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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1921, Page 9

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 22, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Thursday Septell it or 22, 1021. Albert Lea examiner Page three Northwest g. 0. P. Forges changes in party tax and Tariff plans our Washington letter. Lineal to be a a touched several times in the course of a Short walk through the business Section. In other Eastern cities conditions Are deplorable and authorities already Are making provi Sion for a bread lines and Quot soup kitchens this Winter. The administration has finally been stirred into calling an Quot unemployment conference a but the plans of the president ate very vague and those in Louth we a in irs Here do. Not believe Grams congressman Keller asks hearings on his tax pro that it i materially relieve the Bru a n t a ton this require drastic Gram before Senate commit teen poorly run Coal mining bus measures and the Harding Cabinet Ness menaces the country Senate Likely to change Tariff Ron take Quot i any 7istle step oven to relieve such wide Bill unemployment bad even in Washington state depart spread distress. Men would Snoop in on foreign investments. Menace of league Farmers produces softening of reactionary pro by Waller a Saggert. Washington i. A fear of political consequences induced the Senate finance committee to reject the retroactive repeal of the excess profits tax proposed by the administration through Secretary of the Treasury Mellon. Popular protest has been crowing against this indefensible suggestion and although Moat of the Republican senators favor the retroactive repeal they feared it would wreck the party Mellon suggestion that the maximum surtax rates on individual incomes be reduced to 25 per cent also was rejected. The House Bill already has reduced the rates from 65 to 32 per cent and after careful deliberation the Senate finance committee decided that further reductions would be inadvisable politically. The turn Down of the Mellon proposals Means that the Senate finance committee will report the House taxation Bill with comparatively few changes. The House Bill is an unsound measure which relieves iss than 20,000 millionaire of $600,000,000 in taxes and saddles this additional More Dollar diplomacy. Monopoly out of existence. Keller United states Bankers who lend says he intends to fight for ten years m0ney to foreign individuals Corpora if necessary to compel tax Reform tons municipalities or governments along scientific lines. He already has hereafter Are requested to Confer first made surprising headway and Many with the department of state. The competent economists think he has ostensible reason is to get the Benefit proposed the most constructive reve 0f the special information which the nue program Ever presented to con state department has on foreign Congress. Editions but some cynics see the hand a a a of j. P. Morgan in this arrangement. Morgan is the financial agent for the Allied governments and this arrangement will permit him to keep posted a ,. A a. On what his financial rivals Are doing. I very Likely to face another Coal it to information a a to or rink ,.d Coal crisis threatens. With soft Coal production showing a reduction of 31 per cent the country shortage this Winter. The operators Are Well aware that stocks Are dangerously Low but they have curtailed production by reason of disputes with the miners in efforts to resist unionism or to Depew wages. It asserted the Blister on an anti Farmer that production deliberately has been in la a a Touny to to Loans also will permit the state department to blockade financially any foreign governments which Are under its displeasure. Desk tonight As i write this the House journal containing the so called investigation by the legislative committee but it does not contain the original audit of the Bishop Brissman co sometime during the cloning lays this motion on the records was made to read excepting the Bishop Brissman report for these leaders Well knew that if the people had an Opportunity to compare this investigation with the original audit they would soon discover that this investigation was purely and soley made for political purposes and not in an Effort to get an honest and unbiased report j on the industries themselves. The people of the state by a major-1 Ity vote reelected gov. Frazier for a third term. Scarcely had this expression of a majority of the people Boon made before Steps were under Way to Force these officers to make an-1 other race. Yet it is charged that All this turmoil and strife is due solely to the nonpartisan league. I Jet any business Man in this state in Ili arly located in the smaller communities boldly take a stand for the Farmers in this fight and immediately he is branded in that Community and both he and his family become social outcasts. I sometimes sit Back and really wonder what has caused this antagonism Between the town and country when i hear some of the prominent business men of the communities express themselves of the movement. Many of the younger business men Are rallying to the support of the Farmers and these men in this state Are Blore than Ever determined to a a stick until the principles for which they have fought and sacrificed for Are put into operation for we know and any sane Man knows that these principles mean a More contented., More prosperous Commonwealth a Commonwealth where the Basic Industry. Agriculture holds it rightful place. Respectfully your of a Vogel Cash. Farmers state Bank Coleharbor. N yours for service Torgerson a Hou m Barber shop Ender Spicer a drug store a or. Broadway and Lark turtness and Richards confectionery cigars tobaccos cold drinks ice Cream candies we solicit your patronage Corner Clark and Newton its. Kept Down in order to keep prices up. In any event the Industry has not excuse himself from the charge of violating the Law in employing Chil been efficiently conducted and if we Furen in his shop by claiming that his have an Early and severe Winter con by is Inch wag go badly re a a a doa that Aid Era big Public sufferings will be the to could not afford to pay the wages probable result demanded by self rest ing and Eom the situation in West Virginia Patent workmen. He is the same Fel where a few powerful operators have lows who keeps telling How the farm flouted Law and encouraged disorder ers co operative newspapers in the Burden upon producers and Small Busi i unto the people in self defense took up state Are All failures. Ness men but the administration pro arms it Jug typical of the autocratic to a Mille lacs county Minn times Gram would have made a bad Bill even Runny that governs this Industry., worse. The rejection of the presi there is a growing sentiment in the the Northwest As a new country dents program is a partial Victory for United states As Well As England for has always been a debtor Section. It the 50 republicans most of them from nationalization of the Coal mines and takes More Money than its citizens the Northwest who voted to recommit go it veral resolutions calling for com have or brought with them to handle the House Bill and thus made it Evi investigation Coal situation its development. How vicious then it Dent to Penrose and other leaders that further concessions to big business would split the party. Are Likely to be pressed when Congress is for those who hold the mortgage on reconvenes. The Northwest and get handsome re a a a. Turns from it to demand that this Keller still fighting. Representative Oscar Keller of St. Tariff to be postponed. Every Day it becomes More evident that there is a growing sentiment growing Section suddenly Square itself with the rest of the world Paul la still keeping up his baht for a members of the Senate finance ,.cc�rtlinr a a tic ,1 a univ fair and scientific system of taxation committee a Avor of postpone a a Minn Republic several off cals of and recently addressed a letter in until after the drat of that count1> we a robbed of tic or chairman Penrose demanding a the year. There is realization among. Chance to explain his program to the he bu8lne8g interests of the country a Jun in Minneapolis and thus pocket books and trousers on a recent one of the troubles with business revival through the deflation route is that the trusts expect the Farmer to no Uncle Joe Fordney framer of the re i in amp Senate finance committee. Tea exce88jve duties of the Ford Keller scored the a indefensible Dis Ney by would Hann Commerce More markets his crop. Crim nations of the Fordney Dill As than helping it. The United states is special legislation for a numerically now an exporting nation and we can Small but politically powerful class. Traje with Europe unless we take he said a the facts justify the often Ber goods in return Beard assertion that the Bill was drafted by men intent Only on repaying the House Tariff Bill is an old school Campaign contributors a and added btate8man of the lg93 Model. He is that a the passage of such a measure not in touch with the latest Laterna will mean the repudiation of the re Gjonaj economic developments. There publican party at no Distant the. Are Wiser Heads on the Senate finance Keller pointed out that the tax Bill committee however and the Fordney a imposes an average additional Burden Bijj of j be entirely rewritten before of $300 on about 200,000 Small Mer Ufi snowed t0 come before the sen chants manufacturers jobbers retail ate Learned How a Farmer feels when he North Dakota banker writes continued from Page i Ere and professional men whose incomes Range from $4,000 to $66,000 a year and refuted the attempted defense of the measure on the grounds it would Quot unshackled business. And store with the leagues these so called too per cent americans attempted to defeat certain Laws by counting empty chairs in one instance and in another falsified the records to show they had unemployment is serious. A pan handlers Are in evidence in re Washington these Days and that is about the most convincing proof that a majority a True a declared Keller a it strikes the unemployment situation has in the election of 1920 an initiated the tax shackles off a comparatively reached a very serious stage. Wash jaw wag passed providing for an sex few millionaires Well Able to pay Forington has very few industries and lamination or audit of the state in their privileges but it Fetters hand of its working population Are on. H and foot their smaller the government payroll. This gives it . The audit was made Hync Keller also attacked the a transparent illusory atmosphere of Prosperity. Bishop Brissman co., Clit. Juggler that has attended or. Mel 11 is about the last City in the country the House of representatives a Long a various a revisions of his est Industrial depression and this pointed a committee to investigate mates of governmental income a and Mav explain Why the president and a the a Jet when this investigation said he did not believe that a anyone majority of the congressmen have a competed a motion was made to takes seriously the vague Promise of patently been Blind to the symptoms. �?z11t�hpr of conies of the of hard times that were Manifest eve i have a Large number of copies of me the president to make a reductions amounting to $550,000,000 a sane program proposed. A an alternative Keller suggested increased taxes on inheritances a distinction Between a a earned and a Sun earned income taxes in favor of the she former and a one per cent tax on land is values which allows an individual sex Zzz emotion of $10,000 and eliminates All is improvements. Keller a Bill is drawn Zzz so As to eliminate practically All far is Mere and Small City Home owners is the bulk of the billion dollars a year a which he estimates the tax on land is values would raise would fall on the is owners on unused natural resources or and Keller believes this would break is up monopolies stimulate production is and Check the dangerous co Centre is Tion of wealth which is menacing the in free institutions of America. Is Keller maintains that taxation is in the most important question before is the people. He maintains that wrong in methods of taxation have created a in class of privilege holders and believes in that the quickest and surest Way of in correcting economic evils is to tax in Ery where report published together but now Washington has its quota 1 with the original audit i have on my of jobless men and it is nothing in Kennelly a lunch room the place to eat prompt service clean meals and Short orders we appreciate your patronage. 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