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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - January 1, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota Established in 1857. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday january 1, 1880. Number 1. Business directory. The. A Bleb attorney at Law Ana judge of probate office Corner of Broadway and ool Lejca streets near the court House Albert Leo. Minn. Yateman Blackmer lawyer. Land for Sale. Albeit Lea Minnesota. Is. Attorney collection agent. Office at Freeborn Bank Albert Lea Minn. Mosness attorney at Law Cor. Clark Broad Way Albert Lea Minn to Obert m. Palmer lawyer. Office Oyer Hedenstad s store Albert Lea Hinn attorney at Law and collecting agent. On Clark St Albert Lea Minn Whytock attorney s at Law opera Block Hubert la 7. A. Lotheia d. F. T ovely Morgan lawyers. Office Orer wedge Spicer s drug. Store. Albert Lea Minn. _ physicians. A Nelson m. D., physician and surgeon. Liar Planci Mica. W. C. Merrill dentist. Office Over Evedge drag store. Money and stocks. To loan on real estate Security. Approved notes and mortgages thought. Apply to a. H. Street. Office Over Brick store South of Post office. Toroney to loan. A m. Tyrer has a Large amount of Money to soon at a Low rate of interest. Opera House Block Albert Lea. Miscellaneous. S. Hopkins architect and builder. Albert Lea Minn. Shop on tic Corner of William and Enron Cire Ete. World properly attended to. Ilm6 p. Nelson dealer a Rendy made and custom made boots and shoes. Work done to order guaranteed Broca vat 1st door North of Elliman s. Him o Hajj before purchasing elsewhere. C. A Colman s lumber Yards at Albert Lea Alden. Every description of h. Squirt old City Dray line deals in hard and soft Coal stood of All kinds and Blacksmith Coal. Yard near s. M. Depot Wood a sved and Cle levered. Slate it Hevitt s. Partners Trade solicited. M Allery bros., proprietors of City Dray line and dealers in hard and soft Coal Wood ice. It. Office at j. W. Smith s store. H. Brown. K. P. Hibbs. H. B. Bbown co. Lea does a general Banting business. We Hite Fob Sale improved City property Anil farms. L h. Mcmiller eat removed tie old Pioneer two doers Horth of ii. Brown co s Bant _ Treselee Horne Patiic physician surgeon Albert Lea Minn. Office nest door cast of the Kau onal House on Clark St. W. H. Smith m. B. E. W. Ilc cond m. Smith Mccoyd physicians and surgeons. A Calls attended to by night or Day in Cit j or country. Office at Smith Mccord a store one door North of the Post office Albert Lea Minn. _ m. Dodge m. Physician and surgeon. First door West of n Parks store Wil Ham Street. Albert Lea. My Jed. Var. A. H. Street dentist. Office Over Crick store South of the Post office incr Esteil facilities for doing business lie proposes to give better satisfaction than Ever before. Fa1d for hides Zallow a o. Albert Lea ins., collection and real estate Agency. I buy and sell real estate on commission. Collections made in Liis and adjoining coun ties at reasonable rates. Taxes Puld for non residents. Abstracts furnish cd. Sell steam ship tickets to and from Europe on several first class lines. Foreign Exchange bought and sold on All principal european cities. I represent the following reliable and time tried of new York. American of Philadelphia. Milwaukee mechanics of Milwaukee. Gebman pc port 111. Correspondence solicited. H o. Haukness agent. Freeborn county Bank Albert Minn. Capital Thos e Armstrong president. Of Stiebs i s Eichfelder. B. Ritmse7. Sew american Exchange not. Bank a atonal Bank. St. National Bant. 1-a Back. Meat Market the old and favorite stand. A door North of Palmer s store where May b found a full and Complete Toci of All kinds of to tech jul be sold As cheap As the cheapest. The patronage of the Public in respectfully solicited every class of meat Eish and poultry be id he one of. A a Bromn proprietor Cash paid for hides tallow to. W. P. Sergeant in All of Well seasoned Minneapolis lumber Lati Sash doors and building material. Yard on Broadway North of Hall s livery Slawe Mug flooring siding boards dimensions slices lath pickets boors Clear lumber Sash sleeting paper cont aptly on hand and for at the very Market Oprice. Timber for frames filled to order on Short notice. J. F. Keppy agent Tea. 3. O. Iob Tsoh agent Alden. Branch Yards a a Wicks at j. Moot at Ishing in tier win do Well to Call at the most roof lenient of my Yarda my Rani Lillei Tor handling it me and my assortment always Complete. I am Alto Reify to site bargains. W. P. Sergeant. Report of the Council committee upon their action. Boson dec. 2g. A special to from Augusta Days the following is an abstract from the report of the committee on the Maine election returns made in the coun cil your committee in submitting this report deem it necessary to state specifically certain facts connected with the returns from Many of the towns cities and plantations which have materially affected the result. In canvassing the votes returned there Are Many returns which owing to fatal defects cannot be counted but we shall specify Only those which have affected the result. Article 4. Part 1, Section 5, of the Constitution regulates the manner of electing Sena tors and representatives to the legislature and also the process of transmitting to the governor and Council the process by which they Are to determine who have been elected. This Section provides that in Case of towns Anci plantations municipal officers shall in open town and Plantation meeting at Tho close of election any sort count and declare the votes cast and form a list of All persons voted for and after the name of each person thus voted for shall write t he number of votes received by him. This list shall be recorded in open meeting by a clerk and a copy of this recorded list shall be signed by the selectmen and attested by the clerk and sealed up in open meeting. This copy of the reported list thus attested is to to deposited in the office of the Secretary of state thirty Days thereafter. The Law of it. A Section of the revised statutes requires that in addition to the foregoing specific and mandatory provisions of the Constitution the return shall state the whole number of ballots cast at the election. The same Sec t on of the Constitution requires that Tho governor and Council shall open and compare the returns thus transmitted and from them determine who appears to be elected the governor to Essno to such persons As thus appear to be elected summons to take seats in the legislature. The 3tlbiit eeqoike1test. Of course the first requirement is that the returns shall be made and sealed up in an open town or Plantation meeting. We understand that this is required in order that the elec tors May be present and see that the returns Are made in accordance with the facts and we Are of the opinion that returns not made up in open meeting Are not Legal returns and cannot be counted and we Hsc acted upon this belief in making Ouk tabulations. Several protests accompanied with affidavits to support them against the counting of re turns specified therein have been considered by us. These protests allege that said re turns should not be counted because they not made no in open town meeting but were made after the meeting closed in some private office or store where no one but a portion of the municipal officers were present and in some cases Only the clerk. This condition of things in several cases has been proven to our entire satisfaction and we have rejected the returns thus defective in our tabulations. Be turns signed i in the Case of Stoneham an affidavit signed by two selectmen establishes the fact that they signed the returns in Blank and the town clerk took this Home and filled them up and the selectmen have no knowl Edge of what the returns contain. For the foregoing reasons we have rejected in our tabulations the representative returns from the towns of Jay Stoneham Lisbon web Ster and Farmington. The returns from the town of seaport have also been rejected be cause it was not sealed up in open town meeting. By the Means of these rejections five persons will receive seats in the Legisla Ture who would not have been thus seated had the returns from the aforesaid towns been made up As the Constitution requires. These Are James o. White of the Jay District Louis voter of the Farmington District n. Bradbury of the Stoneham District Joshua e. Gordon of the seaport District and Leonard h. Beale of the Dereham District. Steeme cobk1 it Jling the supreme court has held that Munici pal officers shall sign the returns with their own hands or make their Marks other Wise the returns cannot be we have found several returns fatally defective in this particular and have accordingly rejected them. By this Rule Laid Down by the court the new Sharon returns have been by is rejected. This rejection affects the elec Tion of one representative. We found several returns fatally defective because they were not attested by the town clerk. The supreme court has held such Are not Legal retains and we have rejected them. They Are quite numerous but we shall specify Only such As affect the result of the election. The representative return from the town of Lebanon is one of them. Its rejection affects the election of one representative Viz Stephen lord. Vanceboro and Albany Are like cases and the rejection of the returns from these towns affects the election of two representatives representing districts com posed of several towns. It jail names ak3 initials. In some of the towns the fall Christian Namee of candidates seem to have been used in others Only the initials and we hesitated As to whether we could count the initial names with the full names. On examination of the Law we find the supreme court vol ume g4, Page 5c, has held that the governor and Council must count them As distinct and separate persons. By adopting this Rule Laid Down by the court the election of five representatives seem to be effected Viz p. W. Hill Exeter ales. Woodcock of the Danforth District j. H. Hart Newcastle John Brown of the Harden District and John w. Brighton of the Bland District. The be guess. The revised statutes require that in Case of plantations in addition to the forms required by towns a list of voters of plantations be sent in to the Secretary of state otherwise that the returns from such plantations shall not be counted. We found the returns of seven plantations irregular in this particular. We have specified them on on tabulation. We find it has been the practice of the governor and Council for Many years to reject Soch returns and we have not deemed it Safe to deviate from this Ion established interpretation of the Law so Fly recognized by on predecessors and in i making our tabulations we have omitted All such re turns. It will be perceived that thes i rejections effect the election of seven so representatives in the county of Washington. One candidate for the Senate s Ems to have been voted for in some of the towns of this county by the name of John t. Jr., and in others by the name of John t. Wallace but Ftp tabulated the i Oles As thrown for two different men As we Unic no Legal knowledge that the same is meant. Sett jews. Two net of returns were sent ii to the Secretary of state from the town of 1 Airfield each of which contradict the Otic to possible Means afforded by the returns t t determine for who such votes had been the owe. The returns from the cities of Baco Leaf Iston Bath and dockland fatally defective because they were not signed by a majority of aldermen. Under he statutes and by decisions of the courts Anch returns cannot be counted and we have been obliged to reject them. It will Ile Volveno the House of representatives to Betti mine in the first instance and finally who have been elected to the House from these cities As we have no Legal evidence before its to deter mine that question the latter asked Fob spec 10ations. Angusta me., dec. Allowing is governor Jacelon s reply to the letter of Hon. Lott m. Morrill Lewiston. Dec. 25. Hon. Lott m. Mor Rill chairman Etc your communication of the reached Here yestei1 Lay just As i was leaving augusts Andl this Early Opportunity to reply. The est tement in the Public mind is in my mind v Holly without excuse and is without quest to i he result of a systematized attack of Vii operation and blander anon the apartment not Only without parallel but it cause. Be that As it May it is the duty of every Good citizen to use his Best end Tavora to allay Public excitement however created to far he is Able and to report to such measures As will allay civil strife and at the same time secure the ends of ustice. Yon intimate that it is in my pow a to restore peace tranquil to and Good feeling to the state and All its inhabitants by asking the opinion of the supreme judg a on each Law Point involved in the variation -8 of the count from the returns. Nothing sold give me greater pleasure than an Autho i Stative opinion upon the Points involved in tue present condition of affairs and Alao upon snob As might be Likely to arise. Pie i so to indicate the Points that occur to Yin which have not already been Sajn Dicato 4 upon and i doubt not that we May be to secure a satisfactory solution of the d Abfal complications or if not satisfactory at least such As May be deemed aul Horita Ive. The fact to which Yon allude that to Large a number of Republican members have bailed to receive certificates is one to the a. T that so Many municipal officers failed to amply with the constitutional requirements and this by judicial decision the govern1 sent and Conn Oil have no authority to Ove took. This condition of affairs is no fault of the govern ment and Council. Re Spatol Illy yours alow 10 gab Elk. Or. Morrill will Send a co Mann cation to gov. Garcelon to Morrow Vior Ning in answer to the foregoing prop Ising questions to be submitted to the supreme judicial court. It is the general judgment of both parties that gov. Garcelon will Agee to refer the matter to the courts. Take from the Arsenal in Bangor the arms and ammunition there and bring the same Here waa not generally known in this City until to Day. On Christmas night a team was in waiting at the Railroad station Here to receive the contents of the state Arsenal in order to convey them to the state House. The excitement Here Over the Bangor affair was intense. The wildest rumours prevailed until a True account of it was received. It was rumoured during the Day that the capital guards were ordered out. But there was no truth in the report. Then it was said the Montgomery guards Portland would be Here by the afternoon train Bat they did not Pat in an appearance. Statement of nov. Gabcb1os. Gov. Garcelon reached the City this after noon. Only two of the councillors were Here to no business waa transacted. Gov. Garce Lon was seen to night and said he knew nothing farther of the Bangor affair than what had appeared in the papers that for judicious reasons he had ordered French ver Bally to remove the arms and ammunition and he thought the whole matter was one of great discredit to the City. Increasing the police. At a special meeting of the City government in the afternoon it was voted to increase the police Force to 200 men. So that the City mar Shal May have a body to Call upon in Case any trouble should arise. A lengthy petition signed by 253 prominent citizens of Gardiner of both political parties was mailed to the governor to night urging upon him the propriety expediency and Justice of asking the opinion of the supreme judicial court in accordance with the request of or. Merrill. A petition was also made to the governor to night signed by seventy nine citizens of Richmond without distinction of party. Also a petition from Hallowell signed by republicans democrats and Green backers. Indignation meetings Are being held at various Points throughout the state to night and addresses made prominent citizens and others of leading local influence. There were conference at Biddeford North Berwick Rockland Calais Lewiston and other places the of All political parties were in attendance. G at Lewiston three thousand people attended. Is gov. Dingley. Congressman Frye and others addressed the meeting. Frye characterized the action of the Gover nor and Council As a palpable and unequivocal steal. He had met but one Democrat in Congress who attempted to defend the action of the of unionists. The plot was hatched a month ago. The republicans will never let Davis be governor of Maine. The situation Tette Daif. Militia company s ass seized a Fuji exists. Boston Deo. The Bangor whig and courier says that the arms of the Hersey Light infantry of old town one of the state militia companies were taken posses Sion of by the in zionists last night Between ii and 12 o clock and removed from the company s Armor to the residence of Lieut. G. E. Liles commander of the company. The company bos ten Springfield Breech loading rifles. Old town is the residence of the fusion candidate for governor. Post but a Compromise. Bouros dec. 20. A Portland special to the traveler says the prevailing sentiment among the better and leading class of democrats in that Vicinity seems to be that or. Morrili a proposition will be accepted and that Tho difficulty can be settled without trouble of any sort. There is a better feel ing in consequence. Post land dec. 20. A dispatch from Bangor mentions that influential democrats have United in an Appeal to Gor. Garcelon to accept the suggestion of sex gov. Morrill and allow the courts to Settle the pending troubles. The same dispatch intimates that the governor is Likely to heed the request. Indignation Hekt Ixo. The Sangar Jef lir at a me., dec. The attempt to me., dec. 2g. Indignation meeting this afternoon. Large audience every town in the county being represented. Some coming fifteen or Twenty Miles not withstanding extreme cold. Gen. Joseph a. Hall spoke at length. The closing portion of his speech was As follows believing that a patriotic sense of duty on the part of the people will bring is out of this trouble my voice is now for peace decidedly against Force. But fellow citizens when the approach of anarchy and disputation of civil Liberty shall stand non Oue Side and the prevention by Force stands upon the other when Law shall be no longer of Avail and courts become powerless to give Justice then i am for resorting to the last great right of free men and assuming the responsibility to go Forward like men who knowing their duty in the hour of peril dare to do it let Ting the consequences fall where they justly midst. Non those who forced is to the dread the following resolutions were adopted that while vre earnestly desire a peaceful adjustment of this unfortunate state of things at the same time we request Sena Tor elect Smith and the elect to use every Means in their Power to obtain their beats to which the votes called them at the organization of the legislature and should they not be Able to do this then we request them to unite in organizing the legislature at some place where a majority of both branches As duly elected can carry out the expressed will of the people. Resolved that we pledge our lawfully elected senators and representatives throughout the state our Earnest support in whatever course they May decide to follow trusting that Legal measures May accomplish what is just and right and that Force the last great right or freemen May not become necessary. Trades unions attempts to interfere with Kon ten Iii leu in violation of Ohio dec. To Day announced a decision in an in Junction Case of interest to trades Union men. The Glass manufacturing firm at Zaire Seville on the 13th inst. Brought Twenty four belgian workmen to take the place of a like number of men whom they discharged for refusal to disregard the order of the Glass blowers Union with reference to the number of boxes to be made in a week. Efforts having been made to in Duce the belgians to break their contract they having hired for three years the proprietors asked and obtained a temporary in Junction restricting David p. Swearer presi Dent of the Pittsburg Glass blowers from interfering with the belgians Swearer having come to Gnu Seville to use his influence with the new workmen. Judge Bell on a fall hearing refused to modify the temporary in Junction and ordered that the Dis charged men must in. Any attempt to procure annulment of the contract of the belgians or to Converse with the men for Tho purpose of inducing them to leave their present employers until the expiration of the time of the contract. Tho judge reviewed at length the Organiza Tion and working of trades unions and concluded by saying that he bad no doubt but that the Union represented by or. Swearer was in conflict with the Laws of the state and of the United states. Cable chronicles s re Ridy massacre. A broken rail. Dii Obiso a Fasse Kojer train of Tjie Chicago Altorf Taiz Toad. Two of the can take fire col. Bond of Auburn Perl Hong in the Paine of Chicago and of Twenty persons More or severely injured fatal stabbing affray at Laneous Cri As c Ana casualty record. A broken Kail. Tjie Union of Gen. Go Tigli with uen. Roberta about unknown and communication murderous Muli Medan Slack at distress in Roumella from cold and Lack of assassination of the King of rages by albanian in Afghanistan. Khan s Peb first. London dec. 2g. A private letter from a British Soldier in Cabel states that one of Yakoob Khan s generals told sir Frederick Roberts that Yakoob Khan himself signed the death of the embassy and or dered the bodies of the murdered men to be dragged through the streets of Cabal. The letter reiterates the statement that Worth of russian Gold was found in Cabal. Gek. Gotoh lost. Lox Dox dec. 20. The following Dis Patch from Lahore dated Friday night says since Gen. Gough passed lat band no news has been received from him. The re mors of his arrival at Cabel were Prema Ture. The wire to Day was working As far As inn Damon Bat at night it was interrupted Between be Schaur and jellalabad.1 attack. A Cun Dahnir despatch dated Friday says to Day being a Mah Medan festival the fanatical portion of the population is much excited some mounted Ghil Zars ran amuck through the British Camp. Gen. Tytler was Voua ded and two fanatics killed. Turkey. A Relesa is to Bobble. Constantinople dec. Following Are some of the particulars in regard to the Case of the priest who was sentenced to j death for translating the Bible into the Turk Isi Tongue. In september the police arrested a missionary for distributing religious tracts but he was soon discharged the police retaining a Boob in the turkish language printed in passages contrary to islam ism and two manuscript pamphlets of the same character. On the Day after the release of the missionary the priest who is now under sentence was arrested on the charge of being the author of the above mentioned pamphlet and was remanded for trial in shape the Case now stands though it is probable the priest will be discharged owing to the demands of minister Layerd. Aeoljt1os Bux. Madrid dec. Houses of the Cortes. Adjourned to january 10th. The abolition Bill. Which passed the Senate pro Vides for the gradual emancipation of slaves in Cuba in 1s8c-s7-8j-, after eight years of provisional servitude under their present masters. It a proposed to enact severe statutes against vagrancy a connection with the scheme and to extend the jurisdiction of courts martial. The West Indian members of the chamber of deputies declare the Law will satisfy neither owners nor slaves. Rome. Passe Zgeb train ditched. St. Louis. Dec. Night express on the Chicago Alton Railroad was ditched Berlin 111., about 11 o clock last night and two Persona killed and several injured. The following dispatch from superintendent Stager at Berdan gives All the particulars received by the officials Here the Kansas City night express was thrown from the track two Miles West of Here by broken rail. The train was running about thirty Miles an hour. After the engine and All the cars except the Sleeper which was the last one on the train had Over safely a steel rail rendered Brittle by the cold snapped and threw the Sleeper from the track. This ditched All the other Carer the engine alone remaining on the track. Twenty five persons were injured most of them slightly. The Porter of the Sleeper George Paine of Chicago and col. I. P. Bond of Auburn Illinois were tilled. The smoking car and the reclining car were burned. The injured persons were taken to Jacksonville and placed in the Hospital there and Are being Well cared for. The track a Clear. From other sources it is ascertained that the Accident occurred to the train which left Here at last night for Kansas City. It happened at p. M. The train consisted of a bag Gage smoking and chair car and a Sleeper and but one passenger coach. The Sleeper was Well filled and Here it was that the in jury was done. As soon As the ear ran off the stoves upset and that end of the car waa almost instantly in a Blaze. The Passen Gers Many of whom were injured rushed to the other end of the car to escape but finding the door looked a panic seized them and for a few minutes the scene was a Terri ble one. Finally the door was broken Down and All got out except col. Bond who was burned with the the names of the injured were not received Here. Berdan is about sixty Miles from Here and is within a Short distance of where three other accidents recently occurred. A bad smash. St. I oops dec. A train of Twenty five coaches was ascending the East Ern approach of the Bridge at to night seventeen cars broke Loose and dashed Down the Grade at great Speed. When opposite the railway depot they encountered a freight train on the Chicago Burlington Quinoy track and a number of cars of both trains were smashed to splinters. Charles both Engineer Artey Jones fireman and Harry Easton conductor of the Chicago burling ton Quincy train and Geo. Gray switch Man and s. Osborne an employee of Kieh Ardson s pork House were badly injured and another Man. Name not ascertained injured badly. Chimes and casualties fatal stabbing at Maidak. Bisma Bce d. To. Dec. 26. A Man named Kayo stabbed one Riley at Mandan last night with a knife from the effects of which Riley died this morning. His intestines Wera terribly exposed by the ugly Gash. Raymo s friends say it was in self defense be being cornered in a room and had to Cut himself out. The murderer is in big narc jail. I eur bed to death Sybile Persona Ting Santa attempted assassination or the Jimino. Paws dec. Dispatch from Home reports that tuesday last King Humbert was going on a Hunting expedition when the Gen Darmes who preceded him encountered a crowd who refused to disperse and fired on the gendarmes. The latter returned the fire. An Active search for the culprits is in Progress. Acx Enax. Foreign news. Etc Fella. London dec. Well known philanthropist sir Henry Drummond Wolff writes he has received letters and telegrams from Phill Opolis. Which show that unless help is Given to the destitute people in Ron Melia thousands must perish from cold ant starvation. Penis. Dec. Of persons crossed the Seine of the ice on Christmas Day. The total imports of wheat into prance from August to the Ond of november was sixteen million hundredweight. Cannis dec. Condition of the Empress of Russia is slightly improved. London dec. Vienna dispatch says that notwithstanding Mukhtar p Aba s proclamation the albanians Are not sub mitting quiet in to the secession of Montene Gro. They have created great disturbance at Poz Riend where they plundered and set fire to two Greet churches and several houses belonging to christians. London dec. Berlin dispatch re ports that the russian University statute which has been for some time in course of revision will next year become a Law. The alteration will place the students under the very strictest military discipline. United states court Fargo. In the United states District court it far go the business of the term has commenced with the of the following cases. A Soldier named Crowell of standing Rook plead guilty to an attempt at rape upon the person of a of year old Indian girl. Had the Caso gone to trial he would probably have been convicted upon the first count in the indictment alleging rape. The penalty of the fall crime under the United states statute a death. Crowell was drunk and in a water closet ravished the Little girl. The witnesses would have been positive and the doctor s testimony direct. He will be sentenced for ten years the rank Imarn under he Law. John Nolan plead guilty to Selling liquor to the indians at standing Book. President nicer Eroc of toe a Bison Topeka Santo be Road denies the Road has paused in to the bends of Jef Gould. Cincinnati dec. Fred r. Jaynes. While Persona Ting Santa clans last night a Church festival at Paris ey., was burned to death by the Cotton batting of his costume catching fire from a Candle on the Christmas tree. Death assault. Cincinnati dec. 20. Frank Coleman coloured head waiter at the Miles House terribly beaten with a Boulder on the even ing of dec. 2 by John Wop son a Barber and a waiter named Price died to Day of the injuries then received. Woodson is now in jail but Price gave bail and is running on the River. A Liaise Blaze. Beu Juswick 3ie., dec. 26. Dunlap s Block and two houses adjoining were burned. The occupants were the Dennison manufacturing company of Boston and b. C. Dennison fancy goods insured. Stamped to death. Put Ladelphia dec. 2g. In a Saloon in South Camden. Christmas eve Joseph Haw son was stomped to death by George sicker ing. Bank president indicted. New Orleans. Dec. 26. The grand jury has indicted David Urquhart president of the Orleans savings institution on the charge of felonious by appropriating to his own use belonging to said Corpora Tion. Be was bailed in to. Dec. 2g. The a Loreia brewery at. Delaware was destroyed by fire last night. Loss partially insured. Carbo dec. Henry brother in Law of Frank Hight who waa murdered near Caledonia in Laski county last week has been Arie ated for the murder. The evidence a jilted at the invest is wholly of a circumstantial nature but Points strongly toward will soil. Gave Cincinnati dec. 2g.7j-Giivvitibbers broke open a vault in the coloured in the Western suburbs tuesday car ried away the bodies of Henry Jones late a teacher in the St. Lotus col Silas Edmund soc and Maria years old. The trustees medical colleges of tue City without Success. Prison free. Dec. 20. A fire in prison to night destroyed the building occupied As a working and machine shop by i Perin Gaff prison contractors. The building with various kinds of Wood Workins machinery property of Peria Gaff value Uit about the in flammable of the building caused it to Burn like Brav

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