater eau?e could there br t I married a good man and true, a faithful friend and loyal gentleman, and ii ne d- no d vorce to sever Ute from a tr-itor and a coward If y u take y-mr protection yon lose your wife, and l — I lose my husband and my home ! ” With the last words the thrilling tieariy a irei hear arc tho-e which it is most for our tried different ways of cultivating sowed advantage to know •• One forgives everything t forgives himself nothing ' ■* It i» me rich who want most things ” •• Who ii the greatest liar ? He who speaks most ut himself ” Pronunciation Pronunciation, provided one avoids that of the confessedly illiterate, is an affair of only subordinate importance. Perpetual}' undergoing mutation, aud it- fashions not being so readily trans-mtssable as thc changes in written language, no ouc living al a distance fro® the center where it is determined should He Beverly censure*! if ignorant of it* present standard. \ ic wed rationally. it is the rn >»t ephemeral of modes; I and under any hut an fusional aspect, a» between the decisions of veracious professors of it. those which were given lust year may be of no more value to ie dr I cup as I can without plow thc sod*. I sow the c«*rn in the drills at the rate of two or three bushels i*er acre. aud follow with cart or wagon, and apply manure upon the corn as liberally as I can afford. I then cover the manure thus applied with earth enough to u*>ver it well. My labors end here until the Corn is fit to cut up as I du not cultivate between the drills. With this tr* atau nt I never have failed with good seed, of getting an abundant crop. I use any mature that I can scrap- up alout the ham yard, ham cellar, or pig pun. without regard lo quality or statu- of dec*rn position. I plant the large varieties of sweet all other kinds. it fur fiat bt quired a friend ** \\ by. nothing I at happened, and that’s just whut’s the matter, continued the spinster, through her .lose. ** litre Ive been v regular attendant for mer’* two years, and there ain t been n » gossip, u-* scrnda!. nor not!.ing t* talk ab**ut ii* all that tunc, and I can t see th^ use of going any longer.” And *he squared* herself down in a chair with the h*uk-of a martyr. *■ My pig sickened, refused to eat arA1 be comforted; tongue not much furred, tail a little. £mith said, give charcoal, but bo hankering for charcoal was manifest. Kr. wn said it was tin (b ache, and we kit aked out one that seemed to crowd. The downcast expression of the anima! continued, and Jones tit-outmeudcd bleeding by the excision off the tail. No blood; successive inch*** were lopped, until there was little or ti (thine left *u »r d. and in the dejected exprc voice broke suddenly with a patheric.fall    companion with those given this year and a film crept over the proul bite    than asuperanuated almanac. Excess-    . eyes. Perhaps this little ‘ touch of    ive anxiety,or a habit of finical and    corn in preference to womanly weakness moved her hearers    superpunetillious exactingness, as with 1 a!! l”-v c’ ^eltsi it bet    cr    an as deeply as be, brave scornful words , reference to dr,ss, *, with ref.fence to    m*hes more and richer    milk Hum the ri>I    i,    ,    .    7    __    anr.;i    common    field    or    s*iutncrn    c«*rn. I feed They were not all cowards a* heart, only pronuuci.it ion, is moreover, an untail-    .    ,    , ’ j *    -    —    -.    -    nj    y    cow?    at    the    stable,    as much as they will eat up clean. The corn should be well tasseled out bjfore it is of the UCBI ct* Tutors J- no improvement •ion of t'.a beast Eyelet holes in the legs were ihufl searched for and cleansed. Williams said it would promote healthier act ii ii, !”c but here tile pig b down much other action of any sort. w iii:out I’eclihtr- touched by the dread finger of panic. I »“*? index of frivolity and little-minded-whieh, now and then, will paralyze the DC!,S' l’or l^ie    nowhere ou bravest heart. Some had struggled earth, we suppot-e, is correct pron un cia I f    7    I    ^    •    mm    ,    -    _ _    p    j    . It was putting the question too broad-1 lug against it. and only half yielded lion, necessarily in concomitant of good    ’    ‘ Irc -    .    ?    . . ly,—so like a woman, seeing only the at last. And some there wefC'to whom I breeding, except in so far as good breed- uP’*n,”n    ^    1 a (1    ^ bare,ugly facts, and quite forgetting the old traditions had never quite lost their \ *»g assumed to include good eduea- ;j”ru t0 JlU    °    ^    °w "'i* delicate drapery which was istendel to power, whose superstitious consciences Hon. A different opinion has of late    ie an cn    w lc , * » veil them. It was an awkward [*osition had never become quite reconciled to i been industriously promulgated; but 1 I18 wtv PreP® J    Kl to put them in, and they stammered and the stigma of REBEL, though reason \ ** submit that it stands on much the uring i >r corn, potatoes,    oe bungled over their answer, as mon in a and judgment both told them that, ^’^uie Rioting with the transcendental cr P • * e u ^    ‘ false position will. The reply came at borne for the cause for which they bore notion that the essence of gentleman- " 0 “IC h°° pa. uraru t last. mingled with explanations and ex-1 it, it was the title of nobility. The I huod wholly irrespective of both n*g‘ect to raise a ptece c > t « rn u**w said the ease was critical, and sd-vised to cut a small slit between the* ears, which had been ?ubjccted to &* like treatment with the tail.) and lo* rub in salt. This promised to be successful. but ju>t at this moment the animal. with characteristic obstinacy, died. My questi**n is, ‘ What didn’t I do thatr I should have done, and what should* I have done that I didn’t do. to save thst pig ? * ” it, it was words of or nobility, the little w*»man had cone ibsurd for a straight to the heart, be its main strin; cuses and apologies “ Quite hopeless ; a starving, half clothed, undisciplined what it might. Gradually the drooping army like ours to attempt to compete I heads were raised and the eyes grew with a country with England's unlimit- bright with manliness and resolution ed resources. Repulsed everywhere— Before they left the house that night. knowledge and morality. Pronounce to supply the deficiency, even it it does cost a little labor. It will pay a hun as a mau may, at any rate let his atti-    ,    „ ♦udc toward pronunciation be that of dred Pcr CCDl on ,IW 0UHay. scrape common sense, and free from an inflated l^e harn-yards, pig pens, an t\* r\ egotism Whether we exert ourselves other plat* weere a shovelful of manure or not, to follow the English in their can be got, and apply it as reeomuiend-of the A ii EW bk EW gentleman had a lug---cy left him, but it was hampered with an unfortunate condition, which he hastened to announce to his sympall.it** irg friend The sum was LID.Of Mi,but half the sum,according to the testator’s ; wish was t» be placed in his tiffin* and buried with him ’Yds there etrr . such a waste of go«>d money ? Dut (la sympathizer was equal to the occasion. u Where is ti e money now ?” he ask* 4r and was mid “in the bank.” “All* right.” he said. *• you ct rte a cheque I for <£5,000 and put it in the old boy’s* coffin, drawn to order I” 'J hat young man ought to get on in this world. OUR NOTWITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT WE AUE DOING FIRST-CLASS JOB-WORK, PROMPTLY, AND AT REASONABLE RATES, WE are GBADUA LIA' ADDING TO OUR FACILITIES, AND SHALL ENDEAVOR TO FULLY KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES Leave WEST. .............. 7:05 ............. 9:21 ..............10:23 ..............I 1:00 A. M. Legal Blanks. We keep the most complete assortment of Legal blanks of any country office iii the State, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our STOCK in TRADE will compare favorably with the best work to be found anv where. GO TNG LA GROSSE “ Rushford “ Lanesboro .. “ Fountain................ “ Spring Valley......... Arrive Ramsey ................. Leave Ramsey.................. ‘ ALBERT LEA Wells.................... Arrive Winnebago............. GOING EAST. Winnebago............ Wells.................... ALBERT LEA Ramsey..................10:05 “ Spring Valley...........11:10 “ Fountain....................12:31 Arrive Lanesboro................ 1:12 Leave Lanesboro ................. 1:32    “ “ Rushford.................... 2:86    “ Arrive LA CROSSE............... 6:00    “ Trains going cast, make close connections «t La Grosse with trains on the Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Paul Railway for Milwaukee, Chicago, and all points East. Connection at Ramsey with trains on the C. M. & St. P. Railway, for St. Paul and all points in Iowa, Nebraska,and Kansas.    W.    C.    VAN    HORN W. H. Barron,    General    Manager. Gen’I Ticket Ag’t. Leave Leave ...11:46 “ .... 1:30 P. m. 1:50 „ ....    3:00    “ ....    4:20    “ ....    6.05    “ ... f»:00 a. m. ....    7:50    “ ....    8:50    “ I* M ruined ;-throwing away life and fortune I    they had sworn a solemn    oath to stand    i    utterance of the language which we    ed, and on any    land adap et! o for a shadow ; you know the old ar-    by the cause they    had    adopted, and    khare with    theni> we sha11 most assured-    S^wth of corn    a heavy crop will be an gurneys with which men try to prop ! the land of their birth, through the j <*° wel1 in deferring to their example j aniPlc rewarJ ^ a staggering conscience.    |    good or evil, and to spurn the offers of! h,ou^ nafured tolerance of those who#* j    .    *    . Mrs Arnett listened in silence until their tyrants and foes as the deadliest : t‘h>cution is not exactly to their own j Js purchasing tools and implements thc h st abject word was spoken Then    insults.    I    liking, and    of chocking a disposition,,    that    are    lightest, other things she inquired simply:    “But    what    if    nf    »b.,    »)    i . I if it should arise, to draw censorious de- * bemg equal, should be cln»en ,    PY    what    if    Some    of    the    names    of    those    who met ,    peculiarities which may ^»d«e a heavy tool is a waste of mu* in that secret counctL were known ,    .    *    ,    , «J nnw th it Ste* I a n universal u-t •fterwarils. an.ong    .hose who fought    I    P«rhap* (<c    more than compensated by    Ut    kf»7- Kv" n "tT^houM .heir country's babies n.ost nobly, who ! ,utrI.,s wc cau »uw«,Te® «“ak« u0 Pre* 1    •    • died upoit the field of honor.or rejoiced j 1, n ll>11 **««.?«**« we should live after all ? ** The mon looked ut each other, but bo one spoke “ Hannah ! Hannah ! ” urged her husband. “ Do you not see that these are no questions for you ? We arc dis- After Mr I Maine had finished hi# speech explanatory of that little kt- p itll scat ion of railroad stocks a bruthci* ,    ,    -    i    it    *    UiCll)ber congratulated him heartily, re- I b*= *h«T> »nd bnght lo be most effective. miirkin„.    .. jini> thcre.s BOtbin^liLe. I and in a mower a dull knife will doable takini, the bu|j b}. lhc horns *. cussing what is best for us, for you. for i little woman figured on no heroic role, ; Jennie I^awson is a member of the I ^        _ all. Women ha\e no ."hare    ;n these    ;    bl,|; wns gbe the less a    heroine?    second class in the High teen th street ;    Guilty.—For a straightforward r a topics Go to your spinning wheel ana    | This story is a true    .mc, and. in this    female grammar school. Friday last a ;    t0 the question of “ Guilty or nut lea\e us to settle these affairs.    My good J    Centennial year, when    every crumb of    I    number of arithmetical examples were I    guilty ? ” take the ease of that Mia?oo- .!.    w‘^e* 2ou are uiaking    yo'trsclf    J    information in regard    to those old days    |    given out for solution, but three of them    T\ chap on trial for murder—“ If yet ridiculous. Do not expose yourself iii | of struggle and heroism is eagerly gath- I percentage, requiring loDg processes I hooor please, I’m guilty. I killed the tikis way icfore oui frieiids.    j    cr,M]    Up    Inay not bj without some ! division, resisted all Jennie’s efforts nian because he took my gal from me interest.    to secure the correct answer. The cir- j £bc WM about the only thing I had ; - ♦ •    I cuoistance seemed to distress the child, j an» f Jjdn’t want to live after she went thin; I ha vt most popular never tried it.’ Repairs of Watches, Clocks, or Jewelry dome to order at C. IX. BENSEL’S* His words passed her ears like the idle wind ; not even the quiver of an eyelash showed that she heard him. “ Can you not tell me ? ” she said in the same strangely quiet voice. “ If, after all, God docs not let the richt perish,—if America should win the conflict, after you have thrown yourself upon British clemency, where will you be then ? ” “ Then ? ” spoke one hesitating voice “ Why thou, if it ever could be, we j £757 la wllsMni:, and he would never should be ruined. We must leave the country, forever But it is absurd to think of such a thing. The struggle is an utterly hopeless one. We have no men, no money, no arms, no food, and England has everything/* “ No,” said Mea Arnett: you. have Topic : Geological dft-emriort. Fria* cipal—•• Was it cakier or warmer tx hun lr*d years ago than at present? Pupil I honestly]—“ I really don’t rec oiled, sir ? ’* •/ »>* A large man, who sat on the bridge I and after working through them again an’ ] didn t want him to live neith* r. Wnr n* Pig* kor Market.— It was only a few years ajpvribaf swine breeder* were vicing with cjw?H oilier st weight of carcass; but fishing recently, gave his opinion with :,r,d again without success, she went j yn* [ would be much obliged to VCT uirc,,c, regard to the hard times. He said thc ! borne, determined by persistent efforts ; honor if you would hang me as-soon as for *the* urea* trouble was that capital was opposed to jto fir’d out where her error was, and she j possible.”    j    lbfe n^w n\\ eKaa?ed lh tis that will I a hor Simi no tmillor how finxioim    Cod ti DUC J to striae until lo! I ut Jilter tile    **    —    |    .    #aa    ,    ■    %    «    • nuOf. and no matter how tnxtoos a    I    <    ,    ^    ^    ^,    ,    wel ;h 500 pood, are .oldla.;•k» frtot farmer who , P®1, P,.’l,ndJ'un '^se ,7 , H *•* pounds. Fnc market in r.aptnd has' rest of the family had retired. Toward ! midnight her mother, who slept in an work for to-night,” said a adjoining rrwui, called to her daughter i was in the habit of rushing out among no matter now anxious a man was to work, capital would make no concessions. He wanted work.himself, he said, and once he thought of    .    „    ... giving up. but    now    his    wife was able    lbat sbo had better go to bed, lest she    his men at evening, aud working with should be late in rising the next day.    them, so as to keep them digging as He    intended    to*    say more,    but j The girl at once retired, and in n few    j    long as they could see ;    “ I guess we* moments wan fast1 asleep. About an    !    had better quit for to night. “ I don't hour afterwards Mrs I^awson was again*    know,” said one, “we might hoe a while awakened* by a-noise in her daughter's bed-chamber, which was the a* in cutire dankness. She called, but receiving no answer- arose to >Cc what was the mac-    in* yield he w match. he was obliged to go off to attend a ball A kiss ou the forehead means reverence; but there’s no fua in it worth mtinti 'ii rig. longer, if yot*Gl fetch out some lamps. VYhat is the next thing to a hen steal- ? Why, a cock robin, to be .sate l*>ng favored light weight. London i# chiefly supplied with* pigs of less than 200 pounds weight. An J this tendency of the market to pigs, well fatted, but of small weight, i- just what the farmer should encourage, for it i# exactly in thc line of bur interest. It costs mom to mule the second hundrt d j.ounds of a pig than the
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