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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - February 12, 1880, Albert Lea, Minnesota By the. The curving Shore fringed with ice and Bellov far the. Eye Aii reach in Frozen blocks Ami sea Birds. Come and in Conui Hillois some paddling on the Leo heroes mid some lying in form triangular and number vast while Theson t orb Iris. Allie Spruil g but hark Kec h and tar tin shot Willi a Sharp reverberation loudly from a Fowler boat Hill shrieks of fear and Ron Sterna Mann denote Vor Ono hot with Well directed aim swept Leftric Lenvi a i Iilo a Ureil in and ill n Twenty of the Ocean 4.11110 manned or Deil. Lowers and o or the darkening loads tile Altril thei be but Uvaun Haj Sieto moving just the full buoys earliest teams Sweet. The aft Uil Uii by nution i tie t-jmt.-3 murmuring to i i a. With a a Kip a i i Eye can re.11 i Ter o Trici wis Over at last and my. Hindi a so Tiki of ill Lotti i n out upon the wife and in two lie Limei and a Ovol Thi Light Julin evening. On Tine de by. Space siiri but the u Small a Road Aion women v. E Pitcher the of the House was surround oui id a Largo purpose of i of ,.s Only t from i i. 11." h of ilium Natur Aliv Turi d the j .v.i. U upon a favorite abject Mth Lo-indian.-. Iz., the a Hanicker method of Omu fall an thu unit Ivym. Rid Ali ing with Only i nol. Emphatic Illy to do i Ciu Well if Tii a Don t. Their c i be had to twice i n. By vants Sei in out it and assure Yoi h retorted your Opin n before Bat Tali it no Saul the v hat they re 10 it and Tran pm that my i pc Ilure to d lifer Troia you said or. Jurrie a thrashing once or Mot of my Pitt time Doug very Wal with inc i a 1 in my place you d have the i mint. Why the 1 had Char ree of two he rain nos Down it suttee poor there was t another Iju Een Allicer like Iny con founded Luck there was no m and lung torn 1 did it my in. Jay Jove Sii i Luuri to be lit onto own Iju Titi Naii Sta my own Sev Ray own caterer and your trumpeter colonel Aspeti c Urrie with an Arsh the Rol Otio 11 oin Inot by and an explosion minuet a Nen clamor voice loud them All to Ihu front of the veranda. The of the gift Inbuncy was Visi ble at u glance. Half Drunken English pointers swaggering along the had come into violent Contact with a native Bov Wiio was running past mud one of them at the. Collision had felled the pour lad to Usu around and was Nis with Evi Clont intention of beating him Luviner Cipully. The Young whelp shouted the colonel rubbing hid hands that t just what they All the other of icon. Major popularly called major str Zugarin was a Nguc Brawny silent Man whose Forte Lay rather than in talking. During the whole discussion he had sat like u great Bronze statue never uttering a word Bill at thu Sig it of this Man this child he woke up rather startlingly. To leu to the ground twelve feet be Low to Dart across the Garden to vault Over the High stockade beyond was the work of the athletic major and in another he had rated the fallen bos tenderly from Trio while saying to the Foremost Soldier in the Low com pressed toilet of a Man who Means what he a nys ii Oil with you and who thu Deuce Are you Yho Viii yer nose1 in where Ain t wanted i roared the infuriated a Tidlun to whose eyes the major Plain evening Dieber bore no Token of beam an Oil incr the sentence was never Iuis Kod. At the sound of that insolent Defiance Armstrong sorely tried patience gave Way tiie powerful right hand which had hewed its Wii through a whole set Moron of Rikh cavalry fell like a siege Hattner upon i oppo nent Ace him to the ground Hud been blown from tie month of n Irun. Done major Armstrong shouted or. Purric from above. You do Servo your name and no at that formidable Unaie the Soldier took to his heels at once and Armstrong even thinking of his prostrate antagonist proceeded to examine the hurts of the boy. The latter was sorely bruised in Many places and the blood trickled freely Over his Swarthy face but the Little hero still did his Best to stand erect and to keep Down every sign of the pain which lie enduring. You re a Brave lad and you la make a Soldier some said the major to him in Hindo stance. Come with me and 1 u see that no one molests you the lad the huge Brown hand had defended him so bravely and. Kissed it with the deepest reverence and the two walked away together. Day was just breaking when two men held a whispered counsel in one of the upper rooms. Of the water running said major Armstrong but upon half ration i food will be out in four Days then we go right at them and Cut our Way through die for growl d the Obi colonel with a grim smile of his icon face lot1, with All his harshness and injustice colonel Annesley Orit to the Backbone. Must not say anything to them Klimt it he added with u Side glance or. C Urrie who standing in the fur ther Corner was anxiously watching the thin worn face of his sleeping wife. At that moment a loud cheer from be Low startled them both and the next moment Ismail the major boy every one now culled burst into the room with a glow of unwonted excite ment pm his dark Luce. Cried he there Hope for yet a detachment of bugler eng Lish hit coming up the other Bank of the River if we can Send word to them they pass we tire do Vou asked the major Cage Rev. In my the sepoy say so while i Hiu among the bashes Over answered the boy. Among the Bushes roared the colonel facing round. Have you really a ii in the midst of those Cut throw villains listening to what they said whale Var did you do that for "1 did it Silitz replied the 1 buy. Proudly. Lie to a the colonel Birned hastily Anivay to Hiil Thrush of nol unmanly shame that overs a read his hard and a j Saith d subtly he heard him i Hilter i i the a. Chaps Aren t so Olack Thev re painted liter All if troops arc Hev oud the River How can with asked i. Jurrie awakened Liy no. Hail i ii and joined the they not Pas near hear the Hung and u o have no mean. Of sending them fear nothing for that i Cuil islami Aid the Hindoo boy quietly i will Cany run can you no died or. Curie. Thunder Uncle by the confident tone in which ibis a ctr child spoke i to the vet Ciao might Well have a Hrinik. N. Niia ered. I will lip out of the House and make i dash into tiie enemy a it 1 were desert my from you Othi a and you can Tell your people to lire a shot or Atti i with Blank cart Ruic. 1. Then the sepoy will me Kim in. And i la Tell them that Soura i try aug of Thiis. And they Only need Oil. Ilay More to in sure of you so that they won t orc to make another attack. Then when they have no suspicion and think i m unite to to a v and the a sure asked major Ailtie six months have come and gone and or. Carrie hospitable House presents a very different spectacle. The pretty Gar Den trampled into dust und the bodies of men and horses arc lying thick among the fragments of the half destroyed stockade. All the windows of the House Are Block Oil up und through the loophole Walls peer the muzzles of ready rifles showing How steady the besieged Garrison stands at buy against the countless enemies dark Lis acc takes and glittering weapons arc visible amid the half ruined building and matted thickets All around. The sepoy Mutiny of 1857 blazing sky High Over Northern India and col Onel Annesley blockaded in Hutto Bagh with Aorta Katy of a hideous death for himself and every Man of the few who arc still True to him unless help come speedily. One of thei Belve slip acrus the i ivc Are you in will believe Strong doubt Turiy. B this in piled the deliberately making deep in Bare shoulder and staining his while frock with blood an he glided irom the room followed by Armstrong. The plan to the men below and a moment later Isu Iai dark figure was seen darting an Arrow across the open space in front of the build in a followed by a Quick disc arge of Blank cartridges irom the marksmen at the loopholes. The sound of filing Diew the attention of the Poyo several of whom ran to raid to meet him. In another instant he was in tie midst of them. Can scarcely see for Iho a colonel Ai Mesley but lie suem5 to be showing them the wound on his shoulder and telling them it was our doing at that moment an exulting yell irom the Teneni came pealing through the still air. The Story of our being Short of water for a said the majority was a very Good thought of his. If it Only delays their attack two Days longer there May be time for help to arrive yet. Slowly and wearily the Long hours of that fearful Day wore of. The heat so terrific that even the native sold icis of the Garri Sofi could barely hold their Osva agr Viust it and the handful of English men were almost helpless. Had the sepoy attacked then All would have been Over at a blow but hour a sed ult i hour und there was no sign of an assault. At length afternoon gave place to evening a movement began to show it self in the enemy Hue their curls of smoke rising above the Trees showed thai the evening meal was in preparation and several figures with pitchers in their hands Anim big whom the colonel keen Eye soon detected Ismail. By George cried the. Old Soldier slapping his knee exulting in to Jal boy Worth his weight in Gold there his Way Down to the River open to him with out the least Chance of suspicion Why that lad a born nothing every Eye within the Walls was now turned anxiously upon the Distant group fearing to see at any moment some move ment which would show that the trick was detected. How did Ismail mean to accomplish his purpose would he plunge boldly into the River without any disguise or had he some further strata Gem in View no one could suddenly Ismail stooped to plunge his Light wooden dipper into the water it slipped out of his hands Antl went floating away Down Stream. A cry of dismay a loud laugh from the sepoy and then the boy was seen running frantically along the Bank and trying in vain to clutch the vessel it floated past. What in Earth he up grunted the colonel completely mystified. I exclaimed major Armstrong triumphantly. There a boat yonder among the Reeds and he making right for it. Well done my Brave boy 1" but at that moment a yell of rage from the sepoy told that the trick was discovered. Luckily those on the Bank had left their pieces behind or poor Ismail would soon have been disposed of but the alarm instantly brought up a crowd of their armed comrades Whoso bullets fell like Hail around the boat and its Gallant Little Pilot. Let fire a Volley and make a show of rallying said the colonel it la take their attention from but in this he was mistaken. The first rattle of musketry from the did indeed recall most of Ismail assailants but at least a dozen were left who kept up an increasing lire striking the boat again and again. All at once the colonel dashed his Glass to the floor with a frightful oath. Between two gusts of smoke he had con that seen the boat turn suddenly Over and go whirling away Down the dark River keel upward. There an end to the poor Piui tried the Veteran Brokenly. God bless him for a Brunc Little Ellow. And mow old Friend just Izard for there no Hope left. T 4. A the first few hours of the inuit passed i quietly and then the exhausted de fenders utterly worn out slept if drugged with opium but a Little after Midnight the Quick ears of the two vet eran of users thu Only watchers in the whole Garrison except the sentries them caught a faint stirring in the sur rounding thickets which seemed to argue some movement of the part of the enemy. Listen Init intently for a few moments they Felt certain that they were right and lost no time in arousing men. The scanty stores of food were opened once More and crouching together in the darkness the doomed men took what they believed to be their last meal on Earth. Said major Arm Strong bar aiming his eyes into the gloom through u loophole. I hear them creep ing Forward though t can t see them what the Deuce was exclaimed the colonel suddenly. It looked like a fiery Arrow lying it worse than said the major in a Low voice. The rascals Are shop Gigli Ted Chip of Bamboo on to the Root to set it on lire. Send the women up with buckets to flood the Tritch there not a moment to ill go und see to it cried Cunie hastening out of the loom. But the Potter of this new had already become manlies. The House was an old one and dry tinder from the prolonged heat nud the i Hunes were quenched in one place they broke out in another when Day dawned the fire had already got a firm hold of one Corner of the building. And a crushing discharge was poured i upon All attempted to Vinish it v. Idle the triumphant of Lite human Tisi Erx Chiw told that they Celt sure of their prey. It All Over with in old fellow said the grasp nil his Comrade Hind a least we shall base done our one of your wins Perez mrs. C Urr to her husband in a voice that was it her own. I not fall into their hands at that moment Armstrong was seen to Start and Bend Forward if list ening Inu Niy for he thought although he i Ould share Civ be his eurs that he had suddenly caught faint sound of Distant to Riutor. In Are Toner in.5t.-Uit heard and this Lime there could be no More do lir. For several of Hie Nln r cd ight it and a am of Hope once More lighted up in in Hagl Imi faces and bloodshot louder Ami in Are cam1 the Welcome sound while the Dudt i and visible to sin used they too. Re .1 i Ulo meaning. Then High Abov a d the Din Rose the Well known Hurrah and through the smoke Clouds Bike a charging line of glittering bayonets and Ruddy Duglish sweeping a inv the cowardly murderers the Sun la roses the Luoni ing in i 1 Bov Worth his weight in said colonel Annesley. A few hours later he listened to Ismail account of How he dived under the boat and kept it be tween himself and the sepoy that they i Trot think him drowned. He the Luckiest Little fellow i be Ever seen and although lie belongs to the major i m go ing to take my share of helping him on by Railroad accidents. In a Book named notes on Kail Road or. Charles Francis Adamsjr. Shows that the percent age of loss of life and of personal in juries on railroads exceedingly Small when compared with the amount of travel and that the risks of Railroad travel Are much less than they Are popularly supposed to be. He cited statistics to prove that it actually safer for a mail or his family to travel by rail than to stay tit Home thus corroborating the saying attributed to John Bright that the safest place in which a Mai could out himself was inside a first class rail Road Candage of u train in full motion. During the eight years from 187u to ls7y the whole number of lives lost in operating the entire Railroad system in Massachusetts was or an average of 140 a year while in Boston the re corded deaths from accidental causes during the ten years from 1808 to 1s7s was or an annual average of 25 j. These results show that a the City of Boston alone the yearly number of deaths caused by accidents was 80 per cent greater than the number reported of till the railroads of the state. This comparison a not Peculiar to Massachusetts but maybe taken approximately accurate for other places. Indeed statistics were published years ago in prance showing that people were less Safe at Home than while travelling on the railroads. Another fact will serve to reassure the timid that of the whole number of per sons accidentally killed or injured on railroads but a Small proportion Are Poss enters. Many of those lose their lives or Are personally injured Are employees who Are constantly exposed to risk by virtue of their employment and familiarity with danger leads them to be careless and even Foolhardy oftentimes. But or. Adams shows the greatest and most regular cause of death and injury in the operation of railroads the reckless habit of walking on the track which common with too Many people and especially with those Are More or less drunk. More than one third of All the Railroad casual ties reported in Massachusetts Are classified under the head of accidents to that accidents to men women and children especially the lat Ter illegally lying walking or playing on the tracks or Riding on the cars. Or. Adams says that the Best remedy for this dangerous practice the sys tem of broken Stone ballast covering the entire surface of the Road bed. The Sharp and uneven edges of the broken Stone form a surface which the most inveterate Railroad tramp will shun. The adoption of this system by railway corporations would not Only give their lines the Best Road bed yet devised but would be a Means of materially decreasing the percentage of accidental deaths and injuries. Ino and Uno. Ino Anil Uno Are two Hue bo3 who always arc ready to Light ii cuts a Eye i will boast thai Lii knows tie most and Ihnot her one cannot he right. Ino und Uno went into Lio Woods quite certain of knowing the. Way Fain right you in e they Gohir Ulo Nir. And they did t gut out till next Day to and Uno Rose up Lark l o inf rec awhile in the. Brook. But by contrary Stirns Lioy entangled their Linns and brought nothing Home to the Cook Ino and Uno went out on the Lake and Oil got dreadful wet while discussion prevailed they carelessly smiled and the boat they were in was upset though each entitled opinions to have they need not be foolishly Strong and to Cui Arrel and Over luit we Uii ulc i Wirht .5, Yon know and know quite wrong Josephine pol tar a Nicholas fur january. Ood a horse Cost a Colorado Man his life although he had been tried and acquitted five different times for murder. A Prairie i inter a narrative. 1 Oor Bill he was a kind hearted natured old Tellow and the. Tears trickle Down my weather beaten Cheeks whenever i think of the Happy Days i have passed in his company Yide by Side we have a Elered Over Prairie and Mountain and Side by Side we have fought the Crafty red men who sought our lives. But he dead and of what a terrible death was his it was Sunset of a hot. Scorching1 Day in August when Bill Ami 1 made arrange ments for pasting the in a pretty Little Grove of surrounded by a widely stretched Prairie. After making a Hearty meal of Venison steaks we produced our pipes und were soon end ruled in a Friendly smoke. Although we Wem exceedingly tired of our Contr Rule it quite late when we wrapped ourselves in our blankets and went to sleep. I was aroused about Midnight by hear ing a to tilt continuous Roar which at first j thought thu ii Jer but when i am saw the St irs slain intr Brill holy and the Western horizon lighted up with a Ruddy for hire. Tie truth Indian lev across my mind. Cried f hastily tha Kiny my companion the Prairie on cried Hill springing to his lest. Lint it was Munei Ossi iry to repeat the intelligence for Jill Well knew what that in the West. Antl that cont Unai noise. Meant. Inf Lakocs. He re Ichii Ataii. Lint what to be i Udo i Loudl around him. Let the buffaloes i Rory Well by Fhi Bini a tree bin then Well lose our horse and burned to death in the bargain which not at idl to my Liki Nir. If we should lire the Praise Here by the or Roc. We could then put out up on the ground we had Burnt and a Cape the lire behind we would be in danger of the bulk blocs for we could not alone keep them off and or Haven t time to run out a Short distance toward the fire and Lith the grass there of that when the tire had passed through this Krove we could come Back and climb a tree to escape the buffaloes. Therefore the Best plan i can to mount. And try to reach the Woods to the South. No other plan could be then thought of we hastily mounted and dashed Oil in the direction proposed by Bill. By this the Plaines were plainly visible and the Prairie was lighted up for Miles around. Cried Bill the buffaloes Are gaining on we both had Fine horses but they were quite exhausted Hui at a pretty Good Pace since morning. 3iy companion was a Little Mustang one on which dependence could never be placed und it was with extreme difficulty that he kept his Saddle. Although we used our most strenuous efforts to keep ahead we were now among the buffaloes with the fire hissing and Roar ing but a Short distance in our rear. No pen can describe the sick faintness that came Over me when i saw my com Zaniou horse stumble and throw its rider Over its head then get no and continue on with the living sea i attempted to turn but it for the buffaloes hemmed me in on every Side so with a sad. Heart i spurred on and left poor Bill to die with tin terrible thought on my mind that per should share his be trampled upon by thousands of feet and my body burned to a cinder about three Miles further ahead i espied. By the Aid of Light of the Burn ing Prairies a slight Elevation which appeared to be devoid of vegetation with the exception of a few stunted Cedars. It 1 could get upon that t knew i would be Safe but the Plaines were fast coining on me. And it was doubtful whether 1 could reach it with my horse in his present condition. However i spurred him on and then for the first time 1 noticed that the buffaloes were gaining upon me at in alarming rate and by the time the next mile was pasted 1 found myself among those bringing up the Van of the Herd. I cod tin tied to urge my horse Forward and soon a mile Only intervened Between me and the goal i sought. But should i reach that goal1 the heated air and the dense smoke almost stifled me and i Rode most of the time with my eyes shut so to exclude the dust raised by the hoofs of the animals around me. No one who has not been in a similar condition can perfectly understand the situation in which i was placed at that time. Half a mile Lay Between me and a Plisco of safety and my neck was already burned to a Blister by the heat. It fairly made my flesh creep when i heard the Bellows of agony which the poor unfortunate buffaloes gave vent to they were overtaken one by one by the ruthless flames. Atone time i gave up the race but 1 Ife was Sweet so i pushed on again and Niy Noble Steed scorched by the into ens heat made one More. Superhuman Effort. A moment More and i should have been overtaken by the devouring elements but my faithful beast trembling in every limb rushed up the Little Barren Hill and we were Safe immediately upon gaining the top of the Knoll the Noble brute fell from exhaustion barely giving me time to extricate my meet from the stirrups. I then threw myself upon the ground face downward and then waited for the fire to pass Over me. It did pass leaving the Little Barren Knoll almost untouched and following the terrified buffaloes. I now turned my attention to my Aad after rubbing him Down and administering to him Best i could under tie circumstances soon had him in a fair Way to Reno Var. When Dawn appeared the fire had spent itself. I passed the whole Day up of the Little Hill continually surrounded by a dense smoke. Towards night it commenced to rain which it continued to do till noon or the next Day when i mounted my now Well conditioned Steed and started out on the Prairie to search for the remains of my luckless compan Ion but in tins i was unsuccessful so i continued on my Way to fort Laramie with a heavy heart. Bessie Valentine. I wish could have a Bessie Dale. I pose nobody will think to Send me one cause i m so poor Rich girls get everything Nice then Why Don t you see that at least one poor girl gets u asked mrs. Dale. Me Mamma howl suppose you Send a Valentine to the poorest girl you that would be Hannah White. She awful poor and no mistake her toes came right through her shoes the last time i saw her but 1 Don t see How i could Send a Valentine i Haven t a cent you know yourself Manuia make a Valentine child if you have no Money to buy one with can t you think of any other Little girl whom this St. Valentine Likely to Why there a Grace Warren mrs. War Ren huh girl i m sure the Post in won t go in cite her the whole Day. But the idea of making a Valentine that ridiculous 1 Are. Jhale looked Bessie would say aug i went nut of the room Soun she came Back with two sheets of Pink paper prettily embossed ind her big scrap Book. Bessie watched with wide open eyes or that Pink paper was her Delight and the had often wished that Mamma would some of it. Now gel some fool Cap said Jale Anil copy the poems thai 1 find for Vou. When you practice till you i copy Iutin Noii in. I Wil give you the Pink paper and you can make your Bur i can l m you can i int Iii word and that will be All the better. The Ehi Tjien will know that the Valentines cime i a child. It will make them Happy to know thai Bonie child thinks of so the poem Wen found in the scrap Book and went Towpik in Arnest. It was two or three Belore she could make the acre. Loo Well enough to be copied upon the pretty pin c sheets. At lust the wire done and this the Way Thev read. The Aas to Hannah White Tho trial who a toes Wop lit of her shoes. See if 3011 do not my lilt i i in a poor c do u Haf ii a l my _ .1 in a Eye it suitable my a i of in f a i l pure Mio i Inui h to me and a 1 lir from the Rich and june. A l j Ilell ill Reif her Val-nl.iu-. The next Lor the Little lame 1 irl u holy of the Irr Oiin 1, Serin it mid Tkv nil the around. Thil Brown Litt e body by strut nicely i Day god nude ii of glory it Rode mid All tired Little bodies take the tit ought to heart the body the wrapping and not tie nobler pan. The Mir scorned and forgotten it will changed some Day and on its wind of Tilory will be and ily away. Just Bessie was printing the last words of her second Valentine cant pred came in to get 3irs. Dale to do some mending for him. Capt. Fred was a retired military Mau with lose change in his pocket. Lie looked at the Valentines and whistled a Little. Then he inquired about the lame girl and about the Little toes that were peeping out of somebody shoes if to see what was going of in the world. On St. Valentine Day the postman was Verv Busy. Two Valentines Tor he said he stopped at i Faduah White door. And one a mighty big o How surprised Little Hannah was you will easily guess that the big Valentine was a pair of Sll ii. And that capt. Fred Cut them. But the or sly printed verses did her much Good tie shoes indeed i think they were More valuable for the shoes wore out but she remembered the verses Long she lived. And the postman did not forget Little lame Grace Warren. He carried her. Beside the Pink Valentine a Lovely lose by Book of stories. And did Dale nothing you ask. O yes capt. Fred sent her a magnificent Valentine one of the dainties to be found and she so proud of it that she shows it to this Day. In it often happens in this world that a great Deal of Good lows from n act of kindness Blossom ing Plant comes from a Little Humble seed. The Gazette de France gives a not of the coldest Winters which have been experienced in finance since the fifteenth Century. The Winter of 1408 was the great in which nearly All the Bridges in Paris were swept away by the ice. In 1430 thousands perished by cold in the capital of France Well join the outlying districts and wild beasts devoured human corpses in the streets of Paris. In 1507 the Harbor of Marseilles was Frozen up. In 1544 Frozen we was broken up with the a and sold by he Pound in Paris. In 1007 cattle perished from cold in their stalls a fuel famine occurred in Paris and wagons were driven across the Seine. In 1005 the Thermo meter in Paris fell to Twenty two and a half degrees centigrade or eight degrees below Zero fahrenheit. In 1700 the thermometer marked nine degrees below Zero the Mediterranean was Frozen Over in Many places the greater number of the Trees in France were destroyed and wine froze in the cellars. In 1788 the ice on the grand canal of Versailles was twelve inches thick. In the thermometer fell to nine degrees below Zero fahrenheit in Paris the Frost continued for six weeks and the dutch Fleet Frozen in the Texel was captured by a Force of French cavalry and horse artillery an episode in War fare which forms the subject of one of the pictures m the galleries of Versailles. In 1830 the thermometer fell to Zero in Paris All the Rivers in France were fro zen Over and Many men and much cattle perished by cold. In 1803 nearly All the livers in France were More or less Frozen Over and finally in 1871, the thermometer in Paris fell to seven de Grees Zero but the excessive cold was of very Short duration and the Heine was Only completely Over str one Day. Heights. Since uie Long we Ting if Lut a. Sad one since the presence that we forint id of a glad one must Luy heart and suy to Rutth the world run by while we two sit Hack and u Litile Butlin our Strait and truly All lost v Hope Given up and duly shrieked and crossed come lick Rte Jan not you and 1 von untrodden country try Kather m lie Dourn Anil drearily Sci ins to me. The Hills glow Greenly Over Ali Era. If our Fate Lur served. Meanly can t we Bear let a i Midi e it you arid i heart to where die nuts Lai lie let bid cheery. 11 Auk pee aching. Little hark was a coloured boy and lived wily lows i think they called him Hirk because the Wool stood right up in his head and his round Eye.1 were open so that lie had a look if he were Alwy listening. See Here you said his daddy on new year Day did yer done hear what de preacher Tole yer daddy j done said hark. Tell yer Mummy hark ground his Bare toe into the Cabin floor grinned and said nothing. Him switch did t i pay enough in gel a i if Cisin into Luil boy did t i thirty cents ius to get a mule and Carryall to tote Dat boy up to tiie Corner and now he eau t fill his Mammy de preacher May to him look like i a Nino said hark lifter i rolled i. And communed with himself for a moment. I Narten yer up wid Dis yer Sui fat cd the Dadd v. Won t help me u mite Heri look like i Tole yer to Morer. Sure Nulli Tole yer to Morer. Get no dinner Chile till yer Toie yer Mammy what de preacher say to Little Turk Lii Aid the Bacon i puttering in the frying pans a his Mammy set the Humble and make the pone.-. When the Small cracked pitch a that Reid the Biack. Was placed be b. His. It a i More than Haik could bar be walked slowly out of the Cabin. Tot i in a stood the smoke Lio Iise and Young or. Henry ust Goiner away. Job in you. He Pauli Thi place while i to the House and Jon t you let any one carry Oil i hark in if the. A Large piece of Bacon and Kutie beside it Lay upon the great Block. Poor hark 1 How huge the pice looked there to be unite in the Little in. He Well nearer the Block beside the Huye piece Lay Siguil bit that Henry Iii St have Cut and forgotten when be gave out the rations Hist enough Lor harks dinner. Of course they would Esi up All the Bacon and leave none Tor him Lor there were four of d indy and Caddy and the twins. Powerful eaters dem twins thought hark and his Little Black hands went out and grasped the fat Bacon and ii tit in his pocket. At that moment he remembered the words of the old Black preacher. Boys what can do Dis new year Dat con into keep de Devil out of Dis beaut if world let me Tell yer boys and Little Gills Ebery time yer Lay ver Hau on what belong to somebody Side you say go Way Dar. Or. Deb in i 1 done Promise to help keep yer out of de world Dis the Small Greasy Black hand went in to the old pocket and Drew out the piece of Bacon and put it upon the chopping clock. Or. Henry never know Nufi in bout like nobody see me take he murmured. Back into the Cliffy pocket went the Baron when again to Little Lurk ears come tiie old preacher voice wherever you go de dear lord Eye on yer. You can Chase be Dubi oif Lear Clellen but yer can t Chase away de lord. He ullars near. Say to him Dis new year Dikiy dear lord i do Cle work that to y and spec table in de sight of de lord. I will Tell no i will Webber i 1 hungry hark threw Lii meat Back and went Lasi ily oui of Ilu smoke House closing the heavy door after him. De lord he whispered put ii old of yer Hau in yer pockets hark an Don t yer done take dem Oculi or. Henry come Back. Look like Den yer could t Tell me now. Hark How 14111011 did you asked Jar. Henry Kum hike he came up to the smoke House. Can t steal mini m Dis hark. Did you get religion up at the said or. Fleury. Danu of said hark. What the matter a hark Hung his head Tell me what made you turn Good so suddenly you Rascal i look like yer laugh at me Mubasa Henry look look like what speak out i Hegwine Ter do what de Ole preacher Tole Arhat did he Hole he Tola me to help keep de Devil out of Cle Ivorra Dis new yeah Well you be got yourself into Busi Ness sure hark. Have you begun work Arhat yer say have you begun work i did t stole de said hark simply. Or. Henry opened the heavy door. Are you hungry hark have you had no daddy done Tole me i can t have no dinner cos i Don t Tell Mammy what do preacher Tole me look like now i jes member it but Dey cat Cle dinner up now. Dem pow Ful eaters sah.1 or cat two thick pions of the Bacon and handed them to hark what Clem cried the child his round eyes dilating with wonder and the Little knots of Wool standing straight on his head it to had been listening since the world began for your Arhat made you Gimme All said hark grinning. I thought i would try and keep the Devil oui but yer can t keep de lord out yer said hark he darted away for his Cabin. Exclaimed one of the twins he rushed in the Little door. Saved yer Dat. Hark 1 Slie held up a Small tin plate full of molasses with a tiny piece of Bacon floating about in. It. He wanted to hide tiie Gie Al slices he held in his hand they made her ii tie ii eng seem so meager. Yer Tole yer in indy what de preacher Tole said his daddy before he was fairly in the door. I can Tole yer said hark and in his own Way he told them daddy and Mommy Dandy and Caddy the twins and Uncle he had. Heard that morning with no thought he was addressing an audience. Old Uncle Billy said Dat Chile la make a hands me preacher some Day. Kow yer jes Mark my words 1 hark and the other clip Iden sat Down to enjoy one of the slices of Bacon lie took no the Small tin plate and said softly to himself. I be sorry now Dat i Tole Dat dem twins was pow i caters.1 Christian sympathy. There i. A fabled that on wings of lie Albig run uie Sun takes to itself i lie Youon of with the same thai g vis tin Uli Everease Hack to the Sun lie turns her holy Light. There purified in the eternal so Mmathy Niy Kib tin lips i f Irrie drawing its Thorn and Relief and Bear Llu wearing to the skies at once Lite mid the Nice the the boy and his a duration Llardi any creature on Earl i Nubi Liova agro ing boy. That he rapidly on his Way to manhood be Aims at doing Manly things and things that see in to him to be Nihi ily. Between these two classes of things there ire a inferences wide a hich exist in the character and the training of boys. One boy ambition leads him to do some Brave and Nob e deed such of he May have Man do or May have read in newspapers of Isbir hav ing Don a. Another copies Manloo Only in the undesirable things Werli men do. With some boys the Summit of to swag i and strut i and drink just they Jav seen in a do. It not a very lofty the boys whom it animates in Lily much Lime and Effort to other boys spend in trying to u nobler Aims and More particularly ends. One of the noblest amb Timi that can a boy Pieart the Disir to be a Man in earning his living Smice ins in fancy be has been u charge on i he parents or other people who have brought him up. Perhaps they Are toilers who need till tin polits of own labor. They have to ated him Well und h eels that the obligation under which 1 in. To them one which he would like to liquidate. So with he ambition Whiteii Lias in it Many excellent features he suggests that leave school. A id set him self to work to earn sonic thing. Perhaps be make eur Utah to support the Rood of people who have for him. Pel haps his efforts May be attended with Only a Sulli event measure of Success Tren Able him to make his own. Small or great the result May be. Be wants to try his hand at business. He will ing to take the risk. He knows to some extent what involve.-1, for other boys of his age have engaged in it. There will be no saturdays nor any afternoon Oil nor any privileged Days heu the slight excuse of an ailing stomach or an aching head will serve a valid Leatoa for staying at Home. Business involves harder work and closer application than the boy portion at school Oral College. But it Means earning something and that what the boy ambition leads him to desire. Just Here let the ambitious boy beware. To do he wants to do praiseworthy. But perhaps he can do better. If he goes with an incomplete education it will be at a great disadvantage. He nifty be Fin to earn a few dollars a week the handling of which result of honest toil will Delight him. But let him lemme Ber that every Mouth which he jobs him self education he might obtain u month of loss for which Bis paltry earn Ings Are no recompense whatever. A half educated boy who leaves school at Liftee ii and enters a store May receive from two to Lour dollars a week with numerous kicks and culls thrown in by the people who Are teach Milf him the this kind of touching a boy the business too frequently Means get Ting a Man workout of a pour fellow Lor boy Watres. If the boy driven to such a situation by the emergencies of straitened menus it Home let him Rush in cheerfully and do his work Fri fully but if the family exchequer will stand it let him stay two or three year longer of school. Let him go throng n College provided there a College for him to enter where i time will not be entirely spent in rowing boats and kicking foot bulls. Let him enter on nmn Hood Well tilted for manhood Duie. Including thorough a Kuo sludge be had of the keeping of accounts and of All other commercial duties. Let him it possible also be master of some Handiwork when he ready u enter on the work of earning Rath a than depend on the Luck of being picked up a clerk. Tuere Are Loo Many Young men. Whose Only knowledge How to be very poor clerks. Advertise to Day Lor a cleric and to Morrow there will be two Hun dred applicants. A firm advertised last week for skilled engravers inserting the advertise but in leading papers of three principal cities. Although steady work and Good wages were promised not one Ckillop engraver has yet applied. The boy who knows How to do something which tie world wants done and some thing which will help on with the world work the one whose ambition will Lead Bun to solid and substantial achieve ments. Here Are two of the meanest men on record the owners of a clothing making firm in Boston employ thirty live girls who irom their poor earnings contributed on thanksgiving Day and gave Sach of the two members of the firm a prof to album occupying a half hour in getting ready and making tiie presentation tie two mean Fellows took the gifts with. Ready smiles and on pay Day deducted from the wages of the girls time Money for the half hour they had occupied a giving the albums. A Hartford Man excuse for stealing a pair of chickens was that while at work he Hung his coat near the Coop and on going for it he found the chickens Roost de on the. Same lie had t the heart to Wake them up he said so he wound his coat around them without waking them and carried them his defense was ingenious but he was sent up for three months All the same. It hard to decide which the most Young bore who a forever bragging what to going to do or the old bore who eternally brag Ging what he has done. In Paperi

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