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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 14, 1876, Albert Lea, Minnesotapa •ji rf ~m tlEEMti mm\ STANDARD. PU BL. IS ll KO RVHRT THl'R^DAV. V*r«*, Per Y *ar, In Adv-ffce, $2 OO K.VTKS OF A DV E IIT IS I N 0. I ---I J w 4 w 3 in ii bi I y( inek 1.00 1.59 2 50! 4.50! 6.00,10.002 inch 1.75 2.50 3.50i H.OOl 8.50 13.60I inch' 2.50 I 3.50 I d.OOi T.OOj 9.00; 16.50I inch 5 25 4.50 3.50 IO Oh 16.00:20 OO6 i««h 4. )) 5.5 ) H.' > 12 OO118.OO 125JOOi Cli 4 o) 5 2 I 7.0 ){l4.00i2*2*.00 30.00I .VI 5.5 ) 8.5 f 12.00122.00 20.(jO!.!(VOO! est 10.D) IT.do 18.OJI ’>0.90.50 OOlOO.tM)OFFICERS OF FREEBORN vt) IX TYVOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1876. MIM BEH 60 wktm ^OCISTY Co JIM 1BSTOS KRS : H. G. Emmons. Wrn. it, Lu. -o’n. James Thoreson. Jam*** ll. Goalee. Ole Hmo son. Tv* a sr RTR—Oh sri es Kilt el son. Apditof— S. Bsitohelder Rbgistkr of Dkf.ds—August Pearson. $HI£R1FF—T. J SU oh ii'I. ParcTY Sheriff- Jacob I *"son. Clbrs of Cor bt— W. White. PtOBATR J if DOK—* 11’bort tin branJson. 'School Sudf.ristendent — H Thurston. County Strneyor—Win G. Kellar. CARON K R—J- FrOShWUg. Court Commissioner —R. B. Slicer. REAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit, everybody. LOW prices, loT.f time, and a low rate of interest. MF you desire tc buy a farm, call on us Hankers. H. D. BAO WM. D. R. P. HIBBS. LOUISIANA. H. D. SrOw# A CO.'S IF you have a fdrffi or lands to sell, call i on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling j lands, ex amini hi abd perfecting titles, ar? | unequaled, na we Ha' e ARS I ll At TS. TRANSFERS, and FL ATS of every piece of land in this county. Stary X Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn A HH! !25, 187 ti THE ACTION OF THE BOARD! RETURNING tile canvass, it may be well to state brolly the causes which itu to the CREATION OF SUCH A HO**" Louisiana, anti to call attention to in Ut ion aud reporting of elec/rati return? T he h zislature bn# son fit t<* I d n ire rn ij -rity an iihtiiPhSc --ain would thus be achieved, fof iF tnfe Allard sho'ula, upon a canvass, reject all, it would he power- tile power to decide who has aud wh* less to administer that complete justle*, has not I**» n elected it) the returning which w«*u!d consist only in declaring I    board.    It    might h:tve can^ffpr    that    I * j    c    .Ll    -    '    i    for the republicans »ueh a majority in    power    on    the rn ort but it did    not.    • “L" of.2T?PU !,C "nP?r,*';c'- I caci,    m    Ar    int'ni'Hai’,...    And    I    Whether the l.« he **4 ..r had. it • | Southern Stale, had. b, their rebellion, I vi,d*T *°BM have bet'' ca“ for ,heir! ""I    it, pr.vi.ion. and no, j r r *. J ii - t. .    •    •    candidates.    to legislate . lorfeited all rights to representation in I    •    *    r j vt, rn HriknYft    *    enrvTivo    '    ...    J    -    .•    •    |    I he law, therefore. In this provides '    JT    HI CA >: r our I I TY. VALID REAmlMI fUU (OUSTING Congress, or to any participation in the    .    ,    1 THE STATE FOK HAYES I ! government of the Union and h.d been    "."'"..IrLJT    i“u‘cd,*'clT    on arimM- Ne* ^t- I l<* the statute which devolves on it powers and duties of great public importance The white people of that and oilier | compelled as a condition of resuming i    In< Ru,"^ea # people and white Jeans. i<* ll or* ugh v understand the their former political rights to assent to    fjj*1 'I*    ,'''e    M"    constitutional    powers    and    duties    of    the I constitutional amendment, by whidh. in L r'd iM w'‘.*n 'he Prw>l.,»kr".bJ lh<; }    1    board    is examined #nd weighed, it will ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED he found, a-i we believe, that the returns excluded for causes rn* nriooed ii Hi are P«ner-UJ dom polling pl ices which SD TE! N’TXJSX1 RY. DR. A. H. STREET, -f t-*: Hoots amt Shoes. unties Soot & Shoe Store. O. F. A: TV. Nelnon to. 9. BROWN a CO. BANKERS. Knnort of Senator Sherman, Mer*. I hostility to their trill, they who h.,1 Stoughton) Garfield;, Hale and Others, been their ria?*** *f*re made eiMz**n3 Appointed by the i'resideM to Wit- “nd »1,b"u-'h '* »”» 'h«lf •«“»? •" sui- ness the State laura., of Louisiana. Iu,t «h“ H'i"* >«o^n,aa,.on the .    jnliluidat:on    w„uM    hare    rf, ; anilau ol the South, and especially of *    ,    .    .    .    ... Ii    j i    j    * lls republican majority, ‘hereby tncrcn*- Louisiana, disclose a wide*r*rea" arid J . q .    .    »    .    .    .    »    » I •   * j .    .•    -... in*: that declared by the board. In I persistent determination of its ruling *    '.    •    *    .    . !    L-.    i .    . .I    •.    considering Mf* powers anti duties. Ibis To Un* Senate aud H> use of ltei»reHent*tive«:    while people to prevent the exercise el 1 .    *    ,    , I have the honor to transmit a letter I the elective franchise’' by the colored *rr^ ! r,f ••'»furco t e aw # *>u. j* accompanied by testimony, addressed to • race. except subject to their will T his j r|[.0f ( j n *'*nJ ' 'H • "r w 1 ' 1 me by Hon .John Sherutan and other manifested by violence, outrages. r 1 eXeWise board, and to examine with CaT*' th** p statufis under which it wys boialf to • act. and enough has be n wrin< n to I -h *w that a trihuri ti charged with such ' t 0 Vi t he rn tuber* of which were I Originally appointed by the %en*ttT, is i erri*led to lh* re-p.cr of all fit’jess until if -hail he forieitrd by a vhdation | cif its judicial or minis’erhtl obligations ; r.al importance of the duties I REFERENCES: 1st Nat. Bauk. Austin. tat Vat. bauk, St. Paul. 3d Nat. Bauk. Chicago. 4tb Nat. Bauk, New York 34tf ttlny. Upon prr*of and in the disimguished ciiirens, in regard to the and rnurdors perpetrated in that State I f>*Pr'JI*L ,t,    l    ^    d*»ercfi*,n,    reject canvass of the vote for electors in the j just preceding the presidential election j votef    cause#    mentioned,    it    cm- Scate of Louisiana ti S Grant various congressional reports From these it appears ihct over two thousand person* w«*re killed wounded. ; The rial to be perform d mr 'd Kiecutlv* Mauniou, Wafttiingtou, D. C., Die. 6,1876. of 1868 They will he fount) M.twt in I "0,;i"rn « d"inS. re:urn *nJ n0' »f- tuallv cast o^Tice, Over tub -frug store, South of Font Office. Albert Lea. Minnesota. OR. DE KS. CRANDALL, a I DE! PI T I S Office over A. E. Johnson's store, Broad* way, Albert Lea Rube, DD8    ll.    \.    Awry. X>ENTISTH.Y. cie J&- ■V 3 E. ~z~, Renident Deotists— Basfurd’s Block, Austin ALBERT LE A, -    -    -    -    Branch    Office, Physicians. NI. M. DODDS, M. D., « VI lr Ss Have junt received and will keep in stock the largest assortment ol Eoots St. Shoes of all kinds To be found in totVri. CESTOI! HUIE WORK, Pour or five workmen will be constantly employed.and or*Iers for New Goods or for Repair* will I ie filled, cheap and on tile shortest notice Broad way west side. Albert La. Minn 8tf    GIVE THEM A CALL. To the prudent of the Tuited 8t*t&* i    and otherwise injured in    that State T(| IT    CIICPOGU\    I    IH    VTV ll Wk I In pursuance of your rv<juest that    within a few weeks cf the    presidential ■ IIL    rilLLDUil.l    LULA    11    j    se%reral 4*1’ the uit<lersig;necl should pr*>    election of th?t year ; that half the State I feed to New Orleans ami thor,* witness    was overrun by violence, the canvass by the returning board of    midnight raids secret    murder*. the State of L<»ui-inna of the votes cast i    .....    DIA_k ....    I    AND    OPEN RIOTS, in that Blate lur electors of I resident 1    .    .    ,    ,    .    , ani Vice f.e.:deni of the United    »**'«>» kepi ti • p*o*t« *•    «*r- THoi. Hi ARMSTRONG, Hunker. ALBERT LEA. rn a........ MINN. It fcitl therefore be seen by any one that a careful selection by political mafl* I agers of certain parishes known to have large republican majorities f**r the scenes of intimidation and violence in the belief that other parishes in the State would enable them t" carry it for their party, even should their majority in the parishes thus selected be    represented .t    in    th reject* d. might well be a favorite meth-    to    hmm;?    the    cno-t'l I bv the b each inert.ber with milch interest aud as many reports h id been circ tilted Concerning theu* we were led to make s. me inquiries tu TI!EIR IMMEDIATE ItIbTORY Two if th rn — lim Janie* Madison | TV * lls. pre*.dent of the board, and Gen. | Thom is C Anderson, next    tVieu    *    I b* r—.re Soailtfrs I* in. aud it old and i highly re>pecftd fau»iii*s. The father • of the (■•nuvt w.t* the ll>»n L vi Vt tdl*. of tbs parish of Rapid**, who in 1812 called i  ~ Lumber Yard. C. L. COLEMAN'S LUMBER J mmmmm    Jato. mXmmimOH Y A flD ^ AT ALBERT LEA AND ALDEN/ Every description of PINE ITM tit: It INTL CUING FENCING, FLOORING, DH?fc.1SH>N5»;-BOARUS, CLF AR TLM BER. jrtfllfOfcfS. LATH. BOO Rif S.*?#, 8ll tt    Bi,’ FlCkfcfau A**.- CobstarrfTy cm hand, and*f6r sa?* if taC Lowest Marlcei Prien HFiMCk Y> si I? •JNws a rn rn rn    -it    -^nr F^l FRAMES,EC*./ FILLED TO ORDER ON SHOR » (tlU J. F. REPPY. A OLN f, Albert i.es^ J. C. JOHNSON AG LA T. Alden. Minm - 11    '    111    .     111    '-A.4 it*, t*. Sergeant. mmiTQUZ LUMBER •nvinn OLE TANG, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. OISc« and Residence 0«c«. up Sty Irs .ll the P*j«t ALBERT LEA, - - - - MINN I> C How I a ii<l M, 1> ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TA IN LAKE (ITV, MINN., Will treat nil discuses to which mankind ii subject. to th** best ot his ability. Dr. Rowland has made a specialty of diseases ut Hornell and Children, and chronic diseases of long al auding. By long experience an i strict attention to bis profession, he is con tideitt of treating ai curable liseas.** with ♦ access. Ohs! tribal cases treat*'! with Ckr£ And success, ('un^fiitiortst free. la WM .........■J.*"     "    ""    '    *’    _ Lawyers X Laud mSgeuis. 4»T»¥ A. Lovelv.    James    IL    Paukv    a LOVELY k PALKER, ATTORN IdAS At L-AAV, Simp on (’lark street, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer’* Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. Repairing dune to order, cheap and on short notice. Giwo him a call. uTtf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. Hr ay Lines. WING & ItUVE’S EXPRESS 4 DRAY LINE. Any and nil jobs attended toon fir*t call, and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the Slate at A. E Johnson’s store, Albert Lea. Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, s easoinnl W o«mI I Orders left on the slate at J. IV. Smith's promptly eUended to. A IL SQUIER. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals sn II VKI) and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. States, we have preformed that duty, and ii * w moat respectfully report I hat un our arrival in that cav we found s veral gentlemen who came reprinting the repub i an State jrganizttions, who have throughout co operated with th<*se who went at your request and wit -se mimes are also appended to this communication Hetweeu tho gentlemen frpreventing lite democratic r>art\ an«l ouraelVes a Correlp ui lem e in writing ensued, a c py of w hich in appended hereto llelereftc- to it will «i unclose th it a conference with u« for the pur po*e of exercising an inntienco upon the returning b ard was declined, up* n the ground th e the and finally tu :«*ry thereof, with ming tilt* Mine a* *hntii I demand .I, O, I*. Missus. I. J. Pac LSO*. HAMSON Si PAULSON, Mrouiftu-t’ir* n* "f Boots ct1 Bnoes, .'K All w* ' i-rdei ti cav and \\ ".intcd ti r* n<’*ic, IU* utrcc K-v< Sin. I ti." faction au \ done iu ar cor. of Br«iad-rt lA-a. Mi un. Orders left *>n the >late at Lincoln Bro*, attended to at once • Vt it finery. MES. C. S. WARREN Milliner & Dressmaker, ’Successor to Mr* C F Walker," Office ie Hewitt - I’I ALBERT LEA, B C. Sracy. I st door. - MIN \. M. TV REH. STA3Y & IYRin, ttornevs at l/t-v. Notaries* Public, Real Estate nu<1 Collecting Ag nts. ('‘ )SN KYAN Cl NG all kind* adeniately done, acknowledgment s taken oaths administered. Ac Tax e? paid, Titles investigated, bani-bought an i sold. Particular attention paid to collect ion. Carnel' Clark and Newton Sis., Albert Lea HEMAN BLACKMER, JCj a.'VSTYIE!2=1 I, > l> FOH s A I, IG ! J LA ERI' LEA. -    -    MINN. JOHN ANDERSON, ! ATTORNEY AT L AW ; WD .VOTARY Pl IILIC, Office over Wedge & Spicer"» Drug Store, [ \LBF.KT LEA, MINN. Hotels. HALL HOUSE W. G FOST K ll. Froprietnr. Albert Lei, - - M.nn. I Wetotoer House This Hotel braving recently been com* plaiely refitted and furnished, is now pre- | pared to give A MF LE ACCOMMODATION." ta all guests and travelers. Good stabling I and attentive grooms. Commodious sample j noms connected with the premises # to fit; . Un rkets. A. II. MCMILLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-S3ARKET I Will Fa UC) G«»o* Is, A full line of W n a fine ne* atoek I •*•*. i'ufi of Millinery and . Collars. Ac. ONLY DUTY DEVOLVING OX I S wis lo a’tend be foie th*’ b ard anti carr fully note its preceeding report a faithful hit j huch opinions c *nc truth and justice Such report we ar** n »w able to j*r« svi.t atli] we fake pleasure in tining tfiat our ability lo do so is due t-4 a courtesy and kindne h of (he r'-turning o ard which entitles us we ai ber* not only ti i (*ur tliatiks, but the conf! It nee which a iust public extends toward* * ver\ tribunal which desires th .t its pr >cr**d-ings should be duly presented t*» fmh-I lie scrutiny    It t*s ^»Ufwearn* »t wish that ife’a pu*»ii* ty -i.«.n o be sitained but we should ha\ • fell a delieaef in requesting my priv mony w it h th u-i \\\» wci** however etui irras*infill b^ i ror, until the republicans surrendered od for achieving success and as we pro all claims, and then the election was cecd it Will he apparent that Carried hy the durn JC racy. I he parish SUCH WAS TUE MODE ADOPTED of Orb si s. which contained 29 910 I voters. 15.020 **f which wire est* red. * and which in the spring had given 13,-973 republican votes, in the fail cast for Gen Grant but 1.178, a falling off of 12.795 tot TS Riot* prevailed for week?, filling New Organs with scenes of blood, and ku-klux notices were scat ti red throughout the city, warning the c ih<r. d men not to vote In the parish of ('add * there were 7 298 r« publicans, who in til** spring of I "08 carried th** parish, which in the fall gave to Gen. Grant but one vote, and there also bl***-iiv riots nceuried. In the parish »o carry lo uisiana for the democratic party Whilst from the very nature rf the mischief to be remedied, the law could but partially repair it. the statute formed if votes of I/OUi-iara The s.*n r era I education, and wa* rattly in the care <»f planting and rn «*sts of his father Ile wa -ti I w« ired W. I ). Ji. under which 'he board art! as to prohibit the rcj.-cti« n r >t St Larily the republican had a regilded majority of I (»71 vote, and in the spring of that year carried it bv RT" votes, while in the fall not a vote w s cast for Gen Grant, whilst for Sey-m> ur and Blair the democrat* e*^^t the full vote of ti e parUh — 4 7^7—and there occurr* d one of the bloodiest cayes on record, in which the ku-klux killed mid wounded over two hundred republica! «■ hunting and chafing th*‘in fur Uni (big and nights through fields and ttrau.ps Thirteen eaj itive* w. re taken jail and idiot, ar d a pile of d bur pre I (he nard IPD) 25 d. th ad h.*di« wk r un d in the WiMids Having tho* c* nri«**red the re-r»ub;ic:*n* and kil *d and driven off in aril al r-itui-. Lan.ars Fait* in? a:c., ,kc. mal u * I,. e< Doing over Felt hats h speeialtv. Fashionable a: On E* <<i*I e tin: Broa«lwnv. first *l*.or south of PEO FLE AS STORE. Dre^s Very t»«* Making done >1 manner. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOK DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE Fuu:    looi    -    soul    ti of" the People's Store. Apprentice Girl** wanted. vol l*)nol4tf tor o . livered attended * the deinoi attendcnee of fi' delegati 'ti as .“J »t the proceeding this iufira’ioti w ; an offer to f urnish stenagraphic rep ors sc1 * ctc*l bv each committee to •I Ma rn of the b red fr- i, receipt or it* annelid, d<4-he *.CTifhoi.en wh<* •I the eh airman of in it tee invitng 'he utleui n from each tor? aud witnesses "t Hie hoard, and •ut*»mp <i.jt d with ft* be their white lead capture*! bv fbi badges of red ti ». the k n-k lux. nm*!, enr cd to :he d* ti ie Is and r c tick* t. rt fie »fc*i ne nsaxw market b d in i* I I* * were i with clubs. vote ti Tit whic! if that fact. ‘ *aitrages whi a... ... ICY BETER SATISFACTION! T . /X TlTT^a?! THAN EYER BEFORE. j^g^Cash paid for Hides, Tallow. &c.. &c. J MRS. RICHARDS’ lf you want lo got Worsted, Filling Silk. Worsted Needles, or Notion#, you will find them at TRY IHM ! BARRELS OF GREEN FRUIT JUST RECEIVED AT RANSOM’S RESTAURANT! present and make a tut* report of al! the proceedings aud testimony and ti refer to the daily public ifi n thereof l>\ ti e pr* a- Th** unde’ei ned made arrangements f>tr that purpose With the owner of one daily newspaper printed in New Orleans,and ti ii*, perhaps there and elsewhere have been enabled L» i:ive such proceedings »n*! le-umi *ny the widest circulation IN JUSTICE TO THE HOARD it should al-n bj stritrd that 11*is privilege was freely accorded by its uicm-bers without solicitation and that they I x were given c Tins * are s ‘to** *d the outrage* which marked the pathway to th** political *u-premacy <*f th* **«* wli*» but a f* w year-before had obtained the mercy **f a government under whose Saws the black republicans and white democrats were en it led to equal protection. It was but natural and just that the colored race sh >u!d unite with and cling to the party to w hose principles they owed tli^ir freedom and protection, ai d this items to have marked their political course Lorn the time they w**re given th** elective ii mchiie. and their history in Louisiana has hut il-wnenevcr tncy note bt-sn pleased I util could he eff. ©ted in cast at any p**11 or voting place, unle*" certain formalities are first complied with, which must be supplemented by testimony of witness** Thestit»i*e orj/aniaing the board declared. in substance that whenever front any poll or voting place there i shall be received the statement of an} supervisors of registration or codjtiJs-atoner of election, confirmed by affidavits of three or mere citizens, of any riot, tumult, acts of violence, intimide* lion. armed attack*, or corrupt influence, which prevent or intend to rent a fair and peacrfui vote of ai qu i it ti od toters at such p dis, the k !-hall proceed :*j IN VEST IO ATE TH f. FACTS, and if fr -ai such statements, thry shai’ be convinced that such causes did n t materially intcrft re with th** purity and freedom of such election, or prevent a euffic * ut number of qualified voter* I from V" ting lo niatcri.il!y change the result t.f the election, then such role aha!! he canvassed am! compiled; but if fhcy are i ii fully c uviuct J. it shall he th* ir duly to ex amine further tctt:-m« ny iii regard therein, a ad to ihat end >h a ll hive power to send tor per** ns aud papers, and if. after examinati n. the board shall be conn net d that such uets of violence, intimidation Ac., did materially interfere wrh the purity ann freedom of '!ecti«*n at sa:*] poll. or did prevent a suffi ient number of qnsliied v*uers !r**m registering or v* t.ng to ma terialiy change the lesult of the election. th* n the board >hall not canvass or compile the v«Mct of sn**h p*dl. but ^bAIl exclutie it from their returns. Nothing can be more simple or more just than these provisions They are. for tin* retains before stated, inadequate to secure th** adminstration of a complete remtdr, for it may be fairly -.lid that if. bv reason of violence and intimidation committed in *h*» intere t* of one p« litical party, the adherents of man and a! iii the in hii I oder he w ,?i rom f It e tit ugn ii **« of p dev*>* Hank - ehoacD • toe w iff r**d •ny. he to the conatru if bros i lib- gnged inter-U ii ion » o a f PEALER f.V Ii«*kel w itll ll Wa* eh Cled ti lion of the Lr after. Mr ’Vc Lieut n. Mu vernor greatly by if ie r»*r faltered L ni'*n e;use ;!j*»n si**.erne *rn**r tm the Ii ahu. who lit KINDS OP Iff&ffE.t^Of.fli ft SfeR, SHi.Ni,I KS. LATH, Ll Mf Y EMENT, AND BUILDING MATERIAL- u; re a •err. j ear ir of nost J re-dsod been try to I can ine* ■'•me <1 the State, to which office he wa- alt unaniuo u-ly rc-*l**u»* i under th< construction plan of President Job Hi« rip* riencc in p*ubiic life his great and Varied, and h;** ct pac d -ch trge the great dutit? a»-uriH not be ({Btitioied Gen Anderw»n was born in v irginia. ha- resided in the parish * f St Landry for a period of >**me forty years, is a cousin of (ter?. Anderson wh • coin-mandcd Fort SCfmpter at the outbreak ot the war. was educated a law.er. is owner of and carries «*n several plantations. »» widely known sad highly re* throughout tho Stat *. Casa nave, the third member of board is a man of intelligence, of * Xce!lent character and I us:ness habit*. not dependant on oft cc f>r a living, not seeking it. bur a well educated eiuw- n. win bud !*>ug conducted i pr rp*-refits and respectable basin* s* in the city of New Orleans Wa •re low leceiviL^ a lar^e Ut cf ms, specie Mr the M Ktnr-er, the (he b ard. is a y u raised in the city <»f teiligrnf and a Mire. who time in charge *if the strei ’»pn rf I ent - j i irer ti g man I NVw Os a /re// Seasoned Lumber GF A SFPEftlOTl QtALITY, WHICH iff VIEW Of THE PKO BA HLS AD-7 A NVE IN LUMBER, fftOPLB will Dowell if* avail themselves of thi ba BGAfffffirg NOW OFFER. < a.! an*i ere our Stock before purekaMsg elsewhere. ALBERT LEA, June 24. 187A he wiut oN.sis valley UM It KH VAKD! wa k b W ct in th K n* w f«»r s •• mioi’s nt of w Ii iii" me ALBERT LEA. MINN -e w AN OITLIXF. OE PRO* - VS' as disci* se not only violence and intimidation as to prevent a fair election in several parishes and many pulls, bu’ dinekues als** that the** grave cffenses were committed in pursuance of a pre-* concerted and settlid plan, formed by the democratic leaders to prevent republican voters fr *m attendvng (he polls aud that such purpose was actually ac j complishcd as not only to interfere with the purity and freedom of the election, but I*) materially change i's result To * iilu.-traie how careful iv (he political Opposite the S-'HdE. ill. jtrL. 0©I>Ot old stand, cheaper than at any other place in town. for ■•lie lins just received a frc-h rock of the ahovn mentioned articles, and cordially United with u* in the desire to have all ti cir proceeding"* published throughout the country Thescrutiny invited by the board Ins been constantly exercised Day by day both committees have been in attendance be file line of goods will be kept full during the season. Millinery Gk. A. I-Iau^o living bought the old an I favorite stand of A C If iinehsiiigh is prepared to do ail kinds of B_ AO KSMITHING — and— HOUSE-SIIOEIN G Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea. *    doit" M*h olograph s. jr. A. Fuller’s DEALERS AND FA MLI ES SUPPLIED AT LOWEST PRICES THREE BCSIIELS IX EACH BABBEL! PORTRAIT PAINTING! Now is tlxo Time P. Daniels, B ill paint your likeness in complete style foi the small -omi of Orders sent to him, Postoffice Box, 229, Albert Lea, Minn., will receive prompt attention. volxvino42tf AT UNUSUALLY LOW PRICES. 46tf WELL HUMMED HATS FOR ONE DOLLAR AT MRS. JOHN STAGE’S MILLINERY STORE! ALBERT LEA, MINN- I mu rated this whenever they hnv left free t<# vote as Jiey a rad i wa I change c«*u the nature an*! purposes id* th had bren their owners, arid who repudiated the i*L a of being placed upon the democratic party, ii is instructive lo    refer    to circulars    issued    from    the rooms    of    the democratic c -nservaOve stale central committee at New Orleans, rnnrked ** confidential ” and signed by J. W Patton, prwtdefif, and P. J. Sullivan, secretary, intended f*>r circulation in each pariah, and recommend* fore the board with their stenographic I u j .    •    •    v    i    i    8u^ai*ttc<^ 10    ^°*r^ have, as proven, ; jng the forming of ward clubs therein, lore toe    ooora.    witn    tneir    s.enngrapme    %uthomed    to    sit    in    New Oaleans,    occurred    in    parishes    where the republi-' reporters,    and    in    addition    a    privilege    having    supreme    authority    to canvass    can    registered    vote,    which    would    un-;    TUES® Cluff    LAR* ino gentlemen from Stat esther than" the VOt? lhro1urhoilt thc rntire | doubtedly have been cast but for intim urged that in conversation no gloomy the ^tate of Louisiana h*e* several 8Ute> ftnJ aulhor*ze^’^ conv^ccd that -daiion and violence, largely exceeded I foreboding* should be indulged in; times been availed of As the returns • r*l°l‘ lumu!.ts:.acls.ot violence, intioiida-J the registered rote of the democratic that the result of the election should be another are restrained from voting thr* u«.:h fear, an equitable remedy, if    campaign    was    considered    arid    the    plan practicable, for the outrages, would be    mein ii wed    contrived    by    the    leaders    of terms of civil equality with them, it is    to com t in favor of the injured party evident that a fair election eon Id not he    every vote they lo®!, the a-certaintnent hehl in the parishes containing any c**n-    „f i bis being. Iu»we»*cr^^^^ The * i derail ie majority of colored voters and    statute of Loufeiana    only hence the act cf 1^<0 was acquiesced    for the rejection of votes, and it is I in by both political parties, mid as \ worthy of remark that amended in 1872 «... [a.-cd,    the    most naoiA! RANT CASE* CRF.ATI NG A RETL'BM Mi BOARD. tion, armed di.-turbance. bribery or cor- 1 parfy-    !    spoken    of    a*    a    fimguM    eoarlwiu*,    **    as were opened, whether contested or not, rupf infloence had prevented voters We have thus alluded to *omeof the we have the means of carrying the elec the papers euchred ha e been freely | fro|n re^MSterin^> or had materially j causes which led to the creation of this (ion and intend to do so but be careful Un T,d h V. :l J : : :Z,V    i""a-d Wi,h ">* P»A»    « •««**■»    »«-H.    ..d b.r. .ta. .-ailed .„«,i..n -o    andTnling”-.,"„ r^otnd    poll    or    ekcinn    plane,    i,S dun.. ...d .ho p,on. upon which i, ..rued in,,, a .hroa. of in.imida.iun,’' inspected, and a* a means ot detecting j    or ha(j materially changed    the ref * possible changes im the returns We w in k**ep c>e<rfanfTy on banda fuT? ffn# of White Fine, Norway Pine, and Hem-* lock tnmbcr, which we offer ta the C! ti lens of Che •Wrr^ww*ft ng country al the very **st CASH PRICK/ Our Hemlock DIMENSION LUMBER!! is far superior to pine, for the reason that it is stronger, h»* less knots, and is more durable when exposed to weather. We introduce it to the farmers as being ESPECIALLY ADAPTED far fbuilding of gtanrrler, as to is pro-f .against raft arfol mice, which is something that every farmer should guard against. Also the plank lo us-# in baru fb>er». bridges, It si lewjuks. har» no equal. tM. J. FU FTT I’M .tfjjpAjfvnf 3«?f jterially cliangcd the result js authorized to act. It is a tribunal any possum cn.m.es lame returns ^ 0j jhe election, to exclude votes east I established I y the laws of Louisiana. after leaving icir respec ive pans cs, at SUCR p(lj]s or voting places from the i entirely independent of th.* laws of any both committees were furnished by the final cwullts This law. with Borne | other State or of the United States It respective par u ainn' sU,f "ieu s amendments not materially changing js empowered, among other things, to tie vote as c alme \ lem re spec ive- jt8 nature, is that under which the pre- canvass and finally determine the nom- it miiiht be 1    -    -    •    *    1    •    :    .    ,    J    - 3XT3E5eX7V HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMA3ST HAIK, and Gents' Chains from same made to order. ,    , Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work I ceremony ol opening and when such in that line. Iv, that by comparison known if any alteration had been ma le J ~ j g;{s in the returns to be passed upon by the board, with which statement the returns usually agreed. Whenever it was known by ti e hoard that a return was to be contested, the attorneys for the candidates interested were sent for to be present at sent returning board is now organized her of votes legally cast for President I hat some such independent j and Vice President of the Knifed tribunal was necessary f *r the pro- States; but in the discharge of that tv tion o the legal vot r. and .13 a • duty it acts exclusively under the au cheek upon violence, which had before thorify of prevailed, no one can deny.    j    TIIE    laws or THAT STATE. It will be seen when the statute Gr and they were warned to prepare blank affidavits in advance that no terrorism had been exercised The next and riot the leant important part of the *ehen.»* of »uch leaders was to select such par ishes where. “ having the means to car ry i the election, and intending ta n>e i them." as stated in the circular, they \ could do so with more effect. Tlie circular also recommend rd that J A. ANDERSON. jL Store! ganizing this board and defining ifs t there should be frequent meetings of the clubs to be formed, and that they thc constitution of the Toited States occasionally form at their several places PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS,(FLIP, FEED, WD GROCERY Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA -    - MINN JOHN M. MARTY, mum WD civil emeer. ALBERT LEA, MINN. STORE! WAH REN BUEL, (Successor to J. T. Green ) Second Door South of the People’s Store. LctiV Orders with St acy St Tyrer. TERECIA ANDERSON, "ll Over \W*V & Spicer s Drugstore, ALBERT LEA, -    Minn. Where the best FLOP IT (ORN ME NL. GRAHAM, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. OATS, CORN, BRAN, & FEED can be had. Also Confectionery. Tobacco, Cigars, Tea. Coffee.Butler, and Vegetables which will be sold at the lowest living prices. Farm produce sold on commission. voll6no473itf G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the Feofle’S St-oeE 371f Albert Lea, Minn., Sept. 16. 1875 fj^OR SALE—Lite Scholarship in the Madison Business College A former resident of Freeborn county is one of the the proprietor* of this institution. The scholarship will be sold on favorable terms. Apply to    I. BOTSFORD. Thus the knowledge was attainable only by inspection of the inside of the packages , r)reVent containing such returns.these attorneys | •7 I . V    ..lf-,    POWERS OF THE HOARD ARK LIMITED were invited to ne present tiefnre any ; action was taken upon it There was j to the rejection of votes polled for thus secured in this manner publicity j causes stated, while it cannot in any of all the proceedings of the board, the ! ease to add to the returns votes which dktus is examined how inadnitme art-1 hav,n- declared that tach S-.i.e .hall ; of n.eetmg and proceed lfcet.ee on it.    provisions    to    afford    full    releil    *PP°'»*- »uch n'an"cr as ,he    (">«*•<* »<* »    'end    won.., against    the    wmnp.it    was    designed    to    "m' 'hereof    may direct » nonrber of    st,tm- that proceedings    . f th.s ehar.e- electors equal    to the whole number of    ter w<*u!«l luipresi* the    negroes    with a senators and    representatives to which :    sense cf their unite*! strength most ca re tut scrutiny of every package of returns they opened, and an opportunity for candidates insisting upon the validity of returns to appear personally and bv counsel before the board, in many instances before the returns were opened, and 'n every instance before action was taken upon them It ha* been believed unusual to give such full and widespread publicity to the proceedings of a returning board, nor do we think that better means for permanent ' recording ovcry word and act of its members, while engaged in the discharge of th *ir dune#, could have bren afforded 'ban we enjoyed Having thus presented a statement would have been polled but for intimidation, violence, Ac , mentioned To illustrate, the undersigned will refer to the five parishes of East and West Fel-icinia. East Baton Rouge, Morehouse and Ouch ira. which appear, as the evidence discloses, to have been especially selected for the perpetration of such violence and intimidation as should be necessary to proven* republicans from casting any considerable vote in either or each and all of these. There is a lur ge republ can majority in all of them The white voters registered for this year numbered 5.131 the colored visors of elections, examine the right 13.244—a majority of 8.110. If bv in- I of voters to vote, and in short thc timidation and violence the democrats I court would become, in all such cases. and it i the State may be entitled in Congress j further recommended thc day of elec Not only is the action of this board ; tion. independent of State or national laws ; At each polling place, there should be other than those of Louisiana, but its    AmtlTin PREPARED determination as to the vote cast and candidates elected is finally and sub- I *° affect that there has been no ; stantially conclusive as appears from a J intimidation aa I no disturbance on ac- j decision of thc supreme court of that J count of any efforts by the democratic ; State, as reported in thc 25fh volume conservative party to prevent any one of the Louisiana Annual Reports, where from voting, on account of race.color or j the court, at page 268, says: ‘-No j previous condition of servitude. Thus | statute conferring upon thc courts the ( WRre carefully guided from the I power to try cases of contested elections I central democratic authority by this or the title to office authorizes them to j secret and confidential circular, revise the action of the returning j There were in the 8tafe ol Louisiana i board, lf we were to presume that >n 'he day of election 92 996 white prerogative, we should have to go si ill j registered voters ana 115.310 colored, t further and revise the returns of super-j a majority of the latter of 22 314. It ! was will known that if left free lo vote j uninfluenced by violence, the blacks • would be almost unanimously repnbii- [ of the means accorded of witnessing could secure in each of these parishes a a mere officer for the counting, compt- ( Conc hut et/ on Second I’o-jf- » J be Nrw Store on (Turk street, junt m«1 Cf tile Hall House, is not aa T . /Sk    TT» JL~m xv Ut Hi and showy a» many of our neighbor*, neither is the . STOCK OF GOODS, as extensive as sown* others, hut we intend to hare a COMPLETE ASSORTMENT fill tip efteti, sail CHEAP! lea! fairly with our customers, and t ha hope lo build up and merit a fair trad*. J. A. ANDERSON. Albert Lea, —* — — Mina.
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