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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - January 1, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Pastor s resignation. 2jy i. Edgah Jozeb. Tho Agea pastor bowed his head within the altar s railing his hands were tremulous with ago Hla sight and lion eng failing fond Faith and Trust Wero striving hard to flight away a fears but yet his heart was sore and sad and sought re Lief in tears. For forty years Bis Tongue proclaimed to All Sal nations Story for forty yrs to ill who Canio he offered of Blory for forty years the Bell that echoed now from ont the Steeple proclaimed that Here his warning voice had tidings for Lus people. But now the loaders of the influential had called on hits to yield his place to hold a younger Man his energies had loan been spent twas meet be should retire tha they might Call a Man of Mark endowed with Tilro. With quavering voice he response to friends who offered greeting. And listened in an absent Way to members in the me tiny discoursing in familiar tones of changes they were and asking him to make remarks although his heart was breaking. But yet to Oft voice with Feime. While Down Lua faded furrowed face slow tears were softly stealing a holy Hus ii pervading All us though a a Cyl spell had rested of them As he Rose to bid his Dock fart Well. He spoke of memories sad and Sweet of dim an Distant Daj 9, of forty years of constant toil of pain and prayer and Praise of by his Hanl who stood before him still. While some reposed beneath the Lowers upon the Distant Hill. And Here his voice Sanfac sad Aad there his child and wife were stud win 11 death had left him Lone to i i far More wore they to once had Kun own. Who death the Willows slept than they who sat Bufor Eim now and o or their memories wept. For All to prayed As fathers plead Cor club Dick whom they love that All Misut once again to joined in Gol s abode above and then in voice Replete with tones of Luve and fond caressing he raised ins trembling hands aloft and gave to All his Blessing. The saddened people silent sat Asho resumed his chair while rays Sunshine softly fell and played upon his hair and rested Thero with Light Caress As though a Golden Cabin by which an Angel message sought and soothed him in his pain. The Organ broke the silence then with sweetly sol emn Roll that wailed m Wavey of Silver song across the denied soul. With Bock of old yet grand and Well May the Angel choir above its notes prolong. The people Rose to be dismissed their pastor Lin gered still and smiling looked upon Tho that crooned Iho Distant Lull but Thuy sought with gentle touch to Wake the musing Rind Licy found that death had called him hence had nil Finett. Our neighbors. Go where you will in southwestern Kansas Thero is almost always a Cayote or two not ui1 away. Anil Oliou one of animals begins howling at night r just before Daybreak in the morning a j Lumson not accustomed to to Weir noise would think there were a dozen of them for every Cayots cur is so gifted that to can howl in two or Oliree differ ent voices first a yelp then a falsetto then a dog like bark and then All three at once blended in one wild out cry. The sudden bursting Forth of these cries in the silence of the night is at once startling quid incomparably doleful. The first time i heard them the wild dissonant doleful sounds fairly made Rny heart sink. It was the night after moved on to our new Stock farm and being a Little homesick the wild Bowling depressed me All the More. But Ous gets used to their noise and strange As it May seem sometimes actually comes to enjoy it. If one of these animals is about you always know at least when to get up in the morning for at Daybreak or. Cayote is pretty sure to lift up his Many melodious voices in a Long polyglot howl. It is the cock Crow of the Plains. The Kansas coyotes Are Macli alike All through the West i am seemed to to to be inter mediate Between the Gray Fox and the Timber Wolf. They remind one of the Fox not Only in to Weir Rusty Gray Coats but in their movements and habits and yet they seem somewhat wolfish. The peaked nose prick ears and Bushy Tail Are much like those of the Fox and the dark and Dusky markings found the jowls and on Tho legs look foxy. In their yapping and howling they Aro Fox and Wolf combined. In size they Are about half Way Between the two. Nature in getting up a a for the open Plains appears to have struck a mean betwixt vulpes and Lupus Tho first year of our herding we had our main cattle pen on a Crick pretty Well Down to the Indian lands and the cattle ranged Over the line. Nothing was then Suid of trespass though there Lias since been trouble about it. We started in business with eighty seven Young cows thirty four 2-year old steers and Twenty six yearlings and that first fall to mustered seventy six calves. These undo a considerable Herd about As Large As my brother and i could Confor Turiy look after. We did not Benld a House the first year nor even Mako a but lived in our or Inge Cov ered Wagon. It was a Good place to sleep and to picketed our ponies round it. Tye had a Small stove with a funnel ten or twelve feet High and a big Stone set on it to keep the wind from blow ing it Over. We should never have made a dig out at All but for a Tor Nado which Tore the Schooner in pieces toward the last of the second Spring we were there. About a Hundred rods farther up tie Creek in the Bluff like Bank a Cayots had his Burrow. It was a Hole some what like that made by a Fox a Little larger perhaps and there were Throe or four entrances leading into it. One of these entrances or outlets was on the very top of the Bank where Tho creature could poke his head up and take a Survey of the Vicinity. An other was Down the Side of the o kind of Back door opening toward the water and still another emerged beside a Rock Twenty Yards or More farther tip Tho Bank. We afterwards surmised that this last was a sort of secret Portal whence the animal could escape in Case any one tried to Corner him in his Burrow. Then there was n fourth Hole the purpose of which was Best known to the proprietor himself. For no doubt he had his dig out arranged in a Man Ner Best to suit his own style of living. Judging from the piles of yellow dirt which he had thrown out the Burrow have been quite Here eur fellow settler spent his Day times in slumbering it is Likely. Nearly every night after dark we could hear his evening Salut Atory of yelps snarls and barks. That meant that his Hunt Foi Jack rabbits was about to tins was his customary business in the night. He was a bad neighbor. Anything left about stove in the Way of Bacon or fat was sure to to gone in the morn ing. Once the brute carried off Nearh a whole Ham. My brother shot at i v. O or three times after that Anc torched one of its ears with a Bullet. Very Early in the morning we Wotila or Astimos see the Cayote sitting ii a dog near his Hole looking will Wistful expression at the cattle in the chewing their cuts. This was probably after a poor night for jacks going to bed on an empty stomach with so much Good Nice beef in sight wat Edward my brother would some times Send a Ball tip that Way. If the Cayote saw him about to soothe Zouki instantly disappear. Sometimes dec would fire from the Wagon. At the. Puff of smoke Tho animal would Duck there would be n momentary glimpse o its Bushy Tail and that would be last of him for that Day. The sheep herders sometimes lost heavily by wolves. But even in packs coyotes never attempt to pull Down sometimes Young calves the second Spring we were Thero one of our 3-year-old heifers stole away with her calf into a run or Ravine two or three Miles from the Yard. Toward night we set off in search of her and As evening Drew on we were attracted to this run by the bellowing of Tho Heifer. On Riding to the top of Tho Bank we could see the cow Rushing about in frantic attempts to drive Oil six or seven coyotes that were trying to drag off her calf which they had already worried to death. But the cow was so Resolute and Savage that they could none of them get More than a taste of Tho veal before she would them off first one and then another. This was the first time we had Ever seen our Friend of the notched ear in company with others. We concluded that he had summoned them to his Aid to help kill the calf and beat off the cow. On our Riding into the run they All skulked. De now declared our Cayote neighbor a nuisance too Long endured already and that he must die. To had with that Spring a Young fellow named Zoi u Vrh iting. Zopher i think was his Given Kutney. Ilo said he was from Jersey. He had come West to seek his Many others not having found it to stopped with us six or eight weeks and worked for his Board. Next morning de. Zofe find i started to drown out the Cayote carrying with us Oliree tin buckets and our Iron stove pot. De took along a Bat stick for since Zofe had come to us we Hud sol aced our spare hours with a three handed game of Ball. After n Good look at the Price we decided to put water 111 at the upper most of the one on the Crest of Tho Bluff. One of the other holes we stopped with stones and at the lower one de took his place Bat in hand to Knock the Cayots on the head when the a Titch Gnu ukr Lilua of at de also took the precaution to place his gun loaded and cocked close at his hand. But the joke of it was we did not see the other Hole out by the Rock for it was partially under the Rock and no dirt had been thrown out there. The distance Down to the Creek was not More than 100 feet. The Bank however was rather Steep. But Zofe and i got to work at a Trot up and Back with our buckets and pot sending water Down the Hole while de Lay with drawn Bat stick ready to strike. We had carried up eight or Teu buckets of water apiece when suddenly the animal popped his head out at the lower Hole but caught sight of de in the act of striking and instantly Drew Back. The Bat came Down with n tremendous whack across the Hole but did t hit the Cayote. Keep it up he shouted ill fetch him next we kept it up for six or eight de crouching with his Eye intently fixed on Tho Hole when hearing a slight noise ont by the Rock Zofe and i looked round and to the Cayote was just taking leave we yelled to de. He jumped Irp and for a moment acted As if he could not believe his own eyes then snatched the gun and fired after the creature. But it had got too far away to be Hurt. The Cayote did not come Back to Liia Hole. Perhaps we had made it too Damp for his health. He used still to Call on us nights however and take what was left ii protected. We got glimpses of him now and then and after a time found that to had settled a another Hole on the opposite Side of the Creek half a mile farther on. Lato that fall we met with a loss. The Winter rain storms tire cold and chilling on these unsheltered Plains. To thought it too cold for stir cattle and were foolish enough to build a Long shed to break the Force of the we made the roof of this shed of oiled cloth nailed to Light rafters and the Back or North Side we made of Brush twined in pretty closely. The cattle liked it that was the trouble. They took to it so nicely that when the first really severe Storin came in december they stacked at one end of it and the result was that nest m orb ing we took out six dead steers they had crowded and trampled each other to death. We hauled Down our shed directly. It is for safer to let the cattle shift for themselves and get into the runs and hoho ivs when the storms come. Texan herders Are now agreed that it is better for their Stock to go a housed. These six 2-year-Olds made a Fine feast for the coyotes and Indian dogs after we had hauled the carcasses on to Tho Prairie. If we had had strychnine we might no doxy by have destroyed numbers of them. Many herders keep strychnine to Poison the wolves with. Sometimes however they will not pick up bait thus seasoned and the Cayots is not a creature easily caught in a trap. But we hit on a method of ridding ourselves of our Eay Oto neighbors less laborious than drowning them out or rather it was Zofe Whiting who hit on the new plan. I will give the fellow his due for he was not Worth much to us any other Way Zofe left us in the latter part of june. Where he went we did not know nor did he know where he was going. But Learned afterwards that he wrent to Las Animas and after a time got a Job digging holes for Telegraph posts along the new railway not very far from that place. They had a Way of digging these holes that May be new to one. Instead of putting an irishman to work with a Spade they sent one Man along with an Iron Crow to punch holes in Tho group d three feet and a half deep at the places where the poles were to be set. Behind the Man with Tho crowbar came a second Man with a bucketful of dynamite cartridges. On coming to a bar Hole he lighted the fuse of n cart Ridge dropped it to the Bottom of the moved on. Presently there came an explosion which blew oat the Earth All about the Hole leaving a pit As big As a flour bar Rel. The men with the posts had now Only to Heel them in and fill in the dirt two men with those cartridges could sink 250 holes in a Day whereas two men with Spades could not dig More than fifty holes. Zofe had the Job of carrying and lighting the cartridges at a month. It was a rather dangerous business but it had this and was Light work and nobody imposed upon him or came fooling around while he was in Dis charge of his duty. Zofe had rather liked us and Btij next Spring in March he came one Day with his old glazed cloth Valise stuffed full of his togs the same Jorl Zofe. That evening As we sat round the fire he inquired for our old Friend the Cayote. I be got said he that Ullh is the of course wanted to know what it was. He said he would Tell us in the morn ing. The next morning after breakfast he undid his Valise and pulled out ten or fifteen of these dynamite Cartridge they were lying Loose in the Bottom of the bag together with specimens of Ore. Old revolver and three or four Styli of matches. The foolish careless fellow had been carrying those about in that manner for weeks on the cars and in stages and ins old Valise had set within six feet of our open fire All night that was zoo we had a crowbar for setting Corral posts and Zofe told us to take it Ami come on. To crossed Over the Creek and no to the Cayote s Hole. This Burrow wus much like the first one having two or Uree entrances. Zofe looked it Over Iii choosing a Point about Midway of the Cutran cafe tolsted to punch a Hole Btl worked the Bur Down till lit length it broke through into the Burrow ent Down nearly the whole length of i. Just the said Zofe pull it he struck a match remarking to Twe had better go off a few we were already Good time too. He lighted a Cartridge dropped it into the Hole then sauntered away. It did not make As much noise As we thought it would. There came a Kiad of heavy link in the ground and Tho Moke and dirt flew a. Bat it Tore ont a pretty Large Hole and showed the Cay ote s nest Down in the Burrow. There was a Den As Large As a Bath tub half full of dry grass. We could discover nothing of the Cayote but we always supposed the exx Losion killed the creature for we never him after Ward. Zoo said the idea of blowing out Cay otes came to him one Day while he was making Telegraph Post holes and he had put aside some cartridges to try the Experiment with. We blew out ten or a dozen holes. At one the Cartridge blew the Cayote out and sent him heels Over head in the air for fifteen or Twenty Yards. We picked him up quite dead. At some of the other Burrows the Layotis would dash ont after the blast heir hair full of smoke and dirt and run for life. De generally popped those with a heavy charge of Deer shot. One in remember which seemed to Clear a space of a dozen feet Rorn the Mouth of his Hole at Tho first urn As if the Cartridge had blown him out. Then he whirled round to look and sneeze. At that de shot him. If any one has coyotes to kill this is More merciful Way than poisoning with strychnine. It is almost certain to do its work. The Empress Efigenie s Mother. Early in the present Century or. Kirk Patrick a Cadet of an honorable scotch Amily with a Pedigree abnormally Long ecu fur the land o cakes was appointed Consul at Malaga and his daughter a Ong Lacey possessing physical and in Ella actual gifts of a very High order be Aine the wife Sif a Spanish Noble count be Monty her inferior in r very thing pc edit rank and Money. This is the venerable lady whose death has just Ink m pm acc. Tie countess very soon show d that she was destined to play n lend no part in social life and the Tongue of Candal if id not fail to attack her. Stores to her discredit were recalled n t the tiie of her daughter Eugenie s marriage o Louis Napoleon. She a Thor 3ugh spaniard and continued almost to he last a prominent Lender of society. By her business capacity she greatly Iri leased the value of the count s estates ind became an extremely wealthy to Nan. No one will be More missed in Hie social world of Madrid. It was n her House that Washington Irving pent Many of his pleasantest hours when american minister to Spain and there is req ont reference to the Mont Jos in his Etters. An editor s vacation. About six weeks ago a person entered our office and proposed to sell us a new angled Fountain the Rush Young Man at length mentioned As a recommendation that the pen held Ink enough to inst through Twenty four hours incessant writing Ana obviated he tedious necessity of dipping it in he Ink stand. Thereupon we exclaimed dear Young Friend would you deprive us of our i Don t tinder he replied. Said we the Only vacation we get is while we Are dipping our pen in the Ink stand and no Man shall deprive us of that. Please go away with your vacation sex he saw we were in Earnest and he went not even daring to offer us one of his fountains As a gift and we dipped our old fashioned pen in our Muddy old Ink stand and took a Albany Law journal. In. Taimage was asked in London what he had come there for. I guess came to get replied Talmage. Said the questioner i thought America was the place to make yes but in England was the answer. Wit and humor. Any Man can edit a newspaper but it takes a Genius to make ,500 Miles in six Days. Cold mans made the egg stand but italians of less renown have made the pea nut stand. That puts a different face on As the boy said when the Ball struck the clock dial. Whatever. Objection May i e opposed to whipping it is at least undeniable that it makes a boy smart. 1 the lilies of the Fields have pistils and every wide awake citizen of fair Texas is arrayed like one of the lightning Rod Man must be Al Lowed a Good profit for when he Safe out his business he never Cau get much for the Good will. Little Gertie after waiting some time for Don t you have anything after undo dear the a lady a regular shopper who had made an unfortunate clerk to Ruble Over All the stockings in the store objected that none of them were Long enough. I she said the longest How that Are then was the reply you had better apply to the ii ext the Dearest love. A sister b Lovo is charming As everybody knows and a handsome Cousin s lore 13 Nice i should and the Lovo of n True Lover in the love that cannot pall hut the love of u new bout t in the clearest love of All Moti teb to her daughter just 7 your make look l. To i Curne looking at in Riu brother. 3 weeks Waszut ing that in about ten years Irum nov when i Hhall be entering company and having u Beau that brother of mine will be just old enough to bother the life out of a Kocela so Man read Shatone should Endeavor to draw something useful from everything he saw and nobly resolved to profit by the teaching. That nigh when tin Moon was hidden lie essayed to a number of useful Cord Wood Sticks from his neighbor s woodpile and got filled so full of Rock Salt out of a gun that he won t be Able to taste any thing fresh for the balance at his Natu ral life. The round yellow put Nukui that the housewife has in Eye for a Nice Batch of Inch and a half deep pies with under crash As Brown As 11 Berry does t always show up when cooking Day comes round but Down behind the Garden Gate at the first approach o darkness the can see a fiendish face All aglow with lire. That s her favorite pumpkin and the Only Wax Candle she had is inside of it. Toe origin of is accounted for As the great heat of Juh led to a superstition among the to mans they conceive cd that to is Preem intent warmth and the Disi faces and other calamities mowing from it. Wei Soru How connected with the rising and Iid the setting of the the Little coincidence with the Sun. They accordingly conferred the name dog Days upon the period Between the 3d of july and the Lith of aug tit Heb foot. Juat As she her coach waa entering did i of acc her foot one All what fee link overcame me but what u was 1 cannot Gay. Crazy Limo the coach i followed where it stopped i stopped a Ain and once Intro the a Ondrous vision of that foot disturbed my brain. Xot one instant i forget it. Or in peace or of or i to saw a larger 1 never did in All my life a Story by Gen. Grant. Now As to telling stories have no particular gift in that Way. Sometimes 2onvorsing about the affairs of the War something hint is paid Calls up an anecdote or a Good Story where something occurred of ing or illustrative character. I might Tell if i could happen to think Withem of some things that occurred that or. Lincoln told me at times when he visited main the Field and i will Tell you one thing that occurred Tut after the sur Render of Lee at App ontto a. I have often heard the same Story attributed to sir. Lincoln in different Way but this is the Way it occurred with me i hurried Back to waa Mingtoi with nil haste to Stop the enormous expenditure Tho government Vas making o t that time in Tho Way of purchases enlistments and drafting. While i was not positive that there would be further hostilities or any further efforts made on the part of the rebel armies yet i it was not unlikely Thero would be and that it was better to take proper precautions so i ordered the army of the jambs Back to Burke s station to rez Uain while we could go Over to and do As i expenditures Likhat were being made. As you All Reni Timber the authorities in Richmond ipad taken flight and they never stopper till they got to Danville. Finding we were not pressing they did not Stop there. Sup posing i was at Burko i station. Extra Billy Smith Asho was Bailee who was governor of Virginia at that time sent a letter through by a Flag of truce to me which Gen. Received and without letting them Inow i was not there telegraphed to me at Washington. The letter was to this effect that he was governor of the of Virginia and As removed the seat of government from i Charnond to and lie was de Sirous of knowing from me Vrh Ether he would be permitted toeiercis1 Tho fun ions of his office in Danville unmolested or if not if he Aad a friends would be permitted to Dave tto country i was in doubt about the Best Way to answer it when i happened to meet or. Lincoln on the sidewalk and told him about it. To suppose i was asking Tim for instructions Ard his answer was this i will Tell be said it s like an irishman i once heard of who was in the habit of drinking whisky he Hafl done so for a Long Tine. At last he joined a Temperance society but the Labit of drinking was Strong upon him. He wanted to take something and so Eor a time he took Sodd Watt a but one Day he put his Glass around and said doctor can t you puts drop of Brandy in that unbeknownst or. Lin Coln could t have said any plainer that extra Billy Smith coup have gone and Aken As Many of that tort of drinks As 10 the Peculiar pebbles Knorra in aus Ria As the travelling stones Nave Long Jeen regarded As curiosities similar ones have i Sevor Vod a Nevada almost round in of Kaj -1 As Large As a Walnut. Tie Auric o stones rolling to a Comton out i of China. Distances of three or Lodestone or magnetic Ora of which they Are composed. Our Foet the there s a Joy without Canlser or Cark there s a pleasure eternally new tis to Razo on the and the a Garlt of Lilaa that s of i and that s Blue Mio d have thought they would come to us who 7 hat o t loot of an Empire would hang a of Mur Risian Hue in the a Cion of the emperor Hwang these. You remark into Bunches of Lotus Flower when Nouh a Jinie out of the Ark d of mix Tai to m wait for Lily Crew t y snorted Tucy snapped and they Taliej were Iii Friy of Lin Aud of fair for and to Weir portraits celestial Al Drew in lie reign of Tho Eftin Eror he arg. Here d a pot with u Horibe in a Park in a Park where the peach Blos films Blev. Where the lovers eloped in the dark. Lived died and were turned into two Bright Birds that eternally flew Tilro sikh the boughs of the May As they Sang tid a tale was undoubtedly True in the reign of the emperor Hwang. Envoy. Comp snarl at my ecstasies do kind critic your Tongue has a Tang but a Sage never shrew in the reign of Tho emperor Hwang. Banff in Crl incr. Lulie s mistake. By Belle a Monticello. Down through Tho tall Green Gross across the Purling Brook Lutie Malvin wended her Way until she came to the Shady Dell wherein grew the Dainty favorite tiny purple Heads just above the Bright Green leaves that seemingly protected the tender stalks upholding the modest Floweres. Ifer White dress gleamed through Tho foliage As she flitted to and fro culling her Little favourites and carefully placing them in the Basket which she carried on her Arm. Placing the Bosket brim Ming with its Floral treasures in the Shade that their freshness might not to impaired she seated herself on a Large Gray Stone then drawing Forth a letter perused it several times. She Soliloquy sized Guy is coming Home at last. I wonder what changes his three years absence has wrought. He will be much taller i supp och and More than Likely his face which then was be adorned with a Beard. Dear brother Guy so anxious am i to see you i can. Hardly restrain my then picking up the letter which had fallen to the ground she read aloud "j3o with you to Morrow without and returned it to her pocket and sat musing forgetful of the time until the Twilight shadows began to full. Lutie Malvin was a comely merry hearted Young girl. She had soit Brown hair which clustered closely around her neck Aud brow a Broad White forehead Brown eyes in whose Depths was reflected the spirit of truth full red lips Aud Chin. She Wai of medium height and rather inclined to Embo Point. Her winning manner Drew around her a Large Circle of friends. She had of course a great Many s vitors but she treated them All alike showing not the slightest preference. As she sat musing her thoughts were not of lovers but of her absent brother so soon to return. Untie Lutie where Are you Guy has Robbie a Little brother of 0 years made his appear Ance. Why we did not expect him until she said and hastily Seiz ing her Basket she walked rapidly toward the House followed by Robbie who replied i heard him telling Mamma that it was Mere Chance that enabled him to get Here this evening and of Lutie he brought me such Nice tops marbles kites Aud a knife just like papa s. I Haven t looked at All of them yet cause Mam Masente to find you and he brought a big Man with him too guess he brought him for you he suddenly concluded As the Little fellow s Bare foot came in Contact with a Stone turning his thoughts into a different Channel. Were is asked untie on entering the House. In the answered the almost breathless Robbie for he had been forced to run in order to keep Pace with his sister. Going swiftly to the parlor door she opened it noiselessly Aud glanced in to ascertain whether the he Man was within and seeing Cue form she concluded Thutt Tobbie Nus have been mistaken then with a Joyful bound she sprung f Orv. Clasping her arms around his neck which compelled her to stand on the tips of her toes and kissing him several times she _ exclaimed of Guy How glad i am to have you at Homo once miss Malvin your brother has just left the she did not wait for him to finish the sentence for with flaming Cheeks Sho rushed from the room up to her Cham Ber where throwing herself on. Her conch she shed tears of mortification. Robbie who had lingered in Tho Hall seeing her Hasty exit and guessing something wrong was about to enter Yoe parlor and ascertain the cause when Guy made his appearance. Of Gay is that big Man in Thero Lutie just came out and ran up stairs she was crying too guess he must have made her mad. I was just going in to Sass Well you run out and play Robbie and i la attend to it. Now Lutie ought to be proud of such u Little then entering the parlor he asked an explanation which his Friend gave in a few words. Miss Malvin had in the gathering Twilight mistaken him for her brother and he had received her sisterly salutation before he could in her of her error. When he at tempted to explain she had fled from the room. Hinging for lights they soon appeared. Then excusing himself Guy Orcas soon beside his sister listening As she sobbed out her Story on his Shoul Ders. Never mind Lutie we will never allude to your mistake dry your tears and come Down. He is a splendid Fel Low my warmest Friend and i was in Hopes Little sister that through you he might become even nearer to me. You will come Down won t no a thousand times nothing could induce me to look at him Lutie there is not a better Man to be found hush i will not even hear his name i hate him. I shall go Down to Cousin Mabel s to Morrow morning and stay until your Friend after trying in vain to dissuade her from her purpose he descended to re port the result to his Friend. Early the next morning Lutie was on her Way to Cousin Mabel a some few Miles Distant and it was not Long before she reached her destination. She had no secrets from Mabel consequently she told her All sure of the sympathy which would ensue. On Tho third Day from her arrival As they were seated under a Large Elm tree engaged in the unromantic task of shelling peas Mabel on looking up exclaimed Well if Here in t Boyd Leighton Dick s old College Boyd this Way if Yon As he approached near enough to hear her Call and he was soon beside thera. Or. Leighton allow me to present you to Ray Cousin miss Malvin. Lutie this is Boyd of whom you so often have Hoard me speak. He and Dick never Tiro of relating their College pranks while i sit near wondering How the professors can be so Blind As not to ferret out such mischief As they used to thus Mabel chatted on talking for All three for Lutie sat silent Gaz ing Ever and anon at the handsome stranger who had thrown himself on the grass beside them. Is Dick at he asked. He is not. He was obliged to go to the City on business that will necessitate an absence of several weeks. More Over Lutie and i need an escort for various amusements we have planned and if you would kindly offer your ser vices until his return i Don t think the offer would be said Jiabek. I will act on your suggestion at once i am your most Humble ser7ant you have but to command me and i wit he replied with mock solemnity As Mabel Rose and led the Way into the House. How quickly the Days sped after his arrival a new life seemed to open before Lutie. She never seemed so Happy and contented As when Boyd Leighton was at her Side and Mabel who was Quick to notice left the Young couple to themselves most of the time. If they drove Mabel was sure to fall asleep if they strolled through the Leafy Groves Mabel would wander off in search of Tomc Flower or Stone return ing Only in time to accompany them Home. She trying her skill at match making. Success soon crowned her efforts and Mabel s heart was made glad when Lutie stole softly to her room and told her that Boyd Leighton with his Stal wart form and blonde Beauty was More to her than All the world. He has just told me of his love and and we Are engaged. Of i m so she added. We Are going Home to Morrow to ask papa s consent to our marriage. Poor Guy will feel bad i suppose for his heart was set on having his Friend for my husband. He would t blame me if to Only knew what a Noble mar. I have Lutie was surprised when on their arrival Home Guy came out and greeted Boyd As an old acquaintance. Back again Are you old Shak ing him cordially by the hand. How did you worked like a replied Boyd in a whisper. To Lutie there seemed something mysterious about this for Boyd had Al ways maintained indifference at the mention of her brother s name and now he was greeting him As an old Friend and was actually whispering to him. What could it mean what is this she cried unable longer to restrain her curiosity. I demand an glancing indignantly first at bold then at Guy who stood laughing i moderately. I see nothing to provoke any will returned Boyd whereupon any stepped Forward and said it is Jast this Lutie Jou were determined you would not get acquainted with my Friend Here and you ran away. We conspired. He followed you and behold the result my dreams will be you do not regret our Little conspiracy do you asked Boyd steal ing to her Side. Say that Yon Are not angry. It was my Only Hope and i could not give you up after i met you that night without at least one trial to win your love and my perseverance has been All is fair in love and quoted any As he sauntered off. Lutie acknowledged to Boyd s de Light that she did not regret the conspiracy and As papa s consent was easily obtained an Early Day was named for the marriage. Robbie at first rebelled at the thought of Tho big Man taking sister Lutie Awny but with the Promise that he should visit her As often As he liked he finally yielded. The wedding was u grand affair and occasioned great rejoicing among the villagers. As the Carriage containing the Happy couple rolled away. Many were Tho wishes of peace and Prosperity Fiat followed them. Hazel i ilex. Wis. I wonder if Ide to bad cake. Is oldest pure Glass bearing any How old specimen of thing like a Date is a Little folded lion s head bearing the name of an egyptian King of Tho eleventh dynasty in the Slade collection at the British museum. That is to say at a period which May be moderately placed As More than years b. C., Glass was not Only made but made with a skill which shows that the Art was nothing new. The invention of glazing pottery with a film or varnish of Glass is so old that among the fragments which Bear inscriptions of the Early egyptian monarchy Are beads possibly of the first dynasty. Of later Glass there Are numerous exam Ples such As a Bend found at Thebes which has the name of Queen hat Asoo or hashes of the eighteenth dynasty. Of the same period Are vases and gob lets and Many fragments. It cannot be doubted that the Story prepared by Pliny which assigns the credit of the invention to the phoenicians is so far True that these adventurous merchants brought specimens to other countries from Egypt. Or. Schliemann found disks of Glass in the excavations at Mycenae though Homer does not men Tion it As a substance known to him. That the modern Art of the Blower was known Lon before is certain from representations among the pict ures on the Walls of a Tomb at be Iii Hassan of the twelfth egyptian dynasty but a Emch older picture which probably represented the same Manu facture is among the half obliterated scenes in a chamber of the Tomb of thy at Sankara and dates from the time of the fifth dynasty a time so Remote that it is not possible in spite of the assiduous researches of Many Egypto ogers to give it a Date in review. Wicks made of spun Glass have been tried in lamps and it is said they do very Well. It is said that they Supply Tho Petroleum Oil or alcohol to the flame with More steadiness than the Ordinary Wick that they secure a Clear and pure Light at a less expense of fuel and that they diminish the usual unpleasant odor. If he could know i was jesting in Iny Idle words that Day it he knew with what care i m Iii res the Rosie that to threw away How against decay i m protesting i wonder what he would say. If when Tho nun is fading from Crimson to faintest pint he knew of the sorrow invading my heart which from it doth with tears my Folly upbraiding i wonder what he would think. If he knew that i was repenting words spoken so thoughtlessly would he still the slight be resenting still think unkindly of me if to knew that i was relenting i wonder it to would be. If he knew How i had been crying Over his picture there if he could hear to sighing his name in sorrowing prayer if he should hear of me dying 1 wonder if he would care. Cueli. City to. Canine v. Ii ave. The end of the world. A a French scientist predicts tie end of Cumile Fla Marin Tom French scientist thus himself in la correspondence scientific que regarding Llic ultimate Fate of our Globe the Earth was will die. She will die either of old age when her vital elements shall have been used up or through he extinction of tie Bun to whose rays her life is suspended. She might also die by Accident through col Lissman with some celestial body meeting Heron her route but this end of the world is the most improbable of All. She May we repeat die a natural death through the slow absorption of her vital elements. In fact it is probable that the air and water Are diminishing. The Ocean like the Atni Sophue appears to have been formerly much More consider Able than it is in our Day. The Terres trial crust is penetrated by Waters which Combine chemically with the rocks. It is almost certain that the Tempe lure of the Interior of the Globe reaches that of boiling water at the depth of about six Miles and prevents the water from descending any lower but the absorption will continue with the Cooling of the Globe. The Roxy Genii nitrogen and carbonic acid which compose our atmosphere also appear to undergo absorption but slower. The thinker May foresee through the Mist of Ages to sonic the epoch yet afar off. In which tie Earth deprived of the Atmos spherical glacial cold of space by preserving the solar rays around her will be come chilled in the sleep of death. All Ilene Givarz says from the sum Mit of i Mountain a winding Sheet of Snow will descend upon the High plateaus and the valleys driving before it life and and masking forever the Cit ies and nations Tomt it meets on his Pas life and Huron activity will press insensibly toward the Intel tropical zone. St. Peters ugh Berlin. London Paris Vienna constantinople and will fall asleep in succession under their eternal shroud. During very Many Ages equatorial humanity will undertake arc tic expeditions to find again under the ice Paris Lyons Bordeaux and Marseilles. The sea coasts will have changed and the geographical map of the Earth will have Cen transformed. No one will live and breathe any More except in the Equator Al zone up to Tho Day when the last fam ily nearly dead with cold and hunger will sit on the Shore of the last sea in the rays of the Sun a hich will hereafter Shine ice below on a ambulant Tomb revolving aimlessly around a useless Light and v Barren heat. Staking care of things. Western mairazini1. An elderly lady of great sagacity was engaged in looking Over a trunk of rare old laces and embroidery Lor he purpose of distributing them among a number of grand nieces. It was observed that a portion Laid aside Tor a certain Niece contained the choicest and most delicate selections. On being asked Why she made this difference the old lady replied i give these to Mary because she Uncle hands thu Art of taking care of things. A her hands they will last and retain heir Beauty for years while the Firis would probably ruin and destroy in a few months the Good out lady had really discovered and explained the secret of the great life Terence in the appearance of Many Joung ladies and older ones too. Laces embroideries neckties gloves my in act All the Little refinements and ele undies of costume depend for their looks a the cure taken of them. It is not Only Jad taste and bad manners but it Dis plays a real Lack of personal or a lady to Wear comp led torn or oiled finery. There is no need and no excuse for it. All these delicate Little articles of adornment can be so carefully nid away when not in use that their Vest mass and Beauty shall still be a served. So with gloves so with Fine dresses or garments of by sort. To see an elegant silk All full if wrinkles looking us though it had Jeenii slept in or to see ii handsome cloak ill out of shape and dotted with lint through being carelessly Hung up under Thor clothes in a wardrobe is offensive n the extreme to Reid used Timite. On t in cutrary the daintily eared fur ind i Boa looking fresh my Bright As Hough just bought the car Lily done in Collar the carefully kept a wrinkled Russ nil Mark the woman of real refine nent and skill in the Art of taking care if things. And the same Art is a most necessary be in order to the attractive appearance f our Homes. The housekeeper who knows How to use things and yet takes care of them is possessed of a Happy secret. It dots children no Good it does not make them a Whit happier to allow them to Pound or scratch or abuse things. Entirely too much latitude has of late been allowed to children in this direction. If children wish to Cut Wood or drive tacks or ride on chairs by All Means let them have a play room where proper materials will be afforded them but com Pel them to respect Gesod nature. They arc no better Lor being allowed to put their feet on chair seats or the carved support of the Center table. They have no business to put Candy a. The piano or smear it with Greasy fingers. They May just As Woll be taught that the carpet is not for Muddy boots nor the floor the place for their hats. The Mother s work is to give one upon line and Precept upon Precept in any Case and one of Tho Best things which she can Tench her children through this educational process is the Art of taking care of things. In is said that if you strap a Man tightly to a Large Cannon and fire it off the concussion will kill him and death a will to painless. Newspaper

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