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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - April 27, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaA. * " ' trBE MONS COUNTY PUB Ll SIT KH EV LUV THI' USD AY V luras, Pup fear, Iii Adv.lice, $2 00 * VT Ka OK A I) VE AT IS ISO. I w i 2 w J 4 vv 3 in J ii in I J } I.OOI I.-■>(>} 2‘*<> 4.od! 0.00 10.00 1.751 2.50 4.50; O.ooi 8.50; 14.00 2.50; 4*50’ 5 OO TOH); 0.00 10.50 3.25; LVtt 5 >», 10.00 10.00 20 00 t-i W f, 4 ) n.! 5 12 Ut* I S.OO 25.00 j 4 51 5.251 7. » I I .OO 22 OO.40.00 I «i.5oi 8 5 > 12.00,22.(10 30.1)0.50.00 ct.*I il6.00:!8.0 I 18.00 80.0 ) -50 OO OO.OO X> DES N'T?IL JElYi 1)11. A. ii. STRI KT, inch melt I inch] ttffli; iudlt] c*l j col VOLUME 16, ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY) APRIL 27, 1876. NUMBER 17 mi# land Slide or Kipton!## A VV vv Ritgvbr phcn-menno OC* fur re J In A Week. «t» the « ast bask of »lie IIudr.on, arid about four ttiki ah#?# WM Po itll. Near the foot of ( Sugar l«*)ut Motttifi in is the suoflMf j tv*id» not* of A? rs. AV aile. I lie gro^P^ I >11 wit ie Ii i he mansion is located it I »r 1.000 feel above tile CeVel of toe river, rhe background being * E »:»f. I.OOO feel higher. On Mc I »lt ro‘***i» the railroad tia^naan near ti# I . .. .. . |U | j|,. r,.ck, cut when he fccafU ►pot wa? Hankers. II. I). BROWNS Millinery. MES. JOHN STAGE, is receiving the [8UCCK8SOK TO F. II A I J .J Establish cd    - ALBERT LEA, I SGI MINNESOTA All WORK WARR INTER to give complete srttiWActUn.^ TEETH EXTRACTED DX THE USE OF CHLOROFORM ETHER. CR NITROUS OXID. Office, over U'e Devg Siore, south of bust * Irtice, Albert Lea, Minnesota. DR. DE M. CHANDAR, 33 E JST T I S "J-y. Office over A. P.. Johnson J store, Broeil-Vat, Albert Lea Ralvo, I) D S    n-    Avery. DEKTTISTrlY. s in aa aveey, UMident D artist*— Bastard's Bloc*, Austin A GEN Ell AL BANUYO BUSINESS TRV NS AC TV D. Buys Go; J and Silver. and Best An AMAZON’S RECEPTION AN INCIDENT    ’ lh SELECTED STOCK OF MILLINERY GOODS , EVER BROUGHT INTO THIS MARKET. THESE HAVE BEEN PURCHASED ESPECIALLY TO MEET THE Wan is of Spring & ummer Trade Which will be sold cheaper than ever befire HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR HUMAN HAIR, ‘•Tryon is coming! Tryon is coming!” was the cry that blanched many a cheek in Connecticut in the month of July. 1776. The news that spread like wildfire about the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk was well calculated to excite alarm iii patriotic breasts, for Tryon was a merci less invader, and wherever he went the torch completed his work of destruction. In the uionth of February of the year just written he had ravaged Kingshridge and Horse neck, and now, for the second time, had entered the State. His soldiers committed, under hit? very eye, atrocities of the most shocking description; they plundered Without Bu y* LSdiod Sixtes febiidb * an<^ Gents' Chains from panic made to order, distinction ; old and young, rich and p n/1 Hr., ft« '    *    Also Ladies’ Switches, Mid Alt biller wltfrk I poor feltalike th# me ret less hands of ,l}    ’    -J    -*    *“f    4“    ’    —•«* in th«i Unit*    Uh# kings man Las^ Haven, Fairfield Buys Mutilated CurieiVcy. Sells Domestic Exchange, Sells L bange ort All the Priucipal Cities of Europe. tickle your tongue with the best they have in the hoiisc.” The BHton’s anger rose Arain. ‘ I command that meat to be replaced upon the table,” he said, drawing his sword. “ Votir accursed insolence is not becoming to one d! your sex ; and I will bear it no longer ! I can assure you now that to-morrow’s sun will shine ubeti S. heap of ashes instead of on this not-bed of rebellion. Now bustle about and get the last dinner you will ever set before a guest beneath this roof ” “ You prefer a warm dinner ?” Mrs. Bidlacl replied in a tone half interrogative. •A warm dinner.of course!” answered Tryon. *• A British general does not sit down to cold meat and potatoes.” The strong-minded woman did not reply ; but stepped toward the fireplace cfi w hose smoke-begrimed Crane hung a large iron kettle A toluifih of*steam j that rose fYoih tile water iii the kettle bo!l!Hg i !*ifigubr rndsf—a s»*it of rattling rf rack tug. lo a minute after there ant rf a n lh*- nu-**, arid found til# I *at)f««st*f tr:*ck for 5) M) foci Covered will! I -touts and fumblers, un*! silo fish andi j perch. Ile hulked up the hill and i#W I i cha rn BOO b et in wiiiih and IMI lect fAvery Stables. 0ITY LIVERY showed that it was bo!l!Hg. and the British officer did not divine her inten- j ncr than General Gram, and paler than lion—not even when be taw her seize a General Grant, and more weakened it into the hot caldron .    ..    .    ,    1 iK l ‘MUld n,,t fn' |    *•    You    shall    be    treated    to    warm    dinner raised iii the State. Connecticut s able- advance of the iii va net l*«»uld not be Branch Office, Physicians. M. DODS*, M. D., T CD *22 s O Ace at Wood’s lJriG store*. Resilience over Post luftce. ALBERT LEA, - - - - MINN. I) (1 IiSov* lsind, Af. I) Eclectic physician and surgeon T vV IN LAKE CITY, MINN.,    t Will treat nil *lisenses to which mankind if subject, lo the hest of his ability. Dr. Rowland has made a specialty cit di-e.i 'e- of Women aud Children, and chronic diseases St long Hiaiiding. By tong experience aud • st riel attention to lib profession, heil* con-bien! of treating all curable *Laeas,»3 'villi kuocess. Obstetrical cases ireatc ’ Mitli . bare and sue-ess. t oils*! I tic ca t f rtt* n Loans Mdiifey, DiSrOUNfs SOTF-S, Negotinlr* County, Township, abl Sclioo UU* riel Bonds. INTEREST ALLOWED UN ftMK DEPOSITS. ddiiecti oils receive energetic Abd jv.-Oiipt aMcrttiuo Remittances lh tide daily. Charges are in nccotdar.ee with the ens tom cf National Bu ilk 3 iii thi? Stedfe. H. Di BROWN, Banker. REFFFCEN**RS. First National Bank, Austin, Mittn. First National Bauk, St. Paul. Fourth National Bank, New 5 ork Fourth Nat I bits I Bank, Chicago. AM) SALE STABLE. I bodied patriots were absent in the army. sud their honied were as defenceless af? the linn’s whelps when the parents arc away in search of food Governor Tryon knew that he would I find Connecticut .completely at his mer | cy, an*! congratulated hint **n the easy ; conquest that invited him to her shores lie succeeded in his errand of d vasts j tim!, and returned to his superiors with ' victory in his hand But he made his tomb* <i lions throughout North Anteri el, an! hi- ai *tiw*ry «*x* .-era bl ii to every Pea so nail Ie Prices! r-nr.eimrh.. wT    j No! far lr *m Norwalk st I the hotiie cif Barbara IU li u-L erl NEW BUGGIES, CARRIAGES. II A R NESSES, and RELIABLE HORST*. First-class Turnouts at Cortfor of Broad way b *rt I. • i, Mian. and < lark street-, I 'Sin i mara ,-mt. 1\ HALL, Proprietor. • Heat • Markets. A. II. AL AII LLLN HAS REMOVED T«IE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET! Lawyers A' Lane* .trellis. ^ W. WHITE, (TERK OF THE UHTiiiGT CHI RT, I UST ICE OF Til EPK \CK. lr EN ER XL t H.LECTlNCt AGENT, NU., AC., &C. . 1*.articular attention p»i ' to n* ■' L Gec-•ions    OiHce    at    tile    t ii ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - THE FHEMX I "I MV RWK. i in East -ide Broadway, ti i s* d<n»r s THE PEOPLE'S STORE. •nth of Tho**. It. A I* >1 sTUOMm ltaiiU* r. MINN. I i auie. MINN. <*. Wnx.K, WEDGE L Attorn ion Rooii* No. I, y> e < 'lark arid A ALBERT LEA, - D it: P Hihi; J j A \V ibSOi t Bice)?, Corner - MINN. JAMKa ll. r ARK KH Hoots and Shoes. Boot & Shoo Cy. TP. Nelson Having purchased property Bit id way, has opened * on JOHN A. Lortid. LOVELY & FARRER, Al’TOK 'N I O S A t J ,, BuOT & SHOE STOREl VAT -FOR Office in Hewitt’s Block, up stairs 1st door. ALBERT LEA.    MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, LAWYE3B. L A A’ 13 FOH S A L TI ! A LA EET LEA, -    -    -    MINN. k. O. Stacv.    M M. Ty her. STADY & TYRER. Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Real Estate and CoUectiiif Agents. CONN EYANC I NG t3f all kin<ls adcui ately ilont*. acknowledgments taken oaths administered, Ne. Taxes paid, Titles investigated. Lands bought and sel l. Particular attention paid to collect ion. horner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea Hoi els. t Four or five workmen -till be constantly employed, ami orders for New Good or for Repairs will Lr tilled, theft!* and ort the shortest nbtke. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOR Doing business, he proposes TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. gfesTUai-h paid for Hides, Tallow, .vc., Ae. ■jily HIM ! Tailor Shop. B. H. SKAUG Merchant tailor ALBERT LEA. NEW GOODS HAVE COMB, AND NEW STYLE OF FASHION FOR THE SPRING & SUMMER, 1876 and Norwalk were reduced to ashes.and a thousand acts of barbarous cruelty j were perpetrated on the homeless pat- d dipper from the dill and thrust I than General Grant—but still he looked nots. A force sufficient to check the I    ,i_    «.i.i—    I    Eke General rant. To talk    ho    was more attr e live than to look    at—you noticed that the wrinkle# relaxed into a pleasant smile, and that Ino'.igH of the rugged Scotch dccbHt lingered in his i spe«:ch to make it piquantly dissimilar to your own. To deal with—ah, well, that was another thing—that Was a square business lrinsarttiou. and noth ing BMI re nor less; I doull lf aby business man in this country had so close a personal supcrTisioD    over    his affairs as this millionaire.    Ile    em ploye I ofer TWO THOUSAND MKN, WOMEN. AND BOTS, and *oe bb judged each tfttJlbHtRHIar, and arranged wstli each Lf ItU rtf her salary, and the amount he or she re drived wa** a pmlound s.Tr**t between the employer and employed—h* wa-* thoroughly arbitrary about salari**s The clerks at the nine Clunter were ii**! paid equally by any rn* ans Every body was paid for the actual amount ut work done. nut Tot th’' p2s!!t »i held. and it was Corroborative ut what I say that down to the »uialie-t cash boy each one serine*! to hold himself di redly responsible to Mr. Stewart “Mr Stewart w *n t lei us do this,” or “Mr Stewart mike** u- do that There were no intermediaries around there lit* spent from IU to I in the retail -tore daily, and the afternoon in the wholesale, and I say without fear of exaggerating, thai he knew of how Bi any yard- of tape and how many butt### be bud un baud at either place i A lady told me of guiltg u the up town . store late ’MG Ghriatm Mime dress' ? I T it* r I iou lid r ithUij that The Laie A T Ktetfarl    I    a Cn-Oper^V^ Zxperlmcii Correspondence uf Tfie Injer-Ocean.    j    I„ .Scribner fi*r May. Mr Untie* !    ”    ,    k.    , .    h    adck frL .of* ti*    I*    it    i    *r    a    .. I.    ,    ,,    .    im*tn«*r rn rn of ma ami raiuing i< »«v» rbe intelligence of Mr. A.T Si.-w lbmrd bar a p*pcr «• ' S«ac E.prri    lir,,    Jh,j    in.oiedUteiY art » death jestctday rmuioiU toe ol a j men!.- in Co oprnm*.’ iii wtiicli Ii I ,|i,,r ,    ,,|    n,„n    Ile HH s..otk to vei-y lhterestibg iis'n I paid his    retail apeak#    aa foll.ws    of the    Hpriogfi Id; store a year agt) hist jail—a visit    I min | (Vt)    Indsstrial    Works.a    suet* e»fu 1 sorry I did not write of at the    time, J t*i«o >er lire enterprise: when its remarkable statistics    and*    At the Boodie# Ute ynao-jr men amt regime were fresher in my memory, j    women in about equal number# di-tri- Mr. Stewart’s method of conducting | bitted according to the kditandi of the j •    ,    *    ,    4-    r»il«    An IWO) tuna t    I-    i    i    -    .l    .    , i •    -.    I- • i. ■    .    I    ;n depth, and tr«*m it luiiy w.wu mws bu.,aa.was so peculiar!, Ina own that w„rk or iheir own ahiluv Kr.-clfcI, I ,f ^  .....  J,    >ppear,BC« I doubt lf an, .ucc^o, can enure!, »„    u.anulaetor, .here ie a ie.;. -1 bw„ IjfI|.,, , j h„r| , [htn ,n4 nil hts place-although of course a vast hr system of work and pert* ct lnMi- j    .    U-    , y «    *    ~!±m    A • i-u . •. i . lf    . J a. , t    I,    1 ,    !    aero## th** co# below I ne coy# ii enterprise like that is almost sulf-sus- vision    of labor    _ Bv the peculiar    -    .    .    ,    ,,    . » * ii -i- ^    duji    ti..    ,iot-    'i    .    ,    -MBI feet in width, and the avalanane taming—for A titfe,at leAst. To look at, m-thod of selection, each one hn*« the    .    t    i    ...    In    ik> i    *    T    .    i.    i    .    ^wr*i»t r hr* * lien it and over It to me MR stewart \Va* NEITH) R I N »»M- work that th# dHjon^t thirik he *»r sh*- ; I• * *    ,» * i lr . u .. .. ____   J    ,    Modsnn Hivcr ffaitrmra track, tearing MUN    NUR    PRE PO## IWS I NG \    is best suited to perform ^ Consistently J ,p,WI)    r , he had a shrewd,    wise    sort    of    a face ; j with the best intercut* of the    eotablisb J ‘ ^ ;licbt! he wore a reddish wig—at least I sup- ! o»,?nt On gning ihr«*u_'h the v:»ri* u- J c ^ drpartmeat*. nae caiMoi fail    lo wxi" ! ,h,.n.    wa.,    ,0((l!ler ri rPrti 8„d    ,noihtr the f|uiet and order that prevail    or    eivlb    vu hurled W th. cor. 18 4 »'lberence lo bn.mc» ibm .>    iui0.Hi»-«l»    after tU polliiVely lr.ffb.htnp    fnm.H    ^    n H #    ,aler    b,m mr with w*»rking triple in niillfl sud*,- „ A ll, a-    fn.m i    im    ii    i    I WW !Rv * ctMNo* ut tne Ca em, iri*uj .hop- t.i, readily rec. Ut bite* Im.-. ..I I wh,r.. nrth b,.en fcbFtM; on? manner and lagoaait, in do...-aolhiap : lun d    ,he ,;lie „r lhe hill, cat with apparnt energy that character s* pose it was a wig, for his bear*!, which was short and thick, was gray; his clothes were scrupulously nice—not rivet- nice, you know, bat Just ricrht— and he stooped a line J s* iii eh ow be reminded me of General Grant Ile was older than General Grant arid thin- ' at1'! t**vcring the track deep with i*lone^, 4H I At seven o'clock in the evening *i?t . I. pr. hiishaml wa* an tinder K .mix She wa worn- n who?*- str* )»_•* it ha«i gained for tn*r bf it j net **f -• JI r- ll* r • ii which sh** wa** rather wU* 11 cr f* at ur ■*> wa to c »ar**ene?s. an I a c! would have c *nc!ud' t’eJtic blood in lier veins no children, she was tile of her boun* md her near Was a young woman name*) ack, « I**ing duty i- tltu.-et:! r wa? pr* a1» th* ai ugli I ii SII r; ut; n» r in**ni y ■=: o/ti«»ti that there v» i-As she had ie occupant st neighbor Ii v n air* in one minute if you don’t leave my hou-e ! ” cried Barbal-#, Uheeling suddenly upon the renegade governor * If yon do not instantly make your odious self scarce, I’M scald you ! ” The Tryon’# cheeks grew pale when he saw the .-t**#!!! that ro.-c fr*»n» the dipper which the patriot woman had suddenly jerked from the kettle. Ile saw by her fla-hingeyes that she would cairy her threat into execution, aud involuntarily uioted tripart! the door. *• Gel along ! she* cried Advancing With her novel weapon. “ I w.ind**r what -I * din woald i* »y if he knew that the inf tin OUK Tryon had enter* I out house I will take a week*# scrubbing to er*-e yoitf fe*»tprints from the floor ” No n« * d of s Tubbing, madam I fci-si-d Tryon, angrily. 44 I’m going to I* im f ? cut «*ut ! ” •• I hen }i.ii will -ave mc work.” retorted H .i bara ; *• Gut move along! iii) water I- getting erad. and might not him V’Qr bra*.-Ii chet ks” offi cr ret Urie J with a Iii *- *• »u-td for a moment turned his back iv alii.i* ii some of the workers. Not a trace of this can be seen in the fed Hat ria I Works. The sun goes down, the lamps are lighted; un I the work goc» on without a pause- It is hauiiHcr hammer, hum-BP.r, with a1! the regularity dnd twice the energy et a clock. The whirling shaft# Spin steadily, the shavings fly ft oui the planers, the paint brushes slip along Quickly in nimble girl fing* rs It is Murk, wofk, work, with a jolly persistence The sii o'clock bell rings, and no one seems to discover it until the reluctant engineer turn* off the water, and the clattering tL’thhi^ery runs s’owly and finally stops, as if it alv» held share* in the ceremony. We may join them at their liberal table ; Forty of* W'rTe young* men and * n** n in good healih and the best of >piri?« They an* well dressed. infeMi gent. with ths,{rien self re*Seetful and with eourfe**us. thvin.-elv* s gallies, aiel extra work Atter sapper jome rilling* with b*M»ks. music, and '••me return to the -hop for All are apparently con ling a ravine five feet deep in a title F -pace of time The cause of the singular occurrence was a-certained the next day. Before the eruption, all the Ufid cast of the Wade res.dence w#§ -atuf-ated with water, aud several stream# ran rhr ugh tlie grounds, but afterward h** stream# disappeared entirely, and (he ground there was not nearly a# wet as befire The land at the I a## ; of the uiMuntain is of a sandy nature, and immense quantities bf ttatet percu-! Ut ing through it from rains sud from | the iii] me lite waterfowls at Sugar l*j#f met at one point, and forme i rn andor-grourub lake, which, increasing in el* . tent aff8 volume daily and hourly, bod to liave vent at last, and with tremendous force lifted ?Housands of *uns of i die sandy soil near the t*>p and burled it <iuWii the hill-side, across the cove anc. **(i the railroad track. Then th# no longer pent-up water rushed down h« hill fir *iii a spot fifty feet h*fo^ the *>f the miniature, mountain. deep ravine*, and carrying Be before it ii r lace 'oiling v rrv th Th > i tented and happy, and all. without exception, are making money at a rate I'laird by people in their posi A Kcmarkabfc Kuncra*. seldom ti *n. Brob lh Iv rn* in*tanct greater fa-i»f-r:»l display ever occurred iii the oil# N’vW Yolk. of one which more curl* lull* st h* r hush ut J Urb r f ’r* ck Mrs. Bidlack, who eel I ai the bitt it \ MU ll vi-ifs with th aware of Trv he began t** :»[*f»r**;i ie: r-*r of the inhabit wen* ;.H tit'! iii rig til rf. .Ut. A’. g w id on*! invi h N*»rw tits. man .r h.Mji • cd lier with the d>astroll* s* fairs, an«i hi t '*)*" flashed Hi exclaioied to the fugitives : ** You may SZO. if v *u wish exchanged W, WH' Ul t anilin uritil Ik The of whom ic* j M.»i?it-e **f af w hen she UT’ .ll ii ll1- Bart it and it- col L» r ! ti en.*fig* d th ..pp accne. f.»r the g *ar*l d I. v lh* L I’d ah you nitsero-* F »r a shrill a Heap ; ” th. hundred such rascal*. cannot frighten Bar inch from her !i<*»i)** -foundr* l enter* mv ; but »w ;i1' Governor Ti \ bara Bidia-k m lf the rt*d c .at* h- us* he’ll mc* ►f Ii ti i«c#u ct ret re “h * ivldimtMi 'hake your bhn# • alin st lift***! htni ti t » give hail in e bra ted strength. who at times cf.L't-*d ;1 joke it appreciate thfe ludicrousness ■itiiatioi) lie was mad with and it was w.-lf for his enemy from imp!* with a reception he !! net More than one** she iv-I ut di.o3. lihed wi’h a ; roi curl of the lip, ahu awaited with 8tf GIVE IHM A CALL: J. TRUESDELL, AUSTIN, -    -    -    MINNESOTA* DEALER IN BOOTS & r forget ” urged to fly, s I and defiant tSger- j ness the arrival of the invaders. She was soon treated to the sight of Norwalk in flames, and taw the torch applied to her neighbor#' houses. Bui the spectacle moved her not; she did not even barricade ber door. nor tin pend for a moment the performance of her household duties But a1! the time there was an indignant gleam in her eyes, and more than once >hc glanced at the old musket which occupied one corner of her kitchen It was near the hour of noot) one Has on han*l a full line of CLOTHS, CASSI MERES, DOESKINS. REAVES. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS, kC.    ,    .    j    ,    #    (    .»»u    ,.a„u    ar aud Bill fill orders on flier! notice, ss re*. | Uok.'alnut 'lo discus fbe f'nhaT meal I    ‘h,!    bUU    ^    ‘He she had prepared, was Startled br a I heavy footstep. Lifting her eyes from the stfeariiing a. ECAsraUw, meat that graced the little table, she I beheld a British officer Standing in the sonsble ai earl be done in the place. Broadway, cist Side, near Brown’g Bank 48tf His Stock of fike GobdS rfo Kl IT! LU Iii! W. 0. FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Minn. Webtoer House This Hotel having recently been completely refitted and furnished, is now prepared to give A M V LE AU UO M MO D A TI ON S f#all guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentive grooms. Coiflriiodioils sample fnoms connected with the premises 1l..„ ii . i_________-- Photographs. - J- A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, Erial Side Broadway, Albert lea -    -    -    MINN JOHN M. MARTY, Civil Engineer A’ Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of ii« Crosse County, AV Is, Respectfully says to the people bf Freeborn County that he la prepared to do any kind of Purveying, laying out Town Plats, Roads, et#;., as well as making plans and specifications for Houses, Bania, etc.    4114 GOOD NEWS! If von want to buy g&Ort FLOUT! and FEED, call at    . J. Ti GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety tore, 4rhere you will always find the best quality ever offered for sale if* this Market, ajid At the LOWEST PII ICE. My motto is TO LIVE AND LET LVE! tall aud be convinced. First door south of the People's Store, Br^auwa*, Albert I <'■{. TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERY CHEAP, In view of the depression in the Grain Market.    16t OLE TANO-, Maker arid Repairer of Boots & Shoos. Shop ort dirk street, rioHh aud opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. FIEST-CLASS WORKMEN1 are employed. pa**i'.n that h**r h**ld wa# ?t*eure. She I* re him to the d.*or, an*! all at once »»*ut him whirling from the threshold intl* ll l* y.*rd where he left his h**rM*. * There ! if is the best reception I can give a Brilish general ! ’* she shouted, when Try Cv>urse. Now |jr*» back to ^our honseburners and send them here as quickly as possible. I ve got a oiuskei In the house, abd a go-wily supply of ball Abd ut iud y*»0. red coat Tryon, keep your distance ! ” Standing near the steed which had witnessed his master’# inglorious exit from Barbara 9 domicil#, tile governor listened to the la?t threat. I dare say that never before had he been se. angry Ile bit hts whitened lips till they bled. and the hand which he had lifted in th holster. '* I'm Coming back ! ” he said. “ and in the fire that consumes your house my men shall cook their suppers.” “ But they will not enjoy them as you have enjoyed your dinner ! ” Said Barbara, Sarcastically. The governor did not reply, but billie Mr. eve to select rants, but she ’lit cd except IR cf bal*Co; no the said to who was standing near his customer? out ot his keen little eyes, - Mr -Stewart, I relied upon finding » int* dresses tor my servant* bete. and there is not enough of anything I want ” “lx-t me look over reiJiUa ‘tC^iif' *b >y wutchui Temptation Develop* Dishonsst) The N, Y. Sun in a well written ar I tide umlrr the heading. -*Tlo* Hpidemic of Thieving,’ has this paragraph : “There is in the soul of every man a latent dishonesty. which require? only opportunity to cho* itself, and which. if n*>t checked vdtbn it do*:? show itself. will sure.y lead to actual clime. A grain ut wheat may be kept thousand? of years, a# it has been in an Kgyptian mummy case. and then, planted under favorable conditions, it will sprout and grow up iuto a fully developed stalk Barth throwu up fr*»ui the bottom of deep wells, and left to itself, soon he-. conies Corrred with vegeUth rt (Tom seeds which bad slumbered in the odd and darkness below. In the same manner men who ordinarily pa?s for of the phase# ut Nr!4**?;    .    .. bad checked hi* the piece* With jntf," He said ^ aq they honest and are honest in practice, will. under the stimulus ot temptation, re teal a propensity to tlwevery which until then vfrjg iiiistl^pfected. Arid whet this stimulus is applied, as it ha? been during the post few years, to nearly the whole aolior at once, the result must necessarily be the simultaneous development in great numbers of the thievish propensity and the correspondent attfc.” turned to the pile of remnants rind went through them one by one, he telling how many yards or pieces of each they bad in the wholesale store. 8he selected three ; he took no sample or made no memorandum of the number of yards she wanted, but that droning he sent the bun lie exactly as it was ordert J to ber house. Ile filed and remembered t!,e prices of eTery Article—or rather class of articles—*»old iii the store ; and please bear in mind that the stock comprised everything for Tfunci; s Slid chUdfefc'i appafel, mfeiUs dhabrgxttftenti and dressing gowns, R)rtp*tbj; Not Ccnstir-f. Sometimes a citizen standing high in society and possessing the confidence of all who know bim falls from graee and sw *»ri i!lo.**trat%’ citjlft? I Ti:**2 I fbi About tw<^ )ears agf» a man die«l. Mr* K . wh > wa* «»riirinalIv a butcher awd then an ice dealer, and who had made, a large fortune. He resided in obis of the costly mansions on Fifty seventh .•Greet ntar Fifth avenue. Ile had married the daughter of a rn tiff wb% baa driVrih a ?will lr! lh Ii i;ity, and who, by profitable specalatioa in city prof*-erty, had also Blade a fortune. The widow died last week. Her sister assumed charge of the funeral, and sent f*>r the undertaker who had buried .Mr. K She informed him that she wish**! her . sister’# funeral to be of th# #fb'*C Costly arid elab<-'at# char^#»Sf    to excel in costliness anything of the kind ev*r before gotten up She instructed him to furnish a heaise with six horses, six carriages with four horses, and seventy ordinary couches with two • h*»4?f« t*» each. These coaches were to be driven to •T«*odlaw*! C^ctefy; whether occupied by any person or not. J The remains were attired in the dresd in which Mrs. K was married. Tho funeral to*»k place according to the programme arranged. The streets in the neighborhoodtw*re thronged will! * person i attracted by the unusual fehar-j acier of the affair, and the tnansiofi I itself was completely filed. The bod? I was placed in the reception room on the , first floor. The casket was made Pf oak. lined with whit* satin and cot* ! ered with the most costly black velvet beside upholstery, carpet*, etc. Ile shocks the couimunity by his crimes visited every department about three Yet what reason able man would bold    . ,    ...    .    .    . times a fortnight, and if he noticed ! the community rt sponsible for the short w,th    tni*|t£. and had a gold plate that any of the goods-say a certain comings of the fallen man ?    and    han‘l1^    Th#    coo*    of the casket kind oftrimming «*f » particular .«,!« , A b.flS?or tempt,* hart ti, their j fr"01    tu    ‘t™1 Of bonnet—Wa* aril «ell!n- a, ,1,4 cur Mipt^ »    cmMeitmclerk, lie b be- , dtc0.ra'^“ D.gr'» J4-00®-    TheX rent price, he roulj mail it 3oi»n a j Iieved to be the very soul of bohor He ' con=ls,«'<i * pillar ct tea roses and ......’has been tried and found true. He «*n»l^D!r •» »" bor of tube frsea, d third; if at the uext vi>it it still ALBERT LEA, MINN. HttS ri’rl hand tcnstaritly a frill link of ! door. His aspect did not frighten h*jr I in the lea£t, though she knew from his      _    _____ __ j UU i form that ho was a soldier of lofty I „ j~to ,he 6add|eand /adhered up dratted, down it went to half price or bandies millions of rn..ney, and for years I fr°?s "f “~1,ai.fiTe ,2:l ln helfhl; • r4Dk. v ,    „    „    ,    the    rains    I    even to one third its original' Ooit- 1 has rctalfcd the unlimited confidence hed f sm:‘“ 4"d e40tl<:    «»*    • Another plate. Mrs Hercules he    .. Good-bye, Mrs. Hereuln " he said I anythin;: sooner than keep stock fro* of his employers. Bdt of a Juddhi. , . number of smalkr pieces, .mon? which commanded, th a hauohty tone.Striding j with U10fk ^i,antry.    |    one season to another.    I defalcation is discovered, traced to the    4    «•*>*»    »»d    wreath    of ■ forward and at the same nitre, hatting    .. tWe again whet. Toh are hungry.” I    ------- honored clerk, and the comnatt, ^ immortelles    amlet.    After the I his hand on the hilt of hts sword, as ti | „b. ek„,.„,,i5r>.t. him sod   I    Tratln*    ant*    Slncldt:.    fhot-ked by the revelation that ti.e San ,ancral cxer(,'i,('s th« t>°«se, the cor- Repairing dtfrie to order, cheap riM iiti phort notice. Give bim a call. 37if    Albert    Lea,    Mihn. O. P. Hanson. I. J. PAULSON. HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturer** of Boots c*3 Siloed, All work warranted to gire aatiafaction and done to order on short notice. Shnn^Ar c’tr. of Broadway aud Williams streets, Albert Lea, Minn. Pray Jbines* WING & HOVE’S EXPRESS & DRAY LINE. Any and all jobs attended toon first call, and w irranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on the 81ate at A. E. Johnson’s stoYe; Albert Lea, Minn. A. II. SQUIER.    G    H.    Babbitt. SQUIER & BABBITT. CITY EXPRESS * DRAY UNE* Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the slate at Lincoln Bros. attended to at once. French $ Domestic &1.6T Hts)! Perfect fits guaranteed.    48tf Hall cfc West, DEALERS IN Gr^neVal Mercliandiwe, AUSTIN, ^    MINN. GT. A. Halite Having bought the old and favorile stand of A C Himebaugh is prepared * to do all kinds of E3l_ AC KSM ITF* ING —AND— HORSE-SHOEING. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45tf MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, S^««oned VV oocl J Orders left ort the slate at J. W. Smith’s promptly attended id.    6tf G. T. GARDNER DEALER IN Flour & Feed, First door East 6f th9 People’s StorE 371f    Albert Lea, Mint!., Sept. Id, 1875 to frighten her. She smiled derisively as ghe Slowly rose to her feet. “ Who are you. sir ? ” “ I ant a man devilishly well known hereabouts, and I dare say that the rebels will nut Soon forget me I My name is Tryon I ” “ Governor Tryon, the British rascal —the roan who burns houses over rtddoWa’ heads, and robs the babe of its cradle? If you are Governor Tryon I know you for the meanest villain that ever trod New 1'rirland soil.” Tryon'# face ii few crimson, Flit smothering his rage, he burst Iritb a cruel laugh they deemed honest has been robbing I    » ^‘e ‘ltar:#e wa® drawn by “    *    “    1    six    black    horses,    eaeh    horse    covered ed. After dinner she gathered lip a few articles which she Grilled valuable, and sat importance, v/03 ; ^vcnurcn reposes continence in one .    C.    I ’ T C J of appreciation by of its leading member!. He is fofexposf | M0#n W:LS brau-ht    a cIose bYthe , of the eatdru of in work* tffcBkrlty, Icbm j to Pe the th. I ™«J «*"««», each earring* drawn by Ile took his ii- i carnation of goodness, vets aft example fWo 1A^^!^i!,* ®anJ which were unoc she shoaled aftef him, rind he put spurs    Traylnt ant* Singlftg* to his horse and gallopped toward Nor- | Frotn the New York Observer.    _    .    . walk.    j    Rev.    l)r. Hastings made some g*wd them throufeh a series of years. 'That .    ,-•    , He disappeared in a minute, and points if? his Hippodrome speech on .sir-minded man woutd think of con ,    ^    )    Pf    en    ealP® Barbara Bidlaek fe-enterfcd her hou?e    I    music, aid we think he had the right    deeming the company fot*    the    sins    of    _    ..    " * r ‘    e    r,eD.    0    .* ® with a?ti,Ile of .nun,piton her face.    Lf it Un* the reticular point that    the nnfnilhfal en.j*1o}fee f    ftnnly    and    the    mourners    each    esrrmgn “ I allow that he will not soon forget    ■    touched us as of great importance, was A. church reposes con Eden ce in erie .r*    *    Y    *    ar.    1 rse • an l. e proeet- me ! ” she said to herself, and then    the evident want of quietly resumed a discussion of lite re-    I    minister* and people past the hatlghtj briton had interrupt-    I    the service of pfdiSe. lustration from the spot and time. ! f°r otheis to follow, and is looked up ti* Speaking to minister?, bepaid :    1    #* one of the pliers of religion. But ,    ••    When the people are Singing in    ; he    >*”«*    ‘“.lse    A £*«}    " dee.roycd    otheM    whi-h    She    thought    Lharch. „e you lo5tins ole* note., or    ,    h'ni- 4nd »®    18    d'»eovcrcd tutghl be called pules by th.; plunder. |ookin„ over ,he IJible, or ocfcupyibg 10 f,e 4 "    "ef>"    .    •’. !] J:’C3l>t.''“' ing soldiery. Having doge th!, .he left [    wjh ching else J .Mr. j 48 “■"»»“'>>' lhe »**oti.Uo« of dp*,-Ut the house it) thfe mercy of the foe. dnd    yfqo^r* while Hr. Adams was praying,    |    men a"d ,W*>m^n’ “ You are just the vixen I heard you    .Tit* fn'n'Tr'^ iT' Tf'I    did»’‘ “>'• * °Pcn •»« *>••«»." but lhe    I    07char^nw the Typwri-y’    d'iMOTered    *.*'( f,'r*    ,U    [h;lt '•    re^i?e3';    they were!”    be exclaimed    “    They    tall you    L b 4    J    y    f    p }j    ,    ?r ?}    **«nent the hymn ta umping he says,    the    (’burch    wlr-*-    *•--    1..... l'-v    r:,n    w,‘''r ,<le“ *1,en 40,1 Mrs    itercules    throughout    this    re-io..    2 ;‘,    ,‘'    r r    W"U    be    *"e he,ph‘    ‘ Now open the door. nnd let the people    "p..n    the    hureh    wh I .    throughout    this region, I f fo)| f ,    ,    Tryon would :n .    ,    Came Mr Moody—it is cel'7ed 4nd wronfed 1 and I must say you resemble the stable    f    -    roir^    ...    .    l    f.    ln 1 don 1 t>lauie *'lr- Jiooay—u is    Lft)A,*#trw cleansing god id' Mild.       «»"?    hls    ««    b" cupied. A nnmber of policemen kept, order amon*: the immense number of persons that had assembled irt the vicinity — -——   * ♦       — Ilo# To Take Care of For# — Ladies, it has been remarked, as a gen* Ut"wUho".h!nki eral rce- husband ? * NY here is your life. I About sundown a company of the j governor’s troops Swooped do^ri upon as / TT j    n    .1    ,    ,    ,    .    ii* '*tl ll * 11 D 11 ii'* J IS BW LH i pen UU*' Ii Ii LIOU ‘•Under a flag that woulun t own you Yi»,    i    i    a .    ■ a defender ! " wa. the renlv.    I h°Uf, hU 80 ,ma.ny, d",r0>,n? •ply said "ritbCnf,rrotjhTiCh ^ beeD dC' b-flense, provided they expend Ce*Ie ai *. I k or    fiA    f    a !ew P®1100 l°r camphor when they lay only of a piece with the common habit J ’ n,° .°!a    .    *    T    •C j    °a    I    ^ein a-^ide. This idea should be c**r- . /.    , r .    ,    ,    .«    ,•*    the    administration,    tried,    and believed ;    m    .    -    a    -    .    -V of the chdrch throughout the codntrj to ^ trae> saddenly fall. front gf*c4,!    &    VT    .    T So it IS in all great rcligiotfs meet- « -    -    ki_ ^nrived of nosition and *    r    I    i    r    a    weeR    hAe}.    l'‘e T ryon “ He’s a rebel, then I with a sneer. Like his wife ! He’s a soldier, too, and not a house burnet.” “ Mrs. Hercules, I discover that my clemency is recognised by the people of this State, and that my king’s heart is supposed to contain no good. Why.my deaf wofftan, the existence of a single house on the coast is a monument of King George’s mercy and mine I But We Will discuss this suv)?ect at the fable. I have ridden several tidies to enjoy a fcete-a tote with a woman of whom I have heard s# much, and, besides, I am hiittgry That meat looks palatable.0 “ It hasn’t cooked for ti British general! ” exclaimed the fearless woman with flashing eyes, and the next moment she removed the meat and thrust it into her rude cupboard, id the eonsterna-tion of the governor. “ Come, tome,” he said. u I do not want to Sit down to a cold dinner.” “ Then go somewhere else and get your dinner. There are sneaking tories about Norwalk who would rejoice to eagles,and having rudsacked it from eel lar to garret, applied the invader’s torch. Tryon was not ainoftg the destroyers; he feared thfe giantess who bad gi^eri hint Sri Mi ri warm reception, and her last threat stallionishtd hftn to keep his person aloo’f. Mrs. Bidluek lived fo help her husband build a new house over the ruins of the old one, and to recount to amused listener#, long after the wartier j story of Governor Tryon'# reception. ing. ; if any changes are to be made to , brou„ht t0 the bar of justice. Can an* j ^h? Ti    W~?    n. durl“s the audience.a hymn is sung while the sane llian saddle the faults of this man    !    I." 'Ll V* thange take. place. The lord. Supper | on the , that bc    *    .1    ’    f,    J    I!    ‘    J is ftboiit to be administered, arid the I tv u    I.,.# G r.\ un C lt Wlt" a brush, an old I ana toe Would it be rfg!ft or Just tn cliarge m    uruso,    .no    a ministef gileS public notice that *be crime upon a party that had every re;, ll” " I ’>t f « ’" I7 communicant, will take cert... seat. I fcn tQ    (o    bc    fc6|h    jJ()Ncs{    j    «r l4e“*4nd'« P'^f* -f Kau. camphor whtlc we sing the following hymn. _ j and stro[) ? Not The riile which    .    .    .    t    ‘i.    I    ...    .    JT    .’.,    *®*r* intruders in the shape of moths. The W ea KER Y Estfiri — A sa Va >r was recently brought before a magistrate fit beating his wife, when the magistrate attempted to tooth his hferirt by asking him if be didn’t km»W his wife was the “weaker vessel,”    ‘    If she is, she ought not to £aiay id twitch sail,” replied Jack/ “Mritritfta, don’t you want some bice candy?” said a shrewd little girl. “Yes, deair,- I should like some.” “Then if you will buy Sortie i’ll give you half,” limped the politic girl. Then the singing begins, and a general j ob(ajng t0 individuals should apply to commotion follows. To make such a j partie8. Punishment should be meted    . u _    ,v    ....    i, L stir during prayers, ^forild be consid-1 to those who betray the confidence    /    ,    L    '    ,^K T D A ifl. ,    *    i *    11 rt vcrfericl gentleman horriried a amal! I of titer employers, and sympathy should |    , frw ffc    bt    tellies be extended to those who halve sufferer? . J .r ,    ,    , . n r , T from the betray**.    j    ,hat    be 4ud h,s w,fa htd •*'P4r- No? parted inquiringly exclaimed Yet if we have a of the nature of | praise, the erid of fehdrcli music, it is ! equally a profs##Doff (6 convert the i t*reil sacreligious. proper conception time worship. of song into a rt fcess in divine A new lady clerk in a dry goods I store, who objected to nicknames, be-I gan by addressingone of the little **ash ; J In the San Francisco xMint thefc arr • boys di “Cassias.” ^    Ir    1 manufactured in the Coiner’s Depart-    ?    Trr- *y , ^    . mcnt during the year at least $:ift,000,-    When Colonel Forney was in    Bon don, he rtct a John Drill, who was dis posed to sheet at the Oebtennial. “It will,” said he, “be qtiitfi an affair, I fancy.” “No,’ OOO, including gold and silver of every description. Ot this amount the gloater part is $20 pieces or double eagles;    ,. The rest is silverjpf every derioniiria- fancy.” “No,” e&id Colonel Forney, tion, and.but a small portion tff minor ■ “not very large; for the main exhibi gold is ever made, there being nut1 tio^n building will only cover an srea much demand for* coin of that deserip- J equal to Great Britain. tioll    kin" ! ” exclaimed Jobu h. “Great thrfee or four in a breath Ye#,” sciid the gentleman with a we had some words and parted.” A shudder went around the rooio, when some one inquired, “For **ood ? ” “Oh.no!” said the diving ‘*§h# has only gone to the Country, and will be back in a driy or two.” “But,' said o?fe bf the folder ones, after d while, “did you really hate any words with her ? ” * Oh, yes ! She said, ‘Good b Ye, dear,’ aud no did I.”
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