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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1921, Page 11

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 22, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Thursday Septell it or 22, 1921.alsfciif Lea examiner Tarvestad music House piano Sale a grand Success those who have bought pianos and player pianos at this Sale to Date Are Thos. Olson Austin Minn. I. O. Vold Northwood Iowa e. H. Hoyne City Joe Bell Myrtle Minn. Has. Lerum Ellendale August Asleson Manchester j. Wahlers Myrtle s. Larson Glenville e. M. Buchanan Gordonsville Chas. Buchanan Gordonsville John Rusley Lake Mills Ole j Eveland Lake Mills o. Michelson Hartland c. Yineman Scarville Iowa Peter Olson City miss Ora Trogstad City Peter Hanson Ellendale r. T. Brown Emmons l. C. Rosenberg Glenville Victor Glantz Bancroft h. P. Harber. City Ben Lin de land Minnesota Lake we. Wahlin Matawan Mabel Wieber Blooming Prairie 35 More pianos will be sold at these special Low prices. Remember piano buyer when you buy a piano from us you save from $150 to $200. Strictly High Grade pianos Only Are offered for Sale the Emerson Schaff Bros. And the Hobart m. Cable this is no Rush Sale. Come when you Are ready but see us before you buy. We have the Best and largest Stock in Southern Minnesota in Atli the latest Woods. Tarvestad music House Home investment bldg. Albert Lea Minn. A Mitil Ltd Iii Iii. Kiester i Pickerel Lake Al Page five or. And mrs. Henry Wuerflein and family spent sunday afternoon with or. And mrs. John Horne Abar Rev. Pinter Dud family were entertained sunday afternoon at the Otto Scherb Home a parcel Shower was Given to mias or. And mrs. George abbe and daughter called at the we. Schneider Home saturday Evenmo. Miss Marie Schneider assisted her aunt mrs. Ernest Klukow with her household duties last week. Or. And mrs. We. Schneider and Hulda Scherb Friday night a Large children and or and mrs Ernest crowd was present and she received Klukow and children spent sunday Many pretty and useful presents i at the Henry Schneider Home. John Wittmann jr., lost a horse or. And mrs. Ernest Klukow and last thursday being killed by Light family and miss Marie Schneider Ning. Were Albert Lea shoppers saturday Conrad Wipplinger purchased a evening. Chester White hog from Bailey Bros. J some from around Here attended last week. The hog won first prize the funeral Over the remains of we. At Tho county fair Vav a ism thur Sci afternoon. The marriage of mibs Hulda Scherb Alfred a on Hattie and Marie to John Zebelein will take place at folder Calci at the Ernest Klukow the German lutheran Church tues an tip evening miss Hattie Schneider assisted at of profit today where Between the wholesaler i. Vith a consumer than there was in 1918, in 1913 sirloin Steak owed a profit margin of 101 cents now it is 12-9 cents round Steak yielded 12.8 cents in 1913 now it is Good Tot 264 cents sliced Bacon brought a profit margin at 12.7 cents in 1913, while today it has risen to 37 cents a Pound. Practically All other food products except eggs and sugar show correspondingly wide increases in the a a spread Between the wholesaler and the ultimate consumer. Congressional committees Are going to try to learn this Winter who get that at the Gus Heidemann Home with butchering a few Days of last week Cost of living to be higher say experts Day the 20th of september at 1 30 p. In. Reception at the brides Home. Otto Gottberg of near Wells spent sunday with his parents or. And mrs. Albert Gottberg. Ernest and Otto Rootberg were callers at the c. Wipplinger Home Sun Day afternoon. J a Aback to normalcy is the slogan or. Frank Scherb spent saturday the profiteers. After a year of evening with his Friend Rosetta pet slightly dropping prices the Cost of Erson. I living is going up and will be higher p. A. Peterson of the family shoe a Quot haps higher Han Ever this Winter government officials economists Bankers and business men unite in store returned from the cities monday night where he had been trans. ,. Predicting higher prices the co enacting business in connection with. Has Singer sewing machine business mists View the ascending curve of living costs with satisfaction. It is encouraging they say. For it Means of a equilibrium and stability. Also they predicted it and have the added pleasure of being Able to say a i told you government officials fulfil their duty in checking up on wholesale and retail prices Ami present the cold statistics Flat without comment Bankers and business men Are not disturbed for the wage slashing and a open shop movements have not yet i Mansfield i i quite a number of people from this Vicinity attended the furfural of Louis Tveite which was held at Emmons Church thursday afternoon. Mrs. Alfred Bergerson and mrs. John Bergerson entertained the l c. L. Aid thursday at the Church base 1 ment. They took in nine dollars. October 5th the Aid will meet at mrs. Ole Wasmoen Home. Or Tilton was at Geo. Schmidt a last thursday attending Little Donald who had a bad spell of convulsions. The Little fellow is better at this writing. Or. And mrs. Louis Yost and daughter Evelyn or. And mrs cd. Reim and family and or. And mrs. John Doppelhammer Ami family spent sunday at Fred and Henry Schmidt a Home or and mrs. Oscar Opadahl attended the Mission feast at Silver Lake sunday. Or. And mrs. P. A. Peterson and daughters spent sunday with the Melvin Sveen sat Emmons. Or and mrs Chas Schneider and sons spent sunday at her Brothers Home in Freeborn. To Nunda f5 i Ninnin or. And mrs. Edd Fremette or. And mrs. Albert Leonhardi and or. And mrs Robert Leonhardi and family were entertained at the Louis Leon Harli Home sunday. Wiliam Bunse returned Home from tile Naeve Hospital sunday and is reported to be getting along Fine. Or. And mrs. Henry Tost and mrs. C. P. Marpe attended the Bazar at Mansfield saturday afternoon. Miss Ruth Gavle and brother Bernard returned Home from Rochester thursday. Bernard is stil taking treatments. Mrs. Henry chevre returned Home from Rochester thursday and is re to be getting along Fine. Miss Ora Gavle who is attending school in Albert Lea visited Over sunday with her Home folks. Bom to or. And mrs. Frank Lair a baby boy sunday sept. 18, at the or. And mrs. John Doppelhammer and family or. And mrs. C h. Reim and family or. And mrs l j Yost and daughter were sunday visitors at the Fred Schmidt Home. Peter Gerhard and mrs. Henry Yost called on or. And mrs. Christ Yost wednesday afternoon. Or. And mrs. Geo. C. Emery visited at the Home of their daughter or. And mrs. Henry Schewe sunday. Their daughter Florence who has been staying at the Schewe Home for the past five weeks returned Home with them or. Geo. C. Emery was a business Caler in Albert Lea saturday. J lost momentum. Food Price in the principal cities Are already on the increase the United states labor department announces officially. Economists explain that this is True of those commodities which have decreased in Price since last fall. These commodities Are now upward bound to meet those which did not decline in Price. No expert a yet satisfactorily explained to the workers Why those which did not fall should not now go Down to meet Thise that did instead of the lower ones coming up to meet the higher. Financial America in discussing the situation recently gives this explanation a a few of he profiteers after a Mere pretence of yielding Are digging in where they stand a profiteers ready to come Back in View of Survey now under Way it is Likely the profiteers will fetch up in midwinter with a gain on their advanced positions of 1920. As for pre War prices american Consumers May As Well abandon Hopes of Ever seeing them again the experts warn. Government figures show the Cost of living never has dropped to the 1913 level. The same figures show the Chicago Tribune is the defendant in a suit filed again a it by the City of Chicago alleging libellous statements about the City a finances we hich hurts the financial credit of the City and the Market for its Bonds. The City government asks damages of ,000,000. We Are glad to see this notorious kept press called in this fashion although we cannot speak As to the merits of the Case until the evidence has been produced. The City must have some basis however for accusing the Tribune of doing to Chicago what it has been doing for several years to North Dakota. Wherever a Public body undertakes any improvements not pleasing to big business it has had to face flagrant lying Day in and Day out by the kept press. And the Bond Market is a delicate thing at Best. Buyers shy at Mere rumours just As Bank depositors shy at a Bank rumoured to he not so Safe As it should be. So for 50 years legislation and custom has been growing to prevent the spread of unwarranted reports about Banks and other financial institutions. Bankers politician newspapers have been tearing these Laws and customs to pieces to Hurt the Bank of North Dakota and hundreds of suits could be brought if North Dakota had the Money and time to bring them. Citation for hearing on petition for probate of will estate of Ole o. Selstad. Decedent. State of Minnesota. County of Freeborn in probate court. In the matter of the estate of Ole o. Selstad decedent the state of Minneola to Ria Sel stad. Anna Maria he be Edna o. Selstad Borup Josephine , Hazel Canary Howard Canary and All persons interested in the allowance and probate of the will of said decedent the petition of Tho Mas o. Selstad being duly filed in this court representing that Ole o. Selstad then a resident of the county of Freeborn state of Minnesota died on the 25th Day of february 1921. Leaving a last will and testament which is presented to tills court with said petition and praying that said instrument be allowed As the last i Sand for Sale delivered if wanted i a. L Katzung i e on South Broadway s phone 197-j Albert Lea Minn. 5 will and testament of said decedent and that letters testamentary be issued thereon to Thomas o. Selstad. Now therefore you and each of you Are hereby cited and required to show cause if any you have before this court at the probate court rooms in the court House in Albert Lea county of Freeborn state of Minnesota on the 3rd Day of october 1921, at to o clock a. Rn., Why the prayer of said petition should not be granted. Witness the honorable a. W. Johnson judge of said court and the Seal of said court this 7th Day of september 1921. Seal a. W. Johnson t. A. Kingland judge attorney for Petitioner. Would enslave labor continued from Page i and compulsion. A labor wants facts and has made a Long and difficult fight for whatever legitimately will facilitate publicity for facts. In announcing himself a recruit to this cause the attorney general would have done better had he refused to ally himself with those who seek the perpetuation of Indus trial autocracy under the reactionary Banner of compulsion by legislation because in supporting the second proposition he has made his support of the first proposition fruitless 6,000.000 jobless men six million people in the United states a jobless to be exact 5,785.ooo, a ording to figures furnished Tho Senate by Secretary of labor Davis in response to the Resolution of senator Mccormick of Illinois adopted several weeks ago. Unemployment i s climbing close to the High Mark of 1911, when the jobless were estimated at 7,000,000, the Secretary said. In some industries unemployment condition a re a by equal those of 1914, and in a few they Are worse it was stated. Senator Mccormick in a statement said that unless something is done to Check the growth of unemployment it will reach the 1914 Peak next Winter. . Also that there is a bigger margin appendicitis during the last Twenty five years we have heard a great Deal about appendicitis. Before that time it was called inflammation of the bowels. The appendix has been quite a costly part of the human body. It has gotten the blame for Green apples More than once appendectomy has been a wonderful contributor towards filling the coffers of those who claim that god did no to know his business when he put the appendix in the human body your appendix is placed in your body for a specific purpose the same As your tonsils and other organs. Your appendix is the safety valve of the digestive tract. Whenever your digestive organs become distended with Gas due to indigestion and your heart begins to Palmitate then the Little valve in the appendix opens up. The appendix gives off a certain chemical fluid which neutralizes the Gas. The removal of the appendix explains Why there Are so Many people who die of so called heart trouble or acute indigestion. Might As Well try to run a steam engine without a safety valve As to run your body successfully without your appendix you cannot improve upon the Handiwork of god. Appendicitis Means inflammation of the appendix. Chiropractic corrects the cause of appendicitis. Constipation and All the ills that accompany appendicitis yield to chiropractic adjustments. Your spine is the human switchboard. Your health depends on the condition of your spine and your nerves. Chiropractic corrects the cause of your disease. I will Tell you what a the matter with you without asking any questions. Your spine indicates the cause of your trouble. My examination will Cost you nothing and you Are under no obligations to take adjustments. Chiropractic is specific and to the Point chiropractic has stood the test because it is right yours for the truth g. M. Morreim d. C. Second floor Home investment building it ii Conger department of the Albert Lea examiner a to i Iii Iii i ii a ii a a a a a a a a a Tumuli limn a ii Iii i ii ii its a a a a Conger or. And mrs Henry Sprenger and a family motored to Manly Iowa. Last a sunday mision services were held at Wells Fred Behrend took in Stock this last sunday Rev. Pheiffer preaching week a most excellent Sermon. Mrs. W. C. Bailey Bias a Young lady Fred Behrends Stock buyer Conger Minn. Phone 238 Good Woven wire fencing 26 inches High 35c a Rod other sizes i proportion. Substantially made of Good heavy wire. See me before buying i can save you Money Alex Gustavson 706 Bridge Street Henry Sprenger general merchandise Conger Minn. A Complete line of groceries dry goods and notions we pay the highest prices for produce poultry and eggs. Come in and see us assisting Lier who recently came from Austria she has relatives in Kiester Frank Fink returned from his vacation trip to Duluth where he reports a very enjoyable time Sheean Haddy has rented the we. Schneitler building for a period of one year. The Bear Lake pastor and Frank Fink attended a conference at Eldorado this week. Representative of a Chautauqua Bureau were in Conger attempting to Book their attractions for next year. They were unable to get the Nete sary number of signers. Frank w. Steele returned this week from Springfield where he attended the wedding of Evangeline Pheiffer. He reports that people up that Way Art Way behind with their work. Or. And mrs Charles Sprenger at tended a party at the John Baer Home recently. School is list. 69 is closed on account of illness of the teacher. The Community club will hold their first meeting of the season on the first wednesday in october Kruger garage Ford Overland and Paige cars i am making some special prices on Standard makes of tires. All kinds of Auto and tractor repair work. You w ill like our prices. Conger Minnesota pans volstead continued from Page one is John f. Kramer former Federal prohibition commissioner who said in an interview in the dispatch that prohibition was not prohibiting. He added a until Public sentiment is definitely and outs Okenly against All violation of the eighteenth amendment it will be impossible to have effective enforcement a or. Kramer As the Man who tried to make the volstead act work presumably knows something of existing conditions. The truth is that in its righteous indignation against the notorious evils of the Public Saloon the country went to far and the result not contributed anything worthy of men i Tion to the cause of real Temperance. That cause will be better served in America by facing the facts than by the utterance of Manifest Poppycock Charles Sprenger dealer in lumber building material Drain tile silo blocks and Cement Conger 1==== s a Agama Farsi amp i Sagaas Minnesota Bei

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