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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 17 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - August 17, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTHE fREEBORX €OUXTY STANDARD. PUBLISHED EVERY THURHDAY. Terms, Per Year, In Advance, $2 00 RATES OF ADVS RT ISING. I W I 2 \V I 4 W | 3 6 111 ill. VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1876. NUMBER 33 1    inch    I .OOI    1.50    2 50    4.50 2    inch    1.75    2.50    3.50    6.00    8.50 13.50 8    inch:    2.50,    3.50    5JK)    7.00;    9.00;10.50 3.251 L 4.0 J, 4 50 5.25 4.501 5.50! 10.00; 16.OO 20.00 5.50! GAS 12.00 18.00125.00 7.00 14.00 22.00i30.00 6.5o! H5o I J 'M22.OO! 30.OO 50.OO I col i 10.00! 13.00 18.00 30.00 50 OO 190.00 OFFICERS OY FII EE BO RN corm 4 inch o inch ^ col 4 col wiwior.im-i tmSim •Sac County Commissioners : ll. G. Emmons. Win. C. Lincoln. .lames Thoro son. J*mo* ll. Gozlee. Ole Hanson. Treasurer—Charles Kilt el son. A e ditor—S. Batch el der Register of Deeds—August Peterson. Sheriff—T. .1. Sheehan. Deputy Sheriff—Jacob Larson. Clerk of Court—A. W. White. Piton wk Judge—Hilbert Gulbramlson. School Supe r i nt rn dr vt—II. Thurston. County Surseyor—Win. O. Kellar. Coroner—J Froshaug. Court Commissioner—ll. IV Spicer. HEJXTTISTHY, DU. A. II. STREET, CO OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea. Minnesota. OR. DE CRANDALL, ID ENTIS Office over A. E. Johnson * store, Lroad-v aj, Albert Lea Hah**, DDS    H.    A.    Avery. X>    TX    JFC. Y. TFI HD HI dz AVERY, Uexident D -utista—Buford’* Block, Austin A LUE HT LEA, - - -    -    Branch    Office, KEAL ESTATE AGENCY. WE have for sale, lands and farms in every town in this county. TERMS to suit everybody. LOW prices, long time, and a low rate of interest. IF you desire to buy a farm, call on us. IF you have a farm or lands to sell, call on us. OUR facilities for buying and selling lands, examining and perfecting titles, are unequaled, as we have ABSTRACTS, TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece of land in this county. Stacy X Ty rev, Albert Lea, Mina. April 25, 187ti. Scoots amt Shoes. Boot & Shoe Store. O. F. *%: TV. Jffi Nelson Have just received and M ill keep in stock the largest assortment of Boots Si Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. €1 STOM MADE WORK. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed.and orders tor New Goods sr for Repairs will bu filled, cheap and on the shortest notice Broadway west side. Albert Lea, Minn. 8tf    GIVE THEM A CALL. Bankers, TUE FREEBORN COUNTY BANK. OLK BOYS ANO BIRLS. Tho*, ii. ARMSTRONG, Hanker. ALBERT LEA, MINN, II. I). BROWN’S mid Two Days at the Centennial anti What (’aine of it. (SUCCESSOR TO F. HAIL.] Established    -    1867. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA M9hysicians. S. H. WASHBURN, M. D. Physician & Surgeon. Office aud rc^ideuce un (Jack street, opposite* toe Hall House. jot IM    Albert    Left,    Mum. M. M. DOOSE, lh, D„ iT!fl I Y Ci CrD11ilM OLE TANG-, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bonds- Buys Gold Drafts. Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Echange on all the Principal Cities of Europe. Loans Money, discounts notfs, Negotiates County, Township, and Sehoo District Bonds. INTEREST ALLOWED ON TIME DEPOSITS. Collect! oils receive energetic and prompt atteutiuo Remittances made daily. I    rn Rill AMi Office and Besidence up Stairs over th, Post •Office. ALBERT LEV, - -    -    -    - MINN. ^ * — I) 4" IJ O VY Ijlltti ct. I ) f CLECTIG Pi!fSlOIAN A--ID SURQEGfl T •• IN LA v,; CITY, MINN., Avn I treat ill dis-.ta which tnankin I is subject. t * ti:•* best <>S ii- :i!»*.li?y. Dr. Rowland in - ant I * > sp**ei:»’i .* d disease?-•>: Women nu i Chi L u, and n >*iic diseases *'»; long sian I mg. IU long experience aud >! ti et attern ion to hts pro:* -sinn. he ss - n fidaut cl it ■ iud ' tt cumb • seas^s U ith smco,:ss. ( M»<tet i ioal cases • i -it* -I vv i i, •care ail I soc ‘es .    ( insult l<ut., t t t    •    e lawyers Sjttntl •Scents, arc employed. Repairing done to order, cheap and ou j sh -rf notice. Give bim a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. >. I*. H I. J. PAULSON. f£ C. Stacy.    b VI. Lyres. STAGY & TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Notari* s Public, Real Estate and Collecting Ag lits. PONN KY AVINO fc’f all kinds a Innately dune. acknowledgment* taken out ll' a ■littinistBre'l, \c Tax**s ttaid, Titles ittve.-t i gat cd, L;tnds bought an i seM. Particular attention paid to collect iou. Garner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea f JJohn A. Lovely*. LOVELY & PARKER, ATTOItXKYS At I.AAV, Shop on Clark street, north and oppo- J MIC OI Wedge x Spicer*. Drug more.    rh.rgee    ore    in    accordance    will.    Hic    ens FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN ,on>ofNa,i#n'’ H. D. BROWN, Banker. REFERCENCES. First National Bank Austin, Minn. First National Rank, St. Paul. Third National Batik. Chit ago. Fourth National Bank, New York Br tty Ms in es. WING .N IIOVE'S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call, and w vt ranted to give satisfaction Leave orders on the Slate at A. E. Johnson's store, Albert Lea, Minn. MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, Sunsonud ■\7VT Orders left on the slate at J. W. fmith’t promptly cit ended to. A. IL <Qr!F.R.    G.    II.    Babbitt. SQUIER & BABBITT. CITY EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL Also Seasoned Wood. i% Henry, our boys do want to go to ' the Centennial so mush.” “ And you told them you'd ask lather ? ” 44 Why, dear, how did you know f Yes, I thought if you and I talked it j over we might manage it. Will is so 1 good and thoughtful, and, much as he loves to read, attends to all his duties j so well, that I feel very anxious to give him this pleasure; and you know it would be a very poor pleasure without Frank to share it.” Yes, yes. I think both boys ought to go ; but ho it ?—that is the question We need every cent we can make, and more too ; and really, mother. I set my I heart on your spending a couple of days at the Exhibition You can stay at your brother Will s ” 44 Thank you. dear, but I don’t want to go ; I should be sure to see some mother with her little girls hand in her’s, and I could’nt bear it. Hume i.-best all the time now “ Mother’s ” eyes were full of tears ; and as Mr Waring thought of the dear little daughter they had buried beneath the snow in January, Ins heart ached with sympathy 4* XX ell, we JI say no more. If you wish it so much, go they shall It will cost them two dollars to get there, another dollar each for entrance feus, and I cannot possibly spare more than five dollars ” 4‘ That will be plenty, dear I have a little hoard to help along I* at her laughed a woman's * miserly wa\s,” and not till weeks after*irds did he know that the 4* intl** hoard ” was the contents of their Nellie’s bink •• She wanted to give tier brothers something nice, and surely this will be best,” thought the mother; ancille ugh her tears d-opped fa-t as each uiekel and cent seemed to recall til'* day when Nellie flipped it into her b ink, vet she* counted them rare fully and gladly, finding that her boys would have erne dollar and a half each, besides the two dollars and a had fr rn mother. The boy?- wi re t Id th* they could g >, and r according to the— different men ta \\ ill s fiist thought midst ot his own delight, was. mother is thinking t Nellie, boy of fifteen as he was. ut* < kissed the dear th e, and sa km w you have managed it mine.” ’4 Hurrah ! three ehe**ra I Will h ran you stand.still I Wait train sh re take ? Mind, w.* g* through 1 its edges, and then to show Will the !    **    Come to me, darling, and tell me    Trees ! Tree* t Wonderfully life-like figures of Swedish i your name ”    ,    Fro* the Washington Gazette. peasants, that they concluded to keep j “ Mamma calls me Dora ”    *    We find in an exchange the    follow- together and spend the whole nay in “ Henry. let us call her Theodora suggestive paragraph : the Main Building, only leaving when £he is, by her own words, the ‘gift cl The bulletin of the Torrey Botanies deb the gates closed at G, tired to death,but God ’ to us." So Dora became one of contain* a suggestive paragraph in refer- happy aa liojs of 12 and 15 only can he ! the hnme-eircle, and in memory of lh.- : *n<*    ‘"t,"''nc0    *,e"    u'"’" • -    |    unft,    ,    J    ,    .    »    •    .    „    .    .    and    atmospheric    moisture,    a<    shown    byth*- I ncle »\ ill gave them a warm we!- boys visit t » the hx hi bi lion, J* raok and | tXf,9rwnce* „f the island of .Santa Crus, in come, and after a hurried visit next father called her “ Tennie.” She is *o the West Indies This island Ii said to morning to Independence Hall, they fast filling the empty space in the started again for the grounds    We    mother’s    heart that    Mr. Waring    says will not follow them all day, but    note    be feels sure she will    visit Philadelphia what each bought to cany home They after all, a** she now has a little dough* had two dollars apiece, and had agreed ter to lead by the hand that, except to lido now and then in But to return to the baw; the next the cars, they would re* spend a cent night they handed their mother tlitor on themselves; which, considering tile written accounts of what they had teiiiptutions lo ice-cream and soda-water,    learned    from their    trip Frank    wa* wan pretty unselfish for their age.    Will j not fond    of p»*ij and    ink. so his    was bought a pretty English stoneware tea- short and pithy, but bis future life may prove it means a great deal lie wrote: “ I learned by all I saw that young folks had better go west I saw an eagle that was shot as he was carrying eft a shoal weighing fifty pounds. I saw 1**1 s of cake- and crackers just put up for ah iw. and I learned never to trv strapping up a glass pipe ” \\ ill’s ace unt was carefully written, and since it may give young people a notion of what to look at if they visit the Exhibition, I give it in full: “ I enjoyed my trip very much indeed. and learned more than I can writedown I learned a great deal about erotically Crack I Poor Frank, he Sweden, which I ha I always thought of was nearly thirteen, but he was very as a half wild country, with very untired, and (hr tears would come! In cultivated inhabitants. I saw wonderfully liii -like figures of the Swedish alants, 'Mid Swedish officers;, and the i;s were anything but !?tuj pot for Iii*! mother arid a cup and sau-cor fir father, but poor Frank was not so fortunate Ho could not resist buv- • « * trig his mother a breastpin with Waxbill ton’* p ut rn it painted on it, and then, having just fifty cents left, was persuaded by the salesman at the glass works to buy hts father a glass pipe— warranted not to break ! As long ai the purchase was made XX’ill said nothing, but after carrying the box about some time Frank declared he would strap it to his knapsack *4 Better not,” warned his Lr »ther. but Frank was sure it was a1! sale. aud pulled the straps ec- h.ive be^n a garJen of freshness, beauty, anil firtility, twenty year- ago: it wns cover e<l with woo*ls, trees were everywhere abundant, arid rains were piofiue an i fr.* quent. The recent visit of a * gentleman who had known Die garden in its palmier days, revealed a lamentable chang** one fourth of the island having becom. an utter desert. The forests and trees hail be* n CUI away, rain-tall- ceased, ani the process of desiccation, beginning at one end of the i-land. bad advanced gradua Iv an I ii ri*t-t-iMy upon tile land, until, for seven miles, it had become as dry and barren as the seashore. House* and plantation- had been abandoned, and (be advance of desolation sal watched by toe people, wholly unable to prevent it, but knowing almost to a certainty the tirne w hen t heir own habitations, their gardens and fresh fields would be a part of the waste. Indeed, the whvle island see rn ed doomed to become a desert. This sad result is owing entirely, according to the belief of the inhabitants, to the destruction of the trees upon the i-land some years ago. A whole land becoming a desert through the destruction of its trees ! What a fate fur the islanders of Sail ta Cruz to contemplate ! ITiwise greed has broughta punishment greater than s deflation ad arid growing them StiteCC&ffltl} ; ifcwk i ASS the ferule ground inhabit ti hie trnd the; nger dcTerri eirltivariMe, by aTb**ricu -* lure on such a large scale lim* eventually n*orstwe Would be drawn from th»f clouds by pointing trees toward themas Fra ok I rn drew the lightning inaocu*-ou*ly ti iWn by steel    elevated    in* their direction. Thrift D lone ly wan r idiculed and scoffed at. even in his * wn blate, by unthinking im n or partisan editors,, only exempl'fiod an w the truth that a-prophet speaks generally for stranger*-or another general ion, and that the re** former must expect more kicks vH»n coppers fro:n the exttwri-vsr "fgwftlnce of his kind, who arc too often in the majority. But th* ilgli miffy rn die. their cause’ lives. When he left the national House' o! Representatives, another of Minn*-- Besots » statesmen, ^CowgressuMin Dun*** Bt-'I.) from a different district, was, fortunately for his State, venturesome enough and thinking enough, to Vah* up Donnelly’s tree planting mantle or' " mania.’ as the scoffers called it. This* new Congressman, Dunnell, rn*mr** I again the tree question in Congress; had it referred to comn.i t«. - ; had elaborate reports, embodying i. .■*, theories, remedies, made from them and printed fop general eireata?>% > W introduced bills to commoner t;-. herculean work of Government ire*-farming ;* and delivered sensible, nervous, fact-glowing speeches upon them.. %nfty in* the session ol 1872-3. he got before the* House, and eventually succeeded iii passing into a law the following : An act to encourage the growing of limb r on the Western plains. That any poi son w ho shall plan*, protect. ami ket-p is healthy condition tor ten years forty acres of timber, the freer therein u*.t bein ' more than tun-lve f et apart each way, on any quarter section of the United State**, -ball be lie lands of vain w Will him red to share hie t resents for a time he was inconsolable, and would not curry the broken pipe further. Will quietly picked the pieces in his knapsack, ami they started for M tchin ry Hall rather cast <1 »wn. Still, Frank's spirit* never were depressed f >r any length of time, aud tin* great c dawn built of iron or**, withe it any Cement, interested him so much that in planing to build a small one on the same principle he lor got the adon it closing ■ puirin jly r n pipe •y started for >k n* it «I ,y thut ivcd the news teuipera-. in the I know and he. ped and id :    “I . mothcr borne in the 4:45 r un the depot had traveled both -aw the little d. standing on the fore Th iugh lieut and clean, o*tk in her clear ti u.-t and love al HAMSON & PAULSON, Manufacture ■!> of Boots cJD SIiocs, All work warranted to give satisfaction and done *■> ori«*r on sU I * notice. Sboy near cor. of Ii road-wav an i M llli.iiuf ?tr* **t*, Albert L* a, Minn. J. TRUESDELL, ~~ MM IN. -    -    - MINNESOTA* .-h J” Kan-** building, Ti remember th*. Swed — >h, mother, it’s somersaults! ” and I I rank roil d again and again There could n<»t be touch from either of the boys till tin >r**wu sj\ *ch**t>,hou* ly I must ad over I and *,aiid t urn I i>r* *K * Th , train, and as they walked over I bu same toad they t he iii iruing befur girl Will Lad ti diced, -auit* sp >t watching as poorly clad, site was wish a pure. -wed b grey cyua th^t w n boy* st.ipp *d. s, and the littii « them i God a ut riediy right to the boy? c Frank ti I: v anything, frank ink God pc fa b ir 'Us Th fir .-cho lls arc* fitted u; aril Swedish b 3 mike beau'iful furniture, pretty toys, apoona. if . nut .-aw a rn del map of the I n in the l#**nn*»ylf mia Building, wiiich is made Stat** boing ■* p* rate, and th** mountains elevated, s<* that y it out a*.i e :u pa re it with d ar- Ib r na; ny arn to carve a i lites Klucati rial *f ir»n, each hills nnd u a WI A b an sn lift .r— - —- ;*nJ othtr Stat**. s*» t' at in a half hour a study 1 f tile map I understood more of the ur OM i. the height uier.al a-p**ct ad learned bt ,d I learm v is so long A the c fore iii all d that th* that I O1 si to iun->uu-tny Y mid they can bear. T vancing by sure steps—to se in around them and they d helpless to stay it** march has only a parallel in the fate of the p<v*r prisoner in the Italian story, the marble wall* • •! whose cell each day closed in around him *ine inch, rendering it about an agonizing question of only a little time when those wall- would inevitably '-rush death In a more lin»it**d sense •pie of this country are in danger of the evils of tree destruction which menance Santa Cruz Our country is wide, our climate more diversified, and ut'er desolation in a1! our bord *r» cannat overtake us ; but our resource* may em him t the pi Thi: pared benefit meat, cr thai of ck lined. But w gress, h tfi aa he ti tW i; the likely at we on den I The impuls toward “ Di •aid Ii u take me must go The and as interrup “ Don't .*• Ie v u ti bv n I you I “ I’m a along, f w irk -h«*u uid not began a :ir sudden anerly ’ she • me ran • me I ready, pica** p they say e to-in *rrow.’ peak at fir«t n. in Will What DEALER IN BOOTS & His Stock of fir.** Goods rfo ’n I I! holiday had been enjoy Waring t<»id them they mi the curliest train .it the in atipulatibg that tach ehou! account of what he when they returned \\ id and Frank deci ini luff to the mar* st f express train *»sipped then reach flit* groan I and so al 6 o’cWk on they started Each had arid a we!.-fixed knap s i un-ca d, so Mr lit start bv ■fling ; only w rite some ad -cen and learned n WO Slit WO for us I UiCJBiO Lf a-ked God t n. and then she ti ’n. that he would had to i i tike rn me ? rn uh r went aw ai hi lea v up. send for u*e oic I needn't <y She said but the Bord nd you of our Mate tains, and g* trv than I h study at scil •Semite Valle lay s x of rho Eastern S ates in it and not er*-wd them From what I could sec I should think Kansa-. Colorado, and Arkansas were the richest Stare-in mineral productions and fertile s< ii but I could not see so much of the other Stat**.- I saw a house built in exact :u*itali n of an English squire's house iii the fifteenth century, -and think people could learn a good deal from it hi planning a pleasant country h me. I saw a New England log house, and wool all through it, and was v r y much interested in ill it contained; there wt re a number of thing- over a huudr« L. b, i. ar P Cled, our energies crij iduction decr**a-ed, our national wt ali ti grenlty wasted by the same causes —reckless destrvetion of our f rests, tho sweeping excis-ion of our sources of timber and fuel supply—of our tree protectors from a ti sa rapid evaporat ion fit moisture in ti e soil, and in th-*se head-springs of our stream* that drive our factory wheels or float the thousand steamboat* of our interior commerce— which fend off the winds of a continent from rioting across the plains in wild. wa-ting career, and which give shade id -hclter and the ized man of a multi nndieds *f f ruis f opp, nun plied ha: r dc fen M J years old. but the < ( entf*nnia! grounds Ides: thing fort and business. ( <in tem plate the annual I in the Foiled States, aa si report *>f Mr Donnell, of itv to d'-wo ii ll Cl b ’IV ;rt es rleal to a patent for the whole of ter section at the expiration of said fears, on n.aking proof of sat*! fact ty‘ two e red liable ** u »*.<*-es ;. nly one quarter in any *»c-* us granted. so brief it* its* trrn.se rn--vast sequences of pobiio to ft ,w from its ,*naf*i^ give ii thus in fall raih-2 it; for it is the ** p eru parture ” in a w *rk tha< n *Xea--we hgpf*. to beat enormous fruits • ile this bill was pending in Con--the Minnesota people at home : so far educated up to the ig idea. that their State Leased, (Feb. 2D, 1873! rt Taw f r a State B only on Tree thai is to say, that every taring one acre or more cf i w ? un five •''ars. witU ^»v rest trees, except bin*** access folly growing and cir— r thr-e year.**, shou «i Lr ten years two dollars for such bounty to be onger than such in a growing ci n-lunfy was granted person planting, cating for three r*r more of forest ic highway ; said* t more than a rod V P i-latur prsvid Plan til parson prairie tan kind of f CUM, V ll I * ti vat mg th bo entitled to receive an annua! bounty of each : c e planted ; pad, grove ditiun. by the protect years 0 trees * d n 1 riie iwever, no maiataine* IM a he same ict to evei g. and cu half mil ng any pu in, ar, ir rod d r n rn ret ion log h t hi c a lr* F raw ,1. W ii Did He s the WH fir.-t to im trunk in the use It is 604 years old use was very interesting to I never dreamed that such :rew in Panada, and there columns and slabs, sh <w- fpcak Y< *• \ ll Hi Is the w a can I led 1 WH, • wjik two where the us they could much ear'lur ; in -day morning four dollars the dear lear. I think he did ” nd w.ien can I see motlier ? Iv md by When my mother see# perhaps ; but ju*r now I my mother to ulin’t v *u like 11 tv , Jamks h. Pabkeh TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WH IU II WILL RESOLD Offies ic. Hew.it's Block, up stairs 1st door. A LBBBT LE A, -    -    -    - MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, Xj awter 1^ A N 1> FOH S A L I J LA KUT LEA. -    -    -    MINN. VEHY CHEAP, In view of the depression in the Graiu Market.    16t • Hen t tlia rkets. V. ll. M MUXKX IRA A. TOWNE,    HAS    REM0VED T,1E 0LU ATTORXKV AT I, V VV PIONEER MEAT-MARKET! Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Bros. attended to at once •It Winery. MRS. JOHN STAGE, ~ is receiving the Largest and Best SELECTED STOCK OF motlier having baked biscuii bd .re my that they might be I rob for them Thev talked every minute of the way : both agreeing tInt fail.cr was just us * good as he could be. and as for mother, ! Frank caid : “ You know. Will, I talk a lot, and carry on but when I think what my mother is I can’t do what I think she I wouldn't have me do ; and oh. Will, if I God loves mother, as he must, how her Ndi gue.v* Ile will give you be real good to you VY that ? ’’ •* VV hy, VV ill, ’ a*ked Frank in a whi.-p* r. *• b'tw do yuu ku >w lather will let lier stav i ” but I try mean to rood ways ? I d in I know mr< Can ,rou wa 4 Oh yes ! ” ** But where do you live I ” 4* Mather and I iivcd in that house, but Mrs Stevens says she can’t kc**p me for nothing, and it G.»d ftadn't .-cut you for me I was to go to the workhouse to-morrow.” Will rau up to the house, and spoke >WTI I! rn* n.-e < anad-That I „ me. b * iU’ lu ge trees are p *lialu ing how made ** I saw a great deal in the Woman s Pavilion that mother would like to have seen—Some napkids >pun by the Queen of England, and a beautiful branch of honeysuckle, which looked as if it was just picked from our p rch, painted bv her daughter, the Princess Louise. I saw a great deal of machinery, but did not understand it enough to describe it, except a machine which makes an envelope and stamp- it each minute,without a hand touching the paper. I -aw lurks and Japanese, and am very thankful I w;is born an American The grounds arc beautifully laid out. and I wished I Could bring mother home some of the rare plants I saw in Horticultural ll ill. I learned, above all, to think more than ever of theg.Mid father me .rn the committee of Mi IT originally sy-tem miles n '■ »ieep< or wi . *4 caci Minnesc Public Un 1>74 fi*r carrying on constructing an extern »f railways—>f the 60 ( Ie or to be made. Their 2 * ier» ’ to the mite have ex barn-'I exhaust, 150JtOO,OOO tr tree making generally but tor ca : ion at, nu; to bt pl of such - case is •h half Utile »ft cr the ti ll? during 1 cd OO (*0 cd □ ted within the highway*. The :wo d *il ir.> per f trees in good ird year., to ho rn years, if the a glowing con ium A died1 eeper, *r»ewal uire spurs years, making and these bout every five a demand for HO.OOO.OOO trees per annum ! Each engine, wah an ordinary train, cou-utr.es about Ii cords of wo**d for tv*ry 25 ufiles. Thus we have the railway steam power alone consuming annually 6 500.000 cords of wo< d ! But the tree deduction fioui our railroads is but a portion of all the damage done by the trenchant ax* s of the land The dei nand f»r trees shaped into boards or as building and manufacturing lumber, is computed to be increasing at the rate of 25 per cent per anti urn. When the Toited States census of ]87<> was taken, there were found engaged in the manufacturing of articles entirely from wood. 63,923 establishments, employing 393,878 persons, u*>ing material to the value of 6310.000,000 per annum ; and of good lf F**r- tree* are maintained in aition Besides all this, there was es an Arb r Pay—the first Tuu-a«y in* eich recurring May—aa a day on which the ho I id iy and May-Day w-rk of planting trees should be observed at* a concerted festival—a * landstrum ’ —through the 8rate ; ani a St e.-fcjrY Association was orgari’zud, with the competent Leonard B Il-«dgrs at its head. to secure the genera! observance of Arbor Day.’’ to diffuse information on the best trees for cul'ure and best modes of planting and caring for them. •* and to pr mole The ultimate redemption of the t reek ss region af Minnesota” In the last days of Congress L ur sfisions ago, Mr Dunn* ll s* Tree jaunting Bill passed, and was aj-proved March A H73, an I* the n«*u % was that the following spring, under its stimulus and that frt tn the Legislative bounty, the premiums offered by the 8tatc Forestery association, and by the land grant Rn I road companies, running through and owning iaruh* on rile great SHELL ROCK MINN. Hotels. HALL HOUSE On East si'lo Broadway, first door south of j MILLINERY GOODS, THE PEOPLES STORE. EVER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE WANTS OF could he take our Nellie away from brr? to Mr* Steven* It proved quite true; and mother who go kindly allowed _    ,    .    , She’s never been the same, though she the child* mother, an invalid, boarding to visit th** Exhibiti .ti” '    i    lbere wcre    P*rlIJ    employed    in    prairies, over a rn iii ion trees were plant tries not to let see how she feels.” ; for tome months there, had been buried The most precious part of Will s re. wo”d’ 743 8I0* u>in-' annually wood to cd I he grasshoppers came last yoar “ Frtnk, we    can’t understand things    on Monday, and though    Mrs. Stevens    port to his mother was a little note to    tHe value of $554,000,000 ! Consider    and interbred with the growth of these, a (Iii* • all    I bima is thai inn!hor    VV >U'*1 ll ave liked to keep    the little girl.    her in which he said :    “ The best    likewise the vast nun.b-r of acres of j    and the r hinting of others. prestr.tinR- »he had loaf children of    her own, aud    :    thine I learned, dear mother, was that    f',rcst »"nnally striped to supply fuel    'he .ettiers on the irreat prairies ; but WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR DOING BUSINESS, HF. PROPOSES TO GIVE W Ct FOST FII, Pronri. tor ’    L Albert Lea, - - Minn. BETTER SATISFACTION! Wotoloer House    TIIAN    EVER    before. This Bitt el laving recently been cum ins Hotel Ii .wing recently been com-    rash    paid    for    Hides,    Tallow,    &c.,    &c. pletely refifted and furnished, is now pre- | THY HIM ! pared to give AM PLK ACCOMMODATIONS to all guests an i travelers. Good stabling j and at font ive* grooms. Commodious sample I rooms connected with the premises G. A. Uaugo Having bought the old and favorite stand GOOD NEWS! of A C llimebaugh is prepared    I    *!g.0" "'i'1"'    10 lnl-v *'ood FLOl'R »n'1 J 1    !    rJ.ED, call at to do all kinds of — VNO— IIOUSK-SIIOKIN a Satisfactinn guaranteed. Call sin*! see. Vlbert Lea.    45tf J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, Spring Si Summer Trade Which will be sold cheaper than ever before HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIR, and Gents’ Chains from same made to order. Also Ladies’ Switches, and all other work in that line. like that; all I know is, that mother { only has in en-folk 8 around her now, ! and we must try to be just as gentle I and tender as girls to her. and then i perhaps she will get over missing Nell ” 44 Is that why you have been so‘soft’ a1! the spring, kissing her whenever you come in, and picking flowers for her ? but little work ; so 4* Dora,” as she    (Lid can use even boys like    us    to do called her, was free togo with the boys. j His work, for surely he sent    us    to    the especially as the good woman had often    Centennial that we might    bring    you hear I of their father I he child walked    your new little daughter.” along briskly, chatting confidently. I--   -    — * I'm sorry I’m not going straight to At a social gathering, a few evenings “ Yes. only don t talk about it. You heaven, but as long as God sent you it since. Judge McXYayne,of Vermont.re see Nell always picked her flowers, and must be all right ”    !    lated    an anecdote worth repeating. Ii repeating. It was towards I he close of the ses.-ion of tho two were all the time kissing. But. j    Will told her of his rn oilier and little Frank, boys don’t get half the good Nell, and now he hoped they could they might out of their mothers when I keep her for their little sister.    ________________,___ they don’t pet them; I had to make |    *• I gay, Will, I’m goin- to call her* under discussion. A long-faced, vin- gigantic work, which, to succeed, must May. last—a great success, a* we are myself kiss mother so much at first,but : Centennial • for the cities and towns and farm-houses the indefatigable Dunneil has just got-of the United States It has been eon*- ten through Congress a bill To allow puted that the trees on 10,090 acres are them more time on their homestead and stripped off to supply the single city of tree-planting pre emptinns The hope* Chicago with annual fi.c-woodT    j    inspired by the [r**bable passage of this* These stati«»tic» of the tree destruc- act, wirh the additional incentive of tion now going on in our land are more pre rn ranis of $2 500 voted by the* startling, and the future is fearful to Isnt State Legislature, awd the p**rbelout forward to, unless provision Is ! vcrwig lea! of the F *rre-icry A.-socia-rnade to stop this waste of trees and to tion. conduced to make the celebration the 9th of the Xrermont legislature, more than a score of years ago, and a school bill was plant in their place new forests—a truly of th** I ae Arbor Day All of the very T ATES! O iratest Styles * OF- wliere you will always find the bes* quality ever offered for sale in this Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is P/f of o^r tty Ii s. U" y\    vjl 13L C3 3L* * si PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, TO LIVE AND LET UVE! ' call and be convinced. a Union Block, East side Broadway, ALBERT LEA First door sooth of the People’s Store, MINN Broadway, Albert Lea. JAHN M. MARTY, SLRVEYOH WD CIVIL EXGIXEER, ALBERT LEA, MINN. Leave orders with Stacy & Tyrer. fiAONEY TO LOAM, On real estate security. Approved Note j and Mortgages bought. Apjdy to *    A.    FT.    STREET O&teoover Bro" Store,south of Post Ofiic*. i A BIG OFFER. A farm of 330 acres,—200 acres umd'er the jdow, and ready for seeding; 27 acres of th.Bifiy young growing timber. beside.**one mife of willow* along the line Good house, granary to hold 2.000 bus! els, stabling for 50 head of stock, bae we.i of pure water, Ac-. Land in Aldea. All to be sold for abou-t what the wild land '*oul4 cost. Inquire of I). G. PARKER, Albert Lea, Mi wa Ob ^ XI. CHEESEBROUGH, Alden, Minn. MILLINERY! AND ALSO THE CHEAPEST AT MRS. RICHARDS’ OLD STAND. Corner Broadway and William street. "SF. seeing *4 Where G. T. GARDNER, DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East of the People's StorE 3Ttf Albert Lea, Mina., Sept. 16, 1875 Tennie for short. Y’ou’ll now I wouldn’t loose one of her kisses j Jet me call you Tennie ? ” and the feeling I have when I put my “ Oh yes, that isn’t a bad name ; arms around her in the twilight, when mamma calls mc Dora, but I’ll be Ten-she’s resting on the stoop.for anything ” nje to you ” 44 I guess I’ll try petting more, too.” “ Ail right, she needs all we can give lier, the dear mother Did you notice that little girl stare at us just now ? ” “ No.” u She looked like our Nell, but seemed watchful and anxious I wonder if she’s till alone, lf we had time, I’d go back to speak to ber.” “Oh. don’t worry ! Very likely she was driving the cows, or hunting for strawberries. There’s the town, let’s hurry ” • They reached the train just in time to secure tickets, and amused themselves watching the people around them. Will’s care of his mother had taught him, unconsciously, to be courteous to all women, and he opened windows, brought glasses of water, and disposed of bundles for several old and young ladies near. “ Here we are,” shouted Frank, jumping out, leaving Will to bring both knap-sacks. In a moment Frank missed his, and was sobered for an instant, till he f^und brother Will had it 8rife. They went straight to the Main Bulleting, and proposed to walk up opposite sides of the aisle, and meet at the top. but Frank was so constantly crossing for Will to share his delight, first at a beautiful little fountain representing two children sheltered beneath an umbrella, while the watur dripped from egar-visnged member, from one of the be done systematically, perseveringly, assured, in the planting of two million* Lirge towns, complained that the school- by the Government, by States, by or- of trees m-.ro ; thus eon-titating this* boys had lost their politeness.    *    ganixed couq anies. ao well aa by indi-    Minnesota M iy-Day 44 a beauty and a ** It is not as it was v?hen I was a ' viduals.    j    j°JT forever in the substantial enjoy, boy.” said he. “ Then bows took off!    We are glad to know that even some    meat wirh usefulness which it annually Frank kept the child amused, and j their bats to their elders, sod children ; the States of the Atlantic slope, once maagnrates. The utile rom Ante*, the* Will had time to plan how he should i were in every way respectful tc grown- forest-burdened, have bf-come some- useful w i h the sweet, of the Latinists., introduc-j this new little daughter as I up people. I wish we could frame our what aroused to the niom**ntousness of , is reached .it last. he hoped she might become" to his school bill to meet the emergency.” ‘the Tree Planting Question, by the * Congressman Runnel! rmpfct to feel father and mother. As they neared ' the farm, he asked the others to walk jocose,    , slowly, while he ran as fast as possible; gravity, said :    the    increased seventy of the climate,    grated IY?an Swift gave it for his opin- father and mother were sitting on the’? "Mr Speaker, I am forced to ac- the greater uncertainty of the seasons, mn ‘* that whoever should make two* front piazza, watching for them and knowledge the truth of the gentleman's the narrowing of the wheat belt and oars of corn or two blades of grass grow Will alone, exclaimed, ’    .    remarks] When I was a boy I was j fruit zone, the prevalence of discases upoD a spot of ground where but one There’s Frank ? ”    I    forced to take off my catskin cap to ; through a lack of forests for wind- grew before would deserve better of hool bill to meet the emergency    me iree i i.umug Qur?uuu, uv mu '    vunwn    ro    reel Mr. Bartlett, of Lyndon, oftentimes ] quite perceptible failure of their mill- gratified at those palpable results of Bose, arose, and. with the utmost j streams and even once navigable waters, non-partisan statesmanship The ce!c- “ All right! Father we found a lit- ' every grown-up passer-by. Now, no i breakers and climate-temperers ; and mankind and do more essential service tie girl just a little smaller than our boy thinks of uncovering his head out [ that tfo*y have embarked to some degree to bn country    the    whole    race    off Nell, waiting by the road, for ; God to of doom. Last winter I was ndwg j in tbeetHerprwwr of growing more- tr**** * politician* together ” Trees, in certain* send for her;’ her mother died last I through Orleans county in my sleigh ! But it is in the Great West aud north- r. Int ions. are as essential to mankind a» Sunday, and was buried Monday ; she It was a calm, pleasant day, though re- west that the mind of both people and j ct rn >r grass j they are as the^hand- thought God had sent us for her, and I thought of mother,” aud Will’s arm stole round his mother’s neck, 44 aud thought he had. She can be a little daughter to mother and you, sir, aud we boys will work all the harder.” “ Mother’s” face was hidden on her husband’s shoulder, and there was silence for a moment ; then as the two figures came in sight, looking in the twilight as if Nellie, as in summer days gone by, was walking with Frank, Mr. Waring said quickly: w God bless her I she’s welcome, I’m sure, if your mother can take any one iu Nell’s place.” Motlier did not wait to answer, but walked quickly to meet the two entering the gate. statesmen hasbeen most actively broad- ;    maids of crop* and progress. Mr. T>. ly, and efficiently directed to this im-    »», by his * specialty ’ overshadowing portent end. In Minnesota, particular-    the tree de.‘e La of bis State and ly, is this the fact In that large and    its stillier politicians; and *4 radical m prosperous Stats there is so whir as ex- :    though he may be, doubtless is, in » pas.iT    As    I    came    up    I    drew    iu    the rein.    I panse of fertile but treeless prairie, j    party belief different from ours, we hon- There    stood    the boy,    calmly    erect, with    swept by the winds of rigorous winter, j    or such a mb fur his e*> acerra ti sci off cent thaws had rendered the traveling somewhat bad. In a narrow track I overtook a boy who might have attained to the age of nine or ten years. He stepped out of the road to let me steady, unflinching eye, bold »nd aspiring. He did not prepare to duff his cap—not at all Said I: M *■ My lad, you should always take off your eap to* a gentleman*.’ “ Said he :    11 always do, sir I ’ u My dear,” said a gentleman to his wife, “■ out dub is going to have all the home comforts.” “ Indeed.” sneered the wife;    “    and    when, pray, is our home to barn all the club comforts ? ” fuellesa and lumberless, that tree culti- action in building up prseperity at vatijn, rf possible, must there strike home. a-nd for his*singularity in making every thinking mind with the intensity “* *k,“    * kt~L‘ :------* of its importance -f ami it is not .wrpris-in^, therefore, that some of her states men were early impelled to ©melder it* practicability. The erratic but able Ignatius Donnelly, of Minnesota, delivered in Con al this juncture—which ina-sort of carnival of partisanship—speeches in Congress to grout trees imt*ad of Presidents? * 4* If this be treason 'to our party) make the most of it.” We are glad to know also that low* and Nebraska have also their Arbor gress the first speech maintaining the Dajs, and that tree vulture ie likewise feasibility of planting trees upon the | making progress in those and in other prairies and sage plains of ins tar est. j States ut the I • real W est*.
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