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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 16, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two a a Albert Lea examiner thursday september in 1920. Elbert lira examiner published by the i Rieborn of not to m Ishino. Co t filet. 222 a i Clark Street Albert Lea. Minn. Up h Lis Hep weekly Korman j Gilespie editor and manager Telephone it Tate 618 entered at the at Albert Lea Mina. As second class mail matter. N la Psi mimics rates so i of my a a. .$1.1 of am f res Tripti on accounts my i St be paid re n Al a Nee. What i is their excuse \ j the edit of i tie none i was in nor to h i it Akot a an i wrote i i i let Ai led Articie on the Laws to hat Haw a men enacted it. I y to. No part i san Lea Gur of r x i ? Ben of of the it of in n people of t hut it Tate. In i t neti in re ult of t he f urn or-1.tre r go Mem ment i n m Nae ret. Sister Sta to we dealt chiefly with the to Quot to Matt c on Etc Nutret in it May not he amiss for us to r m Nti Oft of me ref the i it o things. T he Little thing to it it a Ain Ess. And the e failure of this it Tate to at to fit t o the in reflects on t he politician n Low i n the the it la my ii As the Bush thing til Ich have be Holder there can no i once foreclose by Puli Hing a notice in me obscure the Farmer Hunt tone Chance in a Hundred been left in a razor Tai on a Farmer paper where of seeing it. A Cream buyer can not falsely Grade or overpay for Cream n a Ceria re locality for a time to Knock out a co operate a Creamery. Storekeeper have to provide tool for their women c Erk to sit on when they Are not waiting on customers. Ordinary decency require such thought for women but our Politico hate probably never Thot of it. An old line elevator manager can no longer steal of. To 30 pounds from each Wagon read of Grain to make Good in is personal Bomi with the Home office. Ordinary decency looks Down on such stealing but our politic a never have. A company which Ells paint in that state has to sell paint. Here it can be anything that look like paint and smell Uke it. The same is True of Many other Factor products including prepared foods. Our . Who squawk so much about the nonpartisan league attacking the Home have never Een their Way dear to or Lect the dining room table from fraudulent or harmful concoction. A Clever corporation lawyer con no longer trick the victim or the dependents of a victim of an Industrial Accident out of half or two third of what is tearfully due. Employers can not manipulate the court injunction to Knock out organized labor As they can Here. Speculator in tend have to pay a. Much tax As actual Farmers having land of ame value. Our politician have always let the Speculator Down easy. Nearly All the talk about High tax in North Dakota come from those ame Speculator who found themselves paying of r fair Hare of to amp be for the fir to time in . Re a Dent of Allied Lea and Freeborn county have fret Ham knowledge in this re poet thru the squealing of one w. Cd Mitchell Early this Spring. Or. Mitchell own a Quarter action of tend in North Dakota according to i statement. By his own admission he a Dom nothing to improve the tend simply holding it for a g 1 Price. Yet he howls when he has to pay a just tax on that piece of tend. We a detailed a few of the Little things that the a hog upper a have done in North Dakota. Our a a Learned a legislators in this state cannot Point to such Progre a legislation As having been done by themselves yet they Eek the vote of the Farmers and labourer. We wonder what their excuse is a sensible program candidate Harding peaking before a committee of Farmer organization men advanced co operation As the remedy for the marketing evil. Some people May now think More of Farmer co operation until after Campaign time when it Wilt again become class or a Nigatu re. We Are glad to see the idea popularized even through a Wal tract megaphone. The i. A Good time however to Issue a word of warning about Many new and prominent friends of cooperation do you realize that the politician have taken to boosting co operation a a cure All just be Cau a it will not hit tin big marketing interest ? do you realize they Are talking it now because the Farmer of the Northwest i Lave a big Dan that will do the work ? to hand i enough of int wheat co operatively to dictate the Market the Farmers would have i duplicate thine tent in terminal elevators and Mill now he d by til Grain Combine. Now think for a inmate As to where they would get the Money and How. I Hen recall that they would have to buy controlling i me rat in eve Tai railroads to get decent treatment. Then they would have to build up great Banks to Al Nace tie operation Independent of Wall Street. How Many years would it take to do this Macing with organizer running around in tin Lizzie arguing and pleading with Tom Dick and Harry ? to solve the packing Trust problem by co operation to e Farmers must likewise duplicate the investment of the b g five and buy a few More Railroad a the Farmer who i a been milked dry by the pro uttering of the last four years and whose parting with just 18 hard earned Dol ars brings Tea to the eyes of the new advocate. Of co operation. I Hen t Here is Wool potatoes Teret sugar and Garden truck to he taken care of after the bigger things a car will they All he finance-1 it the same time the North wet Farmer. Are going to capture their rut government. I lie having a government that represent he people they Are going to put some god Strung Legal rope on the middlemen and a fast a Poi is Ole their state is going to buy or build some warehouses elevators til. 11cold storage Plant and Slaughter houses. I he efficient Quot middlemen Are then going to he As efficient As there state plants or get out i hat a the plan for Relief before we Are dead and buried and its going across. The great French scandal a where Iron i there i the a Book by Clarence t. A Stein of England set Forth what would be to most of us an amazing scandal which was aired in France a year ago and concealed by the censorship from America it a to do with the Way interlocking directorates and ownership of the steel Industry in Germany and France interfered with the prosecute n of tile War on both sides. The in Mendel family i it the prominent figure. Francois de Mendel presided of the French steel Trust was a member of the Fionch parliament Charles de Mendel his brother whose mines on the German Side of the Lorraine fron tier connected with the French mines was a naturalized German Anil a member of the Reich Stag. All the Iron and steel pure a de for Fiance in England was obtained through Humbert de w Endel and his brother in Law was appointed to Check him up. The de Menlo family likewise distributed the Metal obtained to the various concerns which needed it in France. The French government referred to Francois tie Mendel the member All charges of profiteering in steel for investigation and report there were gentlemen agreements by which French air plane spared German smelters and the germans in turn spared the Coal mine of the French the French general staff officer responsible for Tho Protection of tile Trust property under the German Flag a an employee of the Trust. Thus we understand v by the i Arram sect a a it was called was quiet throughout the War until the american reached the front. The greater part of our men were Titca to this sector for training because it was quiet and the american army truck the first blow against the German smelters. Or. Merit conc us his Book with the remark that the fir to article in the covenant of the True society of nation would Lee a Coal and Iron can no More in any country remain private Peak their made the real sabotages m Hen machinery was invented the French ant saw it Only As a Means for taking away work and livelihood. They hated it. And they War on it. One of their methods was to pull off a wooden shoe and throw it into the works. The shoe was a a Sabot a so this practice was whet the government took Over the railroads the owner and manager Ani hanker exploiters did not like it. I hey saw government ownership As a Means for taking away their work and their livelihoods. So they threw into the works whenever they could do so without being found out. And so they made the government management More difficult. And there is still another motive at banker owners and managers of the railroads having got the government to guarantee them their profit whether they work or not have decided that it would be Nice for the government to produce indefinite millions in addition a for of a Goose will Lay one Golden egg Why will she not Lay two or two dozen so they Are sabotaging enough to make ure that the roads will not earn Money for Iretter ments. The recent Elevation of rates is calculated to take from the Public in addition to what the roads have been taking one billion five Hundred million Dollar a year which is to the increase of wages and $000,000,000 to the Incret a of profits. Not biting would put one in the Field. It is to the everlasting credit of the members of the committee that not Only it they spurn the offer but they published the facts to All the world. And so now everybody in Minnesota knows except the readers of the kept press thai the very politicians who have been urging the people to a save Minnesota from socialism have been trying to put a socialist ticket in the Field. The Plain matter of fact is of Ami what other editors Are thinking about i mum ,uuinnl.- Christensen powerful forces of the common people Are Back of the Farmer labor ticket. Christensen regard himself As the John c. Fremont of the new party. M Hether he or someone Cise will be the Lincoln to head the move it la it i i i slim la Mim a ill a Mim it review amid comment Obi Kanotus topics i North Dakota Farmers have just had proof of How valuable it is to have in extra club on hand if said club is not used every Day. M Hen they passed their Grain in Section act they provided that the Tate could fix the your a that big business does t much went four years hence worries him fear the socialists with their in not at All. The one big Issue with practical vision of a far Distant him is the crystallization of Prog Rex Utopia but they do very greatly fear rive sentiment into an effective outline organized Farmer and workers that can save this coun with their definite practical plans for i Fry from the domination of Pluto limiting profiteering Here and now. Racy and militarism. This can no be built around or be dependent upon Hanks hired Man says a a my Hen any one big Man it Mas rest upon every Gol darned Money Grabier and the cause it represents Polit Ishun Kin git so Gol darned a Christensen is a powerful speaker j t riot in and respectable decent people Quot who instantly commands the Atten have to count on having pretty Bac Hon of his hearers. A Happy vein of reputed humor puts i audience in a recce rive mood. A Willmar Minn out in Montana big business has Tribune. Discovered another a betrayal Quot of the Farmers by president Townley of the the kept pres has been asking nonpartisan league. Or. Townley when the new daily paper the min-1 has a betrayed the Farmers by get Nesotas daily Star would begin to Ting them to sign Labory petition for twinkle and has hopefully predicted a workmen s compensation Law for that it would never become a reality. Montana based on the North Dakota but on the 19th of August the rat compensation Law this will Quot ruin Quot appeared and will hereafter be agriculture in the solemn opinion of another stubborn fact to be consider the Montana loyalty league Aliased by our Stan Pat friends. It give. The Anaconda company by making an excellent Independent service Ann labor so attractive that workers will treats of Public questions from the All leave the farms for the cities. In viewpoint of the average citizen. It other word if you guarantee the is owned by the Farmers and Wake wives and children of Industrial work workers and will he published in against the poorhouse in the Case interest and for the Public welfare. To i in urn o t e. Cal a a of Tjie death or injury of the workers the Star will twinkle All right much you will ruin agriculture to the disappointment of our stand the Farmers of Montana in the re a friends. A Todd county to brass tacks he becomes what the politicians of i dangerous league is accused of stirring up class hatred. But the nonpartisan league has done More bring Farmers and workers together the two that combined. Dots an it one know of any Good cent primary indicated that they a reason Why tile Banks have to Call the passed this statement at its real Val Mumm on Ara at Tho local elevator Farmer,1 Loans a so us to finance the a. Namely that it is a Flat Ile. The but up to the recent past they haunt crop movement in other words i fio fished it being by y with other the re any reason for the reason a a a a parts of the program. Signed by the big Bankers for Pinch yet it was Long enough to reach think the Farmer at this time not the Minneapolis chamber of com Tong ago we declared that the Commerce As has just been demonstrate Palling purpose of this movement about the Middle of August the Grain a to put the Farmers at the mercy form at 90 per cent of the popu gamblers sent out Price card. To then of Tae Market Klunker. And in All Latten of the United states. On the local elevators based. Not on the Cash that has come to Light since on the other hand wherever you find a big wheat Price but on the december fun matter we have seen no Reu on to business politician or a kept editor Ture. Other states could do nothing change our opinion. You will a was find him striving by in face of such Kull Drudgery except what do the banker mean by turn on the spotlight of publicity financing the crop movement Koth to Shine Only in the ing More than enabling the Gram that s what a kept Combine to buy the Grain As fast As the Farmers offer it. They never rec Minn Tribune. Which allow wastebasket press is for Farmer pres that a the Way the unti in North Dakota worked in this instance. The kept , so anxious to save the state from the menace of a socialism a never peeped about this december futures steal. Norway has had a state owned Hank similar to the one in North Dakota for the past 50 years. Not Norway has state owned flour than any organization Ever formed tot. t Mills warehouses and is branching pm Vii of a t Futai. And to of Hoe out in other lines of government ownership. And nobody seems to he excited about it either or acc using the people of that country of favo a my the red Flag or indulging in Fra love. And it is said that a newspaper which would advocate private ownership of Public utilities in that country would not last a week for the people would absolutely refuse to patronize it.�?511 ele lacs county Minn times. Every kind of malicious lie and outworn prejudice to make the Farmers fight the workers. It is a True in North Dakota As it is in Montana. A. C. Townley a done More to labors �?oslump1 it Edmon talk the a Days in clubs and offices that labor has slumped lost standing prestige moral Force of hear this among ome business men the unthinking kind and among politicians who rarely think. Perhaps to. But note Well the a figures. Average paid up member hip in unions affiliated in the american federation of labor for the year ending april 30, 1920�?1.07s,740. Increase Over 1919�?818,672 net gain -25 per cent. The gain in 1919 was 19 per cent. In 1918 it was 15 per cent. In 1917 it a 14 per cent. Since 1917�?when America went to War the american federation of labor membership has jumped from 2072,702 to 4.07 m,740. Nimety six per cent counting five to a family and worker a families run High the american federation of labor membership today represent 20 393,700 human beings mostly in the United state More than one sixth of our total population Only one Union report plump the brewery workers us faze that the Farmer. Have any wipe out Cia. Prejudice and establish thing to do with crop movement. Real democracy than All the kept Edi by insisting on calling Farmers tors Ami parasitic politicians and the to Manioun australian gov loan at this time instead of helping fawning College professors in the l it eminent has acquired the first of its Normal to a ement of crop by Lea Ted states. Proposed state owned Fleet of steaming these Loans alone for two or three _ Era which is now running Between but the Farmers did. Am month the Hanking simply the Farmer a National Council Tasmania and Victoria. It is the m surprising us it May seem Bank Force a much larger Quantity of through Benjamin c. Marsh Sec re Tention of the tasmanian Goven Attol merchants thru out the state in wheat Oats and Corn and other tary and director of has mint to add to its Fleet from time to Gan to gain some respect for a grains on the Market and so mate just made Public a statement showing u finace warrant so that a Tate Grain in Section Law. Hie farm a great Deal More for the elevators that the Cummins sch Bill returning can be built up to keep Tny to Grain Market congestion the Railroad under which rate in a tend state in constant Communia is thus made worse rather than bet creases went into effect the last a eel lion Writh the australian tired by calling the farm Loans. Of August has saddled upon the am Spokane Mash 10rim. Now some simple minded people Erica people annually a Burden of May think that congestion is a had at least $6.5000,000,000 equal to near-1 a the Unju Guu the umm Farmers Are being told by the big ers knew Liat a going on so they did no to sell their wheat and the business men and merchants realized As never i before that they really depended on the Farmer. The Grain gamblers however did no to give North Dakota time to get All its clubs in action. They hauled in the advertise the farm yes it pays to advertise the farm and if done right teen i Cost much. Give it a name indicating its Chiel character tic such As Spring Creek Stock farm. Clover Dairy farm or Pine Ridge poultry farm. When anything that would interest several other people happen out your Way Send in a report of it to this Farmer own d Valier. When you have something special to Sel remember tout an and with us is a cheap As dirt compare with return a neat looting sign near the mad telling what you have to sell is also valuable. An a then there is the advantage to be had from Good by Ine stationery envelopes Ami letter sheets with a picture of something on your farm with your name and possibly with a list of your special products. I lie old place will look better to you than Ever we Hen you give it a Chance to appear in Public. The examiner turns out excellent Job work of Alt kinds and varieties. Bend such work to your real Friend the Farmer labor paper thing that the crops and livestock a one third of the maximum Index ought to lie marketed gradually pity there is any possibility that the throughout the year but the men allies will be Able to exact from Ger card of prices based on december run our great banking ins Titu Many or in average on the most cow futures and issued a new one Baez. Ti0ns, including the Federal Reserve Ergative estimate of $300 for every on to arrived Price an increase of an the men who control the mar one of the 22,000.000 families in am Over 13 cent a a Bushel it s Worth a for farm products the men v Erica. Of this tribute levied upon the lot to be aide to scare the Market provide us with government Ami american people by the Republican Laws All know that congestion is a and the democratic patties at the lie very goo i thing. They know a Why he to of predatory financiers the far any Farmers boy knows that when mers will pay approximately three you throw goods on the Market billion dollars a year or half of the than they can be bought toe total indebtedness outstanding against Price has to go Down. And farm values in 1910 and approximate Man rate would have been thieves in satisfaction cents. As Well As by tines press How much better the organized Farmers do it in Canella in Canada the big Basilies press is assailing Secretary j. J. Morrison of the u. F. O. Just As bitterly As our own kept press assails Townley. The test of a Leader. Service to the Farmers is the bitterness big business feels toward n. A courier news. Every serious investigator of reforms at some time or other runs into the problem of government control Price has to go Down. And these farm values in 1910 and approximate Man rates would have been needed by big Bu-int1 s. I Here irem Egiy people w to know these thing.-, and to by double the average annual increase for this purpose for the first year Armill reformer find that we can do whom we common people in the past in Selling Price of All farm land in the Ter the return of the roads nothing ulc there is a strenuous have Given Power because United states for the decade Preeo As former director general of cleaning out of corrupt government they had the Quot know How a can not be eng 1910. Railroads Kines and commissioner control such a is advocated by the greatly blamed for taking full league. Vantage of their opportunities. One would not think for in Tance the chief accusation levelled that the study of the so called budget against the nonpartisan league in a what have the patriotic Farmer Woolley of the interstate Commerce Ami other workers of America done commission have conclusively shown to deserve an annual Fine equal to an increase in freight rates is reflect one third of the total maximum in de in an increase in Selling prices of \ ice rampant reports a Minneapolis grand jury. Now everybody knows that vice is illegal and the boys who Are trying to Minnesota from socialism have been the steering wheel of government these Many years. Do we need to mid that vice is rampant because Many prominent society people of Minneapolis and politicians draw dividends from vice palaces ? while the Minnesota politicians have been exposes a offering to finance a state socialist Campaign the Minneapolis journal Spear to lie assuming the Job of writing their speeches in its september 7 Issue there is considerable quotation of what Seymour Steadman socialist candidate for vice president said about the nonpartisan league the night before whereas Steadman ii i not a much As mention the nonpartisan league in his entire speech. About $6,500,000,000. Of this amount tile Farmers and their families will pay close to three billion dollars. In 1910 the total indebtedness on farm values was approximately in billion dollars. For the decade 1900 and plan would Lead an investigator into the Northwest in that it is socialistic Demnitz which can be collected from products carried at least four to five dangerous 1 of late years i he big by mess Prana holds up the Germany charged with starting a times the freight increase. Most of every flannel mouthed politician has socialist party As the last word in de world War in 1914?�?� asks the state i the increased Revenue of the railroads been talking for the budget plan of Gravity then proceeds to Inden Tiey mint. I will come from freight rates. If the for dating and arranging govern the nonpartisan i league with the so senator handing recently claimed Cost of living be increased Only four ment expenses. But two Well known Calist party Ami finally concludes that the Cummins ech Railroad Bill times the increase in freight the Bur conservative writers have recently with a triumphant q. E. D. That would be regarded As a the greatest Lien on the american people will be prepared books on the subject and therefore everyone must vote for big Forward step in All the history of both find that the budget system is j business in order to save civilization Railroad in this utter practically no Good with government from socialism. Anre the Republican presidential can lodged where it is today. Doctor la a Little detail the big business j dilate is mimicking the words of the ther Al Gulick. One of the authors s pre. Always forgets is that the to Republican platform concludes that political Power is Calist party refuses to be identified the democratic platform seeking where it i and will be where it will with the nonpartisan league. In to evade All responsibility for this 1910 the average annual increase in be no matter what the financial by Minnesota and in Wisconsin the so merciless Anil undeserved punishment1 the Selling Price of farm lands was tem is. There is no Way of prevent-1cialist party has maintained its or of the american people a called the approximately $1,500,000,000. The ing the corrupt government from be Rani ration and has disbarred from Cummis Esch Bill stated that the three billion dollars additional Faaa ing corrupt except by kicking it out membership former socialists who president had to sign the Bill to pre completely. Have become identified with the non vent chaos in transportation. Neither doctor Frederick a. Cleveland Al partisan league platform nor senator Harding is Cor no a Well known writer on financial in Wisconsin the socialists have a rect. Reform says that the budget system ticket opposed to the nonpartisan there was never a time it was More As a Means of financial control needs j league ticket. In they necessary to keep freight rates Down i preparation of plan by an exe done to. And thereby hangs a tale. J than at present to permit rehab Ilita act ment of the Cummin i Esch by cute who stands in the full Light of big business fears a league Victory Tion of agriculture a the profitless in must rest upon the faithless spokes publicity and is responsible to the in Minnesota. Big business believes destries of the country employing men for certain farm organizations people i legislative review of the that if a socialist ticket were put in millions of workers to develop after it was largely due to misrepresent Cial Burden put upon the Farmers to enrich chiefly a few thousand stockholders is about one half of the total amount which the Farmers ran behind to 1919. The final responsibility for the in Tion of the real position of the Farmers on continued government opera Farmers of Minnesota will probably think somewhat How the state government a been Able to convict men for Lynching negroes in Duluth but have done Noth Reg again mob attacks on Farmers the politicians even draw the color line crooked. Plans in open session with the exec the Field the chances of a league vie interruption of the War. A live present to defend himself 3 tory would be lessened. Forced to j under government ownership and right of Appeal to the electorate in Choo a Between the nonpartisan a Ven under government operation of Tion of the railroads by the spokes cae of a deadlock 4 machinery league and the old parties the aver the railroads any increase in Railroad men for the National Grange the for holding squarely responsible the age socialist does no to spend mum Revenue needed to pay a return upon american farm Bureau federation Victor in any Appeal to the voter. Time in doubt. But with a ticket of an honest capitalization of the roads the National Farmers Union the judging by tire Way the democratic nun Nee is trying to fill Wilson a shoes his name ought to be so rather than Cox. Adair had his troubles but eve never accused him of associating with wild wild women perhaps doctor Cleveland does not their own most socialists would vote to pay for supplies and Realise what havoc such a Good bust k straight. Purchased at honest prices and to pay Ness plan would work with american so with touching solicitude for the reasonable wages to Railroad employ a political practice or that to carry it party that considers on the stump a it could have been secured by a tax out the people would have to take and editorially the most dangerous up oat the privileged wealth of the things in their own hands As they in the United states big business in country. Not much Over a maximum have done in North Dakota and Are Minnesota offered to finance a social of $900,000,000 or about one half of Likely to in several other states this 1st ticket most generously if the so the Revenue guaranteed by lire in fall. When the reformer gets Down desist state executive committee crease in freight passenger and pull j equipment i Farmers National Congress the International Farmers Congress and the National milk producers association that Congress dared to put across the vicious indemnity levied by american profiteers upon american patriots in the Cummins Esch Bill. The president was Well aware of the facts when he signed the Bill

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