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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1876, Page 1

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Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - April 6, 1876, Albert Lea, MinnesotariBa rift COLVTY STANDARD. ftJBLl SHEW IVERY THURSDAY. Hr His, l*er Teflr, lo Adv.nee, $2 OO A •rec Hrtuni'!amini Kiiilcutc (toff. ii!usrrat int: the efnvLiM • Vitfoli RKH n.endat nm*. Ykiira r it RATES OF A DVE RT ISIS G. I inch i nth I ineh 4 iaelI I Md)* Im! 4oi Mi Im I 2 w I 4 w 3 iii (5 in I 1 yLOO 1.50 »► 50 4.50 6.00 10.001.75 1 i.YCl ti 50 15.00 8.50 13.002.30 I ;5.5(t 5 OO 7.00 9.00 I Ii.50LLY 4.50 5 50 10.00 16.00 20.004.<*t 5.50 6 ; 5 12.00 18.00 25.004 50 5.25 7 OO 14.00 22.00 30.000.50 8.50 12 OO 22.00 30.00 60.0010.00 13.00 18 .(HI ! 30.00 150 OO 90.00DBNTIStRY . A. H. SfllEET, St. D.j ALL WORK WARRANTED to give complete satisfaction. TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIS! iOC«, >t his Drug Store, near I ie Dost Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. IR. 0C NI. CRANDALL, ti ic t i s T. Office over A. E. Johnson s store, Broad-ftljf. Albert Lea.    _ 'It^ToVs x> JEJNf^lSTRYs flSfc Jte !B S de -A- ■NT" E ^ i , Reside iii tlentlata—Baafotd’a lil*>ck, Austin VOLUME 16. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, APRIL fi; 1876. NUMBER It ■MMB. ■MF >r Bankers. ll. ll. BROWN'S BANK OB ALBU LUA. [successor to f. Hail.3 Established —    ■*    ~    1807. ALBERT BBA; MINNESOTA. Livery Stable*. CITY LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. THS BAT+tB Or GMKHmOWS. of iron, and as Ilia war shout swells on the air, the red coats are driven back by the hurricane force of his charge, the ground id StCWH with the dying, acid the red hoofs of the horse trample madly over the face* of the dead. The fire of the infantry, spreading a ** It is against every rule of Military science,” exclaimed Gen Knox, whose opinion in council #8* fetter v«luau! with Washington ; “ It is against every rule of military science, to leave a fort ified stronghold in the rear of an ad va ricing army, bet us first reduce the albert lea, - - Branch Office, Will be at Wedge & Spicer’s from March OIH lo 25th 1870. refekenCLI    . Mra» Pi T: 8Co(!(iil<!j K. A. C. WVdije, . 0. W. Ballard. Min. Mill. Booth; Phy Ste inns. NI. M. DODGE, NI. D., lee »t Wood’. Drug store. Residence over Tost ALBERT LEA, _ _    _    - MINN. C X^o» Isl it cl,    IX ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON TWIN LAKE CITY, MINN., Will treat all diseases to which mankind ic subject, to the best of his ability. Dr. Rowland has made a specialty ot diseases of Women and Children, and chronic diseases of long standing. By long experience aud strict attention to his profession, he is confident of treating all curable diseases with success. Obstetrical cases treated with •are ami success. Conaultionat tree, lo A dfcSMAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. Buys Gold dhd Silver. Buys United States Bond. Buys Ottid Drafts. Buys Mutilated Curt-fe'tit^. Sells Domestic Elfhflrtge. Sell?!! ftehange on all the IMtielpfil Clite* of EtteCjte. lioans Money, discounts NOTES, Negotiates Uoutlty; Township, and Schoo District Bonds. INTEREST allowed on POSITS. TIME DE- NEW BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, HARNESSES, and RELIABLE HORSES. First-class Turnouts at Reasonable Prices I Corner of Broadway and Clark streets, ber! Lea, Mina. F. HALL, Proprietor. sheeted flume through the told* of the i mansion on our left. and then move tor mist, lights up the acetic. The never ceasing clang of sword, the low mutter- ward Hilo the cetiter of the town. There was another momento! H*leum cd shriek of the fallen, vainly trying to council) the older officers of the staff i-t'p the flow of blood, the wild yell ot united iii opinion with Knox. aud with the soldier, gazing madly around as he one quick animus glance around th* A Story Of the ReteiutlUnary ftkr. That rifle blase, flashing through the mist, is the first 8hdt Cf the battle day of Germantown. Abd thitt dead man, fiuug along the porch in sill the ghastliness of sudden fledth—Cold and stiff there, while bis sister awakes from ber sinless sleep to pray for him, three thousand miles away—is the first dead man of that day of horror ! Thejr break from the folds of the mist, the men of Brtlfldy wine—-foot soldier and troopers come thundering up the hill. God of Battles, what a scene I The whole road, further than UIS dye feotlld s»e, further than the ear Could hext^ crowded by armed men, hurrying over Chestnut hill, hurrying along the valley between Chestnut hill and Mount Airy, sweeping up the hill of Allen’s bouse, rushing forwaid in one dense column, with the tall form of Sullivan at their head, while the war shout of Anthony Wayne is b* rm- along by the morning broose. Thoro, ______ ____ _______ ____ ^ rising Dot* rank to fatik, Speeding from < Breaks on your eye; as enveloped iii here were long lines receives his death wound, the shout of the change, and the involuntary tty of “quarter," all furnish a music most dread and horrible, as though an in ternal band were urging ou the woik of slaughter, with their notes of fiendish mockery    # The form of Washington is iu the ceder of the fight, the battle elare lighting up his face et majesty ; the scene of f g and mist, Washitigti-n gave the orders to storm the house And at the word, while a steady vol ume of flame was flashing from Chew house, every window pouring forth its blate, glaring over the wreath of BW the Continentals, horse and loot, formed across the ruftd, to the - north of the house, eager for the signal whi**h Woflld bid them advauCC into the vert Iafr> ut stalwart Ibrui of Wayne is seen riding death hither aud thither, waving a dapping sword in his good right hand ; the figure of Pulaski, dark as the form of an earth battalion to battalion, from coluuiu to j migf, he seems rushing everywhere at jog their column, a form of maj***ty sweeps by, v,aUlc uioment, fighting in alf points movement, one loot advanced in the act Lawyer* St Land, JMgenl*. w- WHITE, GURK AF THE DISTRICT COI RT, iUSTUE OF TH EPK AGE, GENERAL COLLECTING AGENT, AC., Particular attention paid to Home < ollec lions.    Office    at the Court Home. ALBERT LEA, _    -    -    - MINN. J~~ ZZ    ”    D. It. P. Ii I BBH. A. O. Wedge.    ‘ WEDGE & HIBBS, ATT’Olls 1*1a s sit LAW >ffiee, Room No. I; ^edge’a Bleck, Corner Clark aud broadway* ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    " MINN. ICONLOVELY.    lf. TABKVR LOVELY & PARKER, ATtornkys AL Law, Office in Hewitt’s Block, up stairs. 1st door. albert lea, - - - - - MIN Collect! one receive energetic if! ti prompt attenti«o Remittjitices made daily; Charges itft? lh A(*?or*lH!iee with the ens tom of National Banks in this State. H. D. BROWN, Banker. REFEBCENCES. First National Bank, Austin, Minn. First National Bank, St. Paul. Fourth National Bank, New York Fourth National Bank, Chicago. THE FREEBORN COIXTV RWK. %tte(it Market*. Wm. TUNELL Well known and long established MEAT    MARKET, will always be fbuhd cpon fill J ti ell sop- plied with the BEST QUALITY OF MEAT. Which the country affords. BEEF. PORK, MUTTON. VEAL. •ll ll*1!0*    *    I    I    I    Vs    IV. USV. ft** VV/U1 UIMI VV o Fish and Poultry U ill a.Ways be found ot bah(j a8 lbey gwept jowtl „ie    the    buul    0f    death    is All were ready for the storm. Hurt were uieu wish hrcbraud*, ready to rush forward under the Cover of the first riven spirit of some German story I volley of uauuketry, and hie the house; I imddrevs gra*p-guns with a i|uick nervous mounted on a steed of irou grey. wav ing encouragement to the men, while every lip repeats the whisper, *nd j ish befoFt hitli with the terror of bm every heart beats at the sound, echoed char're like a word of magic along the line : ‘•There he rides—how grandly his form towers in the mist; it’s NY as biog too— it s Washington I" and the whole army : hoarse, he fights till his pets take up the sound—“It is \\ ashinir    th*,    hi....J    1.    W    HU    Ti    Vt j of the contest, hurrying his men on- of springing forward; yonder wire (he ard. and driving the affrighted Grit- caution ie i s, their pieties loaded, tbs ii” stock iii the hands of one soldier while S another stood ready with the next And Col. Musgrage—where is he ? charge of ammunition; 00 every side lie shouts the charge to his meu, he was intense suspense and expectation hurries thither, he ton The descent was like the path of a hurricane. The light of the breaking day. streaming lindy through Blist and gloom, tell over the forms of the pita shouts till he i» rson is red with the blood of his own men, slain before bis very eyes, but a1) in vain ! He shouts the word of retreat along nance of Ai this moment, when everything wa» ready for the storm of death, an ex pres.-iou of the niowt intense thought passed over the impenetrable cotlute- Laj ilia: I'M rur lh** (    % Mn*! eft unwiseiffirwit labors hard aud live* •prfHhgf.y it his life, l«*r th* purpose of leaving enough t** give In* children a ** .-tart iii the w<»r!d,’ as it is comm. Mi Iv called Setting a young h»si: afloat with Ttie inuiie» left him by his rdkdteij bt like Tydvfji Mwdd**fw •indrs the dm * of ore Who Unti l swim—ten chance-* to ohC be wii* go to the bodoni Teach bitt to CWitfl. rttfd Hi* Will ftt'tri 1 need the bladders Give your child gt HH I education, and you have dom enough for bim See that his moral are pure. his wind ctilti whole na»urc made subserve ut th* laws which govern man, and y**n Hat* given what will be of more refile than ! the wealth of the Indi i T • f»«* thmwett upon one s r* sourei-s, is to be cist into I the very lap of fortune, tor our famltie-then undergo a dcVelop»»neiit. and I 1 lav att ewtfffj of wliieli they were v {Hilly unsweptP?te Mr I*, a wealthy man. refit, d 1 I business, was urg'd b\ a friend to i gage in a mercanule m*be»n«,frofw wl large profit* Were apfnifetit •* You ar* • fitbt. ’ slid h»*. •* as regard* be proba i blo ft UC eta! of the scheme, hut I shat! not embark in it. I have too much I moil* y already.” He was asked to explain, and *•*» marked : •• Y. a. I would not cr.ks ti e -treei to gain thousand*. I sfi*»u!d be H ’ppirr it ary income were Ie--. I »tn old, and in a \ear or two whatever I    will avail me naught. My daughters ar* d..ad, and I have three son* rn Loin I dearly love. Mr own education ha? of mere eireutosfiitrfn*! has for its to to a ti jot !* g’ctifleman of distinction who, J r> and ti it ter ins: rec. un the- coin and medal i**mih of lh. I re nett national in.-l nip ion. The ten s at**! medals iii th’« ••ounecri* rn taring It* al* in leu I a and pnrp. s* pric. •!.-•*, fbi* curafors are C*•mp.-M'-d to » Acreistf I f k VI tv id IOO*. Ca Iii (oft ii* Hi I he adlntksi U of * ran”, rs and to Let p a G alp !<•« k* out on the visitors while they'art in-, -fw*cling lim rar st it (lie numismatic treasure*. The Multan *♦ ti* en»i.n Wished til| -ce a medal—*ify »*t (*• .listani i<Mi lTI»s I rn.-—whit*!? of gold, * f    site, and reputed rn he* uftiijtle Sftddeiilf, witile lie was beudihte oker it» the tm dal duaptNsml. and the    dei    dared    m that it had slipfkd    Lift hand and fsdfei! nu the floor After a S4‘rupub»u^ ! examinaiiou of every « kink and eianny I iii the ro«*u», the oflY Jal.- o gan to don! I the stranger’* int.grity. afft! thtin.ated **’ * *’ J ,|lat it wojM I e nec«>s;.ry to Call In * rated, and hi* ,    .    ,    ,    iI. d nm ^n I ie Ii in their seasons at b's shop, white * LARD, TALLOW, It A Ms. SAUSAGE, AC., will be kept constantly on hand. Give him a call. Four door* south of the Webber House, ALBERT LEA, -    -    - MINN. I dr f: hi* line:    “Away,    my    men,    away    In Chew a house—away ! ’ The retreat commence*, and then, up iii good earnest. TU* Brit is Ii wheel d wn thcGerman NYashingtun features Leery line or was marked by thought, ed,and beeu » cadent cd in every man with his musket ready for the charas, every trooper with his sword drawn, every eye fined upon the | town road. they turn their backs to their foes, they flee wildly toward Germantown, loafing their dead and dying in their wake J man aud hor.-e, they bis his h|M» were sternly compt estrin eyes gat lier cd sirat»ee Hre. He turned Vj the east, and ! long anxious took over tl*e whit of Blist, as though he would pi triune w a* gained by hoae.-t lab.tr and careful economy 1 I had u 1 tittie for study, but I resolved ms should have every advantage. clit one ft th. a tiasf CU clo shroud of mist in the frontuf their path in the vain effort to g*xe upon the position of the advance post of the enemy a fog with bi* glance, and gale upon the P.' the coiuuins of Greene aud He ineliued his head to one i,„ mile below, every hent throbbing flee, some scattering their arms by the wildly with tile excitement of the coin- j roadside, others, weakened by loss ot to join the dead iii the ti contest, and all prepared for the blowlj feebly endeavorm keen encounter—the tight, hand to retreat, ami then tahiti —-    —-IM— —    ... -    —-    -          m    -    —-----------—-•    a    I    IVllvaVj WUU * M V Ii I Ul I* ll    *    HH    »    v.    l/ UfVftVilVVtJ - iii J i ll Al°\1ll I    h4na, foot to f«>*, the charge of death. palh of Lie pursuers, wlio wilt one 1 ,ion. .L * LL-    i.ll    lilJlil.    and the sweeping hail of lite irou eau- by|4 front, wub one firm elcp rush after Aud then, in a < rei(trill anil Mm Ismlon (lltllnl    I ......    .    •    ■ .wa    _ advauciii; JMepheR. side ut his steed, aud listened t< tramp of their war steeds, b‘U in LII* lie turned toward I.ermaoiuwn ;    a1! wa* silent in that direction, the main body of the enemy wtre not yet in mo I hey each reeeiv rn lion, and then I guv (rotes-Ion. The eldest would 1> tlie second chose the la ijM.tv    <i lo    ft.ill.a    ti.% ! ' I-’ * I '    >' cltattl.    This wa?    all in uiv it itt    i: proud of my son*, and trusted one to    see    the n    di.-linuuisln-d. or.    n* ii    to    :be lr    tell w no n    I e»peu.-e in their training ; nicy. f«*r I Ere * SV vt . tilted Thos. II. Ait.VfSTRONG, Banker. ALBERT lea. • - MINN. HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET! On East side Broadway, first door aouth of THE PEOPLE’S STOKE. Boots aud Shoes. Ntt'XTtf Boot & Shoe Shop. o. F. Nelson OD HEMAN BLACKMER, T. A WYER LANO FOR S A LM! A I. A KUT LEA, -    -    -    -    MINN. k. C. BTA* Y.    ____'    *■ BKCY & TYRER, Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Rea Estate and Collecting Agents. CONVEYANCING all kinds adcuiately done. acknowledgments taken oaths administei ed, ^c-Taxes paid, Titles investigated, Lands bought and seld. Particular attention paid to collection. Corner Clark and Newton Sts., Albert Lea Hotels. HALL HOUSE W. G. FOSTER, Proprietor. Albert Lea, - - Minn. ~\J%T o To To ox* House This Hotel having recently been com-pteteljr refitted and furnished, is now pre- AAU*LE ACCOMMODATIONS ta all guests and travelers. Good stabling and attentive grooms. Commodious sample fteonis couneeted with the premises. Photographs^ J". A..Fuller’s PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, Union Block, East side Broadway, LBERT LEA -    -    -    MINN Having purchased property Broadway, has opened * BvsOT & SHOE STORE, —FOR— CUM MI WORK. Four or five workmen Kilt be constantly employed, and orders for New Good or for Repairs will be tilted; Oheap and on the shortest notice WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOB DOING BUSINESS, HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. j^Cash pntd Rte rtfdes, Tallow, Ae , Ac. THY HIM ! 8tf GIVE IHM A CALL. austin, J. TRUESDELL, MINNESOTA- DEALER IN BOOTS & NEW MEAT MARKET. JACOB STAUDENRAUS Ha* opened a new MEAT MARKET on Clark street, east of McNeil A I an Yechtera’s Carpenter Shop. where he proposes to keep everything usually found in his line, and also proposes to sell at as T .ow hatidS as the Market will afford nun ball and the leaden bullet SullitalTft men have passed, they are down the hill, and you aee them below I —rauk after rank disappearing in the I pall of the enveloping mist. Here they come-—a bend brave a*»d true, a band with scarfed faces and sunburnt visages, with rusted muskets and tattered | apparel, yet with true hearts and stout hands. These are the meu of Paoli ! And there! ridlbg la their midst, a* ! though his steed and himself were but one animat—so Well he backs that steed, so like is the battle fever of the horse, with the wraving m**ne and glaring eyes, to the wild rage that stamps the warrior’s face—there in the midst of the Men of Faoli, rides their leader—Mad Anthony Wayne ! Aud thtftl his voice—how it rings out upon the morning air, rising above the clatter of arms and the tramp *f steed*, rising in a mighty shout:    “On. boys, on I Ina moment we'll have them ! Ob, comrades, on—and remember Paoli r Abd then comes the band with the gallant Frenchman at their head ; the I brave Conway—brave though unf« rtu-nats—also ruffling wildly on in the train of the hunt. Your eye sicken* i as you gaze over Ale alter file of brave men, with tncftn apparel aud meaner . arms, some half clad, others nearly j barefoot, yet treading gaily over the I flinty ground; some with fragments of I H ecol on their backs, others without covering for their heads, all marked by wounds, all thinned by hunger and dis* * ease, yet every man of them is firm, h for an officer bear a flag of truce t young and gallant rangers sprang ti oui name, l.iewt. >mith ; the British iu their flight, ride down the fleeing ranks, aud scatter detlh along the hurrying columns. Aud in the very van of pursuit, bis tall form seen by every soldier, rode George Washington, his miud strained rUoW white flag, held s to a pitch of agony, ut the crisis of the lions, and with a ling contest approached, and by his side rode Continental array, he Mad An.houy Wayne, uow Mad Anthony indeed, fur his whole appearance was changed, his eye seemed turned to asked eat to enemy A aim voice who woald th* officer of Jxee’s his horse; his he assumed the array, Chew * house. In a moment he was 1< amid the folds of the foe: a thin^ of living flame, his face was begrimmed with powder, hi.- sword was red with blood and his battle shout rum* fiercer on the air i • Over them boys—upon them, and remember Pauli ’ “Now Wayne, uuw, ’ shouted Washington—“one charge more and we have them r ‘For ft a tis —■ brtidern «— forwarts I” shouted Fulaski, as his iron band cauie thundering on—“Forwarts—for Wash ington—for warts F* The Rrimh leader wheeled his steed for a moment, and gazed upon his pursuers. All around was bloodshed, doom aud death ; mist and sm*»ke above; flame around, and mangled corses below. With one hoarse shout cd by all SIglance al theadvanced tojftt to si ight, and hi* wayfor some twotill a lid m lenttate* thai t tie--rd fur a 010and wert ! si» of de* pc dlelier adv ai ("cdcditig thr« (UgliF fician ; third fj a merci I was day t leapt, »*e -pali ti I!. they had never w gave each a liber;.; had meu fairer opportunities, but I at the results:    me    physician    lias patients, the law)t*r no client-; whit* the uiercheiit—instead «.f following my eXau»ple-*-l3 above visiting his counting room, in vaiu I urge I hi rn to greater diligence. What is the response? • I here is no u.-e. father—we shall nev cr waul money ; we know yon have enough fur all.' The* Instead OI b energetic aud u-oful member?, t t astrict is are mere idler.' and find of di A I dt'teeiive. and to have him rmrrhidi i whereupon th** geutleu* n evincrd great mcnf-al dl-iu hance. A* this agitatbd oi.ly et iifirnn d the    it?    of hi^ guilt, a policeman waS wtosflv sun* mooed ; hut just as the half resisting • niger w as about to be unposed ti gross personal indignity, ait atteiidan* , cri* d out that he ha*! found the medal The effigy had inieed fallen ill tbt ground a((d n*ilr*f under one of th! | resses The e»(r*torj* of the coiler* lion. of course, overwhc’nied th Ru»* lian gentleman wall apoiogid^r Hnl they could not refrain frmn askihtf him why he had exhibifci sci great rt{* I acta nee to he searched.    ^ * F. r this reason s id the foreigner, still pallid and ireinbLng with agits-* tion : “It has been gen**rally m*sertrd and believed that the fellow to ynHf Constantine Ch lorn! nfdd is not to bo found in the whole wot Id. \ nu t*dd me so. half a d zen times, this morn* ing. Now. I happeu ti* possess a cow*** terpart of this ve.y mvdal”—he pro-* duced it as he spoke, from his wai.-t-co;»‘ pocket^“and it was U(V wish t«» enjoy your disc* mfiture when I prov* d to you that your treasure was not unique. Rut what troth! have beef! * BiV position if your medal had not come to light, and mi noah ad been found in ket ? Who would have believed mi no • It! lay over the green law a*    C3 hundred yard- All was around him. Tradition fire from the h<»u**e et mem, while Mnagravef featly maturing their p ; defense. The y«<ung so along his lonely path, sp the bosom of the fog, ad object* lost to his sight, save the grueu verdure of the sini, yet un-t lined by blo.d and hire and there the trunk of a giant tree f looming blackly through the mist. i The outline ut a noble mansion be gan to dawn on his eye, first tim sloping roof, then lite massive chimneys, then the front of the edifice, and im u its windows, all crowded w ith a Idlers hi their crimson attire, w hiskered faces ap 111) s play Had they I difficult!! aud. Were en ii.rcea t I to ga ll ti; even lion i BpoL they d«'iie A era I their own exerti» would, in all p crc*, it lo i beum b wealthy pBtttlettliBj vearf a*co gave tht un utah •ter Falladitlti wn experted Won of hi con»e of 810 OOO a \» then, but not ^-.n-i bouse in town, and a mile* out He had s K. ll! OI 1. e co.tilt -)••re . He I ar‘» I iered Si country eviral t *J P4 n»y story about the counterpart 7 MatrimoR) and PorkfU A young man from one of thd suburban district* wa* into one of oaf tail *r abt.p.- gifting measured fur a vest, the nth* r afternoon. “Married or Wnmarriedf A queried the merchant, after baking * wn the nuud*er. • I’nuiarried,” sa.d the young man, with a blush. • inside pocket on tipi lei! lh* n. observed the lallott. a* if foliitft-ftelf. u*aking a memorandum to that cf- .    o feet. Arter a moment’* pause, the young man from the suburbs was prompted Co mil • What difference d»*e« tny being mot* ried or unmarried make with tlu inside pocket of the vest ?” “Ah, uiy dear sir.” t*bserved the tailor, with a bland smile, “all the flit’ ‘erenee p<s»ible a- you mufti axe 1»«*-ng uumarriiij, y<*u wnni fjp- pi * ket oft! rhe li ft side, so to hrlr*g the y«him< iv - i>:efure next to tout heart ” ii nu in the married man i!w s picture next to bis out h (h *r. null v w tth A, A portion of the patronage of the cit! xens of Albert Lea is respectfully solicited | every hand is true, a* it clutches the musket with an eager grasp. The hand of Pulaski sweeps past, ca lic agaiu bade bis meu make for Chew s peared above file, with grisly musket house, and strain the dying, scattered aild glittering bayonet, thrust out up* u along the, path looked up, and beheld the air, while with fierce glance* the the Hriliah sweeping madly down the road. The vanguard of the pursuers had gained the upper end of Chew’* wail, when the remnant of the British force disrppearftd in the fog ; file after file of the crimson coated british were lust to hireling* looked forth into tile bosom of that fearful mist, which still like a death shroud tor millions, hung over the lawn, and over the chimneys of the house. The young officer came steadily ont a coact!, flue horse* and a dl look piea.-ure in riding cfvry his chi dren. tine day, when tiding, the tti<*t:_tit struck him that each one *»t bis children would expect to have a fine house, and coach, aud horses, abd driver, as their father had before (hem. and to live as he lived, aud if they did not they would be unhappy. He did But think that a1) of them Could Nve thin 5 as he had them, or live a* he vfas living ; and he h u.nf and now he Mood some thirty pate j sight in the mist, and iu the very heat. frulto the hou>e, waving bis white Ai; and horse? them, bought became hii a own Hi* Stock of fifae Goods rfo SPRING AP TRADE WILL BE FOUND COMPLETE, ALL OF WHICH WILL RESOLD VERY CHEAP, In view of the depression in the Grain Market.    H>t JOHN M. MARTY, Cirtt Engineer if Surveyor Formerly County Surveyor of tiM Oi'oiwc County, Wist, respectfully says    to    the people of Freeborn County that he I* prepared    to    do    any kind of Surveying, laying out Town Plats, Roads, etc., as well as making plans and spccifi-fations for Houses, Barns, etc.    41t4 OLE TANO-, Maker fltid Repairer of Boots & Shoes. Shop on Clark street, north bhd opposite of Wedge & Spicer’s Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. Hall cSo West, DEALERS IN General Mereliantline, AUSTIN, -    -    MINN. Ct. A., rtauge Having bought the old and favorite stand of A C Himebaugh is prepared to do all kinds of Bl— AO KSMITHIN3 -AND-IIOBSE-SHOEIN G. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call and see. Albert Lea. ger for the hunt of death, and as they aud flush of the chaae, lh* Americans were brought to a halt iu trout of Chew s on high, and then with an e\e» .-top he advanced toward the hall door. Ile that spur their steeds forward a confusion arises far ahead. is terrible WS*D, each soldier falling backen his advanced, but he never reaehei the hall door. He was within the »eope of vision tin rode home,- sent hi* c lo market and sold chelp carryall, aud driver. With emphasis he declared amount of wealth could indue return to hi* former annie of living, for it any one of his children should chance to be poor. a* in alt probability some of them would be, they should not .-uffer no im to 45tf MALLERY BROS. Keep on hand Hard & Soft Coal, fSonsonotl \/%/ oocl! Orders left on the slate at J. W. Smith’s promptly attended to.    6tf Repairing done to order, cheap and en short notice. Gi»e him a call. 37lf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. GOOD NEWS I TfymiWant to buy good FLOUR and FEED, call at J. T. GREEN’S Flour Feed and Variety Store, Where you will alway? find the best quality •▼er tiered for sale in this Market, and at the LOWEST PRICE. My motto is TO UVE AND LET LIVE I mil and be convinced. First door south of the People’s Store, Broalway, Albert Lea. O. P. Hajwok.    L    j- HANSON & PAULSON, Manufacturers of Boots d3 Siioes, AU work warranted to give satisfaction and done to order on short notice. Shop near eof. of Broadway and Williams streets, Albert Lea, Minn. SERVICE BULL AT J. P. COLBY’S STABLE, La grove near his Bakery. Fee*, ■    *    $1    OO Albert Leaj Minnesota. in their feeling* by the reflection thai their father rode in his coach, while ihc-y had lo rough ii on foot. The ex ample he gave them afford* him a sat-isfac.ion greater than his wealth had to bestow. A Clock Thai Regulates the Girl*. A watchmaker has invented a patent comrade with a sudden movement,while There ie flashing of strange fire! \    6aze<i on weather in vain Hriti*h soldier*’ vision; they could through the folde of mist, lifting the »*‘iu>ry for the cause ot thi* unexpected ( havc aimoSt reached him wHa an ex snow-white pall fora moment—there is c    ,    tended flag *Liff, when the (oud word of rolling of musketry, rattling like the I    foo    gathered in deuse folds over J command rang through the house, a thunderbolt ere it strikes there is the the heads of the soldier*, thicker and volley of fire blazed from every window tramp of hurrying legions, the far-off more dense it gathered every instant; and the whole American army saw the about of the charging Continentals, and ■ the euemy was lost to sight in the dt- the fog lifted from the face of the lawn the yell* and shout* of the surprised rection of Chew’* lawu, and a fearful like a vast curtain from the scenes of a foetneu.    i    pause of silence, from the din and tu- ! magnificent theatre. Sullivan is upon the camp of the mull of bloodshed, ensued for a single Slowly aud heavily that curtain up-euemy, upon them with the terror of | moment.    ,    J    rose, and a hat.storm of bullets whistled eoQipetjto retsrding iccuUrating cf .ck Bending from his steed in front oi j across the plain, when tho soldiers of for £,Sp ;n familie! where they keep na 1 married daughter* in stock lf the young man i» of an eligible sort, the re tarding attachment i9 turned on and the clock compounds with old lime at 80 minutes to the hour, so that at I A. At, the rn It morning it only indicates about 11:05 P. M the night before, and the young woman *s perfectly justified in saying: ‘ Oh, don't I It is early yet,” when the young man reaches for hi* ball and bayonet. They rush from their cannon, they form hastily across J the gtrt® that led iuto Chew s lawn, ? *he I ontiuental host looked for their the road, iu front of their baggage, each red coated trooper seeks his steed, I Washington gazed rouud upon the face* messenger of peace. of his staff, who circled him on every j They beheld a gallant form in front each foe man grasps his musket, and    side,    with every horse recoiling    in    his    of the mansion, lie seemed    making an the loud voice of Musgrave, echoing    haunches from    the sudden effect    of    the    1    effort to ftdvanre,    th uh he tottered wildly along the line of crimson attire    halt.    |    to and fro, and his    white    flag disb and flashing bayonets, is beard above all other sounds i Form, lads, form^fall lh there—to    half    lowered    iu the misty air,    he    wa*    upon the Sod. and a    hand    trembling Washington Was about to speak as lie pearcd for a moment; and the next in I loaned from his steed, with his sword slant he fell down like a heavy weight Form, about to speak, aud ask the meaning of I this sudden disappearance of the lirit-tn vain his shouting, in Vain the ish, When a lurid Hash lifted up the fog your arms, lads, to your arms I comrade*; form ' Jtray Line*. wing ss, Movico EXPRESS & DRAY LINE, Any and all jobs attended toon first call, and warranted to give satisfaction. Leave orders on tile Slate at A. E. Johnson's store, Albert Lea* Minn, A. IL Squikr.    0.    IL    Babbitt. SQUIER & BABBITT. CITY EXPRESS & SRAY UHE. Deals in HARD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Order* lefi on the slate at Lincoln Bros, attended to at once. B. H. SKAUG Merchant tailoU ALBERT LEA. NEW GOODS HAYE COME, AND NEW style OF Fashion for the SPRING fc SUMMER, 1870 Has on baud a frill line of CLOTHS, CASSIM ER E8, DOESKINS. REAVES. VESTINGS, TRIMMINGS, Ac. and will fill orders on short notice, as reasonable as can be done in the place. Broadway, east side, near Brown's Bank 48tf haste of his men rushing from their beds into the very path of the advancing Continental* ! The men of Sullivan are upon them ! They sweep on with a bold front—the forms of the troopers mounted on their war steed*, looming through the mist, as with sword upraised aud battle shoat pealing to the skies, they lead on the charge of death I “On. boys, on !’’ rings the voice of Mad Anthony. “On, comrades, on I and remember Paoli from the lawu, and the thunder of musketry boomed along the air,echoing among the uooks aud corners of the ancient houses on the opposite side of the street. with the pulse of death wit! mind above his head, waving a white flag in the air. That flag wa* stained with blood ) it was the warm blood flowing I from the ycling \ irgloian*! heart pi! “But don t want hi* wife* he trt ? qui rn d tile anxious y< • P<*K-il»i\ there i? an i km a nee o* that kli d,” said the tailor, arching hi* ej*.* br <ws “but I never heard of it. __    •- - From the Railroad Gazette we learn that “there were iu January Usf, pit*/ railroad accidents in this country whereby eight person- were killed aud twenty nlfie injured *!* accidents cau?« d the death of one or more persons, ten injury* but no deaf Iks. while forty four, or seventy three and one third per centum of the whole, Were not arcompa-ffled by any personal injury serious enough for record. 1 The number of accidents i* le*sthaif that of any of the past six month*. Af eoui pared with January. I STS, there is rn decrease of TI, over one«hftif, in accidents ; of 2 in the number of killed, aud of GT, more than two thirds, in the number hurt. This is due in a great inon-ure to the absence of severe weather and of snow The broken rail* are few in number for the season, and there are very few derailment* resulting directly from snow or ice. which I bust year happened in numbers. Family jars are loo often jugs. A Western settler : The content* of a six shooter. The most steadfast f. Bowers of 1 ttf fortunes—Our creditors. F.veu a telegraph cable cannot be 1 laid without a great deal of wife ptlll- ! ‘“IS- A tourist who was asked in what { art of Switzerland he felt the beat the most, replied : “Mi hen I wa* going to I)   ti    W    O erne. A stump speaker, in dealing with the “modern physical degeneracy of women,’’ exclaimed: “We most cud care of our grandmother*, tor w< any more *” It is m*, as • hall never get hat. On the other hand, if he should ; with mothers also, as a Connecticut not be desirable, (hey just shote Up (be merchant was surprised to hear the indicator to boiling point, and at D:B0 j other .day. His pastor was visiting it is nearly 2 o'clock. The patentee,) him and his wife, and, after warning Along the whole American line there    casting himself upon the generosity    of    her that she must take better    care of rang one wild yell of horror. Old men    a discerning public, invites patron*    to    her health, he concluded thus -    “Re* raised their muskets on high, while the    increase the efficiency of his invention    member, my dear madam, yodr    family. Another moment, and a soldier with tears gathered in their eyes; the j by judicious yawns and remarks,    a*    Your husband might replace you; but I1    ll    ^    .J    mum    •    a    L    (. I    \ 4~a    ak • k .I    I    J    '    -      .      ll    mm    A    .    I    rn    ..    mm    mom    -rn.    mm    .-J    .    .a1.    a    rn    rn    rn    a    .J    a    .    .    ...a    * a face all erimsoued with blood and darkened by battle smoke, rushed through the group clustering around the horse of Washington, and rn a hurried voice announced that the remnant of the British regiment had thrown them young soldiers all moved forward with j .kp)t.ar me \ jjoW ,hc time does rfvi’ selvea into the substantial stone Luau- j through every column and solid square, one sudden step; Wayne waved his aIJ(j jn extreme cnst-s tin admirable cf* dripping sword on high; Pulaski {eet ma)- be produced by the father raised his proud form in the stirrups, coming iu with a bed room candlestick, gave one meaning glance to his men; #Dfjj ^jing :    “Good night, Amanda and then, through every rank and file, *' - ‘Good Before you go to bed see that when the gifl gets up in the morning she leaves Charge I" Bounds the Voice of j aion ou the left, aud seemed determined rang the terrible words of coni maud,and ^ut ^ U1-,|k pitcher." Washington, shrieking along the line, like the voice of a mighty spirit— upon them—over them I" Conway reechoes the sound, Sullivan has already made the air ring with his shout, and at once, or ahull we first drive the ene- I my from their stroug hold, at this man- ! sion ou our left 7 " to make a good desperate defense.    high aboVe all othir sounds wrs heard Whitt say you, gentlemen,” cried ' the voice of Washington : Washington J “ shall we pruss onward j “ Charge, for your Country and for and attack the main body of the enemy vengeance—charge ! " or- MANSE LIBRARY FB.BB TO Alii* who will return the bookp promptly. now Pulaski takes up the cry— warts—bf adet n—* For warts I" Tho British face the bayonets of the advancing American*, but ie vain. Each bold backwoodsman sends bis volley of death aloug the British line, and then clubbing his musket, rushes wildly forward, beating the red-coats to the sod with a blow that cannot bu stayed. The British troopers rush forward in the charge, but ere half the distance between them and the American ho»t is measured, Mad Anthony comes thundering along, with his legion Drxssf.! should never be put afray dusty of thrown down in a heap Silk The answer of Wayne was shoft and | dresses should be wiped^occasionally to the point; ** Onward I " he shouted and his sword rose iu the air, all dripping with blood, “onward iuto the town our soldiers are warmed with the • blotting paper over the pi.ice and hold- ...    .    .    .    I    >    1    •___.    TU.    .ut A very tall man was lh the street* of Boston, wilco an old lady. who ad knifed his gigantic statute, thus addressed him I •’Mister, were you large whet! you were small ?" “Yes, uiarm, I was considerable big when I was little.’’ A man in the habit of traveling. with a Clean piece of soft flannel. Wax spots from candies may be removed I explain..* to hi, friend .hat he ha, from silk or satin by laying a piece of "ttpn bee'' r, b1bed- anJ “:15 “lra"‘ chase—ouward, and with auulhcr blow injr a hot iron abote it. I be was we ha7e them tining abroad. Was advised to carry ; pistols with him on hit Jottfnej*. “Oh. be drawn by the heat And the gallant Hamilton, the brave Which, when greasy, may fled Ouward ” into .he paper, ll"“ wmil(1 be w,,r?e.’ rfPll,;'1 ,he h, ro-ay bo removed. ; -ihe thieves would rob me of them PUteriua^ the gifted Marshall, echoed and another piece substituted till the r’1"'’    ,    . ........ i . .    -    "    *--------J    ------- -— 1 “Thar $ tonne too far, a? th * Boston the cry shout of Pulaski rang out iu the air “ Fur war lo—biudoi—Furw*il? . while the hoarse [ whole stain is removed Ureas* Bm J be taken out of woolen dresses iu the j matt **id w lien lit; same maimer. wi*'e ran away t<*    | San Francisco with an ‘tiler man. your children uevcr could. A certain jtfdgp; whose pompous aud 1 fficiou8 ways tempted some of the lawyer* lo acts which his honor construed lo mean contempt, fined them ten dollars each. Wilts they had paid their fines, a certain dry aud steady going old attorney walked Up loathe bench aud very gravely laid down a ten-dollar bill. “What is that for?” said the judge. ' For Contempt, your honor," was the reply. “Why, I have not fined you for contempt,’ answered the judge “I know that,” said the lawyer; “hoi I want you to underhand that I cherish a hearty contempt for this Courtland I am willing to pay fur ii." Iii* better to find out one of our own faults than ten of our neighbor*. A man ha* bien found who docs not complain st I he law * delaT*. He lives iii a house which i»rhe »uhject of a law-suit, and having keen oidcrrd by both litigant* to pay no rent to the other, he tope! the contd! ui;*\ continue Iwf teaH
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