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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 29, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota # endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner if you a wrong you can the too conservative if you Are right you can Tik it too radical.99 a Vav Des and labor Council volume 2, number 39, Elbert Lea Minnesota thursday september 29. 1921 pc of single copies 5 cent. Open letter to president on disarmament the following open letter in relation to the disarmament conference dated september 23rd, Baa been addressed by or. J. A. H. Hopkins executive chairman of the committee of 48, to president Harding the honorable Warren g. Harding president of the United states White House Washington. D. A my dear or president now that you have designated the i delegates who will represent America at the disarmament conference it is perhaps fair to assume that you desire to instruct these gentlemen As to the wishes of the american people in respect to the purpose of this conference with a View to achieving these purposes. It is perhaps unfortunate that of the four delegates namely messes. Lodge Hughes Underwood and Root the two first mentioned have indicated by their Public utterances a difference in their individual views As j compared to the underlying purpose in the minds of senator Horah and the other originators of the movement which resulted in the calling of the disarmament conference. # but nevertheless All of these gentlemen Are experienced diplomats. They know that they cannot get something for nothing for it can be said with no disrespect and with absolute truth that under existing conditions the disarmament conference will be a a trading proposition. Each nation will doubtless instruct its delegates As to what it seeks co carry away from this conference and the approximate Price it can afford to pay. For this is the essence of International diplomacy. I am inclined to believe that there is a considerable element of the american people who consider that our government should demand from England France and Italy the immediate payment of the interest Al a ready overdue applicable to the vast sums which we loaned to them in the prosecution of the am equally convinced that it is not the desire of the american peo a pie to consider for one moment the Gratis Nous cancellation of these debts either in respect to interest or Prin j cipo. Furthermore i am heartily in Accord with the popular yearning for disarmament Ami world peace the desirability of which you have so often voiced this naturally suggests to me the following question Are the Ameri can people prepared to instruct our delegates to state openly when tire conference convenes what we want and what we will pay for it if so it is perhaps not inappropriate to suggest the advisability of submitting the following ultimatum to the English French and italian delegates a we will not cancel your indebtedness Gratis nor Are we Content to longer postpone the payment of the overdue interest thereon. But if you and the japanese Delegate. Will collectively a Rev to disarm or agree upon a uniform and progressive ratio of disarmament America will join with you in so doing and will simultaneously cancel or reduce your indebtedness to the american people to the same extent and in the same ratio. There is however no other Way in which the american people s will consent either to cancel or to reduce your financial obligations a the acceptance of such an offer would be economical for All concerned. It would solve the problem and achieve the purpose for which the disarmament conference was called. It would reduce enormously the bursting tax budgets of every nation and relieve the increasing financial pressure which is closing in upon every individual it is not unreasonable to suppose that such an agreement would meet with the Hearty approbation of the american Public. Will you As the mouthpiece of 110,000,000 people take cognizance of this suggestion and ascertain through the publicity channels which Are open to you whether in presenting such an ultimatum our delegates would be correctly voicing the wishes and desires of our citizenship respectfully yours signed j a h. Hopkins executive chairman com of 48.�?� in connection with the above or Hopkins said today a at a time when we Are groaning under the Burden of excessive taxation it is appalling to Realise that Over 90 percent of our National budget has been set aside to pay for past a wars and to prepare for future con Farmers plan pilgrimage to Jackson in event Townley goes to jail there us More than a possibility that a. C. Townley will have to make the sad pilgrimage to Jackson county jail to i begin serving the sentence imposed on him on or about the first of october. The Farmer organizations Are up in arms at this perversion of Justice and have been holding meetings All Over the state protesting the incarceration of this Champion of free speech and democracy. We have received letters from prominent banners and leaders in the Farmer labor movement announcing their intention to journey to Jackson enemas be on the Day that Townley arrives there if the Powers that get hold to their determination to jail him to participate in a last monster protest meeting and to tender their respects to that Stalwart figure who is paying the penalty imposed by the vulpine hordes of greed and graft for speaking the truth As he saw it. Several Farmers of Freeborn and Faribault county have signified to the examiner their intention of driving to Jackson on that Day to join in the monster protest against this Gross injustice. Among the rank and file of the Farmer movement it seems to let a the Universal opinion that jailing Townley will be the biggest Folly that the Powers that dictate could possibly perform. Tried As he was in the atmosphere of a hostile Community and denied his constitutional right of addressing a jury. Clear thinking and right minded men and women All Over the state those outside the league As Well As the members Are alarmed now that the sentence of the trial court seems about to be carried out. An old wheelhorse of the Republican party upon Reading the news dispatches concerning the Case said a what Are the d d fools trying to do make a Martyr. Out of him Quot the people without As Well As within the popular pastor flays a local Butcher shop North Dakota recall aim bared As Rule by old gang hungry for political plums Grain trades biggest guns will Roar next week the writer of the following letter is a Well known anti popular Devine having charge of three Large congregations in the Southeastern part of the county. We with Hob i his name not because he requested it. But to shield him from the Petty persecutions that would inevitably result were he known to the Pinch Berry profiteers to whom he evidently refers Leat. I e strengthen de Fargo plot to grab v. Senator ship. Bys 0 Mai it i i Immi it i Mim tel Milb a a a a a a a a a ill Mim Mimm i i it i a a a a a Mem s. Bismarck n. D. North Dakota in now in the midst of a recall election great stake. Judge Young of Fargo attorney for the Northern Pacific Railroad and recognized spokesman for the railroads in North Dakota is the ruling Power of the gang and a editor examiner i am not a politician nor a subscriber to your paper but am a minister of the gospel. I have read a Campaign that is looked upon by in the i v a. Organization. He fears sympathetic politicians As a great another nailed states senator like political hoax one of the most re senator Ladd and in a be ser degree Marrable in the history of the Tate. The re election of senator Mccumer Bor the recall election is not strict the Cost entailed in the great Effort in the outcome of the opposition to is not reckoned. The recall is order the nonpartisan league but rather of in Defiance of the wishes of the represents a determined Effort upon majority of the Buvina is men in the the part of an opposition faction state in the i. V. A., but through a known As the a Fargo gang Quot to gain hand picked convention at devils control of the political patronage of Lake the gang was Able to override few copies of your paper Ami note the fact that you strike direct from the state Ami to gain a position of the opposition and puh through the the shoulder. That being my motto advantage in the next election for recall on the false plea that it was i United states senator. Inaugurated for the purpose of of i he a Fargo gang a having gained taming a a business control of All the machinery of the opposition to the nonpartisan league. I Send the following article which you Are at Liberty to use if you wish the names of the parties being furnished on request league Are sick of the Dollar patriotism that has actuated the politicians of this state Ever since the War first loomed Over the horizon As an american possibility. Senator Follette has let Een driven $5,000 As a partial payment for the wrongs he endured at the hands of the tribe of scurrilous and unprincipled liars that misquoted his famous St. Paul speech press dispatches Tell us that Eugene Debs is about to receive hts Long expected Pardon the John Mients Case which attracted More than state wide attention has been ordered Back for a retrial and it seems that he has a fair Chance of collecting from the Rock county patriots who assaulted him. In the face of All this that a. C. Townley should have to go to jail not because he made the remarks attributed to him and for which he was convicted but let because he is the recognized head of a movement that is destined to unc Lasp the foul fingers of greed from a bout the necks of the common people seems unthinkable. Rut today such seems to let a the sad and sorry Case and the least we who Ite Lieve in the ultimate Victory of right Over might and in a free Minnesota where each shall receive that which is his can do no less than make the pilgrimage to Jackson to pay our respects to that intrepid Man who goes unflinchingly to pay the Price imposed by avarice upon those who Battle for the right. A Why anarchists Why strike1? Why discontent and is at intact Ion Quot to find the answer we have Only to open our eyes and see. Being in Albert Lea i thought to buy a mess of pork chops for dinner so went into a meat mat Ket on Broadway. Threw a Quarter on the counter and asked for two bits Worth of chops. I receiver three slices i which when weigher balanced the i Scales at exactly to ounces. I left the place saying to myself following the ame Street South 6 or 8 blocks i topped at another meat Market amt bought two pounds of pork chops at 22 cent. Per Pound. The last Purchase timing As Good a Grade of meat As the first. In fact both were Fine. The last Man purchased from said that he was making a fair profit and i raised the question what of the other fellow1? what indeed was Able to Decloud the Issue Zuffi Veteran writer a i is fray a gently to get enough signatures to rank Harris editor of in Earson a petitions to enable it to obtain the i Magalia probably the most Cap recall election. Almost immediately a Ltd ii Nii Barless of the Many men upon the launching of the Campaign. A la a tank he Khz in the literary world however the recall proponents ran Wnm who have taken up the cudgels into the Snag of a Well organized my to Ike Massas quits the fray and Chine of the Mccumber faction in then following article in Pear on s sate which Al too plainly realized the his reasons. When the ape motive behind the recall. Brained Pollyanna a of selfishness in the political machinations be drove us s Battle scarred Veteran Hind the recall lies its great weak from his gun.-, they inflicted a distinct nos. A weaken a which caused chair a on cause of right and jus Nian Liederbach of the nonpartisan gee. Or. Harris article follow league to declare that a Victory for am finished to fight for the governor Frazier attorney general american Ideal of Washington Ami i Ehmke and commissioner of agriculture Hagan by 25.000 majority is a conservative claim. League gains strength Jefferson in these state today is like up iting against a Gale your own face and dignity will suffer. The state of Kansas where i grew to this is the eighth time the a Fargo manhood has instituted slavery six gang Quot has forced in election upon the people and in each Case the league has been victorious. Now with business conditions generally bad there Are hundreds of business men both pieces of meat bore the stamp n the state who have become out of a Well known packing House so spoken against the use by the gang the argument that one was inferior recall in an Effort to satisfy millions of workmen Are out of work and nothing is done for them president Harding gives the Railroad Bosses another half billion of Public Money for their notorious worthlessness and denies our Soldier the pitiful Bonus promised to them Harding talks disarmament that will Cost that confront us when Many must can not be used. In the face of the my Ariel suffer the pangs of hunger which condition is unavoidable such holdups ought not to be tolerated. Such profiteering should be punishable by prison Sente Iiri and every of by a on their personal political ambition Over a billion a year More than theft a conditions i while the state groans under the Cost w Hole German indemnity amnesty of the election and business men of refused to conscientious objectors Fer through the disturbed condition thirty four months after the amps Only within the last six months him lice. Though every european nation business men in various parts of the has granted fret deliverance months state begun to preach the value of ago poor Little Molly Steimer is kept co operation with the Farmer and in goal for telling the Plain truth w Hoha the Good of humanity at efforts have been made to encourage the noblest of americans Eugene heart should Opp it get such outrages upon a Long suffering Public. Well May we cry us did Daniel of old a How Long o i Temh How Long Quot of present political parties and offi of tits. The reason for this lies in the Keh blk an Hopster fears fact that our bunking group which controls both the Republican and democratic parties has become frankly imperialistic. The immense profits accumulated at Home require investment and seek More lucrative the nonpartisan Lead i e away and a new1 disown station a hered in least it be said of them As of Lazurus a behold be the evening Dingbat Albert leads own daily paper prints the following from the pen of Vance Chapman who my Tibin thu Quot who his to Hitler Quot we the fun to ladle out the political governor proclaims fam i Nie Relief week capital in foreign exploitation dem i the Minui teeing of their in a a 1l,? an 1 s a hair for the . By a All powerful army Al a ugh a in Quot a a a a citral committee that is pts la Tiet i to the Public by the from giving. My Advt. . ,. Republican pre of the state. I he supreme Issue is the breaking up of our financial control. While the predicted Fini a of the. Quot the committee of 48 has already nonpartisan Lugue May be in sight eng people of unfortunate Russia. Pointed out that this situation can-1 Quot lust not taken As meaning Phill Jug m most worthy cause anti the not be remedied except by the Organ shut tic in is nut we he a fact that the donation is a ked by the Iza Tion of a new political party pledged us a St Tugglt. La the beat posted ubiquitous Preu to the abolition of Privily have h right next Campaign Ege. Constructively this Means the for pm Iwai supremacy will be a hard Public ownership anti operation of fou Elii one Townley from All a railroads and the Public control of counts 1 going to make it the fight our natural resources throw ii the life Ami the general financial taxation of land at its actual value aubreht which is now featuring every a such a party the committee of 48 in Ltd of activity Arni Industrial endear a obligated to create. The new a Ifni us 1� be his big bid for sup party will be formed Well in Advance r would be to Tell an untruth of the 1922 congressional campaigns to Hay bal political conditions in in preparation for the presidential Minnesota Urb pow of at feast i Bey election of 1924 Are Bot am those close to the Agri a but the coming disarmament con Cultura interests in the state Are Ference at least offers us an oppor Dutt fied to speak on this Point. Unity which should not be neglected. In Furmer has been hard hit Ami in it is important for the Public to know a Gore this in Many communities. These Deb i still imprisoned though the business men regard the recall As a attorney general called him to direct blow at Bonnes of the tale Washington and afterwards allowed the Quot Fargo gang a picked its can him to return to his cell Nuguar led dilates with care when it started out apparently to mock his Honor As Well Cera can not or dare not protect the units fight for political patronage a his suffering Public from the hurtle of human Par All three were hand picked. They my prs tests against All this Insan Sites it is High time they were Laid chose a a nest�., a mediocre Minot a Are unheeded anti worse they Are lawyer who has been a candidate for alienating opinion a your crouching something or a Titer for the last 15 is not wanted Quot i am told in a Hun years to run for governor Content fired letters so from now on i refuse that his easy going ambitious nature to write on current polities would make him a perfect tool in my critics Tell me they read my their hands. A Vebjorn John on. A literary articles and enjoy my stories grand Forks lawyer of rather Ord but the wont have free speech that Ary reputation was picked for at Doe not agree with their simple to racy general As a part of the Deal Faith accordingly i am resolved to the i. V. A made with the Democrat make Pearson s As it was ten or if organization in the state lat fall. Teen years ago mainly a fiction mag car Joseph a. Kitchen a country school Azine teacher anti rancher who proved the re of Utica has been sudden to tractable during the legislative be this first number is Likely to show stun Ami to is without personal following was picked to run against commissioner Hagan of these candidates can be elected the a Fargo hould deter no one gang Quot is satisfied that not one of them is Able if he Choe to assume an Independent attitude. Program bares aim Chicago sept. 29�?Grain growers Are about to be told again that they face certain failure in their efforts to establish a National co operative ale Agency. Hundred of representatives of the organized Grain Trade will meet in Chicago october 3, 4, and it to attend the Annua meeting of the Grain dealers National association. The organization that fathered the Mansfield $250,000 propaganda committee now1 famous because of its unsuccessful efforts to attach the stigma of socialism to co operative marketing. This same committe is directly responsible for the a remember North Dakota remember the non parti an league Logan used Early in the Campaign made possible when a a a slush fund of a Quarter of a million dollars a pledged at inc n Natl. A Farmers May As Well prepare themselves for an Avalanche of says a h. Gustafson president of the u. S. Grain growers. A the organised Grain Trade will bring it heaviest gun to la ear on cooperative marketing a luring this meeting but an institution that is founded us solidly As the it. S. Grain growers and has weathered the Grain men s initial attack will not he damaged by the second phase of the publications which get practically All of their Revenue from the Grain a Lade for several week have been Dusy trying to get a Smutny delegates As possible to attend the Chicago meeting. The Western Grain journal. U Piecul of this Cia s. In its current Issue says a without doubt me biggest problem 7>efore the association is the cooperative movements fathered by the u. S. Groin growers tile Grain dealers National association we the author of urn boo Ter for the plan to spread propaganda showing the faults and impracticability of the plan. Further consideration will be Given the Grain growers scheme at the annual meeting and it is of utmost importance that propaganda be continued to Dis re Dit the Farmers movement every Grain Man should give his support to the National convention so that us ions will lie Backet by the largest gathering of Grain men Ever held. This sentiment printed in one of the organized Trade most representative publications indicates just what producers May expect ire fore the meeting ends Here. Fighting the Farmers commission company Minnesota s pet put. Shakie pre us is out Width a petition a King the citizens of this late to contribute 90 carloads of Cornar i 47 carloads of wheat from 1921 crops to the eat Relief committee to save the lives of children. A portion of this Grain is to be used to help the stun Bio army of gunners. There we a re 8, 122 licensed gunners Iii this roil try lust year and it is Ald that theft Are As Many Noire who Hunt game illegally. Of the total. There Are about 2u0.00u women. Pennsylvania leads the list with 401,-130 Hunters licenses granted. Ign of haste i want my Rentiers therefore to he a Little indulgent to this pee in ten next month shall la better Ami from the third month on i Hope to give the Lee to stories that can be got one thing glads me to the heart ii is Twenty three years now Sui be i fallible Iii i prophesying. Had he been Invulnerable he would have been Able to keep out of the clutches of the Law but As to the quoted argument we in the cities there is much can think of no better inspiration to another step in to i in program gave up the saturday review for gaining control is contained in in London mainly because my work two initiative Laws. One of them on ire half of the Boers and Irish was provides that the nomination and disliked or. Fin Young the my election of state officials shall be Only appointed editor is a distinguished nonpartisan ballot the other that Man of letters and he write asking candidates for United states senator me in the handsomest Way to Confer Congress and precinct committee-1 tribute my reminiscences or to write no n. Shall be Choen in a March Ion any literary subject preferably on primary upon a party ballot Shakespeare and so in spite of my senator Porter j. Mccumber comes attitude throughout the War Eri Tieniz what is behind the suggestion that unemployment. Muke the Farmers and workers stick Secretary Mellon be Given a free a condition however that no to their guns and to enlist in the up for re election next year. The a Fargo gang Quot at present is helpless before the Mccumber organisation As Well As the endorsement the non Par ing great Britain in spite of my More recent defense of the sinn seiners i am offered once More the Freedom so to speak of the great English City. Time has its revenues my experience even in America is hand in dealing with the financial of Parl it of individual is directly respon-1 ranks of the Only political organism Titan league May give to any Candi ligation of european nations to the a by or by unfortunately those lion that holds out any Hope of help Date fat the senator ship. In the to. United states arising out of the late a be a a bile Are blamed and the re from the evil that afflict them As Sibil Lity of winning the recall elec singularly fortunate when seventy War it is equally important to As publican party is a consequence the to Chapmans Wail that the g. O. P. Tion and the initiated Law providing years of age Whitman eat some of certain Why England France and Hull with the knowledge of is in no Wise responsible Fer the for a March primary lies the Hope of i poem to the chief magazines in Italy have not paid their debts and tub Townley is going to make his present depression he who runs iffy in j the a Fargo gang Quot of electing a unit the estates every one a refused what Steps they Are taking to bring accordingly and the Battle is not read the history of the current coned state senator from North Dakota Ami returned to him and the editor about a settlement 5 if Oraig to be a milk and water affair Gress anti of the past legislature. The to succeed senator Mccumber of the Century in particular he tells a the ultimatum suggested in my Eilber chairman c. It Adams of people realize that they have been March usually is a Stormy month us. Incited him to Boot the great letter to the president Calls for a til publican state Central com-1 duped and As Chapman puts it they in North Dakota. An election on the lest american treated with contumely showdown Ami opens the Way to a fully aware it what is in Are sore. Not one political pre election question of a Blue Laws two years in ids old age. And yet americana settlement that would be mutually making and he is preparing for Promise of any consequence has been ago proved that country people Are j wonder Why they have no poets or beneficial to All concerned fray but he must have help and kept by the Republican party either disfranchised to a g eat extent in a writers of the first class Quot perhaps it might even be design substantial help at that in state or National affairs. Reality Atod As the nature of a an Ope a Amne what lengthy argument ing that they have been tricked by covenant of peace openly arrived Pelleting the leagues sudden finish both the old Pattie the Farmers and j Rhu v flu a All Ataji is u Art 1.4 t la a id i j shut the Chicago live Stock Exchange is determine to put the skid under the plan for Farmer a Ive Stock commission com panic on the terminal markets is shown by a circular recently sent out to Bunker of tile Corn Belt which says a the fact has recently come to our attention that share or membership in established or prospective live Stock commission concern Are being peddled in various Section of the Corn Belt. A it is More than probable that every cent of this Money Wilt be wasted we suggest that you exert your influence to suppress the evil Quot an editorial appearing in Wallace a Farmer recently express the feeling of the country banker and the Farmer with reference to Thi camouflaged Friend nip of commission men to live Stock producers. A tile Exchange explains that ii a no other interest in Tho matter than the Protection of those who Blu live Stock to the Chicago Market. The wait known Friendship of the Mon Fer the Farmers however prevents them from standing vile while an attempt i being made to separate the Farmer from i hard earned Coin. A most Farmer will find this thoughtfulness a bit overwhelming. Of the project fads it is the Farmer who will to c the Money. The commission men will gain in but a and prestige. Why then this con Cern precedes the quoted part of the article. Chapman quotes Alec Mackenzie workers of Minnesota will do that thing that the a county chairman Quot a Teddy Bear sat on the ice As mid As cold can be j be the political seer who prophesies most fears turn to the nonpartisan but soon he was up and walked awry the league s Early demise. But the league for a redressing of their Poh m j tale is told Quot Saki he worthy Alec has been far from in ural wrongs March election. With a Republican this is fhe end of my last grouch primary in March the a Fargo gang Quot now for fiction till fact shall have figures that it could defeat Occum taken her revenge Ber and any nonpartisan league endorsed candidate with the City vote rustled up by politicians. Young leads Caage the ambitious program is for e i Hope in 1924, when the Republican party shall be blotted out thanks to Harding and his vile capitalist despotism As til democratic party was blotted out by Wilson. A this is the question thai i hound to come to the mind of every country banker As he reads that circular it will seem to him a reliable indication that the cum Mission men really to Lieve that a Farmer a company May succeed and Are badly frightened at the pro poet a a much Abler argument will be needed to influence the t country Bank to against any movement barked by his patrons the banker interest Are too closely cd up with the la Terr St a of the Farmer r it will More than in few squeals from my stun Mea to Moke bit Brook that bin Mem dry Ammri Kwa a a a pm i Iri Ieiri Iii Iii ii

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