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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 22, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Al Bert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner a Elf you Are wrong you can to be too conservative if Yon Are right you can to be too Radical. Endorsed f me Austin tra1 by i Abdu cil volume 2, number 38. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday. September 22. 1921 single copes s cent. The Captain of Industry and the Buccaneer North Dakota banker tells of conditions in that state seipts by personal service and by the magic of his name and business connections but from the beginning he practically doubled the lowest rate of pay instituting at once the $6 a Day minimum wage which has made the fort conduct of Industry forever a Mons in America sacred indeed to All economists must remember some of us who take our work in this Carlyle a striking description of the world seriously. A few will remember that one a Sage by a few votes. This Bill would Nels. To my knowledge history Doe True Captain of Industry and the How then has Ford won his re Nohl. A peripatetic evangelist of greed have put out of commission All the not record in All it annuals a More Mere buccaneers Bent of selfish gains suits simply i he began by Dis spoke on the streets Here one night third class Rural schools As classified systematic method of sabotage than How the great thinker Goethe Calls missing All but one of the officials last summer damning unqualified Day schools As Well As the third class has been practice again to the a him a a moral Force of incalculable and highly paid employees of the old the nonpartisan league and its Active graded third class consolidated and Jority of the people of a Sovereign importance would have revelled in regime. The dismissal was tempered cities in North Dakota. At the con third class High schools. Besides this state by a few disgruntled politicians the Story of Henry Fords Purchase by a Bonus of two months pay. Then delusion of his remarks or. Arnold it would have Cut Down the Tate Aid the Industrial commission Early in of the Detroit Toledo Ami Trenton he instituted an eight hour Day As a passed round the hat and departed to the consolidated schools from a the fall of 1919. Had contracted for Railroad of Carlyle could have read maximum and six dollars a Day Ai for newer Fields and pastures Green possible $1200 per year to a possible the Alc of s 17.000 Worth of How Ford in a single year turned minimum wage with the result that a North Dakota banker has this to $700 00 per year this Cut to be made state Bonds 10,000.000 dollars of the bankrupt and disgraceful concern he Cut his Force of employees from say of the worthy Arnold and his act at a time when All of the smaller which was for the Purpo a of making into a profitable anti Model enter 2,700 to 1.650 in the face of a larger Ivi ties in that Commonwealth schools of the state were having a Long time farm loan to banners in traffic than the Road Ever handled Colet Ashoor n. A August 30. Hard time to pay the increased salary this state. Immediately a Ait was before. The wage Bill was Cut one editor Mascot to Rural teachers. This same House brought to test the constitutionality Minneota Minn. Of representatives which was con of these Bonds by the opponents of dear sir trolled by the i. V. A. Organization the league program. This suit was one of your subscribers in this passed a Hill just a few Days prior fought through every state and fed but one expense he Cut even More territory handed me an Issue of your to this to allow All High schools the Era court and finally passed Ujffy a i rustic ally than any other paper of August 19th, containing a privilege of charging Rural districts by the supreme court of the United the salaries Arni expenses of the summary of a speech delivered in a tuition fee of $6.00 per month per states. This held up the Bond Issue at once give the roads a billion of Legal department in june 1920, for your Community by a certain party Pupil for High school entrants from in the meantime Money rate had Money to keep them going the har example amounted to $17.99040. In named w. J. Arnold in which speech Rural districts when it i an in Lis advanced two per cent Ami the Bond Ding administration has surpassed june. 1921, the corresponding charge he took occasion to make statements potable fact that the rial districts House could not accept the Bonds a1 the Wilson example it has handed was Only $206 96. Or. Ford believes concerning the nonpartisan league. Have been taxed practically since their current rate this was just another half billion to the private that railroads can be successfully of my first acquaintance with or. Arl it is is buccaneers the better word rated with very Little litigation. No Nob came when i was engaged in Ami still the pirates Are in a1cont Gilt lawyers the most harmful parasite educational work in this state about though the Farmers Are being ruined in the body politic need apply seem eight years ago. At that time he was wholesale by the High freights and to lie a Ford Maxim. Visiting each school in the Small naturally he Cut other useless sex town asking for the privilege of prise he would have exulted As we All ought to exult when the right Tri urns Ami wrong is trodden under foot. For on the other hand the buccaneers Are plainly at work the Wilson government handed our railroads Over to private ownership and had to half the lowest wage doubled the hours of work shortened and the result an astounding Success. The whole country is suffering through inefficient and wasteful management. Of All the railroads none had a worse record or poorer Chance of Success than the Detroit Toledo Ami Trenton. The Bare Meta Are impressive. When in May 1926. A new York firm announced that bidders to let a unknown to Security owners had offered sixty cents on the Dollar for statehood to furnish state Aid to High what the opposition knew and they War successful in making it impossible to sell these Bonds at that time. During the legislative session of 1921, i was a member of Tine House and the charge was made time and a congressman who Dols things i inures Man Sydney Anderson ban. After 12 Long years of unremitting toil justified the Confidence placed in him by the electorate of the first congressional District. He has secured a captured German Cannon from the government to to Placid in the City Park or town Square in his Home town. Lanesboro. This is the brow iring achievement of Sydney a career in Congress representing As it Doe a dozen year of arduous labor and something Ever $75,090 of the tax payers Money that Sydney has pocket id in the Way of salary. True the taxpayers will hate to pay the transportation charges on the Cannon and the City of Lanesboro will have to pay for a base to place it on but when Thi is dime it will be Lanesboro very own the returned veterans of Fillmore county will doubtless be very proud of their representative and his thoughtfulness in presenting them with a memento of the world War. It is so much More practical and will be Mitre appreciated than a More sordid gift such As a Bomi for instance schools in this state. When or amok states that socialism dominates the nonpartisan league he utters a statement that facts do not Bear out the present Pense. This is shown by the fact faking before the students in the nonpartisan league of North Dakota a again by the i. V. A. Members that that the usual charge of about $5,000 interests of his Magazine which he is managed by a committee of five of the was bankrupt Ami that no a month for Clearing wreckage was maintained was being published to its members elected by the league reduced to $2,200 in june 1921 i further uplift work in this state. Members in a state wide newspaper the More efficient work produced nth wonders since he makes such election. Fewer accidents. Stationery Ami charges concerning the league Why the writer was present in bismark printing Bills have been More than ,0l i uplift work just at a meeting of delegates Cut in two. Fuel Bills for Yard Loco time when the state was entering As from every county. The a delegates As Bonds could lie sold until the administration a. Changed. Jut before the i. V. A. Held their recall convention in devils Lake. It was rumoured that the Industrial commission were in Chicago and had effected a Sale motives show a decrease of one third a claims into a period of socialism. Eholt a ten men a Dru Hatas and of u2.000.000.00 in Bond pending the and for transportation locomotives immorality and free love. No doubt neither or. Townley nor or. Wood in i attorney s opinion. A few of Over one fifth from june 1920, to Thoro appeared better Opportunity for were in the Stute at tin time. Or these disgruntled politician in my ii in the Road a adjustment income Bond. June 1921, in spite of the very great Tum 10 rather in the shake five cents on the Dollar for preferred increase in ton Miles hauled. Even speaking against this Farmer move Stock an one cent on the Dollar for allowing for a decrease in unit costs ment particularly when we find that these ten men. The league members common Stock 98 per cent of the of fuel a very satisfactory Economy a a go outside the state to do ch0se five and these sewn men Are Bonds and stocks were hastily Deposit remains to be accounted for by More Kos knows that in practically now the sole executives of the netted for fear the bidders would with effective use of fuel. Every Community in this state he paisan league in this Tate. There draw the option. To gun came the4 there a the Story in the main the would find men who would Challenge May in the nonpartisan statement that or. Ford and son wet most inspiring and noblest Story that statements in no Uncertain terms Lembke was in bismark in the Capa thu a went to it attempted City of attorney general. From Loet the a no a attorney to hold up Daugherty would shackle labor is Gomper s charge attorney general Daugherty a Pooch before the american bar association in which he forecaster legislation compelling to workers to submit their demand for decent working conditions and living wages to compulsory investigation Ami award is bitterly score by Samuel compere president of the american federation of labor in a signed article Soni out by the a. F. Of l. Now service or. Daugherty suggest Tho article out that at first there should be no attempt at compulsion hut after voluntary arbitration has been in Force a Short time there should to binding awards that the attorney general a speech was not Merel i. Personal opinion is emphasized by the a. F. Of i pre Idem who declares i ailed states Cabinet members hers do not go about the country offering their Mere personal opinions they Are understood As voicing the viewpoint and policy of the administration of which they Are part. A attorney general Daugherty a bar association speech forecasts legislation intended to compel workers to submit their aspirations and their demand for Justice to compulsory investigation and award i Impulsion always is followed by punishment for Viola Ion of the compulsory order. Quot in principle compulsion i it wrong. In practice it will not work a continues or compels article. A a in principle compulsion is Auto in practice it will not Ive a u. League As there May Al o lie in the has reached me in my seven lean quote Host Lale that tie nou parti be publican or democratic parties years in America. Think of it on a an Ett Ueha it i wrought a revolution railway where sixteen hours a Day As Slaler uie Home Ami the school a maximum has had to be enforced a Rev Lution anything bul for the bet by penal Law. Ford has made eight to re Asel cd in North Dakota hours a maximum Ami if More has ure even a is of which i spent crease of $319,079. Or 87 per to lie worked through human Falli in Hool work before the league was june 1920. Expenses for june 1921, ability then compensating rest is a1 Taru it a. I was born roared Ami Edu amounted to $376,383, a decrease of dotted in no Case is any employee rated a Minnesota. $102,543, or 21 per cynt. In june worked More than two Hundred Ami when he states that the non parti the bidders. Now comes the great Romance it can be stated in Bald figures for Here figures talk with tongues of Angels for june 1921. Freight revenues amounted to $66,355,an in we do not deny this. The Industrial program in this state is entirely in the hand of the Industrial commission elected by the people of the state Ami to my knowledge not a Man of them is a suet Al Tho opinion until after the recall. Then at devils i Ake these same gentlemen made the charge that the recall a Nee nary for if no recall was held the state administration would sell $2,000.00000 in Bond.-. Pray Tell me who it is that has made it impossible to sell Bonds through the regular channels. Scarcely a week has a luring the lat two years when the Industrial commission has not been forced into court on one pretext or another if space would permit i would Pioneer press Jimps on own pet congressman remember last fall How the Pioneer press trembled for safety of the nation when it looked like congressman volstead stood a Little better than an even Chance of being beaten for re election the a p. Not Only admitted but insisted that All the Manly Virtues entered in the profit fanatic statecraft to him was easy As a game of mumble Peg and truth had taken with him a permanent abiding place. Times have changed since pre election Days. Volstead has came Home to make an unmitigated ass of himself instead of confining cratic his activities to Washington where Cep Ted by free people this pest properly Wlong. There a let the warning be sounded. This one idiotic speech More or less is not vicious proposal so frequently sex Apt to attract much attention posed by the american federation of but verbal eccentricities in the Home labor so repeatedly denounced by Balawick Seldom escape notice. On the great lovers of Freedom so con monday last or. Volstead treated the is sternly discredited in practice again anti Saloon league convention to a de 1920, the deficit after paying taxes ii rat hours a month Arni so the Low and rents amounted to $135,932 for est wage of six Dollar a Day works june. 1921, the corresponding figure out at almost exactly ninety cents an was a net income of $261,259, an in hour. Crease of $397,191. Meantime the Cost of carrying one tone of freight one mile has been reduced one third from Lis cents to 0.77 cent. Private profit and Public Benefit both achieved in a single year substitute i in fact for private stealing and Public loss an extraordinary and much needed lesson but even this magical result is not sufficient completely to satiny us or. Ford May Nave Cut Down by lowering wages and increase Rem awhile Elbert Gary a Cut his workmen to thirty cents an hour the Jiff a hence Between the True Captain of Industry and the Buccaneer is that he one gives starvation wag and in league has brought on a demoralizing revolution of this state he As a citizen of this state classes a majority of the citizens of this state us unfit to hold citizenship in an american Commonwealth when As a mutter of fact these citizens Are now and have been during the past six fears of league Power just As int. All three of these men Frazier Lembke and Hague can show a Long i Wmk of North Dakota or residence in Thi. Tate than either again it a Quot Hill a11 the Force and pow Long hour to his workmen up Ruthb Loyal. An Law abiding Cit and tile other Short hour and docent living wage. Ford or Gary the should be easy to learn a Frank Harris. Jud Tunkins says now and then a Man gets gloriously located in the Hall of Fame who Bud flirt leu to during bus life in paying room deflation and the farm Home zen As Are found in any of the american states unit a the fact a majority in the state exercise franchise to change what they believe to be incorrect systems of handling and marketing their crop unless let me repeat or Arnold holds that this method is in american the Home life of the people of this great Tate is just As moral and ideals Art just a High As is common in any state in the Union. In fact i my sol i or or. Arn 11. Possibly. The fight being waged again to the league is being Wagon soley again tits Industrial program. To oppo a this program As socialistic is of course Uny Many Gelf. After seven state wide elections in which the people voiced thir approval of certain reforms by a majority vote the men elected to ii upon to carry out the their right of socialistic Hen a new Page in political Economy a been written since i studied the subject. But in the six years since the league was organized at every election the opposition to the league have state both from the Pla Fonn and through the i that they were for the program Only in a More modified form in other words they Aper of millions of dollars of wealth in the nation has been launched. I May take the time later if the editor see fit to discuss this question for the Benefit of the readers of the Minneola Mascot. As a member of the House of representative. In the 1921 session from the 47th legislative District i had be feel called phia urn of witnessing what these wishes of the bridled progressives known a the i. V. A. Organization would do if in Power. In this tension they controlled the House in which i sat yet during sixty Days there a not one constructive piece of legislation even proposed. Instead every Effort was made to either Amend or repeal practically every progressive been reduced 0rd place to said or. Vol Force Quot of g with few Large cities i urn of the opinion that they May be called better. The so called free love propaganda is no longer mentioned by even the most Radical of the opponents to the league for when a comparison was made it a found that even a the instigators of this utterly idiotic f begins charge against the Farmers of a great la u proved of bonding the Tate to the extent of $2,000,000.0 for a terminal elevator and flour Mill while the league Felt that $5,,000.00 would he needed. Possibly the Sage from Lisbon can detection wherein Between these two figure social in i confess i am unable the. Legislative be in personal con of league i never at any state were not immune from it themselves. The present state Board of administration has been criticised Beau a they saw fit to remove some of the in tractors and executive officer in some of the higher institutions of learning. These men were removed for tile Good of tile institutions As Many of them were Well along in year. To replace these men. The any Man know that school Are paid for from taxation. North a Kola a. Had several very poor top years. Last fall through the manipulation of the wheal Price the Taw enacted by Sion of 1919. Further than this tact with the other tier of the House time found any of these members under the influence of intoxicating liquor nor deviating on Iota from what we deem to be Good moral it is Impo Sibl for me to Muke tit same statement concerning some of the Imie pendent members so called. The charge was made that when a leaper accepted a nomination he sold his birth right because he went Down there an did just what he a Farmer was a deflated Quot to the Point by the higher ups to do in the where he was forced to Ell his product from 50 to to pm r cent below the Cost of production. Name any other business in Thi country that could carry through a like depression much i a league it me say at this Point that a caucus was also maintained by the j. V. A members of both houses a caucus so Ecret that not even Bill longer could get in Jet Aion a member of i a. A. Farmers from my District scene. Were enacted on the Cio ing the above cartoon to our minds la one of the most powerful that John m Baer the great cartoonist for the Plain people hat Ever drawn Low prices for the raw materials of the Arm forced by those whose Bond servants our politicians Are Are Fine for Wall Street but this is what they mean in the farm Home. The boy goes ahead building his air castles unmindful of the Stern reality the Mother sees. She has raised another boy to slave for Board went outside of the state and im1 Man exist this deflation gee ured the Best educators that could a a a econ. Fished within Pareti be found. An Exa Inife of this is the i rally it in month Liming poor present Heads of the Minot Normal it of a arh a a a school co i me mounted of at lat should hand and the state training school am especially is this True of teacher a on the history of our the supervision of the High schools while p001 have less areal Tate. It i. To be regretted Grade schools and Rural schools of the ability of both Farmer and a Al in any american Tate a Leader the state Are now and have always merchant banker and professional that tuition ii iut Tiu of. The Nonman to meet the taxes upon which 1 parti it an league of being in a Menthe schools of the state depend and can pro German bolshevism in and yet the tune too pretest Ameri immoral should himself fall from cans would have liked through Houe Grace a to be incapacity de in the Bill 36. To have taken away from a cd�si�8 hours to attend to business Large share of the Rural schools the again during tim same Day when peeled of these opponents of the ii la state Ahi that they have gotten three Membria of the i. V a a. Broke league in educational matters one a Pai get years. A a a from their mat Aine anti voted has but to refer to Rouse Bill 36, or Arnold mention the fact that continued on Page 3 which was introduced in the session state cannot dispose of its Bonds j of 1921 and failed of passage because nut racy to this assertion the state i not so funny then even with the solid support of the Orth Dakota is disposing of its men Yon a Ltd a Are now been governed by their own local school boards and let egg More or less interested in education i know these schools Are pursuing about the same work As they were six years ago As a Sample of what might be exam near nothing All his life As the father is else aug in the nearby Field but it is present state superintendent of pub direct to the people of the a a worse tragedy to not know that the disaster of 1920 was the work of Wall lie instruction who is not a leaguer on a Arnold failed to state Why Street and to go on supporting its Bond servants with the ballot. And the abide support of the Ablest a a a a a a a a a leaders of the i v. A a failed of Pas i the state could not dispose of it Bonds through the regular Bond Chan transcript smoking More labor than tobacco. It seems a funny thing to think of except in some cases when you perform most of die labor Bunton luge of a inc chatter that even the Pioneer pre could not afford i pass unnoticed. In an editorial printed wednesday they handle their erstwhile Savior of Minnesota politics in the following fun Hion a was the author of the prohibition enforcement Mea ure which Bear his name Congre Man Cistern naturally May a a expected to believe it effective. Yet to people who Are cognizant of affairs in the United state nowadays the Congre Many a address in eff i the anti Saloon league a monday evening sounds Mot than ordinarily us it urd it is a mistake or. Volstead declared to assert that prohibition i not prohibit. He pointed out. In support of this pm Ilion that whereas i ,000.00i gallon of spirituous liquor had lie n manufactured in the i. S in 1917. But 28,000.000 Gallons had be Ltd mad b t year while the number of distilleries had from 300 to 3. A we Are sled. Triumphantly a rapidly approaching the time when the country will by Bon so great is the present aridity in former Damp Boston that the to Stone a Are. In the elegant language of the congressman Quot pitting Cotton of course if or. Vol Lead can Cun Ince himself on the basis of such Tat ii. A. These his optimism is easy to understand. But is is quite impossible for the average citizen with an Eye for what is going pm about him. To place the Reliance in them. We venture to say that Rno i people m Minnesota above the age of the average eighth Grade graduate know Trust the statement Taal hut 2nood, Gallons of spirit you liquor were made in the country in 1920 is arrant nonsense. Liquor is Wing manufactured in the i o to a state illicitly in unbelievable Quad lilies and 0 is being smuggled in across every Border. No statistic or course Are available sine the train is wholly contraband but it or yol Tead think that the United states got along Iii 1920 on 2k,, Gallons of booze ids naivete is appalling to far As til Ordinary observer is Able to judge Hie Only differ Nee bet wet ii the pagent and 1917 is thai drinking today is More or less Clande Tine it is far More expensive than Ever before a which mean that More Money is in my wasted for drink than Ever and the liquor interests Ane now paying no Revenue to the government. The Arm newspaper which report or. Vols add a remarks also reported i id drunks Hail been arraigned in police court the preceding morning a threatens or people. A the Man and women of labor must he on guard. A emr. Daugherty says that the experience of the past shows that in most Caes full accurate publicity of the facts have been sufficient to compel an adjustment of these cases in Ming Industrial . Or. Daugherty evident 4 Wmk that fact Are absolute. Most facts Are relative and not absolute. Quot in addition to having committed himself to an undemocratic principle which i. Repugnant to the whole american concept of social organization and conduct the attorney general fails to find the truth in history. A the a experience of the a -1 does not show that Industrial adjustment has been a Reg to about by full and a liable publicity. In to first place it Doe not show that there no eve been full and Reb Hie publicity in our Lieut Industrial disputes. In the. Heckle not show that has eed have cared much for the barbs of truth even alien the barbs have been accurate in hurled. A even the United states government of which or Daugherty is an important part having in its to re in full information about West Virginia gathered by costly investigations is u a tilt to act with effectiveness Ami it has not even men fit to pub i the facts brought out by the recent investigation. Quot finally or. Daugherty Wunt Laws a making such controversies i poo Hie Quot when Puthuf sentiment is a1 have been crystallized Quot i Inalle thin what it All comedown to re compulsion Fot the or involuntary Cecil a Quot always the advocate ,-.f. The hand maker. The guardian of greed they want it impose sit to withhold Servo in Wallet Able Quot la. Mein All w a we 1 the lire in la ii i Crary ome t a Fiat. For Ake re or conditions and i mole r. Or ii an an o Aviv to or Daugherty an to preaching comps on. ,1 not have it we a i main lain free loin at nil Cut a to. Amenta mud and remain in. Ai. A a a guard be Alert be prep. Red to resist in every proper manner a a i encroachments upon your ire. By and you i democracy Quot and alway pro Eta. O tee gnat truth that i in tar v agreement As practice in organism american Industry i the a a to in Lus rial Pescor i pro re a the on y Means by which Ai Quot the american Way is to achieve willingly through co operation in the number that compared favourably wit1 result cd agreement it unwittingly the Days of License Freedom card in a mesh a More reliable advisor we think a Prates against Nora to continued on i a age five continued Oft in age fret j

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