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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 21, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaSt •3S-0OB nmrn county standard. PUBLISH!!) BV BKT THU RHD AT. fftr«s, Per Tear, In Advance, $2 00 KATSIS or A DVK RT IS INO. 2 w I 4 w i 3 m 6 in i y I ino'a I .OOI 1.50 2 St I j 4.50 6.OO 6.00110.002 iuch 1.7.SI 2.50 3.50; OO Ck' 0 13.508 inch 2.50, 3.50 5 OO 7.(K> 9.00 10.504 in oh 3.23 4.50 5.50 10.00; I ti.OO 20.004 is o h 4..) J 5.5) ti.’. 5J 12.00 18-00 25.001 ani 4 aa! 5 25 7.OO j 14.00 22.00 30.00I sal 5.80. 8.50 12.00 22.00 ,30.00 50.00I •al IO.OO! 13.00 18.0^)130.00 50 .00190.00gip! S-fi- VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA* THURSDAY, DECEMBER *21, 1876, tSiSS&MSm 9TKICEKS OF FHEE30SS COl’STT H. IV. Vrow. TJoustt Commissioners : II. U. Emaaons. W«i. C. Lincoln. Jamas Thoreson. Jam?* ll. Goilae. C>1 e Hanson. Tse a si r kb.—Chari ss KtHei son. Auditor—S. Datch<*lder Rboistkr. or Heeds—August Peterson. SiraRirr—T. J. Sheehan. fcaeOTT Sheriff — Jacob LarSdh. Cisre or Court—A. W. White. fsvB^TB Judos—-Gilbert Gulbrandson. Sc bool Sc i*KR J K ten n ENT—ll. Thurston. CnsNTY Sc rn eyor—Win. G. {Cellar. Coroner—J. Frosh aug. CorRT Commissioner—It. B. Spicer. DBNTIS'rmf! DR. A: H. STREET, OFFICE, <AvpD fHF DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea. Minnesota. OR. DE M. CRANDALL, ID KT TIS ■‘JC- REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for rale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, alii a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. lip y(ill have a farm or lands to sell, call on UR. CUR facilities for buying and selling | ELBERT LEA, lands, examining aud perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABS I RA* IS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. Si fir if A* Ty rev, Albert Lea, Minn. April 25, I STB. ——v -ii ■"    .    .    1       L"    'SU! Hoots and Shoes. nsriErw Boot & Shoe Store. C>, F. TV. Noluod Have just received and will keep in stock the largest assortment of Boots & Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. CESTOS ll KIE WORK. Hankers. II. K. P. Hunts. H. D. BROWN A CO.'i ilk] Fashion vs; ComfoH* Hard times is the universal cry throughout the land, and the worst of it isj the cry is ti true one. It ie hard times especially for people who hate laisB pn been used to certain extravagances and j thereby I ciltftE And a di-^,.,^ luxuries, to be cut off from them ; but j labor is degrading so long as it is w.-l the I -sson is needed, aud perhaps it is J done. or done with on*’* blight » holies us well for this generation to learn it as : labor leads to Snot (ort TP; “Au.-1 for MINNESOTA A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. H. D. BROWN & CO. BANKERS. REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Hank, Anatto. Ut Sat. Dark, P:. Paul. id Nut. llauk. Chicago. 4th Nat. liauk, N<-\* York. mr THE filth DORY HOTT BHL Tho*. II. A It .HST KO NG* Banker. ALBERT LEA......MINN. era or artisans, because false pride says it loners them In the social scale. They wHttla sotirteb starve in a home made comfortless by their ignorance and idle ne***. and their lilac rn de becomes 'race. No ii t ______ .     „    ..»r- it is f ir the next Will they learu it ? | get these notions of fashion and false XX ill they heed it at all ?    J    pride that an insecure prosperity ha- From the long con inuanee of th«s j filled u„ with. We must learn fcietium ciy of hard times, it is difficult to form j from older nations. Trite, ours is a a conclusion ; but one thing is certain, I r^eat country, where labor is pirrilifV it has become a question of supremacy [ and the reward ereat ; but reverses can between fashion and comfort, and the j *-eaeh *J5, as tho last year proved, and sooner people choose to wee this, and to the sooner we can bring our minds t< act accordingly, th* better and happier resliie this, and accept the teaching. it will he for them    why,    Yhb better it will be for our com* Luxuries are not necessities, but I fort coml*.rts are;    and when we    speak    of    j Let    us make comfort, and not fashion. these things, we    do not class    then*    ss    the ruling power of our lives; let u* they are generally clawed. What wt j |ive inside of our means, and not up to call luxuries arc the foolish outlays that j them ; let us be willing to labor, abd can be easily avoided, the tapes.ry car-    |    proud    of the work we Ho. not ashamed of it;    let us have no luxuries but those that are comforts as well, and then w* need riot f»-*r the coming of hard times fur then both soul and body will be trained to siitplt tastes, and abl? to meet and overcome reverses. uwtsit Brown Bread. One teacup!til of Graham flour, one How I wa* Cared of Hunting. A Story for Boys When I was young. and lived at •mc upon the farm. like most oth'-r ■ vs and ”;outig men. I was extremely | fond st* i v e lo Member Yard. C. L. COLE&AN'i LUMBER t yAird AT ALBERT LEA AND ALDEN; Every description aL __ PINE LUMPER; INCLUDING writer r TI. tulluwinc extract frotn a I rESCIXO, FLOOM**. MisiWIOW. , ; r ttr    •    ,    *    ,    BOARDS,    CLEAR    LUMBER. Pr,».tc letter of iWe..er6 girl,., fro. |8|OTjfR gmsol,Ea_ lath, boot* the Milwaukee XX iseoBllrt I    I    aurcTiv/a .NUM HER 61 OMI' Tlk (Jgil Hamilton at Home. \» he a leu not like to know some* {, thing th5 home life of tliis charming j f •ut lug. was s the h \ in*mg my early ! story of m Robin Ho*>d, and Ills Merry Men ;” and for years after I read that. I tried to make un- a L »\v and itrr*,w- like tho-e carried by the famous outlaw. Bul after a tittie,©mgrcVr she bow-md arrow period of youth, sol grasped tVc stock and, barrel of a shotgun, ilow the poor little bi. !* find Squirrel* had to take it J from that time on I Finally. thi* hun* ! IIL' rasston i L’.iin I an atm st ( un it ray MA aes. MALLERY BROS. Git ct over A. E. Johnson’* Stub*) tilroad-Vrtfcy, Alberl Lea ikba, DDI?    ^krerj. Di3ISr!riSTIlY. <£o .a.e x*-sr» Re«i-ieat Dentist*—Hanford 'a Block* Austin ALBERT LEA, — -    -    -    Branch    Office, i*hysirian*% NI. Mi DOUSE, M. Dm Ki,v p on hand Four br five Vdrkmen will be constantly i employed.and Criers for New Goods Jr for I Repairs will be fUltll, thcap and on the • shortest utilise    j Bro^y ...ie, Aft,* lr*, ill... JJgjJ g ^Oft Coal, S<*JT*iOll<‘d "VLf UOtl I \ Orders left on Hie slate at J. IV. SmithS promptly emended to. pct in a three ply home, and the twenty five-cent cigar, where none at all should be used. There are certain luxuries that are also comfort*, and these belong to the amen it i« 8 of life, and should not be debar! d from any home ; hut these are the very luxuries that our people do J not affect. Iii this class are the books, i flowtfs, and pictures that beautify a '    -    , .. -    . .    *    ..    , .    iii    j    . / teacupful of white Indian meal, three- hou»“. and the lecture and opera tickets r .»    .    etc    a i*. ,    -    ti    *    .    I,    .    fourtlis teacupful of rye fl-ur, ont-hif Ii.at give usa rich intellectual enter- I    r    »    #    .    J    - u .    .    .    ,|    teatupful of molasses. »*ne pint o thick tainment. Hut our people do not seek ' r    1 th^se. because even though they are luxuries, they are common; many of them. to**, are American, and noth'ng home made is ★ortby of bvih^? balh'd a luxurv. 'I he bireign wines, cigars F plete p**s»C'iion ■'I my min stout it by ii <y. and dr night Every chance would boron* a gun. i <-n*ngtito * vrii one 1 rn: I st rid! nu into wo> ds. i-r over tile fields, shooting everything that ca in ^ in my I thought tned of it at I could get. I waft not rich at way VV hot ever bet ime ti :ck * u r mi^ht hat cd. Out wa- ; milk, tsacupful of salem!us. one tea • spoonful of s.«lt Mix well togethei ! with a iptmn fur five minut-s. Hike t in a greased covered j>a * I for three h ur.' I th a ttlt der aft? ntth L« t it remain ii it fif- I never ready lo oi ff ami try if again the vrry n**xt pp itui..f\ that offered Matters ran ti thu- until I was fi t •< ii or sixteen I had learned by this small game alone, arid to r Lid- and squirrels and a* were 1 good to cat.* L-f Ira rf; ping the wed* s, I came home at uight and entirely oosuceesfu! gun to tir< am yea rf-time I • tiike out i •th* r th ti. f 4 r .1 VHC U * y fur many b hungry, tir I went lo ag! et tin I d ab W: it.I <rk • awk 8tf GIVE THEM A CA LL. *rn the Tak* I a lit- Ole TAifci, Maker and Repairer of ui Q ^ .. <s u iii! A. IL SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. YA    I    A    nl    Deals    in HALD aim St IFT COAL. Boots & Shoes* —   > Orders left 6U the slattk at Lincoln Rro^ I annulet! tn at once ,    *    ..    ...    v    : the pail with a f iver on fur leu siik*. lacer, and other like cxtrava^    .    ,    . .I .    .»    ,    .    I teen u.inutca alter taking u fr eancu* that eau*.1 the PtoHialfh to be j Bihehed abd health of body and mind i 0Vl!1    ,    •    . i    j    .I    ti    .    l    I Another rectre :s a* fullows : to b>' sapped, cire the Ihitege that have    f    , .I s. ,* . L.i f , tu . t    I    two quarts of Indian m«*al. **»!te* llie great charm fur tn»? Vefv pe<»nlc ' ,    1    ,    . i i . r i .n , tv -ii    i    pour    boiling    water    over    it; who erin Ii mkt ah o d tnehi Hut thcv .    , ^ kit - iii    L    i thea Ut it get cold Ada one uu<rt o Will have them,Xnd then make a Piteous » ... .    ,    .    .    1 *    rifled rye UM a1, mixing it thoroughly cry ahunt the tunes    ...    •    .    ,    - j Add one and hih-.IihI! cup** m> i:t--< - I and nae half cup yeast; n.sx well. an , if not quite soft enough, add a lit th UL* iii h \\ ti* h Ar a v • / U I * I thought He flew t rec, and I I de the stoi h for a ..hr my 1.0 I ‘ DI you eve. I no* in} d’tr.Ue She ■ i«> quite a literary person, and aquatint j with moat of the prominent writer* of, our co lofty. She often tlsH* nni inter! I eating little stories about tuetr This •    »    a    I Fe ut iud* me that I must tell jhuf of tbs lovely day we had Thursday Auntie! aud I had been d**wn to Salem, ar'a she . a a* u’.xiuu* t*» > op at Ifamilton to see I ^1 is* Dodge Gail 11 ami Urn .you know) t Auntie hasbeen an intimate friend of! berk fur years. When we arrived at I the station there was no conveyance, j but we conjured up to a one armed I charioteer vt Im said bt would go home | and get E it * ho*'. ’ and take us to )] im | Dodge So Bick be ciitne wi h a bow-; legged animal and ah antediluvian i cir}-all, and in this 8tylc $c started for Gail fLiti.iltnn’s of:e Sfi'W iii from J the ’.vihdi w abd hus1,eiu-3 to mecl us. , '«* perfect!y t haraiing A cot ie j luted me usa nice Lite girl whom •he must ca’. Ai ice, and ai she did, all tl»e rest of that lovely day. She took us up into a lit'Ie sunny hull where she we? d Zing some mending, * like j any oilier mortal woman,' as she con- • fessed. We staiu Ihilfe iii? ft wi* j dusk, then she asked us downstairs; into h< r lovely parlor, where there wai a great open fire, and real andirons and j and fenders    She I ad me come and * SHEETING tx?**' PICKETS, AC., u ne intl Constantly on hand, and for isis ii Lowest Market PritT Timber FOR FRAMES. 4C.; FILLED TO f/kD&R ON SHO Rf J. F* REPPY. AGENT, Albert J. C. JOHNSON. AGENT, Al(^en,Miaf^ ll* J*. Sergeant. MINNEAPOLIS LAMBES* iv. P *it by Ti sn ru. 'here she rn. mon •, H bf- od eti My dfir madam, thprf is fllihv a 1 Comfort t-‘ I ^ ft aiid «»n a Ihfee-} It, atid we can remember a cum mon, home made if irr ' u if w.t.s very warm and *uo-hey u-Jr b *yh«*od days wi le light- In#* * .co a1 r n mn f a OC** aud H<-aidfnre up sls!r* o**r thf P;>at 0«c^. ALBERT LEA, ----- MINN. i> C Hokklnnd NI, HLECTIO PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON To IN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will tr**M ail disuse* lo which iiiiiukin'i ta auijjoct, to th** Vies! of hi* ability. Dr. fUwinii-i h** ma*L a specialty of diseases of \V*men an i Children, and chronic diseases af lang st auding. l»y long experience aud strict aitrn:ion to his profession, lie is conidial oi treating all curable diseaso* with kneels Obstetrical cases treated with vara au*l success. Consultionat free. lo Shop on Clark street, north an J oppc ; site of Wedge & Spicer's Drug store. • liiiiinery. MRS. C. S. WARREN FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN    0 Ut, Mip'.oyed.    BilllllTOU    tyj Repairing dotte to order, cheap and on i short notice. Cliwe him a call 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. Dressmaker, I naccessor !*• Mrs f F Walker.! rag c n*». w i i bv the five of    aw We ’.ad ho A* and pictures tilt h, iud half *u beautiful and elegant as \ou can get I *r mu h 1< ss in *ut*Y ti(#w, and the ii w^*r^ that were mi rig ted with these were bi Lilt and lur civ. Our mother did nut wear costly -ilks and laces, but she Hid wear a cheerful, luring smile and bef vui some. and t water It must be Vtrf i**»ft pans far four lours. T* be greased and filled. LL tither fjtjhvi    bali    bg. Bi pans th..,. r i g ; bed tim ii) > kl All DI et) id. »u a Tur talked of everything — wo- I [ .ants, tramps. Washington ^    ( ngtuft u***n. Danitl Dcroffdi, ^ Ac .    She ha* spent half a dozen j w inter* in Wa-hingtun as the guest of j her B ailie Then we went out to ! lea in one u f the loveliest dinning rooms. The W ills, carpets, and wiu-doW draperies are of a warm rich maroon. The*® a7e relieved by the si J- b -ard, moldings, and i^e **ainsc DEALER IN KINDS OF MI NS EA POT IS it SF* BER. SHrSGLFS. LATH, LIM I CEMENT, AND BUILDING MATERIAL* in T .'tCh WHI Ii llf Jinon a1 hi n( are The Cit j Man an^ tbi: Setting lf* A cliv man was ,*k»d bf the bidi r to id di cd * H.'il a I ( e ui ary ret, gill' s an of d wit! \ ha'! Uf a large Ut ^ well Seasoned lf/ the house if he would take a e didn t want it r O. P. H IN SC N . I. J. PAU LOOK. HAHSON & PAULSON, Will open n fine n. w Stock of Millinery ae i Fancy Goods, Tie*, t tiffs, Collarv, JEC. Lawyers & i.and .igenfs. 4 ie a m i. Lovely.    Jamiis    H.    Park    cb LOVELY & PARKER, attohn i:vs .vt i.aav, ie Hewitt’* Block, tip stairs 1st door. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - MIN U €. Stact.    V. M. Tykeh. STACY & TYRER, tlavnevR at Law, Not un ss Public, Heal Estate and Collecting Agent*. CONNEVANC I NG *11 kinds addn ately done. acknowU>«ig-m-nts taken oaths administered. \c. Taxes paid. Title* investigated, Lands benight and self. Particular attention paid to collection. Corner Clark and Newton St*., Albert Lea HEMAN BLACKMER, Zj aWYE'R L. .V >1 1> FOH !S .V E ! 4 LA FRT LEA, -    -    -    - MINN. JOHN ANDERSON, ATTORN MY AT Jj.VAV WD VOTARY H BHC, Off.ee over Wedge A Spicer’* Drugstore, ALBERT LEA, MINN. Hotels. HALL HOUSE VC. G FOSTKll. Proprietor. MautifEctTirrr* of    ;    .    .    ,,    ,    . T A full ltnc of O' r-N-d*. Lanai* Pattorni Boots eft? Snocs,    ^    ,v. VII work warranted to give x&tiefactioii Sod done    _ to ord or on short notice. Shop near cor. of Broad- I    ii,:,.    t-    •    1    ■ »-V and William* *treet*, Albert Lea, Miun.    »mg    OVer    r    cit    too* a -j e u v. (Le nest. a* ah 4* (Vrtainly,’’ ^aid he. and Mi!) Very * wed and glad- !*,e barh. lr* tru-h oui the ttgh *e h.iVe iceii many a    I hie partita ar I? luxuri* u« bb me since then. *te have    fvchi    «traight    fur    l!    »*    t, never met a ti fire co W for ti hie one I her off, and reach'd oui hi* lo ti e old. my dear air. your father I {haf PurP'1*0. but in.medi .ti back train and lot4!* I if 4^31, and sque*S»‘d i’ i little. dr«’W up hi* iip* aV thing. Then he at »• t rn a was wont to bo content with none bf the c< illy wines and cigars (bat Vug tilu^t have. bul he was also content to •ut the heiring debit* that b**ih- J Ii i**w ii ■r rn* mu w h t* * g< t hi)' po ii* *i tali na. silver aud gla-sa-x*|ii site patrerns, and her initial D The are dark, rieh green their cjepets, furniture, and I he upper hail and cham- • forn,!h'i w.th e.jldy wood i    A EurK*IO* (JTALITT. WHICH lf I w._ww 1nc    AU v.a.nte i> L'^urK, peiim WILE n** v-tLL rd At Of, themselves of th^ Ba R G A I NS W 8 sofa btH*: a11 ani see our Stock before pareka«»/ WI tell ynd i'\ alout I tee you, for they are vc think **f h*T ii she held a c >ve a • .-pc IU ai bi ic us geed- I int fig ap ay, r s’mg her th ? hight. She iv » bluiide ; auntie says d being pretty. She d t tjli pi d white Turkish towel-trimmed er > no'ti i Fashionable Dtcss-Making done in *' very best manner. • lien i * markets. A. II. MMI LL EN a **#.** lf VS REMOVED THE OLI) PIONEER MEAT-MARKET i On East side Broadway, first door south of THE PEOPLE'S STORE. Apprentice Girls wanted. Vo 16nod4if be Hit u Ile had no imported clothes, d atuoiids. or heavy g«»hl chains, but did allow Itiutself home quaint, massive old Giver, md gave his wilt* nice tin* ti aud China He could afford these. a.* he Could also aff »rd his new bonks, ' v *aust? tl.c.'C Were r ,ttiifort as well us luxuries and lasted f »r tear* He kept clear of d< bt. and he k^^tjhis h**me full of c* uifY>rts. by seeing that his tastes d t J ti ot run riot at the expense of these There i* no tl^c complaining of' the quickly pr* sen; time ; it in not the tim*;, but the to whistle i* ion d there and -tar* at that ben. and **he !if*ej up lur lie and stared back ut him, winking h eye* with *i?igti!ar vehemence. lid he. *fi I. ii tv e material. One ut brroiher. This, elsewhere. 1LEERT LEA, June 24. f87fi defect Hut, she is a CV •b THE    VALLEV I wa2 • Get off, we Ut you ? a pause. She made no h-ftfw cut his han«I and looked on file of hi.- knuckle® K IL .i I - hi.- blout a lo c up. J of he LUM BKR VARI)! •It I WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOB I DOING BUSINESS, HF. PROPOSES TO GIVE BETER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BL FO KE. I flfcajs^Caslt paid for Hides, Tallow, &c., kc. i I TRY HIM ! BAKIES!! lf yon want to get Worsted, Filling Silk, Worsted Needles, or > li.our, you ail! find them at AIRS. RICHARDS' old stand, cheaper than at any other pla in town, for .-lie has just received a fre.-h Mock of toe abovn mentioned article*, an the line of goods will be kept full during I he season pi np’e. who :the nut of oHef This i* as much th** I** Id th Age of the w<<rld as any that history tell* of. Whether we will reach a mote perfect ?tate, is a qti* >ti n for th** fdtufe to dfesid .. jlMf one tiling is -drc, to come anyway near this Plate. We UiUSt simplify our tastes ami de.-ir<s ; we mu*!, tit fact, live with ii our a.*ans, and not up to, or beyond t hem. the knuckle in looking al! the while at the hen wondering how un earth abc movtt The longer helved her lesi he felt incitotd to touch her. filially climbed up & p *-t to a H* *»*• which ran over the heft, h i] w »rk*d hi* way out till he not ju.-t over th hen. took off hi* hat and .-hot-k it at her and advised her to get. Hut alit only looked at him one eve at a time and chuckled at him ominously Ut told her if she did not leave he’d Come down there and kick her through the barn. but immediately gave up tin tbt* md ai a squirrel concentrated d malice of a irget that I ok! < 'J miserable ALBE*? IBA, HUP lh I If we would have money at our dis- blood-thirsty design when he nfhcteu I1 r BARRELS that it was a dumb animiT, and could not reason with a human being. Then he happened to think of hi.-pants, which were white linen, and rubbed Iii.- fingers on the beam only to find I* Crated with black dint, which OF AT UNUSUALLY LOM PRICES. 46tf WELL TRIMMED HATS FOR po&aI. we Diu-t be careful of that which we earn If we are mechanics or laborers, we must not >trice to vie with millionaires, railroad kings, and merchant princes, lf they can afford lo smoke an imported cigar at twentydive doll irs the hundred, we rn ti !*t he eon* tent with a home-made article that can he bought for five dollars the hundred. If they can aft'md an expensive bottle    a plunge    to    renew    bis hold of Chateau Yqu*me and Widow ('liqnot ( ftg*in. shrieked for    help, and f r dinner, we iii u.-t be content vt it Ii a    came down    on    tup of the bet! ant' I ” ■U.tl And then I ti bought of u«ydr e a rn agal*, ami *»f the c uiman 1 I hou s ti a 11 not kill Does th* ex-te lid lo animals, as w- ll ; a.« include men.I 11 > k r, (< my se Ii ? And I finally coo- UK* i i that I* r mc, it J; d. I HOV * r have bontee I much since11) PH- n*-\cr if*uM bear t«» — memoryW; I *• t OI' buf.y ** ;*h ? ''e t ast. t tried itI nee re.    doman,    j "lid she kissed mc good- j by. tayihg, 4 little girl. you must come I a;*! sn me again ’    8ne has a strong per- rnlity, that makes me lore her I and desire to read her books, a fery i differrtit effect lr >m that pfotfuced by : Mr. Mrs. , vfrho called yesterday, I far I neither like him nor his wife, but I will ‘til yott about them when I tc£ ! you.”    ^ la the Oil Safe.    j The foil wing is* a sin.pie but infsh :    IMC. ZEI-. H. ZCXoypot’ lible lest to ascertain exactly the qual- | ity md expLwiive point of any sample j__ of kerosine oti.no matter by what fancy, j attractive name it may l>e designated in <    , ape cions advertisements : Take a com- w* "iU ke',P ««wta*ftj bt hand a foil luff water, cran ordinary t of White flfTS. ^df^ay Pine, and H«*"! 6t*f> a nun.en r *1 . be aguiii.-t rn*1 I came w it bin b v a pre mat ut ing pi etc    A lines, but I At one * an ii ,.t. *ly around to led blin to work he* Is look at hi* pants, aud while making this natural move be suddenly slipped, thade let the w discharge lam I -rad thin ae wrong tor through th •Pf* GREEN FRUIT 0NE DOLLAR Albsrt Lea, Mi. nu. W ebbor House This Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared Jo give A MBL Vj A CCO M MOD ATKINS ta all guests and travelers. Good stabling aid attentive grooms. Commodious sample raoms connected with the premises JUST RECEIVED AT RANSOM’S RESTAURANT! AT Car. A. Haugo living bought the old ani favorite stand of A C II ime haugh is prepared to do all kinds of BL. AO KSMITHING —AND— IIORSK-SIIOKIN Ck Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf Photograph*. J. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    -    - MINN JOHN NL MARTY, /OYLYON WD CIVIL EMMER, ALBERT LEA, MINN. Leave orders with Hi acy k Tyrer. TERECIA ANDERSON, DEALERS AND FA MLI ES SUPPLIED AT LOWEST PRICES THREE BUSHELS I V £ IDI! BAHREL! PORTRAIT^ PAINTING F Uow Is tlio Time P. Daniels, 'Yill paint your likeness in Complete style for the small sum of 82-Y. Orders sent to him. Postoffice Box, 229, Albert Lea, Mirth.« Will receive prompt attention, ♦olxtino42tf 3NT3E3'\7Cr FLOER, FEED, AXD GROCERY STORE! WARREN BUEL, (Sne?e*sor to J. T (?Yeen ) Second Duct? fcontk of the People’s Store. MHS. JOHN STAGE’S MILLINERY STORE ALBERT LEA, MINN. Highest prick t»\tD for lEHXJTkT^LlSr HAIR, and Gents’Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies 8witches, and all other work in that line. Farmers, Look at this! I hesc windy days when you go to town, you will do good to yourself, if you go to the mi nil/rni/ abd then I the cheaper, but equally wholesome Califor I smashed them both frt the fluor, niu article, that is, if these things must upsetting a barrel and filling the air be, thaugh they eau easily be dispensed ,    <JuMi    father*,    hcnmotses,    f.fcd with    I    shrieks Our w ives and d nighters must not !    ^    hen    the    family    reached the barn use Bonnet silks abd Brussels lace, j tb« unfortunate man, looking Something when .a good, but cheaper, article can j like c circa* poster oft legs, hnd £**1 on be obtained J aud when we learn how to bis feet nftd was turning round and accomplish these things, we also learn rubbing bls head ift aft abstracted umr.-ho* to hid defiance to hard times, and IR1** afl^ eYofy tiftie lie turned, an nin es per I« arn t hut it u wrof think tho matter oV' if you tliink it is wi rer emit it at once. lie seemed to if these limes, killing myself * t.f the f»*wl-ually leafH5d ne. It may n to hunt. I ut nee I came to r. fyf Ute. ILqa. ■ carefully, and ?g for you, bel aud fiv with or • vei un fly; upright water ‘ n I 'n ! mon tin pm! * *    ^    I tin pail, say seven inches in diameter j iuches deep ; fill th? Tefeel f bd p’arb if 6^ YRe ^love } j. ?*> irs to h?!ft refy grad- J put an ordinary t&erfirngietef in the water, ta indicate the : gradual rise of temperature. Take a | iitt ie pan. -itch as is ufed to bake small ‘ pattie*, ffolff for «. 6er.f ea^h; in the I pjttty pan put a teaspoootul of kero*ine, J and let it float on gradually heating see the thermometer begin to indicate the surface of the I water; when you 5iti£ecd ct s5rroinaiag Country at the rtty lowest CASH PRICK. Our Hemlock DIMENSION LUMBER! ? is far superior to pine, for the reason that it is stronger,* has less kAcls. and is' more* cfura’Me when exposed to weather. IV e introduce it to the fartnsn* as h**ing i , ■    —    ,    «    ,    *    %    ESPECIALLY    ADAPTS blazing match to the Kcrofltm rn,thel little oan If tFfe btl H Saf6 tb ffash flu UNS bg city seveuty-ooe pera**i f'wn request, committ teuGaiy lur one year, ^aggest* the dmstituti nts* that ab )Qi)ds iii ac It.>iv J*.igI thus this heir polli st Week in « were at d to the i ii is not on i v n and hopeless- coe qujfters. Sui a ffermr imprisonment is to w ho have little to live for outside will eftsS?; bdft if if ]« imfttr*, and \ therefore dangtroas, a tfasfcr, Hie the \ ignition of gas. will appear. In ca»o I a ti tsh occurs while the thermometer , indicates a temperature below IOO deg ,* t it is safe to assume that the "ii ithighrj ly daogettfOS, ;fb£ tftte:!y for use . to see our book tables an*! eases fill up, our walls grow bright tith pictures, arid our faces with salties elef oft It white Hftfeh case came to view, while the hen stood tip in the farthest coffle!* of the bkrft, on one leg, with a Theft- Will be comfort at homo ; there |l<H,k of repr.'ach “,inSltd *«h asionith-will be money to put as hie for the raiaj    “P01’    hti'    ‘“hntenance day j there will be honor abroad; and there wii! be happiness and love in the soul. Not that hard times destroys love, but it is a great aid to love and happiness, if trouble and worry is kept ! spider until it hardens on sm-w or co Way Healthy pleasure* is cheap, but water. When done, stir in soda un Over V\ cdg & Spicer s Drug Store, A J.BFR T ].V \.    ~    Min*. Where the best FLOUR, CORN MEAL, GRAHAM, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. OATS, CORN, BRAN, k FMtit 1 can be had. (• —-I Also Confrctisfiffyf Tobacco, Cigars, Tea. Coffee. Butter,- mud Vegetables which will be sold at the lowest living prices. Farm produce sold on commission. red! Abo I73itf and get a cup of Hot Coffee! for five ccntr. The place is n**xt door south of R. L Sinner & Co’s, store. J. I*. COLBY’. $16 per Aer9 ImprovedFarm For Sale. Fine farm of 160 acres ; 190 acres now flowed ready for crop,® tame meadow : living springs. Good fence around the entire farm. Good house, et abies, &c. Post-office across the road, With daily mail. School house IOO yards from the* door. Albert Lea in full view, 2ii Strifes distant, wh;re everything that bear* can wish is for stale, except whisky. WEDGE & HIBBS, Agents, Albert Lea, Minn. March ^2. 18*6.    ll* Albert Lea, Minn.    iff aw unhealthy pleasure is dear, no matter how little the motley value may be. and yet we shun the first fend cling to the last. T he fault is riot rue of sex or position ; both sexes and all clares have it. The sew ing-uirl, if she Can make a mere trifle beyond her actual med{ invests it in useless finery ; and the young mechanic. In fore b's fnfiife is assured. Wastes enough in pampering to depraved tastes aud tawdry show, to lay the foundation of a Comfortable home These strive ta imitate (Ims*,* above them, and so the merchant doing a left thousand dollar business strives to emulate the display and outlay of the man doing a one hundred thousand dollar business. and the result ftf it all is a blank bank account and a Cuuifftftless home, for which they hake aft appeafanee of being fashionable, as foolish as it is hollow and deceptive. Hard tin’ree*, indeed; and why ? The answer ifr thousands of cases mffkt be, hceaflfite of false pride. Our da3ghfers will not fill a serfaut’s position, ti iii though they gaW M **rod home by doing so, because falser pride says it degrades them. Our softer will not become labor- ftwying ** Molasses CASM—Who doesn't JoVe it? And right here is a receipt for making it : Boil some molasses in a Id until there is about twice irs nifteh of the of prison wsll3 Mere confinement i> sea I Cl I j ti punishment to many who knew bfti little of the advantages and comforts of liberty It is not at all strange 'hat et iii.e so me times set int to flourish under a treatment that is doubtless Welcomed by many as a privilege rather thitft a puuiehment — A etc i ot k Observe r. ——>#> — _   — Tins Pvt Lid an Car Company.— The report of the Pullman Company A very smart, though very retort was once rn an impecunious looking fellow. insolent de to a magistrate bv fit tie building tt ^i*1**! tfs lf ii pf otf i§£SM rf ta rad mice, WL?<*7* is ?omf-tbing that £ farfiiff’ sUnM tgsinsT. illo t*hc plank to »•» hi J" arn floors, bridges. A sidewalk*. h». ^ no equal. WM. J. rRKTTV'M AN. Ag»a* Stiff candy as there fess of the molasses, and shows that it has increased its stock of a little h'tnoft eitraftf for favoring j ears from four hundred and tweufy-twu Care tnflst be taken that the candy j to four hand*ed arid fifty-one during does not bfirft, or it ftill nave a hitter j Cie year. The average cost reported taste. The soda makes it light and for the whole stock is $18.51)0 'I he gives it a gtuin.    earnings were at th** rate of $4,411 per | ear, aud t rpc »se- $1,773, leaving net An Engushmaft was a£co$f£d thus :    f‘*    ■*■■>    The    ?r’>ss •‘WI,a. WHOM »t,8 Ute I- •‘tan ti a!1 earn.r,-, ,re at the^ul .b„a.*JOO nifht in the lo**rfofPi. Paul'*?'’ “ A I*r berth per Teat, which md,cal*. befftleat and « bint of beer.” was (be tl,e bcr,'.,s ?ro un !h* “verafe frank reply. The neat one lim, ac. al'out    «»•    m-ht,    rn    th- coated wa. a Sole!, in a n. Sa,, Sandy.    ' >«f    1 he    “P* - What'll ye cie V let Iv cine alone I bVU,e*>' ’""l    w:,s    ?8W’ 1>er »»• Pat,lek, and    when    ajl.d what    he    1    "    ••*»<••-'«,ct, ot    the cu rt,,,, ,n would take to    rani    all    nlpht it,    thn    |'■'    •■ 'sleep,,,e,,ar hue, app.,re,,,Iv an- tower of St. Parti', he trinity answered. ! Z Z,," I'’?',"    *    ,Dt ef .et    .    /    t’j t.    »    * i    ii    °*    $iyO.)07, Ifavi.g    ;i ba Iii nee til profit “An sore aft    I a ce    apt    to take a    rad ii I,    r    I    amounting lo 1362.227. which is at the cowld.    . 4,,    „. ___^______ ;    rate of l,7f per cent. I he company pays “Jake,” Said a bluthin- dan,set to a    ! ci°bt    ^ t?C",Um    diviJtud- lover that her father had f*>rhidden the    j    . ' house “I don’t fare’ii'your feet are    | A    Bridgeport,    Ct.,    woman, hearing big; I love you just a* much ” “ Wall f J    “preserving autumn Sally. I don’t mind So much .h-ut fv> >ave»,” concluded lo put up a few jars [size of my own feet, but I wish your j ‘ • ^hem She told a neighbor ycbter-dad’s were a little baller;! should I day that site didn’t think they would feel’ more confident, pii know, abbirt J «ver ^ ^    and she m?ght just as Well kuvc thrown her sugaf away. upon whom a somewhat heavy fine had/erzt I be* n imposed for dru'nkflrjfle*?. fao'm [ the appcarancn cf (he culprit everybody in eo(m probably expected tliat I he would have to go to prison, but to j : the sufptli-e of all, the delinquent dis-1 played a pocket full of money, and J sullenly bflgau to couut odT the amount I j of his fine, whefefi^nn the magistrate ( proceeded to remonstrate ifith bim on 1 j his reCkfessness ift gohig tfbfttit the I streets ift a afait of *f?it5kenrfcsl with such a sfrm of money aboflt him. It was a Won lief, remarked the magistrate, that be brid not been robbed 41 As to robbery,” gtotfrled the prisoner, 44 it’§ mighty little difference f can see be-j tween bein’g fobbed it/ t!A* Afreets and j bting robbedf bere ” Boiled Gosaz — Dress kb cf si nj, e j ' it, put itintoa «!erp dhih, IbtCf it with : | boiling milk r.rrJ lertfe *t tit? night, j J Iii »he morn in 2? # affh oflWrfirtlk, and | j put the goose L'Vtft Cullf ffacttf on the j fire ; when boiling hot take ?t off, wash | I it in warm wutflf. tffrd &tf ^rt!? a elotli. I This process    tfeft fA'ff of? Fill J ; tile body w ith ufe#*d$jg of SrCa’a erdmbs ! • seasoned with pepper, salt, batter, aud I two chopped onions if relished, and a j little sage Put the goose into cold I i water and bori gciStly until fender j | Serve with giblet? slrtrAe,* and with i j pickles, or aci'i jellies.- J A. ANDERSON. Til# New £(&?e en Hark street, ja»t t«at^ of the Hall House, it sot as L,AR&£J and showy as many of our neighbors, neiiber is the STOCK OF GOODS. as extensive as some others, bul we intasd to have a COMPLETE ASSORTMENT fill tip often, Mil ■w A .a, It may W that the flite #i?l come I when the Vieri.fits'Af ieeidrflfZ' ffafl be | deal    fairly    ffifl    6UV    customers, aa * tar supplied with wooden heat?#. 19 as j hot¥f4*4s^ff *4,    and    merit a fair trad*, arms and legs; but nature nfij? a.^flhdy I    j. a. AN DE RSO 9. done much iu that direction.    f    te»/    —      —
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