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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 20, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTUB! mum noon stwdariv. PU it I. IS UUU' KVKUY T*UHIDAY. ferws, Per leary, to Adv nee, .$‘2 OO ♦TATE? OF ADV KUTI? ISG. I w I 2 w I 4 w 3 rn 6 in I y 4 inch I .OOI I .-50 j 2 50 4.50 6.00 10.00•I inch 1.751 2.50 j 3.501 O.OOi 8.50 13.508 inch 2150 J. 50 5 OO 7.00! 9.00 16.504 inch S. 2oj 4.501 5.50 10.00116.00|20 OO 12.00 18.00 2*5.00I inoli 4.00 J 5.5) fig, 5I aul 4.5*) 5.25 7 .OO! 14.001*22.00 30.00I col 0.50: 8.5 > 12.00 22.00 30.00 50.00I aal lo.oo; 13.00 18.00 30.00 50 OO 90.00OFFICERS OF FREEBORN COUNTY County Commissioners : H. G. Kmtwonv Win. C. Lincoln. J limos Thoreson. J ame# ll. Goalee. Vile ll Anson. I rk a surer—Charles Kit trigon. Alpitor—S. Batchelder Kkqijtkr ok Deeds—August Peterson. Sheriff—T. J. Sheelimi. Dkputt Sheriff- J .leo’) L\r*on. (’Lsat of Cot’at—-A w. NN Ii to. Piton ITE Ahi DOK—Gilbert Gulbran-lson. School Sri’BRiNtendent — ll Thurston. UnlTVTY SdRNKYOIt — Will. ti. Keller. Coroner —J. Frosining, Coeur (Commissioner — It. B. Spicer. UBKrTISTRT. Ult. A. ll. SWEET, VOLUME 16. OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. OR. DE NI. CRANDALL, X3 33 IV TIS T- Office over A. E. Johnson’s store, BroaJ-waj, Albert Lea Untie, DDS    H-    A-    Avery. DJESNTISTRY. 23, IB 3E3 cSc -2^- "Tv7~ IEZ arc , Henideut Dentists —Bast*>rd'« Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, - -    -    -    Branch    Office, UHAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE ii ave for sale, lands aud farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying anil selling lands, examining and porfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, aud PLATS of every piece of land in this county. St rn if & Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn. April Lh*, LSTR. -iv IM I I UHM M'lMi I' (*"w Hoots and Shoes. KTEW Boot & Shoe Store. O. F. vV IV- Ij Nelson Have just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of Boots & Shoo of all kinds To be found in town. CUSTOM MADE VORK. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed,and orders for New Goods fir for Repairs will be filled, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west side. Albert Lea, Minn. I 8tf    GIVE    Til    EM    A    CA    LL. property from going as* taalm% aud the law directed ? i’ongratuiatiotis pouff*J in «p< m Northwood, while for Darker positu>ia and fatuw; w-jve won. On thru tame eveninsr, af Is* tinner,. which Northwood 'naieted u^m Park — j er’s taking at his bolide, - to receive t __ I linum’* thanks. im* dear fi'llow,” Laur* ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1876.    J    IV]    Oy    ! and F«tlner« fit rn few rn >» mein salon® T    j together Un 5he eirgant drawly-sootily __ I Lauras heart VU beat rn- &#6. Her ___    _    com*€renc« smote berwan thin her room above was occupied by yet, ready to prove that White could j -nGitutie Pun! wa** looking so happy Hankers* THE FREEBORN COUNTY BANK. TIion. II. ARMSTRONG, Hunker. ALBERT LEA. • - - MINN. II. I). BROWNS BAAK OB ALBERT LEA. [SUCCESSOR TO F. UAM..] Established ALBERT LEA, -    -    mu MINNESOTA OLE TANO, Maker and Repairer of Physicians. rsician & Surgeon. Boots & Shoes. A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Behang© on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Loans Money, DISCOUNTS NOTES, Negotiates County, Township, ami Schoo District Bonds. PAUL PARKER’S FIRST CASE. From the Prairie Farmer. The setting sun, like a noble life, was growing brighter as it neared the horizon ; if gilded the trees and the great old church spires of the city of Ii—, but it lent no brightness to one of its watchers, Paul Parker, weary with wandering up and down the hot city streets. Put a gentleman, elegantly if not luxuriantly nurtured, with work of any kind and penniless in a strange city, might be pardoned, surely, for the feeling of depression Seated upon a rustic bench in a little park, whose greenness and freshness were a bowed and entered, remained standing. ‘Please be sealed, sir.” said Northwood, cowucously. *' What can I have the pleasure of dwing for you ? ” “It is I, rather, Mr, Northwood.” was the answer, “ who am here to a.-k what I can do for you.” His listener could barely res*rain the astonishment he felt; his premonition. “ I am a lawyer,” continued the speaker. “ I have heard of your case, and have come to offer you my services If I am correctly informed you and I are both placed in such peculiar circumstances that we might well be emu-pa ii ions in misfortune, although the nm have o'clock. *r before two a“‘s *    •€*♦***- “ Mr. Parker," arrived at L saki., so- swCtljr 8t> the rpftttxiofK! and answers wet*! J Paul hardly catebt&g th«• words*,. ow, until Wicking aweing that hie an- [    at    her    blushing    feet/‘ wa The Sam Taylor’s lawyer, and the janitor was anxious not to have his action known, leat he should lose his place by it. Not being able to read, he did nm know whether or not the paper had any | (agonist trained in selfcontrol and rec- owe 80 muc^ J®® that I am going fe» connection with Northwood, but Taylor I olhction of pant events, was weakening ; te^    something    which is a secret had been at the office that day, and he 1    his case by every answer, desisted,bae-    ^rntp    everybixly, even my dear broth- rnight have dropped it. It could not j    ing failed to shake the proof of the    cr* be Wick ins, the lawyer, who alway-* j    wills not having been made on Oct 12, J    paused    a    moment    is utter eon>- burnt or toro up everything not under I    18—, and abo the equally impoitant j    ^u"*rn’ an^    J0UnS    miTi thought, lock and key.    |    point of Mr. White’s having first met I ^ ea>l ®>taa ? Is she going With substantial thanks, which he Lindley on the fourteenth. The latter [    ^‘Tc. ni(-^hioX ©t her feelings to mer could now bestow, having already found j had removed to L—.immediately after ( Wor|der t ** Can’t you even guess?” said Laura*. delight to dusty travelers, he cist envi- riWt,rd hnn2»n? over your head has ai ous glances at the surrounding houses, cheery homes, judging from appearances ; and even if they were not all so, affording pleasant shelter. 44 I tell you, Hayes,” said a voice i-    some little    business, Paul,'begging Iii.-    this, and had had business and friendly e    new helper    iii the future whatever he    j    relations with Mr White until his 1 j    might pick    up, to bring it to him    !    death ria years after. close beside him it’s the maddest ” And locking meu standing a thing out to attempt it. up he saw a group of few yards off. “Northwoods crazy,” continued the speaker, while his unnoticed auditor, glad to tslrke off hie own thoughts, listened “ He can’t overthrow such a will as that; why lie can’t even get a lawyer of repute in the city to undertake his case ; they all say he hasn’t any, and advise him to give up .-uch folly, but poor fellow, he is as obstinate as a mule I doubt if he will be able to find a lawyer to match him ; a precious pair they’d make. When that race comes off, may I Le there to see.” His hearers laughed, although one added, sobering directly : ^ •* Poor Northwood, he’s a fine fellow. I’m sorry for him ; after his expects- No, my dear friend, I cannot, an-Iswered laui, catching ber embarrasv ready fallen upon mine • Hut who are j immediately, dismissed him, and be-I There stood, however, the living wit i me®*-you,* you will say, Mr Northwood, and j gan to examine the paper. It was ne*8 of the will, ready to sustain his Laura besit ;»ted, hut it we •” inly* rightly, too, ‘that in (lug age of cozen- ‘ merely a line to Sam Taylor signed Signature. Job A sh cot was called. He I she. ha,i 8WorQ to <*° Ur    *»M ors and imposters dares present himself* with the lawyer’s initials :    I    had once been in Mr. White’s employ I    ll* unsolicited to a stranger, with a request • “To morrow evening, Grand Op#-ra I -^veral months, but soon after this will, “^e€»” an^    oait 60 ^sn whose granting would involve so much ; lions* at F—, ami watch him carefully; which he clearly remembered signing, , 1 uP,>n whose fore finger blazed rn. confidence in him ? *    I will answer I ani!,hpn f 11 rue what Jou ,,,ink ot ir i shhoogh from his recollection he could 1 <iiaui0nd    u There were reaseM whv it My name i- Paul Parker not give the day he had quitted L— answer I „ , ^    Keiucmber.    L. ii. I Coma J rf *m I    .    .    „    ,    ___ A—, not thirty miles    from New York I After reading    this. Paul    sat a few    His.testimony    produced an evident ef- My admission to the baj ta very recent,    unnuD.**, thinking    with a!!    hi? iiii_bt;    i    feet. and I will not conical    from you that. if    ^eo springing up    au*lden!y,    he rushed    .    Cross examined, you will accept mc this will be my first f} lltui£ table, and finding himself I ** You are now one of the 1 Co/ in case. Hutlet me explain to you thb ! *n fteu5°11    the    last    trainto    F—. the firm of * Carter Ac Po.,’ piano manu unparalelled boldness.”    ’    scrawled    a line to North wood,’a od left He then related how, having deter- roo,n with a brighter face than he mined to spend a Tow month? in travck had worn for many a day. before becoming cngros-ed with his Laura, said Northwood the next profession, he had, several week.-before, cvei,,no* ‘ I suspect Parker is carrying taken pas.-age for Europe. The steam- 00 a ^tl^e hu?iness of his own at the cr was lost at s a, and he, with other :i'iu,c time that he is attending to our.- disappmnt- I MER EST A I. LO IV ED ON POSITS. TIME DE- Colloctl orts Physician Office at Wood's Drng Store, t’on-ultati.m room* OYor Store. 20t I $    Albert    Lea,    Minn. NI. M. DODGE, M. D., ca z <c Office aud Residence un Stair* over the l’i>*t Office. ALBERT LEV, ----- MINN. 1> C< K<»y land NI , 1> ECLECTIC PHYSSCiAfi ANO SURGEON V TAIN LAKE CT TY, MINN., Will treat all diseases to which mnnkin I is sutij*****• to the hest of hi* ability. Dr. Rowland ha? ma Ie a specialty of diseasesot Women and (’hiblren. and chronic discases of long standing:. By long experience and strict attention to his profession, hoi* confidant oi treating all curable discants with success. Obstetrical cases treated with care an i success. Oonsuhionat tree, lo rn f—    ■    1    "    ,    -    1    1    ."U.L-    1    1 Ijairyers X ijinni •/gents. E C Stutt.    L M. Ty her. STACY Sl TYRER, Attorneys at I.aw. Notaries Public, Real Estate and Gulled ing Agents* (MINNEY V NG I NG Cf all kin Is addn ately done, acknowleilg-meiits taken oath'* administered. Ac. Taxes paid. Titles investigated, Lands bought an I sd I. Particular attention pa id to collect ion. Garner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Le a Shop on Clark street, north and oppose of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug *turc. 'AJA, I FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. receive energetic and prompt Remittances made daily. attent ifi< Repairing done to order, cheap and on short notice. Give him a call. 87tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. (). !’. ll % sr sox. I. J. I* versos. HAMSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers < f Boots ct? Siiocs, All work warranted t,. give satisfaction and done to order < ii short notice. Shop near cor. • J Dr ad-wav and W illi a in* - cts, All ert L< a, Mi nu. j. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    - MINNESOTA* DEALER IN BOOTS & Charge* arc in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks in this State. H. D. BROWN, Banker. REFERCENCES. Fir*t National Bank. Austin, Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Third National Bank. Chicago. Fourth National Bank, New I <>ik lions, this must be a bitter mcnt.’’ \\ hat must be ? ” asked one of the group Y\ bv, Lewis, have you been paving a visit to the Seven Slopers, that you haven't heard this town talk ? North-woods uncle. Mr White, the bito her ! "r,lll-T tr»lu»'»' <° “PPh was lost at wa, off Newfoundland, a ' Thr"u"'' ,he    kmdtiet si ort time a»u. Northwood had always I c *ni* ** *jr 38 ^ <tn    *■ sup[K)fted that he and his -ister the w Here mom y f uhd Ii heirs at law. would inherit Ile deciares I ,had, ,r,'e'1 *°t finJ WH,k ,,f anJ atte., said he hated 1 he h:,,3 n0' Wen meant to m ike one, since the law and himself agreed as to the heirs. Hut now, you sec. in comes s    , his cousin ? sun With a will, giving the I r’ l"l!e cori*,,*ere<J J,)Ur whole fortune, excepting a trifling leg-1 8Perat'*    “ea,an^    ^ acy to these two, to hiuise :f, ‘ to be “pent for the good of humanity,’ forsooth, * as his heart shall dictate, and his judgment | approve.’ It will be devoted to the benefit of man, no doubt, but I am afraid it will be individual man.” Rather a stunner to Northwood, I must say.” remarked Lewis. 44 Who is the c lusni j that Mr White I wills, and never survivors, was picked up and carried by the rescuing vessel to Fou:h America. Them, on attempting to raise tunney to continue hi* travels, he found that hi? investments had turned out ruinous, ami that every dollar he had in the world was the small -urn about him J There was no one to whom he c <uld I turn for help bot the judge with whom | h«* had read law, ai d a- tile speculation I in which he had lo-t everything had i bern entered into against this friend's J urgent adv ice, the \o ing u»an Hallo him s he had >meward im. ll e -ort, but I. • I w u ’ * I not have ventured to come you. sir,” the cpeaktr continued, od I nu learnt*® that l.iwv« r.- id I met him walking with a very sweet* | this firm ? looking girl, to day ” “ Indeed ! ” said his sister, in the coolest imaginable tone. 44 Y es. and he w j? looking very much interested, too, I ve fancied. Laura, that he was getting quite devoted in another quarter, always gravitating to you, hanging upon your notes, and all that sort of thing ; your mu deal notes, I mean. I d*>n’t know about any others/’ he added I <o king keenly at ber blushing face. *• Ile doesn’t care one atom, Will, it ? only his way, it’s all politeness.” could not be known before,” abc i*aid„ 4* but now that I can sp-*ak. I tell you,, first of all, it is 31 r. Mayaden.” A light fished upon Paul. What an insufferable puppy he had beeu Z He was immensely relieved no doubt ^ 8outh America are I an(* vet’ ^aura Northwood waaa charm you not J"    **% ©r^* an^ be had really been ready 4‘ How the did lie find that out?” * l.°P'** her for her unrequited affection. muttered Taylor.    ii is vanity reeled a little, hi ha chapati A*bcot, with a glance at Wickias, the oaf^tretehed hand warmly, and in aiaented.    •    j l^e Prclfiest way imaginable cxprested 44 And how long have you been in 1 hl8 thanks ^or ber confidence, and bis facturers at V v ** said Parker. YY ickins sprang up and protested against these irrelevant question*    ■nmor    «ias    ^onnwooa,    r.econ- Parker per-is ted that the event would |inued,> ™hllG the young lady watched prove them pertinent. He won, and hopes for her happiness. 4* Aik! now you have much honor. Miss Northw* done me so xL” k- repeated his questions. “ Well, sir. how long have you beet. partner in th ii firm ? “ Six years ” Time enough to know the business th<»rf*ughly ; indeed, if you had not known it you would not hold your present place, and have a special over-eight of the manufactures on account of such knowledge. You see. I know all inquiries,” Why shouldn’t you? What do I returned the other, de- to cdi ae h -peru! "de.* s reui- 44 I*on’t be afraid, Laura. I ve no ob- I about you. sir. I’ve made jectious, I as.-ure you; he’s a splendid asserted Parker. fellow.” |    44 Thanks 'laughed the young girl. turning her face towards the window and catching *iirht *if Mr Mavsden. who bowed gravely in passing. *4 you are quite premature; I’ll let you kuow in sea-on for blessings and all that.” j 44 Does he really rare f*r mo. I won- v " »; take me. '    I 44 I will,” said Northwood h iding der?” thought Laura, with downcast out his hand frankly. The other gra-ped whon her brother had left her. She it cordially ; and so this rash compact cerin inly believed so. was sealed    I    ^    be    day of trial came. Paul Parker After fbi* the two talked long to- locking ruuod upon the crowded court-th< r ; and the star- w. re hriirl.t    a    u,iri    Dom    whose    lips    he care for that baldy 4* Certainly, I should sir, and they have been highly satisfactory, highly so,” he answered smiling courteously. 44 Now. Mr. Asheott. managing member of (’arter A Co.’s famous house, will you have the kindness to explain to the I Is gentlemen of the jury how pianos are made ? ” Wickens sprang up with renewed him closely,44 I am going to confide ira s you. I cannot, to be suie, hold out * hand til us adorned,” he laughed, “ but I there is a mg of the same intent of yours which I have put upon a lady’s finger. She is the one who saved this f*>rtune for you. I met her in the city weeks ago, aud it was by accident that; if one; can call it so, that I learned what she could do for us La this case, | Millic it Holden.’’ 44 O, I am so glad,” cried Laura, sit j aglow, at..i healing out both little hands in their eagerness ** I will eaLL upon ; Miss Holden immediately. I arn so de-j lighted, because, do you know. I was f afraid—well, I am so delighted,” she repeated, blushing the deepest crimson^ dimpling and sparkling with a mixture of embarra.-sment and fun th«tad<icdto* the illumination in Paul Parker’s mind uch a degree that in spite of ail his rts his facial muscles twitched uncontrollably. “ Oh, do laugh,” said Laura, mis- *4 8am Taylor ; do you know Lim ? His Flock of fir.c Goods ufo /Pray Moines. WING A IIOYK S EXPRESS & DEAY LINE. Any and nil job** attended toon first call, and warranted to pive satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson's store, Albert Lea. Minn. MALLERY BROS. K»-epon hand Hard &Soft Coal, S«‘awoii«Ml VV ood I Orders left on the slate at J. W. Fmith’s promptly attended to. ii IV Jon* A. Lov KUY. J \mks H. Pa a KEB LOVELY Sc PARKER, ATTOBNEYS .Vt KAW. Office in Hewitt'« Block, up stairs Isl door. ALBERT LEA. -    -    -    - MIN TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERY CHEAP, in view of the depression in the Grain Market.    Ifit HEMAN BLACKMER, XiAWTlSR JLj jV A' 1> FOIU SS L IT ! AL .VERT LEA, -    -    -    -    MINN. Hotels. HALL HOUSE VV. (I. KOSTUR, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Minn. "Wcl3>3cr Kous© This Hotel Ewing recently been com-•pletely refitted turd furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS to nil guests and travelers. Good stabling itad at tent ive grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the promises A. ll. Sqcier.    G.    II.    Babbitt. SQUIER & BABBIT]’. CITY EXPRESS ic DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. t ll en t • liar Lets. A. II. M'MILLEN HAS REMOVED TUE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET I On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE’S STORE. GU. A. Ilauigo Having bought the obi and favorite stand of A C Himcbangh is prepared to do all kinds of Bl AO KSM1THING —AND— I IOUSl ].Sl IOU ING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call aud soc. Albert Lea.    45tf Photog ray tis. J. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN JOHN M. MARTY, SIMI OII WD CIVIL EMIIX EEH, ALBERT LEA, MINN. Leave orders with Stacy k Tyrer. PERSONAL PROPERTY FOB SALE—Life Scholarship rn the Nn-tiona! Chicago Business College; one of the best in the United Slates. Will be sold at a discount, and on time, if desired. Ap-jgy j0    D.    ii.    PARKER. FOR SALE—A fine new PnrtarOrgan. On tiiiH.* lo suit tile purchaser. Apply to D G. PARKER. FOR SALE A new Barker Gun. Ap sly to    D    G.    BARKER. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE DROTOS ES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. Cash paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., &c. TRY HXM! GOO! UN EWS! lf you want to buy goo<l FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed mid Variety Store, where you will always find the best quality ever offered for sale in ting Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My molto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call and be convinced. First door south of the People's Store, Broadway, Albert Lea. A EIG OFFER. A farm of d->() acres,—2*K) acres tinder the plow, and ready for seeding; 27 acres of thrifty young growing timber, besides one mile of willow along the line Good house, granary to-lxAd 2,000 brig I ; els, stabling for 30 head of stock, fine we** of pure water, <S:c. Land in Alden. All to be sold for about what the wild laud would cost. Inquire of D. G. PARKER, Albert Lea, Minn. Gr of M. CHEESEBROUGH,; Alden, Mina. Order? left on the slate at Lincoln Bros. attended to at once •IM iii in cry. MRS. JOHN STAGE, is receiving the Largest and Best SELECTED STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS, EVER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE WANTS OF Spring St Summer Trade Which w ill be sob! cheaper than ever before HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIK, and Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work in that line. All of the very T A TEST QTY LES I iratest Styles! OF- MILLINERY! AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST AT MRS. RICHARDS’ OLD STAND. 'fit1 Corner Broadway and William street. G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’s StorE deep thought cd up, by resolve again turned his “ Know him ? All I want to; ho’? \ a ni'Ciil, I’m xnre. though lie s ms -ii : ver-tongucd and pious a fellow a- there ' is in the fitv- 80 he ha? a will, ha? Blade in hi? favor? I'm sorry for it I wouldn't trust him with a copper. I d venture • to say, if it was a possible thing, he | didn’t cine honestly by the will ” “O, it s out of the question,” said . the first speaker, decidedly, •' that any- I tiling should be wrong there, however he might have been disposed, except j the wrong Mr White hat done to Northwood and hi? sister I told von j our best lawyers consider the will un- ; ' impeachable, ai d advised quiet sub- ■ j mission ; but N<*rthwooi can't bear I that; ho rages over it. and i? deter- < tinned to fight it out. The oil gentleman used to be very intimate with I Taylor years ag", before the.-etwo came to his house, although for a lon^ time there has been almost nn entire cessation of intercourse It is thought that the will was made under I some sudden, strong excitement, aud then actually forgotten ” The talk now wandered away to ; other topics, and soon after the group dispersed. Paul Parker, at first idly listening, was struck by an inspiration, but before acting upon it, he sat a few minutes in c .    „    L -----------p. iud eagerness, he steps toward the street. In a large building in one of the pleasantest parts of L—, was a room whose elegant and tasteful furnishing showed in its owner a full appreciation of the luxuries of life. This was the office of VY rn. Northwood, architect. In the middle of the room stood a large table, upon which were scattered plans and unfinished drawings. At this table sat Northwood, in the most sombre of brown studies his neglected work lay beside him, while he gave himself up to something like despair. The high tide of courage was fast ebbing, and hitherto hidden rocks, unsightly gullies, and stretches of uninviting sand, made life at low tide hateful. Tho wealth slipping from him had never seemed so necessary. At the call of justice he could have walked uncool plainingly hand in baud with the good goddess of poverty, until by energy and patience he had learned the lesson, and passed on Hut this shameless fiaud ! Must he endure it ? he asked himself with sudden energy, raising his bowed head, fastening on the door in front of him eyes whose gloom was quite at variance with their usual happy brightness. At that moment a knock upon this door made him hastily ©oiled his paper? and try to look absorbed in them os he called, 44 Come in,” smiling contemptu oixsly at himself meanwhile, as that quic*k. decided step recalled one of the favorite fancies of his boyhood ; Prince Pcrciirefc had come to help him over his difficulties ; but entrat ce through the keyhole* was the orthodox manner of PereinePs entrance. The fancy returned in spite of him self. however, as the sunshine that had been flooding the room passed out into the dark passage, and he saw standing on the threshold, framed in its radiance, a tall, vigorous figure, with a strong face, bright blue eyes,and light waving hair and heard Or. if he wire King .Mid as, what an excellent Mercury ! re bright when Northwood reached his h .me. ** I agree with you Will,” a- she jen-rraUy did.-aid Laura N rthu t i when her brother that evening rec*uuted his novel fact and fancy. 44 I would try He Hi? alter . past bi: st brast he ha* Prince Porcine!. ’ sh ♦ he initials of* ie added. !*m king at her companion with a very grave face. *4 Now, Laura. sU.p laughing folly.” *• Laughing, Will ? ” 44 Y’e~. little lister, laughing; for I I qu at my j had first learned of Northwood, was there to see the race then? mules might turn out blood horses i ll Parker was pile aud steidy the flush of excitement on fire w th its white g'ow. 'lh*.re were several writ-nes.-es ot the highest respectability to testify that Mr. \\ Lire had conscientious scruples ab^ut wills and that they had heard him say that be never had, protest against this seeming deviation chievously, I suspect we ve h«jth beery from the matter in hand. Again he j uancce 8ar    sn xii us. lim, come, take* was over ruled.    *°    6ee    Jtur    Millicent    at once, thin “ Tell us. sir. how pianos are made.” I evenin?> n *‘]I you ? And let me repeated Parker. The man’s face was very pale, he drew hi.- hand aeri'us his brow on which stood beads of perspiration. In a moment, however, he rallied, and with a bravado air gave an account, which an She was splendid ; I ad- . thank her I mire hjec.” 44 So do I,” laughed Paul plan line alter d : it w Ie the old For taujh I ntglt most when/aejA mo*t secret i?.‘ Hut to return to bu-inc‘S. Shall I iring him out to dinner to morrow if the references prove satisfactory ? thi-is your affair, remember, a? well a? mine A woman who may be the heir of half a million *hould be treated *i(h due deference,” and he made her a low bow. 4 O. Will, in all «inc< rify now, do I you belive I ever shall be I ” ••In all sincerity then. Laura, I think it very doubtful I was nluioM in des-, pair when Parker appeared, but tin re generally jj, gotnethiag in his presence which in-i vigor at cs and make? one hopeful.” S The days and reeks that aft*t this flow like busy bees brought no Ie ncycd satisfaction to Paul Parker. Ile was J more and mare convinced that there was fraud, yet he could find no fl r.v iii the will. Three weeks, however, remained—twenty one golden orportuni ties for a discovery. Meanwhile lie tried indefatigably to wind up the mystery. It was no tangled skein, but one in which the threads were so perfect Iv unskilful listener might possibly have accepted, bad the witness been allowed and    never    *h    uld    make    one.    Hut    of I to make it in brief and uninterruptedly, what use was    that, against    the document    but which, dissected by Parker's keen    1    . . . . , questioning*, were so full of gl.rine    I    ‘    hf V1"" • c .1.    •    submit    {together wi itself? The wsll is dated at L—, Oct. 12. i absurdities, that one of the jurymen J 18—continued Parker, 44 I can prove started from his seat, and relapsed ^    6 to your satisfaction, your honor, and smiling at his companions. When Tunneling Detroit Hirer, Gen Smith has met a c<ujuu.it- tee appointed by the Common (VuitciA of the city of Detroit to examine bus and receive bis propositi .>n». Gen Smith informed tike committee he was wining to* th his es-’.mare it mr satisfaction, your gentlemen of the jury, that no will could have been signed in L— bv Mr. Benjamin White on that day Vail Miss Mctlicewt Holden.” J he lady Northwood had *een with Parker came forward, evidently in soaie trepidation. Parker s voice ami min— aer featured ber 8he testified that her father aud Mr. White had been fr.enda from Girly youth, until the former s death. In her father’s last illness, he had sent fur this friend, to mc< -t to a c mpetent board of engineers to be designated Iv the com- .he fare- was over. Parker. I “1**7    “I*?? e.‘;e 40 *kom il calling open a well-known manufacturer, V    aiv,’i‘Le _ f ’ k:_ _    „    I    tnat duty. The riaa was the result of or ww r rom nim a .-acct net account OA    .    1 .    . 20 year? work under water, but iii a a succinct account ot the busine??, mercilessly exposing the other s mistakes. 44 Very strange, Mr Ashcot, is it not, that so famous a house should take for its managing partner, a man so ignorant of the bu-incss as you have just shows yourself ? ” said Parker. 4* Still more strange, he continued with a piercing glance at the abashed mao, 44 to find whose care he assigned his affairs, then how marvellously you have changed from the Job Ashcot who spent six months in L  twelve years ago. I have heft!.” and he drew forth a letter. j in a critical state. Mr. Holden had * died on the ll of October 18—. the day after Mr. White’s arrival at St C. Mr. White remained with th*» family until alter the funeral, which took j place on the 14th How then could he j manner have made his will on the twelfth ? He i are rather ahoy was at that time hundreds of mile? mcnt in speech.’ your words flow forth “from Mr. Pitas Utter, an accurate    TT    ,,    .W? Aliptic Of jour appearance and «d    b.    fo*ked_. ‘li-low medium height,’you -Ve‘rs ,lle V‘Pf 0 ,u'c'* above it, air, ‘ slight impe.li- “"7 k>nw*l». onljr _a*k.n8 ,ha away from home Another point fi reibiy brought out most glibly. A sea-voyage, sir, has greatly benefited your stature and vocal by Parker.and one which had a marked organs Pity you came to land so soon ; effect upon the jury, was, that James j no knowing what further IransfoTma waxed together that none he pulled at, I Dudley, one of the witnesses of the will, J tion might have taken place. Indeed, 8till ho wa? wa!i a cousin of Mrs Holden’s and in- t now that I look at you more closely, t reduced to 31 r AY hire by 31i?s Holden I am sure that I have seen you before, herself’only on the day of her father’s ; myself. Where was it now ? Y’ou were funeral, which he earno from a distance somebody—somebody—” with an air of •17if Albert Leu.; Mine., Dept. IO, 1875 Meanwhile, the straiij having left an end in his hand hopeful, and used to repeat to Northwood what some famous student of natural philosophy had remarked, that he never found himself facing apparently insuperable obstacles that he was not upon the brink of an important discovery Acquaintance with the Northwoods ripened into cordial friendship. Will. he thoroughly liked Laura, pretty and graceful, easy in manner, without familiarity, quick at repartee, possible heiress of a large fortune, was, wiihout being especially deep or intense, a charming girl. Was lie in love with her ? There was no need of answering that question in a hurry ; it was enough now to enjoy h»*r bright companionship and musical attainments Was he a conceited fellow for believing that tho prize might be hi? for the asking ? Decidedly ; yet he did believe so when lie saw the cordiality of her greetings, and tho evident satisfaction she showed in his society. Ile remembered one evening in particular when lie had found the handsome young Mr. May bd en at th3 house, quite occupied in discussing politics with her brot lier. while Laura with her fancy work, had seemed, on hr? eat tar ce, lost in reverie. What a difference the instant she came forward to greet him I How happy, how sparkling she had been—happy and sparkling at the sight of him Well, he would not be too much in haste. Haul was sitting alone in Northwoods office one afternoon, when there came a knock at the door. He opened it. The janitor, a pleasant faced darkey, stood there. Motioning silence he peeped cautiously in. then entering, closed the door, and advancing on tiptoe, whispered to Paul, handing him a crumbled bit cf paper: 4* I fottn’ dis. aah, in the gemman’s room up o-bcr dis one. Mebbc it Blight be sum tm’ to help along Mas’r Nor’w<«H). Hress him, sah, he’? been berry good to me.” to attend. Taylor set his teeth hard, and muttered :    “ YY here did that confounded you were deep study then” Tile witness caught at the railing to girl come from ? ” YY ickins, schooled ' sustain himself, and trembled visibly to indifference, could not suppress af “Ah! I have it. YY’hy, it was in scowl a? he listened    ,    F—, at the Grand Opera House; you In the cross examination:    “How f were Tony Lumpkins in 4 8he Stoop? old were you. Miss Holden.” he sneered. ! to t’onqucr/ ” and he opened an old “ at the time of these events you recol- | play bill u 4 Tony Lumpkins Mr lect so vividly ? 4* Nearly thirteen years old.” 44 I mph ! a little young were you not, for ^ueh minute and accurate uiem ories ? ” 441 certainly can recall every circumstance of my father’s death,” she answered with quiet distinctness YVtektite was losing the sympathy of the jury. 44 No doubt, no doubt,” he said hastily. 44 Hut are you sure ibis was the -ame Mr. White ? A very common name, and you are upon oath, reinom-ber.” 44 31 r. Parker holds letters ol his to my father.” After att examination of some of these, whose chirography and references, lclt no room for doubt of identity, the the cross-examination went on. 44 At what hour did you say Mr. YY’hite arrived at your bouse, Miss Holden ? Be careful now, you arc on on the brink of a precipice.” 44 Not at all, sir, only of an insignificant snare, spread over level ground,” silo answered, with a coolness proportioned to his insolence of manner, 4* I have not stated the hour. I Jo not know it, only that ii wa? before dinner.” 44 In the morning, yon say ? ” 44 That depends upon whether you reckon by the sun or by social phraseology ; our dinner was then tour o’clock, and 31r YY bite dined with us the day before my father’? death Maxwell.’ Y"ou are the man, sir.” A cry of wonder from the spectators. a howl of wrath from Taylar, greeted this hold .assertion. 44 Yes, Mr. Maxwell, you made a capital Tony Lumpkins, too ; but Job Asheott, you see, is a dead failure; better not try him again.” The man, reeling under the blow, still endeavored with a courage of desperation to face his adversary 44 I don’t know what you mean. sir,” he answered, drawing himself up haughtily, and looking full at Parker. 44 Perhaps this lady can enlighten you.” and Parker called 31i?s Ylatthcw*, an actress engaged by the manager of Maxwell’s own company, a traveling one, at L . one hundred miles away, but a lady formerly kuowu and liked in L-- At sight of her, Maxwell staggered and nearly fell He made no further attempt to brave out the imposture, nor did Parker ever know bow terrible was his punishment. He had been for years the devoted suitor of Miss Matthews, and the desire to place himself through the very large bribe offered rn a better position to win her, had been the temptation to which he yielded. Death to the dearest hope of his fife looked at him from her eyes, and over came the daring man as nothing else could have done. YVith date false, one witness at that date impoiisible, the other proved an Ah ! ” said the disconcerted law- imposter, what was theie to prevent the i view of former experience? he was nut, • disposed to disclose the details of rt ite fore entering upon the work. except to* i such a hoard as he had suggested. Ii - may be stated, however, that tho G* ncral does his work iaside el’ coffer dams, and sinks it partially into r he bed of the river He bad all confidence in his own ability to construct a practi-j cable, everlasting tunnel, at a cost not j to excee d that of a first elans doabW-track bridge—at least the difference ilk [ the tost would be hardly appreciable,, la tww years. He pr,poses to furnish the when completed to the satisfaction of those in interest, he shall be paid a .-urn of mom*y, to be agreed upon before entering upon the work. lu other words, he wants simply a guaranty that it will be taking off his hands ii* it should prove satisfactory. The proposal was favorably received by all the members of the committee, and steps will be at once to confer with not    Ut    I sevcra* rat'road companies who will s co j eventaaHy bare control of the tunnel in case it shall he built. He was asked it he designed to who his own tm ney to carry out the work. Ile replied that while he was in a situation < pecuniarily) to live eoui&>vt*biy . having, perhaps. 8200.0UD. be conic! not think of entering upon a work of that magnitude with only his own resources. 44 The fact Is he said,44 th* money which I shall employ iu tho enterprise, always providing it coons to anything, will be procured in Europe, as I have friends there w!k» have a large unemployed capital whioh they have asked me to invest.” Gen. Smith is a practical engineer of great eip€riem*e, and has constructed works of as great difficulty as this he proposes at Detroit. A pleasant story it told by the Oakland. California. Transcript, abovt a Mr. Deter .Miller.who lived in that city for over twenty years, working at his Jradc. carpentering, and part of the time at the mines. He kept sending bo me to hi? widowed m* tho in 3Iichigaa all he could spare of Ins earnings, determined that she should rn int for nothing After years of abience his mother wrote many a Irate and oft Ibv him to return, but be did not wish to do so until be Kiwi accumulated some money, but the accumulation scorned lo be a slow process. At fast he became “strapped,” and pr**spoet? getting duffer he wrote home and stated the position of things. He received far answer a 8500 check, rand the information that the money he had sent home had been infested in real estate, and was now worth $50,000. All's well that end? well er wears a No 5 boot. ti e n
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