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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 30, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that brings to e business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in lies business. Figure it out. Amp Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertiser to have their menage reach nearly every Home in or cart Lea and Freeborn county that la Why advertising in the of examiner to Worth while. Volume i number 37 a a at Albert Lea Minnesota thursday september 30, 1020. Single copy 5 c Enon % Quot a Jook Al Sulliv an will open county Campaign Rochester Man is endorsed by Farmers labor it Julius Reiter to oppose Sydney Anderson in fall election Farmers workers Lay plans to buy i Carload of flour Farmers paper still located in Albert Lea a a a i a a a a a Hill i i Mimms i Hsi Mem i is Simm Sim �?�0 in the Wake of the news preliminary plaits have been Laid by organized Farmers and labourers of albeit Lea and Freeborn county for the Purchase of a Carload of flour at the who sail Price. Final arrangements will he completed at a meeting in the election november 2. Sydney Anderson incumbent is his opponent. Lumber Barons mulch state on stumpage bids competitive bidding is proved farce by new report examiner still being published at 222 East Clark St. By Norman Gillespie editor of the examiner publication of the Albert Lea examiner owned Ami controlled by Over 350 Farmers and labourers in Albert Lea Freeborn and adjoining counties Little or no attention. Those Indef it will be decided what Brand of flour the official firmer labor Piper in this Nite persons whom the papers Call to Purchase. Several Farmers Ami a the police acted As stupidly As the working men have suggested that a Are said to do in the detective stories Carload of flour be ordered from the they simply called up the two big North Dakota state owned Mill at newspaper fed us Well with spec t0 a in the examiner office next elation and wild headlines following i saturday evening october 2, com the Wall Street explosion. Ami the menr>n8 promptly at k o clock. Powder companies which have ii Drake Cen is to transport explosives at cer Farmers in Manchester township Tain times in new York to inquire if have experimented with ordering they had lost anything like a powder flour in Carload lot for Many months. Julius Reiter Rochester minn., opponent of Sydney Amlet son for Congress from this strict was in Julius j it it Intorf , minn., Albert Lea the latter part of last if the pro re save candidate for con week i it via a a my acquaintances and j from his District endorsed new friends. Organized Farmer and labor. Or. J��?T1 probably exp anti it was Given at a meeting next saturday night or. Reiter called it Ila examine Reiter backing of the pro office while in the City. Gressie element of this Section Ami or. Reiter is tace progressive Candi expect to make b editable showing Date from this District endorsed by organized Farmers and labor. During his visit in the City it was possible to secure from him a Short biography of his life and his qualifications for office. Julius Reiter progressive Farmer labor candidate for Congress in the first Minnesota District was bom july 4th, 1869 on a Furm in the District but he has had a training which has Well fitted him to represent the District at Washington. Or. Reiter is the son of Julius And Henrietta Reiter Minnesota Pioneer. He is the third of twelve children. In 1k75 the family remove. De to a farm on the outskirts of Plainview Wabasha county. Or. Reiter in addition to aiding with the farm work when a boy attended the country school. At the age of Sev Enteen he left Home and became a self supporting institution. For a Section of the Tate continues at 222 East Clark St. The examiner makes this explanation this wok because certain enemies of the arrears and labourers in Albertl a have seen fit to attempt to keep friends of the paper who Are not acquainted in this City from visiting Tommie billed to give speech at Luttke farm Farmers workers to participate in big picnic october 9 Wagon and a Driver or some powder according to word receiver by the to s establishment. Of course they Hadnot and by the examiner anti have found that they time some Sherlock Holmes gets on ave from 30 to 50 cents on every their Trail they ought to have the 98-Pound sack of flour trails pretty Well covered up. J for the past ten months there has and the police probably have other Mccun a studied attempt on the part reasons than stupidity for not exam of merchants in Albert Lea and oth ining the powder companies. If a or towns in Freeborn county to boy simple powder Wagon did go up the Colt the examiner. Advertising a Minnesota daily Star of state Timber lands for ridiculously Low Price and then turn around and time he clerked in a general store at bold up the retail dealer and the pub Plainview. In 1891 he came to Ruch be on the Price of lumber is contain Ester and opened a grocery store. In a report just issued by the Tate thru honest business dealings with department of agriculture the people he built up a Large Patron Bis age. For several years or. Reiter character of the alleged competitive police would be As guilty a the Guil j tron age has been withheld not be to company. Two year ago whole cause advertising in the examiner docks Railroad cars anti some ship is not getting excellent results hut Ping disappeared in a blast whirl because certain business interests do sire to drive the Farmer labor owne paper out of existence. The examiner ii owned and Cor trolled by Over Joo organized Farmers and labourers in Freeburn Ami and Shook a1 new York. At that time proof that lumber Baton get Hom so Llcy confined a heir Effort to German spies and Are evidently on their Trail yet. Now the Only theory is a giant bomb plot. Of they Cun make it stick a powder joining counties. Natural they Tab company will be out Only one old exception to the studied attempt r Wagon and a Home and Morgan in the misguided merchant to drive report discloses the farcical doubt Telly will he Able to repair i their be paper out of existence. A or Wal with in hip of Dum that a afar of that Merchl it. J. Also operated a string of potato bidding for Minnesota Timber lands. Fro a the Allyl Masury. I he 86 Albertu a and Freeborn county de warehouses and he i Thoro it a it show that the state is being strip 1 we 1 not Cost a cent penile on the Farmer and Labouring quainter with the difficulty confront Ped of it Timber resource at an amen. It is from that a toilers that ing the Farmer in marketing and re Range stumpage Price of $10 a thou re expulsion of those five new they derive their chief Revenue. Why reviving in just Price for i product. Mid feet while the lumber obtained York assemblymen gives the state of i a insist in boycotting the on april 5, 1891 or. Reiter was therefrom i Tail at $9 a thou und. Married to miss Bertha c. Kruger laughter of an olm Mead co. Farmer Ami to them the following children have been born Clarence j., Oscar a., Lila Ami Orville. Both of i sons Are married and they served in the army during the War with Germany. New York for the time being a new huge profit Constitution and Al of puts the state fabulous profit have been made beyond the limit within which the by the Timber cutters this year the Constitution of the United states of report shows. Average whole ule it mean that the voters of prices of lumber in 1917, it a its were York in exercise their disc re Farmei labor owned newspaper thus antagonizing the tillers of the soil and the working people i a matter for serious thought. According to pre ent plans farm-1 a. Ors and labourers expect to get Ogeth $2 a thousand while in 1920 the a on Only Between Republican amt or web other cooperative Ente Pri when we refer to enemies of Tho Farmers and labourers we mean the Albert Lea Tribune Echo of the twin City Quot kept pre Quot a opponent of every Good movement inaugurated for the betterment of the common people. Last Friday september 24, a Friend of the Farmer labor movement a stranger in the City desired to visit the Farmers paper and transact Busine he was not certain of the name of the Farmers paper Ami in-1 Smuch a he was stopping at the hotel Albert noticed the Tribune building Aero the meet. The stranger whose name by the Way is Curtiss and who was Here to Complete arrangements for the Sullivan meeting october 9, entered the office of the Tribune. A charming Young lady met him and asked if she might be of service. A is this the Farmers paper a in-1 quire or. Curtiss. A no a replied the Ltd ung lady Quot this is the Tribune. A where is the Farmers paper located a inquired or. Curtiss. A Why there Isnit any Farmers paper in this City a replied the Young lately. What Are the names of the other newspapers Public hed in albeit Thomas v. Sullivan Independent profits Ive candidate for attorney general endorsed by organized Farmers anti labourers will open the fall in Kre Olwyn county sat a county a a a a several per tour a it can Ona an to Wash a it a 0�m 111 1� and his hundreds of friends will Wel Tonias v. Sullivan Independent progressive candidate for attorney general endorsed by organized Farmers and labourers will open the fall Campaign in Freeborn county saturday october 9, Sullivan is billed to speak at a big picnic at the Chris Luttke farm on that Date. The Chris Luttke farm is located 21 a Miles Northwest of Alden 5 mile of Wells 3 Miles Southwest of Freeborn. Sullivan is one of the most convincing speaker for the progressive movement. He has spoken in this Day october 9. Or. Sullivan is scheduled to speak at the Chris Guttko Taim mile Northwest of Alden 5 mile East of Wells. 3 mile Southwest of Freeborn on that Date. He will Peak at 2 of clock in the afternoon. Farmers labourers and their families plan to make the Day a big picnic event. Shipstead men to Start state Campaign whirlwind trips to eighty counties on Independent s schedule jut since lie arrived in Rochester or Reiter has been a vital Force in municipal affair. He a first elected Alderman in Imp and re elected in i960. He was elected mayor in 1907 and re elected in 1917. He has Al of held several other offices of Honor and Trust. The Rochester candidate for Congress takes great Pride in his connections with the Public Utility Board electric Light Plant and water Plant. Of Rochester which operates the City or. Reiter has been a Leader in municipal ownership project in Rochester democratic candidates. Which being further interpreted mean the candidates of bos. William Karnes of Al new rage wholesale Price a $77 a thou and. Prices trebled while manufacturing co gets went up Only 40 per cent. Production Coal the report reveals Bany or Ltd ram Many Hall in increased very moderately. In 1917 Ork. One thousand feet of in tier could be planed sawed and made ready for Market for $7.15. In 1920 this work Cost $11.02. In estimating present of a like nature. They have no de leu a a ked or. Curtis the examiner anti the Standard ire to patronize merchants and other a Jeu it who to not i eve in Pat aniline i the in famine . U fun the. In Anil their to or Cima. H hot Job Jure l a recently state labor headquarter to it talus. There has been a trility of peace Ecret of course bet Wen Murphy of tammany Ami Barnes of Many urged Labouring men to withdraw their Money from unfriendly Bank and de to it ii with the state Bank of Notts Dakota labourers of Albert Lea have had no occasion to follow the year providing what Diplomat and production. Cost the report allows $10 College professor Call a i glance of for stumpage $10.95 for logging $1 Power. Tammany has new York and 4n us a Quot they Haw a Friendly Bank for driving and in .02 for Man of be protect it Dom wicked update so institution in the City. I he Alturet a total of $32.97, compared with publican Barnes Lead the mom Bert 1 a Sute Nik hum tollway by ten Ammer and make further inquiries Quot $23.20 in 1917. It assert that West up Stutz terse against the wicked no it to organized Farmers and la r Turne it or. Curtiss and thanking pm lumbermen can put lumber of tammany. Magna Focient Borl is an according to reliable in the Young lady he walked out. A Oln t the examiner the Farmers paper a he a ked. A Why no a he replied a a their May be three or four Farmers who Are stockholders in the examiner but it is not tile Farmers Well i guess ill look up the exp a City which not Only a unusually a Toni at a co St of Mage play which in the past give Low electric rate but which has Corn a in other work la the in big Busine splendid Majorine common a Petely built and equipped one of the consumer went up 300 pro cup and and fooled Leader whose head a a w formation furnished the examiner expect to continue Friendly to the or. Curtiss a finally directed to flex Minnesota daily Star Independent Campaign meeting in to counties of Minnesota Between oct. I and la were announced today at Susji a had for governor headquarter. The Farmer.,t i workers Campaign will o a next saturday and every Candi late Indor de by the non Puri an league or by the working Peoples non Par an political league will hold two meeting Dasy except ing sunday until t in w Dup o 31, it a announced. Or. Shipstead will open n Maraoui Lyon county at 2 p. In. He Yai. I it Tracy at 8 that night. Captain George ii. Mullen candidate for lieutenant governor and r a. Pomade candidate for Congress in the third District open their Campaign the same Day at a joint meeting in Carver county in the afternoon and in Mcl ii county at night. Definite meeting places have not yet been come him Back october 9. Sullivan in his addressee gives fact Ami figures that Are irrefutable. He Carrie with him affidavits and court document to prove i every a edition. Even enemies of the Farmer labor movement cannot doubt statement made by Sullivan in his Campaign talks because he Back them up with convincing proof. Arrangements an being made to Muke saturday october 9, a big gala event. It will be a picnic affair in which Farmers labourers and their families will participate. The speaking will Start at 2 of clock in the afternoon but banners a Ltd k ing men and their families Are urged to come Early and bring their lunch enjoying a picnic dinner before the add Start. Reiter will spot a Julius Reiter Rue it min Independent Prog Quot Ive candidate for Cong from to District endorsed by or gut ired s nod la borers will a o i a at the picnic october 9. Or. Lieder is backed by the farm Lahore i and other. I opponent is Sydney Anderson incumbent. The will be one of the first oppor Tutti Ltd pot pie of this county to git to u in of with or. Reiter and in or tand on important issues. Ail bum Ilion Point to the fact that Satin Day october 9, will see a Cai oat crowd at the Chi Luttke farm Miles Northwest of Alden 5 mile East of Well and 3 Miles on fewest of Freeborn. Shipstead will speak in Albert Lea next month finest team electric plants in the Northwest solely out of the earnings of the municipal Light Plant. Further or Reiter a the distinction of being the first citizen in Ruch 50 production Cost Only us eff cent. Auction Salix Good thing Vve do not have to defend Ocious that the acquisition of state Timber or the View of these particular so land at a a auction Sale net the tim in denouncing the expulsion. Ester to publicly advocate the contract Ber cutters a a Good things Waad one w to believes in government by Tion of the municipal owned million fitted today by H. Hay assistant the people Ami by Law is a alarmed Dollar Power dam. After battling commissioner of agriculture who when constitutional rights Are denied certain water Power interests for a conducted the investigation on which opponent As when denied to Friend number of years the City finally in the report is . I report rec inlay it is socialists tomorrow it i de took the building of the dam Dur commends legislation to curtail the Likely to tie Farmer candidate i ing or. Reiter and mini station a profit of the Trade. Or. Hay said some still More mild Reform move Nayor. However that in i opinion the Sale ment. A or. Reiter has been a progressive of Tate Timber land by state Audi-1 thinker at All times. A a member of tor A. O. Preus Republican candide democratic party he Early joined Date for governor is conducted under the rank of the insurgents in the genuinely competitive fight against Bossis a manifested a tile Sale Are advert sed by or. In state politics. He a taken a keen Preuss department and they take Hgt it Nui it in ii on Page eight Hie examiner office 222 East Lark St., and told his Story remarking per much lighter than the moral pro no organized Tai Mer a and labourer in that it med Peculiar that hostility pie they would defend. Of won King out a plan to get con to the organized Farmers and labourers Teil action in the withdrawal o Wou reach Uch an extent. Minifay from local banking institution unfriendly to their own Intel tan1 have this Money deposited in the a Belt Lea Bank which is Friendly to them. Indication Are this concerted movement will meet with endorsement and Sucre. Interest in state and National politics As Well As local and has been a candidate for lieutenant governor and Railroad and warehouse commissioner. In 190h he was governor John ones running mate. In 1912 he won the in the much ail Virti de open shop Campaign Alia the american plan which has been going on in every City of the country the interests which stalled it have been Able to fall Back on Many a court for illegal support. There i con i Lerable of a moral in this Story for organized Fanner and labourer. They shold mop and give it serious consideration. Despite the fact that farming is one of tree chief occupations in Freeborn county and the to Bune maintain every Farmer and Labouring Man in that it is Randy and willing to do any this Vicinity interested in securing thing for this Community the title dour at whole ale Price is urged to it Parrot of the big a kept attend the meeting at the examiner has seen fit to pose and con office next saturday evening. A Dean the honest tillers of the soil and cording to Advance information Given workingmen at every Opportunity. The examiner enough Farmer Aru there is no question but what the a Viking men have indicated the. Tribune Ami All it employee Are willingness to order flour in this a to insure securing at least on Carload it is Likely that two will be order scribed every Liberty loan and re i Cross drive. Mayor Reiter insisted the school Board have gone to jail on a peaceful and decent citizenship rather than allow a District judge to in Minneapolis four prominent la but thu win a w decide at the Bor leaders on of them Secretary of saturday evening aware of the fact that the examiner the official Farmer Haber paper is being published n this City. The examiner a Given the Tribune management Many anxious nights we Are every Farmer and labourer interest even to understand and those in of in protecting his own interests a charge of that Heet and several of Sullivan opens at in picnics Thomas a Sullivan candidate for attorney general and Julius Reiter candidate for Congress in the first in tact open jointly in Wabu a county at a picnic on the j h. Johnson farm three mile West of Zum Broth fails at 2 p. Inland in Lake f City at night. Charles a. Lindbergh tonner con Gressman in the sixth a strict an now a candidate again for that office will launch his Campaign at St. Cloud Friday night. Carl o. Parsons state chairman of the world War veterans will speak on behalf of the candidates at the same meeting. Net Thor to on candidate for Congress in the ninth District will tart his Campaign at Henning at 2 p. In. Friday and at Fergus Falls at 8 p. In. Claude Townley a non parti in league Lecurer will speak. Too. O. J. Kvale candidate for Ron Gre. Cent inned on Page eight Henrik ship Mead id pendent progressive candidate for governor endorsed by organized Farmers and labor will Peak in Albert pea late next month Accord ing to present Plana. Announcement to this effect was received by the examiner from nonpartisan league Headquarters Minneapolis this week. Shipstead will probably speak in Albert Lea wednesday october 20, altho this Date has not been decided upon definitely. However friends of the progressive movement Are assured by league Headquarters that or. Shipstead will speak in this City some time before the election not vember 2. Word to this effect will he received with rejoicing by Friend of the progressive movement As they have looked Forward with eagerness to hearing the Farmers labor Leader. Running Mace. In be won enc and deny them the right of picketing an a a a a a a me a a democratic nomination for Railroad Viv. Little a Aamin Vink himself a substantial its employee have done everything towed by Over doff farm or and labor a mob artist so were Given Little of an a commissioner on a a Unity to violate the Constitution Prog univ platform after an intent ural t his a term of once Primacy Battle in which he was Ope has duo help a he so orig pose a the reactionary anti special Mab in attle for Justice at the privilege interests. Hands of Rochester own special priv he has also taken a leading part in Jege Clag and aided in the election of the Farmed labor movement in this the local Progre Sive ticket last District am insist that the interests Spring. Of the Small business Man the farm or Reiter a also had experience or and the Labouring Man Are identical Job the wholesale grocery business and Ami that As Long As the big interests this has taught him that the legit keep these groups fighting among mate wholesaler and distributor must themselves the country will get no re join the Farmer labor forces in the Lief from the profiteers and special Battle for political and economic jus privilege class. Hee if the profiteers and speculating sum of Money should attend unfair theatre. Now six More have been cited a smiler charge. At the Miner Quot once next in 0.-Hko,h, wit. Cly by Union leaders tut la. Venin. October Are in jail under condition. Prompt yet g com the unfair employers want to get the Benefit that they May see in being unfair to their working Force and at the same time to prevent the workmen from telling the Public about it. That is All picketing is. The editor of the Minneapolis labor review is in jail because he said in his paper that the theatre in question was in death sentence basked on an Aiman woman Edmonton Alta a mrs. Sarah Jackson found guilty of murder in the the in their Power to malign the farm mock holders. The examiner has ers paper. Made this statement repeatedly thru the Tribune has been very influx out the past ten months. A. C. Zentia in the Boycott that Townley president of the non parti has been maintained the an league a no More to do with examiner. They have succeeded in the examiner or its policy than tit this dastardly unlawful Effort de Tribune. A majority of the stockpile the fact that advertising in the holders of the examiner Are Bon examiner has proved to bring far fide Farmers and the examiner is a us w of it a t a better results than advertising in the without question of a doubt the offi following orders doctor to Farmers wife your husband it not getting on a Well a he should mrs. Brown. Are Yow giving him plenty of animal food Ai i told you mrs. Blown of yes sir bul 1 think that a it. He get the oat Down _ a a town no How. Or. Reiter was Rochester War middlemen Are to be relegated to the mayor and this was one of the few junk Heap. At present he i vice liw be u>1 to open cities where mob violence was held in president of the twin City whole Opp Check and where the right of free Sale grocery company St. Paul a somehow we forget that after a speech and free assemblage was not to operative wholesale Houe and con Muu on the he my he is still i abridged. Yet Rochester Over sub trolled by goo retail grocers. I continued on Page eight degree for shooting her husband daily. Cia Farmer newspaper in this location their Homestead at Kwan River there is no question but what the to. Alta on Christmas night 1919, a Tribune and its employees wish sin suffice to say that the examiner fair. Picketing too is safeguarded it enl Neej today to be handed dec. 21. Teicie it lat there was not As official the official Farmers paper is still be Thi is the first woman Ever. Tenc of Mer paper in Albert leu. Of such ing published every thursday after de to death in Alberta province. Wer0 the Cas let that Laj a coulis nil n 22 a it Lark if pm continue to Flim Flam the Farmers and ploys of the Tribune Are not aware Labouring men opposing every Effort of the fact by this time a careful wonder if or. Newton will hire ids j they made to better their own cond perusal of this article might tend to Secretary through the business serv tons awaken their memory to a certain i set com Pun ? the examiner is owned and con tent. By Laws on the Minne Ota statute Book so the judge challenged the Here i one of candidate Llu Ign a fit a pearls gleaned from i Campaign Organ the Hibbing news a the go he who Chew gum Are grit ret sed it t we it Many jaw hat been put to worm a it than a jury in War is Over True. Missouri held that la h ii the i i a

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