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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - February 17, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTUE fWEBORX COUNTY STANDARD. rf BLlaitlKI* KVKRt THURSDAY. fer.u-i, Per Year, In Adv-nee, $2 09'; mm RATES OF A HYK ATI Pl NO. inch MI C ti Wich in?h tne!i Obi eol j w is w s 4 w1.0 >1 1.501 ‘2 50j 1.751 2.50 8.501' 2.50, -J.50 5 OOI 8. 25; 4.50j 5.59I 4. ) > 5.5'tj 6.*. 51j lit 5 25* 7.09I ti.5:1; 8.5 » 12.00X 'A cIU ♦ > DI I y 4.50 6.00 10.00 OOO 8.50 13.00 7.00! 0.00! 16.50 !2.00 *30.00 VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17. 1876, MHS. JOHN STASH. j Hits MCvaily returned frow her trip Jut*! with one of the I Largest and Best HELEUTE!) STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS* lh Hankers. THE FREEBORN COUNTY BINK DENTISTRT, A. ll. STREET, M. D., Tho**. II. AR.H4TUONUt Bunker. ALBERT LEA. MINN. ALL WORK WARRANTED to give complete s.itistACt ion. teeth extracted WITHOUT PAIR! usee, at his Ding Store, near I >e Post Office, Albert Lea. -Minnesota.    ___ OR/DE NI. CRANDALL, 30 ENTIS T- Office over A. E. Johnson's store, Broadway, Albert Leu    ___ ‘ Kn£*7,DD8    H.X.    Avery. DBNTISTIiY^ babe 3g “NT 22 IR* 2T, Evident Dentists—Basford’s Block, Austin II. D. BROWN'S J [si’OCKSIOR TU r. ll A I I.] Established ALLERT LEA, - I SOT MINNESOTAN ALBERT LEA, - WRI be ut Wedge & Spicer s ♦it h to ‘Jot It 18io. DEFERENCE : Dr. A. I'. Wedge, Br (J. W. Bullard. _    _    Branch    Office, from Mardi A GENERAL BANKING ROSINESS TRANSACTED. Bn va Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bondi Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. HOW THE MONEY GOES Two young men, who had been schoolfellows together when buys, met on Chestnut street the other day. “God morning, Mr Smith,* said one. “ How you have altered. I would scarcely have known you, Hot are you getting along in life ? ” “ I h ive no cause to complain. I have a steady situation, kind employers and ut night I return to a I tile h mse 1 cal! my own, where there is a prc*t wife aud two little innocents to welcome mu.’’ “ You are in luck. I wish you joy/* said his friend. “ I supp >se you have made some progress during the last few years,” returned the other. “ Married yet ? ” “ No ; and I never expect to be.” “ What—not a woman hater?” ‘“Oil, no; but I cannot afford the luxury. The women are so outrageously expensive.” “ I don’t find my wife expensive,” said Mr Sm’th •• In fact. I save more j than I did when I was single ” “ I don’t see how you manage it. j Look at the item of rent for instance.” sug- 1 Guess for Life# AN ADVENTURE WITH A MADMAN “ I am not going to cheat you, mad am,” said Brown, at loss for an excuse, for bis extravagances had totally e* hausted bis finances    k     ~ “ I can’t say, Mr. Brown ; but busi- I A volume could be filled with the ness is business, and unless you can let strange delusions entertained by mad me have some money now, I shall order oien—-the remarkable pertinacity and the servants to place your luggage on cunning they display in carrying out the pavement. Poor Brown Was in distraction. He had no- fifty cents in his possessionsnd his hoard bill was over twenty dollars, and he would not receive his pay until the next Friday. Suddenly a bright but unlucky thought occurred to him “ I’ll pay you in an hour,” said he to the landlady. He put on his hat, and rushed into the street and toward the store where he was employed Hi* employer had gone home, aud he had a free field for bis operations. A bill of thirty dollars had been paid him “ Yea,—yes, doctor. Btu what V- ii?" I he exclaimed again. *• Thirty second*! Great Heavens! What would I Rot have given for a clew to that madman * \ fancy I Thirty sec olds, arid how sh»*ri I a second is! The kflite was raised higher, that it might gain a un intent tin by the distance. His body Was braced , for the stroke, and lira eye upon tile mark. 44 Ten seconds more! ” he cried “ NY hat is it ? ” Tlieie wxs only one hope left for me, I felt that he considered himself some great man—a-he had spoken </ veterans military chieftain EVE* BROWS MT TNT!) THI* MARK ET. Til KSK ll \VF. BEEN FURCH ESPE* BALLY Tit MEET TH* WAST* DF “ But I own my own house, gcsted Mr. Smith.    ~    I    He paid his landlady, and felt lie had “Ah, received a legacy?    You    a1-    escaped trouble foronce. ways were a lucky dog.”    On    the following Monday, Mr. “ Not a bit of it Every brick and j Green, a creditor of Mr Sharp,Brown’s Mrs. I*. T. Scotland. Mrs. VV rn. Booth. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Rehang* on all the piece of lumber in my house Were paid employer, culled upon Sharp, and the for out of uiv weekly earnings aud * Physicians. . NI. DODGE, NI. D., o a sin min z ii at W.r.wTs Drug st 're. ice. Residence over Post _    _    _    MINN. •I. albert lev, I> C' UovVlaiKl, NI, I> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON T ,s IN L A KE CL IY, MI N N., Will treat .-ill diseases to which mankind ii subject. to the best of his ability. Dr Rn vela ad has made a specialty ct discases of NT (mien aud Children, aud chrome leases -of long standing. Ry 'on^ e*Pencnoc !lu‘' **triel attention to his profession, he is conli 4sut of treating all curable diseases with ■*«u aoess. cure aud Site ess Principal Citiofc of Europe. t .pans Money * DISCOUNTS NOTFS, Negotiates County. Township, District Bonds. my weeny earnings savings. I ain indebted to no one, lam proud to say. for what I own.” *• You must get a snug salary. I re j ceive a thousand a year, but I can j scarcely save as many cents when the year a up ” ** You cannot manage well, then.” said Mr. Smith *• My salary is but i eight hundred. Tm* re mast be a screw and Schoo loose in your establishment, friend the whim? of their disordered minds In their wild freaks, maniacs frequently evince a method in their planning, an adroitness and coolness, that would do credit to the shrewdest sane person. We give below a thrilling incident, I and that was to guess Which actually occurred, as related bv one of the parties to it, who had been a prominent army surgeon. When my regiment was disbanded, I j own heroes, and the names of many iii bade adieu to my old comrades and to j them were on my lips but I dared’ lot the army, and commenced business in ,lUer them. It was the greaten chance the flourishing town of L.    j Kame that I had ever played—my lift As I was starting for the supper table J depended on the guessing of a name I on the evening of the third day after thought of all the Korean generals, that day on account of the firm This j arrival, the door bell rang violently, ■ but exit them aside a-uin, and came money was now in the safe, which he and *>°n Gie boy came in and said that ; back to our own aide of th*- water, opeued, having the keys in his posses- a ®*® wanted to see the doctor. rl he j ‘ Two second-*!” screeched th*-lunatic aion. took the money and walked hoise, visitor was standing by the tire when I    Without a thought, a!uio>t without “ The old man knows nothing about I stared He was a tall, powerful man, , volition, I sd >ke a name, breathing that bill being paid,” thought he; “ so j ~a Pei’E«Ct giant compared to my ‘ five I prayer that it might be the right I will use the money for a week or two.” i *eet and b*® prest and bushy black “ Napoleon Bonaparte I ” whiskers and hair well fitted to the    “ Hight! ” said the maoist, throwing monstrous lorni.    aside his knife, and undoing the cords 44 If you are at liberty, doctor,” said that held me. “ I was u.i®tak he, *“ please come with me It is but a doctor, few steps, and you will not need a carriage.” A Soldier SDcaks—Hill sod Andersonville. To the Editor of the Inier-Omn. As Hill, of Georgia, has bern bor: <»red with a pl <cc in Congress, to tell I what he don’t know ab *ut Anderson    Tlu.    -iii» u    «    , -I Milieu will fie .•old unusually low-villf. will you pleas*: allow me apace ll I    _ the Inter Ocean t»> tfll some *d what I    HIGHEST    PRIUR    FUD    FOK know about Andersonville The hi.—__ tory of Andersonville has never been HUMAKT HAIK, written— never can be. for language is inadequate to express the horrors and cruelties of it. I will be brief, and get down to the facts, a* they did exist J I entered Andersonville in March, 1H64. FALL & WINTER TRADE I Ar cry stables. IS one en in y< Y ou are a true genius ; thi** u -----„     is your first lesson ; copi© at tins hour two bad a conversation.    riageI every evening, and I will B ach you the “By tho way, Green,” said Sharp, 4 puton my coat and hat, and fid- beautiful art—the way to immortal “ I believe I have a bill against you for I    him    It    was    my    first    Call    in    L    ,    « fanie.” thirty dollars that is due ”    an(*    * fondly hoped it was the forerunner    As I rose from the chair, weak and “ I have paid that bill once,”    said    I    °* “,an>’ otber®«    trembling, the door opened softly, and Green, cooly.    i    ^ The man strode ahea-1 of me all the j four strong men entered and secured “ You have    paid me, sir?”    time, notwithstanding my endeavor to    the maniac. [ started for home, well “ I mean I    paid your book-keeper.    ^e' P at his side, an i spoke not a word,    pleas€J that I had jot through with my Mr Browo, the amount on Saturday See, here is the bill and receipt.” Sharp examined the bill and receipt; “ I enj tv the cmifrrcs of life, I won’t Glen he sent for Brown INTEREST ALLOWED ON POSITS. TIME DE- Collections receive energetic ami prompt Remit tuners ut atle daily. attent inn Obstetrical ca*es treated with Consult ionat free, lo Lawyers A* Mjancl •ideals. ^ w. WHITE, ‘CLERK OF THE DISTRICT CDI RT, I USTICK OF TUFTE UK. GENERAL COLLECTING AGENT. A.C..    &c. Particular attention paid to Home CoUec-Offiee at the Cml vt ilnuic. __    _    MINN. mons. ALBERT LE V, A. it. WEIK*®. D. It. I*. Un HS. WEDGE & HIBBS, ATTOHN IGV.** a t LAW Charges ere in accordance with the ens tom of National Banks iu t his St at*. H. D. BROWN, Banker. REFERCENCES. First National Bauk Austin, Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Fourth National Bauk, New \ ot k Fourth National Bank, Chicago. linois anet Shoes. jsrjn'w Boot Si Shoe Shop. stint wily self, said Mr Brown. Nor Jo I stint myself to in unreasonable degiee. rejoined his friend; “ bur I manage to lay aside four dollars every week I have been d ting so fur ti number of years ” “ You mii't be un adept in economy to practice it.” It i> as simple as A. B. 0. I enjoy all the comforts, merely denying myself tin* luxuries ” The conversation then turned to of Ii cr sui jccts, aud soon after the friends parted. "Mr Brown.” sail Sharp, "you should have told me you collected abit! of Green on Saturday Y ou have caused me to make a painful error, sir, in ask ing him again for the money ” “ I am very sorry, sir,” said Brown. in great agitation “ Well, never mind it now. Where is the money. Mr Brown ?” 14 Pardon me, sir,” said Brown, “ but I cannot let you have it now.” “ Y ou cannot let me have it ? Why not, pray ? ” “ Because I have spent it. -dr ; but I Hfice Room No. I, Vo lge's Biock, Corner Clark and ’Jrwadway. ALBERT lea, -    -    -    -    MINN. John A. Lovely. James H. Pauker O. TP. Nelson Having purchased property Broadway, has opened / on LOVELY & FARRER, ATTOBNEYS At I -.V AV BuOT & SHOE STORE, Uitir I st door. - MIN 'Odic© ie Hewitt s Block, albeit lea, - - -_____ HBM ATT BLACKMER, JUAWYEB. r v N I> FOK S V Id I At .VERI’ LEV, -    -    M^N- “K. C. Sl'A 'Y.    ii.    Tv    BKK. STACY & TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Notaries* Public, Real Estate stud Collect inf Agents. CONNEYANU I NG ’Cf sill kinds adequately <lone. acknowledgments taken oaths administered, Ne. Taxes na id. Titles investigated, Lands bought an I acid. Particular attention paid t o collect iou.    j •Corner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea Hotels. HALL HOUSE —FOR — CISTUS IHDE WORK, | Four or five workmen will be constantly I employed, and orders for New Good or for Repairs will be tilled, cheap and on the 1 shortest notice Htf GIVE HIM A CALL. J. TRUESDELL, I AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA I wish I could save. ' he said, “but I can t. I lie money slips away from me somehow — I can’t fell how My daily expenses are en iroious—considering my inc one—ami unnecessary, I suppose \Yell, to-ui-trmw I will jot do iv n al! iii v little expenses just to see where the tunney g<*e> to ” I he next morning on returning t > the counting house where he was employed. he found a young friend awaiting him. “ Good morning, Brown, you’re in luck again,” said hi* friend. “Glad to hear it. my dear fellow— what form loos it uke this time ?” lite bal! of the A———— comes off this week, aul I have a ticket to sell ff you. “ But I have attended several balls this seas »n, and I have t.ckets for half a dozen more lying about at leone. It is too exp msive to buy for all the balls.” “ Come, come. my boy, you must not go back on me in this manner, I pur | chased when you had tickets to sell for the annual of your club ” |    It was too true. Air. Brown belonged j    a social club that held a ball annual- I lf- He, with other members of the I club, were expected to take and sell a certain number of tickets He had Mr    lh own.    when    he    i    turned,    could    intend to return it ail when I get my not help    thinking    of    what    had    been    salary.” told him    !    “ Y'our place is vacant from this hour sir. I cannot put any further trust in you Y’ou may take your hat, and leave as soon as possible ” Poor Brown walked out of the store more dead than alive The fir-d person lie met was his f-iend Smith. I nlike Brown, Mr. Smith was in the highest of spirits. 44 Wish me bick ” he said to the des-p ndeut Brown ; ** I ve mounted another step of the lad der of sneer**. Pf© been taken as a partner into the business One of the firm got sick, and wanted to retire from trade and travel abroad The ca-h necessary to buy hts interest w is 85,000. I had that amount saved and I’ve make my beginning as a Phi Adelphi a merchant But what is the mailer with you ? Are you in low spirits ? ” “ I am indeed I commenced at the top round of the ladder—wished IO lead a life of luxury before I had the money to support it. Now I’ve reached the bottom. I rn discharged from my situation ” and not even answering my questions Stopping before a substantial looking residence in one of the principal streets, he applied the latch-key and led me into a pleasant little room on the second floor (a study, I thought it), hung about with good paintings and el chromas, aud hoed with books of description *• Take a seat, doctor,” said the man ; “I will step out a moment. Take this chair by the tire; it s a bitter cold night.” The chair was a great unwieldy thing, but exceedingly comfortable I threw my feet upon the fender, and leaned back on cushion, well satisfied to warm myself a little before seeing the patient. first guessing lesson, and fervently hoping that I sh mid never be called upon to take another. --.........  .—I.....O    '#*    —------  - Speech of a VissBxippl Editor. Ar a reception to nu excursion party gant of YIiSSI-Sippi editors, at BuffMu, N. Y , Mr J5 ll. Shackhou-»4\ of the fidel burst Miss j i'opiahaa, made the following reply to the address of welcome: “When the Queen of Slicks visited old Solomon’* dominion* in i he ancien? time, flew over the hills and daks in his lightning railroad train-* sailed over his great lakes in his big steamers, r«»0e upon keel boats as they pl wed his canals, examined critically his farms and his machine sh* p». she finally a Inch was directly back of where I sat and heard the door open and close again • I suppose he had gone cut, but aid not look around to see. Indeed I bad no time, for a stout cord was thrown over my wrists and across my breast, and a hatidkerchirf bound over my mouth so quickly that I could not prevent it. VV hen I was perfectly secure, mv eon ductor slipped in front of me an I look ed with much intern! at uiv vain attempts to free myself. "Good atom cord, isn’t it ?” he asked “It has never been broken, and many a stouter man than you ha* tried it There, now, be quiet a while, and I will tell you what I want.” Ile went to a cabinet that stood in the corner of the room, and taking a l"Dg knife from one of the drawers. , ran his thumb over the edge, and felt the point, all the while talking in the most commonplace manner imaginable “I have fur years studied the art of guessing,” said he. “I can guess anything; that is my gue*»ing-chair that you are sitting in now ; and I take “ Why, what is the matter? What Pb*a«ure in imparting my knowledge to have you done ? ”    others. This is what I want of you to 44 Of late I ve been very extravagant, n*«ht. I d.d intend to make you guess my board was in arrears ; my landlady ! tbat> but ^ bave thought of something made her way to the headquarter* aud I heard the man approach the door formally interviewed the thrifty old autocrat of ail the Jew* j arid iii that interview, can l-*r constrained her to acknowledge that although she had heard much of his great ness aud mag n ti ce nee vet the half had not been told her SM it is with us. fellow chi tens of Buffi! >. in reference lo this tremend -us country y have heard a great dc have heard much t your big newspapers ar iii push, your DEALER IN BOOTS & Hi; Stock of fixe Goods rfo W. G. FOSTKE Albert Lea, Proprietor. - M:nn. IV threatened to turn me into the street; so I borrowed a sum of money from th* either to force them on his acquaintances firui 10 uet over the emergency, intend or buy them all himself The conse- *n!i to put it back, but the deficiency quence was the majority of his friends w'-»s discovered to day aud I have been I bought his tickets, but lie soon found ! discharged.” I every man of them had tickets for some w J hope it has taught you a lesson,” other ball, which they wish*] to sell, said Mr Smith; “but as a friend lam j and “ Dot go back on them.” as his bound to help you. I have some infriend expressed it. he found it was fluency with Sharp. If I can get you a;>ked costing bim a good slice of his salary for I hack in your situation. I’ll do so.” I 00^’ one wbo ever reduced it to a sci-ball tickets alone.    j That evening Mr. Smith visited Mr. ence Since I left my noble veterans So Mr Brown bought the ticket. ; Sharp, and by dint of persuasion sue- j I bave devoted my whole time to it ; lie had not the courage to refuse. It ceeded in reinstating Brown in his old an^ uow I am about to initiate you into better. He had become satisfied with the edge and point of his knife, and was pacing up and down the room, giving me a full history of the world, interfered with facts relative to the act of guessing, at which time he always stopped in front of me. geum*, enterprise, wealth, progress, and irrepre*>ibiii*y But now since we have traveled a c-*u s;ierablc sc pe of your grand domain. we are. Uke th*. Q i -en of Shaba, farced to acknowledge that the half has n it been told us. • We arc u *t g ong into any war with you fellows It we had kuowu how confounded numerous y«.ii were— what vast resources you had—what a nut’on of get up and getters you are— we should never have buen guilty of trying to whip you in the first place. Now that we have seen for ourselves and gotten some sort of an idea of the magnitude of the jub of cleaning you out, we consider that another war os our side vr.iuid b« treposteroua and re-dicutouts, and we are fur p ace. Y es. fellow citizens of Buffalo, we arc here in the interest of p'viee —< rod like peace In the glowing languages the inspire I psarnlist, “Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.” 5\ e be lieve in peace. We are quite ready to , be harmonized    Aud I am glad to be some great [ bat ing been confined at Cahaba, Ala . I thought of our ! J*bout two month*. When I entered that place in March. I found about*?. DOO prisoner*, tnoetly made up from Belle Isle and around Richmond Tlmre was not » tree. bush, or At ump in the prison. All had b en used for the stockade and by the prisoners to get fuel to cook with. The ration* then consisted of one pint ut raw ntenl per man for twenty four hours, without any fuel lo cook it. or anything to cook in Sometimes we got about three ounces of meat A filthy ravine passed through the priaoa. and the Confederates were stationed above, and all the filth of their c.»n.*p passed through the prison. Prisoners were compelled I-* wade into this swamp, which was thick with maggot*, and stand in that loath some filth and dig out roots not larger than a man’s finger to get fuel to dr; in the sun to cook with. while timber was standing thick on the outside of rhe prison. Where were Hill and Ds fist then ? Prisoner* were placed in detachment* of 270. and a sergeant placed over each detachment to draw ration*. During the month* of July and August, there were about J3.000 prisoners crowded into the prison. Th-suffering then, cann d be described There was scarcely room to lie down. as we had to keep open alleys Prisoners w*re driven in just as hogs or cattle are driven into a pen. Thert wa* no shelter to shield us from the scorching rays of the sun and the cold news of night. Thousands of prisoner*. like myself had been stripped of their clothing when captured, and were there blistering bv day and freezing by uight, a* the nights were cold and chilly. During three month*, mush and beef were issued to us The mush generally wa® fly-blo*n, and covered with small maggot*. One beefs head, without the jaw bones and tongue, were allowed for twenty men for twenty four hour* We got beans and bread proportionate Ij with the above, when beet and mush, called luxuries by our captors, were omitted Thou«and» of men walked around, bting not! ing but living skele r*    c* tons. w:th putrefying sores on their *ns. unable to keep the maggots from the sores. Where were Davis and Hill then? Men in this condition w md rush od the inside of the deid line to be shot d wn. The whole av* tem was a fixed one of cruelties and H-arvutb n. Wirt repeatedly stated that he was only earn ing out the in- ! »t met ion* from the War Department, and that their prisoners in the North were subjected to the same treatment. Where were Davis and his friend Hill, I when the people of Georgia saw u« starving and hauled sweet potatoes to the prisoners, and not a potato wis a1 lowed to be issued ? N\ here were they when the Union women would look in upon us and weep at our suffering, and ) the soldiery would bayonet them back ? i In the face of all th* se facts and 39, OOO living witnesses, for a man like • Hill, a member of the American Con- ; CITY LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. NKW HUGG IKJ*. CARRIAGES*, HAR-and RELIABLE HOUCKS. First-das* Tomcats at Reasonable Prices! Corner of Broad a a yr and Clark »tre*ta» be rf Lea, Minn.    • F. HALL, Proprietor. "Si Al cai Alarkct*. Wm. TUNELL Well knew n and long eat ab! i iliad MPA T MARKET\ Will always f*e found open and well rap plied with the BEST QUALITY OF MEAT. which the coant ry affords. BEEF. PORK. MUTTON. VEAL. 1 Pmilfff will always he fowad F iu t alway? fir •eason* at h a shop, while Gift u have g ;t We I about yt»u We ace rn mg y«»u in of y«»ur thrift. LARD. TALLOW, HAMS. SAUSAGE, &C , will be kept constantly on hand. him a call. Four door* south of the Webber Hon*#, ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    MINN. lOtf. m A. ll. M MILLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET I Ob East side Broadway. THE PEOPLE first door Moth of S STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOE DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! rn THAN EVER BEFORE. Sc# U**h paid for irides. Tallow, Ac., Ao. TRY HIM I NEW MEAT MARKET. Wototocr House This Hotel having recently been coin- J pletelv refitted and furnished, is now pre- ( pared to "ive AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS to all <£ut-8ts aud travelers. Good stabling, and attentive grooms. Commodious wimple j rooms connected with the premises Photograph s. J. A. Puller^ PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, -Un-ion Block, East side Broadway, LR.WIT LEA -    -    -    MINN JOHN M. MARTY, Vie ii Engineer & Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of Crosse County, Y5 is., respectfully says to the people of Freeborn County that h** is prepared to do any kind of Surveyim;. laying out Town Plats, Roads. etc., as well as making plans and specifications for Houses, Barns, etc.    411 4 GOOD NEWS! If you want to buy good FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, where you will a1 way* find the best quality ever offered for sale in this Market, aud at the IAT" K.ST PRICE. Mv i.-.otto is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE! call and be convinced. cost him live dollars. “There goes the four dollars that Smith saves every week, with a dollar to boot,” thought Brown, with a bitter smile It is not fashionable for a young man to go to a ball alone. A young lady is - indispensable. Fashion prohibits young ' ladies going to balls in street cars. A carriage is necessary How much do you n^k for your carriage for the evening ? ” inquired Brown of a hackman. “ Ten dollars ” ; I here was no getting out of it. Ara I mintha. Mr Brown’s Inly love, had : been invited, aud the night of the bal! ; had arrived. “ There goes two dollars more than !    Smith saves in two weeks,” thought I    Brown, as he ordered    the driver to be j on hand at ten o’clock. Dancing at a bali becomes wearisome pleasure, unless a good supper forms „    ,    ,    i    part of the festivities.    Even the girls. H.pairing don.* to w<fcr, cheap an.! ou    who are sn spiHtual.    look with preat expectations toward the supper table when they go to a ball. Mr. Brown’s girl was no exception When she saw the guests filling into the supper room, she inquired of Brown (very innocen*-ly) where those people were going. So he took the hint, and purchased two supper tickets. 8ix dollars more out of his finances. “ Twenty-one dollars a week for balls,” thought Brown, as he returned to his solitary bed at an early hour the next morning. “ and that not including th.: incidentals.” “ Why. let me see, that is more than Smith saves in five week®, vet he can TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERT CHEAP, In view of tile ’b-pression in the Grain Market.    I    Ct 01x13 TANGlr, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. Simp un Clark street, north ami opposite of Wedge Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. ....    .    ,    able    to    say    that    everywhere we have “Did you ever study it, Doctor?” he beefl i(i the N„rth anj Weal we have I 'n ow you haven t. I am the niet a cordial welcome and kindly greeting. Nobody has made faces at us. We have felt O K. all the time    .    .    ,    ,    - The railroads have deadheaded us and Plau?cd>    'he    'fo^e    lniV given us (he finest drawing room era ““ty    ‘Now    dr*    up; I to sleep iu. The ho.els reduced .heir , K,U le* >?u know that this is no camp ii t j j    -    -    rates,    and    some    of    th ■'in didnt have the His first Pavings paid back the money ! ca,m t,iat * did not think he intended beirt t0 charge us at ail We have place The latter has turned over a new ils mysteries, if you are worthy leaf.    He    was    standing    before me so very grep*. to utter such notorious falsehoods about the cot dition of that hell on earth, and applauded by men North and South, is horrible, horrible, bom hie! Thand God, opportunity is yet left us to correct some errors, and to MW the nation's honor ' The time will be in ISIG, aud the place the ballot box !    F    M. Modo lim. Late Quartermaster Sergeant Twenty, on Clark -tre^t. east of McNeil ft Van ninth Illinois Infantry.    *    YedbtetCsCarpenter Shop, where be pm* ,       ;    po*©* to keep everything usually fouml in Amusing    hi* line. and also propose* to sell al aa Somebody in a Georgia Coart “ap- JACOB STATJDEHRAUS IU* opened a new YI EAT .MARKET meeting TT JI lOW RATEO a* the Market will afford he had appropriated His next act was to open an account with a financial institution, which he visits regular every pay day with a deposit. \\ hen six months had elapsed he counted his as sets.and he was astonished at the result. Ile felt he was on the high road to fortune. He never deals in ball tickets now. finding they are an expensive amuse rnent. As he told Smith the other day: “ It is just as easy to save as to spend, if you only set your mind to it.” you any nbort notice 87 tf Gi**® him n call. Albert Lea, Minn. O. P. Hasson. I. J. PAULSON. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Boots db Siioes, All work warranted to give satisfactk n and done to order on «hort notice. Shop near cor. of Broadway and Williams street**, Albert Lea, Minn. Dray IL, in es. WING & IlOVirS EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs .attended to on first call, j and wtruanted to giv* satisfaction. 1 beme orders on the Slate at A. E. Johu-soii’s stoic, Albert Lea, Minn. His Last Cent.—“Have five cent cigars ?” “Yes, sir,” replied the clerk. “Have you any for ten cents ?” “Y"es, sir.” “Have you any for fifteen cents?” pursued the would be purchaser. “Y es. sir.we have,” said the clerk; as he handed out the box “Would you fake a fellow’s last cent for a cigar ?” rather indignantly queried the custodier. “Y es, I would I” snappishly returned the clerk. “Well, there it is,” solemnly said the stranger, as he deposited one cent on the counter and walked off with a fifteen cent cigar Book agent to lawyer’s clerk, greatly bored—“Sir, you had better take that book ; you'll find it a remarkably good investment, and—” “Can you change a ten dollar bill ?’’ asked the clerk. “Oh I yes; I can do that.” “Then you’ve or. i uu- j I Sot a mighty sight more money than I support a wile and two babies and owns i A n I* u t„    J hi,, own l.ouse! ha,ra- Guod da? •    . The next day was Saturday the eventful day when Mr. Brown’s board bill was due. “ Now, Mr. Brown,” said the land Uir-t How© *■ oat Ii I> : <» ; ' n a    A Uh* Vt I •f tile People's* .-Moi **, UEnuijffa. I will herd cattle again next summer, on the prairie near    my    farm    I refer to tty customer* of last season, as to mv respell-    , ,    , sibility.    U. AUSTIN j    ,ady’    tbe minut« «*c entered the house, Aldea. Felt. IO, 1F75.    (“I hope you will    let me have the ------j an,ount of my bill.    Remember I have Feeing Machine for sale.    Apply    to j not received a cent    from you for three I    Dom ORD.    weeks ” A young lady of Austin, Nev., who has been for some time wrestling with the problem of a suitable costume to wear at the coming masqurade, on be Ing asked by a friend what she intended to wear on that occasion, replied : “Oh, bother ; I don’t think I shall wear anything” The winter has been very severe iu Nevada. to harm me; but when I looked into his eyes, burning with the fire of in sanity, I felt that my situation was des perate indeed. “ I must test you,” he said “ I must see whether you are naturally gifted or not.before I waste much time with you.” 44 If I remove the handkerchief, will you answer my questions ? ” I nodded an affirmative, and he removed it. 44 Now, my dear doctor, you are an entire stranger to me. \\ ithout doubt you have heard of me, but it will be a hard task to distinguish my name from all the other great men of tbe time. Y’ou may guess it, doctor. What is it?” He had brought his face so near to mine that I could feel his hot breath, and I fancied I could feel the heat in those terrible eyes The long, keen blade he was holding over me—for what? To take my life if I failed. “ Guess! Guess ! ” he screamed ‘‘If you fail, it will be your last guess in this world.” I dar«.d not cry out—the knife was too near. I could not escape, for strong cords bound me to a chair I could not lift; and I could not lie there aud lose my lite. What could I do ? “ It is a hard guess,” he said, and I will give you three minutes to answer it.” I summoned oil my courage, which had never yet failed me, even in the awful hour of battle, and, looking him steadily in the eye,said: 41 I know you, sir, so where is the use of guessing ? I have seen you on the battle field, marshalling your men to victory ; I have seen you cut down a score of men with your single arm ; I have seen you put to flight a whole bat talion. I know you—everybody knows you-*your name is in my mouth.” I remembered what he had said about leading bis veterans, and had tried this harangue to divert bis attention. I paused to mark the effect. been fed at all your eating institutions ! an exchange, remark*: “I he subscriber where we have stopped. In some °f the  in this place tried, a few places they wined us and they dined us, days ago, to carry home some lard in a rode us out in carriages, and showed us I Cnp}' “I that paper ; but, on reaching the sights, made speeches to us, sere- home, found that t he concentrated lie .    j..    •    t*    .    *    I    A    portion of the patrvnaee of the eft** An editor wishing to be severe upon ZtU9 0f aibei-% Lea is respectfully solicited 49if had changed it to soap.” “Benjamin.” shouted Mrs. Toodfe* to her husband, who was going one of the gate, “bring me up five cents worth ; of snuff when you come” “Snuff? Mrs Toodles, snuff !” he ejaculated, a* [ naded us with their brass bands, etc . etc. We iiave had ju:M a splendid time of it The ladies. (God bless ’em, always) have smiled upon us, and the men have sometimes even gone    to the extent of asking us to take a    drink That last is the capstone to the    climax    J    he paused    with    his    hand on    the    latch    ; of reconciliation. [Hear, hear !    ] The    I    "no,    no, Mrs.    Toodies.    the    timevS    are too true road to a Mississippi editor’s heart hard to admit of such extravagance; is to invite him to take a drink with j you must tickle your nose with a straw I you If that don’t harmonize him— when you want to sneeze.” if that don’t capture him—if that don’t The jud„e at a court jB Majfte H I bring peace to the land and save the J Ceut!y sentenced a culprit to twenty-1 □ac ct ll db West, DEALERS IN G«»uernl Ylorcliaudiao, AUSTIN, -    MINK. Gr. A. Sauce Having nought th© old and favorite of A C Himehattgb ie prepared to do ^’1 hind* of BL AOK L: V1ITH1NQ — \N D— IIOHSK-SIIOE1NG. Sati*fn«tiou guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf country, nothing else on earth will.’ How to Become a Lawyer. A day or two ago, when a young man entered a Detroit lawyei’s office to study law the practitioner sat down beside bim ana said:    |    ed    there    three    Weeki (Now, see here, I don t Rave no time five years in the State Prison This /act was communicated to the pri oner’s mother, who was struck at the magnitude of the sentence “What did they do that for?” she exclaimed. “Twenty- N. H. ELLICKSON. Carpenter and Builder Mr. E is an Architect fr*a» Ck wagas aa4 is thoroughly (louvers**! with hawse da tive years ! Wny he won’t be content- to fool away, and if you don’t pan out well I won’t keep you here thirty days. Do you want to make a good lawyer ?” “Yes, sir.” “Well, now, listen. Be polite to old people, because they have cash. Be good to the boys, because they are growing up to a cash basis Work in with reporters and get puffs Go to church for the sake of example. Don t fool any time away on poetry, and don’t even look at a girl until you can plead a case. If you can follow these in sanctions, you will succeed. It you cannot, go and learn to be a doctor and kill your best friends.”   - In Washing Calicoes, in Which the colors ate not last, bo careful not to boil them ; but wash in the usual way with soap, and” rinse in hard water For dark colored goods ad! a little AM IS ie TEA 111 EMI. Miss Mildred Salsich. An earnest looking stranger entered the Director s office at Detroit, the other day, and asked how the poor came on, aud after a little conversation said : “Please name some poor widow who j would like a barrel of flour.” ‘Til be fron‘ "    having    located    bara,    has only too glad ” replied the official. ; °Prnen a c!a*s ,ur    _ s_ woald like OM.” -Wjaw j INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC! and invite* an acquaintance with these wha wish foeti fiction. Abo agent for BAY STATK 0104H< I Room* at A. II. Me.MiLLE.VS    Itt see “I know Nhe would.’ salt to lite vinegar. water; for light, a Well, I hope y'tu’ll send one up !” sighed the stranger, as he backed for the door A gentleman who has a thrifty cher ry tree in an i si accur'; place, put a capital stone imitation of a dog under it to frighten tiff boys The other morning he went out to find the legs and tail broken off the image, and the body sticking in the grouud and labeled : “This ’ere dorp feels sick ” Miss Betsy Carr, of New Uaopshire. is 105 years o11 She »ays she never expects to ■»arrv. but will probably Id maid. It looks a VV ANTEL*.—Two httttdfed stock steer*. Apply to A H. MCMILLEN. 6tf little I live and die an little that way MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Seattoiicd W ont! • I Order* left on the slate at J. N. fnitYl I promptly »ci«B'1(*4 to.    6tf
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