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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 28, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTUB REE60BN com STAND AEH* rmrerprise X W1LII £t Bl) IV It It T TftcR'tDA*. ftrai, Par Tear, In Adv-nre, f2 OC KATIS cr A DVKRT! rifles . I w I 2 w I 4 w i 3 rn i 6 n\ 6.00 *    Uak    I.OOI    1.601    2 501    4.50 t    inert    1.751    2.5<>    3.5<>s    6.001    8.50' a    i»t«Q    2.50j    6.301    5.00;    7.OOI    9.00110.50 i    inak    3 >5;    4.50    5 GO J 0.00;    16.00 20 OO 10.00 13 50 It imikj 4.Ck); 5.50 4 aal ! 4 50' 5.25 6.*. 5112 OO SIH. OO 25.00 7.00U100 2I00 *0.00 ••I I 6 50! 8.60 j 12. OO 12 2. t)0 j 3 0. OO 5 0. OO ••I 110.0 )113.0 I 18.00:30.00 50 00*90.00 RFFICEKS OF FREEBORN COlNft thfviTT Commi«t?ONKRC : H. G. Emaion*. W*. C Lincoln. Jatuaa Thoreaon. J»sari ll. Gorlae. Ole Hanson. vFkia»cr8R—Char'** Kitteleon. a in ITO*—-8. Batehelder ’R»qi*t*k or Dr sn **—-August Peterson. Sis a iff—T. J. Sheehan. • •run SssBirf — Jacob Larson. Corks or Cot RT—A W. White. PseBtTi 2una*—Gilbert Gulbrandson. School ScckriKi knoent—ll. Thurston. C«*8TT Surfktor—Wtn. G. Kellar. Caam ut—J Froshaug. CecsT Comaissiosan—R. B Spicer-. VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1876. REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW’ prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a fartn, call on us. IF you have * farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining and perfecting titles, are unequaled* as we have ABSTRACTS, ! TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land ih this county. Slaty /C Tgfpfr, Albert Lea, Minn.. April 25, 1876. DBHrTISTnY. DR. A. H. STREET* 5 mm OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. OH. DE NI. CRANDALL, TH NT 'JU X 53 Itoots and Shoes. Dfl’E'W Boot & Shoe Store. o. it. & rv. Nol«oii Hankers, tit. Ik Baowjr. d. it. p. HIBBS. Tile Flower *4 HDaisy. | K. d. Brown a coca nearly a year ago. Left them ? hall choked with laughter. ** \\ bv, we are forget ting our Yes. yes. He had fallen ittto evil i "he cried j courses, and they reprimanded him* vrhcD he went off. no one knew where OI ever our tr»*»* are re.*Ity Joking si*, uncle dear Did at UM A MERRI, MERRY, CHRISTMAS.” U„er, were written to me by the And. ti >t waiting f *r “anybody ” -I    house,    but    they must hare miscarried \ reply, Daisy darted up. and, a»'-i It wa* just a week before Christmas, I Noth,n- ,,as since heard of Char I hy Bude .I bu, bore the magi- I ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA A GENERAL banking BUSINESS TRANSACTED, I ncit ir in it* neat dos, covered with us. to the center of th© table Night had Collie no#, and tilt* tip-i* with me seems to tarn out badly!" J on the tr. e were lit As the fury The merchant uttered a groan Old ! spectacle of many* col -md Li#) is. on-Saturday nirhtVrntrie*    " Joe looked at him with deep eomitiaer- dy e»rn*r p:»-. and prwmta f While thus «Dp.Kcd. a hand wa, laid : *T,    ,    (    w.,rk. and t ..ka and md, fi-S.-l OO his shoulder, and tun,in* hi. head.! am Stillmore unfortunate man forth in i.aht of it..-— a- you arn, Mr. Worthington," he said iii th** splendid I brist rn a**'rec I irs! and. perched on hi* three-lej-ged st.,oh I lrJ l^',r ,h* ha" ,ak’’,‘ ,0 mo.r« evil c in the great counting room of the r.T8'"1    ,U\m,-v be •lead indeed ! t evergr great house of Worthington Brothers, ! laPPJ th .t i am-. all connected old Joe Darling, the ancient bookkeeper of the firm, was finishing his be saw his old gray haired employer.    , I the -ole survivor of the firm. beride I f ,0* i°b?* '\ h!d * him If is tbs birt time, my old friend,’ H. 0, BROWN & CO. BANKERS, i boy— he it dead, sir I" Yod kb bf un Rduiuna ? He was s-« handsome, a I b«,Id ; and he was lost REFERENCES! l*t Ne*. Itank, Austin. l*t >>*. Pin*, ««•. pant SU Nut, llnuk, Chicago, Itta Nsl. O ink, New york, .14* f obit* f*»rth on the eves of a1 fhirlingt "*trii*d a nip] and ** I*et in curls nr,fl r said the merchant, pointing to the I    ""ra ’ ‘,LU Rc *“* "* »« *» I Ho I* reek I-*, ani desperat, ledger t “th. -news due evening decides !»“""* wk,Wr—theriiip    fendered,    elm,I, ..pm th- I, .a rd    , everything Union, something ha,.pens    ?"d ‘h« ere*, were leat.    My poor    pr ie a1 th • point of hi-    h before the first of .January, Worth intr- '    h’j»'uml •    « « »r* truly    turn an for. I *' N I t cr,el I    . ••    J    fe    lunate    lathers.    «ir! 'J here the f*onvernation end d and the merchant and book-keeper scra-ratcd Throwghuttt the following week untiring efftirts were made to collect th*,* resources of Worthington    Brothels ton Brothers must close doors and wind j up business, Joe I ” J Old Joe started as he lietened to these } melancholy words, and a tremor ran through him But slight sure**- (jr.%-n(»d the titer-! chil l s **he Ode* aver A. E. Johnsou * siore, Brotd-wmy, Albtrt Lr* R«5«. I) D fi    H.    A.    Avery. XJSTST’MSTPIY, 3R -A- F3 IEZ <3s    -2^. IE F5* "3?"« Keaident DeatiaU—B**ford'« Block, Austin ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, Physicians, rn. WI. D03SE, SA. D., Have just received and will keep in stock the lai |est assortment of Boots St Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. CUSTOM HADE WORK, J I Four or fire workmen will be constantly I employed.and order" for New Goods yr for i Repairs ft ill be filled, cheap and on the j I shortest notice Broadway west side. Albert Lea, Minn. 8lf    GIVE    THEM    A    CALL. nouse Don t say that ! don’t say that. Mr Worthington, sir I *' he exclaimed. TUE FIIEEB0I{\ COLM! BAAK%! .Ai!,< 1l'V,ah.h,t;d lm ba! 1 r,,rehca^ with Chanl»P h*\ ,le ,e 1 | hts old bandanna handkcrcl.ief aa he ! priri ^    ‘ spoke. “ Don’t say that Worthingtoa Brothers will suspend payment, air!” “ Worse than that. Jim-,” returned the old merchant, with a heavy sigh I ll i . I ,    .    v    '    1    l^e Jay before Christmas In thi l.i.BTee have ll. pelewl, mvolved u»_ ; hower lhe finn „cow)Jp,i an(J so that —he st«»ppcd. and wit! ">:rr -jiv s you y ur- I But I rich* J mn is giuni: to tell \ I autiful *for\ I Wit \f »i father dear, arid mother ? It is ly I’’ The rush of laughter made -i!! I > «k sr I) nay. it till nr*t. u a \<* on. love* in the v W y did I Tho*. It. A ll lf ST It ONG* Banker. ALBERT LEA. puji , .irs scettit-d to ha\** grown cold, aud regretted their Inabiii» ty to render assistance ; and it was only by great sacrifices that th** ll->use lac* • a||ikl I ,, i _ .    ..    *'    s    needed    in    Dinking    all    pavmenfs    Up    ti MINN. I see no hope of resuming I he great *    -    -    1 tluth sn. <\h7.z i*ig light in her ev*-But now I ride John cd evervbodv r attention merit ii Was . La i otre Dir ddenlj F r t f exci Ii* itll #Wm *q3 R«*i4«»nce up HUirs over tbs Post OC**. OXjiEI TANO, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes I ALBERT LE 4,    - -    -    -    MINN 1> CZ Itowlnnd >1. I) ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TWIN LAKE l l I V, MINN., Will trt*t *1! diseases to which mankind it citbject, to the best of Iii1* ability. Dr. Rowland ha^ rua<!.* a Hp»*cia\ty ut diseases of Wtinen and Children, and chronic diseases af !•«£ ■ landing. By long experience aud Strict attention to his profession, lie is con-ld«at of tr^utin^; all curable disease** with • aeceas. Obstetrical cases ireated with aar* and •access. Cousuitionat free, lo LmwyfS Se    Agent*. Jaaa A. Lotclt. Jamm n. PatlKtK L8VELY k PARKER, ATTORN IdYS .Vt TAAV, OW cr in Hewitt’* Block, up stairs 1st door. A LR FRT LEA, -    -    -    - MIN A. 6. Btact.    A.    M.    TTrek, STACY a TYRER, LLtrnevs at Law. Notaries l'ublic, Real Estate and Collecting Agent*. CON NEV A NCI NC. a1) kinds adcui ately done. acknowledg-aenti taken oaths administered, Ac. Taxes paid. Titles investigated, Land* bought aud seld. Particular attention paid to collection. Carnor Clark and Newton Sis., Albert Lea HEMAN BLACKMER,~ UAWYETL I, a. > 1> I^OIt h .v VZ i A LAE RT LEA; -    -    -    -    MINN. JOH# ANDERSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW mNOTARY PllLIC, OW «• over Wet)go & Spicer's Drug Store, ALBERT LEA, MINN. w.v.nTYr "*'  —   , "..■s;irrm" Hotels, HALL HOUSE W. G FOST U Ii. Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - un. Webber House Thia Hotel ii Av'mg recently been complain y refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give AMPLE ACCOMMODATIONS ta all go ests ami travelers. Good stabling • ad aitentivegrooms, t'ornmodious sample reams couneeted with the premises Shop on Clark street, north and opposite of Wedge A Spicer's Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. Repairing done to order, cheap and on short notice. Gi'*e him a call. 3?tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. O. P. Hansom, I. 4. Paulson. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Boots db Siloes, All work warrauted to privr satisfaction and done to order on short notice. Hhop near cor. of broad-w*Y and Williams streets, Albert Lea, Minn, •lfeat •Markets. A. IL M MI LLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEATMARKET! On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLES STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. jp^p-Caah paid for Hides, Tallow, Ac., Ac. TRY HIM ! if ray Saints. MALLERY BROS. K«.p on hand Hard & Soft Coal, 6**nM>iH*d W oo«l I Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith s promptly attended tu. A. H. SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. D**a!s iii ll AHD ami SOFT COA L. Also SeftSone*! \V o<»d Orders left on thealatt at Lincoln Bro*, attended to at once .nunnery. MRS. C. S. WARREN Milliner & Dressmaker, [NucceMSor to Mrs C F. Walker ] Will open a fine new sf^- k of Millinery an i Fancy Goods, Tie*. < aff*. • oiUr^ Ac. A full line of Worsted*. I.amare Patterns. Ac., Ac. Doing over Felt bals a specialty. done Fashionable Pre**-Making Tory be?*t manner. aria will! a j gloomy t*xprt*fe«i. ii m his eveil-***-** so that .in «*r before thf first of January," I he ad<l"d. “the bou-r will clote its <L*or>. I could bear tint ; but, when I think the name of Worthington Broth* cts will be—di>h'»nr»rt*<J—” I here the oid merch int broke ilfittn Joe I Ut ri tug welted his hand, and cried. iii a trembiing voice : I • Don’t, don’t d*»r»t say that. air* j Don’t use that * -id • dishonored I * It is not att Ini ! |    •    Ruin    •    ruin    !    — utter ruin I ” groan- j cd tile merchant No. to* • not,! (ain ! See here sir , I — I — you see. I have snv»d a little* ” And old J we drew lr*.in his pocket* book, with unsteady hands, certificates I of deposit in bvnk j lake it. sir ! It w»* u<ade in vnur ; service !—honestly made—there’s not a ! dirty shilling in it, sir. It is yours— | and — ” | He thru-? the papers info the merchant s hand But Mr U orthiogton pushed them back No. n.d friend said the rn reliant. I sighing deeply, out speaking in a voice ; of resignation-—’* no, that is not the way \V orthingt< n Brrohers do business.! If we fail. ii ?-ha!l be honestly——alone —*aftcr honorable exertion We will not dr ig down our friends j and you. ; Joe, are our ol io-u and br"t No. the i It«mse his kept faith arid honor for Mr Worthington put on i>is hat. h •Led his *-*fo. and lr< w a long Lr ath of relief. Then taking his o*J b w»k Lr * per " arm. he went homeward wit it a tii.tnkfnl heart. and. a* they separated at the corner. h>* murmured t •* Del us keep a gnod heart 'Ct. old friend It Christmas morning, and the snow wna tailing, and the wind whirling it about like mad A thousand p»»b!ir»s seemrd laughing. Slid turning soutersi and bailing tach other as they ‘■ptrte I iiroun I the gables and whist 1*1 and rumbled in key h'»!«s rind chimneva. wild with tn*rth Bt the coming of Christmas; and old J -e Doling’# small h«*osf. in a remote street of th** great city. seemed especially honored by the hobgoblins, who ►ho..k {he wi: -d ws till fhev rattled again. A great fire was burning ami th* break fast table was set, and oid Joe rubbed his hatidv in fr* tit of th# b:azM aud looked out of the wind w. wh *n a Vitice behind him wjrli a rn^h fit laugh ter in it. and sounding like stir err b< Is. exc! outed : ** Chris'n-a^ gift, father dear I I ve Caught you I ’* Old .lie turnfd round As he did so a pair of rosy lips pre*sod hi* cheek. seemed lo ie upon him —smiled di t a b lo - II J T Itll ll ■*« Bagdad. t w w nent w Mi* e mouth ll H ii a it in rn rd ho in the fifty years If ruin CNtnes. we will go down alone. It is not our fault. I will do Four doors south of the People's Store. 1    ^    lrU>! *n ^°**’    to l,,e _j    end , Apprentice Girls wanted.    Ab    h**    spoke,    the et] I mordant wont vol 16nol4tf    i    to his safe and took out a roll of bank- • note#. Than he directed the various I employees to be sent for. and paid them j all up to the end of the week He had *f reveal#* a tunbu* But BARRELS OF IjADIES !! If you want to get Worsted, Filling Silk, Worsted Needles, or Notion*, you v*ili And them at MRS. RICHARDS’ It you please, sir, said tho fire- old stand, chf^apur than at any other piece J11    ’    wc would like to in town, for .-ho has just received a fre-h stock of the almvn mentioned articles, and the line of goods will be kept full during the season a kind word for each, and an inquiry ab ut every man's family or r mrcrns : and then bo to rn ad to his desk the mon did not go ** What are you waiting Tor. my friend* ? I an I assist you in any tnati-askod the old merchant and tw » arms clung around belonging to a IL.tie fairy “ W by you look like Daisy.” he said And indeed the face resembled one, so brilliant was the light of tho eve* Dui*y was mall, with a Brit, coly figure. in a pl.iin but pretty drest* • and yon saw at a glance that tills wa# one ol those nimble-fingered fairies who are tho blessings of tho home'' in which they rule man D-d a; IL nae ! Th lily—and for i trig served the whose ca rara 0 2 treasure-- came Tim n d in the san is :• tn-nt was neai r- K oirav t to -f ,1 Kl tier rn vc ighing Millinery AT UNUSUALLY LOW PRICES. 46tf WELL    mm HATS FOR GREEN FRUIT 10NE DOLLAR Gr. A. liaugo Hvisg bought the old an«l favorite st ami af A C ll imebniigh is prepared to do all kiuds of S'; AO KSMITHING — AND — HORSESHOEING Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf B".-"'1 ........... 11 '.JI air—i^n win   „ ,, Ph olograph s. J*. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East aide Broadway, ALBERT LEA    -    *    - MINN JhHN M. MARTY, OVE YOB WI) CIVIL EMEER, ALBERT LEA, MINN. JUST RECEIVED AT RANSOM'S RESTAURANT! DEALERS AND FAMILIES SUPPLIED AT LOWEST PRICES THREE BUSHELS I V E ll'll BARREL! PORTRAIT^PAINTING! Wow is tile TI mo P. Daniels, Will paint your likeness in complete style for the small sum of $25. Orders sent to him, Postoffice Box, 229, Albert Lea, Minn., will receive prompt attention. volxvino42tf JXTETW FLOM, FEED, AXD GROCERY STORE! WARREN BUEL, (Successor to J. T Green ) Second Door South of the People’s Store. AT MRS. JOHN STAGE’S MILLINERY STORE ALBERT LEA, MENN. HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN- HAIK, and Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work in that line. Farmers, Look at this I These windy days when you go lo town, you will do good to yourself, if you go to the J and get a cup of Hot Coffee! for five cent*. Leave orders with Stacy k Tyrer. TERECIA ANDERSON, FASH IO IHLE CLOAKiDRESS-SAKER Over VS cdg & Spicer s Drug Store, tFkllBT LIA, -    -    -    Mtnn Where the best FLOUR, CORN MEAL, GRAHAM, BUCKWHEATFLOFtJH. OATS, CORN, BRAN, & FEED can be had. Also Confectionery, Tobaccc; Cigars, Tea, Coffee. Butter, and Vegetables which will be sold at the lowest living prices. Farm produce sold on commission. v#llftiw47»ttf The place is next door south of R. b Sinner k Co’g. store. J. P. COLBY. $10 per Acre ImprovedFarm -£* " O IT SffjJ A<3« Fine farm of 160 acres ; IOO «cres now f lowed ready for crop; tame meadow: living Springs. Good fence around the entire farm. Good house, stabled, &c. Post-office across the road, with daily mail. School house IOO yards from the door. Albert Lea in full view, 2$ miles? distant, where everything that brrr! £an wish is for sale, except v?hi$ky. WEDGE & HIBBS, Agents, Albert Lea, Minn. March 22. 1876.    12 Albert Le*, Minn.    Itf Her father smiled and fondly p*;-s-*d his* hand over hair As be g tied a! her, he thought of his well nijh penniless condition and heaved a sigh “ Poor little I tdy-hird ! nothing for you I” he *aid again. But Daisy did not seem to regard leave our money 'n your hand* Eh * " lbf* c*rcttniSli,oc* a’* at !*U depressing And th* speaker turned Inward hit <>., the c..tr«r_T h.-r fare ?|..we<t awd roUL'h companions, who ultered a ha arse ,uJn,nB "®r ori-ht lietil towar !” one uiurinur of assent    *"1' •'"« "'lispers!) : •• Learn your money in mr hand..’ *’ L "Ir? *■''’**    for    Jon. said the merchant.    father    dear *J<*t an. air,” was tho reply “Wei V HaV* J,°“ ?    F*''* ?ane hoar lei! how limes are hard with the ?nd W,;r1*d T00r '""9 ?.,0 1 hc Worthington Brothers, and the house    I? s a cravat, or in difficulties Now. we don’t wont our :    “ N°    ln<4eed* I ve done    nothing of money as yet. Mr. Worthington Eh ? ; the 80rt—that “ J°“r present ’’ Do you ? "    The rush of j you laughter in the Anil he I inked toward, them in the g*1'8 voice nearly drowned her word,. rear Another emwlof assent replied f,he “*“2? bafM,1°K '<> reveal en me “ All whish,” the spokesman added. ’ ’J"61 l h"r, Ulk w,s 1 •c/r“f',9d-coes to a,,, air. we are not in want ^V<T- by the appearanee    of    other Keep the money. Mr Worthin.rton ' "    ‘,nd h" floolt* *lth    °M    ' Bc,e The merchant eared with deep erne-! Ju Ioo‘I,“« w,’e '"d lion af the roach honest faces    D!,"? had Pro<'ur';,J' »«3ie»here, the “ Thanks, thanks, my kind friends !” ,    Chmtu.as.tree    ima-inable he said “ I now see 'what it is to try    b“shj’ Ced"r ful1 °f l,Kht b!ue to do our duty. The proof of your fiiendship touches me deeply—but T ,    ,    .    ,    I.-..- cannot accept your offer Such a small ! '-pC 7'V I    |    ,    . PU rn. besides, would be of little service I ?'<1 ° ljnc,e'fohn‘ hrr VTlme    ariil to mf Yn I t-ranr. is ^ i itivonte, todeck the wo Ii J rows tree to mc i\o, no.—keep it and may*    .    . God bless von and yours I "    *    with its br.Ilmut ornaments. As even- The employes 'retired on this nM | *"P    '»*»» finished and ereeted darinjr. it seen'tetl. to intrude farther on I '"‘i * •ld*bo*rd ~ lts Palwr, b,skel* the head of the tiou<e    i    and PreSien,!*- ,,n'1 lar,;rs- ,naklnK " " “ Father in hearen. I thank Thee ' ” I m;,e,cal v »ro'»ele "> 'he young Dor. mnrninred the merchant, and turning ' '"‘^V "h° 8,IC(J at 11 W'th °P,n-eV>"l wonder IL I Ult1 Baril* on his hevd. and wa «»trct*fs of B »g I id. ct c. the merchant. i* >U I an < Btri!z ic. W rf t Hi - Aboc-be Abtru.be chant Ba ♦ I \    , ♦    * U 4.4 I Bat mis! were ore desert Btrilnc to sth w der thr u mg : rained ! ti Th** I UIS John, • j which Co the maut ing cirri* the rn -fort ut • •I a groat Mill ti of us must sui only son had been lost at yes, an I heart cf Ab "jehon-d irlirig it)-retttrtied to b > J the festivity of th • ce-d ir tree, but his heart felt heavy. * Ab m-bun-d trling is miserable I he said, • there is no man more mi-8rab!<T “ As he thus spoke, hi< daughter Bari bauno approached him The name Paribanou. tm* children, signifes the fi twer of the daisy She Ab m-ben-dar ing. t;nd ki the casten! mariner, -vd . lei ” contin »re the pre? the twentV‘ d Un if i v of .’-now- .A bon. d (ri ll tine that day, til ink in_ of - of his patron, nnd a’ •ring of hi? own — for KU lr rn ii PO. His th. .I It, i go 11 es ame not d him 4 O. fat! t< berries; and, having returned from church, whither she went dutifully dear ! do not is set, and ti: the tapers th many gifts h; of the Wondrous tree’ ” Here Pet suddenly bur-? firth* •4 Why, its like our tree!’’ only he Ie out the r in tree “S U»tice. IV» ! dn n^t ioterrunt -at I I neb1* J ho. “I continue :    Ab lcspair I Behold the fe c holy cedar tree bhr -pruin shine like star*, a mg down from the bon oen-jar spoke. 14 • Truly, I i *wer I. I when his daughter NUMBER Irl A CHRISTMAS STORY. I Zandt 6c Co., replied that he left them SuddettG’ tho voiee ref Daisy rang >ut. DV O’! I n t! ran belli an appai At lh* with a ft “ II .V and Hut! They Ibji-y  A TU pin S V' t I aov sr it* *e the effi meat d epends ver a solutif.n of salt saturation. f bi un A LADY wrift to nuke a dre-a ,v ign a h pi (d th aft i or en tj-sweet nuij >rn*u j ‘ grated rind of some gmt.vd naming, •ow bind MI these in; r with one or two h par chickens, boil or rf, tw - hi par-!* y. a in then Jkitmber C. L. CC1 LUDI SSS. ~sr    jb-JEtJutfefy ft ALBERT LEA ANO AlOEN. Everv ftep(*riptin# o. PINE L UM HER. I ENCINO, FLOORING, DIMkJtSl05«. BOARDS. (LEAR LUM LER. SIDING. SHINGLES, IAT H, piJO%4 S A 3:S I! EE 71 NR PAPE R, PICKETS, AC., rn * >n«t*nr1v on h*r. I, and for aal* at th’ Lmretti Market Price Timber FOR FRAMES. AC., CLED TO ORDER ON SHORT ROT IC# J. F. REPPY. AG ENT, Albarelli# J. C. A'- iuN I, Alden,Mi»a SP. P. Serge ant. antsEAPOus luheeK' ll . P. dealer r: FN PS Cif MT SMI 41*0 Mi IC* R. .3 If INO [ ES. LATH. LIU! BEMENT, AND BUILDING MATERIAL- are onm ruiirii| * arg* Ut #/ a"ell Sea.Honed VI CI ERIOR QUA LITT, wmcfi lf OF Ti* E PROBA BLB AB VA VK IN 1/ MBER. PE.tfi.i “ ILL DO WELL TP AVAIL themselves cf flit B ARO AINS WR NOW OFFER I! .rd ...» cor Ptoek Wfor. ,.U.mA e;a« whirl. A [.BERT LEA, Jan* .4. 187* w?> OXSIS VALLET U MHK!! Y UII).' —IN ALBERT LEA, urn* tu« B M. XX. XX. Doi^of •xact »w a tea *ian- Senator M trt-»n ha-submitted a j-un rettlaiiuD proposing an ai?icnd#*r.ut t the constitution of the United pf;: provide anti v ice people. f<-r the elect tim o I resident bv direct vote > to . o n t the K I fTYD 9 VTO ICS of the Cl inches br ! >w away, he picked up the evening newspaper to hide his emotions. A? his eve fell upon it, a paragraph attracted his attention If announced the failure of the bank in which the old book-keeper’s savings had all been deposited With a sign, he handed it to Joe Dar- ■ ling. and said : “I deeply regret this, my old friend My min was enough ! ” Old Joe read the announcement with a sinking heart, and echoed the sigh of his friend “ The Lord's will be done! ” he said, ‘you might have had all — but I am now penniless Your trouble is now greater than urine. Any letters, sir. by to-night s mail ? Any resourses; or important intelligence?’’ 4‘ No f&eouroes, Joe, and bad newg— almost Worse than all.” 44 Ye#, yes. You remember my son Charley—of course you remember him. You kuow he went about two years since to live with Van Zandt & Co., at Antwerpi V* 44 Yes, sir. What of him I Don’t tell me—he is Dot dead, tfir?” “ No—that pang id) spared me, but I have bad, very bad news of Charley, my old friend. I wrote recently announcing otfr iiination, f recom-Bwreditig Riff refer&. and Messrs. Van Then the Christmas dinner appeared, and riveted all eyes. The great roast turkey, and round of beef, and flanking side dishes, aroused wild enthusiasm iii the young ones — old Joe devoutly said grace-~and the youthful members I of the Darling family, chirping like a flock of birds, called each other’s attention to the splendid banquet AII sat down. Old Joe looked round. 44 There’s one seat too many,’’ he •aid 4* I set it there, brother," said Lucie John tranqilly. “ For whom, brother ? Have you invited some friend ?’’ “ No, brother, I thought of our Edmund/'- The old book-keeper looked wistfully at his brother, and then went ani held out his hand to him. “ Thank you. brother,” he said in a low voice, returning to his seat. When the first pang had passed, it seemed a Satisfaction to old Joe to gazi al the vacant chair, and to think of bis If the cr* wn in cattle is high ap it i* Mn indication of * quut and rn lid dis-r »si?i *n ; if it h low i two. it is an in-(Lcitinfi of a fracture!* di.-p sit tref) I -ion cattle with the crown * x » or I tbree inches ab >ve th-* and others two or fhr Thirty years’ expcricn I me in the belief of t this rest. although it tu-iv n »? be in filii-! hie It i- generally believed to l<e ** >r- ! j reet bv all who have observed it. It ! j at plies t qual!y as well to cows as ox *n. j ) I wou! I not buy c.»t»,*‘ wi:!i the crowns I two or three inches below the I acy consideration. W * Witt onataatiy on band a /all Hi J cf W hire Bine, Norway Tine. and Him* lock lumbir, wLlch we offer to th* •itiiena of the surrounding country at th* very low-f-t CA81! URFUE. Our Hemlock DIMENSION LUMBER!/ i*t far iuperior to j ine, for th* rea-a n that it ia strongfr, has Ic«s knot**, and ia wore '•unV Ie when exposed to weather. We intro luce it to the farmer* aa being ESPECIALLY ADAPTED for the building cf ffaneriea. aa if is proof against rata and mice, which is something that taerr farmer should guard •gainst. A ir* the plank ie aaa in barn 6 -ors. bridges. A sidewalk#, ha*/ no equal. WM. J. PRETTY M AN *>e»# ;tf correctn* J A. ANDERSON. eyes on New Store I of the Daisy,’ he sa ia. * thy ceti if tree shines, but inv heart i-* dark, st.d there is no gift thereon for me ’ 4* 4 There i.- a gift for our father ’ said I'* rim ami, or Flower of the Daisy, aud as sh*? spoke there was a cur *ius. hidden laughter in h**r voice * There is a gift that our father will value more than all else —a package with his name on it, from a distant land ’ ” They did not look at Daisy, who wa- . trembling, and whose hand scarcely The silver yield of Nevada has b* rn possessed strength to draw a letter from j ijr2' r this v>-.ir th in ever heft re The , lier bosom    ]    < ’on? *ii late i \ ir-1ilia has continued to I    Tie    New    Store en    Clark af real, juat aaa* Uncle J**hn continued :    I    P^J n‘ *uthly dividend of SI BSH.GOO, cf the    Hall    House,    ia no* aa 44 And A boa * ben * darling said : j commenced in February, 1375, rn,I in 4 Where to whic! plied :    ^    !    holders at the same Fb^*?] rate, tin “ 4 Father dear, it is her*. ‘‘See, I ( fwo nnw jiff Id take ii from the boughs of the bely ! S3T.000 OOO gr-cedar tr«e, and give it to you ! ’ ”    I    the tonner sum goes direct!? •\iiu nu’iu • itoii • nailing nam • [    •    m    ic    i    t,    ana in ere is this package my child ?' | 'Tiy, 1876. its companion in I ne. th# T n itch the Flower of the Daisy re I California, bogan to reward iii stock-  JblTQ*.    jLILM 825.000,000 net, and I -s, a year, and most of I an't ah ta many of onr neigh bar/,’ or liner is the pocket# of tlie San Frartrisc It is asserted bv p('r5< .'tito th* -stock STOCK OF GOODS/ 44 Here it is, father dear ! ’ she cried bursting into tears and    laughter.    “ It    !    holder#. nearly killed me    not to    tell you.    Oh,    J    p- ^‘d to h ive g    r?i sourc- s of inf’rm t. take it. take it !    Our    Eimimd is    not    j    tl0n that a    large    b (lf of very rich ore dead!"    has el Safe    been found in the lower    j    to    bare    • (o’idated Yirgiaia. and    i as extensive as some others, but we intanf* And throwing her arms around old I level*.of ’he Cot Joe’s neck, shr sobbed upon his bosom, j    that    it extends int) the    »djac**nt IT -I while with eyes full of wonder, he read <    an^    Belcher mine. lf thi-* be true    | the letter from his son. As h ? read on ;    thtp    bonanza will. at no    d -tam tim *.    j he reenTcd to doubt whether he was ;    p*»y    dividends to three    companies, at    I rending a real letter His eyes closed he uttered a sigh, and would have faint- son a* present and en)tying their hap- ; Pd. had not Lucie John caught him in pines# And wherr at bult th** J vrr I N* arms came, tfnd the wine was poured out, the old1 man looked towird the vacant least, possibly to more COMPLETE ASSORTMENT fill t>p often, se!? CHEAP! chair as be raised the glass Xvi bk lips. *' Pa. T cunt:' pear felling my hoofs j I yesterday 4 Y< u did. Sir !    VY**!!    I    deal    fairly    ftriiff cur customer^ nfid Th« letter w,ii writ‘en to Diisy by ; it’* lucky you didn’t » ll ’em fYow hoot to build trp and merit a fair trad*. her brother Edmund. He had been did you come near doing it ?" “ I h.: i    ‘    J. A. ANDERSON, picked up in the Pacific and carried to ' 'em balf-*oled.”    |    Alter!    l<<    JI    —.      Miff#'
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