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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 13, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotathe mum TU UM SH Kl) 8VKn.V TO I’KSU AY Terms, Per Year, In Adv-tfc*» $‘2 00 = r sc whet* th Atour# ie. si rah en. "RATES OK A DVK UT I S INO. I w |2w I ^ w 5 "1.0 I\ I. *) ^ ' M,! 1.75; 2.5') 50 6 in I I y 0,00 10.00 VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1876 NUMBER 28 No tturht to buferscv I, A maa ha* no right to Hub the Culuxe cf tin* first part} > obligation© wVD reader th* es* able to lots in. cookerjtieifcee of dorrauranJ 2. Ile Has no rii'ht to ii*#»*ae for anther man unless- be ni ik.es pr')fiiH,,)*i ing such obi.Ration, md* pend ii    T,r.    •    A    i'll    ll'*    bit    nil    »*t    b    >.    f tor th en* ut aint obligate a Hi r> right D* mo »rSR iwh-’ 4.501 3.50: 0.001 8.50jlo-50 • .Kl •»-, ) 0 50 -Y OO 7.00 O OO IG.-YO • I    r.vti r,. a; 1, 10.0-. 111 «.<>0|-20 OO !nc!’ iT), I ifc-;r, 12.00 18.00j2-j.00 f! I’lii 5.2-Y 7.0.i 14.00 22 00:30.00 °\ I -fir,J 8.7) I 12.00 a-2.iM.3O.UO.a0.00 IO. U 10.0 » 18.00 :Vk00 YO OO 90.00 "fir BL- I. J** 2 ISCH t 4 5 \ cot col REAL ESTATE Rankers. THE FREEBORN • RWK, OL LIE KUS Or VU HK HOUN 10l: STY I. T r ATTENDING ONE’S OWN FUNERAL^ ! my brow ! I concentrated every iffort I bail already adjusted the c Jim ii I    A    Little    Every    Daj. J anilin, but all to no purpose; I could i when—*    The longest Ii IV i# made up of *m«i Ie •    *    ....    .    **    You    will    please leave t' is part of Jy s—few or many ; but the days grow I was lying dangerously ill. and h rn ti. I ..I    i    I    not    burst    the    iron    band    of    paralysis aware that those around me supposed ,    ,    ,    ,    *    J , .1 i    •    *i      »    t    that    had    control    ol    every    nerve    and    tne ?na tr» he i'PPirin«r nn I ma Yf*rv TMlnt of    *    *    . Presently aouie one ca.ne and Tim*. II. AHMSTItONtS* Hunker. County Bommission! us . ll. (I. Em rn an’. VV in. 0. Line-In. James Thor*;son. Jnnio IL 41 U7.1ec. Ole Hanson. T»« 18V8V-B-«-h«rt« K«I*.S»». IreiTilK — S. l'i.il clo 1 'I n-ne- vutrust Peterson. Rbsistrii OI- Oi.-.o 8hrn rn' —T* .1. Slu-lmn. i.UruTV 8HW.r»-J«e;b I.,»on. CLsnR or Got «t—A. -• PrDb VTR I HOOK ’u I* KU I N I’EN DK N S' VV o te. <: .Ibert GuUo andsun. School foe STY COH’JN'KU —-I I KOSH I -Cot ut Com mission - ll Im r st on. SCHS K YOB —WHI G Kid la I*. IV Spicer. x>entisth.y , DIE A. II. STREET !>■ CXZ WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TEEMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, anda low rate of interest.    v IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call un us. OUM facilities for buying and Helling lands, examining and perfecting titles, arc unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, I RA NM LUS, and FLATS of every piece of land in this county. Stary & Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn, April 27, I TO Roofs anti Shoes. NTL5 "VV Boot & Shoe Store. ALBERT LEA. ■ - MINN. II. I). BROW NS f SUCCESSOR I o ¥ Established -    - ALBERT LEA, -    - HAI].] _ I FLT. MINNESOTA IL O. lf. *N IN. I- Nelson re just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of J TICE,VE ll THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. DR. SE M. CRANDALL Boots & Shoo of all kinds To be found in town. OSTOS SIDE WORK, GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States l>oi»d» Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated I urrency me to be verging on the very point of death. All at once I felt something giving way, and I was lost in perfect unconsciousness. How long I remained in that state I cannot tell ; but think it must have been about two hours. When I regained my powers of mind, I could di>-t i ii ct Iy hear t il*- sobbing of my friends around me, and perceived that I bad been *• laid out.' and my limbs were fastened to the board that was used for that purpose I had been arrayed in a neat white shroud, and was at that mo uiont entirely overspread with a wind ing sheet. As I have said, I had entirely re ] gained my powers, aud I tried tomato, j ta    speak,    but    it was quite iii    vain ;    I ; could not    n. ive so much as    a linger | My tongue cleaved to the roof of my mouth, and co lid not be made to produce the slightest sound. I was abb-to understand everything around me; the whispered word, the sob, the soft footstep, and even the ticking of the clock upon the maut* I. Presently the door opened and shut; some one had enter d “ Hid    you    see the doctor.    Tom ? “ Y es    ; I    met him at his    own d    r, and tub! him he need not come again, as the patient was no rn re.” weit muscle. ceremony to me," put in the known voice of Hr. Lewis I took her away. my wife, my only friend. “I do not comprehend your and I was left to myself again for a long inn/ 8a*^ l*‘e •‘deain voice, time.    i    ‘‘I    mean    simply that myself and Hr the measures < mean After nightfall I lay musing upon Silas here have the best of reasons for strange condition, and tin tight of detaining you in this part of the cere nr all tho singular ens s of trance < f w hitch I had ever heard, th night ol th-- many instances in which p pie had been buried alive, and feared that such would be m// horrible fate. As night drew on apace, and I heard sonic of tin* inmates of the house in dulling bi a profound snore, I thought to compose my own mind in sleep, in the h q> * that slumber might give me renewed str- agt Ii for tile in <rriifig,when I resohcd upon another eft i t to regain IWV freedom, and €8< ap** the fate that was being prepared for mc. Hut sleep w as enfin whit wet mon v. The possessor of the solemn voice, evidently thinking that the doctors were looking up a job of dissecting, again set about adjusting tilt- lid ol tlit* coffin, as he remarked liiat he believed it was not the wishes of the fumiiy ; besides it was growing late, and- ‘* Remove the lid of that coffin.’ shouted the hoarse voice of Hr. Lewis. “or y-»u w;.I b iv.e reason lo repent pail of your conduct before the police Court this very afternoon ! ” The u ffin lid again removed, a mn iv out of the <jui cd Very strange I, although hams> I ion and vial of cordial was inserted bet ween my mv did not experience the slightest ness i me ut inn J Iv, weal i teeth my d lungs Wf I** bathed 5 Hue voting people, ■it TTI TST TIS T- Office over A. K. Johnson s store, Broadway, Albert Lea ~ tuba, DDS    ll.    V. Avery. 33 JE3    -J? IS T?    _ Resident Dentists— Busford’a Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, -    -    ~    -    Branch    Office, Physicians. s. H. WASHBURN, M. D. Physician & Surgeon. Drug Store. € instillation ro< -ms Albert Lea. Minn. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed,and or lei s for New Goods ar for Repairs will be filled, cheap ami on tim, shortest notice Broadway ness side. Albert Lea, Minn. 8tf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Echange on a .1 the Principal Cities of Europe. Xjoans Money, discounts NOTES, Negotiate* County, Township, and Scboo District Bduds. “ Whit -lid b * * \l Cli, Ii * ■ ut surprised t say, taco I i‘peared to be very mu t first, and ft VV* TI ting up with lite corpse,” cattie fit t]gently ami always very timidly. to change the cloths up-»o my face ; aud I arn certain that if up ti tunic of lh* if t-ec igi nil visits they had fund mc sit ting up in bed (as I very much longed to do . it Would hutrv• frightened pone of • lr * * in ncai Iv to death I d *r» !*U'-'h if man id . a t! * soon, h saved h was V I This was very un we lei in . ; »r I felt sure th a if aid he had no Would drop of} fc< •JIM *tf tie I. had t... ti OLE TA1MG*, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. how give ar; I it that h** was g!.,d that I i a journey «.ut here, as , busy.”  * re news tho doctor understand re, and w >uid _ store my leth-ic system to its fronted animal in. am not p thru oiie lo I cauld I it th TOU sit ive w deaf L catch ell IDV to el it,.*t : iniUioer r provok. it Ii.* d r" hi glimmer and I I lie ** srniSe ” ibserved uj-on i bv t tie (rem intly takefl the -cr feet ©Oui I only see me he w »ul ideUtly cot-it. matters really trine someth.rig to r tv I.* in INTEREST ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE Office al Wood’: over St<-ri*. 2011:» fef!. NI. DD5GE, NI. D., mini a I a Sh on ('lurk street, north and opp SS <£ Is site *it Wedge iv Spicer's Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employ <*L Office ami Besidenee ug -lair- over the Bom O (ti ce. ALBER I' LE A; ----- MINN. 1> C Uov^ liiiiil Al, 1> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEQM ^ (- " Th LN L \ AE PITY, MINN Will I rent all Et* *a    o    wb*. -A uiankm I is H'lbje* , i" tie.* be?*! bt b' - abilu v. Dr. (lowla.il I h - hi ob.* a specialty of di-y    so! Worneu an I Children, and edit mu:    -a-    *s of long Mall ling. By L ng experience aud strict attention (<• bi- protea ion, lieis confidant ot treating dl enrahle list success. Obstetrical eases ire ■ess. Consul lienal I ive- lo Repairing *! ne to order, cheap and on hor* A? lf til' k n a bt* him a call. All ci t Lea, Mina. I. J. Pail-os. Collect} OHL si receive energetic anil prompt attenti*i< Remittances ni^le daily. Charges are in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks in thisStatc. H. D. BE.QWN. Banker. REFEIiCENCES. First National Bank. Austin, Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Third National Bank, I hicago. Fourth National Bank, New Yolk tit a small joining tho principal ajar house ; sud as the door w uatly sj*r. I could hear cv transpired I s • hi heard of several pers ms in my J der't*)i*d that they we I room ad *nt of th* left contin- ryt !*ii g th ,t tram! ng r im tho v< ii, at.a un a pp r* inch in g in v ces, I r* c >gn.z d »bor whose M r ru.it demand at a recoguiz d th** i iter. ared bedside M i s .I a .ic - ii. a ii vices were u-ual!) rn time of d> alii I als voice <*f ll ilph Sit -sob, the utu aud knew tdat I vt is to bo t for a c offin. As the sheet a is turned down and the chilli removed from my Idee I fell that the gulden opportunity had moved, and made •» d .-per . <* .atempt to move , something, an eyelid, a finger, or ate but ail in vain Still. I h i i of th my lips tv ss n ul >u.- .and th ch»tI lr*'in oft awe which th fat me M >rning cam ■ at list. and u the coffin in which I was t<* I J t’ mtrary to my in a c , I was un; die to coil vet *•>* sign* of li e to th****- w'n* >ye*i in r- moving me to the nai * ; I* n J win rn n t confined in up neirly all h po f r the fit y J ►♦ * * i ct * ti wa* t»» ct rend r th** -?rouge t nim moving after in a powerful mixture, and—oh. joy . I breathed; my eyes priestly npene«i. ami in a few moments I had strength ta speak. The grave cloth** wert* part y re no red from my person, ani I ar ms. and * a up iii my c ffui. I shall never forvct the I »ok* of mingled astonishmenty horror, uad joy that were written upon t!iecour,t* nance* of the hundreds assembled around me; some of the more d> Rcate of whom L^d hull a mind to a wo ti, but were prevent cd by the reassuring remarks of l)r uinud to liken: that I d at all. hut wa* more will not aft, lout to dc Hilo years, mol give our livej at last The lite ai the bist is what the dny^ have been. L l the children therefore look after th*: days,—one (lay at a time, —and put into each one something teat wi] }    n,    thing    a    orth doing,* ie thing worth remembering, something worth imitating by those who follow us 1 Every day a little knowledge One fact in a d «y How tmall a bing is one Fief - Only *)n**I den year- pi-s by Thre • th hi aud six hun red and fifty fa *t.s are n »t a Mirall thing 2 Every day a little self denial. The thing that is d*ffi ult lo do to day, will be an easy thing to do three burian*! sixtv d:»vs her;CP. if each day it sh ill have been repeated. What power of self mastery shall he enjoy, who. looking to Hod ev« r) day f*>r ll s grace, setks every day to pi' it*ic prays far I    m 3 Every day a little We live f r the g*iiii living he in any sens is not in the great *!* py that the only hie lee fully i to, ^r*' Is to (I* A lib 'end - to pay w hat Ira prom'’-, aptly, in ‘ Cise the firsr party* ret; thai L.< e ahi lloblige anotht x riTdriuu nip nr bel - -ng# to tht •in5. Ii C'hou > i *ic Cm Im Lie I Lr•w rn r vie lid1 prep f*4s fa Hi Ty de in a cdf ohl'mc hunIt ta Iv at the risk off* t' :Qi OF wha* the grae< hi -tpfol W'h, W I. I not b< Iar ‘Lv/- -a dei d. I i*“V of *f others, if our true living It Is of piiilanthr** nz is found. In Little due ls of kindness,” rep'ated « very day, we find true happi ness At home, at school, in the street. in the neighbor's house, on the playground—we shall S d opportunity every *1 >y tor us.-fuDu.-s '4 livery day a little look into the Iii L L*    Ci e chapter a day. What a of JLble knowledge one may in ten years. Every day a terse rd to memory. AY hat a voluu»t ever ii dorse or become* any sum < f money without securby is furnished by th**-first party. It is equivalent t*» a loan of capital to the amount of the obligation. and th*1 same precaution should bo taken t * secure it. ti A man has no right to expeet another to indorse his note without recompense. no more than to expert an insurance company tm insure h> house* gratuitously. 7 It is not a good business policy* fur one to ink another to indorse bi* note, promising to accommodate him ax the -ame manner. The exchange of* names tinv have, and generally doe* a very equal value. It is hatter ax e him the amount and exact a til-** tie security f r the amount of tespot.-i-. bi lit v incurred. S It is I ratter to do business th:«» •lev Iv* - no necessity for asking « r-Ii favors or making »ucU hav SCCUI lev' rranting •xch in.o tr* rn VV Iii r. TU Imub h > u • et* TIU -t the were itrow it I I h at; I irs in t \e«i rid at the end of twenty five VV e a re our last i-im proven* maturing and as ti favorable th-] we wi what ti. WH Crop Prospect. ti • i to announce that sin**©. a very dectdsd and surprising. Fig taken place in tho hen*/ crop of this county*, w her since has been very ver y reason to believe, h !•* county thioB*gii% average crop Ai,i<4 her* * th or in, my re-ut r gar* for F, A I lg SD run : •ut t*> t! me, the* *1 wn v> [ThUteh, J bib air hone that th' db OK** PAULSON Mauufacturvrjs of Hoots tiH Siiocs, All w t;' < -r<l -v \vh " ..lid k ^^■ar “•Ii r*!l V\ ill:. it, ii t* lioiii't iv, Mitij-fai'ti u and done >' ii **ar c« r. < I Dr* ad-AI• -i rf I/* a, Sa inn. as with I with J. ToUESQSLL Care an •I AUSTIN, MINNESOTA Msninfer* A* F^and *2gen!s. DEALER IN K. C. Stat \. M. Tv.;- it. STACY & TYRER, Attorneys at Law. Notaries Bilbi ic, Real iblate and t'olh ning \gents. ( ‘ INN EY ANUING ('f all kin Is •»<? • 1 ately bine. acknowb-Ig-nictifs taken oaths a Im;* ;-tere«L Ae Taxes • i "ii * I, TitleH iuve-tigat *-I, Lands h-Hip’il aiul sci 1. B-irticuiar attention pa id to collect i nt. Cornr Cl ick a BOOTS & n I' A His Stock of fir.« Goods ufo #, .H S A. I /O VKl.I Sv'v i mi St s., Albert Lei .Ta Til KS ll. I VU Iv KTI Id TRA DE W It. L BK FOUND COMPLETE, ALLO!’ WHICH MILL RESOLD OU Ai IDVEIV 0 2 2 >i ION PARKER, ?S A t I AAV VEEA7 PTTV A V ck an -Ed siTjb cl i Office in Ii* w it’s Block, up staffs 1st door. ALBERT LEA. -    -    -    ..    - MIN BLACKMER,' JLi aa. W 'STJEJDfct-I> FOH S A la IC ! HEMAN In view of (lie depression in the Grain Market.    DR • lien / • If ar kef s. f a N VERT LEA, - MINN C AE AV HAS REMOVED TUE OLD El Of el S. 12r a if Moines. i WING & HOVE'S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call. I and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson's store, Albert Lea, Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Ni7Cfa<nl! Orders ieft on the slate at J. \V. Smith ~ jprompily attended to. A. IL SqriEK.    G. IL Babbitt. SQUIER & BABBITT. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Bros, attended to at once. — ——1 1 ■■■-■—-r—"—      -................. •Tiff finery. MRS. JOHN STAGE, is receiving the Hid pltaMss, w» to my ti pp sa r a deliverance *• Oh, how tn > el I atli i lect > e w h tug ira t r-, s * much ti all its br ms an-1 * im- thing uuusu. I ten rn!ii?u natural -ce a corpse I claimed M rs. Jai per. ** II urn ! he J expres-ton i is I critical " Ii, Hid in a loud happy, t I trm I U* ever ex- ttn Mer * ti ti usdurtak r. was such a go* too! ’ mused Mrs. Jam rcaly lo ace mm: alate cv re s. f b i i h* >!. ;!,j bustu* .-' its •!ve.it ” The ut* lertakcr j •• Insulveot ! ii “ Why. haven't I ii un it? I! »wkins, trumped up ti <t an*jthcr, t*> th thou- aid d*-i! tito i •- br when tim,j. /if tin •n : mao, I wa v> Aith mg It there eau Id nutany perco] the lung- f.tible i( ?pi bad been i ration, s inflatedly by a '* •ry >l'-vr aru I imper!and there uiu-t r. ive been a(cr of th e heart, a t l**i-tfew minu that I ha* tes during I remairu d t tie en tho- Ie:A Ith-m gh the -j ; have exec e it d a»* h 3 tii, -J, r fife tittie to 11 “ireached * • © ehuTefi I s 'b and a ; and t la*! lhsolemu t the *“peni Then t i J ft ^ Ijf ( \\i* prayois he low tim u« in i-lei , ,» r I*pre<*t *i if*, strelsy, b : the temp* i grin ; an I *l of * finally..ran*! * u •.t a;>t of .-v »ITOW ?t-away int* » I i v*;n. u i here it!lost amid the .-wed harbor.i . IDiapib c>Hi tin vt boffin lid (tad y snugly l*e-n i tile inter-and sc uud. ave been iii I I ti 11 - W cca.-iunal-Ct t-1 «*©e>;*, light flu’-►nee every tried «:. 11 r *: y has alway miraculous answer ta her pray* r, an ad I do not uke to d’.spu'i Provitlence u»a\ have ii-a*] •do with it. I will aid here that Hawkins never rem* ml r Kid Hi..t a n til account ut two thousand doll trs.” never n. eta ti* *i.ed Hut I look out 111 lift In it\if UU to be ; , — well, aft w uh he r, I s mething (Jai mf. vl met> ut tin* pint * over t in I wi stir u Mr red T id and the nutter to attend a fun wn int > the op ne I col ‘adoring if the c rt.- >P h gui.ty sonailv I myself wj- ouci tie tiding his own fuoeru I any one era!, ald In with-e is n >t ) of Hi t*ti?NG — Mix tw » a1 a.- a1 in a quarter **f a ii;k ; sweeten to mac. ut. J -tir tire Lr ten minutes; then puT races of sifted bread crumbs; I the mixture is stiff; then add one ounce of shred suet. and one or two well be .ICB eggs . add a little lemon fl iv r.tig or grats d nutmeg Hut tho pud ling into a butter d:*>h and bake -! #wiy fur an Lour. —    rn-— —    — French Rolls.—Two quarts of si;t-ed flour, a lump of lard about the size of an egg— ne a little larger of butter ; stir into the flour the same as in making When well stirred, add blood- ttriTi * •rry i^ap r‘ lit. ani ;hang( had gr wn this im pro v that the wl ra n, for w*. * hurt age he improved quality of tho* ru.-t which was so largely* ire nj. ut the comity In-, •md the grits has growth lo tug. The suckers ar© led. and the strength “4* 8 I l r wn lr.to the main, A farmer in Garden Oily, ran thought be    a    favorable ge in his grain, and placed sumo t »kts by the side of buncher <*i wheat, nd in less thas-two days he f*u,nd l% x inches The fact th a nu ut has taken pl * ce show % rat ct *p is not suffering behave had none at the time* lieut was noticed—Man-. impr r ii* rv utile How France Get-* lier Revenge. The Germans never c uid hav< wrou.ht out such a n.( Ie of revenge so rure, ►o effective, and so mortifying as the I reneh are wr aking on th* in nitioQ. The whu'c c untn i I w ith n cice-1, pamphlets, aud ad ,f bi ev: tk. G«.ru /i i cr G w: a y 'I h, from I . i ng i. u.- s a1 * I * JI at U wit: , Ac , thai csp; r. rind rn* .rtuau w* rk an* man. evt-n if s >n M nu .1. IL des n rliu mer * t: r hart •rder . that s* but one it from Ram ce a ,r ss warui wa water, t" I teacupful three tables]: Mix in the let rise. In t the h;>n J aud boa ten or ti.u-en min is made in the Inman Pi. dm f Indian meal ; r on it. stirr preferably, milk and x ■ add a little aaa, halt a made yeast, or three * of baker s yea-t ng as for bread, and owning, s;»ape with i. and let them rise ; jffice, if the 11 *od bread w ith a pro r of lard and Ma Pre Cfi will 3 ted. e writ It is a sin gular TacA that no l nitef| fps .'.'[iii -r has ever been cie cie* I sidenf. Clay. Webster, Calhounv ti et ten, H n_; and many other?* * e a . I- -jt’r*g f .me *"0 the fluor of S uite Chamber, bitt it has been, the cxr..tr.r.e of their PresideuliaI a lo* king r.' anti | matt the r ti -cm v Frowb at it, and i% k surly upon y o ; lajlgh ne and wn la rn I I with it, ani it is a j I J, hi. 4 -Ani hat! PMI Ti ac W i ry iu-c t. »* V ** T^U the and un a ti, ant art h. grocer, e th.ag of over I hut h as aud two -Cl > w- my tu pres u: silo We* Iii IT ut As » ever vt I t urn i ffin-lid wa- nit.*, the Con; o amu-e til e corpse.** • coffin bd t>*li* s I V a Wool rgan to r i mer i r -*■ every I to the national pride, aud u: xertton t j.j>etIlion, bu; we b a Ul>: was ii © German w*. knes pretty dr* s* sistiblc A aud pecitic! it- rulirig ii ch ar en, too I .. break nj even wi I be ( this ruin- u h submisMv e w juianh to yield. J are Irre orgtniz Wit V read lr. a; JI pound I *>ne t* and c in gi ut two h h s p**ur boiling ill stiff; have •e l suet; stir it w Orleans Dt ■ ground ginger ; si .w oven ; take ie. (all lr -s n* a. wh i.-h I aud an *r.gi their i ga ai HALL Largest and Best FE LETTED STOCK OF PIONEER MEflT-MARKET I MILLINERY GOODS, i?lfybw,loB,ands ti. the estate, w aeti none tJ us supp*.i-* d that t In* poor rn rn Ii* re owed five hundred *1 >i lur*, ai; told It will lei vc Mjs Sfebl iris quite d -rititte, indeed ” !    ’ ^ ell, ii ) ; I had C||)t h* aril of it When did he bring that up. } should think that was I athel* [*.: ta a ire.” *■ Why, I*niy yesterday B!*tfbing, j while I wa- at the store, he inqu.rcd after the h<-alth of Joe Stebbins ; and j when I told him thai he wasn't expect I cd to live the day out, he s«aid he uiu.-t was iii tea iri n wa- r om •-* I.*1 iii regular * id .< L tv.* ll ml un v crow i r. tv t iud on ive tit .t rn .Now wa- my tin e. my pent up energies t or token tjf Ufo. I ii ferent ff *t falls, I* q which I .-h 'uhJ know T J ;• I • sn las and I p ij I?itffiV *H u d Fir ti ng to Ii cr; I above all i th* rs w i*. my physician aud us one - n d s f- C Hi W. G. FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Mum. o lolAcr IIoiLSO This Hotel hiving recently been com-plvtely refitted and furnished, is now pre-pa red to sri vc AMBLE ACCOMMODATIONS lo ail guests and travelers. Good stabling a ii*! at t cut ire grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with the premises On East side Broadway, fii^t door south of * TUE PEOPLE’S STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION I THAN EVER BEFORE. gP;)1' Cash paid for Hides, Tallow*, .Ac., Ac. raarwEawBB* C3r. -A^.. Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C ll imebangh ia prepared to *io all kinds of — AND— I IORSKtSI IOEIN G. Satisfaction gun rant cedi Cal! and see. Albert Loa.    45tf J® koto graphs. J. A. IPullpr’s PHOTOGBAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT EEA    -j    MINS JoifH RI. ii!ARTY, SIRYEYOU AXD CIVIL EAGIX EEH, ALBERT EEA, MINN. TRY IHM ! GOO UN EWS! If you w an! to buy good FLOUR and EEEI), call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety , where you will always find tile best qualify ever offered for sale iii t la is Market, and I at the LOWEST BRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AHD LET LIVE! call and be convinced. EYER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET XUE WANTS OF Spring A Summer Trade Which will be sold cheaper than ever before HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIR, and Gents" Chains from same made to order. Also Ladles’ Switches, And all oilier work in that line. It was that during my 1 limb was i* utsiJernbiy shorter than the other, he walked with a sort of halt, which I bad b»?cou»e accustomed to. At I ,    ,    , .    .    ,    length I heard him coming, or thought | btiteokmg mw the pmpcrry I,Ii to sat- [ d. J ; and I believed ihi* Co be a.y ray -or | a lip I tried to smile, aud was reward* ,    ,    ,    case,    I    with    the compliment of ** What a mart lie lm.lc...s op .„y own .-.cecum. >w,,t    ; - 1 lr„.u a senlilBeBU, 8ch«jol girl. Just then I heard the well known The worn* ’I <d I)* ad ., have pre-, rite legislature praying the liqu -r trade. Lures, the first two wife * f the Lac govt of the ] rime Qiiuisl - — «# It is worth will every where t * re ca that thor"” •* it « n P * ohiu I Fi LL) la- jcU allo e*)U! a pet it ii r the ab* a to lh cr I » Indian Me ai n small quanti!? it a time, and b «r k*-g If i- alw ag, It mud be ty, I an I) t . ti*;-lit? *n of ar. ut ore sour. .-tire Pre vt    I    I a be purchase*! I ti or ‘JU p ands in a covered tub proved by sea id-ry cool and dry, i* na Ii J s'.irrt <), is preserved y it out gr«*wii.g musty c r h gr tuii I i- best. - r '- lit; •it v tw tai fir- ho we he Fat her Anderson, a Jesuit, in a reeen % tare bef* re the Cork branch of the : I at ti, thus expiaiu* d the dtf-. en ce which a Kouiisb priest ib»d-4>e-een the rec* [ti n given hi at iu Ire-d. and that which aw v.\s him **n his, -t arqaara&ce in an Krg’i^h louise-. id. Id Irelat/J, when tie enters, lh© men of the tiousc exclaim, *■ (Jh re ? his revert nee! Hut in Lnglai.d Oh! but w euec, t urn*d bee f«*e ll Si!*) ig thos r. and d *ugn !• r ad ter a-lure lh* la! > I h 11 lf •ii SUH Hp.iad i cold wa! }‘l DI ;er, t! [.im; —S« ak the bread ben , j te*ze it very dry. ^ Ii art par.sl r€€€T ^like (*tiimn:; aud add I* 'lung for tiilk. al- i it hah f a pint to a pound of w h «i t'.•aked Ire • id ; I t.»vat u;- two egg#, sweet- n.add a i little nutmeg, and hake the that *Kidding , low ly until firm. If d< -ired. i ’. few la:*: In# rn ay be added to the pud Ihogfish clergy man was at a tu.-h i na Le -] elfin _ ig drunkenness wiui ane "Bt \ afterward he' returned to his* . ani f* and himself very e* Idly cd by hi^ par.-hioners (ie sent. ie parish cieik and a-ktd him •j - i ng. .    . r , s.l • . J * *fc 4,J I uid :    ated    I    believed    this    to    be    i isfy his demands. Ile .md (bat 8ieb |„.t h.pe, I exerted aij-elf. bet on J a bins owed bim upwards of two thousand I furtber attempt, to .m/re-an eyelid d oil ar ii Indeed! Well, if that is the with the family." said (lie undertaker I could indistinctly feel the old wet cloth as it was again wrung out and I placed upon my lace ; the sheet halting footstep close    beside the Coffin, again spread over me. and I bus    left    to ?bJ c]f,?Ped ,b?    *,D‘° wh:‘l wa* my own    reflections for a time '    ' ,n'fnded [°Vl    N'Sreat wus my “    f ** what a base fa'sefcood! I e"*l**TOr to%igtnly    that I still bred. I was indebted to Mr. Thomas Ilawkios T V just one hundred and fifty one dollars ' rP^S U^°n ter than three Ut ltgagesou t!:* ir farm An offensive war against welds is tm* times leis expensive than a deft naive one. ti nod fauces pay better than .ior-suits with neighbors. Hay is mach chat po? when made in summer than when b >ught in winter. More stock perish frotm famine than fro® founder A lu-rs*; thai lays his cars back and looks lightning when anyone aj preach es is vicious. Don’t buy him. Scrimp-en ing the feed of fattening^ hogs is waste of grain. Over fed louis w«*n't lay eggs. Educating children properly, is money loaned at one hundred per cent. Hr KAD pint of UiS.k, tw* I w thick eggs, >r or molasses, one teaspoon!’ sour cr.am half cup of on? tea - do nful •: .-.it. one teaspoon;.! of -alerutus (heaped uissolved in a ht-iIe ht>t water; Indian mea! enough to u.ak* a thick batter ; bake one hour in shallow t ins lf cream cannot be had. use half a cup of butter or lard. Perseverance -Did you ever know anybody to stick t«* any kind of bust ness, no matter I years at most, who did No anc ! N > matter how bad it might j be in the beginning—if he stuck to it inventor /earnestly and ta fib Lu I If, arid fried n< th ing else, no matter h*>w hard he may All of Hie very latest styles of MILLINERY, and also the CHEAPEST at Mrs, Richards’ Old Stand. Corner of Broadway arui Will Em si reef. and twenty nine cents, not a cen: more nor less; and here was that rascal claiming upwards of two thousand doh ! wiping lh© moisture from mv brow la in of my poor, deferral Its family. v\ by. it Was enough to make one rave. To all my other incentives to betray I Cl,'hn, and took courage my existence was added tins The Keelcy motor, •linac perspiration came out in gieat . proposes presently to draw a train ot in? elw* n<> un my f ace.    »    cars from New York    to Philadelphia h‘ve f'*.und it sometimes to keep hi* *    *    ’vc    water ; still, if he perse u Lord a mercy, h iv ; exclaimed an old ! he sweats I ” without tire or steam, and with the lady, considerately, help only of a small bucket of water, ( promises now to be outdone by the ; 1 ie *°®L 1    -    .....    ...    -ippoisition is a great help to a man V**pia I thought I heard the halting Leave orders With Stacy & Tyrer. PERSONAL PROPERTY First door south of the People’s Store, Broadway, Albert Lea.    # A BIG OPFER. A farm of SZO acres,—200 acres under the plow, arui ready for seeding; 27 acres of thrifty young growing timber, besides one in de of willow along the line Good house, granary to huld 2,000 busl els. stabling for 30 head of stock, fine wcu FOR SALE—Life Scholarship in the National Chicago Busine® College ; one of the best in the United States. Will be sold    . •ii -i discount, and on time, if desired. Ap- of pure water. &c. Land in A den. ij (J PARKER.    AU to be sold for about, what the    wild plj ,0    .    A    iaml would cost, inquire of FOR SALK t~A finu v';w A arlor Organ.    D    G    pARKKRt On time to suit the po; ehas*:*iAl')' J o    Albert    Lea,    Minn. ii. l'AHlv (.ll.    0|> of j, OHEESEBROCOH, FCat SALE A new Parker Dun. An- (    Alden,    Minu. ,’y l0 ‘    D.    G.    BAR    RLH-    * G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People’S StorE 37tf Albert. Lea, Minn., Sept. 16, 1875 MANSE LIBRARY FREE TO ALL who will return the books promptly. rad I confess it was the strongest of all—to protect my family from this lying thief, who would willingly atrip them of the last cent. How long I had remained alone I cannot tell, fur the severe anxiety produced by the news I had heard, caused me to lap into another fit of uncoil sciousness, from which I again recovered just as the door was closing gently, and I heard the soft footsteps of a*nuw coiner upon the ca*, pet The sheet was again turned down, and tho face-cloth removed ; but this time I felt the touch of a tender, loving hand that had soothed mv fevered brow all through the painful illness. A few low sob-*, and my trusting, loving wife threw her self across the beth and exclaimed, ‘*0, my dear, dear husband ! how can I ever part with you ? Why was not I taken instead ? O Lord I I beg that either I may bo taken to join him above, or that he might return to walk bv my side through the lonely vale of niv* A Tew moments of silence ensued, broken only by the sobs of my wife, as she lay convulsed with grief, across my bed. How I longed to throw my ^brooder air ship. whose inventer wni I foot At p. up *n the other ride of my be ready in a few weeks to carry 12,000 i pounds of mail matter through the air from New York to Liverpool Meantime we hear of a new electric engine t0jm®JMa> water and winy machinery Soon another handkerchief was ap I plied !** wipe the perspiration from my face, with the exclamation, “ Did you ever see a corpse sweat so I ” 41 The relatives of the deceased will now be permitted to take their last look at the corpse,” said a solemn voice ; and the chorus of sobs that greeted my ears warned me that, unless some miracle interposed, I had but a few minutes more to live. The mourners, th- they stood weeping around the coffin, could riot have felt move keenly the pangs of grief at our separation than I did, as-I struggled to smile and frown alternately, until the perspiration came ami stood again upon my brow, and wa! wiped carefully away by some kind hand Long and tenderly my loving wife bent over me, while the scalding tears fell thick upon my face. At length the solemn voice informed her that she must go away, as it was already growing late. I knew by the Bound of the footsteps that but very few were ie rn ain! n g in the neighborhood of my coffin, and that perhaps not more than a moment would be allotted me to live I struggled desperately for the last >)g®umo t*M§0pulouslj low cost mid with do nioreattentiun than is required lo oe- J Batton all jp put in a piece of zinc, or fill the battery cups with wale* as this evaporates i as the cause. “Well, air, replied in * a r* port has come dowy hero u was t urinal out of a great lady 's in London for U«unkenness.” Whit a Bachelor Knows about Babies New T or* Ti tues. Because- I am oM and a bachelor, ti is a signal for all the mothers to bustle th. ii* habits .rat of sight the moment I come in. Old bachelors are so proverbs •abv stigmatized as baby-hatvrs, they can iv t imagine there may be an e»-c plic a. I have dandled a kalf a score of nephews and nieces on my knee, ami I ©raid teach many a mother » thing ut* two abu Ut managing them, so as tt* -ecure Deice and comfort to both parties. For instance, a baby at our •w unpromising, ten house scr* amcd an*} cried by the bour, not prosper I heard the mother say she was awake all night with it. because of its eros#, nc-s ; and one and another tumbled and tossed* it it quid, until wi re sore “ Now, Martha Jane," I said, 14 jns| hear to me a minute and throw away your pepper meat and stuff. Vndresnt that chid; its clothes are all in % bunch about it. How would you feel With your clothes in that style? Then uring a soft cloth out in very warm water, aud wrap it smoothly round tho bi dy just under I-: • -urns. Then quick- it next day in order to fce*^ itll I wa* sure iu L»tk aide* J head a1 I vt-red, he always mine out ail right in run. A certain amount of Kites rise against, nut with the wind Liven a head wind is better than nothing. No man ever worked his pass .go in a dead calm The best wind for everything. in the long run, is a side wind.^ It it blows art, how is he to get! ]v wrap a little wuoleri blanket about* kac'k ?    I    that, put on its night gown and south *• ■    it a minute, and it will drop into th® _    A    Loot    SY ILLE giYl was shot in th© | sweetest alani ber ever a b had ” Y Vreocbman has perfect- , fool a day or two ag*», and the doctors Martha did not more than half b©-. ed^t Ts said* a lamp, whose flame, as ! are now en gag d in mining for the ball. 1 ijeve me, but was so worn out that she Briliant as that of an electric light, is One of them his worked his way pas trje(} it ;8he laid the poor, tired, little produced by the economical combustion *ag* into the foot so trreat a distance thing down on some pillows in his little of nitric oxid goo, with ihe vapor of that they are obliged to let his pro carriage after she had packed nim, iu bisulphide of carboy* A well known    “ New Y'ork man bas invented an egg-hatching machine, in wuich the temperature is controlled and regulated by electricity. visions down to him by a rope.    I    a few minute*, by gently rolling him A tender husband provides tender back and forth, he junk into a peaceful lieu p. time Tile perspiration rolled down my arms about her neck, and return the I©Bemks in great drops; but. that was kisses she had left tingling on q,lRc qnnoticcd, ac*] ilia solegm warm voice beef for his home ones. Trouble is a hoi iron. Hold it tiKhi It ) >u‘l! belike it (bat woman out, and it will onlj blister you.    j    8:'i'1 ln * s,1*-e “U'pe* to Amaryllis . .    ,    «r ..    u t *r • a I “ Who wou!(l have expected an olift Hall's Journal of health insists that I Naturally enough, -Truth ,s stran,- fc M    to kwow so much about bu- we should be healthier if we ate more | er than fiction, because it is not so , ^ ? „ onions. We should certainly be strong- ! common.    _    That's    all the thanks I Lrot. Hat th® er.    ’    The husband of the period is one who baby would thank me if be knew how, Eugene—*•“ Como, sit down on the ; soonest comes to a full stop at home [t was pay enough to see it so comforts nights. Women do not’ bear the cross any better now than previously, but they do bear the stripes meekly. 44 Don’t be in a hurry,” said a tock- sheliy shore, and hear the mighty ocean roar.” Amelia—44 I can t sit down, you silly goose,because I 4 burst my pi aback loose.” Two luidies contended for precedence at the court of Charles V. They appealed to the monarch, who, Soiomoo-like, said:    4‘    Let the elder go first ” Such a dispute was qcver known afterward. able, however. This simple - treatment will relieve a child, uinft times out of ten .Any difficulty of ill® lungs or bowels will be the better fur t warm pack ; ami it rn a remedy alway* at hand and costs nothing The mat less California murderer, on his way to ! ter 0j a fkramJ blanket, however, i* the gallows, to tho hastening crowd ;; Kigbly iaipoffanA. So loo, is ii news-. u take things easy as I do, if you want * sary tb;it the towel be smoothly reified to en joy it.”    I    ruqud the body.
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