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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 13 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - April 13, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTJEEJEI WBSN POItt^i* EVERT fKtfRHDAY. ^orms, Per lear, In    $2    OO hid rf RATES OF AO^fcTISISfl. 3.501 G0° 5 00| 7.00) ti rn I I y IO. CK) 13.00 I ti.50 8.50 9.00 .50,10.00! 16.00120.00 6.? 5 12.OO 18.00]25.OO 7. OO ll 4. OO; ti. OO] 30. OO 8^50' 12.OOj22.00 30.00!50.00 IO 00:13.00 18.00:30.00150 OO 90.00 WBNTISTH.Y . A. II. STREET, M. D., VOLUME lfr. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1876. NUMBER lo . .»| lh.-    U***    1,1    1 '    Staten* ber *2^. i EroS J his programme of, I m*nt. all Un<L $ ^*"*ple cm* ** » j .sted an i pan cho«**e their . iii rag the great lair . H KAMVAB1 E*VV»J* N EW*rAP««*- "•ft m    if* ______■ Your correspondent Jratttf J T Rofhnrn, Director Cencr^l oT JI OenYe**'A    Coto mi Mien beiniijuar^ r* til the prwu*, WTS that a    I    headquartes® ,Mr I*res- «d'\!.^country will he proriJ^ which will b^ fr^2 vc    who    mw    «•- lilied to use it.” ___ RAH.ROA 08. The Philadelphia and Reading. lh# Hankers. II. I). IMI NAS ALL WORK. WARRANTED to fctv® complete1 satisfaction. ., , ItEETH EXTRACTED WITlWoT PAIK! Oflice at hi* Dru- StoVc', near t ie Tost '0*4>e, Alb'eH tea. Minnesota. OR. DE NI. CRANDALL* xii -SA IS- * * »*!?. ,\. E. Johnson a store, Broad over ay, Albert Le* arte, i>i< s    _ DBinllSTB-Y. it j*" 3=t ^ «2c .£>- “'v7" ^3 IR, Y, B^uUAt Dentists—Safford’* Stock, Austin BANK OF ALBERT [successor TO F. HAU.] Biff totted "•    -    -    1807 Liver# Stables. crri livery AS* STABLE SALE ‘CHARUK It. , “Charles, what did tnia*pVach preserve cost?”    .    ,t “I ani sure I don’t know, Hannah.” ALIGHT LEA, -    - AWK RT LE I. ^    _    _    branch    Office, physic! "A* M. DOBBE, M Do GESEItXVi banking business tr Ins act ET1. Buys Gold and Silver. Buys United States Bond* Buys Otto! Drafts, , Buys Mutilated Currency. Sells Domestic Exchange. Sells Rehangs on all the Principal Cities of EH»W. Money, DISCOUNTS NO' NEW BUGGIES, C ARBIA NESSES, and BELIA BL HAR uses. “But you boii^luit tin* morning.” “I );now. I rf: ii, hut I ciJfnVMc the price of if.    .. “didn't you pay fox it.” “IV “Why, not?.. ,>u t “On. because I couldn't make chance I have opened an account vpth >lr Waldron^ and shall hereafter settle once in three months.”    . The (Aversation was carried First-class Turnouts at Reasonable Prices ! Corner of Broadway and ( lark streets, bort Lea, Minn. F. HAX.L, - ...ar    ■    —— SEED WHEAT! II j^iveraation was carried pp at the tea faille between Ch att es Matthews And so Matthews w« nt on. TV morning it Would be a dollar to morrow perhaps fifty cents—and then ac ain perhaps only twenty five cents. It didn’t seem much. The young man had just M much money in his Cricket aa though he hadn t bought tKetti. -Only a doh F°h|A >t ■*««•» isn t much out of twelve dollars ft weeK. And it might not be, bul the trouble war. that the next dollar was called one dollar, and he would forget t,o jidd it to the former dollar and call ».t two dollarsand with the next dollar and ca11 it three dollars, and so on. yne evening Charles came home with a Rev* f^dd chain attached to Ilia watch.    ,, “Where did you get that?” asked his wife.    *    .    t».    i, “A b;” Vet‘£rfte(Fthe husband, with an * 'lad us begin again. There is nothing Yikfi lAw,    ”,    I-*    »    ...    ... For "some moments Charier re^?UMf< the bul he vcl silent. Re gascd first upon held in hie J ‘hen “I"’" ,h« 11 H,r' At Isnt be .poke. •‘Hann.1t. JU*^ and I must freely ’ ? ?- J1 been wr.*g. If I bad paid o.r e.erj-ihiDS aa I bought it I ahou'.d have hit I sec it all now I ficre*, ex mHmmmmrnummmmm ered thirty aer» *. and seemed a mar of the ccuiary    The Guidon txWibi lion crflj^^didnot occupy but twenty four acres Tint TVnncc was riot satis- i aer* had _ forty acre* No one Mppmra that thia j arrangement liuiii would be l>e surpassed Bu the | each howe to Vienna *xl Tuition of 1B73 covered fifty the ciunpany ^ proprietors UH <C    A.    - payment in lul •e<‘d ng ail . tiler nation? i the roads have left nothing undone to t    -    a    rn    \    »    *    ,    rn.    rn    •    •    .      *      -    -    --- u, >ou are right. 1    akle‘xl    .,41'round    occupied    —Now    the    [    this    expiation    a grand puceew. United Slices enters thr field andV** I    -     *♦ assigned for butt ling* sixty a* res.    Amusing J Lough we nr.y not excel in the b« au ^ Sootherr bookbinder bound have not eft! mat cd the va as ‘l ottf-dit. I act me once get up again BOWELL has on hand a choice lot of Negotiates Vaunty, ToyrV.sJiip, and lh strict Bonds. Sob oo al Wo xiv a urb ii i LE A; - IIH < Dr UR sO*rv.    over Tost _ _ _ MINN. j|> C Rovvlfind,    D ECLECTICPrtlSlClAN hND^URGEON twin LAKE CITY, MINN*, to which mankind interest POSITS. TIME DF- and his wife Matthews was a young mechanic Mtho had jfist commenced tiouackceping, ami as he was making excellent.beget uecoufu afford to lyve pretty well. After he had made known his deternMYied agreement to his wife j impressive shake of the head. “I made she remained some time in silent * a bargain on this chain Now guess thought. ,.    I    how much I paid for it.” “Charre",”, she ai length aai&{ in a I    ^fre.    f    cotth^not    gues*.’ mild. persuasive tone, “I think it would j “Oft, but try—guei* ncmathing. be better to pay for things as you take I “^eTl. perhaps ten dollars know you get your pay for I ‘'Ten didlart?” echoed (Charley, with *. *-Wby, ,1 y°®. I Clfigbl. to where I c^m^nced, apd I •liffcrcntlo. >    a,,«“ more Ibid evtnin" and f^y .be soon as I get it.    M -That matter is easily jettied, she d I will to the v the rest as ty and variety of odV frodueU. yet wet| e-,,rL^een .dime novel* between *    i    __     r    ...     I    ti..... «nr    _    .-r.    •    ,    .    - rx-cupv a !ar<rer area of ground than any that '.lack Cummin* •I know t could,” replied Mr. Vlatr : bouget this ^haio t^o months ago aud id paid twenty doll arr. for it. Why, just \ Dr. Will treat all <liseases JtffHieci* Id the hest of his ability. *'■ *    *    lie    a    special    J    diseases    of Obstetrical cs>e5 ireated with i    -    rortsiBl|vhat    free,    lo bare an«l success. l/Onsi Lawyers X tjttnd AV. WHITE, A&«Ms. Collootions receive energetic snJ pro":]1) attentive) Remittances mad.V daily. Charges are iii accordance with lite eus- J ton* of National Banks in thisState. H; S. WM% Basker. KEFERCENCE8. First National P.auk, Austin, Minn. First National Bank, 8t. Paul. Fourth National Bunk, New \ ork Fourth National Bank, Chicago* HIF- FHFAlii>!t\ COUTY l)\E A. fLFJIK OF TOE him moi wm., il!8TU E*HE TIIEPEACE, GENERAL POLLEI IIN * AGENT. St AB., &C. l-.nicLrii-.on.ion p.U Jo "”m' ‘“''f' I    (Ifllice    at    the    (    ourt    Home, CAREFULLY SCREENLb FROM AUL SMALL KERNELS, COCKLE, AND Oinfek iMl’pRITlES, WHICH he ’Proposes t<> sell at reasonable RATES to TAfcM- FOR SEED! Give him a call a! MiiBvATDtt NO-. 2. near Depot, Albert Lea. Slinn. l it I. —■ client •Harkers. AHMMlLLEN HAS REMOVED THE OLD POMIER MEAT'-MARKET! I On East slit broadway, first door south Cf THE PEOPLE S STM RP them. IWD nr.owyi work eveVy oaturaay night, and you ‘ a disappointed look could pay kb Vou $o very easily.” i von thinking of? .    M thews, wit*: rh aTr of a man who ha unanswerable argumenta at his command ; “b«t then it would not be near so han^y., You see, I shall »avu all tile trouble of Vijakirig ch’inge, and 'hall not only sa^e time, but also avoid making mistat’r'S ” “Mistaktfts?” repeated Hannah ‘‘Haw can mistakes occur when you pay for tni her will and he must submit. Fo he wen! down and paid the grocery bm, and on his way home he sold hi* chain fi/r t mr teen doHars He Mi ready to commence toe ta a «I Headon triM wia*>jr cannot an-wer. First, subscriptions to thest«*ek an»«»unt lo S'- 5t)O,OU0 ; second, appropriaiion* by C*»ngreea and by Penney! van in ag L'rreitM $- 500OGO From iheae #w»» w^at are i source* are realia«-d |W)0U,W0 Alioth » SUSA oow, and wa# next quarter    . (Hi the next Monday morning the cr source of re vena * b the ^ money re (    ku |>ow»$r» I yoort' iV'AT. went into the meat si*»re to j CeiVed from men or companies who pay | I ae ul ^lome apiece of b*/es for dinner. ( a Cer!n„, ^um f„r the exduaive prix ii-    ^ I **Tlow mucr. wifi yofi hAYe^’ ft!4^c^iegeof (bin^ioaM kind of bu.-in ess the butcher    I    VP bin the cJtpotdlb^ limits. I he rev cml. tin.- -I.-* *» n»™ »p •    ^    ^    fouf_..    eBUC hi- ifce f,.r D.on^v.f.d lctme have K tor ih.r j    r„    fir>    ,„<! then he . C„N, r^,)X cover*, and a preacher earned the seven miles under bi* arm to read!) consoling passage* to a dying wo® Senator Matt. Carpenter fays this    T*ft .. Oft,* v v»i -*r« w ** icaliy. and SO tie aaj gncn up awsependevs Ti;u Reveille *ay* there is a gsatW- uau .a Austin who is ao noted ttlj re*erved manner* that m»bodj ever saw him *ii*pl»y any.    .    .    ^ A bint to mother*:    In >Y    Tor    ii    bc»yr if-yo^, wis* last, finish the coni heft it and see how heavy ll is Ka fine. Jack was hard ling' si you get them ?” I will bell you. SornetTf'.es *.t may teen dorars.’ ‘•It i* cheap, to be sure, returned Hannah, but yet with not such pleas urable surprise as her husband had expected. “ But,’ she added, " you (f d fl«*t reed it, and I fear you will feel the lo** of the money We bid ithaVa been in the or. i»ri VAVAV- Brooklyn Sabhnl^ >P AnrM.Af «4 tbs ®osi rirl » n was ,.bu of ordering    g.“    <uU,:,":    .. y leaving the butcher to cut it o,r at F    privHife . a -    /.b*r*rp    the    I    A    "e    W    r    “atli TP. fs r. Pul you forget one thing. Charles, fiicnev pP.ich voYl P^Ve oft Plod I V I * ft •* Hot none? ’ Ye e\cTUi^ c^. not be convenient to pay for a thing    •* Pooh ! I have    money enough.    ^ ou when I get it—I may forget my money, *    know I have spent    but very    little    lately or I may only take it on trial-then if    I    have been pretty    saving I pay lot A paVt *ttd not for all, some I things rnaV get charged which I fay for .{ No, HfV&nah, a settlement once a quarter win t'c the hest and| most convenient all roAud, I am satisfied of it.” “Well, perhaps it may,” said the wife, with ift cAyft*'st tone and look. and yet with a inlMe, ‘♦Al I cannot think as you do.” “Hut why not ?” “Why, on all accounts In the first place you will buy more than if you e e “No, it belongs to the storekeeper, and to the butcher, and lo the landlord. Too know they* must be paid’ “Don’t you fret about them. I know it d oesn’t cost anywhere near twelve dollars to live, for I have made an estimate. There is Wilkins, who works beride me at the shop. he has four chil- jail cash. Nob Vo* ne*»do’t shake j '•run. and only gets the same wage* I *11*0.. If. Alt.USTUONtit hafter. limo*. ALBERT LEA, St. O. Wkdok. MINN. D. Ii. I*. HIBB*. ALBERT LEA. MINN. WEDGE & HIBBS, st! I;AM Iffier goon! No. I, Hodge * Block, Corner Clark atl i Broadway. Alw,.. Albert lea, -    -    -    _' I' don* A. IiUOXI. J AMUS ll. PAK KUK Hoots ami Shoes. jsnExtv Boot St, Shoe Shop. IO Having F1. Nelson purchsE»ed properly Broadway, ha* Opened » od lovely & packer, attobnih ^ At haw BuOT & SHOE STORE, -FOR DID ce in Hewitt’s Block, up stairs ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - ,t tln'dr. MIN HEMAN BLACKMER, IiAWYBR DANI) FOll « V FF! alaertlea, - - L. St.u y. CIM mill WORK. Four or five workmen will be constantly employed, and orders for New Good or for llepnirs wi^I be filled'. ehe*P alld on ,he shortest net it*:. A. M. Tykeh. 8tf STACY & TYRES, Attorn... nt l.atv. Notaries l*ublic, Real Estate and Collecting^.A.geuts. CONNEYANClNu    , t3f ,11 kimls o'lcuiately done. .eknowledg-m.nts taken oaths admimatcrctl, Sic. Taxes paid, Titles irivcStigaled, Lands bought and mid. Particular attention paid to collection.    .4^ . T „ Bor nor Clark and N.«t<)tt Sis., Alhcrt Lea Hotels. HALL HOUSE t Vt. a. FOST KR, Proprietor. Albert Lea) *    - Minn• Webber Sowse fill, ll0[ti linking recently Itc^H crnn-leUiy rclllle.l Md firiUSheil, is how pre- kared    MOD    AT ION S lo all guests and tFd^feler*. Good stabling and attentive groonil    iff    odious    sample Foom* counected with the prettll^S. Photographs J-. A. Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Bid bk, East side Brott I way, LB ER T LE A (DY |j PIV A CALL. J. TRUESDELL, Wit ii I NC RE A^feb FACILITIES FOH DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! fit All eYp.r ftiftHtb. 4^yC*Bh paid for Hides, Tallow, Ae., de. HIM! NEW MEAT MARKET. JACOB STAUEENRAVS ! ir^o ripened a new MEAT MARKET on Clark street, east of McNeil & Van I VfeWtefi’A Carpeiiter Shop, wh^re he pro-i p0«'e? tb kfcp \*vpKFthing usually found in j bis line, and also jfrdpdse* tn sell at ss X .ow iiatbIS IXC! aid your head. for I krtow it. There are Ao, koA “c? to ItV'S u^i two or three dol many little luxuries!, little extras, which I (ar* a week.” we do not need but which yon will be “Yes,” laid I!anft*t, “I know he apt to bay if you do not have to pay ' does ; I was in to see hii wife the other the money down. I know something day, and she was. telling me how they of this credit system, ahd I know that I get aHne Mr Wilkins lake# hi* ba* it ii not a fair or good tfiihg. In the ket twice a week and gets his meat and second place, if you pay cash for every- 1 VegetfiMe*. and trade* for cash, and so thing ^oli will got your Broods cheaper, j get* everything to the hest n?var*n *e t A trader will sell cheaper ★heil he his I the money in his hand, than when he at the store, quantity ■ * He lays in a articles which AUSTIN, MINNESOTA- DEALER 1$ BOOTS & I His Cleck of fine Goods rfo TR VDE WILL BE FOUND COMi?Lte¥M; ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD VERY CHEAP, In view of the depression in th* M artel.    tBt as the Market will afford A zen* portion rf the patronage pf the cit 1 -of Albeft Lea ti FfeSpelHhillw fblftited 49if OLE TANO, Maker and Repairer of Boots & Shoes. MINN JOHN Mi MARTY, tirii Engineer X Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of jLw CJr«fsM«4 Odimty, Win , Fespectfully says to the people *Tf Freeborn C^udty that he is prepared tt* «W HHk, kind of Surveying, laying out fdWri PldlS, Roads, ere., as well as makuig pildtis arid specifications for Houses, BaritS, Ct ti.    dlt4 Shop on Clark street, north and opposite of Wedge & Spicer s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. GOOD NEWS I If ydit wadi to buy good FLO ti lf and Feed, can at J. T. GHEEN’9 Flour (t Variety , inhere you will allays find the best quality iver offered for sale in this Market, anc' (ti the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO UVE AND LET UVE! tall and be convinced. First doer south of the People's Sifcre fit‘'Id way, Albert Lea. Repairing done th order, cheaji itiid bn short notice. Give him a call. 37tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. Ball c*§ West, DEALERS in. (Tbncrtil Merchantltee; AUSTIN, - ' a.~ATlca\ii6- Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C IIimebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of §LA0KSMITH!NC3 hobsB-shoeiNg. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea.    45\f MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard. LSoft Coal, Sen Honed '\7%7~oocl I Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith's promptly attended to.    (Bf SERVICE BULL Af J. P. COLBY'S STABLE, In grove near his Bakery. Fees, -    -    OO Albert Lea, Minnesota. 1) he doc* ^jod quantity 0! tftose has to cairy out the amount on hi* will keep, and buys butter, egg-*, apples ledger.”    1    and such th'ng* by the quantity when j “Hut let me tell you. Hannah, that the market is fall, ani they are cheap. I Mf Walden will rtot^heat. He i* not I and he alwa\5 bay* enough vO last hi* j the uuu to take advAhtap-e in that family*over the seaoon of scarcity when way.”    '    *ftuh thtn*?-1* are high. His butter, for “Yon misunderstand n*c, Charles^ j instance, he bon«;ht for twenty two I do you Qot know that all trader* can cent* per p«>and. a firkin of it—ac^ it afford to sell ciheAjier when they have ! is much sweeter than that for which the money in their hand* acd do not j you paid forty eitfht ccuts yesterday I have to Carry the amount to their ; “Forty eiybt tent* !” repeated the i ledger*. They could afford to do so I voung matt lh tfiVprfte. J Ttadtfbs like to secure cash tuxtniilert “Yes. lacked Mr. Waldron’!* ttxt I I thihk you will fiud it for you advan j when he brought it up. and he slid It tage to try the cash syslenL Now I do j r;‘*r ta fortv eieht bents. Mr not believe you would have bought this j Wilkins got twenty dozen of eggs some peach preserve if you had h id to pay time ago for twenty cent* a dozen, and basil ff‘r it ”    >    <    hi* wife packed them down, and they “Hut I bought that lo please you. I and I thought you would be pinged ” j “I know you did,” she replied, ai she placed her hand affectionately uphill his shoulder. “I know you would j do anything to please pie; but for the I sake of helping you, I would forego all : such things. Then after a few years ! perhaps we might own a little cottage I of our own.” For several days Charles dilly sent up 1 from the store what they really needed I    ca"e    arou‘nd.    the    first    bill W4A the At length, a* he went to the store one    renj    which    amounted to    tiVehiy-one momiPg .hr Saw some splendid pickles    foliar* The    next    wit    the butcher’s keep well. You will hare to pay Mr. Waldron forty five c^its for those be sent up yesterday.” Charles MatlhlFr P'S* somewhat astonished at this view of toe cA?e, but it could not be helped how, and the subject was dropped. His gold chain had lost its charm. It did not Idok ip well, even in hi* own eyes, a£ thb oil black Cord which he had trxJHy be fete At length the end cf tHt quarter .*•’ n sn mi h ty,------ the highest figure, and charge the highest juice; and then he remembered bow much was usually washed •Let me have two jM»und*,’ he said Ile stopped and saw it weighed and then paid for it. When he went home at noon, he ffofind that MI t**ti sjoends rf']*'*™ enough for a good dinner I J® next , morning he went lo the sP re Mr ; Waldron had some nice fig* just erne in which he showed I hey were only j twenty five cent* a pound, bor a mo meat Charles hesitated, hat as re . e- ^ i uieuibered that he had g t to for j all he bought he concluded not to take | them He lot rid that things were n of j *0 enticing when it repuiVed cash t > get them as when the y»yment o ui I be j I postponed Ha paid for what he I Totlght afd went hi* way ; and thus I things went oft t? r    the    week When it came raturday nightie kPew that all the money in his pocket was hi* own, after deducting the rent j That evening he went over lo the I market with Wilkins, and bought a.* * tpoch vegetable* and meat as be * though‘could last through Lne ’h'eeY He found that he had made a saving of at least twenty per cent , and wh n the opportunity offered be made the same saving in other tnitP-r*. At the end of that quarter Charlet Matthew* did not have to get a »,^te. Ile f aid his house reftt, sad then found he had thirty five doiUrt f f was b's—he did ftot ofie a pefcny of it.    .    . “Ah, Hannah,” be said as he heil the money in hi* hand and looked ii over, ’ now I know bow easy it 1* fur a man to be wronaj and his wile right. This tftoncy all comes of paying as I go along. It is very easy and simj .e to Mty :    -Just charge it,’ and a man can easily buy things under such circumstances. but wlo n the day of re** comes those threfi lithic sound so ih’nocent when *j*>ken, are 1 found lo be costly things. I did not believe it until I tried it. I could not j have belived that a min would pur ! chase many articles simply because he I could have them charged Hut I see * I irjj j ■    " irs t far CW. I filii CoBvemathm in a School re^cVtvd by city:    Teacher—*' distinguished king of Israel?” boy—“ Solomon.”    Teacher—** was he d i*lingui*hed ? ” Bright b*»y —“ ’Cos Ta **!:id TOO wivct.”    ,    , S*'»Ar I *»l. **H whe* bi or*.  .................... Tm sell S«*t» Water..—............... For ifiMiing and nilling tbv efSAal catalogue of il*e ezpo.»iii6H...... Five cigar an*! tobacco f*ian<ir...... The Depart mr® of Public comfort Baibliag Glob** Hotel at principle etilrn nee..............................- S*, w    ................ ...... i* cl* "Vrc^h Assoc ialioB.... . Oui Ie Book Association ............. Milk Dairy As—cia!bm......... - f irginia Tobacco Factory.........- Vienna Bakery........................- Qtsss Making Company............- • onfediouery Manufactory...... V. ^niiofial Bank.................  .. TM*' 'ife»W A rr ie *il »*’''"“I n it 8afe t'Mean^MV    ....... Beiliwc l^T-i''rf... ................... $ 18,000 CLOUD i i»-*n A a; ti ti •    »*    It ti taker, in alwrtys tao lr 1 *ll ”*il. Teel3 put out 4 18,000 •JO. OOO A I'fondpn cryirt ^fias ^eclued that )nr f 1 r*nf -* I    f lf IflllFM BOS— actor pi not a lalborer. Of cours® he’* “ no work, and all pi.,." I The extreme heigh: of misefjr 10,500 small boy With a new pair of 36.000 Boots, and no mud and flush in mack. ? min 1 os*!: ! That was a dreadful threat af aa ex# civ* ySgSft ;.    Wilt. JJP, •"»? your own throat until tner« • nothirg left of you but the ends of yowr sbLt 3.000 3.000 4twat! collar sticking out of your eyes. Can ladies with enameled faces l4 ■BJ ~k IMM) f MMI He 1 Malt Ll 0*11- m j 1.................50,000, )t SA I •    •••••    w,,I * man has affere I 85U.IMM) for the *c oCsweeping (lie fitty at re* of Tt One crivili iL>•‘ring 1. a Wuuld make i by charging each exhibitor a «r    *    ™ for keeping his space clean, ar ing permitted to retain money and val umbles t<.und in hi* sweeping «q,nations Vv*Mf’«»KT DI PA BT St KST- T*K Thii nent Ig T< rn fie 1 av ny «. Mcssc • distat ngcrs. r 'I * r A S’ d., wi r *0111* f r vi-ib rs, Th a c impany will being a1.owed t<* c earing tor p;ick*-:€ **. ’>mrr. *. W J- • 1 RiW% fi%a‘ ’ fi.r j anv at the bidding of t*»rs This departm accommodation, and di-jiensed with. RLSl A UH AXT* part viiit int sa- . lf    to    polished    society    ? What m>c*9 a young fellow look lile when trallantinfr hi* sweeth’eart thro®gG a shower * A YaiJMfeal. The threatened financial crisis ilfc Austria need not cause the people therd any serious alarm Iii always eaaj to find a V in Vienna. - W    A Vc?otiV Vt \ country school was siiiall fee j .... j    * * T-* bv Ye- as^e^i “ow    Jon P**8® Mary rnilkl 1 j 1 the tot T ’’ The last word was dii^ pose-1 of as follows :    “    Cow, a noun' feminine gender, third person and stands for Mary ! ” “How d» yon mak^ ti.*t ,Jftt ? ”    **    Bi-cause,’    added    the    ii£ telligenf pupil, “1Ti:hy tnar didn’t stand for Mary, how could sue !RSl% hek.” Scene, a butcher'-i stand HutchetJ “ Come. John, be lively now ; bra the bones in Mr Williams’ A put Mr Smith * ribs in tr.’cfast’A him.” John (briskly):    “All    right* sir ; just a* soon as I've sawed off Mrs*. Murphy’s leg.” I    cct^sional    contribntcr: A J revivalust grocer on Sixth avenue di^ Ii eau mg ►e free, nue by fee f«r if a rdh will d.Tiv'c a rev large a smal 1, fS TPI I*, and ’o’tTicT 'We R-v vi»it«-rs. and r    J a pariodicals, f. e, will be • f the groundi* s and exhibi- * ill be a great could not well be plays the fign. - Hold the Fort-een egg! for 25 cents.” lie must be a I jay man'. Do you trust anybody nowadays f’ Restaurant; Trill bb a grV^t LeV.c^t Yo 1 asked * ^ea^tifu! young lady of a jew'- ire YdVcfl With the diamonds IM, woras that eief, ds Ilk p^?lib-, fHK are allowed to be ib the grounds, and are as follows : The a case before her. ** No, ma am, French Restaurant, by Y. Sudreau, of the jeweler, “ I don t tru*t anybody New York; “The South,” by K. Mer cer, of Atlanta, Ga ; “l^e* Trois Freres Frovencaux,” by L. Gnyard, of Paris ; The German Uentautant, by R J. La tiber. of Philedelphla ; The An.e*i* Rn RestaUrani. bv Tubiaxon A Heilboun ; with anything; in a lady's shouldn’t dare lo trust my feelings: case. I ii now, and if I refused to follow ye“r .    Jewi>h    Restaurant, A Toothache Kerned). Dr Duck worth, of St Bartholomew *1 Hospital, Ijondon, has recently succeed Charles fully used bicarbonate of soda aa a rem- O. P. Hanhon. I. J. PAULIK)*. HANSON & PAULSON, Mannf*cturer* of Boots db Siioes, AU work warrih'ted to give t»atief*ction and done to order on abort nolice. Shop near cor of Broad- stfeeta; Albert Minn. -■'**- ---- war and Williams til jDray tiiHtffi WING At HOYE’S ElPRESi & DRAY LINE. Any and all jotte attended toon first call, and warranted td gi^fe’ NaHsfactlon. Leave orders on tH£ Slate at A. E. Jolin-gon’s store, Albert Deft, Mhin Deals in HARD and SOi'T wO A ti. Also Seasoned Wood; Orders, left on the slate at Lincoln Bros attended to at once. B. E SKAUG Merchant TAILOR ALBERT LEA. NEW GOODS HAVE fcftMk AND NEW STYLE OF FASHION FOR THE SPRING & SUMMER, 1870 Ha* tin iifthtj H full iine of CLOTHS, fcAsSIMERES, DOESKINS. BRAVES. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS; kb: and will fill UrdfeTs tiff *h«H iioUcfe, als reasonable aS eaff be doffe Iii the place. Broadway, east siDfc, ffettf Brown’s Blink 4fetf MANSE LIBRARY fh.ee t© At.t, who will return the books promptly lh fancy jafS. He had ordered the ar^ tide* he needed, and WAS about to leave when Mr Waldron spoke : “Mr. Matthews,” said he, “doH’tyou want a jar of pickles? I carried my wife in a jar last evening, And she thinks them superior to any she ever satk.” J^oW CliNHes kilUW thdt his wife had plenty of plain pickled Cucumbers, some that her mother had put down for her, but Mr. Waldfdti’l wife had some of these fancy dheS, and why shouldn’t Ila noah ? And so lie ordered the jar, drid ii it was inconvenient to pay for it, ordered it charged. “Mr. Matthews, anything you may want you can order at any time, and you may rest assured we shall be very happy to accommodate you.” Now this was flatteHhg ta young Matthew’s feelings, lo think thfft the trader had such confident^ ip him, and he went away with an exceedingly good opinion bf himself and credit, and of the storekeeper lh particular. Only one dollar ! Yes—only one dollar on thd trader’s ledger—that’s of rid adcdunt. Hut a dollar right out of one’s pocket—that was different. Charles would not have bought them had he been obliged to pay the cash at the tiifcb . “Ah, Matthews, look hero. I have something nice to show you.” This was said BY the trader to the young man thff Sery next morning after the purcHild Of the pickles. And so Mr Wdldroff led Our hero to the back store add opened d hoi. “There, Matthews, ain’t those nice oranges ?” >*They are nice,” replied Charles. And so they really were. “I know your wife would like some of those. I carried some home to my wife, and she wadtfcd me lo save her three of foiii dozen.” “These are nice. How nigh are they r “Let me see ; I carf Send you up three doien fo’j a dollar, f got these verjr ctieaff. You krfo# ihfc’y dre re tailing al nke cents ftpffeffk.” “Yes. 1Veli you tffay send me tip three dozen. Jiisl {Aufgo it if you please.” “Certainly. Anything else this liars The next was bill of thirty Aik dollars. Charles was astonished to see how his meat bill footed up. Hut when he saw how many up Hut wnen ne saw now ,    tff steaks he had had at thirty -apt* I a ^ jetem nile, Arid the* consequence has been tfidt He ettiild buy produce, coaL etc ,ai : the cheap prices, and he ha* sot cut Halite tent, lot he mornin; ?” pound, Ibe cause of the wonder disappeared. Next he paid the baker’s bill, which was thirteen dollars. When he came home in the evening he had paid all his bills except the grocery bill. “Mr Waldron sent his bill to day,” his wife Slid dflef supped “Ah, did he? lee me see it ” tianaah brought it and Charles looked. He was astonished at his length, and when he came to look at the bottom of the column his face turned a shade pale. It footed up just sixty-five dollars—an average of five dollars a week. “This is impossible I”    he exclaimed as he gazed upon it. Hut he examined the different articles, and he could re nieclber when be had ordered them. Those thing* which cost him only a dollar, looked very in ii ocfc Hi when iewcd alone, bin lh the aggregate they lad a very different    look.    “How much shall we lay up    this    quarter, Charles ?” kindly asked his wife, as she came and leaned over his shotllder, and smoothed the hair from his brow. How much shall we    lay    up ?” he repeated “Moi bilith.    Get    the slate and let Us reckon up.” Ile wa3 reScflked to be frank about the flirter and let his wife know all. The slate was brought. First she put down one hundred and fifty six dollars, as the Marie!-’* salary. Then came the fpfft and the butcher and the baker “rfow you put down thirteen dollars for the chain—and twelve dollars for sureties—that means cigars, concerts, and ailch things,. * Now take all that from my quarter’s salary, and Ste how much remains.”    , She did so, and gave flfty-tv>0 dollars ,$3 .(fee result. ‘•Fifty-two dollars Y* uttered Charles, sitting back in his chair, dffd We have ndi b’obgfft pffe alticl^ Off clothing or furniture. Fifty-two dollars with which to pay sixty five. TherO is thirteen dollars short this quartet dffd I meant to savfe at least thirty dollars. “Well, its no use to mourn over it.” said the Wife, in a cheerful tone. for she saw that her husband felt badly. ug utile cottage, itH4 it is all paid for. The Centennial EiSositlon. The IMnplay—The ik&i 8f Green® raver*® —Wk® Kure tahr* tie .Vt ®««y—Cee cees!®** •f PrivIle«e®—Whre Shell we ti® ae® Where ^hti!1 we L®**«—Headquarter* f®r the rill——Railroad*. Ute., Etc., So Otic litft acquainted wiih great exhibitions can realize tile immensity of this. Here stands out iff bold relief and Arcadia of architecture, displaying all style* of art, unique and modern, combining the taste* of all nationalities ; a small cosmopolitan city among the hills, read? to receive its inh,abi. UhU from. Borne strange and far-off country. It takes no great stretch of , .....  -    J    T    i    J.    !    Dotted, fU^O pr The means of ai.cotiiuiodati-'n afb good. I    w    - The Lodging ll..use Agehi^ bit made , *h)r- complete arrangt nicots for housing the f * al inftux ot" visit Oh., ai rwRaUi I noperative. Plcdg-. tiott ; sbakbd * ti i solution ot fat Bs bf oicafboHlib of end® ii Ii-    -    ,    I    I    UEIC uuid ounce of Water, gave almost great ..Bas OI vultota .t re«or ,ble    ^    &r    I)dc charges, by securing fifteen thousand Bcd chambers in private. and boarding house^ j ne Glob® contains 1.&00 rooms and can accomodate 3.000 guest*. The rates of the other hotels will not be increased — Many trains will run to and from the city daily un all the railroad*, so that visitors may lodge in the suburban towns, neighboring cities, or in New York citv, arid then get to the grohffds before loose Joining in the suburbs of 1,1    a    re*    mi    til    troth of the above author's coujeetur®. The ...flux of foreigner* will not be DjaMem on the **me gronnd i, 4m greet. The agent, of the .te.oi.hip the oW(la„ «r arttfoni., » freOMOtl, companies report the project* of a ,    htii    *liuu    lr great io-ul g MIUoJj from tafi+S U ’    W important in cases of odoatalgia, firs® to determine whether th® salivwhad ail aeid reaction. It thia be the esse; then a simple alkaline application, ai abote stated, is the moat efficacious means of cur®. Ca;e4 df t^rtfiache ate such com moi accompaniment!} lo disordered stomach; that there seems every reaiofi ^ the I - «    .    >    -    -■    -    i    |    pain    fey    lufiilHg    [ne    gBtfi    IBJd    already | thousand foreigners will be present Jar- | ^ ^ ^ ^ h    7 very jK>or, ana says thousand fore ing the exhibition. the imagination in beholding this va .    ■    q..    i    —    —    -    —■••• ,    ..    , . ried beauty to place ourselves back a ln£ ^ e 1 ! J® '    .    ie    e    f    .    *    J ab | Bicaibunatb of soda I*    In    everf few hundred years to the time of the . ^niparse wi orcign ra e, is so |c;tcTien an(J fierire Ho . ffioip hand dfUl^xim* of Home, .i.Bawd in a | gfe»‘uth“ ““f WlU be JtIcrrc<1 fro“ | remedy codld be fam, Aile ii ii valley whtbh ii now called Via de’ Cercis, with space eufPcietlt Id eritfeftitin | coming. when to Visit fHB HKjsitIH.^. destilute of any painful effects; and the rationale of its operation and it® mn five hundred thousand speBtrftors ; or j A?    fea    lefs are Inter-1 simplicity pjake u?    Mf    ii    h td CahiptlB Martiils. located off the level J cgtetj when to bfffe Centennial, I not t’efcll tHBHgill of before, ground betweeh Guirinal, CflpUoline j w-jj jjjyg t^e programme so far as ar- j ,    ~ and Pinciatf tiiodnts arid the river Tiber, j raT)^d, and they can choose their tim**, j They were sitting together, he arf This atlbietft CiitffpUg ^as laid out with    Cfcfftbriftlal    ccfpfhonial.    May    IO,    !    she.    and    he    wa* arduously thinking gardens, shady tirHlki, baths, . a race    *    *    —    L    ‘    *    **'J H“ Lj‘‘4    11    * course, and theaters. The Bt.blent and grim d ceremonies. July 4 ; harve^tiii;' what to say. Finally he biiritorit With ! display in Hucks County, in June abl this modern tarilpds have similarity Ju)y . trial8 of steam plows and tillage and differ rio riforfc thdff the customs of    *    '    ~ »ep- differ rio riforfe thriri the customs or iu,p|ementa jn the same county, in the IWo periods, ttefe slahd splendid ^ teinFf>f f!hd October J exhibition of edifices, ornamental tree* and shrubs ; j horses, mules, ana ifssss, Jfeplctiiher I grand buildings, aqueducts and lake* L0 j|f} exhibition of home I cattle. $ep- rivaling those of the Roman*. A town tcn,hcr iff) to tlctobcr 5; exhibition of    all on    account or tncir of a hundred buildings, ho two of the j 8hecp, swine, goats and dogs. October    then she    sighed    dbl    Ile sighed, side by same style, has sprung up, realiiing the i jq 05 j exhibition of poultry, Oeto-    > side. fabled legends of Arabiari lore. The I ^cr 10 November Kl; gathering of Ip Hi’s land of noble achidvements and undying glory, why is it that women do not cHffie more to the front; why i* it that tfie^ do not climb the ladder of fame ? ”    *’ I *upp<»*e;” said *he, putting h!?r flngt'F Hi her mouth, “ it is all oh account of thq?i ■ hiilliacks.” And THE AREA OCC1 PIED ware, June special gathering of the Some idea of the extent of this Ex-1 Sow of Temperance. Jane ; inturna-ho rained bv comrar'son tional series of cricket matches, June position may be gained by copipar Sv-- . — ------ , with ad citril dud riiodetn drifts The aud September ; congress of Auth Romsn Forriifi occupied se^en acres The largest of the three great pyramids covers a little more thdn thirteen acres The great exhibition of Loffffoti in J *    dffd    Ibe 1851 occupied twenty riefes world thought that the limll of sp a be and man s ingunity had been reached Hut the Paris exposition of 1855 cot* ti in Indepeudenci; Hall, July 2; patrf-a of Catholic Societies and dedication of the T. A. R Fountain, July 4 ; parade of the Kui, H * of Pythias. August 22 ; international 20 to match tried i ca on earth a bigger f*N*l than the meris woman of fashion ? ” Her question? considered himself shut up anti down, like a disagreeable boob, wntfl the lady answered :    “    Yes,    the    mid who admires her.” Theodore Cuyler recently recoup-
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