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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1921, Page 10

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 22, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page four Albert Lea examine thursday september 22, 1921 Ages c for tue t a Story of Tiff go Bubsy Deh Ceacy Irving Bacheller chapter Vii. In which or. Eliphalet Bigg gets acquainted with Bim Kelso and her father. In a Musty old Ledger kept by James Rutledge. The owner of Rutledge s tavern in the year 1882, is an entry under the Date of january Slat which reads As follows a arrived this Day Al Phalet Riggs of 26 Olive Street St. Louis with Tine horse. Tough or. Biggs remained at Rutledge s tavern for three weeks with i Ann in a Sling under the Eye of the Good doctor. The Rutledge were Kentucky Folk and there the Young Man had found a sympathetic hearing and tender care it had done him Good to he hurled against a barn door and to fall trembling and confuse at the feet of his so exclaimed. A a Cervantes was right in saying that too much wine will neither keep a secret nor fulfil a Quot we you make me a Promise a rim asked of or. Biggs As he was leaving the door with Ann. A anything you will ask a he answered. A please done to Ever look at the new Moon through a knot Hole a she said in a half whisper. Tile Young Man laughed. A Why rot a a if you do you la never get Quot done to lie alarmed by my daughters fancies Quot Kelso advised. A they Are often rather so or. Al Phalet Biggs met the pretty daughter of Jack Kelso. On his Way Hack to the tavern he told Ann that he had fallen in love with a a a a t9 by a master. He had never met his master the swy eters and prettiest girl in All synopsis. A by in or in Oil Iron their b an tile a est. He land ador is the Coua la Illinois t Hill chapter or with the. Beeley wave is it i Pleat try of Hie flu Quot chapter a Leei in psf j a youth Battu decides to go Ai of Ane re ague. Serai e of a youth stage of text int to Auld Ere cola. Chapter Iii a argot a a the Pray lore or but a Ncora f be tide. Fecit Kelso end his pretty daughter birr if year of t i. Lie. A i own and swore to i threatened us Hagara fell they Irente. Among tilt m of Che who also to the Sia Gemoa country my suffer from fever and ministration eave the Ute a Raj Needle in the last a and he Threa h new Salem Illinois nod by Young a Abe Iau chapter Cate a new Hie House i Row Natteal leg Lincoln Harry Nee a a the Armstrong in vent Anet in Isem Aoa decide to t�->.? a and begin building by Jack Arr Strong St to t teak up j a proceed thrashes Arras or a Young s k is Bap of Noil. Of crowd and Ucko threat Cha Itter few Days later Harry is Ole is attack i by 12. Noll and his gang and Cave Bee roughly used had not Bim driven off hts Law Ailanti with a Shotgun John Mcneil ti.? Taylors Niagara pal a a. I Lam Tan. E. A markedly attentive to Ann luit ledge. Lain Coin is in love with Ann but to never had enough courage to Tell her so chapter \ i. C continued when Samson had driven into the Baru its door were dosed rid the negroes a re called from their place of hiding. It Allison writes a i never realized what a Blessing it is to to get Frt until i saw that scare Roan and woman crawling out from under the Dusty Hay and Shakin themselves like u pair of dog the weather was not cold or i guess they would Hare been Frozen they Knelt together on the Bani that a and the woman prayed for god Protection through the Day. Beasley brought food for them Ara stowed them away on the top of his Hay mow with a pair of Buffalo skins. I tipi Rose they got Stone sleep there. I went into the House to breakfast and while i aft by instead told me about his trip. His children were there. They looked clean and deem. He lived in a i a Cabin a Little further up the Road. Mrs. Beasley s sister waited on me. She is a fat and cheerful Locking lady very Light completed. Her hair is red like Tomato Ketchup. Looks to Roc a Likely Stout armed. Good hearted woman who can do a lot of hard work. She can see a joke and has an answer Handy every for details of the remainder of the historic visit of Samson Traylor to the Home of John Beasley we Are indebted to a letter from John to Hie brother t Barie dated february 21, i8,. In this he says vie 2iad gone out to the barn and Barnstead and i were helping or. Tray Lur hitch up his horses. All of a sudden two men came Riding up Ute Road at a fast Trot and turned in and come straight toward us and pulled up by the Wagon Tine of them was a slim red cheeked Young Feller about Twenty three years old. He wore top Boot and spurs and a bread Bri turned Black hat and gloves and a fur Waistcoat and party Linen. He looked at the tires of the Wagon and said a that a the one we be Quot a which of you is Samson Traylor a asked. A a i Ara said Traylor. A the Young Feller jumped off his hours. And tied him to tile Fence. Then he went up to Traybor and said Quot la a did you do with my niggers you dirty sucker a a men from Missouri hated the to s folks them Days and called suckers. Halt r you a Little reckless Young Feller 1 Traylor said As Cool As a eur Uili r 11 i up nigh to. Am door which Grimstead had closed it a he Wagon out. Close to the new it Elji a a Al k As he Hiim Traylor grabbed him and threw him agin the barn door Kee whack bit so hard the Board whole barn reared other fell r tri cd to 1 8 Holster but brims and who stood beside Bim grabbed it and i got his Bein on. You it Ive Ita a the Man and a Hook i with the Law. Quot or. No Kies Rode close to the woodshed and looked up a him. A my brother i fear you be not a ? Brittsan he said. Quot he swore at the minister. That a a a cities him. Quot i reckon he better stay thar till he gits a Little of clods Grace in his soul says the minister. Quot then he says to the dog Tonto von keep in right thar a eth dog appeared to understand what was expected of him. A the minister got off his Boss and hitched him and took off a coat and put it on the ground. A a a what you going to do i says. A a a me says the minister. 1 be coins to Rassle with satan for the soul o that a Man. An if you keep watch i reckon you see a at the ground la be scratched up some a fore i git Quot he loosened his Collar and in it on his coat and began to Pray that the Man s soul would see its wickedness and repent you could have heard him half a mile away. Quot or. Traylor drove off with the damaged slaver settin beside him and the Saddle hoes hitched to fhe rear Axle. I see my Chance and before that prayer ended i had got the fugitives under some Hay in my Wagon and started off with them on my Way to Livingston county. I could hear the praying until i get Over the Hill into Canaan j barrens. At Sundown i left them in Good hands thirty Railes up the in a Frontier newspaper of that time it is recorded that the minister and his dog kept the slaver on the roof All Day. Vainly trying with prayer and exhortation to convert his soul. The Man stopped swearing before dinner and on his Promise not again to violate the commandment a Good meal was handed up to him. He was liberated at Sundown and silent the night with Briu Isrl and. A who is that big sucker who grabbed my Friend a the stranger asked brim Send a this name is Samson Traylor. Comes from Vermont a was the answer. A if he Don t look our a Jelph Biggs la kill Samson spoke not More than a dozen words on his Way Bank to new Salem. Amazed and a Little shocked by his own conduct be sat thinking. After ail he had heard and seen the threat of the Young upstart had provoked him beyond his Power of endurance. The sensitive mind of the new englander Hail been Hurt by the Totory of the fugitives. Upon this Hurt the Young Man had poured the turpentine of haughty Imperial manners. The More he thought of it the less inclined he was to reproach himself for his violence. Slavery was a relic of ancient imperialism. It had no right in free America. There could be no peace with it save for a Little time. The missourians would Tell their Friend of the Lawless and violent men of the North who cared not a Fig for the property rights of a southerner. The stories would travel Uke fire dry or Folsz so swiftly tile thoughts in no Era he Bent and the the o get his pistol out Oss by the bits and we both i he Young Toller Lay on the ground shaking As if he had the ague. I to never a Man of split in a Sec Obj 1 pm Al d him up. His right Arm was broke and his face and shoulder Bruise some. Yes a a thought a steam it Nguyne Hud Blower up while he was putting Wood to it he a kind o ump and the mad had leaked out of him. A i reckon i better find a doctor a he says. A Yoa get my Wagon and ill tale be to a Good one a say Traylor. A just Hen Stephen Nuckles the circuit minister Rode in with the big bloodhound that filers him around. A the other slaver had got off his Boss in the sol image Traylor started for him. The slaver began to Back Sway and suddenly broke into a run. The big dog took after him with a kind of a lion Roar. We ail begun Yelling St True dog. We made More noise than you a hear at the end of a Boss race. It scale the Young Feller. He put on or the entry j i tar my i in a of men were being pre in red for the great Bat the. Nes of rile future. Samson saw the Peri of it. As they Rode along Young or. Biggs complained of pain and Samson made a Sling of his Muffler and put it Over the neck and Arm of the injured Biggs find drove with rare to avoid jolting. Fur the first time Samson took a careful and sympathetic look at him. He was a handsome youth about six feet tall with dark eyes and hair and a Small Bisk Mustache and Teeth very White and even. Neon took him to doctor a hunks office and helped the do Ting the broken Bone. Then he went to Offutt a store and found Abe Reading his Law Book and gave him an account of his adventure. Quot i in bulb glad hid sorry a Aid Abe j by glad that you licked the slaver and got lit negroes out of his reach. I reckon it i have done the same if i a mild i m sorry because it looks to a like the beginning of Many Trou Bles i in w Hole subject of slavery is full of danger. Naturally Southern men will tight for their property and there is a growing number in the North who will fight for their principles. If we All get to lighting i wonder what will become of the country it reminds me of the Man who found a Skunk in his House. His boy wan going after tile Critter with a club. A a a look Here boy a he said a when you be got a Skunk in the House its a Good time to be careful. You might talc the Skunk with that club but the Skunk would be right certain to spy in the House. While he a our guest i reckon Well have to be polite whether we want to or not a that evening Samson set Down the events of the Day in his Book and quoted the dialogue in Offutt a store in which he had had a part on the Aret of february. 1840, be put these words until he had reached hoped lie that morning. The event had been too Long delayed. Encouraged by idleness and conceit and alcohol evil passions had grown rank in the soil of his spirit. Restraint bad been a thing unknown to him. He had ruled the Little world in which he had lived by a sense of divine right. He was a Prince of ego land that province of America which had Only half yielded itself to the principles of democracy. It must be said that he served his tent As a sober human being quite gracefully being a Well born youth of some education. A few Days he spent mostly in bed while his Friend who had come on from Hopedale took care of him. Soon he began to walk about and his Friend returned to St. Louis. His Fine manners and handsome form and face captured the Little Village Moat of whose inhabitants had come from Kentucky. A week after his arrival Ann Rutledge walked Over to Jack Kelso with him. Bim fled up the stick ladder As soon As they entered thu door. Or. Kelso was away on a Fox Hunt. Ann went to the ladder and called a Bim. I saw you Fly up that ladder. Come Back Down. Heroes la right Nice i Young Man come to see a is he Good-1, toking Quot Bim called. A ooh. Is a picture Black eyes and hair and Teeth like pearls and tall and straight and he a got a be Beautiful Little a a that a enough a Bim exclaimed. A i just wish there was a knot Bede in this a dome on Down Here a Ann urged. A a in a was the answer. A this Cheeks Are As red As roses and he a got a Lovely ring and big watch chains pure Gold and Vallur As a dandelion. You come Down Bim answered a be Down As soon As i can get on my Best bib and in a few minutes Bim called from the top of the ladder to Ann. The latter went and looked up at her. Both girls burst into peals of merry laughter. Bim had put on a suit of her fathers old clothes and her Buffalo skin whiskers and was a wild sight. A a done to you come Down looking Uke that Quot said Ann. A Btl go up there and tend to Ann climbed the ladder and for a time there was much laughing and chattering in the Little loft. By and by Ann came Down. Bim hesitated laughing above the ladder for a moment and presently followed in her Best Blue dress against which the Golden curls of her hair fell gracefully. With Rod Cheeks and Bright eyes she was a glowing picture. Very j j timidly she gave her hand to or. Biggs. Quot its just the right dress Quot he said. A it goes so Well with your hair. I m glad to see you. I have never seen a girl like you in my life. I m going to come and see you often of your Mother will let a Blush spread Over the girls Cheeks to the pretty dimple at the Point of her Chin. A you la see her scampering up the ladder like a Squirrel a said mrs. Kelso. A Uslie in t real tame a perhaps we could hide the ladder a he suggested with a smile. A do you play on the flute Quot Bim asked. A no a said or. Biggs. A i was afraid a Bim exclaimed. A my Uncle Henry she looked into or. Biggs eyes or. Biggs laughed. A that smile of yours is very he said. At this Point or. Kelso returned with his gun on his shoulder and was introduced to or. Biggs. Quot i Welcome you to tile hazards of my fireside a said Kelso the world bit Kelso. That very evening Ann went Over to Kelso a Cabin to take the new to Bim and her Mother and to Tell them that her father reckoned he belonged to a very Rich and a very grand family. Or. Kelso had gone to Offutt a store and the three had the Cabin to themselves. A i think he a just a wonderful Man Quot Bim exclaimed a a a but in a sorry his name is so much like figs and pigs. In a Plum sure in a coing to love Quot i thought you were in love with Harry Needles Quot Bim Mother said to her. A i am. But he keep me so Busy. I have to dress him up every Day and put a Mustache on him and think up i Ever so Many Nice things for him to say and when he comes he does no to say them. He a terribly Young Quot Quot you told me thai he said once you were Quot but he has never said it twice and when he did say it i did no to believe my in re he spoke so Low. Acted kind of like he was scared of it i done to want to waft forever to be really and truly loved do i a mrs. Kelso laughed. A ifs funny to hear a baby talking like that a she said. A we done to know this Young Man. He a probably Only fooling Bim went often to the Little tavern after that. Of those meetings Little is known save that with All the pretty arts of the Cavalier unknown to Harry Needles the handsome youth flattered and delighted the girl. This went on Day by Day for a fortnight. The evening before Biggs was to leave for his Home. Bim went Over to eat supper with Ann at the tavern. It happened that Jack Kelso had found Abe sitting alone with his Blackstone in Offutt a store that afternoon. A emr. Kelso did you Ever hear what by Zane said about the general subject of sons in Law a Abe asked. A a never but i reckon it Woald be i Wise and possibly said Kelso. A the said that a son in Law was a curious kind of property Quot Abe began. A a a be know a says be of be have a he told his wife what Ahu had said in the store. A the Wisdom of the common Folk to i in that beardless Young giant Quot he said. A it is the Wisdom of Many generations gathered in the hard school of bitter experience i wonder where it is going to Lead As Al Phalet Biggs was going Down the South Road next morning he met Bim on her Pony near the schoolhouse returning from the Field with her cow. They stopped. A a in a coming Back Little girl Quot he said. A what for Quot she asked. A to Tell you a secret and ask you a question. May i come Quot a i suppose you can of you want to Quot she answered. A to come and ill write to you and Send the letters to Mentor Graham the schoolmaster who lived in the schoolhouse had Crane out of its door. A Good by Quot said Young or. Biggs As his heels touched the flanks of his horse. Then he went flying Down the Road. To be continued i fourth Street grocery i i Tomer fourth and Newton its. Telephone 1123 h opposite the Ramsey school is m times co operate with labor and the Farmers of this Community. We Appl Veinte your patronage and will give you h your Money a Worth courteous treatment j = and prompt service. I free delivery service to All parts of the City i fourth Street grocery i or Rhone 1123 a a Huq Jessi Cor. 4th and Newton its. Opposite Ramsey school Albert Lea a a e have material for nearly All makes of watches. Quick service is our Hobby j s. C. Jensen watches and jewelry f i first door South of Idle hour f theatre Albert Lea Minn. X i 3 a message to the afflicted and despondent. I Tell your ailment without asking any questions. Consultation Bree. Positive satisfaction. A special invitation to sep tics know ing is believing. A visit will astonish you. Many gratified patients names on file from this City to verify these statements. Osteopathy not Medicine or chiropractic Call and be convinced. Royal Miller will be at Freeborn hotel during the summer on fridays and saturdays Boss a i have never seen a Oil like you in my More Siam and went up the ladder to the roof a of the woodshed Uke a chased we std. The dog stood Barrio As if he had treed a Bear. Traylor grabbed the ladder and pulled to Down. A you stay there to j get Awat an i wonder of this a the first trip on the underground f armers and labourers the examiner and veil Lier s. Patronize from St. Louis and stopped for repairs in this land of the ladder climbers. Sit Down and ill put a log on the Quot thank you i must go Quot said Biggs. A can i not stay you with Flagon a Kelso asked. A the doctor has forbidden me All drink brat milk Ard a a Wlaz Naan is doctor Allen i Quot Kel fat s Tricky and dangerous and i a Ruth less than nothing be can give i him away or kill him. But of be have a son in Law that ruthless nobody else will have him and its aging the Law to kill him. Fast be know yes be got a Critter on yer hands that kicks i and wont work an has to be fed and liquored three times a Day and is i Wuth a million dollars less than a there was a mom it of silence. A when a Man is figurine his assets ifs let Pertef to add ten dollars than to i subtract a said Abe. A a that a i about As simple As adding up the i weight of three Small Quot what a Well of Wisdom you Are Abe Quot said Kelso. A do you know any thing about this Young missourian who is shining up to Bim Quot a i Only know that he was a drink ing Man up to the time he landed Here and that he threatened Traylor with his whip and got thrown against the Side of a a Pic plenty hard. He a a kind of american King and i done to like Kings. They re Nice to look at hut generally those that have married Mem have had one he a of a Kelso Rose and went Home to supper. Soon after the supper dishes had been Laid away in the Kelso Cabin Young or. Biggs rapped on its door and pulled the Latch string and entered and sat Down with or. And mrs. Kelso at the fireside. A i have come to ask for your daughters hand a he said As soon As they were seated. A i know it will seem Quot so you re sudden but she happens to be the girl i want. In be had Ber Plure in my heart always. I love your daughter. I can give her a handsome Home and everything he could Kelso answered promptly a we Are i glad to Welcome you Here but we cannot entertain such a proposal flatter ing As it is. On daughter is too j Young to think of marriage. Then sir. We know very Little at it ont you and May i be pardoned of i add that it does not recommend you Quot the Young Man was surprised. He had not expected such talk from a ladder climber. He looked at Kelso j groping for an answer. Then a perhaps not a said he. A i have j been a Little wild but that is All in j the past. You can learn about me and my family from anyone in St. Louis. I am not ashamed of anything i have done. May i not Hope that you will change your mind Quot a not at present. Let the future take care of a i generally get what i want Quot said the Young Man. A and now and then something that you done to want Quot said Kelso a hit nettled by his persistence. A you ought to think of her happiness. She is too Sweet and Beautiful for a Home like a �. A a there was an awkward moment of silence. The Young Man said goodnight and opened the door. A a in la go with you Quot said Kelso. He went with or. Biggs to fhe tavern and got his daughter and returned Home with her. Mrs. Kelso chided her husband for being hard on or. Biggs. A the has had his lesson perhaps he win turn Over a new Leaf Quot she said. Quot i fear there Isnit a new Leaf in his Book Quot said Kelso. Quot they re All Sprenger amp Pestorious general merchandise Alden Minn. 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