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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 27, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotaf / THE Enterprise ntEEBOR\ m m standard. PUttLISIIRI) EV KR Y THURSDAY. trrins; Per Year, In Adv.nee, $2 00 Rates of advertising. Our India** YttVu* v WRITTEN RY COL. ALB KUT 'ST, LEA - 4 W | 3 ai G rn I.» SO 4.30 6.00,•J 30 GOO 8.503 OO 7.00 0.(X)'I 3 30 10.00 IG. OO,i 0 *. 3 12.00 18.00i OO 14.00 22.00;12 OO 22.00 30.00fa OO JO OO 30 OOVOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1876. NUMBER 30 ffFftCfiKS OF FREEBORN COUNTY REAL ESTATE AGENCY. County Uommihsioxkrs : II. G. Emmons. Win. 0. Lincoln. James Thoreson. .l une* II. Goilec. Ole Hanson. Tut.astrer—Charles Kittelson. A im tor—S. Batch elder Ukuistkii of Dekos—Angust Peterson. Siikriff—T. J. Sheehan. Drputy Sheriff- J ooh Larson. Cl.KUK OF C O'IIT--A IV. Wh te. Vtt<>n\TK J un ie—Gilbert Gulhran Ison. 8**• iioor. Sri'RRIstenokn r — ll Thurston. Coirs i v ScRNKTok— Win. G. Kellar. Coroner — I FrosUaug. Court Commissioner—R. B. Spicer. W E have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. THUMB to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. OEISTTISTIIY, DR. A. II. STREET, CO IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OTR facilities for buying and sellinc: n    G lands, examining and perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. Start/ fit Ty rev, Albert Lea, Minn. April 25, 187b. Bankers. THE FREEBORNCOOTYBWK. Tho#. II. ARMSTRONG, Ranker. ALBERT LEA. MINN. II. I). BROWN’S Boots a att Shoes. Jill [successor to f. hall.] YES, OR NO. Terrible weather—quite arnold fashioned Christmas—*the snow falling fast, in flakes as large as three cent pieces, and an icy, penetrating wind sweeping across the country, with a fierce deter mination to have its own way. Everybody said it was the coldest winter ever known ; hut that is an annual saying. ularly pleasant, agreeable young men.” “ Am I not pleasant to you, then I” “Not just now. You really look like some melodramatic tyiant. Besides you don’t expect me to praise you to your lace ? ” *' Lueilla I ” said the young man, with such passionate energy that it startled her, “ why torture me thus? Bou t you know that I love you with The recent slaughter of our troops in* Montana,gives just occasion fiat a review' of th* re attorn* between theGovernment-of the United Shat?*-and the abnriidvtt*# CS or the land, now drtmaata^ by the white race. 3*he writer begari iii? personal observation cd’ these relations av fart Gibson* in the Indian Territory, west of Arkansan, more tthwn forty To err yew** ago ;; and *rr the set vice of the Government At the Elms, tile seat of a country . a1) my heart and soul I gentleman in one of the Northern Yes. she knew it well, aud her heart States, a large party had assembled to beat fast with joy and triumph; hut spend the Christmas holidays Mr I the demon of coquetry had possession VY God raven, the owner of the Elms. of her, and she answered in a softer was a man of borh taste arid liberality. j tone : ami enjoyed nothing better than to |    *• Really. I never thought about it.” gather I*is friends about him He >vas ;    “ Think about it now, then,” coutin- a widower with hut one child—Lucille, I ued the young officer of Established 18bi ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA JNJ 23X7^ Boot & Shoe Store. GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. O. F. «&: IV. X. Nelson Have just received and will keep in stock ihe lanrc't assortment of OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. OR. DE Ni. CRANDALL, 13 ENTIS Boots & Shos of all kinds To be found in town. CISTORI HADE WORK, Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Office over A. E. Johnson's store, Broadway, Albert Lea. Four or live workmen will be constantly employed,aud orders for New Goods ar for Repairs u iii be tilled, cheap and on the shortest notice Hah*, DDS    H.    A.    Avery. DENTISTRY. Arc IS ZEB    "\7"    , Resident Dentists—B&sford’s Block, Austin ALBERT REA, - — — - Branch Office, JPIiysicians. S. H. WASHBURN, M. D. Physician & Surgeon. Broadway west side. Albert Lea, Minn. Stf    GIVE    THEM    A CALL. Loans DISCOUNTS NOTES, OLE TANG-, Maker and Repairer of INTEREST —a sprightly, sparkling brunette two and twenty. |    I he party consisted    of several friends t    an I neighbors of M r    Wood raven’s arid | their wives and daughters. There was, ; of course proportionate assemblage of ; young men. aud among them, a certain Captain Wilfred Hesketh. a great admirers of Lucille!’s, without, as yet, having actually dec’ar* d himself. It needed not much discernment, however, I to perceive that lie was devotedly at-J tached to the young lady, whilst she, on her part,was not indifferent to him. I All this was not at all disagreeable to | Mr Woodraven, f r }Oung Hesketh. besides his good looks and amiable I qualities, came of an excellent family, and. in addition to his profession, had an imrple private fortune, and as Lu-R’Jla was somewhat of a coquette by i nature, her father was desirous of seeing her happily settled with some deserving Tind eligible Young man. Mr 33. ^3 "3^" *    nod raven himself    was vcrgin,r co seventy years, having    married late in life. It was ahunt mid day, and the scene ou the grounds cf the Elms was ani* mated and striking. They were of great extent and in summer most beautifully laid out Now, however, their beauties were veiled beneath the waste of snow. I he immense elms. yews. and ced irs which skirted Sells Domestic Exchange. . * *    Sells Echange on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Negotiate* County, Township, and Schoo District Bonds. ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE- young emeer rapidly, and in tones of deep emotion; “ think about it now, dearest. I do love you, and I think your father will approve of it Will you he my wife? say yes?” Hut I rn cilia, though she had given her heart in return for Willied Mes-kcth, was not to Le carried by storm in this provoking w'av. aud she said : “ No.” “ Y on cannot mean it! ” exclaimed Hesketh in great agitation. “ Why not ? ” replied Lu en Ila ; hut even as she spoke, she repented MV by not? (’an I not choose whom I please?” •* \ <>u love some one clue,” replied the young man moodily. Lucille gave him one little hit of comfort: 4* No, I do not,” she «ai«l. honestly. •‘Thank heaven for thanI Hut won’t you answer me, Lueilla ? ” Not now," she said wavering, i here her womans heart wished ti* iir-reudt-r, and 'he added, with a tr< uiufi us sigh. ** \\ hat if I say * N1* ’ again ? Foolish young captain, he might have se* ii that this was a wish on the voting I oly’s part to c ipit ulatt, but he did not he replied firmly : 4* No wuuian shall ev twice * This roused-all th nature ; it was alum Lueilla scarcely clepe all that night; ! I •* took turns ” at nursing that fam-! but when Dorcas came in the morning ily four weeks, and I believe those dirty with the hot water and the intimation (Hahdoth* were the Cause of afTiha? that it was nine o’clock die felt almost hard work. Therefore, I say to every acru ’,1    ■*■»*»«;    or    mu    urn    vent    me    ii* ashamed lest her maid shooed reniark housekeeper, Ecepyour dish clof ht clean *1 *n tbc army and otherwise, from the* I her heavy eyes and haggard appear- Vou may wenr your presses without northern lakes along the frontier to the* ancc.    ironing, your sunbonnets without elas- ^io Grande, and among the eastern* “ Please, ma’a-n, Pm very sorry.” lies—but you must keep your dish- | ,r‘bes and in Waahington city ; he ha* | began Dorcas penitently, “ bat I forgot clothes clean. Y on may only comb had many opportuuiticsand ohh rat sons all about it.”    |    your head on Sundays, you need not    i official duty    to study and investigate “ Forgot all about what ? ” asked we*r a collar unless you go from home I them. This brief statement may give* LtJcilla, listlessly.    j    —-hut you must wash your dishcloth,    trance that    he does not speak uaad- •* The note, ma’am, for    Captain lies    !    ^ou I,iaJ otrly sweep the floor M when    ™«d!y. keth. Its Christ ma* time, you see.” • sign gets right; ’ the window don’t * Any system based upcn erroneous pleaded the lady’s maid, apologetically nefc(^ washing, yon e:-n loofc out at the j principle must eventually work out bad-! “and when I left your room last night ‘foot; that spider web on the front ma am, to take the note to the captain. P°rcb does not hurt anything—but, as I met Mrs- Fowler, the housekeeper, in >’ou I°vc J°ur Bn I the Corridor, and she told me there wa- ’ a hot curry of turkey, and mincepiea, wash out your Let the foxtail pet ripe in%t i say no Un I* bde in Lu< 11-TV t s Boots & Shoes, ex Collections Consultation rooms Office at Wood’s Drug Store. over Store. got IJ    Albert    Lea,    Minn. M. M. DODGE, M. D., ill ii. Offico aud Residence up Stairs over the Post Office. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    MINN. .v I> C How land NL I> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TWIN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will treat all diseases to which mankind is subject, to the hest of Isis ability. Dr. Rowland bas made a specialty of diseases of Women and Children, and chronic diseases of long standing. By long experience aud strict attention to Ins profession, he is confident of treating: all curable diseases (frith receive energetic and prompt Remittances made daily. attent fat Shop on Claik street, north anil oppo- i site of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. Charges are in accordance with the cub tom of National Banksia this State. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN arc employed.    H.    D.    BROWN,    Banker. Rep Grin short untie 37 lf done to ord-*r. cheap and on (ii^e him a call. Albert Lea, Minn. O. P. Dan I. J. PAULSON'. REFERCENCES. First National Bauk Austin. Mir.n. First National Bank, St. Paul. Third National Bank, Chicago. Fourth National Bank, Nev. lurk Bitte as aim st lo resoluble the* open pi ice in a park, wore weighed down by taut aa fica Ily shop * i e n :1 rn ‘ration*, o: sn «*, and the lawn its* Ii was a sheet of wiiite, up re remind tug one of Siberia, and sis sable and mink burners, than of an American landscape, and a party of American ladies an I gentlemen. The guests of Mr Woodraven—some forty in number, seemed to enj y th • m-selves amazingly. .Sonic of thr \«.ung men had. for the amusement of the !i-dies, contrived to m ike a base figure of His act xr ” snow, an J ti v ions were now . giant wit and thei. fair compan-ntragcd in pelti*:g the rn ateti out I! U'? HAMSON a PAULSON, wh dis. lith n fashion, s i had teal ca«es treated with Conpultionnt free, lo JC j ft i r' if i it 2j tnt rf • i gent s. Att -•<v.    A. M. T?kf.r. STAGY & TYRER, -    !    ‘    ii    at f- Public, Real . t a «    .    cf i ti g Agent s. >.* a !.\ VNCING 'A GI kinds udcuiately ‘lone. ucknowledg-ments taken oatlis administered. &c. Taxes paid. Titles investigated, Lands bought and scid. Particular attention paid to collection. '"orner Clark aud Newton Sts., Albert Lea MaMfietnim of Loots db Siioos, All work warm -. I to rfi'f Ka-ir-fa. iii n anil tlm.e to <>r«ler on sin rt u< lice. sh..j. n*-ar c>>r. <>1 Uroad-way and V i]h..i.,s streets, Albert Lea, Mi nu. MPray Moines. WING A: HOYES EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. filth ighi >rv bv J. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA DEALER IN BOOTS & Any and all jobs attended toon fir-t call, and warranted to g;ve satisfactioa. Leave orders on the Slate fit A. EL Johnson's store, Albert Lea, Minn. His Stock of fine Goods rfo MALLERY BROS. K eon hand Hard A,Soft Coal, SonsoiH d Wood! Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith’s uich. drawn ta* pretty lilt ie ponies a bi ne I with silver bulls, and < u n «-*pableof hoiditiz two parsons, afforded an opportnnity for fl:rtati«m not to h»: lost by young people snowed up in a ct antrv l»ou*e Most of tile ladle' were el* it bed in lur suits from bead to faut, whilst the gentlemen. in fur caps aud jackets, contributed tbusr share t >ward a very a ropy •MjimkI morning. Captain tlifkc -lie replied, a- eh*- turn* I indignantly away. I have i* me I tis in ess t<* t with Mrs. Fowler, the h »use-ke< And she walked rapidly towards the Ii 'us*-, leaving the young man half rn r-ry, half triuuiphani. “ I have offended her. lie thought, looking after her *‘ But I am sure -he loves me.” And with a lichened heart be joined the other visitors on the la*n All through the evening Lueilla maintained a distant coolness toward th-* young officer, which made him feel exceedingly uneasy, lf her heart had teen touched by his avowal of the afternoon it was evi l. tit that her pride was d- t } v 1 fl'*t- led >1. • would neiti cr aa ne.* w;tn Iiiui mr s:oc with him, as Ucud And v hen i* I came ah* nectary to repl^ to any remark by hun. sh did so with tin* barest j herself wa- f availed he h * to excu and elder wine, and I don’t know what else, ready in her room, and asked me j to go down ; and so—and so—and so j —ma’am—” Here Dorcas began to put her apron to her eyes and Alb “ I forgot all about the letter until this morning,” she continued, 1 hut when I went to ihe captain’s roo rn, just now. he was ap end gone out. Oh, ma’am I do hope it ain’t no consequence.” A light broke on Lueilla I •* Where is the note, then?” ,he asked, joyfully. “ Here, ma’am ” And Dorcas drew it from her Bosom Loc:i.a sicced it while the almost screamed. * < lh you good girl ! you dear, goo 5 s girl! ” Don as started in amassment What! no aeo,ding ' Had her young mistress gone out of h**r sens'W ? ** \ *u n?ay have that purple merino o! mine. if vou like, D »rcas,” pursued Miss W oodraven, ** and that nice warm jacket I shan’t wear it again.” Then a light broke on Dorcas’ brightened mind. also. Oho . said Miss Pert to herself, •‘some lover’s quarrel, I guess, and she lias altered her mind, aud she’s glad he ain t got her note. Ah ! ” ove dishcloths. tile garden (the seed is a foot deep anyway), let the holes in the heels o f y our husband s footrace* go undarned, let t! Malarial poison in the blood will-w itself in fever and other patent iy. sh' discases There is a fund* rn en til »r?or at the bottom of all our lr- * v -sr off the Indians, and it has been made the* main cause of our wars, our rings sud our enormous expenditures, breeding -age go ungathered, let the children’s evil, and only evil, continually, until its-*hoes go two .Sundays without blacking, culmination in the murderous ami sick- I A ft .. • — _    _    a    A    *    ft    *    a let IWN hens set four weeks on one w»>oden egg—hut do wa.*h out your dishcloths. Fat without a table cloth ; wa.-ll your faces ami let them dry; d* tvitlioiir a curtain for your windows, and cake fur your tea—but for heavens sake, keep your dislicltih clean. ernng massacres now transpiring TITE FALLACY IS THIS 7 The government treats with frtrlTin* as Independent Nations, y*»<i y« r tribes den ie their independence, holding tflnf th." But the wary lady’s mrin kept th< ideas lo lier.-* if. and thanking h Fngli-h SiM*lling Bee-, It was only a year or two ago that spelling schools were very popular in this country, mid every one was ea^er i to attend them. They hrrve gory? out I of vogue somewhat of late. arid we hear very* little about tbeai in the papers, or in common talk. Yet they were very useful, in our opinion, and might well Le kept up regularly as a means both of in-trnotion and amusement. A very pleasant and also quite profitable form of eo'ertainment foe young | and old is now popular in Kagland, and is known as the 'pelting hee. It was I doubt ie** tykes from our spelling school rn idea. But it has more real amusement in it, ati.J a I in oat as much in-truction I may not be aide to give a very clear noir *i of ju-t how the game is carried on for it is a genuine game—hut will the sovere.gntv and the ownership of* their hunting grounds are in the white* race, and that the Indians have univ a* usuf ruct title to their bones I bio want of harmony in principle and practice necessarily breeds suspicion and! anxiety in the minds of the weaker pi;rtvr who, excited By the want of rrvdi faith on the part of governments amf their agents, are often driven to such* outbreaks as that now flagrant When Karopenas first sett!* *1 n» our At! antic c«.<*»sf, ti ey, io their weakness,. confronte I of natives. by boll an i nr«>u«i relatively str« g r d- tr«\'S delight! her toilet. pre d t *r m:s-make When Winfred ll at the of keth took his scat kfast table, he was in a state terrible su'pense and uncertainty. an I utterly unable to account for Lueii-| la’s radient dem anor Was she glad to he rid of him f Had his note been delivered to her he had received mented himself with these questions. absence To Then name? think he.in with, si (i -orge thinks the first letter of the same wo ie are d" a wi His c I, or an* cr. own >rd, and pponent uher be ginning with the same letter, and names the ancon I letter I hen speller number three—call him John—thinks of the name word. or yet another, beginning with the tw-> letters named and If so. how was it that adds a third letter ; and so it goes.eaeh no answer ? Ile .or- speller contributing bis letter and help- until everybody remarked hi: StriVlD! lute mat itll si hie civility. Lu from c Bifartahie, an i -lo self Of the plea <d iieada ir of mind. neighbor to game pie. an cr (who was coffee; by a coffee when lumps. Mr. W< flie r on i helped his next fair Swilled kidr I electrified t presiding ov king fur moi ad i e Bowf-kei he had a1; ?ys inst I r the tea an e sugar in hi a ly had fiv •    ’    *    »    WU    VI    VUU    I    w    V fig A little trial will show you how Cangicss to give in to this fallacy if* ficult it is often t«* avoid naming’ the Cf*urt>nt- the friendship of the tribes p her guest: sn ire to pie turesque tableau. The link ting of the herself t own room Her maid, Ifareas, was arrangiugthe young l.tdy's hair for the night, when a low tap at the d<w»r was heard, and one of the under housemaid.- presented liers** with a note. promptly attended to. John a. Lo vt. t.y. J AMKR H. PaKKKU LOVELY Si PARKER, ATTORNLYSAt ii. I IV Ut JI JI Ii TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BEZOLD A. II Fyrttn..    G.    H.    Babbitt .SQUIER & BABBITT. «■«» throng one moment “ From (’aptain Hesketh. plea ae ma am. and I was to beg fur an answer before you went to bed ” •* W hat coolness, thought Lueilla Hut she ‘■ai I : *• l> d v «u tell Captain JL.A.W Office in Hewitt’s Block, up stairs. 1st door. ALBERT LEA, -    -    - ..    - MIN VERY CHEAP CITY EXPRESS Sc DRAY LINE. Deals in H ARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. HEMAN BLACKMER, n. AWYEH T. A Ai I> FOR SAL K J A I.AERL’ LEV, -    -    -    -    MINN. In view of the depression in the Grain Market.    Kit Hot et s. HALL HOUSE •Heat • Barbets. A. ll. M MILLEN II AS REMOVED TUE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET ! Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Bros, attended to at once Hesketh I had gone lo bed ? ” * Oh, yes. please ma’am ” she said with ar» arch smile ; “ hut he said it was of great importance.” Miry did rot. however, mention that I dljTa to ex* W. Cr. FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Minn. On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. 'WololDcr House Tliis Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS to all guests and travelers. Good stabling And at teat ive grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the premises WITH INCREASED FACILITIES DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE FOR G-. A. Halide JIaving bought tfie old and favorite stand ol A O Himeluiugh is prepared to do all kinds of BL AO KSMiTI—I I N G —AND— IIORSE-SHOEING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf Photographs. ti, A. X^viller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN BETTER SATISFACTION I THAN EVER BEFORE. jf^^Casli paid for Hides, Tallow, kc., &c. Millinery. MRS. JOHN STAGE, is receiving the Largest and Best SELECTED STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS, EVER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE WANTS OF Spring &, Summer Trade W liich will be sold cheaper than ev(?t* before THY XXX IVE I HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIK, and Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work in that line. GOOD NEWS! lf you want FEED, call at J. T. Flour to buy good FLOUR GREEN’S and All ot the very F A LEST Ll A TEST a x JI JILJKJ 5F sleigh hells and the merry 'h'»ut.- of the party engaged in pelting the snow guilt formed a most picas int accompaniment to the hilarity of the scene. Miss Woodraven—who had been sleighing in turn with half the young men of the party, while Winfred lief-keth stood apart gnawing h\- tawny mustache, and eve ins her with ii] c n- !< ft the merry *(infer with her father on some matter of ti oncotic economy. \ erry pretty and piquant looked Lu- J    she    had    been    given five cilia Woodrawn muffed in a suit of rich I    pedite    the    message, sables, her black eyes twinkling like “ Very well; v >u those of a squirrel, and her little no*e displaying the faintest suspicion of red in the frosty air. She laughed,chatted, and, it mu*t be owned, flirted outra geou.-ly. 44 Y ou will have to fake care, what you are about Lucie, pct,” whispered Mr. Woodraven to his daughter, wain ingly, “ or Hesketh will cry quits.” He has never been begins yet, papa,” replied Lticilla, tossing her head indignantly. “ He has never asked me and if he did, I should soy 4 No.’ ” Iraven railed the young of-f    i absence of mind, and sug gested rather pr finely, that “ Where his treasure was, there, it was to be I presumed that his heart was also ” I he young ladies a.-kod him if he had on his * thinking cap.’ Breakfast ov»*r, Lueilla. anxious to make the amitie, and too happy to care i much about overleaping the convention- ing to make a word, but each to avoid ending the w >rd. In this point lies the real fun of th thing dtffi fin.*! i- *tf*r. I he efforts to escape this arc sometimes highly amusing, and result oddly enough. Bor examples George thinks of •* elm ’ and says e. W titians thinks ct •* Kmilv ” which is not at a.! strange, a’ she sits opposite—-an I MJI m. Emily thinks wha* a goose William was not to say rn and make the w* rd tv,I with her, and think-ing of the b'^y as a g'jose she naturally ti.ink.** of Embden geese, and so she .-.a\‘i h Ruth is puzzled for a moment. were tribe? icy. a# w< !l as humanity, obliged them to make friends of the possessors of the* s^'il and to bargain for portions of it far their occupation. These bargains were* popularly styled trratirm, although the charters, under which all our colonies* were formed, negatived the pmsiliHty of *tt<*h tferries, as they conveyed the lands from the King to the Co Urn Sr ^ proprietors, without any reservation in* favor of the aborigines, and fa !y .-et forth rhe royal sovereignty. From the* very beginning of our settlements, we* wheedled, deluded, deceived, and ^ah-v^nted ** Our Red Brothers; ” and thus roused hostility in every colony, save Pennsylvania, where Quak»?r charity* and truth served to give such fair color to a false system as unfortunately to enforce it the .-a net ion of appar* .if suc-cesss. Th ? necessities of our strpgglc for Independence obliged the Connnen*»l* the ( •nfcMieration unc Ai nscionsly continued the same policy ; and when this* I nion was formed, the Governmentr although a Washington was at tbehead. was. deemed too weak D> ri'k offending the tribes then so powerful and jeu tons The gold* n oppnrfunity ft* assert the true theory of the relations of the I nited States and the Indians, when the several States surrendered to* the general Government she etui fro) off India* affairs, was then lost, and with -    • ** I    ^* a UIUUIULI I , #    I       ■    • bur the word emblem occurs to her.and    PracMcal    pow*:r    to    deal    with    the .    .    •    ^    -    -    ------------ 80 !*ays I Henry names e very ru^e natives in the manner timet al fence of maidenly propriety,” ad- promptly, and Frank is compelled U beneficial to both parties. Yon°h?™ ^ T0" °ffiCer I Tlrerhe '*“»le,e hJ    «>«•    pte»t    W^hin-.wn.    .Urn C-.ru n I    ”Lt).nUri/n-rr-Vet' . LA"    h«    P»J* hi**, au l the red men had learn.d to rep..-. .Ic-..’ i.,, Vt .; ' *°o r\rf b *»«•* J    Braddock*,    army    wa, Caatari£d. will enme with me ,mo the Mnwrrato. ; One of the curious things about it is., in the Allegluney,. and whee tmlit.ry t at a p r**.*n is very liable to complete I success, joined t*> truthfulness of ch.ar- h W(.rd wi?hoot intending to. as might acter, had inspired them with- *wer oceur if he were thinking of plume,and then, frankly, boldly, ami dearly an- named m supposing that the next spel- nouceed that ai! Indians within the* ? r w ’u j *‘*J * Having completed | Pnited States, were simply wards of t ie Wo. pi urn. Le w tuld be caught j the Governtn**nt, and should be kindly* fit An AO    w    I    i    fi    .t    «    .    .    .    .    * *W may go, Miry. I win give Dorcas a note t » give to Ca; -tain II etk Cfh's Ber faut ” And Mary departed. With a beating heart and heightened color, Lueilla opened the note ; it ran thus: la cill*, Dearest:—I cannot rest until you auswer me. Forgive me if I spoke like a coxcomb this afternoon. Give me an answer tLis evening, I entreat Will you have me ? **    “    Ye.'    ”    or    •*    No.’’ WILFRED. Lueilla, with compressed lips, took ! up a pen and ink, and wrote on a slip “ Oh, pooh ! pooh ! ” said the old pf paper the single word, 44 No,” then gentleman, good humored!)*. •* Tell twisted it up into a note and gave it to go i Dorcas. -it won t 4* Deliver this to Captain Ilesketh’s that to some oHfe else, Lu down with me.’ And he turned away from his da ugh 1 servant immediately,” she said. tor and began talking to some brother- j And Dorcas, after bidding her uhs- I landed proprietor about the scarcity of tress good night, left the room beets and swedes, and the price fad Lueilla loved Wilfred, but her stern bullocks were fetching in    lite country    pride would not permit her to yield t0>\u*    |    £he was determined to punish him for    I >\ 11 fred Hesketh^ jvho had been    '■    his dictatorial wavs and his presump    j watching his opportunity,    marched up    |    lion of that afternoon. What ? was he    I ry. you shall have it n Bewildered, hut triumphantly ha; ; \ the ca plain followed Lovilia into the place specified. ‘“'he came to the point at once, without any beating ah oil the bush. ** I wrote you this last ni^ht.” she *aid; placing in his hand the note which Dorcas had returned to her. Y\ ii fred Hesketh turned it over with a puzzled look There was the ominous little word 44 No! ” \\ hat does this mean ? ” he afked, doubted ly. *' D means,” answer' d Lueilla blushing at the same time : “No I a towered you, last night: “ \es,' this morning, sir, I say, Dolors viewed by candlelight Do not look the same by day. T hen, like a good honest girl, as she was, she told him the whole story. Dorcas ought to be pensioned,” he said, rapturously. “Y’ouDolove me darling, then, after all ?” 4‘ Y es,” replied Lueilla, blushing, although I both said and wrote 4 No.,J> “ Never mind, Lucie, dearest, sweetest, best,” aud the young man, taking her to his arms unrepulsed, know that two negatives make an affirmative. ’ ” at once. It somrtlmea happens that a person f. inks of a w rd anti begins it wrong. which might be illustrated in this w.*ry : George say» , his opp *f:xDt say3 ^Linking of crew, may he; the next one says o having in mind a crow, perhaps, and number four names rn. net haps without and liberally dealt with as such, they would have quietly acquiesced, ami we* should have cussed to enact the continuo no farre of waking »nd breaking    pretend'd    treaties wftb 44 Hatton*,    often    consisting off only a few hundred vagabond savages J and we should not have been humiliated waiting to think at nil. Just here they by the scandals of the Indian Kin nnila    .-I--------- ii    '    I    .    J:    _    i    .    .t    .    „    ^ r-i or g|‘t quite fogged when some one addsc. | saddened by the horrors of Custer*, Here the game is stopped by the remark j massacre, there is no fuel, word as erome—when j *• Td this rompTeetron we mast come- a ^was nu,Hber ?. I ^    ™»««t* r-M.e the nan?e" I" i ” T ■ "J*1‘JCT0B,er> ’ ] out, the haughty, i^-oorait asd tuaeeit- * rn hett’.r , ,rT lf ar-. cd Stoux mu-t J,e ..b/ap.tedT and need-it (.os id MIS that Mr. Kro- ed warning pven to ail other tribe, anil mer s name begins w ith K, and so the forfe’t is judge!! against number one himself. 'J he more ingenuity shown in the ,r people of different race inhabiting this* fair iaod of ours, I hts is work enough for this Administration. Possibly, after the Presidential contest shall have* passed, and the leading men of both OF- Feed and Variety Store, JAHN K. MARTY, Simon WD CIVIL MEER, where you will always find the best quality j ever offered foe sale in tHis Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AHD LET LIVI! I call and be convinced. ALBERT LEA, MINN First door south of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea. Leave orders with Stacy & Tyrer. A BIG OFFEE. Poland-China Pigs. The undersigned baa ready far delivery, A farm of d-30 acres,—200 acres under the plow, and ready for seeding; 27 acres of thrifty young growing timber, besides one mile of willow along the line. Good house, granary to hold 2,000 busL pigs of pure blood, of tikis most d* Hirable els, stabling for 30 head of stock, fine we.i breed of boga. raised from imported stock, of pure water, Ac. * Land in Alden. Also, cross with the ( Hester V bite, very J AU to be sold for about what the wild desirable for making pork.    land would cost. Inquire of T. NVI LEY, Farmer, j    D.    G.    PARKER, Hayward. Minn., lh miles north east    Albert    Lea,    Minn, from'Shell Ruck, p. P. Addiess Shell ! Or of M. CHEESEBROUGH, Kook IO lf i MILLINERY! AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST AT MRS. RICHARDS OLD STAND. Corner Broadway and William street. G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE Al len, Minn. tf to Lueilla, a cloud on his handsome brow. “ ’Vill you sleigh with mc now, Miss Woodraven ? I think it is my turn' now.” “Oh, I don’t know a bout, a ay body’s turn, Captain Hesketh. I was hatf engaged to Mr. Fitzgerald. Besides, I really chink I ve had enough of sleighing for one day.” 44 Just for ten minutes,” pleaded the young officer “ No, I think not.” returned the willful beauty, who, like most other beauties, having hooked her fish, delighted in the torment she put him to. 44 It becomes fatiguing after a while.” 44 Well, then, shall we j>*iu the snowballed?” •‘Oh dear, no ! When T last saw* them poor old Fi fee durn had lost his eyes, hoth arms his cars, sud everything else. There would he no fun in pelting at the stump now. One migdit as well throw at the trunk of a tree.” 44 Oh, Lueilla,” said young Hesketh, earnestly, “ what makes you treat me like this?” 4> Like what ? ” asked the little coquette, affecting supreme unconsciousness. 44 Yfau will neither sleigh with me or join the snow-balling party, though I have asked you a dozen times ; yet you have joined nearly all the oilier fellows in both pastimes.” u Have I, really ? Well, the other to be captain of the citadel before it had yielded. Lueilla,be it remembered, was only a spoiled child, ami had been I used to have her slightest whim eon- ! suited. Who was Wilfred Hesketh, that he should presume to constitute j hin'i'iidf her in ii af or V Hor Girl Death in the Dislielotli. A lady says in the Rural World : When some of yon are sure to bo down with typhoid fever; when neighbors are neglecting their own work to nur-ic you; when doctors are hunting in cellars and old drains for the cause, let mc himself her master? lier heart told j her that he was the man who could subdue her willfulness, hut her pride would not submit to the yoke. Suddenly, she remembered young IIcs-keth s words ol that aftcrn<>on. ** No woman shall say ‘ No ’ to me twice ” And she had said *4 No ” twice. At least she had said 14 No ” once, and now she had written it. Good heavens ! she had lost him then. She lose up in her bed as if she would meet Dorrs*. Now, at last she knew she loved Wilfred Hesketh. Not to submit to him, indeed. Why, it would be her pride and joy to acknowledge him as her lord, her governor, her king Lueilla Woodraven had been hitherto a willful impetuous girl. Bu bienly she had been transformed into a loving, sub- rrfaQDgMioii of woriie*, the more real sport there Words very brief in the I parties ahaif have bad time to cool down u ; thought of the first speller, become their passions, In view of the bono* »f ^ omen mrs v ry ong as they go around, ( the current war and the demand on af? | as may be seen in case of the word . sides for reform, the present Congress, ’ at. Number two avoids the /, and with a House and a Senate of different i l-v. ^    !rfa ° apple; an I the nexf p^rty majorities, may rise to the dignttv an I, but the next is not to be caught : asd the demand of the sknatkm. and by so easily, ami_ add* an ,, having “ appli a patriotic and noble anion f.*c rho anet in mind. But the next one right, declare all socalled Indian treat-thinks of * application and turn* the j ies merely grants from the bounty of word s course accordingly.    j the Government, subject to modification ...    ~ ^ys and girls. It , at the sound discretion of the granting will help you very much in your    ~    * missive woman eager to own the hand of her master. Beatrice’s words : And Benedick, love on; I will requite thee Tuning my wild heart to thy loving hand, rose to her mind, and tile spoiled beauty and coquette, overwhelmed with shame for her own willfulness, shook the scales from her own eyes, from her own faults, clearly and without disguise, and sinking back in det?p*air on her pil- whLper in your car—I^ook to vour t,    ,    Vf    V'J    J”u* dishcloths. If they be black and stiff hlw    wortb’    aad    iuat    bow and smell like a “ bone yard ” it is • #r* i*C,ted* enough—throw them in the fire, and hei/ceforth and forever wash your dish- ,    . ‘ *    * *    '    report of the Massachusetts Inland power* lf they will do this, I ioabl not that President Grant will gladly approve the act, ami thus, rn the last days of his power, aid in establishing rn true, honest, manly Indian Policy,having all the advantages of the Quaker Policy without its maudliog imbecility. Let those poor savages be again remitted to the care of the Army, aid we Albert Leu, Mina., Sept. IG, 1873 fellows, as you call them, are all panic- low, burst into a patsiou ut tears one 44 dishrag.” I had some once—clever, good sort of folks ; one fall four of them were siek with typhoid fever at one time. The doctor ordered the vinegar barrels whitewashed, and threw about forty cents worth of carbolic acid in the swillpail and departed. I went into the kitchen to make gruel—I needed a dishcloth, and looked about and found several, sad such rags ! ” I burned them all, and called the daughter of the bouse to get me a dishcloth. She looked round on the tables. 14 Why,” said she, 44 there was about a dozen here this morning;” and she looked in the woodbox and on the mantlepiece, and in a dark corner of the cupboard 44 Well,” I said, 441 saw some old rotten rags lying round and I burned them, for there is death in such dishciothes as these, and you must never use such again. ....... Voracity    ow Pickerel—In the es with cloths that are white, cloths    ^ that you can see through, and see if you \lj*henf**S J r• Sturtevant relates aa in ever have that disease again. There are ' C    .    DItt*tnrtes tbe extruordi- some    other    causes,    hut    I    have    smelled I nai7 V?ra^j,f.^ :mf* rapid growth of    ■    na    in mc care et me Army, aaa we whole    hotiaeful    of    typhoid    fever    in    ^!C, er , .    doctor placed two young    [shall    have a system humane, cen nom i - neighbors P,cbt'Fe* a trough containing a quail*! cal and efficient, satisfactory to all in-"■** - — l*}y    win no WB about an inch long,    terra ted, whether white or red. The first    day, the pickerel ate 123    ‘    ____ mintwws ,    /J1® .second day. they ate    >    \    pompous and enthusiastic lawyer 13 »n.J th* third d.j 150 On lh,, „t IMhi N f h,.,ri of Xi! dict the piekercl increased in sue at    *    »i4 to have had .he rate of one .neb per day.    , ,abW    ,Q    3nm)mias u w -    ^    anq moVQ t^al bt ;n honor thereof thw A. bure cure for pain in a hollow eourt do now adjourn.” Judge Foil* tooth re said to be a mixture of pow- , presiding, replied solemnly, but with rn dured a’tmm ami common salt, applied malicious twinkle rn his eye:    “It    is w with a lock of cottonwool. A sensa I custom always honored, for eourt* to tiooof «t*Idnt«l follows the application, adjourn when the announcement of the after which the pain gradually subsides, death of any gentleman distinguished —    —i —    for long and honorable service to th rn To Tell Good from Bad Ego**.— Put them in water enough to corer State or nation i^htnade; ht.t I know* of no precedent to adjourn *u>»n ther them All that lay flat, as they would bare announcement that a ma* has out of water on a smooth surface, are be*nr struck with death. The motion good, those of which the big euds is denied” ri»e, arc bad. The vessel used should ; The Dfelhi Tiidetiite wilted, and tho I court proceed*, i with its busvnsMB. • *    —  — -- have a snaootb, level hot tom 4
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