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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - January 1, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Wit Anil Umoru. A Clergyman out in cribbed a Sermon to had t Ortor and Whan he read it his said it was Little better n dishwater. Steal sermons of the Olden time and preach them with to Silvery chime the Donkey u a pretty Bird so gentle and so Wise it has to Silky Little Tail with which to frisk the Hies upon its head two cars it bears 60 Silky Lon if and soft that when its Tail can c reach the Hies the ears can whisk them Oft. Hard to boat boiled eggs. The latest thing in stockings. The alumni graduates of the Alum let who is without Flins throw the first Stone. Curiosity about trills is a Murk of a Little mind. If you let a Man loan to will let you alone Tor a Long time. Whore there s a smoke there s some fire but very often mighty poor tobacco. What is that which wive never seen Felt or Hoard and yet a name of c lung your Silver haired Friend an old dog Why not Imi him As a Gray hound or. Franklin says if a Man empties his purse into his head no one can take it from him 1 when you Havo occasion to utter re Buke let your a oils be soft and you arguments be hard. A critic said of a stupid writer lie takes Rhc pinions of one Goose w spread the opinions of another 1 Young ladies think Thoy miss it by not and Many a married lady thinks she mrs. It in being married a shrewd Yankee has invented a Pat ent ice Cream Freezer which he Calls the Charles Francis customer to the proprietor of a hat store what is the Price of this style Hatter this tile sir is four the Syracuse Conner has a two column account of a rising Yong Man. What did to sit Down on Waterloo observer perhaps it was the wind. Dublin is not the Only City of whose society Lover s Couplet holds True like devils for conciliation and hat ii each other for the love of a precocious youth prompted by an unpleasant recollection of the last term Bays that school teacher Are like dogs they lick your Junior to professor after think i was right at that part where you corrected professor finding that it is so Well it does not matter since i marked you above quaint old Fuller says let him who expects one class of society to Prosper in the highest degree while the other is in distress try whether one Side of his face can smile while the other is pinched. Why does a Call you Hon because my dear lie loves no a that in t it what is it Why it is because you Havo so much comb in your head that s m. Falconer who was a. Clever physician was called in by a hypochondriac. The lady declared that she ate drank and slept Well. A 1" said the doctor Corae Quick Leb me give you some Medicine and we shall soon get rid of All that i French paper. A Louise my heart is very despond ent. Ever since i have gazed into the Depths of Siose Lovely eyes 1 hush John put an air break on that train of thought. A has introduced to to his new partner and i am his for sj2, that settles it sir Walter Bcott used to Tell a Story of a woman in Fife who summing up the misfortune of a Black year in her history said let Rae see sir our wee Callant and then Jenny and then the Coo died 100 poor Hizzy but to be sure her hide a right me it teen you made a fool of Salt an irritated Man to Iii wife anal that s the Way you got me to marry my sweetly responded the wife you do yourself an injustice Call yourself a fool it you please but remember that you Are in ail respects a Selt made a person looking Over a catalogue of professional gentleman of the bar with Iii Pencil wrote against the name of one was of thu bustling i or Jar has been accused of an other seeing it immediately under has Boon tried and acquitted. Georgie is live years old. Iii Mother had unt.lre.3sed him for a Bath before put ing him to bed. Asho stood before her he said now Mamma i m a yes said she. You know what kind of a kid i no Well a his Mother thinks that is Good Foi a of ins ago. A scotch Bailie promised to attend a meeting but broke his engagement. When Irao nitrated with lie excused himself by saying that he bad been at tending another meeting and then plaintively added "1 could a come you know Canna be in Twa places at once i am not Bald Jar. Of Thinh my sternly Lavina. I am not pleased with you at All. After having broken with two both of them with Good prospects in life Here you Are permitting at least three Worth loss Fellows to dog you wherever you Lavina three of a kind you know Are better than two Pere. You Haven t even Gold fish omelettes no Sah Well then bring Ino a plate of pork and Beans for the Beans were brought to him and a moment after he commenced to devour them he called the waiter and inquired will you bring me an extra the Napkin was brought and he had not eaten Mouthful before he called the attendant Back and Carol led i am locally sorry to disturb Yon but won t you go Over to the window and Sec if it looks like the waiter did As requested and lie no More than got Back before the guest in quire it won t you please hang a table cloth around my Nock and allow it to mean Der Down the Back of the chair it always makes Beans taste better to i can t do it then i must request you to Stop that Bird singing. I can never enjoy a meal while a Bird is singing his stereotyped Melody i can t Stop the then i la Stop eating. I la take those Beans along with to and eat them Down in the City halt Park where there Are no Birds to bother he then bagged t a Beans and went solemnly on his was. A romantic diner. To rambled into the los Aurant with a smile on his face which seemed to Indi Cate to the crowd that his soul was made of the perfume of roses and that his nature was soft and Sweet As june Sunshine. The waiter walked up to him Aiter he was seated and said what h be have give me a sea loin rare and plenty of we Don t keep dem Sah then i la take some Nightingale soup but to sure there Are no feathers in did you say Clam inquired the waiter awkwardly. Uno sir j responded the other with some warmth i ordered Nightingale soup Don t keep have you any Reindeer no i should very much like Somo we Ain t got Well you May bring me some Lizard Doy Ain t Down on do what kind of a place is this anyway. You Don t keep any of the delicacies of the season. I m an operatic composer i am and can t eat any of your Ordinary the waiter then pushed the Bill before him and to said finding girl in the Bible. An English town missionary a Short time related a remarkable incident. Their was a lodging House District which to had Long desired to enter but he was deterred from so doing by his Friend who feared his life would be thereby Bendau Feied. He became at length so Uii easy that he determined to risk All consequences and try to gain admission. So one Day he gave a somewhat timid Knock at the door in espouse to which a coarse voice Roa Ruil nut who s and at the same moment a Vici Ous looking woman opened the door and ordered the Man of god away. Let him 301110 in and see who he is and what to growled out the same voice. The missionary walked in and bowing politely to the rough look ing Man whom lie had just heard speak said have been visiting most of the houses in the neighbourhood to rend with talk to the people about Good things. I have passed your door As Long As i feel i ought for i wish also to talk with you and your Are Vou what is called a town mis am was the reply. Well said the fierce looking Man sit Down and hear what i am going to say. I will ask you a question out of the Bible. If you answer me right you May Call at this House an-1 read with us and Pray with us and our lodgers As olt ii As you like but if Yon do not answer me right we will tear you clothes Oft your Back and Tumble you into the Street neck Anil heels. Now what do you say to Tiit. For i m a Man of my word the missionary was perplexed but at length quietly said i will take Well said the Man Here goes. Is the Woid girl in any Pait of the Bible if so where can it to found and How often than is my question Well sir the word girl is in the Bible but Only once and May be found in the words of the Prophet Joel lii., the words Are and sold a girl ii wine that they might drink.1 replied the Man i am dead beat i Durst to have bet five pounds you could not have and i could not have told said the visitor. For several Days i have been praying that the lord would open me a Way in to this House and this very morning when Reading the scriptures in my family i was surprised to find the word girl and got the Conci Grdanc j to it it occurred again and found it did not. And now in i believe that clod did know Aii a does know what will come to pass and surely his hand is in this for my Protection and your the whole of the inmates Ocie greatly surprised and the incident has been Over ruled to the conversion of the Man his wife and two of the lodgers. Vegetation on the Earth. The densely luxuriant tropical plants with their lofty Palms and wilderness of creepers Tho More open Woods of Oak olm or Pino and the Plains of grass or Heather of temperate climes the mosses and lichens of the far North and the millions of minute Al to on Fields of Snow the enormous masses of Marine plants and Tho multitudinous Green threads of every Pond or Rivulet Are one and All continually engaged during the hours of Daylight in tearing from the atmosphere its Carbon and in suck ing from lie Earth or sea its water with the Mineral substances dissolved in in order to build up new masses of organic substance from these purely inorganic materials. The Quantity of living matter thus daily formed May be truly termed enormous. The dry land of Tho Earth s surface is estimated at Square Miles. Letus assume that of this Square Miles or a Little Over two thirds Are clothed with altogether the vegetation of the let but the 365th, part of an Inch be the growth of this sur face daily and every year will be formed a mass one Inch thick and Square Miles in extent which would make a solid cube of vegetable matter about fifteen Miles in extent in each dimension. It is thus no wonder that should have accumulations of vegetable debris in the form of Coal in some parts of the world As in Pennsyl which May be in alternating bed s seventy feet in thickness and extending Over an area larger than that of y i Shire. The wonder at first sight ii rather that the size of the solid Earth does not in succeeding Ages notably increase at the expense of its fluid and Aeri form matter. But fast us organic matter is thus accumulated by so enor Mous and incessantly acting a Manu factory its fabric is nevertheless much like the web of Penelope for close up on life follows death and with the death of All organisms their substance by decomposition returns again for the most part As water carbonic acid am Monia and various gases to that organic world whence it was originally derived. His Only Chance. You mean to say that Rny complaint is a dangerous very dangerous one my dear Friend. Still people have been known to recover from it so you must not give up All Hope. But recollect one Only Chance is to keep a cheerful Frame of mind and avoid anything like depression of London punch. Iju Eli Omal. Although any Early life on Rue conferred of Sheet existence in a lamp where Oft Titues bloomed Bright Flowers where every Bird Saug some Buthe songs where waved the potent Wand of youth s umpiring dream yet now i stand with thankful cye3 upraised to Hea Ven for i have left the Vale. Hound me repose the grand Snow crowned Sierra. While 1 scarce could sigh because i Sook to Pierce the Stormy pathless sky. I. There is a Cortlan narrow path which leads Down to a Lane a frequented by teams. Yon hopping Robin s chirp Cli Irp quickly he Coda my memory to that Doar place which Seema in Moonlit summer nights fit Home of dreams. Of Wlton in seasons of the Long ago Lievi Vinig in the Sun s returning beams Earth ransomed Beauty from her Tomb of beside that Orchard path Bird sorb Neer conjured woe. Chicago 111. Patty br1uht. By Mes. G. G. Patty Bright sat by the Kitchen table her elbows resting upon it and her Chin in her hands. A huge White bowl of stoned raisins standing by her showed what she had been doing. But it could to very plainly seen that Patty s thoughts were resting on something very dil verent. Tho truth is time was St ing Patty in the face and although he looked very ugly Patty was staring Back at him steadily and unflinchingly. It was not at All necessary for As far As she was concerned she had never known the meaning of poverty. Fort Une had been very kind to miss patience Bright sr., Patty s Only Friend and protector. Her barns were Over flowing with plenty her cellars stored with fruits and vegetables and better still her Money was so carefully put away that if All of Tho Banks in the country were broken and if All of the railroads failed it would make no pos sible difference to miss patience. So with a mind Calm and Serene Patty sr., moved around her Kitchen grinding her spices and mixing her mince meat. But with a mind any thing but Calm and Serene Patty jr., sat by Tho table thinking miss patience rattled the stove doors poked Down the ashes and banged Tho shovel and tongs. Still Patty never moved. Bring me the eggs she said. Still Patty did t hear. So miss patience went to the cellar brought out a Basket of the pure White Choc Hue coloured and speckled eggs broke the Whites in a big Blue Platter and. Dropped the elks in a bowl then sitting Down by Tho table began to pile Thorn up in White masses by her steady strokes. Every Little while she looked up at Patty s dreamy face and misty eyes. Come she said at last you be been there Long enough. Beat up those elks till they foam. There s enough to Patty took up tie bowl and wooden but she moved languidly and As if her heart was somewhere else. Why Don t you miss patience said sharply. There s your Uncle Eben coming on the 5 o clock train and aunt Maria in the morning and All this cooking to be got out of the what s the Good of it All Patty asked. Don t they get enough to eat at miss patience reddened with Indig nation and dropped her Fork in Tho midst of the White foam. The land she exclaimed guess there never was a Bright yet but had All he could eat and More what do they do with Tho More give it Patty asked. Miss patience looked at her suspiciously what Are Yon thinking about she said. Speak it Early in the morning Patty had gone Oij an errand and while was gone Sho had seen something which had stirred her childish soul As nothing had Ever Dono before and Ever since she came Home she had been trying to think of the Best Way to present a Peti Tion to aunt Patty and now that the Opportunity had come of its own will her heart trembled and he spirit failed. But aunt Patty was waiting with her Fork in the air and her eyes on Patty. So with her Cheeks burning and her voice tremulous from Hope and fear Sho said aunt Patty do you remember the shiftless she said setting her lips very firmly and beating her eggs More fiercely than Ever. They May be shiftless aunt but i know they re said Patty was aug bolder. Hungry a this land of said aunt Patty contemptuously. I d like to know what put such nonsense in your head. How did you happen to see them anyway ill Tell you All about said Patty feeling braver every minute. I was going by this morning to Tell Mary Jane to Corfe up in Tho morning and pick the turkeys when Nannie Brewer knocked on the window and beckoned to me to come in. And auntie if you la believe it she sat in the rocking chair with an old bed quilt around her and hardly a speck of fire in the stove. I wanted to put some Wood in but she looked so nervous and said no. Then she asked me to go to the closet and bring her a Glass of water. I could t help looking around Annie and there was Only half a loaf of bread on a plate and the least Little scrap of butter in a broken Tea cup i took her the water but i Felt every minute As if i should cry she looked so White and hungry. Then she asked me to go Down the cellar and see if her Kitten was there. It took me a Good while to find the Kitten and aunt Patty there was t a thing in that cellar to eat but a few potatoes and Beans and a Little piece of one can of fruit or an Apple. I could t say a word to Nannie when i came up i had such a big Lump in my Throat. So i Joist put her Kitten in her Lap and ran. And i could t help thinking aunt Patty that we might just As Well Send them enough to last pm a week. And what s new tears Good for if you can t make other people Happy Patty stopped trembling Ami excited with her Long speech and looked eagerly at aunt Patty. But if she expected her to throw open cellar and pantry doors and Tell her that All she had was also hers and to take what she wanted for was greatly disappointed aunt Patty did nothing of the kind. She Only marched to the cellar with her Platter of snowy foam and marched Back again with a pan of red apples and set them Down before Patty. Newspaper pare pm and she said. Patty s heart Sank Down and a great tear dropped of from her Eye lashes As she took up the knife and be Gan to Cut off the Rowy Likins. Miss patience saw he tear but she did t say anything an 3, if she Felt any thing she kept it to All Day Long she 1-Apt Patty flying. When there were More eggs to be beaten or fruit to be packed Over Thero was Silver to clean mirrors to brighten pillows to beat up and pitchers to fill with fresh water. But Patty had a culled better than she for the last Little Cousin had been to Jurd up in bed and she herself had Gona to sleep tired but not too tired jeep to have an ache in her heart for Nannie aunt patience sat up alone grim and silent before the open fire thinking thinking. Remember Tho in were i should think she did the Brewers. Away Back before pitty s Brown eyes or Nannie s Blue ones had opened upon this world Whu -4urt Patty s angles and wrinkles had Bee i curves and dim Ples and Tho Gray of 1 or hair had been Golden Nannie broker s father had been aunt patience s Lover. Handsome and gentle but Elway of in Skibola or called it now he strayed away from his allegiance Ai sight of the first pretty face that cai.10 in his Way and aunt Patty Shook him off with Sharp and bitter words acid never looked up on his face again. Not even when to May dying and sent for her would she Ifo near him so he said As he iad said to Mary times in his life is Jusic As and with a gentle smile turned his face to the Wall and died. Since Theu there had been hard Strug Gles for Nannie and her Mother. To be sure there Hac. Been struggles be fore but they Werf i together. But miss patience had Nev by so much As spoken to either of them. But now Patty s simple Story had stirred miss Patie Aee s wrinkled heart strangely. Dick Brewer s child starving she sat before the fire till the log broke in two Ano the coals scattered Over the bricks. Then she arose put out her Candle and Lay Down by Patty s Side. New years moaning was Clear and Bright and Patty waked to find the Sun streaming through the frosty panes on her bed and the place by her Side vacant. Of be said springing out of bed and hurrying on her clothes. I m. Late again Aad aunt Patty will be so but aunt Paup seemed unusually gentle As she Bache her Good morning and that and the Sunshine made Patty feel very Light hearted As she danced around setting thu table. But when she went into the cellar to skim Tho Cream for breakfast and saw the two great Turtle is with their wings folded on their breasts Aud the my pig with the ear of Corn in his Mouth All ready for the oven the hanging shelves loaded with Flaky pies and the huge Stone crocks full of Pound cake and fruit cake Tihe thought again of Nannie Brewer s empty shelves and Barren cellar and she Drew a Long sigh As she came Back where her aunt Patty was. She saw the change in Patty s face but Sho did t ask any a notions or make any allusions to the conversation of the Day before until after the break fast had been cleared away and Patty was putting on her cloak and hat to go to Church. Then she put her hand on her Shoul Der and said Patty what makes Yon look so unhappy i feel so sorry about said Patty choking a sob Down in Throat. Said aunt Patty you Stop there on your Way Home from Church and perhaps you la feel of aunt she shouted throwing her Arras around her neck what have Yon been Nero go along child. Touve crushed my clean Collar Aud knocked your hat and miss patience gave her a gentle push toward the door. Patty ran off feeling exhilarated and expectant. She could hardly sit still through the Sermon although she tried very hard to be attentive and even the Beautiful anthems made very Little impression upon her. Aud. When the service was All Over and the uncles and aunts and cousins were exchanging greetings in to Vestibule she ran away from them All Down the Road to Nannie s. When she knocked at the door and Nannie called come Patty knew by the change in her voice that some thing very pleasant Hud happened. Still fihe Vas not quite prepared for the revelations which Trero made when she opened Tho door. There Nauvie sat dressed in a Blue flannel wrapper which aunt patience had intended to makeover Patty aunt patience s own Gray worsted shawl around her shoulders and a Warrn Home Mude Rug under her feet. Thero was a grand fire in the stove and a most delicious smell came from the oven and the hissing and bubbling Stew pans. Mrs. Brewer was flying around with a clean White apron Arouri her Waist and a Bright flush on her Cheeks. The table was set for dinner with some of aunt patience s Crisp White cel Ery in the Center and a Saucer of aunt patience s Green pickles on one Corner and a Tumbler of aunt patience s crab nipple Jelly on another. Patty saw it All in one glance and then turned to Nannie who had caught Holczl of her hand and was thanking her and laughing and crying All at once. Don t thank me i said Patty. I m awfully glad but i Haven t done any yes you Nannie insisted. The Man they came from you and it in t All Here either. There s Wood in the Wood House and flour and Tea in the pantry and potatoes and apples and pork and a Lovely Little Crock of butter in Tho i want you to Tell your aunt Patty that i Hope she will have a great Many new 5tears Day is Happy As the one she has Given and mrs. Brewer wiped a tear from her Cheek As she opened the oven door and basted her by owning chickens. All Patty ill Tell her though aunt Patty can t Bear to be thanked. Good by Nannie. I la have a Jolly time now you re going to have one miss patience would t give Patty a Chance to Speal to her alone until after the grand dinner was Over and cleared away and the children worn out with Blind Man s Buff and puss in the Corner had been tucked snugly away in their Beds. When the other grown up people talking about Auld Lang and aunt patience sat in front of the fire alone Patty Drew up her Stool put her head on her knee and told her mrs. Brewer s in Ossege. Aunt Patty looked pleased but Sho could t help saying cooked everything they had for one meal i s pose. Shiftless cabbies fares. Now i think of it i believe that the escaped Guy As i Call the Queerest fare As i Ever were a rum in and no mistake let Rac see it was about eight or ten years ago 1 lived in London. I was h ambling Down the strand Ono darkish night in the beginning of november when a gentleman ails me. He was a tall lean looking gent in a Ion Black Coal and White Choker and curried a carpet bag and a umbrella. I put him Down As a Parson at once along of his get cd manner Uncle Low voice. Buys he do you know Yon Ivy covered Village Church where Sab Bath after Sabbath Tho rustic congregation Kneel faithful to the religion in to fief inn. Says i. Do you know the King s arms a netting i says. In he jumps and i drives of think ing what a rum fare i d got. Lie were All peaceable enough As Lou As we was in the lighted streets but when we gets into the quieter parts i hears him a talking out loud and giving out tests arc you quite Well i says. I Ham my Umble he replied did you Ever lieu of the poet laureate s Bode on the Gunpowder i never drive nov Sich person in my life after that he wanted me to tix his carpet bag on to the roof. Well i see by this time that something waa amiss with him anal afraid like to refuse. So grabs the bag and climbers on the Box seat and just pretending to tie if old bag when All of a sudden be Springs after Ine and before i knew where i was he had me lied Down with a bit of Strong rope to the top o my own me so that i could t move a Finger. I Kuo wed then that my fare was made and we was in a lonely spot no near. There was the Lunatic a Satin on the roof with his legs Over the Side looking it me and now and then Givin me one in the stomach with his Gamp. Presently 1 see a change come Over him his eyes got Ili Al rely Aud he tort of trembled All Over. Comes Rig tit up close Aud to says says he say your shall kit. I Don t know none i hollers in awful fright. Make some up then i can to then i shall slay you at once says be. Then i remembered a word or of the my my Mother taught me when a child and i very shaky Mathew Murk Luke Aud John b erf tiie cabrio 1 a lied on How that pleased him. He laughed till tears run so fast on the top of the cab 1 thought it was raining Ilo Orah he says i m going to Burn i oilers. Why i m Guy Fawkes you know says the madman Yuu la Burn troll to i m going to have u bonfire.1 gets out some and sets lire to the Straw. I heard tiie cab beginning to crae Klu away inside like anything and the Parson a Duncin a or pipe on the path. "1 it All up Asl did i co Uklyn t get Wutti shriek in and Yellin at he top of my voice when up tears a chaise the Osheb All covered wit i foam. Men leaps out and collars Iny fare by the neck Aud two More seeing my Cal tramples it out just As i was pretty near turning it Over a trying to get untied and cuts me Down. Afterwards when i had put myself outside a drop of something hot they told Rau Huscio a escaped i Auriac As had been a Parson. We Seo a Deal of Lite we Cabman do. About the different sort of people we Drivers sometimes reminds me of Rummy customer of mine. I had my suspicions of that fare from the first. She were a night fare and i used to meet her about Midnight up at the West end three times a week. Slie wore a heavy Black Wail and Black clothes always of the first Quality and there was no mistake As to her being a real lady. She would Tell me to drive to some of the Wust parts of the ular downright bad when got to the top of certain Low courts she would get out and walk Down the Alley filthy As it May a inner cent Lamb going into a Deu of wolves. After half a hour or hour tie would come Back again and be drove to some other place of the same kind Aud then be drove Home to myself a sort of thing could t go on longer. There i was a Good Lookin Young Feller a Galla Vantin night after night with a Young and love woman and not Knowin what her Little game was. So one night when she says to Sho and a Beautiful voice she to Blackman s rents Cabman which i knew for to be a wild place i says says i Bill straps you must find out what she s up to according i worked round to Black Man s rents where i gets Down and lets the lady out i watches her go Down the Street or whatever you might Call it As usual Theu i puts the 1-ag on Ziy Oss s nose and follows her. Fust House she comes to she pushes open the door and walks in. I toilers her tiptoe. She goes up stairs. I goes up stairs. She walks into a room Ard after a bit i puts Ziy head quietly inside ii Thi Ukiu Wery Wery bad things about this Rummy face.1 i never see Sich a sight in my life. There she was a-kneelin1 on the floor a Pray in1, while around was a Sot of the women in London behaving As quiet and peaceable As lambs. Lor How she prayed. Her Wail was thro in Back and i see her face All Pale and Lovely like what i see in a Winder when i went to Church one Day. Her ands were folded together Aad pressed arc Loii her Chest and As them words came pouring out of her lips Lor How them creatures did cry i Felt so strange about the eyes i Hud to walk Back Sharp to my cab a id there though i it myself on the lungs no end of times and tried to whistle old Bob i found it was no use a resisting and i gave it up at last. As i had t got no i had to Ketch the nose bag and club in that and when she came Back sudden i tried to look As if i had t Dono it but was blowing my nose. To think of that dear lady god bless her a-goin1 Visitin Sich places As that a praying and give out tracts to them poor creatures As nobody else cared a rap about bless my soul i feel queer again when i think of it. When i gets to the Corner of the swell Street in t be West end where i always info her she Olds out that Little and of ers with a Bright five shilling piece in it which was More lawfully too and she says pleasant and sociable As she always was to me Good night Wil Liam take your fart i says i. What do you she cries. Which i mean for to i oilers like a Idiol As i la be mowed if i take any fare from a hang ill like you which i mean for to say As How i containers bangm1 my at violent 011 the ground god bless then i grubs old of my at again jumps on the Box its my orse such Voner Over the Edas woke him up Sharp and drove Oil like mad 1 tub to believe Catabia. A writer in an Exchange gives the following eight hints for relieving Catarrh inhale to rough the nostrils a Strong solution of Salt and water. I would advise As Strong a solution As an ounce to the pint though some will tolerate More. But it is a mistake to suppose that Salt water will cure All cases of Catarrh. When the condition is one of chronic congestion simply with acrid Secre Tion it May be sufficient but in the worst forme where there is a. Deep seated inflammation with ulceration More powerful astringent As Well As stimulant and even a Schar Otic solutions Are requisite to effect a cure. In this strength it is not painful but acts As a tonic and astringent relieving congestion and preventing the condos Mose effect which would accompany the use of pure water or weaker solutions. Inhale the smoke from Pine tar. Get a pint or More of pure Pino tar not the Oil from a ship Chandler heat a poker red hot and stir the tar with it a thick will Rise. Hold your head Over it keep your Mouth shut and inhale through the nostrils heat the poker three or four times Nutil the room is filled with smoke shut doors and windows and remain in Tho room As Long As Dos sible it is a Good plan to smoke mullein in one s bedroom just before retiring after smoking open a window from the top the smoke slowly escapes but enough remains to be of some Benefit. Mullem leaves should be thoroughly dried Aud Theu used the same As Tobac co in a pipe. The smoke should be pressed to the Back of the Mouth and exhaled through the nose once or twice a week will suffice and should be persevered in. If properly cured there will not be an acrid exudation. A Little piece of sponge in the bowl of the pipe will pre vent the juice from passing into the Mouth. Mullein will be stronger gathered be fore the Frost injures it but will answer even if dug from under the Snow. It will also be found an excellent remedy for cold in the head. A Hist to consumptive. A correspondent of the ies Mondes Calls attention to the fact that butchers though they May be Nulf. Ten n they enter on the business quickly gain freshness of color Stout Ness and a Gener ally comfortable look. It is pure fiction course that they put aside the Best portions of the meat for themselves Aud it is a known fact that most of them lose appetite. The correspondent attributes their general Well being to assimilation through their respiratory passages of nutritive juices of the meat Volatilized in the a a kind of nutrition by Seitu Siou. If this be really a fact it is argument that Young people suffering from deficient or impure blood and especially children of a weak or Lymphatic Constitution might be subjected with advantage to Hygiene treatment based upon it. A Well known French physician commends the idea and offers the following plan for the treatment of consumptive persons in place of sending them off to Distant places with reputedly mild climates in a Well ventilated sunlit and i Helt cred room with South Ern exposure he would by Means of a Mons Serou Brazier the High moist heat of which is salutary and favourable to respiration form for the patient an artificial climate like that of Nice or Florida. Having All the advantages without the inconveniences of the real climate. To Aid the Antiseptic action of the warm moist air Rich in Vapours charged with dissolved carbonic acid he would place in one or More Comers of Tho room an open bottle of water saturated with sulphurous acid. By this arrangement he thinks the Progress of would be arrested. Toads in Trees and stones. A Large Toad was found a few years ago in an old Apple tree at Wou Harn Manor it came to Light when the tree was blown Down. The Mer Poires of the French academic Des sciences con Tain a description of a live Toad found in the heart of an old Elm tree. Near Nantes when an old Oak was Cleft open n Toad was found in the very heart Wood although no Crevice or other Channel of Entrance could be detected there were about ninety rings in the trunk of this Oak leading to the inference according to one theory that the animal must have been in his prison House ninety years. Or. Jesse in reference to Frog found in the trunk of a Mulberry tree expressed a belief that the annual rings had been gradually but surely enclosing the rep tile. Toads in Clay have been More frequently met with Thau in Trees sometimes a whole family have been thus ferreted out at once. In 1856 a Toad was found at a considerable depth at Benthall near Broseley Shropshire. Or. Bat burst earthenware manufacturer at Benthall ascertained that the creature was met with about six feet be Neath the surface in a layer of Tough Clay customarily used for making coarse Brown Ware. Above this layer in Suc cessive1 strata were ferruginous Coal of poor Quality Clay a Loam of Clay and gravel and Meadow turf at Tho top. The Toad was found filling a cavity As Wax does a Seal. A minute examination of the super incumbent strata failed to detect any fissure through which the animal could have entered. Tho Light of Day use used at first to distress it but this it soon became accustomed to the eyes were Brilliant the skin moist the Mouth quite closed. Chambers Jour Nal. Population of Africa. We cannot Hope for Many years yet to have anything like accurate statistics on the population of Africa. Several regions the population of which is certainly great will probably Long escape anything like a thorough examination. There Are for example in the regions of the great lakes countries quite As thickly populated As Many of the states of Europe. Stanley tells us of coun tries of relatively Small extent and yet possess millions of inhabitants. When we shall have succeeded in making an approximate census of All the populations we shall probably reach a figure considerably higher than the present estimate. Some authorities Accord to Africa not More than 000 of inhabitants others still less. German geographers suppose that Africa contains somewhat More than of inhabitants the latest English publications estimate the population at for an area of Square Miles gives an aver age of sixteen inhabitants per Square mile or a specific population eleven and one half times less than that of France. Africa which has fifty seven tunes the area of France has probably scarcely More than eight time the population Tho suppression of the slave Trade and the influence of european civilization May Lead to an increase of population very rapid and very great. It should be observed that the approx Ima Tive Fig ure of the specific population applied to the whole of the african continent will not give a just idea of the compact character of the populations of the Interior. According to Beihua the negro regions Are by far the most populous parts of the continent. If the populations Are sparse in the desert parts they Are very dense in other regions. Thus in Tho Soudan the population is estimated at or about 53 per Square mile the town of Bida on the niger has a population of inhabitants. The population of East Africa is estimated at about and that of equatorial Africa at 000. One of the latest authorities divides the population of Africa As Fol lows among the great families into which ethnologist have divided the people negroes Lam it a Qantas Fulas nubian Hotten tots this would give a total population of these Fig ures Are of course Only approximate and May be much modified by new and More precise information. The ban Tus for example who Accord ing to f. M. Muller form at least one Quarter of the population of Africa might be found to number these data we take from a paper by 31. A. Rabaud in the bulletin of the Marseilles Geo graphical society. Mixed relationship a Telegram was received in Colorado a few Days directing the proper authorities to arrest a Young Man who it was alleged had run away with his aunt. I have an order for your a remarked the officer addressing the supposed criminal. For you have been running away with your my aunt Why she s my wife i but was t she your aunt before she became your wife you see we Don t tolerate those kinds of goings on out in i suppose you were never in Utah remarked the Young Man after he had completed his Survey of the detective. Well As you Don t understand the relations of an aunt and Nephew in that territory 1 suppose i ought to explain them to you Una men perhaps you May see your duty plainer. My father married my i suppose then he married her continued the stranger without heeding the interruption. Then he married the sister of his brother in Law then the daughter of his Uncle who was a Cousin to his first two wives Theu he married her daughter and a Sou of this wife mar ried my sister who was also a widow of one of the other wives sons. I sup pose you Are following me interjected the narrator. Marry your aunt or your grandmother either or both of and you won t arrest no you might be your own lawyers under Peter. Peter the great of Russia was a Mon Arch of Large views but invincible prejudices. He loved his country and longed to see it take a higher place in euro Pean history. He saw clearly that Progress could be made Only by the introduction of new industries and by skillful training in mechanical labor. To Forward this end he visited in Dis Guise the older nations of Europe made himself thoroughly acquainted with their forms of Industry and worked As a common Mechanic at various trades. He sent also numerous Young men of Promise to great cities in other countries to acquire skill in the mechanical arts and to become teachers of their countrymen. But while honouring All Well trained mechanics to had a rooted contempt for lawyers. It puzzled him to under stand How they occupied High positions in England and France. They Multi plied quarrels he said and fattened on the life blood of others. Vexed at the High esteem in which they were held elsewhere he vented his Wrath in the memorable threat i am thankful i have Only two Law yers in my Empire. When i return i mean to execute one of the Elevation above the level of the sea of some of the chief railways of the world is As follows the Apennine Lino at its highest Point is 617 meters above the sea level Tho Black Forest line 850 meters Tho simmering 890 and the railway Over the caucasus .975 meters. The Tunnel of the St. Gothard line attains an Elevation of me ters the Bremner line and the mount Cenis line in America the highest lines Ore the North Pacific which at its most elevated Point is meters above the level of the Ocean the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific meters. The highest Point of the railway Over the Andes is meters above the sea level. A lighted Weed. A countryman on a ferry boat the other night put a Cigar into his Mouth and a gentleman who was sitting next to him handed him a lighted Weed. Tho countryman took it and contemptuously threw it on the floor whereupon the gentleman screamed what did you do that for cause i Doii t smoke was the reply. But i gave it to Yoa to take a Light protested the gentleman. Said the Hoosier i Ain t no greek i claw my and lie chased and that ended the conversation. Newspaper

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