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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1878, Page 3

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 12, 1878, Albert Lea, Minnesota county Standard e Albert a w. Williams g. F. Robinson Lea Minn., dec. 12, 1878 editors. Clubbing Willi other papers. We have made arrangements to club the Standard with All the leading papers and magazines at very Low rates which will be made known upon application personally or by mail. Trains Are now Paul to Winnipeg. Running from St state news. A a Railroad Survey is being made southward from Chatfield. A the methodists of Owatonna dedicated a $7,Iak Church last week and paid for it. A orm Tizo Allen of Austin who has been in California for sometime is Back to spend the Winter. A pied Hitman who murdered John Schroeder in Olmstead county last summer plead guilty and was sentenced for life to state prison. A surveys have been made for an Extension of the Blue Earth City Railroad to Good Thunder and to Crystal Lake. It is not settled which route will be adopted. A a. A Wiswell who was Defeated by two majority for county attorney of Blue Earth of duty by e. P. Freeman has j served a notice of contest on or. Freeman i a a few Days since at Amiret Lyon county a Hunter captured at a Lucky shot a Bald Eagle the wings of which when spread measured seven feet and six inches. A two Mon in Canistro Dodge county have just discovered that for four years past they have been occupying each others land. The matter has been righted by a Mutual Transfer of titles each retaining the land he has occupied. The completion of lines of Railroad from t Jain View. Wabasha county and from Chatfield Fillmore county to Roches ter was celebrated on wednesday of last week by excursions Over the two lines to Rochester a dinner speeches and general rejoicing. Lake 7 Sentinel we caution the on j Farmers in season to look out for the Pat the Dollar for school purposes and ten right swindlers there Are several operating through the country claiming what you Caw do and congressman Dunnell had an attack of vertigo in the House a few Days since but is recovering. Senator Ramsey has Given valuable private Library to the state historical society. A Bob Ingersoll says he will stake reputation on the assertion that Blaine will be the next president a Pioneer Presa. Here a three cents. Somebody hold the stakes. The new tax Law prohibits the levying of More than nine Mills of tax iii11 is on the Dollar for building put pro pcs. A c ago commercial paper says of All the Spring wheat thus far inspected at Chicago Only three tenths of one per cent was no. I while of the wheat delivered at Duluth from the line of the Northern Pacific fifty nine cent passed inspection As no i. Ever things even on the barbed wire Fence they ask Royalty. Kick every snooper off yet or farm or at least consult an attorney before being bled. Per red Wing Republican c c. Brandt who exposed the attempted bribery in the House last Winter has been Defeated for reelection. People ought not to wonder that Public men Are often dishonest if they thus punish those who make themselves odious by Athing can be heard their honest. A family who live in wat along the lines. Waterville is finishing a $7,000 school House. A Evendorf the Man arrested in Houston county for murder was discharged. A James o Brien of Hokah killed a Poland China hog last week eighteen months old which weighed 040 pounds on foot. A on Friday of last week a daughter of b. Mel by of Mapleton living with a family in the Vicinity of Minnesota Lake was drowned in that Lake. A capt. C. Cd Comee formerly of Waseca who has been confined for some time in a Southern insane Asylum was discharged therefrom nov. 5th, since which time from by Seca. A Wells advocate t. La Kirk takes the run i rom Here to Jackson while Jack Keeler takes the run from Here to Mankato David Ogilvie intends to contest the election of la. H. Richards As superintendent upon the ground of fraud and illegal voting Deputy sheriff Adams went Down to Houston this week and captured c d. Ramsdell. Who is alleged to have stolen a horse from this Section. He was brought Hack Here last night and he w ill Minneapolis Bas bad another Fiur Damp explosion by which the Anchor Mills were entirely destroyed on monday evening. The loss is estimated at $90,000, with 845 too insurance. The Mill belonged to gov. Pike urn but was operated by c a Ihl Bur a Leavis Matt utri Koto to. J of Wells is the station agent a Shelburne one year ago there a a Vav Ashington correspondent of Indianapolis journal says Blaine it is said is reticent upon position anti desires about tile presidential nomination. It is no secret however that he is bitterly opposed to Conkling Grant or Hayes. Speaking of Hayes there is a great Deal of quiet talk about renomination and i have heard the remark several times that a Hayes became a necessity to the Republican party twice in the past and May became so a third time in 1880. Ile seems to be As Lucky As it won d be a great Deal More Sensi to re nominate Hayes than either Grant Blaine or Conkling and when 18s0 comes around the stalwarts will find that thousands of republicans will be for Hayes. I he following article was actually taken f rid in the new York Sun. Where it appeared editorially. Hat Are we coming to when the leading democratic paper utters such sentiments the name of Wade Hampton at the recent election in South Carolina headed thousands and tens of thousands of diminutive ballots printed on paper hardly thicker than the Wing of a Fly in every county which had returned Republican majorities at previous elections the ballot boxes were found stuffed full of these tissue paper votes the reported majority for Hampton Ani the re to of the democratic ticket is Between seventy and one Hundred thousand. The testimony proves beyond a reasonable doubt that frauds of great extent were committed by the South i it Arona democrats at the polls on the 5th of november. In that state there May be and probably is a legitimate democratic majority on a fair vote. The avowed object of lie late Campaign was to swell that majority to the largest number possible by any Means and to wipe out of existence forever the Hope heart and organization of the Republican party in the mate that in what Wade Hampton Calls a Are deeming South he gave the key note Early in the canvass when he boasted that every congressional District would be carried hi., red coated riders bore rile instructions into every township and Hamlet. The ballot Box stuffers consummated the work on election Day. But one hard Coal stove in town while this year there d Over Twenty five of them in use. Some few Farmers Are burning hard Coal in preference to Wood m n. Leland shipped 3,000 pounds of butter yesterday morning Clark Thompson shipped 2<>8 cheese last Friday that averaged thirty pounds each making a total of 8.s it pounds which is considerable cheese for one Day. A Fairmont Sentinel a l. Ward the hanker took 110,000 pounds of milk to the Fairmont cheese factory during the season of 1878 Daniel Alton of Seu harvested a Large crop of Corn this year. On some of ground lie gathered Over too bushels to the acre. And on Ali 2,000. Four Hundred bushels of this he Soi l to or. Anderson of the big Jay farm at 25 cents a Prairie fire on monday last swooped Down upon or. E scow a new settler living on the North line of ten Hassen about eight Miles Southwest of this place and cremated a Good Minnesota stable and ten head of cattle besides Many farm articles of value under a recent order of the i. O. Department Railroad mail agents have to be Well up in geography and the location of Post offices in order to hold a position. They Are subjected to a rigid examination and if they fail to answer 90 per cent of the questions asked they Are Given the g. B de. A. Keeler the efficient a boy in blues who shuffles letters on the s. Did t miss a question and was placed on the Roll of Honor with too at the end of name. Uncle Sam May Well feel proud of such a son. What you can to do. You can buy for Cash a Many a red Boot at $1.35 per pair at the Boston Boot amp shoe you can buy for Cash a Many a Black tap sole Boot at $2 per pair at the Boston Boot a shoe you can buy for Cash a Many a split Boot at $2 per pair at the Boston Boot a shoe Stoke you can buy for Cash a Many skip Boot a solid Quot at $2.25 per pair at the Boston Boot a shoe you can buy for Cash a woman a calf shoe solid and Good at $1.50 per pair at the b Iston Boot a shoe you can buy for Enki any kind of a Boot or shoe cheaper than at any other place in the state at the Boston Boot a shoe Stoke you can buy goods cheaper for Ca ii than a on time for that reason goods Are sold Only for Cash it the Boston Boot a shoe you can t any place in the state where a Little Money will go so far As at the Boston Boot a shoe Stoke you can to find a larger or better select cd a took of boots and shoes in the state than can be seen at the Boston Boot a shoe you can to find any auction Good or bankrupt Stock but Only Good fresh Good direct from the manufacturers it the Baston Boot a shoe Stoke you can to Point to an instance when a Boot or a shoe a recon mended to be Goodland proved poor but it was cheerfully made Good at the Boston Boot a shoe Stoke Good goods. One Price. Quick sales. Small profits. A goods As Etc pc Seufer at the botox Boot amp shoe stube Albert Lea Minn hardware Knatvold Bros. I hardware Iron amp steel. A Large assortment of shelf Waki Ware window Glass am munition guns a. A. A full line of Perry celebrated Albany stoves unquestionably the Hest and most att Rae Tive stoves Ever sold in the West. A a fit a vol i of a a. First publication dec. 5. Of Totice. I. S. Land of Khz a a Worthington a a mina., nor. 27, Havi been entered at fair by Abner bidder against Marco k. Getter for abandoning Timber entry no. 1133, dated nov. To 1877, us on the South cast a of tile Northwest k of is Tiou 18, township 103, Range �?�23 in Freeburn county Minnesota with a View to the cancel the n of Ai i entry the said parties Are hereby summoned to appear at this Omen of the 9th Day of january iht., at 9 of clock a. Vi., to respond and f ii in i to testimony cond riling Aid alleged abandonment. Moss Grinager in i ter. J. K Mai Lton receiver. Raymond Bros amp Prentice a. If. Smith. Oil Oil Oil Oil we have in Stock the celebrated family Safe Nard Oil fid publication nov 28. Six Ai wons. A i m in a knot v a it vainly of Freeborn West Shie of Broadway Albert be Minn. Our Trade is by far the larg to in the City. Our Stock comprises a greater variety of goods than can be found in any similar haute in the county. We buy Clote Aud sell at a a mall profit. We would Cal special attention to our tins iop. We keep constantly workmen ready to do any kind of Job work in our lae on Short notice. A j agents wanted. The usual $70 machine reduced $25, quates District to a Rte tenth judicial District. Emily Oberg plaintiff against even i a Stenson Evaa eve Naoa John v. Wohlmut ter Rudolph Wei land Magdalena Welland bar Bara w Hiland Elizabeth Vav Miami Aud Gott Fri a wetland defendant. The mate of Minnesota to the above named defendants in a a arid Ach of you Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action Vathi it ii has been hied in the office of the clerk of this it iou it at Albert is a in Caid county and to serve a copy it f pour answer to the said complaint on the i Uhse Riber at office in Albert Lea Kreel in county Minnesota within Twenty Days after the vice of this summons upon you exclusive of Iii Day of such service and of you fail to a or the complaint within the time aforesaid the plaintiff in thin action will apply to the court for the rein f demanded therein. Dated january 29th, a. 1878. John a Lovely 7 plaintiffs atty Albert Lea Minn. First publication a it a. 28. Tom i i b tilt h k r�?8 pedal terms november an it take pleasure in guaranteeing our customers that it is the Best and cheapest Oil in Tite a kitted states at o c/2 w a <5 so a a 2 a a in i 33 in to �4 o a 4 i Burn no other. We 17>. Hut of i .11118 to county of i r a a. Iii the Matt a of the Tat of w 1ii1 Ani my dec a Ikhi. Win ran. An in Trum but in a j urn. Fling to to j the lat will an id let a to t of will am Ultima i 1, do a a a late f Aid to ban ii a of Liv a it d to to in court to or another i no i Ramrat i n writing a urn it it. It / to codicil t a Lii will and who i mail a it d. In ban fit d the wit b by in son Riff a int in gut it or tilings to Bat a id w Illiam i 1u it is the Best and one trial will convince you that it is to your interest to Burn huh in to hat arid to Aud to d in at it a d it my r r i e liar to will and tem run Alf May a to St no Ai sered that the or e raid petition in a probate it Atlee f december. A. D pub Jami s i. Pauker judge of pit Bat it Ion not. 21, a Tab a f Minnesota c a in Ber . And in. Lit. D to 30 y a a Plait note a Raymond Bros Orix St Prentice a i xvii in the family shuffle Setrin litter hone the cheapest k Best in the world. Too Ion Iii i selo doubt it a. Superior i fit a horizontal i Tuntti in 1. In with to Frame pm Belf adjusting s att. With new automatic ten i to a Ion novel feat Ai 1, sex Ira Long larg it r i hat i easily removed. 47 exam Large in it i by h a dding id Yard of j tar 4, doing Awa Juenst r Ling i the e a Liutti Ami 1 and 1 that i Nar the e Vry a of a re a. Ii 1 St it. I is Aud t Ufiufi. T. The ii j j. R an i i $ att dried in the let i t Ami i 3 Centre of the 1 in Good id a forming the u july a g blow Kour motion in >1 r fat a i kilo Quot in a fee 1 a i Tinl of t a new a of and the a Iii a or or lug stitch. J. Ii. F pit hearing proof of who. T. B c. M. Hewitt. Dress goods notions ladies and gents underwear buttons gloves m trimmings velvets. Silks an interviewer procured the following comments of Hon Alexander h. Stephens on tile message a upon the whole i think very Well of the message of course i differ with the president upon financial policy. The Uiola Sige upon the subject of Southern out rages was not different from what i expected la there have been any outrages or violations of Law they ought t it be redressed. I am t Law and order abiding Man. The maintenance of the majesty of the Law is tile Only Hope of the preservation of the tights of a free people. If any Federal Law has been thus violated the wrong should be a glued through the Federal judiciary. It is the duty of the governors respectively to Bee tint the state Laws As expounded by the state courts Are enforced. So it is the duty of the president to see that the Federal Laws As expounded by the Federal courts Are enforced j but most of these questions it seems to me properly belong to tile House of representatives which is the sole judge of the election and qualification of its members Hales cough cordial. A word of Joy from the Hon. James Ross grand lecturer of i. O. G. Of Wisconsin. Orange Williams dear sir from a feeling of gratitude i take great pleasure in giving this voluntary testimony in the Efficacy of Hales cough cordial in easily and pleasingly cling a persistent cough and Catarrh. For a month while engaged nightly in Public speaking. I had suffered with an annoying cough which stubbornly resisted the various cough remedies that i had taken through the advice of friends i fortunately gave Hales cough cordial a trial when my coughing ceased at once and the following Day it had done its work Complete and i Felt All right. The first dose went directly to the cold up t in my lungs and in the midst of a general warmth and perspiration the stubborn cough seems to dissolve. In gratitude and esteem Lam yours truly James Ross. An army of sufferers Jack Turner of St. Baul writes a the whole continent is sending its vast army if sufferers up to this Beautiful clime we re its pure soft Balmy air seems to invigorate and restore the emaciated form to a healthy robust vigorous manhood again. Thousands come Here with Throat and lung diseases usually accompanied with an aggravated cough and Many entirely recover but by making inquiries you will find that three quarters of those restored. Commenced taking Hales cough cordial by t he advice of some Friend As soon As they arrived Here. This Medicine is As Staple As flour up it stopped the cough and saved the child. For several weeks past we have published an advertisement of Hales cough Cor dial together with favourable notices thereof from our exchanges we have recently had occasion to try its Virtues in our family. A Little son sick with the prevailing fever was afflicted with a most distressing cough which gave no rest night or Day. We have Little Faith with Patent medicines mid Seldom much As try them but something had to be done As the con la ,. Stunt cough prevented recovery. We Mankato review Farmers complain a i i j i a i n a Pnra a . 1 accordingly procured a bottle of the or Good Deal about the present Way in which i i a j j dial from the agents and commenced its wheat is graded Sud a Cate was brought a it a i i use according to directions. I lie effect to our knowledge one Day last week in lid i Ait ,. A i a4, n a. ,.i was marked Nom tile very first and the which tour Dine rent turtles tried their a i a i. A. 1, child that night enjoyed a refreshing sleep band at it. And in every Case the Grade i i. A u. A j r 1and next night there was scarce a ves Tige of the cough left. If this is a fair Sample of what the Medicine will do its stoves cheaper. I an work. Ribbons amp a it i if if i in Mage gown Call at Coffi or order from it paper Machin to it of Lull. V night exam j. H. Parker judge of prob i 49t4 a Are cheapest. I will sell hardware stoves and Ware cheaper than anyone else can. J. W. Stage. It done to pay to raise very much pork at 2 cents per Pound but every Farmer wants a few . And while the Price is so Low it stands in hand to Dike advantage of every circumstance that presents itself and it will pay to keep none but the very Vest Breeds of Stock of any kind. There was never a More favourable Opportunity inuit tile present for Farmers residing within a few Miles of Albert Lea to work into a Good Breed of porkers. Here is the Way to do it. Keep none but Large healthy sows to Breed from. Pork is so Low that every Farmer can afford to keep the big ones and let the pigs and culls go Butcher pork raisers in this Vicinity who have any desire to improve on the common Stock and Are willing to retain their choicest sows to Breed from Are invited to take a look at my boar general a on the Colby farm at Itasca. His services can be procure i at a reasonable rate. Two or three Choice sows for Sale. I. Botsford. Albert Lea i a run a Felt i teach Horne d hmm age a. Us a family shuttle met Cuiyue un., �?om3 i to Llroy Iula new \ Ink. Closing to Ogo or w it a. D v. P. Lewis. Aby Worth of dry goods of ten profit of go i i notes fur one per year. A set to ter that by virtue a r of crockery and Woodenware. Cheap for Cash at c. M. Hewitt a. A a Day goods clothing boots shoes hats Caps notions blankets underwire. Auction it mondays wednesdays i and saturdays. Bankrupt Stock just received. 33. Is Dwyer. Quai or w i an u f a ii i in i Ai d de Dpn Audet a let. To fell the Dit l. O. Eny a Sov n via i.�. A i Iii no it to. Ait . U i iian Etwill w i Muti ., highest bidder l r eau it Aud interest and the taxes if a a. Nil.#, an i <1 it i liars attorney i in Aud by a Aid mortgage in care �1 tire and the i Bur meats allowed by he Sal will lie mad by the sheriff of said u a Ity at the Trent Dor of the i the t we of \llr1 a Tea in said c e. To sit inlay the 21�t Day if i o to. It in of clip a. In. Of that Day is option at any time within one year of ale As provided by Law. N Rembt r 7th, a. 1m78. Dewitt c we r. To. Wheel mortgage it Jun to it. Cai a it Ort unto it att in for m most Bank Allt has i it nut the Bickford automatic family Knitter. It of t a it thai ii ii varied. The wheat belonged to or. A. I Jones of South Bend and was to rat taken. S untie of w Nat me Ine Ulicnie win no a o a no in an aborting Lown Lere t in a Rowine popularity is not to be wondered a Iller sri min a. We glad Osl Pool Hyp it a a a. And one of the Pio Histora made it 52. I War. A Price 50c and $1 per bottle. Or Hanna at the Winona elevator Mark it is sold and warranted in Albert Lea e l it at 55 pounds and made the Purchase by wedge amp Spicer. 49t4 or. E. W. Mcloed will hereafter keep a Temperance drug 2 you can always find pure drugs medicines amp chemicals for prescriptions also All of the Patent remedies of the Day. Call and see me one door North of Post office. Albert Lea Minn. N. Iut a first class prescription clerk will always be on hand to fill night pre re options. June soft i of it its All sizes of work Narrows and widens it shapes All Sixes Complete. Knits Over 50 different garments Cocks. Stock. Mittens Leggins wristlets gloves Etc. I it knits every possible variety of Plain or fancy stitch. 76 per cent profit in menu i fact i my knit goods. Farmers eau treble j the value of their Wool by converting it i into knit goods. Agents wanted in every state county City and town to whom very Low prices will vie made. For full particulars and lowest price1 for the Best family knitting machine Send to Bickford knitting machine manufacturing co., by to Leloi out. C. Ii. Manship agent St. Paul Minn. 45-Ly Ibl cation not. 14th. Fork Jshii Sale. Ten n Ltd in thee u Cli ,.im of a Vai. It by borne Erickson Obre and Knud Bern it no not Leagam to i w. Goodrich tour Brazee dated May 2nth, i i a. It anti duly record i in the office of re Isi i to a t de is in Aud for Freeborn county state of j Minnesota on the 2st Day of May a. I. 1874, in i j Book a a a of mortgage on Page 140. The Premie j is conveyed by said mortgage Are situated in said i Freeborn mat of Minnesota and de i is fat la is to writ the Northeast Quarter to number thirty join to Wimbis number ired and one i North of Range number a one <21. Weal of the fifth a the principal i. Which mortgage a for vain. Duly by said Daniel w. Goad Rich to it or us w j Lawson on the 14th Day of october a. I874, a a j said assignment was Dup re red in the office of i Register of Ileeda for said Freeborn aunty on the i 15th Day of vhf form a a. I. H74, in by it a a a a in of j Mort a. Records on Page i�4, Abd said mortgage Quot As for a valuable consideration on the 4th Day of i Annary a. I. 1875, duly Aso to in by said gym w. Lawson to Daniel w. Goodrich and raid As j sign meat duly recorded in the office of Register j of deed aforesaid la the 14th Day of april a. In 187.�?�. In h of a a in of mortgage on Pat e 515. There j is Mclainn a to is due and i Dinon Aid mortgage at the Date of this notice the sum at line Hun a ired i dirty eight Aud 29-100 dollars Aud to action Orji a h ceding at Law has been instituted to recover the same it r any part thereof. And whereas said Airiel w. Goodrich Baa l Aid the taxes assessed the premises described in said mortgage for i i the year ls7g Aud 1877, win a with interest pen ally and charge thereon amount to the sum of i fort three Aud 5-lt 0 dollars a hich is claimed As an additional lion on said premises. A a a a therefore notice is hereby Given that by virtue of a i Power of Sale contained in said mortgage which j i a become operative by reason of the default aforesaid and pursuant to the statute in such Case it made and provided said mortgage will in fore j closed by Sale of the mortgaged premises above de a scribed at Public auction by the sheriff of said j Freeborn county at their it door of the court i a in Albert Lea Iii said c linty on saturday the 28th Day of december a. 1>. 1878, at to o clock 1 a. A to satisfy amount that shall then be due j unsaid mortgage debt including taxes aforesaid j together with the sum of fifty dollars stipulated i in said mortgage to be paid As an attorney fee in j in Case of a Forcel sure thereof which is claimed a a part of the debt secured by said mortgage j besides costs and expenses allowed by Law. Dated Albert Lea Minn., nov. 14th. A. D., 1878 i Daniel w. Goodrich j. Ii. Parkko Assignee of mortgage. Attorney for Assignee. Umi great a Este o n business cohere. Winona Minn. The i to Complete anti thorough Mercial i school in the West. A fait business course from $20 to $25, address Darling amp Lambert a 37m0 Winona Minn. Ii. P. Mum dealer in All kinds of Well seasoned Minneapolis lumber shingles lath Sash doors and building material olo for Sale a Yard on Broadway. North of Hall s livery stable. Branch y Vrej Hartland. E. A. Wicks at Woodside j. Monsen a. Parties wanting Luber will to Well to Call a the most convenient of my Yards As my Foli is Fok handling a m Rek Are i Nus passed. I am Al a a y 3 prepared to give bargains. City Bank of Albert Lea ii. Gulf Mamigon Hunker a Brick Corner of Broad Way a main St. For rent. House a 5 acres near the depots so or 120 acres adjoining the City limits. I Short Horn Bull 14 months old a apply to une25t3m c. A Ballard. Foreign and Domestic draft bought and sold. Passage tickets for Sale to All Point o Europe. I r insurance effected in the Best companies. 35 Robert m. Palmer lawyer office Over i indent in More Itron Newny albeit Lea mix. 48yl by ices Dearo elixir of i Itta will fit it on the fret Windsor House Cor. Washington and fir to Avenue North Minneapolis Minn. Ciia8. M Thompson proprietor. Rates $1 50 per Day. J Ako Kabo. a to in be Emty Ayuk <1 ct4sp a a a a a a a 1 a w a k sea a mrs Mai 2aj ump a it a i. A it a. A Ltd. In. T a a to wow. A a a or flirt. Jaii c. An Deitson will sell Furm Ture at Cost until the loth of March. Doff now is the Timp to cheaper than Ever before. A Tiff a 4�?~nll Beton pure hawing tor. Washington amp Clark its Hurt it co of o w la. A co o to z a cd re a a a o Cut o d o he of o 1 Ca pm a High of 0 9 o c. If you want fall Ami Winter goods Olio i id for Cash done to fail to Call at the a a a nun re. George Ai. Crane my entire Stock is new of the latest and Best styles bought at the lowest prices and will be sold at one Price on a very Small profit. I 0 co x be a s id 0 a g a q 0 Jsu it o lifer Lodl very a it by cd q w it a 5. W 7 i 5 h it b i o co Vics r 4 o co plus Clit re a f-1 o a is i �5 a in in 1 h a in 0 a a a pc Nof i d to cd cop o co co a a Rhi Ppd co co o pm a w. C. Merrill 44 Zbin to t i Ojst he get pie s 111 a . 1879. Kice re Likel. Si.60. The Nursery \ in n11�i� i Aguini for Volo Graf readers. M it Katko. Sendl Octa. It r. A new j j Ai. Pre Mem . Subscribe ii Al. Get t last Liam re f year eau. Jobs l. Shobat a by infield Street Boston my. Money to l0an7�?o a. Ii Tyrer in .9 a Large amount of Money a a loan on Long time at a Low rate of interest. Opera House Block 25tf Albert leu. A i. 0. 0. F. It Lea Lodge a it. I i. 0.0. A hold r regular Roget Ink in m Aday evening at 3d of clock at the Maun Hall. E. C. Stacy x. O. Fasi ton r. S. 48yl Money to loan unreal estate Security. Approved note an i mortgages bought. Apply to a h. Street office Over drug St Ore South of poet office. Magnum Bonum. T Iee e Sigwalt family sewing machine is the latest and most perfect adaptation of mechanism to Needle work. Every improvement so far discovered in the manufacture of sewing machines has been adopted in the Sigwalt a and every imperfection eliminated. The Sigwalt family machine has the straight Needle and makes the double thread lock stitch. It will do a larger variety of work Fine or coarse with greater nicety and precision than any machine manufactured. Address Sigwalt sewing machine co. 19 Betel Street. Chicago

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