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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 6 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 6, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesota1" "v ■V" r TXIi3 FREEBORN' flOCXTV STAXDARD. PUBLISHED BV IS RY THURSDAY. Terms, Per Year, In Arty .nee, $2 00 RATES OF ADVERTISING. 4 w I I VY I 2 W — j. ii in I I y x iu^h! I.(Mi 1.50' 2 DO 2 inch 1.75! 2.50 3.50 4.501 6.001 8.50|13.50 8 inch| 2. - * I j 3.-uh 5 CK) i.OOj 0.00 IG.oO 4 inch! 6.25: 4.50! 5.50110.00[10.00 20.00 ' 4.OO, VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1876 UMBER 27 0 men 1 col 4 col I col 5.5 i 0.: 5 I 2.00; 10,00 25.00 4.5J 5 25; 7.00 I 1.00i22 OO 30.00 I O.SOi 8*5'), I -.OO 22.OO,50.(Hi 50.00 j 10.00* 18.0 >'18.00'30.OO 50 OO 00.00 , OF FIC KUS OF FUE HOORN COUNTY County Commissioners : ll. It. Kniinurif. Win. C. Lincoln. James Thoreson. James ll. Goalee. Ole Hanson. A i’dito a—S, Hat ch cl .1 e r. KeoisTKR of Deeds—August Peterson. Sukritk—T. J. 8Ucelmn. Deputy Sheriff--Jacob Larson. Cl. Kit ii of Court—A. IV. White. Probate Jukue—Gilbert Gulbrandson. He hood Superintendent—II- I houston. County Surxkyor—Win G. Ketlar. Coroner—J Froshaug. Court Commissioner—ll. H. Spicer. JO IU    , DU. A. II. STREET, 3 rn FFICK, V Ell THE DRUG STORE. South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. QU. DE CRANDALL, 'I I E N T X s El?1 - Office over A. E. Johnson s store, Broadway, Albert Lea lube, DDS    II.    A. Avery. djsntibtry , TR, IB IE:    dc    AVEii-Y, Resident D: aitis to—Bs^f rdV Block, Austin ALLERT LEA, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, M*h us lei ails* REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OCR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining ami perfecting titles, are Ai aeq u a1 et!. as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. Sl it cy <V Ty rev, Albert Lea, Mina. April 25, 1876. Ho if i s a a if Sh ors. I Boot & Shoe Store. O. F. TV. IL TVolsson Have just received and will keep in stock tile largest assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To bo found in town. ray MADE WORK, Four or five workmen will be constantly employed.and orders for New Goods ar for Repairs will bo fiHed, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west side, Albert Lea, Minn. Stf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. CENTENNIAL. TTJ'ILTZ' "Ta. 1370 HISTORY OF FREEBORN COUNTY! Prepared by I). (I. Parker at the Relines! of the Committee of Arrangements, for Delivery a! the Celebration in Albert Lea, July 4, is76. ! begging, an,I was tendered in succession to I Geo; Watson and C. S. Tarbell. after Mr. ; Bartlett had signified his unwillingness to j serve. At the April session, the Commissioners . authorized the elerk to procure all necessary books and tlie surveyor field notts of the public surveys, but as there were no taxes assessed, or other public revenue to draw upon, we have yet to learn which one of these generous officers donated the money. It is fair to presume that neither of them were in a hurry to lay his purse upon the public altar, for we find that the minutes of the Board were long kept upon sheet- of foolscap, stitched together, and that field notes were not obtained until years afterwards. It may also be presumed that the Commissioners felt the weight of their great responsibility, for it appear that no less than seven sessions were held between March, 1857, and November of the same year. I do not refer to this tlnringly Everything was in a chaotic slate, oat of which they were expect!- I to bring regularity and order. There were assessments to bi* made,districts to organize, towns to officer, precincts to form, roads to survey—in short everything to be done, and the ohli- survrvoe. E P Skinner from Macrh 1857 to 18-58. II D Brown from 1858 to I860. C ■ j.na,- -^vxJL a .ta. girtja.awgai-. sr mmux. ■— .ttjsc; -'‘-wrrc-yvwr i susan | out Bancroft and ii»«e» ting 8t Nick ha* , I lost. Ile then moved t<> insert (Geneva, I which was also defeated. Mr. Andrews to insert Albert Leu in I’ rum XII I?* vt Ult; YI UUU* I jf Bl” trills    ll"*-    UtlltKI IU*' JU.'! T. J    I    L**i-    ?    v* J ait, six . pi red to the place until Die fall    of 1867,    say that we think    the    Commissioners when Levi I’i«ree W«. invcstc I    with ‘1*»« ; ,cted wisely and    w-II;    but it will a!- honor an i held until I Hi 2.    r    7    ... . jld v. as presented by t ot**® m*ble n. ss the appropriate off,'ting of ut md «y*n| alb ising aint hers. wives, isterr, and will over be sacred!) ire I as a lasting uic-devotion. r.*i* r * Jill ’ C Colby w-rnelected to the office in the . fall of 1859, and for the two subsequent lf>n rn ^ et    ,    t . terms, holding until 1865.    place    of Bancroft, anil this carried From this time noboily seems to have as- unanimously, lh this, w** are (reef “    *    t    .»*♦    _!    rt    .        i This county bas shared it" full b ways remain a mystery, what inspiring fit ftf |he yibcra\ puh ;c r,„vi.si tie won unx and preserved and trca mortal of ihei SCHOOLS AND CII .1 IV G K<llar from 1872 to 1874. II C Lacy from 1874 to 1876. IV ti Ko;tar Loin 1876 to the present time. STAI E REPRESENTATION. J. light concentrate I them (lpm a point which see ii- to have v caped their notice in the ti’.-it insfjne tov >r buttering the c«»tum«*n .-che* ‘IU On Nor bar nri t he b hi -.tore I { wing. passt I ublic cd I p J 1858 then nf Mr. President, an ! Fellow Citizens of Freeborn County : A recommendation having been adopted by Congress, that the people make th!--Centennial Anniversary one of betone in terest, {lie committee to whom was referred the general management of your local eeiobrativn, have extended ta me Iii" very flattering compliment of entrusting to . .    .    ,    ,    , i .I i i    i r    -    lunges univ appointed. my ha not tho delicate ditty of compiling a J    ;    1    ' brief record of Freeborn county. While nnnvn/'Di! intr til a /'fmtvt acv * fin ii fi»Al in cr gat ion resting upon themselves. Between the various met tings ot the board, during .<nj |Q a^ree upon a division of ti the sprang and -'•mimer of 18-»,. there were i    *1    »I precincts organized and the alJi0n§> ° ,r '•au-c. r rcehorn was not ref resented in Tile first general election was beld in j that Convention, and the oilier two October, 18-57, at which 646 tot oms were eleven v the IOth of Al i Passing from our county politic*, I »P##lM session of the Legit will next refer to the legislative repro- a** aCt 1 •I'orperating Land    , dentation and the vinous changes <,fij ?)**> was .-aiidwiHiud into ti e l ib making di-trict boundary. Your attention lias    town the '• .uutj scat loc b; : already been called to the connection of passed tit 'ais * tape, apparently our county under the Territorial (iov- out being understood by a majority em men t,    and    it    is    unnecessary    to    refer    tho«e who voted for it; tor i' appears } ,u,t nf airniii    *    *    1^1C    mciiiberit    having    been apprised 1 In the    early    pari    of    1857. Congress    what they had done. rec-died their passed an act authorising the people to j VfJtcs a!i*^ expunged Cie objeciicnahh; lorm a State Coost it utioo, aud in Ju*v I Pr(),||'l"( 011 ^a*nc day. At tile general election in October of that year. the question w is sub routed to tho people. Four towns entered the contest, viz: Shell Roc it. Bancroft. St Nicluo<.s, arri Albert Lea. which ru suited in favor of the latter, by a oia- j riiy of 165 over all, on a total vote ot tenter ing in th* ir off iris to csicouragc' jcatiou. In t ier, the greater part of our taxation has been for the rectmn of new solo*. HID In V fRl tit ol <j m'.fi- )i on -s. and th* -i teachers rd h a Convention was beld in Mantorvil!e. to nominate delegates Lr the district, in among the three coon til s. From some were hut two .-ctio«»i nous any character in the county. There arc now KIU districts. 7 I of which erin fin-; ft .urn or brick houses. vt bile in nearly ad. the buildings are good a Ti ii substaotiai In Albert Lea there is a graded school, which ranks among the be*f in the 8 tate, while a-eoi-inary of learning at fids p ace and ut Alden are ah" > maintn f /£#*»?• k grow drtix hut a '    rn A number of ‘8-. point,' are ilrtven to r». spring Ipltl Snow Ifr-S TV of qua lit) ,» .ud -    i'-ating in t rn i iv f bloi»d - Fiyhi v mrortm t* lib* th" n;ftttor **t late iii t ■: Le formed* ■ fie! th *’ orts ship*' hiTC,    ff    about' .utter    st! ti mn tTION. sus oi rue c Jt,nry ta»» n sn N*> -.f.r, 1857, showed the p ,-m* ‘ion to* U h. That of 1875, the I m trhicli4 cen rak<    rugate*    our*    poj.uia-' at 13.17?,    »irtr a gain of al*out8 er cent in every Sit* years. TOW NSH II* RECOR lr**; We havu spent too ii ueh ( mf in re-' viewing mat leis ; ertaising to tile e*-uo-ty at I rg-, to J ast i fy a critical examine at ion of township organization and ear* The rue*rd. h w«v«r, could Hot he -atis-' boul presenting x* facts con ii ce I elf I, p ly se ctfeoient.in co; ii pie ie aPl c 10 inly ehr-few ' af tho rwith th- ir Iii't best, ..a :d V Pr vail C-Hi t; . J art rn* I y At til* dan’mr v Baar I, in 1858. L ry. Earlston. Bice chester, were erg ‘ii t >r of t i Mo- Bath d. lh. '■ Coll lit V W. N -W--• oi Man* Ii magnanimously award d to h<*r one . ut the fact that all history is dry. and lie who looks for the flower of romance or the poetry of sons in the musty volumes of titutional Convention, viz ! son and K C Ft icy. public records, has read hi-tory to no purpose. Nevertheless, it L fitting and proper that the I DO th anniversary of our National Independence should be invested with marks    **1 of special recognition, to the end thai the    by which each organized town wa-*    reprepeople may retrospect the past ; post their    Rented on    th*- County Board, through it- growth and doings to the present, and so,    chairman.    Several of tile towns    in this I like a reckoning upon the broad sea of ' life, take from this a new departure. ,    ,    Bv    the    provision    of    tile    Constitute Joseph    j that year adopted, our representative OLE TANGt, Maker and Repairer of S. H. WASHBURN, M. D. Physician & Surgeon. Boots & Shoes, Offio** ut Wo-a's Drug St ire r>vrr Store. Consultation rooms 1 \lhert Lea, Mum. 20t 11 Kl. 71. D3DS£, Kl. Ii., ii tv ti ii pi: a i ar. I I Office and Itenidcn' c up Office. Bi P. I UUU ii I Stairs over the Post Shop on Clark -Ireft, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. FIEST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. early explorations. Until the year 1835, the region now embracing Freeborn county, wa-- eompara»ive-! ly unknown. In the summer of that year. I the Government fitted out an exploring party, consisting of 161 men, un I cr com-I maut of Lieut. Albert Miller Lea, with instructions to ie.ake a triangular march, from Fort Iks Moines, northward t<* Lake I Dei in, thence southwesterly to the Des Moines river, thence following that stream } Southward to the place of departure tin the 31 vt of July, of that year, Lim. Lea crossed the Turtle river, at Moecow, and on tilt following day passed beyond the i western line of our county, within the lim- < Jerk of Court — E I’ Skinner Surveyor—ll D Brown Coroner—A M Bu rn ti am Commissi on er*-p-S N Frisbee, Rickard, Deter Clausum The Lecivlature of 1857-8 changed the b |titit.«tr\ was changed, ;T<d we bet-ime County tiovernraent*. and provided for j touched t* Faribault County, the two what i- kno a n as th** Supervisor system, being kn wn as the ! ounce nth Senatorial Dt.-trict, entitl' d to one Senator and three Representatives, and of those, Freeborn elected th* Senator, Kr. Wit-- ii. and one lie prose ut at ive. A ll Bartlett, a« the firftt delegation under this apportionment. HUI d.(ion t » th.s, there is i charter wnicti wa- early grunted by .he UgbUtori*. * reatinir a Odlege 1> -arJut Alb* rt Lea. and which will tlouLtios be revived lr* d ie time. I lie fir-t enumeration was Bi* k in January. 185o, and sh >wrd a total of 'i'll ach'Jars    The last. taken rn the fall of I 875, gives 5.136 b i increase, In 1~ k- *i. dug ot then any ,ffi gaud to and < »c th Hi th rec***: iii the' r r places U -ani ai ir p D in % (I. mongti moat* • r other names. M bet her et ion was ever taken in rout Leu, Nunda. Shell ii ,ck,* is not Clear, but it •***•*# ditieal s alas as towns was* even previons to this. and1 ntative#occupied prominent the (Munrils of the Coomy A unstrung opposed their prayer • „ I deeiai n wa- postponed until th inn . _    ,    4    1. it October, a I. L.b meetin; I county being either unorganised or attached to o:h-r- for township purpose*, necessarily limited the representation. .•*«» that the fir-t Board under the Supervisor system, «h .*h met in June. KAH. was com* posed <»f t*n delegate-, r - f allo wa : Shell Reek—IV rn Andrews Mo-cow—Til cop Lowry Geneva— E < ’ Sfncy It icel i rid—I -nae Baker I! inland—Ii J Boardman Freeborn—C D (lidding* ADiert Lea—A C Wedge Pickerel hake—A W IN flite Manchester—II 'N Allen N anda—Pat rick Fitzsimmons. Of this Board, E. C. Stacy was elected chairman. VV lit turn was granted, and a people followed Itri-c the arena with Albert Loa n again iii favor of the la’D r. it..} r.ty. mi a ti tj» vote oI 77 * g.g from this we v.,.I t. x i i r:r- re e rate trill rn. The ears. (Ut of a •Lurches are well r t I Did. or ut * a per cant per * ti K; entered exulting bv IU8 noti. an d liberally SU* 'tailed. n early eve r\ton in the c ount y havir pf one or rn re 'yr .r. ;7..it!ons f it pi IO* ic worsli ip.TI?o h Kristie ■s d o a crui (lit able miss: u tx k. arid SHJ -tain 25 "a bb aril Sc Ii O' I*,th r .Ugh the SUI a:mer mc arith?, uh I Icut half of th- ?uj are c. int tutted t fi0Jana Manefi-d eminent Lorn name n d mr In I bd*) anc r.meeting the [her change was made •aunty with 8t« **ie avn JI # k ir through <rg. lP ALR! LE. I) <M Kdw land Al. I > ECLECTIC PHYSICIA N AUO SURGEON Tints LARE ‘ ITV, MINN., 7S ll treat all discases to which mankind j is subject, to th<* hest ot his ability. Dr. Rowland ha" made a    •.    .'•i'    s    l’    : Women and Oilier - ” '• hi'.Ye diseases J of long standing. By' experience aal strict at I ..t ion to His pi Repairing done to order, cheap and on diort notice. (live him a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea.    Minn. O. P. H a sr sox. I. J. PAULSON. its rf A Men townsh On this ii arch he encamp* I for th*' night in Hayward, listed his command the next afternoon on the east bink j of what is known a« NVhite Lake, and made copious notes of the country along the entire route. The solitude of ibis cfbtrodded waste,im-' pres se i it-elf upon him. Sparkling I .ii--« -I encircled by gently sloping woodlands, suggested toe r< iii nee of nature. Smooth The Huperv ie winter of I ti and esp to the C low ing, consist ii nor, an ii ith tin UM impi lint \We< ntorisi! > int* der ti wag « lh lid, Siecle, were hun'ired 11 * iiisc. as the fi»-t H In Is7I the repr Blate was enlarged. a, entitled trie Sixteenth Hun I)is*ri*’t. which wa* awarded m c r in*; two I! preaciitative- l*n-is apport! nment, Ge<*. Watson ■Rt t * the Senaf*1 while J. K of Waseca, and W, F Pettit, of k.... ,r..A with s *3ts in th preseBtatires •ntation of tie Freeborn county CI AL RECOBD. v Ferritorial (i< rernm* tit, lr*' born Bounty, witli 15 oth en*, en stituted the I bird Judicial District, and Judge Flandreau, att* r appointing Aug Arm t h o s u in ii * court at A ing ; but thai time. strong cleric, wr.n r of I ".57. advert Ibi rt Lea in (let* aa there was no the announcer til court wa* I he did it •el 'oh >1-»er follow nisine.-s al -tit was on!)8 EC KEI r SOC I ETI F.^ A M acinic I. lodge, ne ar yr as oldas the cuiin'v. is est ab ii-be *1 at Al-burt Let », which en i >vs ambergh ipin good standing of 7 4 y. *rs’*ti s. Grow.ing out • kta id VI I Ii I - IS a Ruvil Arch , chapter. r>r. 15 ii Twen rsiiip I Inc em hers. 5 f*»ur Gn*;g *ut fM' *n of n a mem ah ■ I Tem 5or «Y«tem contin 860, wlo n its cc !*harac:**r induce*! a return loner plan, and »n June fol-»rd elicit I under tai-* law, 'N in N Ct os lee* G. 'N, Skin- A-a V Litter .mu organized made an indepct.dt I iv**, and awarded Repre*est«tiv*'fl. w t < be th** s'atu* of A review of cur Legislature sh owl r.t me rep! the t riot nu tab- re J en.ator and two still continues »unty MUI :'*>n in the The COUNTY tv oflie* .-IUD fi lout of lr-amig i. cura success. Obstetrical c.aj<’s Ooh sui t ionat free. lo •.on. ne is C'ju-■ IDcasdS with treat ml with HAKSON & PAULSON, Jffanufa'-tnrvrn of Boots    Bilo Alt work warrant* .1 to gi% e K»tip*facti- >n ami Hone j to oilier on short not., e. sh..j. ’.oar cor. of Broad- ! way and Willian.f* "trerts, Albeit Loa, Minn. I W 11 JI A of I H.fi. :rov an< OlCC'-S-l. AUSTIN, . TRUESDELL, - MINNESOTA* DEALER IN K. I'. STACY A. NT. TYREE. STACY & TYRER, Attorneys rn I.ow. Notnri.., I nt.lic, l.poi Estate an I Colb cting Agents. (’• )N NEY ANCI NG Cf nil kinds adcuintc'y don *. acknowledgments taken olios adiniJr."! oI ed. Taxes naid, Titles inv ;*,tigatcd, Lands bought and sol I. Dar’ii alar attention paid to collection. Corner Clark and Newton Hts., Albert Lea John A. Lovely.    t    "'v    ' n- Pabkxb LOVELY & PARKER, ATTOUR IO VS At LANT, BOOTS & j prairiv**. mtersper I rich with the melt i stars, was a charm to his Ever ha* he fti.reed to : one of the most beautiful Hi neesed. Afterwards, one. Ni out this section cfi country, 1 notes freely, ami in acknow!* favor, gave the name of ilia cor to on** of these E A "bu. ; NVe can learn of no otner w hit# ii un visiting these parts, until 1841, when Henry M. Rice, con Iud ing a party of Lr t] p rs. encamped upon the shores of these en- > c tut bt* re ii «ong-I ofiC spirit. a locali;y, as * yis ever vtit-t*llet n 14 ped i"itig Ll. Lea s dgm.-nt af the ’ I riliiunt * fH-:ems. oi rte kit s. 6 otner th n filled as SENATORS ie ( oni- Dr. A. M fi By t be c mstitur; *n ol I I "57. the dis- I WR**?. • ut VI There a re eigItrict Mu is changed in fh >rm and size, so Lodges in ti ie cutin)lti tit Fr • * I* .rn. with eigf it oth‘r c un- meuibershiri I of OVCjti.-*, bi came the Fifth Ji Lidicial District, i I and ll rn N M Douuldsoi I, of Owatonna.NEW *511was el ected in the la ii of that war. The hist try of rnpre-id11 n g J u ige Intl ie fall Of 1871. cst is a ch eokore JI the Ho n Sjii:ucl Lord, of M antarville, been ref rn •d to Owas eh cg.J udg" in t I acc of Dun a d | had an ext? ten " \ t^SOU, bu it hi- association with our people I -*. remain . aj parewas of st.art duration, I or in i H i L t J*e and offer t he r wcfi! Lug:-hi tare created a new district appreciativ* > nub • i ©.G DO brr* T.mP w is r erect* k r,w Various changes were utade,-i-- organized in in this time mw- ary, I HGG, when tile last bhd,-«I,as-timed ar; independent gov- 1 on was organized under the’ t Asher, til us c* nf-rring an* 1 n ode of her citizen* **t th*#’ In J hid*. 1*5-8,-eil I* ck,fur bd* r f *11* w-iiidr pendMi# I it- u I tic IO* fleet was bt id Bigg*. k occupies a hp—t of-my ut the events **t our* ■ .■ uh ut. () * I * * of the first I ’ jui-rs.' Win Andrew-, wa- appoint-tins t wn. and he became the’ irtiivn of the (5* inly B *.ard. It * *1 a the first sea cd t is-- war ie. now duet town wa - attached to 8 n-htp purpose*. In O it again assumed an inizatiofi, and change idon. The first eb ei house of Ii lie!! ll ark Du J 4U . I; The ! t t ng A r • ll til bud at* ki a do not s :i;r*<l that icquircd ir Ai •tn t noir s :i Irvine,- up Airt it. it nr Den ave by Clar 3,1 a55 tact thi ; An We lave j ire the iii was rn CKI \ wet. suppoi Lu I gets b ‘III, VI - filling th WbW E to I**’ ter, fr if r (bilby. I j EC Si Hey Samuel Bate j eat time. BEC! 'TES Af DEEKS . 'N’m Morin, fro:. 1857 to I -••2. I John Wood, from 1-62 t« 187*2. i Augu-t Peterson,from I"72 ?•• ti It will bt* -ceti from this, thai arm F J • to the pres- A. L* ll. ( b. ti. a c of St 1 of 'N a* , of Sti of 'Th min r v dicer. "‘ I to I" lv71 B row *1. J* n*r ,1 e present. from 1851 ion*, lr* > t< present chanting waters, spending here, a part oft to 1861, Mr. NI ria performed the double four cousccutivi year-, in a life of daring I duty of Register of Deeds an I Auditor, bravery, startling adventures, and ru le That this was the- .....-    ■    texas    ll e*. ! .airs I st door. ..    -    MIN Q ffice in ll e iv 111 ’ s Bl oc ••. ALBERT LEA. -    - HEM.5N BLACKMER, Xj -A Y J^SX^ L TV I> FOH H A Ta I4 A BAERT LEX, -    - M INN. HALL EBoteSs. T VY. G. FOST KU, Proprietor Albert Lea, - - We bber noose This Hotel having recently boon completely refitted and furnished, is now pre-Dare*! to give AMBLE ACCOMMODATIONS to all guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentive grooms. Commodious sample rooms connected with tho premises OF.    X^Irtxxs'O Having bought the old and tavorite stand of A (’ llimebaugh Is prepared to do all kinds of B1 AO KSVJTHING — AND— IIOHSE-SIIO17IAM4. Satisfaction guaranteed. ( all anil seta His Stock of fine Goods rf*) I I TRADE WILL DE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL GF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VEEY CHEAP, In view of tho lepression in tile Grain Market.    I    Ct jam, a. ne—rxswcr-. ii ii i iii ii—awwa— «IS ca ! «Hit r bet s. A. HL MCMILLEN HAS REMOVED TUE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET On East side Broadway, first door south of TUE PEOPLE'S STORE. 'VITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE EETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. jC^fM’ash paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., &c. TRY HIM ! Albert Lea. 4 Arf I* Ii Qt agrapha. J. A. I’ulXer’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN JOH itll , KARTY, SMU YOH IND CIVIL EMMER, GOO I FN EWS! lf you want to buy good FLOUR and FEUD, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, where you will always find the best quality ever offered for sale in tills Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call anti be convinced. ALBERT LEA, MINN. First door south of the People’s Stoic, Broadway, Albert Lea. Leave orders with Stacy & Tyrer. PERSONAL PROPERTY rn j BIGI OFFER. FOR SA LE—Life Scholarship in the Na- | A farm of 330 acies.—200 theres under "w-iona1 Chicago Business College; one of the plow, and ready for seeding; ** the best in the United States. NY ill be said 27 acres of thrifty young growing timber. at a discount, and on time, if desired. Ap-plyt0    IXG.    PARKER. FOR SALE—A fine new Parlor Organ. On time to suit the purchaser. Apply to I). G. PALKER. FOIL SALE—A new Parker Gun. Apii. G. PARKER. ply to FOR SVLF.— A good Plow, Apply to I). G PARLLU. besides one mile of willow along the line Good house, granary to hold 2,000 bual els, stabling for 30 head of stock, fine wea of pure water, &c. Land in Alden. All to be sold for about what the wild land would cost. Inquire of D. G. PARKER. Albert Lea, Minn. Or of M. CHEESEBROUGH, Alden, Minn. 1 associations. I hat uhs was then, as n* w I the paradise of Cie sportsman, i- attested by Mr. R., who affirms that 1 it the summer of 1842, he saw over 300 elk in one day, I while making Ins peregrinations around I these lakes, and that in 1843 lie killed two of these fleet-footed animals, one morning, : before breakfast. This tract of country was embraced wit Ii- I in a neutral strip of territory, lying be-J tween two hostile bands, of Indians, and I was frequently made the scalping ground I of both; nor were they particular as to whose hair was lifted, provided they could j exhibit some trophy of their ravage pro- j 1 prosily. Mr. Rice speaks of many a hair- j I breadth escape on the part of himself an i Company, during his hazardous adventures in this wild and unfrequented region. TEH It ITOtt IA L ACTION'. By an act of the Territorial Legislature approved February 20th, 1855, the county limits were designate*! by boundary lines, and the name chosen. It covers a territory of 30 miles from east to west, and 24 from north to south, embracing 20 townships.13 lakes, more or less important,and a tillable area of aliout KH),OOO acres. A reasonably temperate climate, and an unsurpassed richness of soil, combine to make it one of tbs most productive regions on the inhabitable globe. It was named in honor of " rn.Freeborn,-one of the pioneers of Goodhue comity, and a worthy member of the early Territorial Legislature. By a subsequent act of (lie same year, the county was attached to Dodge and Goodhue for Legislative purpose®, which constitute*! the Fourth Council District. Acording to the Land Office abstracts, the first entry of land was made in Janu ary 1855, by Nelson Everest, and 34 of the first conveyances, by deed, were recorded in Dodge county, between April ’56 and j March ’57, though I find nothing in the general laws to indicate by what authority this was done. In February of 1859,however, these records were transcribed, and brought home to their own county. POLITICAL HISTORY. Although tile county limits were defined at so early a date, it had 110 political organization until March,1857,when the Territorial Legislature made provision for its independent government, authorizing Gov. Gorman to carry the aet into effect, which he did by appointing E.G. Stacy, S. N. Friable, and NS in. Andrews, as temporary Commissioners. It may be here stated, that the county was organized into Tine general election precinct, by authority <»f the State Department, in the fall previous, and 14 votes polled in the    election    of that year : the same being held at the house of 'Vin. Andrews, in Shell Rock. The Commissioners referred to assembled on the 3*1 of March 1857, and proceeded to appoint tile various county offieer^, as follows : Register of Deeds-Samuel M. Thompson. Treasurer—Thomas 0. Thorne. Sheriff--Geo. S. Ruble. Probate Judge—K. C. Sfncy. Coroner—A. II. Bartlett. Co. Attorney—J. NV. Heath. Surveyor—E P. Skinner. Justices—Geo. Watson. I P. Linde. El ins Stanton. Patrick Fitzsimmons. Th (Sue appointments took effect on the 20th of the paine month, excepting that of Fitzsimmons, who received his authority afterwards. In April following, Wm. Morin was appointed Register of Deeds in place of Mr. Thompson, who declined to qualify. The Coroner'si office also went T C Thorne, from March, 1857 to 18-58. Henry King, fr in 1858 to 18* 0. Ole I Ellings**n. from J"*.*! to 1862. J E 5mith. from 1862 to D G Parker, from 1866 to 1868. Charles Kiltvlaon. from I " to the prest ut time. riU ll ITE JI KUE. 859 T. ll. Arn time It av ill I**' noticed that a nattier of th *e peeved univ one year, which is accounted t**r By entries int** the (7**v-ernmcot S’*rvici* during the war. or bv b im a a tu-r, en’ li.*u. I cai led fu-itio* Undt have bt arith or Attic of, is ti it an aid t *. Fag Tn AI ir J, t* at Here al T. Knapp, bu’' he spring *4’ tic ti app* ared •s, and.a" he a 1 * the first titles fOWUf occurtcd Nut, Q»f*flttfJrtcd the itrn ti*’ iietHoNo Iv as I "57.an J so. the first sun if one Boul to# re j i-*ire An-i 8,57. ill wit blk an att rtiey fur Imits,Was b ■ at- Ai IOU si I* ll Th f fr hizati* a v**ai Ck Cl e erst vs. Ba DTV oi dr ll A •d Ft vt of N 1 f* ? 1 j r r l>rak* Ith I! vo exceptions, u important ca-Henry Kr,*_*L- larged with the rn ut *n r I •r. I "51), ar. i a vacancies **< of district »n .1, I KIT through a chang! the name - *M t h* ‘un a E r 8* ary, from Marc! , I-57 to IJA w \N liitt*. from w5s to I HIO.B j lf OUM?, I rom ' AHO tu 1862.A ii Bartlett, from 18 i 2 ti1863B J House, from 1866 o 1870A M Tyrer, from I87o 11 1872G Girlbraadson, from 1871 to theV h iv an < and th e tors of ti count it wit.1 which w -bern *• uri' cled, because we had un I interest in their represc libation. Bought tem! ty.onder chang 1861. He V).-back to this co Albert I.ea. 1 ah »ut one a Kl in i’mf v March d i •re lh** record w*iu!d n be nplete I. i v. n. r.< ! T ll Burdie, ! A. B. NV eh her time SHERIFF. (•co S Ruble, from March, 1857 to 1858. John NV Heath, from 1858 to I860 J A Robson, from 1860 to 1862 It K Crum, from 1862 to 1864 Leander Cooley, from 1864 to 1866. A W St John, from 1866 to October. 1867 John Brownsill, from October, 1867 to 1868 E Ll Porter, from 1868 to 1972 T J Sheehan, from 1872 to the present t line. CLEUK OF THE COURT. A Armstrong, from August 1857 to 1858 E P Skinner, from 1858 to 1862 ll I) Brown, from 1862 to October, 1871 John NVood, from October, 1871 to 1973 A NV White, from 1873 to the present time COUNTY ATTORNEY. J NV Heath, from March, 1857 to 1858 From that time until 1860 the office was not known to the law, it baaing been abolished by the adoption of the State Consti- w; * ’lout them. BKPR F.S RUTA TI V UL bat. fro: 1 I "59 to 1859. lie, r* rn 1859 to I" * from ISt;<» to 1861. It may be remarked that Mr. Webber’s election was a bestowment ot I eh cap h<*ti*»r. as there was n** «es«*i n oi I the Legislature during his term. ! J. E- Child* oT Waseca, and 'N. F. Pettit,of ) Steel*', from 1861 to 1862. I II. I\ Magoon, of Steel ■, an I P. C Dailey, on en *0 was ct LOYALTY AXD PATS N » c >ut.f\ in the state, the country, ha? display loyalty, or a truer patriot £r-t y * ar of its •rganizati* til m.-nt wa poverty, * hi if ii id a ism ti. wirly. r.r, ne • nil rvd a a« ?-©•?• r YO I tug in*; Siid. M Dseow. Rh -Maud. I‘anetof oar atlisp .-ed M i) i L Ste r. Oak! iud. l^nd- rn. un ider 11 a minerI Was thchm John Dai in jn g.a - a’'SOT an* i («.iSe isonT he I t j I HT 1? camp •sud af lim’ ard •et tier? ‘i n * -pr, r JJNii I [v'h *k. Frru’ii an . Pi eke re! J . ake. of J ane.Ic "un N Ii ti ; ti i. A Mo n, Mans! hdd. a rid AII hurt d\ Freer:anil ary. U a, XA I th \V 5 a her 8‘ ,'tr . a" a?« K*S ortided ;brei i., f,I i i .ii jlv , f« dinw ing. ti hose r’ fi jeer? c rm- to 8 hellUtr I b J at J f * f i q n md n (turned th cir rnI > i ho ng- Si licit.ein g ti r ii atew hich f'uiu ?1 up.12 ( >88 Ba mud iDer the (n tiwa? levied a tax for -C?’ ,ool. I, I I yV* v —1w II f itv. and Turrit ir ial pts TY)f* ■ ?»* s ti Ist ruiM.8 14 I). or .1 ‘J tau I. a ti n each dol 1st val- cc: liberIce d in Ui ll I o n.ra* e *>rgjpre a terA ye nr or t»vo afttr t h a f. ic n nf « '10-G re.1::In the i/.' cd tu n \ (*csu)C a district ’• ai nd has t \ b • va(.on set- * 11 r*a •iii) si )<>v rn un int -rea-c . of wea *. i cr beennet, Tot!! ’ton j <H*k WAT N"V-* luff *U I’ 'y sud 44 -'n ng.h4 Gn*rps is n Kico,-e the first e of the fir-*! HAG, when t ed but one p ; fated near!', lo it male p**pu Lit . William and M r*Iner Cottrell, u ai* I date their entry on the ILh I S'l*) Jan. after if- ursranizafii ; the east half being a ID ck. and the west f *r t'lwnsiiip purp-’.- a n honor of ti * * J in I of WasecH. from 19'«’2 to 1863. j Asa Walker, from 18t>.3 t«> I >"*»I. j J. L. Gibbs, from 18**1 to 1866. j Ang. Armstrong, from 1866 to 1867. J. E Smith, from 1867 to 1860. Aug. Armstrong, from I860 to 1870. A. (’. Wedge, from 197(»to 1872. E I>. Rogers and Wm. Wilson, from ls72 1 to 1873.    j J. NV. Pevcrcaux and E. D. Rodgers, from , their shops, their disorder, weakness, and pie,though few iii number.**. did not I rget the noble example of their ancestry, and on the first return of tins Anniversary of tho.r National h » . lay. the 4th of July, 1857. they assembled rn masse, at Ruck. to celebrate this tiuio honored i v ut. At that celebration. Samuel Batchelder ; deliv ercd the a*ldress, being the first ; oration ever made in the county. From that year to the present, nearly every rut urn of the day has been marked by some appropriate honor. \t the first call for hoops when the towns of M it r* ] rted.that of I "75 u Ilion, of 83.1 S3 822, purposes of 865 6f>2, towing an inrren- L The last n.-sessmf rji r* p rrea.tnai ■; s»"4 1 aggregated av; with a tax Dr a bnwinnon increa.-c of proper!v af the rate ot al out 16 pur cent per Annum.and a marked decrease in the rat-.* of taxation. wheu we consider that railroad*, bridges ami other matters, hive increased the objects for which we are taxed. ?t ttler n Ole Oh*! of I-54. •I ti. was * ach* *1 half tcr ea It W'ir e I’ rec tifZii 1 ami Iv,. 1 al *ve isiDi tho i of th** r«*wf! In I Jell w 1granted a S*-p»-n.ar.d the name chang**# : n vc;tli* continue*f irs first title and h»?rev* v wk **3 Freeman. This ti ?n ! :    h:iite received the firs# the countV- in the T9*r-«*n of hous*'. as early as the summer who, also, is churned to have’ tile first fit ic-'*, 'n fSc jo*mc* 1-. mat blit I h’ RAILROADS 1853. tin* Southern Minnesota tail road was built through the countv. iii a westerly dircctioo. (ouchin** the cow. Oakland. Hayward. To ere lea son. Nunda was first known as Bear Lake,-but was tDerwards changed at the su'rgestion of Patrick Firz-ininionity* who was anxious to honor u favorite town in McHenry county. 111. 'I hi" town is watered bv three important bikes. The fir-t settler was Anthony Bright, who made his claim in tho ing et I Sob: 'I war broke out, men left their farms, , \;*:)<?rt Lea, Pickerd Lake, Alden, and in La F village, lice to 18*3 to I814. Even Morgan and Warren Bud, from 1874    tBtir to 187.5. II. Tunell and It Fitzje-ald, from 1875 to 1876. engage common Doris, ami their of- j Carleton, and establishing, then and in tile defence subsequently, four stations, viz :    Oak country, leaving | j#D^ Hayward. Albert Lea. and Alden. in- 6 Ti V ti nn-r I scarcely any bat oid^ men and boys to ; This enterprise hr* had a marked care L*r and defend thuir hbujes against fbi'npc up**n the prosperty aud growth II. Tunell an*l J. L. Gibbs, from 1876 to the Indian outbreak, which threatened nf the county, and while the present time. the entire State. ifs rn ar. age in the northern wn, having a mill, hotel. ike. It was •yed into lots as early as 1857. long logit! controversy between Bunning au l a Mr barbes, grow. ut of claims f e:u-h upon fhetuill- ,    ...    ,    •    ,    r.      ,    ,    -    ’    ment has been generally satisfactory to n”ySubstituted,"which offieu was held by i Th,s co^rs ®nbdanti«lly ourpolitical | I wo companies, made up almost < n- our people, that of the present period Mr. Burking, of Faribault.    history.    W    e    might revive the memory    tireiy from this coomy, constituted    jg 8(> \n tfie high*-t de^ In I860, the i tlice having again been ; of some stormy Conventions, but that s one of the best fighting stock of the Tros-in^ this line provided for, J U. Perry held, by ap- J would be productive of no good, and 4th and* 5th Regiments of infantry, j nBOther savvey, termed the North and pointmen!, from March until Dccembei ol j animosities there engendered may while the third, in tin ir zeal to get in- Smuh Road which i- designed to eon- tniil VMI*    .....    _    I    .    \    -    1    .1 that year. I) G Parker, from December, 1860 to December, 1862 A Armstrong, from 1862 to 1865 ll B foiling, from I8O.5 to 1869 J A Lovely, from 1869 to 1873 A G Wedge, from 1873 to the present time. : our COURT COMMISSIONER. which inspired them. FIVE MILLION LOAN. and joined a Wisconsin brigade. Other detachments ot men conn acted themselves with commands in this. or A NV White held this in connection with the Probate Office.from August, 1858 to 1861. J NI Drake, from 1861 to 1862 Samuel Eaton, from 1862 to 1874 ll ll Carte*, from 1874 to 187** R ll Slicer, from January, 1876 to the present. Much of this firm*, the office existed more in mime than in fact. CORONER. C 8 Tarbell. from April 1857, to 1808 At the general election in 18*57, Dr A NI Burnham was chosen to tins office, hut he did not qualify, and it stood vacant for a period of ten years. Cleo 8 Ruble was elected in 1861,but did not sen e Samuel Eaton from 1868 to 1872. NY NV Cargill from 1872 to 187 4. N ll Elliekson from 1874 to 1876. Dr. John Froshuug from 1876 to tho present time. 8SHOOS SUPERINTENDENT. Up to July, 1865, no well defined management of schools existed In speculating upon the best system, the Legislature created, first a town Superintendency, then an Examiner for each Commissioner district, aud lastly the piesent plan of one general Superintendent for each county. Under this,S Batchelder was appointed July 1805, ami served until 1869. E C Stacy from 1869 to 1870. II Thurston from 1870 to the present time. well be allowed to die with the is-ues to service, accepted the fir?t opening. n**ct Minneapolis with St Louis, and ! when built, will touch Shell Hock. Albert l^ea. Manchester, arid Hartland. Still a third company, under the auapi-i ces of the Central Railroad of Minnesota, acting in connection with th We would not be doing lustipeto*, . a. .    1    . r . . j r ,    1    •    1    V-    ,    other States, as duty dictated or fancy r people, did we not refer to their j , ,    ...    *,    ...    ... . . Y    .    ,,    .    .    ! led them. Although this scattering of noble act in unitedly opposing what was . ..    v.r    u    i------ ------- — known as the Five .Million Is*.,, Bill, «"*»'vwaua!* or sqa.ds renders it difficult, Bar|inpton mid Cedar lipids l.ine.kavc while , under which (he State, in 1858, un’J 10 d*”’r"'"‘<! the. nun,,,er “t"1*' ! already -radcd lr rn Albert I.e, Ina l.nndo,    ,    . , wisely pledged its credit to the railroad I' "*?"^    .    Tim *Pr» “''™; w'“ point near the .-talc line. and it is only * ll -win*. when I, bm became at ~    '    *    -    fix it a-H’ut 400 person.**, which, as an a question of time, when the iron will lashed to Shell Rock.the Ponniv Bosn act of patriotism, to fully appreciate, it ! b(J ja5j (hereon    ...... is necessary 9 bear in mind our sparce | T r»art st on sn rv The Wm ir.g i sire, will long I of the old settlers. Mansfield was early attached to Nunda for township purposes, and wars th# last in the county to a>k fur a scparsfe* organization. Its name was suggested by Gen S I’ ,1 Ie, now of Chattiswptr Penn. John and Henry Tnneil enterr»f upon th* it claim-in June, 1856, uaxf w-re tin* first settlers. Oakland was divided I and the north half attach nulh half wa Mbert Lei to a London for township pnrp rec. at Albert Lea. is lam , 1858,- fo Mexecw(. ufeigned i»r* s. In J un# or< .att Cl tnt We have jet to learn what became of those eighteen, lf, indeed, they still survive, there are none among them ated the record We will next call rn review our COUNTY SEAT CONTESTS. The act of March, 1857, organizing the county, authorized the Commissioners’appointed by the (rovernor, to se ga it i z logs ! lh one o in .J companies, and entailed a debt which, just or unjust, threatens a burdensome lax:,(ion, or the stigma, of repudiation I gcU)emcnt ^ ,in)itcj popui..„i.)n; ■ I    *»»»»* To the ere lit of ! reeborn count y be it I Tq    ,h(,    ';l 5ti|| clcarer | Another evidence of our parity said that soc saw tho    danjrcr, and    op j j. . jt ^ pn,y n.,ccl>!W |ft 9tate (hHt    ss a county, may he seen in its rapidly posed toe measure fry    a negative rote    .    - i    inpp.>i"in«c nrfxlnctiomi * . . _ _    1    ,    jo    - ,|,e (jW^n afsigned to the county at. th* increasing pnmucu *n«. of loo to 18.    last call for troops by the Adjutant The first three veal* of settlement. General in IPGP was 273, and that we j sa}' fr*oai 18.,»7 to t3t»D. was ait era of had already furnished and received : importation rd food. aud marked the ,    p    .,    ,    p    -j    credit for 2D2, being an excess over all ! most trying times From LSoO to the who now refer with any degree of pride , deB)andg u    of-    j9 mefl. besides close of the war. little if anythin -, wa. to that    HI    conceived    ballot,    and    long    an c,lf 100 wh„ „c k„„wn tf> I    raised beyond    homo needs; so that real, before tim    would    gladly    have    obi,tor-    ^    Lrone in|0 con)nlalldg other j    I, the last ten    yea*, cover the period of States, for which the enlistment officers    prosperity. How rapidly thai ! rn h ■ n. gave    us    no credit. I submit thai a    58 s*t*ert in the    reports of last jrear.wlzlch fair**r    or    more creditable rec** rd cannot ‘    "how that, in    addition to fee cling t^ur he produced by any county, sharing the I popn’afion, we exported fortunes of t^p*l#te war. Nor were the • bushels of wh«#t. besides a ladies less (rue to the interests of their i G011 of other jstoclijct* lect a temporary county seat, until    the    country. On every occasion which    ports of our station agents -how that presented itself, they encouraged en- I these exportations are increasing 3* the Per‘ listments, and cheered their brothers ; rite Oh nearly 20 per cent per ur.nrrm. on to the conflict. The silken banner j The cultivated area is increasing at five carried by company F. of the 4th reg- rate of about 19 060 acres per annum, intent throughout their, long and faithful I The rich buss of this »* a griming service®, upon which is inscribed the I oouiitf. was early recognize I and ».«* meuKiraWe u-atm; of many a bloody bitt-    ROW *!u!y appreciated. I he ma ait * .L th; d to li?f**rd. n was gri Board the whole of Oakland !►«' Moscow, then known ar In September, H58, the ri;»•*7 u.a in iupcnttent or* *pcn- it'.un. I is I trge area of ugliest cd the name. un. geste •ar.I. sn called in compliment to* er citizou? of thai n»me. was, nry. 1858. divided into thr*w t he northeast quarter of tho question could be determined by a vote of the people. Fader this authority, the Board, on the second day of its session, March 4, 1857, called up the question, and Mr. Friable moved to make Bancroft t he seat of honor. Mr. Stacy proposed an awcndmuui striking parts. tu\rri being assigned to Rice!and, then known as I ie a rd** Iv \ ; the n* rf h west tff Albert Leu, and the « »uth half lo 8i*e!l Ruck. In September foHowing^ the town wa* granted a sup ‘.rate or-I (:f»D J) -6 ganiz ii i**n At a snb.-crptcrtt session of dr propor-    Count?    Bual I. the name War The freight re changed to Douglass in honor of the dist iuguished lilinoif Senator, of that *d. At the same meet ing, (he-.hum tier of >e. ti fts wa- sit r if to* ht Ii Rock for t*-wn-hip purf****©*. tn September. IS59. these si’ctjour were set hack rn rhe town. and tbu name ag I b'ltg ’ i-j t » H i v u »rd tfi I of th# .Iv, I 111 .’ud.fr on/ -t g- ttk-r
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