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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - January 8, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Good night. By k. L. M. Good night the club is Load. The my Vul stars break o Rhead my love ties calmly sleeping the Broom Ril Aro wot inner. The Bixl Mac nut Cpl it tin Day Imi Jii a. Coors Lusht i Jet Bri Rbt. Good Iii it. I Oisiu fan Well j Art Well. Trip lit in Rowell. In Lovo Trio stars slave Aro Watt 1. Nit thee. Oil the Hocti is on n ballot Pili in its splendor big Brlit loot i lit my Lovo Yontl Yukht. Tho stars in space Iris la till the ice juice k Cut lie i the beam Ekht. And my love breathes Nii tit 1. Ton. Hod fluid Ftera Ali Libove t. Too. Milih my Lite my Tho Utsan to you Anil lie la Aly Good or lit the Cra res ale. Pair Likht Over All the Opul Topa of Popup a Lii. Love till the iric Ruiu break my love till the Birds then Sood nit the my Ilic a lev Breaks ulitto Iii be. To Vav kor. Via. Gill in. In Tiiu City. Ii it k. H. Cuessy Jeremy Green left the potato Field just a i Virci r before 12 by Tho min. And went in to dinner. Instead of my to Tho Wood As n so Luct fur Viii in he devoted his spare Tuupo to the let l in the Only he Ever took. Asho us poring Over Ita con tents that Ovi Noii he All at onco leaped about three feet in Tho air Aud in hire descent brought Down his list with such Force in the table that to overturned a huge pan of soup that his Mother had prepared for dinner be Side breaking a Lew dishes. Is the boy fairly thundered the father. He has spilt Tho soup broke rho Blu Platter Aud dear me t Dou t know Whit else i replied his Mother in a Calm though vexed tone. Jeremy s next sensation was that of an affectionate Caress from the lash of an immense horse whip. This was Tho first Appeal for Good behaviour to had received from his up. In four or five years. For a moment to looked savagely at the old gentleman Aud thought of his own superiority of strength but Fjon quelled his pugilistic desires and Down again to Tho narrator or rather to Tho advertisement that elated him. It a Call for agents. Ten dollars a Day guaranteed Etc. For particular of key co., to. 8 Village a venue a n. Y., Weie to be con Iii Tod. Tore Ray had always Bueti Fincel to Tho farm and feeling tired of it considered this a Chance for him to he resolved at once to give the n trial. He planted potatoes All the after noon keeping one or two rows ahead of his father and milked the cows As usual thut night but the next morning before Daylight lie was 011 the Wuy to Tho City. About noon of Tho same Day he entered Tho Village of smythe Vilc just Twenty five Miles from Home feeling tired hungry and a Hittle Dis Turbed in Roii Seijiu e. Jul this Condi Tion to called at Farmer Smythes where he procured dinner and an invitation to remain until Tho following morning and rest himself. His father and Farmer san the once went to school together Jeremy now profited by it. 13ut to hardly think to would Havo tarried so anxious was to to get to the City Only that Farmer smythe had three very pretty girls. Hep Talitua the oldest was 18, just a year younger than himself and so fast did their acquaint that he became Tho owner of a card bearing her name and address before they parted. Jeremy stowed it away in his left Vest pocket feeling that Tho donor was to suy Tho least in Angel and that he somehow or other had taken a leap into Paradise. Tho remainder of his journey was passed in a kind of delightful trance from which to did not thoroughly awake until he found himself in View of the City. Then his heart gave a great for to not hoop to know his destiny he never had been to Tho City before and Tho sights were so new nud startling that to was in a tremor of excitement by Tho Tiro to reached Tho indicated in Tho advertisement. He found Tho Avenue a dirty one a dilapidated Cone urn and the woman at the door Olvi Ryhti Gish appearance but to summoned courage to inquire if a Man living there who employed agents. She re plied that there and showed him into a Small shabbily furnished part input where an oily tongued old fellow informed him thai Tho Urti clo to to canvassed for was a grease extractor of the greatest Merit he considered it the most marvelous discovery of the age and Tho rapidity of its Sale was unprecedented agents were making fort Unes Tho article was put up in 5u-Ccnt bottles he would be pleased to furry h Jeremy with a few appoint Terri tory Etc. He charged half Price so their profits were Enn Mouv Jeremy told Tho old gentleman he would take but n dozen bottles us to lad not the Means for a larger invest ment. The territory to would decide upon before he left. The old gentle Man hinted to Jeremy that it might Boas Well for him to begin to canvass in some Small country is to was Well a Little verdant. Jeremy s Teni por Rose slightly but he Mado no reply for who wants to be told he is even if he knows heist after hinting this the old gentleman left Tho room to get the bottles in readiness for Jeremy. He had no sooner gone than a girl of 12 or 13 entered Tho room by another door. Coming close to Jeremy she whispered Aro you going to be an agent for grease Jeremy replied that he was intending to be. Well now if you will never Tell the old Mau nor woman i la Tell you where you can look through a Keyhole and see him prepare she said adding that she knew lie would not think it wrong when he knew the cheat there was about it. She then directed my to the door he could see the article pre pared. In the Frei place the professor snoring by called him took a bar of common bar soap immersed it in a pail of water Shook the pail and then filled corked and sealed the bottle. That said the Gii-1, he buys in quantities of a Sony maker in the country. It is Good soap for washing clothes but will no More remove grease spots than any other common soap. An agent never goes with it but once. But by advertising to makes fools of a Good Many and considerable Money out do you Tell everybody that comos newspaper the sumo you ivc linked Jeremy. No i Don t often get a she replied you see the old woman just went ont or i should not have got in Here. I mean to get away from them pretty soon As soon As i can get another place. They both drink and abuse me Jeremy did not Stop to hear More but took his hat and ran into the Street went at such a Pace until to was oat of sight of Tho House that a policeman on the Comer had a Groat notion of arresting him on suspicion of some crime. He never heard what the professor of the reuse extractor thought of his con duct. Pear Good Jeremy he Folt to was too honest a fellow to peddle soap suds at 50 cents a Hali pint bottle even if his dreams of wealth wore nil Dis Pelle a in a moment. He comae fell a Pang of disappointment Aud resolved to return Home again after making a tour of the City. So to wandered up and Down Tho streets looking into shop windows Aud up at Tho Gold lettered signs and placards till Sundown. Then he entered a bakery invested 4 couts biscuits which he speedily devoured and inquired for n place where he would be Apt to get a night s lodging. A snap pish woman behind the counter advised him to go to the Mout Roxe House across the. Proceeding thither he stalked into the doorway As he imagined a millionaire would had asked Tho clerk How much will a on ask to keep to Here a. Little Blick hit iced Dandy looking fellow whom Jeremy Al ready had his eyes on As a pickpocket or somebody of about that stamp stood by baying a How Etc. Jeremy stood it us Long us to could until the clerk told him his lodging would be 75 cents then turning upon the Dandy a disdainful look offered to lick him for just 2 cents. The clerk immediately informed Jeremy that no tight aug was allowed in Tho House but if to wished to indulge in that recreation to might As Well go to Tho Porter House just n Block away. Suddenly taking the hint Jeremy went As directed. Meeting at the door an object that he took either for the proprietor or a whisky barrel he abruptly inquired keep u fellow Here to night who is ready to Light any City Dandy who dares to insult him yes1 them s just the kind. Hore Jim show him Toio oni was the reply. In ten minutes Jeremy was in bed and asleep. Half an. Hour later he was awake and bade fair to remain no. An attack from those venomous injects vulgarly termed bed bugs re s quire his Wakeful attention. They were apparently of ii Mevious hat unless mid vigilant re inf were re sorted to Jeremy to must be annihilated. Thus he fought in go d Earnest. All night Long the siege lusted. The Slaughter was terrible. The number of the slain amounted to about us wording to Jeremy s estimate. The gory sheets were a sight to behold. Musing upon his Conquest in the morning Jeremy concluded to had Well earned his night s lodging. So he dressed himself crept softly Down the stairway whisked out the door and scampered Down Tho Street without settling his Bill. About 10 o clock Asho was saunter ing up Arlington Avenue a heavy hand grasped his shone it a u pair of Handcuffs were thrust of his wrists and a voice loud enough to arouse the seven sleepers exclaimed you Aro my prisoners must to replied Jeremy since n simple country lad like me cannot walk the streets without being perhaps it is More of an offence than you think to leave a hotel without paying your the officer replied marching Jeremy along to Tho lock up. After reaching that vile abode which appealed to to filled with profane Drunken wretches poor Jeremy began to think his father s potato Field was a More becoming place for him. But to compelled to remain Thero until the next Day when he was taken to the police court. The Case was the first on the docket and to Jeremy s great Relief shortly disposed of. After a Little Parley by Tho lawyers Tho prisoner was allowed to plead his own Case und Tho following was the sum. And tub stance of his speech gentlemen i suppose-1 committed a great mistake by not paying my Bill at Trio Porter House. But when i relate the sufferings i endured that night and you realize my hair breadth escape you must admit t am Tho aggrieved party. No Soldier on the Battle Field Ever fought for his info As i fought for mine Between the hours of 8 in the evening and g in the morning utterly Jinni Hilt Iii betwee Nizine Aud Teu thousand of the longest billed ravenous insects which country people innocently cull bed bugs that 1 Ever encountered. Of it was to hard night s work. I would rather have Hoed potatoes three Gays laughter Aud i thought i earned my night s lodging and that the proprietor of the hotel would think i did him a great favor. So i left the House As quietly As possible feeling i had done Niy duty hoping 1ho next weary traveler who occupied no. 26, would not meet with so Hearty a reception As fell to me. Gentlemen the affection those insects Manifest for Man kind is indeed marvelous and i find in my Case that their demonstrations Are very exhausting to one s everyone in the court room was convulsed with laughter As the Pris Oner now sat Down apparently from sheer weariness wiping his eyes with his coat sleeves. He was released by paying is and Cost which took Tho last Penny he had. In a few hours he left the City Shak ing the dust from his no. 11 Bovine hide boots convinced that the country was the place for him. The following night he in a barn twelve Miles from the City suffering much from the cravings of hunger and was hotly pursued the next morning about Daylight by the proprietress of the place with an uplifted Broom and the fiercest imprecations. She allowed no tramps on Hor premises Over night and the nest time to came that Way he had better not Call. Jeremy assured her he would not. We think to would have been quite disheartened at the continuance of ill Luck Only that he was but a Lew Miles from Farmer Smythes Paradise he hoped to reach even in his enfeebled condition at noon and to was not disappointed in his calculations. At 12 precisely that Day be dined off a luscious dish of Ham and eggs with the smythe family. To them he related the Story of his adventures in the City not even omitting the disagree Able details of his encounter at the Porter House incarceration at the lock up Etc. Inept Ali a was More affected and interested at the recital than either of the others and wept and laughed alternately her sympathies All with Jeremy. Well Jeremy you have found a Good Haven at last. I will be glad to have you with me As Long As you can Content yourself and will pay Yon for helping me on the farm my work being a Little this Farmer smythe said patting his Young Friend Oil the shoulder in a very Friendly Way. Jeremy said he would remain a week or two and then return Home As no doubt his parents were anxious about him. At Tho end of a month Jeremy started homeward with his great heart Over flowing with happiness. He and Hep Talina had made n contract for life. Just one month from then she would become his Bride. He was not Long walking the Twenty five Miles and As soon Asho was in sight of the old Homestead his father and Mother hastened to meet him and rain tears of Lovo on his Neek. Jeremy was reminded of the account Given of Tho prodigal Sou still was aware that their cases varied As he had not wasted much in riotous living. Nor was the fatted calf killed although the Joy of Toto so parents hearts wus Groat at Liia return for Jeremy had been a Good obedient boy and was All their dependence. Lie could not gather courage at first to Tell them of his engagement to Hep Ltd Iii but when he did to was fold by them both that the old House should to enlarged and that they would All live Aud die in Tho same place. Thus Jeremy resumed his labor on the old leaving it again to secure an Agency. After haying he brought Home his Bride Aud All went merry As a marriage 1mass. Napoleon and ti1k South. Tami us we i d to an lips of Iii of Ellb t Lull War. lilo Tnbun-1. Of the four of Lunniss toners who wore sent fiver to your pc by president lib Islip Hughes Bishop Mcl Ivunie get. Suoia Aud or. Weed All were confident that Friendly. Tho Rupae deletion was shared by or. Day ton the minister at Paris and or. Ijiri general and had it not been for what May be culled an Accident that brought the news of Napoleon s hostility to Tho ears of or. Zaytou. Our representatives might have gone of Labo Piug under Tho delusion that France would not inter Fere until the had declared War against us. Every subsequent event was fort Unate. Or. Dayton As soon As the Rumor cume to him sent to London Post haste for or. Weed who left immediately. As soon As he arrived he was informed of the unpleasant Nevis. Or. Weed happened to remember that he had a letter of introduction to one m. Loubat. He delivered it at once and his apprehensions were As 1 m. Lumbat informed him that the danger of War was imminent. He him to have an audience with the Damper of once to which or. Weed replied that or. Dayton would arrange one but probably could not effect it until after the meeting of the Chambers. Thi1 would be too late As Tho mischief that time would have been done. M. Lumbat volunteered to arrange Tho inter View and on Tho very next Day succeeded in procuring an audience for or. Weed with the count do morny. The result of that interview is thus stated by or. Weed upon my expressing the solicitude Felt to our minister or. Dayton in relation to Forth coming speech of the emperor. Do Jjo Ruy with considerable emphasis take int Franco a suffering so seriously for our civil War that Tho emperor would to compelled to refer to Tho subject in is address. I inquired i All warn of commercial nations did not necessarily More or less inconvenience neighbouring nations. To replied that our War waa an exceptional one that other nations wore dependent upon us for Cotton that our blockade and to destruction of the Charleston Harbor had deprived Europe of an article essential to its interests that Franco was a paternal govern ment and when it could Dot Fiir Nuh its people with labor was compelled to Supply them Wiki bread. When i urged that the blockade As n Meas no found precedents in Euroyna 1 wars Tho count replied that there was no Mich or excuse for destroying Tho her Bor of Charleston Ono of the Moat import Arr. If not Tho most important Cotton Harlor in run country. I replied that the count was Laboi under a in Romaul to Charleston Harbor that instead of being demolished it had simply been obstructed fail that Tho rocks placed there could to readily n moved when Tacto was no further occasion for Cuch obstruction. Every objection that was offered by the count was removed by or. Weed and every alleged violation of International practices was justified by Prece dents in the French and English at Tho close of Tho interview the count said that he should meet the emperor on Tho evening when the speech to Tiiu Chambers would be rend first to the Cabinet and would present his Points. The next Day the Imp crop made his speech and it was amicable. Tho Dan Ger had blown Over. Had or. Weed been n Day later or Hud he failed to procure the interview we might have had a War with France on our hands and at the very time when England was most hostile to us and was inflamed with indignation at the arrest of Mason and slide i. The escape seems almost providential in every one of its details and in none less than in the fact that this delicate duty was entrusted to Sueh an intelligent and skillful representative is or Weed. Fergus Ferguson s Creed. Rev. Fergus Ferguson having been arraigned before the United presbyterian Synod of Scotland on the charge of heresy condensed his idea of Christ Ian orthodoxy into Tho following Sis Points there is a god Man is a being made in the image and after the like Ness of god Jesus is the Christ the son of god and Tho Savior of the world the Church As the body of Christ is the organization in the spirit of god fitly dwells and by which therefore the mind of god a contained in the sacred scriptures May be most fully and clearly made known to the world in order that the world might be brought Back to god and that the Bible is the word of a new use for baby s bottle. There is a Darkey in the third Ward who has a sow and eight very Small pigs. The Mother of the pigs was taken very sick the other Day and the pigs had to be Fedi the Darkey tried to feed them with a spoon but failed. He now nourishes them with a bottle filled with milk and Over the top of which he has placed a gum nipple. What a time that Darkey must a Volunteer a French Story. I. A gentleman irreproachable dressed goes into a confectioner s Storo and says to the gentlemanly confectioner want 150 of the tarts you can a Hundred and fifty that is a pretty Large order do you want Thorn at within three hours at the to can have them ready at that time. Ahem it 19 customary to Ash a de posit on such 10 certainly my Friend Here Are your 10 ii. About two hours later a gentle Man irreproachable dressed goes into a tailor s shop across Tho Way from the pastry Cook s and asks to be shown some overcoats. He selects one of the nicest and asks the Price. One Hundred and Twenty five francs sir very Well. I will take it. I have some Money to collect at the confectioner s across the Way. I presume Yon have no objection to letting one of your Young men come Over with me to get certainly not. A worthy menu is my Friend or. Iii. To confectioner enter i reproach ably dressed gentleman now wearing an overcoat and the tailor s Mau. The confectioner greets Tho former with the respect due to a Good customer. A puff i be called round for that 100. You promised to have them for me at you shall have them in five min utes tory Well. I have to go round the Corner to see a Man. You Grill give this gentleman 125 of the 150. I will return Aud get the other 25 m self in a few with pleasure in. Five minutes later the Confer Toner gives Tho tailor s Young Man a Bill for Tho Kalaii thereon 21 francs 25 centimes. One minute thereafter a confections Jud a tailor s Young Man Are the neighbourhood in search of an Irr proach Ubly dressed Gobi Ali Idun. With i new overcoat whom the great its ceaseless Bustle and confusion has swallowed up As a yellow dog swallows an Opp Tor Cracker. Tiro Norh China. We passed through and Fields of Millet ten feet High und could not see us Rosa the country unless Whoie the Harvest was Cut. Tho stocks of Tho Large Millet looked like wigwams. We heard sad tidings of the famine yet Here there was abundance much that this one province could Supply All Tho famine stricken. A measure of Millet will support a chinaman for a month but there is no Enterprise about getting Tho Millet to the hungry and the port was soon to be closed by the Winter. There was always some one on Tho Road though the houses and villages were few. Now it was the postman with his mail bag Slung across his shoulders his hands swinging Vehe mently he went. Then it was trav Elers on horseback armed with Formida ble Spears with which to frighten not to tight the robbers that i infest the roads. Peasants were trudging to Market a. Farmer was going Over his land. Fig ures in White cume near the Road to watch and we knew it was a family in mourning. Some ladies crossed by a path Over tha Fields to pay a visit to a neighbor s House a servant followed them and they stole shy looks at the foreigners. Here the reapers were at work and if it was the arge Millet they Cut Down Only Ono Stook at a time and then bound them laboriously in Gigantic sheaves. A watch Man staff in hand was patrolling Tho Fields to guard his master s Grain against the inroads of the poor. There we saw a hard beaten circuit of ground the ears with Only a Short Straw spread Over them and a White and Lazy mule dragging a Stone round and round. Sometimes the Grain was lashed but never thrashed with the flail. Where roads met Thero Taos almost always a Small shrine of mud a few feet High raised to some local god a shabby superstition that contrasted with the comfortable look and intelligence of the people. A Puzzle for of Dituro geologists. A singular discovery was made Dur ing last year s dredging operations of the const Survey Steamer Jake in the Caribbean sea a discovery which should furnish a lesson of caution to geological observers Aud theorizes. While dredging to the Leeward of the Caribbean islands Largo accumulations of vegetable matter and of Laud debris were brought up from deep water Many Miles from Shore. It was net an uncommon thing to find at a depth of Over fathoms arid some ten or fifteen Miles from land masses of leaves pieces of Bamboo and of sugar Cane dead ind shells and other Laud debris which were undoubtedly All blown out to sea by the prevailing East Erly Trade winds and frequently masses of vegetation More or less waterlogged and ready to sink were found floating on the surface of the sea. The contents of some of Tho trawls would indeed have sorely puzzled a Pale oncologist if to had met them in a Fossil state amid deep water forms of fishes crabs Echi Noder rns sponges Etc., would to found Orange and Mango leaves mingled with branches of Bamboo and Nutmeg so that it would have been difficult to de cide whether the Marine or the Laud Fauna predominated. Such a find in a Fossil Deposit would probably Boex planned As having occurred in a shallow Estuary surrounded by forests. It is not without interest to observe that this Large amount of vegetable matter thus carried out to sea seems to have increased in certain localities the num Ber of Marine forms of life. A roman treasure. A Italy in the morning of the 1st of june a lad engaged in repairing the Drain of the House no. 23 Della Tell Cotta found a Little shiny piece of Metal and put it in his Pockel waiting for the Chance of showing it to so me connoisseur. In the meanwhile a Good Deal of the dirt from the Drain was a tired a Way in the direction of Porta angelic i. The lad had his piece examined by a Goldsmith opposite and he wus just receiving Twenty francs for it when the head Mason and the owner of the House who had heard somehow of the affair come to Stop the bargain at right moment. Search was made immediately on the spot and 142 Gold coins were found scattered be tween the Drain and the Walls of the House. Policemen were sent after the carts they overtook them just outside Porta Angelica examined the contents arid found forty two More coins to the great amazement of the Drivers who had no idea they were re moving Gold from such a unexpected Unne. Thy treasure Miu burs Coni ii Cunt a 174 Gold coins of the largest size Pur factly fresh As if they Lim just Buen taken from the mint. The pc Iod to which i they belong goes from 1450 to Louo the Are 11. The of Louis of in Nocent v1i1., Alix Tiisler vi., Clement and Paul 111. Nearly one third belongs to Clement i i few coins to Tho of Niin und tin by turd of Hungary. 1 am sure butt were in Gravid by artists worthy to with you Autho or bin Vemo they Are of is Jib he Beauty. The Day 51 or. Cas Ali. Tho owner was of Rcd francs Lor the Giotis. Of course to refused. The treasure was not concealed carefully in one place the pieces Lay Scutt cred m More Filiau cubic feet of dirt. Bull dog cab1uge. The sch with of a i Ivolou wage Between men in Nevada. Vij Kiula City Nev chronicle. Several years ago Ono of the most novel wagers Ever recorded was made Between Farmer Treadway of Carson and Aid. Of this City. Or. Orndorff was spending u sunday at Treadway a and happened to have with him a pet Bull dog which weighed forty five pounds. The old agriculturist on first seeing the dog remarked that dogs were Well enough in their place but cabbages were his weakness. To also said that he intended making some experiments with cabbages to see How Large a vegetable could be produced. J Cal Verlato to get my cabbages up to where they la to considered the had an said Orndorff that i can Breed a Bull dog Down to a look remarked Treadway pulling up a Fence Post and beginning to whittle it you be got a forty five Pound dog and i m Raisin seven and a half to Ted cabbages. Now you Start in with your dog Bre Dinand i la be Gin my cabbage Raisi Naud i la bet that i la fetch up with a forty five Pound cabbage before you turn Loose a seven Aud a half Pound Rudorff accepted the Wager. A Mutual Friend took charge of the stakes depositing the amount in the Carson Dank next Day or. Of Dorfel now begun to Breed his. Bull pups on purely scientific Princi Ples. Be bred and interbred with i Maller clogs and their and coi bins and aunts und each succeeding year showed a marked diminution of tight in the new Gene ration of pups. The following table will o glance the result of his Bull Pununy Tropic labors 45 t i Oun ils i Hira 1 jiotiuj1. I thu the be 1 k a j in. Put mls he now had at the Delta a seven and a half Pound dog which was something wonderful to behold. It was a recent arrival and on a sunday to went Down to Carson wit i it to show it to Farmer Treadway and claim the stakes. When he Yeshib ipod the dog the old Farmer weighed it on his Scales and remarked Good enough. Now look at my they went out into the Garden and the old Farmer pulled up a cabbage which weighed exactly forty five pounds. Or Dorli scratched his head in astonishment and said it beats Tho the old Farmer who had kept a rec Ord of his cabbage growing furnished a chronicle reporter with Tho following table of yearly growths l it year. 7v. Pounds yeivr.1c pounds third pounds fourth pounds of till pounds thus it will be seen that Treadway s cabbage had gone tip the scale by the same skips that Orndorff s dog had Gor e Down. Otto such remarkable tables of a cabbage Advance and a dog decline were perhaps never before known. How Andy Johnson ton a vote. Miss Grundy gives the following interesting bit of history in connection with Tho death of sex senator kickers of Maryland it will to remembered that he came into the United states Senati just in time to vote1 Auiles. Johnson s Inisi ii chm. In. At the critical juncture when he was elected 3ir. William nov Ohio of a Ultimore. In and Cheuu Thor of the clause in Hist year s army Bill a inem Bor of tin Maryland legislature. Zhc re was great difficulty in select aug a Man to to sent to the United states Senate to succeed the senator who Hud died Henry win Ter Davis if i mistake not. Tho trouble was to find some one whose record was that Tho Radical Senate could find no excuse for deciding him to be Dis to sit among themselves on the High court of impeachment yet one whom the legislature of Maryland could be certain would vote in favor of presi Dent Johnson. Mrs. Zimmei who from her childhood had taken the warm est interest in politics has told me that she used to lie awake at she was with her husband in Annapolis to think of the right Mau and at last thought of Vickers in the dead of night and suggested the name to her husband who considered Ita very Happy thought. It required very Nice management on the part of or. Kinmel and his colleagues who desired the fail ure of Tho impeachment to secure Tho election of or. Vickers in time to cast his vote against impeachment and the Maryland legislature sat Day and night until he was elected and very skillful political diplomacy at last won the Clay. Then it remained to get him to Washington before it was too late and this again or. Zimmei contrived to effect despite my any difficulties. So he and his wife were potent factors in saving or. Johnson from impeachment.1 wanted to whether false ringlets can be properly described As curls of whether a Row in a rookery deserves the definition of caws and whether the Sailor who wanted to know what time it was has gone to sea. Whether mis naming a baby at a christening May be called turning rite into wrong. Whether the plainest woman alive when she reaches the age of 77, will be a pretty old one. Whether it is not preferable to fall out with your banker than to lose your balance with him. Whether when a horse takes his meals he has them at his table. Whether sweepstakes Are sortable food for sweeps whether when you give a child a bal it will be Likely to give you a Biol. Whether a dumb Man always keeps his word. Household Economy. Bice Grid die cup cold boiled Rice one pint flour one Teaspoon fill Salt two eggs beaten very Light milk to make a tolerably thick Batter. Beat All together Well and Bako. White Mountain Pound of flour one of sugar and a half a cup of butter six eggs beaten separately Ono cup of Sweet milk a teaspoonful of soda and two teaspoonfuls of Cream tar tar. Flavor to Tho taste and use fruit if desired. To renovate a Black Chip add to one pint cold water teaspoonful spirits of ammonia use with a soft toothed Nail Brush when clean rinse with cold water and place in Sun to dry. Do not soak or scrub sufficiently to destroy the shape. It will look As Good As new. Wiiest or bake three potatoes and Mash Fine. Soak a cast Cako and add to the potatoes when Cool enough. Add two teaspoonfuls of Salt let it stand three or four hours then add water enough for two loaves of bread. Stir in flour until very stiff let it stand Over night. In the morning add half a of soda dissolved in water and butter the size of a Wal nut. Knead thoroughly and then lot it raise very Light and put in bread pans wit Hoxit further kneading. Let if raise quickly to twice its bulk when put in the pans. Potato six Good sized potatoes in two quarts of water till done then take four table spoonfuls of flour and two of sugar and work them together with the potatoes and a Hittle of the water until perfectly smooth taking care to keep the remainder of the water on the stove until needed when sufficiently gnashed add the of the water and after stirring together put through a colander to prevent any lumps in the yeast when about lukewarm add a Little Stock yeast and set in a warm place for about half a Day and it will be sufficiently raised to put in Eana or jars in a Cool place. Burke the the greatest men have been noted for the breadth of their sympathy. Everything even the most trivial seemed to interest them. They gave a broader meaning to the famous line of Terence than he Ani a Man und think nothing alien to me that in while Edmund Burke was preparing for the trial of Burien Hastings he made an appointment with sir Philip Francis of read Over sonar important papers relating to the sir Philip fulled and found or. Burke in his Gai Den holding a Grasshopper. What a Beautiful insect is said Burke. Observe its Structure its legs its wings its eyes 1 How can answered sir Philip spend your time in admiring a grass Hopper when you have of Many thing1 of moment to attend yet observed Burke if we credit aristophanes attended to a i much smaller insect and actually Meas ured the proportion which its size Bort t i the space it passed Over in a skip. 1 think the skip of a Grasshopper not exceed its length. Let us my dear replied the impatient and sir Philip. I am in a great hurry. Let us go in Aud you listen while i read these papers to they walked into the House and sir Philip began to read to the listening apparently Burke. Suddenly the Reader paused to find misplaced Sheet. I broke in Burke that naturalists Are now agreed that Locust not Cicada is the latin word for Grasshopper. What is your opinion sir my answered sir Philip rolling up his papers is that till the Grasshopper is out of your head it wiil to Idle to talk to you of the concerns of and he walked fit of the House. Tui Ukso Ivins Day. It is usual to appoint the last thurs Day of november a Day of thanks giving. Why thursday was originally chosen m part fire ecu to Ruthm Ilys is not certainly known but Thorit gives Tho Orcas of that shortly after the lauding of the pilgrims and while they were in sore distress a ves Sel bearing food and clothing arrived on thursday fur the selection of that any. At All events occasional Days of thanksgiving were held at Plymouth from 1021 to 10so. The custom be came general throughout Mats Chu sifts and from spread to the Otner colonies. There was no National thanksgiving Day until 178j-, when Cren. Washington called one to cede Brnt Ethe Satili cation of peace after the War in 1789, the adoption of Tho Constitution of Tho United states. The nest year one was called on account of the suppression of insure rec iou. The successful close of the War of a Slit caused another Day of National thanksgiving to to called in Isle. Some of the Days fell on thurs Day and some did not. New Tork has had a thanksgiving Day since 1817 Al most invariably called on thursday and Tho same is True of Virginia since 1855, an Din eight other Southern states since 1858. President Lincoln issued proclamations recommending Days of special thanksgiving for victories in 1862, 63, and 64, and since that time the president has issued such a Procla mation annually which has been supplemented by the governors of Many of the states. It is now the Rule to Call them on Tho last thursday of novem Ber. A japanese legend. Among the collection of japanese luge mls published under the auspices of the Koyal Asiatic society of London is rhe following a the year a. D. 1184 Nori Yori a d Yoshi Lauae the Brothers of Yori Tonio i ill Thelea dirs of the Ginji Defeated the who Lac a to Den Iio Ura in Yashima province of nagato Laking with the twin Toki Hito the son of the i Kudo by the daughter of Kiyomori the great Leader of the Ilecki. A great storm Coli aug on hostilities Mere sus Pended and after its becoming Calm a Largo vessel was seen to approach the Shore in the neighbourhood of Tho Genji Encampment. It was soon recognized As the Royal Barge and n Small boat was seen to put Oil from it continuing one o the ladies of the court she raised and spread out a Gilt fun on which was painted n Crimson Sun As no muru on the split end of a Bamboo und waved toward the Shore her own fan made of thin i no i. Yosh Teune observing this called up on his in Flowers to shoot at it with their Long bows but nil it Cli Noci to attempt the feat it last Kasu ii Okuichi Mune Laka of Shinol Zukic Iho most celebrated Archer of the eight provinces was charged to support the t Imo of of Iii in the face of the Ejiu Tny. Taking but one a Row Aud mounting Hashe vowed to succeed or in event of i Luuru to commit suicide and then Rodo out in the Sli Oal water As Lar As he could toward i then no Haj vol Tiu boat to Bubo unsteady on the water rising and falling tie Waves Rai Suil by Tho Jale storm that Bis heart almost failed Bun but closing my eyes he fervently breathed the Warrior s prayer Namu in Uchimaru and then opening his eyes attic boat for a Jii mount Stein la in the moving Bil lows lie then Drew his Bow and re the shift saw the f in Lii aloft to the skies. A shout Ami a Clamira from a Shore and Albo from the i Numy and nil were congratulating and thanking Munetake when one Cap Titus and jealous Ujj Jiuji disputed the fact of the fan being struck and accounted Tor its by baying it was in Laue to. At Imago of the Sun Aud the gods had snatched the inn away to protect it Fiou harm. Mun Tuka then that he had ii med it the Iron it it and not it the round i in but this was discredited and set Down As i vain Boal. Presently a boat approached the Shore the Barge by using a Usif of and rhe messenger brought Buck thu now and the fan with a com Lii Cunti ii Tho ten of. On examination the j fun showed tin Mark where it had be in struck by ii Arrow in tin Metal Rovit As Munetake had b asted. This Clever Arches was the ancestor of the family of Princess of Akita in Eduwu und the Umily cog is a fan with a round Sun a Yuju Abl Thero had been great tribulation in a tenement House on Battle Row in West Fortieth Street and mrs. Kane had got a Black Eye and lost a couple of hand Fuls of hair through mrs. Nolan s ten Der manipulation. At length Tho Law was invoked and to the Jefferson mar Ket police court the belligerents went to demand that Justice be meted out. There had been Only a couple of it examined Wrhen a Little woman with n snap in her eyes elbowed her Way up to the stand put her arms akimbo and with a defiant shake of the head faced the defendant who bras a perfect Amazon. What s your name his Honor asked. Bridget Mcshane May it Plazo yer Aimer and i m not afraid to say this i h another defiant dip of the Bonnet. You want to i do did you take part in this trouble i did to you see it begin i did to sir were you there while it was in not i nor when it ended invade i was Well what in the name of common sense brought Yon Here if you kilo in nothing about it that big Huzzy there designating Tho defendant. She Seel there was t a woman in the House dare appear Ngen her. So i Kern to show that Bridget Mcshane cares nothing for her nor All her any further testimony from so Valu Able a witness was dispensed new York he raid. Extraordinary adventure. A most remarkable Accident happened at the Hale Norcross mine one night. A Cage with six men was coming up the Shaft at 11 hour for Chang ing the shifts. When about goo feet from the Bottom at a Point where there is an irregular place in the guides the Cage suddenly lurched to one Side throwing the men to the other. Patrick Holland who was on the outside was crowded off. Instead of falling to the Bottom and being dashed to pieces he was safely lodged on a tue other men on the Cage supposed that to had fallen into the sump of course. Nil ice they reached the surface they got the Saf is and Boses Buck to the sump to gather up the merits of the body. As they the place in the Shaft where the Mun thrown off they heard a voice below them telling them to go slow. They did not know what to make of the strange discovery never supposing it possible for Holland to be anywhere Elseth tin at the Bottom. When they saw him Safe on his narrow Perch they could scarcely believe their Eves. Any one who has ascended a Shaft knows How rapidly the Wall plates flit by when the Ian torn is held so us to bring them to Vior. The Cage from which Holland was thrown was co in in gup at the usual rate of Speed. How the Mau could possibly Havo been lodged on one of these pieces of Timber without being jammed by the Cage or knocked off is it went past him is a wonder. The Wall plate is a Square Timber fourteen by sixteen inches so that Thero was very Little standing room for Holland while he or As wait ing for Tho Cage to come Down and Rescue him. If the Shaft had been so Light that he could look Down any reasonable distance of the 000 feet Between him and the Bot Tom to would scarcely have had Tho nerve to cling to his narrow footing. Tho darkness of All mining shafts is a Point in favor of the miners preserving their coolness when placed in ticklish positions. A couple of pump men will throw a foot wide Plank across a Shaft 200 feet from the Bottom and work upon it As though they were not five feet from the Bottom. Tho darkness of the Shaft prevents the thought of the awful abyss below from being constantly Virginia Nev chronicle. Waller Scott s fee. One Scott More famed As poet than a pleader had a House breaker for his client at Jedburg. And did his Best for the rogue who Iti thanking him after Tho trial expressed himself As much aggrieved at being unable to repay him in current Coin but lacking that gave him two valuable bits of assuring him that a yelping terrier in Side a House was a better Protection against thieves than a big dog outside a House and that no sort of lock so both ered one of his Craft is an old Rusty one. Philosophically accepting the inevitable the author of Waverly con Soled himself by turning the Couplet yelping error Rusty key was Walter Scott s first Jed Lee. Journal cd and come As the girl Eaid to her Lover when she heard the ocl Man stumbling around in the dark. Sfa Perl

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