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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that Brines More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which suits in less business. Figure volume i number 36. Albert Lea examiner Means muh to advertisers to have their me Vagt reach neatly livery Home in Albert and fre Elvirn county. That to Why advertising in the examiner a Worth White single copy 5 Cento ulva in my ill of _ a a v 7 i number 16 Quot of Valbert Lea Minnesota thursday september 23, 1920. _ single copy. 5 cent ships Tiad. Mallon and Sullivan file will wow a labor to put up big Battle for a Victory me Wiss his a Ssiss Stiss so ism big in Wev. Mum. One killed four badly injured Faribault school halt Progress of labor cry in the Wake of the news x r in nil nit of tvs Winter an arrogant gang of of pulp Man politicians ousted from the new York state legislature five legally elected a members of that hotly just because 1 exploded the state school for fee-1 a m re they happened to be socialists. Workers and Farmers plan Bie minded today. National body makes right ust week a up Cecial cession Cali Faribault minn., sept. 21.�?cora Nelon 24, Waseca was killed and four injured when a two ton mangle five socialists a Are reseated by new York voters Thoro organization of state those seriously injured were thereat Hartl Ierg 27, committed from Cloquet in 1908. Mae Hagen 17, orphan. Minnie Gardner 24 Minneapolis Hazel Anders Cia 17, orphan. All four were badly burned by against better working conditions by j. A. Peterman . Paul daily news the labor Furmer Campaign forces. United in the nonpartisan league and steam anti Cut Ami Bruise by flying 1c&Quot Minnesota working Peoples non Par Iron Titan political league intend to set a 1 an ironing class was thrown into a Pace for other political lineups in the panic. By the Federated pies new York sept. 21�?immediate deportation of Ludwig c. A. K. Mar representative in the United states of soviet Russia is urge by the National civic federation in a i statement raging for a declaration of i Ign to the impudent de for that purpose by govern or 1 Smith every one of the five ousted socialists was re elected by big majorities despite the fact that demo i a crafts and republicans had fused against them. was a splendid and sweeping Victory for real americanism. was a Victory in which All men who believe in real democracy United with the 8o progressive assemblymen elected to office second time italian workers win government guarantees help Rome sept. 21.�?disentanglement i of the Naris resulting from labors j seizure of Industrial plants is under Way. In Turin Temin Milan and other cities the confederation of labor a guaranteed that workers will evacuate the seized plants and return to work under Normal conditions. In return the government has beat trusts is plea to people for fall event government by injunction flayed by Independent Leader new York in pedal election held Here thursday the five socialist As guaranteed enactment of a Bill pro sem Blymn who were expelled from voting a share for in Hor in the Man ? of i monday in the office of the own Minnesota daily Star the Independent state ticket wan the mangle Cylinder was partials. ,. #. Jent political candidate Fille with water from confirm. J steam. An anti soviet stand from Ever tempt of a few political Bosses under the thumb of Wall Street to Tell the fall Campaign when comes to organization work. Nor i Wiki Wiwi Uva the organizations plan use to and steam. When attendants turned the e a a f the people whom they could an a whom Vantage in some parts of Minneapolis steam into the mangle the jarring of y a f Bey could not elect to represent he primary Campal last Jan. The 8ttam bubbling he water us an which is now proposed to sex Wearne a the Cylinder end causing tend to the entire state was explain to blow up. De a meeting last saturday night i of the Ramsey county division of the working Peoples league by i Homas Van rear former Minneapolis mayor and Secretary of the state labor Polit j Leal body. Fortify strongholds in the cities of . Paul Minneapolis and Duluth where labor has its main political strongholds organza Hob first will be formed in Ever Ward. These next will be extended to precincts and then the cities organized by Block for House to House canvasses. Lea to three workers including one or More women will be placed in each Block. will be their duty to get a line on every voter and if possible find out How All intend to vote. A Carli Index system then will be worked out a separate card containing the record of each voter. List voters views whatever the voter says when the Block workers visit him will be recorded. If he shows a sympathy for the Farmen labor candidates or. Henrik ship Tead for governor capt. G. H. Mutton for lieutenant govern j or and. V. Sullivan for attorney general this particular voter listed As ate. If the voter maintains he is undecided As to How he will vote he will be listed As doubtful Arni if he say Hill Gafa i Farmer Lubor can i Adu lates the listing is to show him Quot no Afu r Kis work is Complete tile cards 4� a sorted. Those of shipsted alive i he a associates will be place in one a Neap and be counted a sure voter. Start on sound basis calculations then will be made to determine How Many More votes Are needed to win. After this is done the cards showing doubtful and no Good a voters will be sorted out. Later there will be Ward and precinct meetings held and efforts made to find persons who have influence with doubtful listings. Then the influence will go to work. Morgan Alliance to Rule Money world is seen the signing by Van. Cilium of As the examiner Pointe. Oat declaration attain the cog Nitia get a tin e struck of soviet Roann which the federation of a Mocrey Ltd a m a a arrogant and recon in i aug a. And Flag Titus a denial of popular Rule urges deportation u even the soviet government has in urging deportation of Martens been charged with by its bitterest fallen said critics. A this Issue can neither be evaded j the vote of the people in re elect nor Compromise. Whatever political eng every one of the five socialists changes May occur the stand taken is a splendid vindication of the Abali against bolshevism by our govern to of the american people to defend ment must be their institutions peacefully by the Ralph m. Easley chairman of the use of the ballot. is one of the French banking world views executive Council of the federation 1 most inspiring and refreshing Denton a issued a broadside aimed the stratus of the renewed determine labor movement from another dirty Tion of the american people to de with alarm encroachment project the legislature april i fast on Itie ground that they were affiliated with a a disloyal organization composed of perpetual traitors a weve re Electer Over a fusion of the Democrat Aru Republican voters by substantial in Jor Itie. Louis Waldman. In the eight District new York county Defeated mor a. V i i Ris b. Reiss by a vote of 3,066 to 3, the net on of the new York guru to <qlm8-ens wan re elect Al in the seventeenth District of new York county Over Augusta Rosen Weig by a vote of 3,735 to 2,220. In the third Bronx District Samuel a. Dewitt Defeated Milton Altschuler. 3,865 votes to 2,310, and Samuel Orr running against James j. Olibri in the Fortieth Bronz District was reflected by 4,171 votes to 3,063. Charles Solomon Defeated Jonathan Schneider in the Twenty third District of Kings county by 2,816 vote1 a 1,521. Vindication claimed gement of industries. Increased wages in the Metal work trades were demanded and employers agreed to accede. Baker yields to pressure from league labor rehearing of Back pay claims credited to workers protests rotary of state. Or. Henrik Shipstad of Glenwood for governor capt. George h. Mal on of Minneapolis for lieutenant governor and Thomas v. Sullivan of Paul for attorney , Are the Independent on the stare ticket. Or. Shi Pate and made the following statement on filing today a the Battle is on again. The steel Trust beat us in the primary Skirm ish by the us of Large quantities . Their american committee citizens a Alliance Ami sound government association carried on a scurrilous propaganda of slander the ilk of which i doubt has Ever Bren equated in any Campaign any time in the United states. Air Quot polluted the air of Minnesota was polluted Minneapolis granting a rehearing of claims by twin City workers against the Federal govern with their foul breath. I he winds of ment for $800,000 Back pay duet time however a Clearing the a non full filament of wartime Wugk Moschero. The people can fight bet the victorious socialists described awards by the War labor Board Sec Ter and now can see the Whites Tion. In a statement suggesting that fend those great principles of Liberty their re election As a Complete Villi rotary of War Baker apparently has their enemies eyes. instead of looking Forward toward a Paris of All the dominant person new order we a take Stock a of the a1 in of Europe sir bail Zaharoff gains labor has made in the last to called High Chancellor to Morgan years. Though nominally he is not connect asserting that the socialists have with the american firm ally stands almost Quot put Over their idea that out As the most mysteriously Power there must be a new order Easley Ful urges that arguments be found for sir Basil Zaharoff is a greek born the belief that the present order is a naturalized Frenchman is a Knight Good enough because is better than of the British Empire a said to be that of a couple of decades ago. Par the closest Friend of Lloyd George tial abolition in our Era. Of Chih lawns a political associate of Georges Bor of sweatshops Ami of reeking Clemenceau has been honoured by the tenements should be enough to show King of England and is commonly that there i no need for great credited with owning Quot half of t changes now he maintains. A More romantic history than that i the National c Ivic federation of Zaharoff would be hard to find. I which is devoting its energies to Smigi rating to England As a Small fighting various Quot Radical movement boy penniless he obtained employ formerly enlisted some support on ment with the already great part of a i a organization. Sam Maxson firm not Long after the close Uel Gompers president of the Amer of the crimean War. Little by Little lean federation of labor still is vice he Rose in the company until when president of the organization. The War broke out he was is chief. J the end of the War Zaharoff i prestige had enormously a increased he was Many times u millionaire and although chief of of Toni equal in size to the famous Krupp establishment i of Essen or the Crues Sot company of France the Man in the Street scarcely knew his name. Got the plumbs the Russo japanese War further enriched him. He was one of principal authors of the famous or paper annually in perpetuity anti a infamous a Anglo japanese agree paper Industry in the territory is now ment which is about to be renewed azure. When the first and second Balkan a Sac of 100,000,000 feet of pulp guaranteed in the Bill of rights that has Ever been Given. If the people of new York will now proceed to Lefeat every legislative member who tried to destroy the Light of the people to select their own representatives they will have made a Complete Job of . Cation and a condemnation of the to Prepuce excited first by a we expect to make this fight so ouster proceedings Hist Spring. Tic nonpartisan league and Organ hot that the Iron Heel of the steel expulsion of the five socialists j,.t an j afterwards by Democrat Trust now on the neck of the Peop from the new York legislature was an Republican politicians. Will be melted Ami made into steel voted by an overwhelming majority the rehearing will be held in Wash liens with which the people of min april i on recommendation of a a Inkton wednesday before die War Nesotas can write a new declaration of although the time limit for filing sweeping victories of the no a a spurt Jority report of the judiciary com contracts adjustment Board. T. E. Mittee of the legislature. Ibis re i tin or. Minneapolis labor attorney port averred the socialist Assembly departed for the capital to the ignitions for the men were disloyal to tie government tem the hearing which will cover does not expire until wednesday signatures had Eek. In order the petitions Jao k4ue farm., i labor in the. The. State Ami the Tate of dam May a by employ of the , anti event Signa m .tm., i n in my Colorado new Ork Werp atoll ated will Neapolis steel amp machinery company been obtained to last weak. In Morton build me a something to party of americas the american hoist amp Derrick Comto a sure the Validity of the Alaska to Supply be print that the shortage of newsprint will be overcome by new paper Mills in Alaska was predicted by col. W. B. Greeley chief of the Forest service who has returned from a months inspection of Timber and water Power in the Toa Guss National Forest. A the National forests of Alaska a said col Greeley Quot contain resources the sufficient to produce 1,500,000 tons of Prima Rte. "l,il0>al a oat the people Likely to get Jurt a Little tired in the fight against privilege. The fight has been hard in the Northwest. So Many people Are influence by what Lincoln prophesied was linear occupying longer by to destroy the Republic appealsv., i j political party in new to prejudice backed by unlimited Mon ,. A a v i Laws were passe by the legislature by. -.��?��& z. Of Cha 7 i but were vetoed by governor Smith. The i loyalty gag was hard. Then came the Lunine und Trotzky gag. Socialists make Harge in top of that came the destruction submission of the report followed of Homes gag an a the North Dakota hearings before the committee a tax gag. The people who believed which the socially contended their on the Pitny add the so Paul foundry. A Ven the ugh a court attack might Nul government Fly j a a Oihi a suffrage the required 2. Force und the report rec town by to Rotts Ono signatures were obtained from unintended the enactment of Laws a. C. Townley president of the male voters who did not cast primary denying to the socialists the right of nonpartisan league was the first to election ballots Ami several bundled the position of f protest against Secretary bakery Sac additional signatures from women Ai York. Tile Tion in stopping payment of the were obtained. This Ort of nonsense anti the number of them were certainly a discouragement. But what does the present victories show except that those people easily won to big Busine s Are falling away easily too we Are in the mid to of a great reaction from the profiteers Ami their political bunk. My in. Of the people who deserve claims which had been recommended by the War contracts adjustment Wiard. Or. Townley contended the Federal government would be guilty of a Gros Ami unpardonable breach of Faith if failed to redeem the promises of the War labor Board. Expulsion on the grounds put forlorn messages of similar import were sent would destroy representative government in this country. They said they were being made to stand aside because of their political anti economic View. Their platform did not suit a majority of the legislature. Later by governor Burnquist former governor John Lind and Fred e. Wheaton Democrat National committeeman. The Minnesota federation of labor Ami the Minneapolis trades and labor As Embly also demanded. A a a i. A pm they a Quot Nen le1 "7, a a. A the government to keep Faith with the Wor i Hinl to a Shaw m. The to de . Now com their Keats in a lecture body to Nen. I consideration and a a Mark of of mall no a statement Quot i am in this fight to the Fini he said Captain Matilda in filing. Quot after returning from the Buttle scarred Fields of Europe i realized that in every conflict of nations Liberty Ami democracy w Ere set aside on the grounds that was necessary to Rah armies to win Battles. A my experience in War torn europ convinced me that the peaceful method of restoring Liberty and democracy by the ballot was far Superior to armed conflict. My friends and which they had been elected not get or. Van Lear explained that broke out sir Basilus Finger was Timber a been made Ami a second this system was tried in some Minne Rulli a a Polis districts last june the league everywhere to be found in the i labor ticket then fighting for Republican nominations won 6 to i. He predicted the same result would be shown if the system is put in operation throughout the state. Quot there a nothing new about this plan a he said. A is the system the old line parties have used for years. With emerging generally share of the plumbs. The Globe shaking events which followed the Sarajevo Quot incident confirmed Zaharoff As a world Power. His tentacles spread throughout the seven seas. Sale of 1,500,000,000 feet which will Large Supply a Large paper Plant for 30 years is now being Street journal. Salvation by working for hit hard the people who elected them from now until november eight thought their views bad for the to states in the Northwest can be re eau get a majority of the repro Lee rued from special privilege. Amatine body thought so. Ami who can say but that the in this principle was argued the lightning Njma strike the plutocrats in republicans could exclude every Democrat and the Democrat com exclude every Republican Ever opening of Congress. Such a print ple they maintained would exit Baize the american government and representative democracy. League makes Appeal a state or two outside of nonpartisan league territory also then he a Campal of fun a a a a the Only difference Between their sy�-1 Philanthy jpy a a pm. A Nurmon sum How he found out when the a in Ragueb and Trench universe Oad 0b and simultaneously he Jack tured Secor self As a Frenchman and Betsan Tho a Keijo # Chan about the jaw ingratiate himself in the political an. I Anina Anil then a>pie social life of fans. Luh Pierre Lafitte the famous publish j or introduced him to the most exc la Illinois has just finished a primary a w i.,l contests Between two factions of the cruelty a Hose Aid Kepu Jlean party Tho Owden Troy i., a and the big Bill Thompson group. He doubted whether the horse ii ques a r. Tem and ours is that they a i Money enough to pay Block worriers and we will have to depend upon men Ami women volunteering to help the organization work is expected to be Well under Way within the next two weeks. A number of Ward meet Ings in both by already have been called. Men an women county organizers also Are a a Busy in both Ramsey and Hennepin news a a a a counties. Labor unions on the Iron Range. Have agreed to take charge of the with i support founded the Agene Campaign organizing in . Louis and other counties and Bear All expense. In Rural districts the nonpartisan league will be the organizing Power inasmuch As the nonpartisan league has not reached Illinois yet and inasmuch a no general movement of Farmers and workers there attempted to butt into the Domestic Republican Sanctum we ought to be Safe in thinking that the Republican machine a a fair chant to exhibit its pure americanism. In of its policy to exert obeyed every Effort to defeat socialist Cand recommended by the War the claims arose when the three pre cation for the mall part i played manufacturing companies concern in the Wor conflict As i and they refused to Abidi by an award of the thought for world democracy and War labor Board on the strength of washing me to help them to finish this which the men had been prevailed on honorable work selected my us one of not to strike. Their Standard bearers. Attorneys for the compare con i a to finish tended the War labor Board was with knowing that the fight must in out Power to enforce its ruling. L an Cerruit of j .&.,1, realizing the ing to obtain satisfaction from the Gause that would be heaped upon any companies the workmen lodged j one a ezme out in the v of claims with the government for Flay common people by the very our ment of the increases they Quot oulds Cwm not Riog the War to have received Hal the award Haye a con Pleu Cumor in Loo per payment of the claims was Patriot Jim the ame m they accent facts said a Tuaila have upon the nations re hp"1 i a Minneapolis sve society in the French capital and not Only pos Ible they say but prob por weck8 the Lowden papers have a an. Return Zaharoff advanced fund Able for Money they Point out a been telling How the leading Thomp for the establishment of the French no frontiers and has up til now taken candidate has just paid Back in the begin no count of racial and political an Terest which he took from the state Ning of the War he effected an Alliance to Pahita. When treasurer four years ago. With Briand the French Premier and j Dollar is Ever present Thomp on papers on the other hand meanwhile the Dollar is Ever pre have been running Tran Cipu from radio a news Syndicate which be eur0pe. In conjunction with state accounts to How that Hie state came Semi official. Deserting Briand italian government the Morgan paid for Lowden s presidential Canille went Over to the Clemenceau Back get sported financing aug pain Headquarters the Blackstone ranks and became a close Friend of trial Loam Are being Hamied out with hotel in Chicago. The records appear to indicate that dates for Public office the National adjustment Board and is -&.� sources a he continued. Security league had addressed a Vig few were paid though attorneys furl Ujj came True the recent Orous Appeal to the voters of the the workmen cannot verify Tho state prom airy one defeat does not mean a third and fourth Assembly districts ment. Loist cause. So uhen the a men a ked in the Bronx where Dewitt and Orr the matter was supposed to be set me t0 Tami with them to Hie fins a i were running. The Appeal was and tied finally in favor of the men when a Gwyn accept and although the fight dressed to Quot the patriotic America Secretary Baker the adjutant May Kave Only begun i intend to re general a department in Vav Ashington main n to the finish for a ruling As to the legality of the a time to thank my contract adjustment boards Reeoma free mass or the great compliment paid herniation. He got an opinion to the me primaries by a Large vote effect that the contract Board a i no jurisdiction in the matter Whereon citizens of the third and fourth Assembly districts the Bronx a Ami read in part Quot last year in an unguarded moment you rent to the legislature of your state assemblymen to whom Mats were denied on account of their he stopped payment of the claims proven disloyalty to the ideals institutions of your country. A a special election will be and Beld the Farmer and workers league intend to also put on a big publicity Campaign for their candidate in addition to having the candidate and Leader in the two leagues stump the state. Sept. 16 to fill vacancies created by Union men interpret his late to change of front As due to realization that even men who usually oppose labor cannot approve such a breach con and again a sure them that their care shall always be my Lindbergh also Filer Charles a. Lindbergh of Little fall who to a Money tru to in the noted congressional investigation of 1913 As the Climax to i to year of service from the sixth Minnesota District also filed petition of the suspicious readiness to myriad of me secures appear re expulsion of there men the so 0f Faith a the administration received highest a Nard other struggling Little nations forme the state paid the hotel Bill Ami e a list party which As present plated. Settlement of contract for Quot service rendered he a j out of the already almost moribund a the., a re to f Low Fon us Lils a ,,e to Eva Yang a we a throw companie., cd the. He in elected a do awarded the grand Cross of the i get i a try tit a Delegas in that Amend a i mea8 of you government is he i up pending ret cont 0lun 0f organized la of Gion of Honor the Hilt hem a Ines by dolls w on Foit or thou no four a Itta effrontery to Renon note the a ,. of the Mauer. Of the erne a a Iyul a a Al a a the Power of the French government America Aud a Well known French Sunrise men and is loudly propel Namink the Etna a Ket their Money la supposed the Power Fhy Monr. Quot and these Golden ens old stamping ground etc., when he of Thair Eier Ion the Over Ament will be Able to deduct a a a a my or u Sanes which work so much Betti was offt finlly in Chicago on stat Eon i a o. J. Hule fighting to Inmar predictions by leagues Are that give this Campaign of tim nonpartisan w a jew Eler nent has sprung up will be most spectacular of political a Tje Money Ruie 0f the world. This Battle the league a taken part in a Japo Stinnes the German Multi since entered Minnesota in 1917. Niue Bonaire who has made himself a the Mast powerful figure in the Ger a an Optimist i a Man who Cher Many of today wishes vain Hopes Anil a Pessimist is a French financier look with than human ones Are work in eve Tingent land expense Ery Corner and Hole of and now we have had the election there i no disguising the fact that i Ltd precinct worker kill do six elec Antis fuse forces a in order to do everything to prevent such a tragedy the Putti of your districts Ever Man who nurses vain a and what is a Man who does both a Quot of he a just a Plain Ordinary views with considerable the a broaching of the american into Fields which exclusively and Zaharoff an Alliance which if j their own. Increasing fear on the possibility of Money master an Alliance Between Stinnes Morgan hitherto were considered the entire French banking world i Ltd a a workers kidnapped and robbed or Otic party leaders trepidation killed 20 persons injured in fights a combined forces to present around Booths several attempts to United front. seemed Best to make steal ballot boxes two women knot n0 Republican nominations but tied Down while in an election Booth throw All the voting strength of the continued on Page eight \ i ton aued on Page eight the amount from hums owing to the win a go on to companies. Independent a undulate for Conger in the seventh District. He Defeated an having finished i meal the diner Drew j vol Teod pre rent Congreve called for his Bill. A a let a see a said Man by an overwhelming the waiter a what did you have a for the Republican nomination tort a a can to Tell you for the life of we a j volstead in court action got k a i a the reply a but what i ordered off the ballot la eau e he ankh Rente was minced Chicken j costumed on Page tight

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