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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota End bits he by the albeit Lea trades and a Labok Council Albert Lea examine?�?~7f you arc wrong you can to be too conservative if you arc right you can to be too Radical endorsed by the Austin trades and labor Council volume 3, number 37. Albert Lea Minnesota Thurm it. September 15, 1921 single copies 5 outs. Nice Gold plated Brick for Minnesota agriculture a the new state securities commis j a Ion appointed by governor Praus has begun to perform some of the functions for which it was created it j Bas denied the right to sell Stock in Kansas recently wrote a personal this state to the Farmers finance letter to chairman Clark of the inter corporation. The Farmers own Organ Commerce commission us Fol lower Railroad rates escape prosecute another set Back Tion Hal and Matt 0 of in Mim i hmm a a a a a i Imi by u. S. Senator capper United states senator capper of Iza Tion formed to Market their Grain. This has paved the Way for a meeting of a Shankers and Farmers a to be called by the politicians at the head of the Minnesota farm Bureau federation for statewide plans for marketing Minnesota Grain in other words the securities commission decision has shelved the Farmer a own movement in favor of lows within the next 30 Days business must get up and walk or return to its Rick Bod and to inactivity not to make another rally until next Spring and that rally is bound to be a feebler one. We now have the great impetus of the Harvest. Next Spring this will he lacking. I am convinced that if we Are to one approved by the Republican poll Quot. A a. _. _ a a a bring about a National restoration of Loans of the state and one which will not Hurt their friends the bunks and Grain men. The Farmers thought in their own crude Humble Way that the Way to make their organization absolutely immune to any attacks by men was to centralize the Power in the hands of u few men whom they could tru to. men Are to control both the uniter states Grain growers inc., the Farmers own Grain marketing organization and its subsidiary the finance corporation. So far a the Man in the Street is Able to see. The Farmers were and Are. Absolutely right. The wider the Power i distributed in such an organization. The better the Chance for its unscrupulous enemies to buy out or otherwise to secure the Power. Rut it is the feature of the finance corporation which incurred the displeasure of the state securities commis Don it pretends to fear that the Farmers in some Way need Protection against their 21 chosen representative. So ostensibly for this reason it denied the application this sort of an organization it says is contrary to the Minnesota co operative Law business before another year we must act quickly. As no Agency Public or private can do so much to bring this about As the interstate Commerce commission it is my belief that never in the history of the country will Power and the Opportunity to perform a greater Public service for the country than your commission now has i it me urge the great necessity for an immediate and reasonable reduction of rail rates on agricultural products and raw materials All along the line to manufactures. To do this will require courage i admit but not to do it it seems to me. Will require More courage and entail More lasting and serious con when 200 steers of Ordinary Grade reach Market the Railroad owns too of them and the cattle Raiser is a heavy loser on the rest. Seven Cass of Texas vegetables Washington d. department of Justice has officially admitted the truth of the charge made More than a week ago by the Federated press that practically All file War profiteers will escape prosecution because the statute of limitations can two senators and gov. Endorse u. S. Growers strike insurance company hits financial rocks shipped to Chicago netted the grow not hold them continued on Page 3 anti strike Law fails says former advocate Arkansas City. Rank senator Dick Howard of this county announces his opposition to Allens a a can to strike Law and declares he will vote for it have escaped. The department of Justice announce it intends to go but fore Congress when it resumes and ask for passage of a Bill extending the statute of limitations from three to six years. The Extension cannot legally be made retroactive however Anil most of the big profiteers already Chicago sept. 14.�?two and one governor last week gave their unqualified endorsement to the u. S. Grain growers inc senators Arthur capper of Kansas and e. F. Ladd of North Dakota and governor Samuel in Mcklevis of Nebraska in letters that Are remarkably similar in it a Mem Mem senators Kelvie a Miil Mim the undertaking is a Large one to be sure but successful cooperative marketing along this same line has Wen involved in other lines and i believe it can be done with regard to Grain. I think the Effort is very Well Worth making and i recognize in the movement no elfish in Baltimore sept. 14.�? the strike insurance Ami strike breaking plan of the employers Mutual in Francc and service company has hit the rocks. A commission appointed by repeal at the next legislature. Senator Howard voted for the Bill. In an editorial in his paper the Arkansas City traveler he Tutules that after two years observation he has changed his mind and he finds a hero was not actual Call for me Law that it has not made goo j and that it has increase the state expenses v about benefiting anyone it Nator Howard s View Are one of the Many indications that aden�?T.-, Star is setting. The hysterical Public opinion manufacture in the interest of a a can to strike legislation has reached its Peak. And from now on organized labor s opposition to tim act will be con dered. In a few year Allen will be a it to Puc Nam. Should the people compel teb it the. Wjt a who or it owl obtain a greater proportion of the Consumers Dollar and a maximum prices which the Law of Supply and demand these letters and the names of three More prominent Public officials to the Long list of men of of airs and farm leaders who have pledged their support to the u. S. Plan Arian for not having asked Cong Grain grower. Inc. Reds to act before the recess a the plan under which the organization operate is practical and says senator capper a it is a Long an a much needed step toward guaranteeing to the Farmer a just Flat denial that the Fatu Ity co a proportion of Tho fruits of his labor. Operative Exchange of St. Paul last to he a he Hen denied a fair. To Nuvi Kui i a a share of the Price the consumer pays year lost is >0.000.wnich i the Gist f 3 for product of the Farmer largely of a Rumor now being circulated in o then a cat ions of our the Middle West is contained in a wasteful and complicated system of statement Issue recently by j. M distribution. The Titan of the u s sentiment Point out that the co opera Teress beyond those that May be live Grain company offers to product properly observed by the Fanner who Era an Avenue through which they can has a right to obtain for his product the maximum prices that the econ the department of Justice did not explain Why it was so Low in discovering what every Law graduate knows and neither did it offer Ami sex denies Farmers marketing co. Is stains Finan i Al loss rate reduction later As May happen. It will then lie too late for the recuperative process to set in strongly and the consequences to the roads and to the nation can Only be the More deplorable. When the 4oc million Dollar reduction in Railroad wages becomes a fact the people will expect to see this immediately reflected in a reduction of freight rates. Should Thi fail to occur i hazzard the opinion such a storm of protest will arise As the his Praise will disown their one time allegiance to his handcuff plan. The Farmers life which contains All the provisions for country Seldom has been co operatives Quot deemed in other words a. Mouth substitution is under Way by which the Farmers own movement is to be shelved for one under the Minnesota Law which �?odeem., essential a that Farmers movements tto be Legal must Lay themselves open to capture by the Farmers enemies. We must admit that the railroads Are having a hard time that they Are not making their usual dividends but can we say they Ever will lie Able to better their condition by insisting on rates that virtually Are prohibitive and will the people much longer Overlook the fact that at a time when every other business Hud to reduce it is a pretty thin plating of Gold its charges these High rates Arf Lount on the Brick which the commission ing to a tax upon the country of one has handed Minnesota Farmers. But and one half billions annually. Were the commission was created for jut put into effect and have remained in such purpose anti it must be and effect for 12 months farm products netted that in this matter it has Are near the pre War level urn Corn served Well its creators governor modify prices have in the meantime Preus an his Minnesota declined 52 per cent and still Are de daily Star. Dining. These excessive rates this huge transportation tax Are now working the Farmer leads a cheerful life. He quits his Heil at four o clock to Plit the kindling for i. Wife anti Start the fire anti feed the Stock at five or six he milks the cows at seven perhaps he hoes the Corn at eight he take. The Field anti plows til Mother blows the dinner Horn at one maybe he plows some More or roofs the barn or Mentis the Fence or Straightens up the barroom floor an i then his other taks commence at six he has a bit to eat but there is still an hour of Light anti so he labors with the wheat or gives the Coop a coat of White. Anti yet the City Man declares most every evening to his wife a i m tired of All the Days affair i wish i had the Farmers Demit free pres. Grain grower removes much of the obstruction bring the producer and consumer closer together a a a condition which cannot fail to accrue to the Benefit of both. The organization is worthy of the support of every inc., by virtue of my dual connection farther a with the equity co Ojo it rat Ive sex Anderson president a we presume the Only object for circulating statements a this kind Quot ays or. Anderson a is to Ca t a reflection on the u. S. Gram growers. Change Ami the u. S. Grain or. Anderson is general manager. A Well As president of this Large Farmers Grain and live to Ltd cd marketing organization and vice president and chairman of the Sal comm it be of the u s. Grain grower. Inc. Discussing the affairs of his concern at length or. Anderson said a your financial stat Mem of december 31, 1920, clearly shows the years business we have a net Worth of nearly $2,000,000 and Are doing an Anua business turn Over of about $40,000,000. Our Uusi Ness has a i consider the u. Grain growers says or. Ladd a an organization that promo a to to More for the Farmer in securing better marketing and transportation facilities in the Sale of his products than any that has Ever been launched in this country. Of this organization is supported by the Farmer throughout the entire country Ami their interests Are not the court reports that the company liabilities exceed its assets by about $1,000,000 and possibly Cor f. Ably More. Circuit judge Dobler a ordered that a receiver be appointed i for a company unless it prove it i capable of paying its debts. A state insurance commis Boner apply and demand Kcal Ting was a member of the com i is Ion that investigated the it it it mph by j under order of the court. The following recommendation was included in the commissions report. A that an injunction be of a i suspending the business of the company and that receivers by a pair e i to take charge of the estate and a. It of the company and to adm in in the i a name Ami wind up its affair. Under the direction of this honorable court Anil that the charter of said company As an insurance company lie annulled Arni tile commission held that the company was doing Busine. In violation of the Laws of tile state of Maryland a and hat not sufficient assets to carry on Iro by iness that it was insolvent and unable to pay its looses. The commission indicates that the 11-hour strike of the printing trades was the final blow to the company. Organized labor Ira been ceaseless in its publicity agitation that the company is a strike breaking ins Titu. Thin this position is sustained by 1-e-i Roy lame. A intern to Presidente two refers them to the Mingo county a or a c Myers of the company who courts although that county is under acknowledged that the company martial Law. Proclaimed by the gov maintained an employment ervice error after the Miner were forced to furnish employer who were Haw on strike in an attempt to enforce �?~n8 labor troubles. These Laws. In acknowledging that organized the citizens Al of called on the gov labor expos d this company Lane error to insist that the state Bill of pleaded that employer Quot who had in rights. Guaranteeing the Protection j sure should wave their claims comics Laws of will West a mine Issi Elev de by governor Charlestown. W. Va., sept. 12-�? with the skill of a corporation lawyer governor Morgan Dodges the attempt to Force him to assist in ending Civ War in West Virginia at a Mas meeting in this City of citizens of five counties the governor was a ked to use i Good offices to gel the mine workers and Coal owners together. The governor twists this Jet most to make it appear that the mass meeting called upon him to me coercive method. After he erected this Straw Man. He waxes virtuous on ins limitations As chief executive and his absence of Power to Force a conference. He us the same tactic when he would create the impress Loon that the miners Are attempting to Force recognition of their Union in dealing with the claim of citizens that the state mining Laws Are being violated in Mingo county he grown from nothing to its present gain a Victory that in the end will in size in the face of the severe t com Able than to secure u larger share of petition at the hands of the organized he consumer a Dollar and give the Grain Trade. Any one can determine Farmer s a living wage for their Ortho financial stability of this inst it u vice Quot Tion by consulting any Dunn a or a i have at All time Confidence bradstreets review which in the ultimate Success of tile in a. Include the state of Minnesota. Grain grower Quot sax governor Modi Vertex by the opposition the middleman and the speculators aided against unlawful search and Leisure rather than permit Trade unionists to by the financial interest who Are de in la u Homes b. Assured in Mingo Point to tin latest Victory. County. This is an awkward presen-1 a i believe the insured would put tation for the governor and he meets beyond any question of indemnity if it by ignoring it. Necessary the Moraf effect of Contin Trade unionists declare the letter used operation of the company a said i an insult to the citizen of West Lane a if receivers Are appointed it Virginia although in again shows will be the biggest Feather in the Cap that no Abl can be expected from the of organized labor that a Ever chief executive in re establishing con happened in this Stith tonal government in this Ter mined to overthrow any Effort of Farmers to secure a More economic marketing system Ute Farmers will Farmers of we Mission in makes another big gain m a n ski e limb i Stei bucket shots report Ottawa ii sept. 14.�?so Barren of results has been the Grain dealer National associations Campaign against the u. S. Grain grower that r. I. Mansfield in charge i withdrawing speaker from Thi Section according to a report circulated by an Ottawa wire House h t. Mar Hail Serena iii., on August 18 Kent a special delivery letter to or. Man tile of at c hic ago telling him that there would he a Grain marketing debate in that City August buying Coal. 23. And requested that someone be sent to speak for the organized Grain Trade. No one appeared amt the Ottawa wire Houe explanation a that Mansfield a dbl not believe Farmer wanted to be helped and therefore. Is recalling his in increasing measure against the producer against every Busine interest of the country against the railroads themselves. The general situation bus become doubly critical. With fro tie than 60 Day Distant. Hie Northwest is not shipping in its Winter Coal. The Dock of the great Lake Are congested with Coal that no Market. The production of bituminous bushels below Normal. The Public seems to be waiting for freight rates to come Down before politicians in Minnesota farm Bureau Are at War with other farm bodies another Large Mer ase of business is reported by the Hie Stock depart cock Rad ton at Coa Chicago brokerage firm. Mrs. Gardner allege that the firm is operating a a gaining in connection with the conduct of its business and ays her husband w. In Gardner former the output of steel is at the lowest a by since May 1919. Gras fat steers two an i three year old bring the producer about $14 a head above freight charges or at out two cents a Pound for Good beef on the Hoof i kills the worst pest hostile blow struck at is. Grain grower at equity co operative Exchange and at co operative livestock Seiling in South St baulk crisis for pro Grea Siv Farmers of state. By a. B. Gilbert Minneapolis Minn in an it wer to a letter ent out by j. M Anderson director of the u. S. Grain growers inc., and pre Idem of the equity cooperative Exchange warning Loul Leader of the obstructionist tactics used by some officers of the Minnesota farm Bureau federation the federation officers have openly declared War on the u s. Grain growers on the equity co operative Exchange and Oiler organizations which May come their assistance tile state federation not Only has broken with these organizations but a reversed the policy of the National farm Bureau federation on the in s Grain grower. The National policy of the Fedee Tion a been to urge Lite be of Ai existing co operative Gram handling equipment to get immediate action for the banners. In All other states j the federation is helping to concentrate the co opera tag Farmers shipments of Grain under the one Genera management but in Minnesota is representatives have tried to keep Grain moving in the old private profit channels. Of the Minnesota Feffe amp Tion officials a i Given any Good reruns Why the terminal facilities of the equity i co operative Exchange should not be it used by the Grain grower.-, Farmers would have reason for waiting further investigation but Iii principal reason assigned is that tim Exchange has been too much mixed up in politics in the Pant. It had to fight against hostile legislation ire fore the nonpartisan league was i born the Farmer anxious to get a Square j Deal for himself and to make his influence count in that direction will find the whole present situation and any subsequent developments exp Plaine by the following facts i the Minnesota farm Bureau i federation to dominated by 3 men or to. Turn. Com mum a. Bud Frow or. Or. H. A a tiv. Of a to. Who a. Pm a Imp Tico lot it Bro bid oo4ho Loukola Lobo Aloin Only Volt o 1 Lam j1 Meta if ii at arks i Gambler Pantie in not the word. W Irving for the minimal Money Trust and other special priv Farmers can stand idly by while such iut Kumler cover men a those noted above announce president l e Potter formerly that they have better ways to draw Tate senator and a fated 3 Yea attention from this real Soli. Ion Ami ago by a Farmer candidate in Hie Tenn Bung their own boasted plan Home territory a appointed to the to no Purpo a state Board of control by governor in it lat fall the Minne Ltd Ota in a i even More politician than ii. Those fixers teen Ami pull Burnquist. Thomas Cushman served on Burn qui to a notorious pubic afet it commission and has been otherwise prominent in old machine politic for Many years. Frank Murphy i thoroughly an old Gam the other two one who stand Back of int the strings 2. Thus the very interests that the Farmers have i teen fighting against for year it Minne Ola Are in the Happy position of actually directing the Farmers in a far As they try to carry on tile fight through the Minnesota farm but eau federation. Two weeks ago the Public securities commission another part of tit old political machine which serves the Market gamblers refused to allow the finance corporation the right to oration openly lobbied against an adequate Grain inspection act like that of North Dakota. It opposed anything that a in the direction of the league program and the legislation which it take credit for and is praised tor in the Kep pres of Nova be to tile banners and ment of the equity co operative president of a Small Bank in Southern Exchange it Chicago the Only farm Illinois lost $1388,000.00 in Pechlat ers co operative Cumins sri on company no through Babcock. Kun Hon amp 0. Liberating on that Market the by i \ be of Thi organization during the at t i sed of killing a Treis the month of August this year in creased approximately 47.5 per cent a compared with the business done in August. 1920. During Thi same period the receipts of the Chicago Market Itu a sgd almost 39 per cent. Which is considered a Good gain in the face of present movement of Stock to the various live Stock markets of the country most of we hich show a decrease in receipts this year. Brokers hied As a a gaming hoi he legislation it did not prevent in fro we Polis c Bairn. Of confine of. The doing them considerable injury. The federation place. If there i a place for the farm Bureau federation in Minnesota that place a. To bring new strength to Aid the tried and True Farmers organizations against the common enemy the organized Farmer cannot have too much strength. There Are proposition on which the More conservatively minded Farmer can heartily join with those who wan to ii faster on the other hand farm Bureau federation officials become the most Mil Stock in this state. Che finance valuable men to the old gang when they use their organization to Divide to Earth and worse yet to kill off what has been built up in the past. The federation placed a rival livestock Selling organization in Booth St Paul Market with no publicly As Chicago sept. 14�?the Horn de trying influence of rampant peer lation on l a Salle tie to in Chicago a again brought forcibly into the fore ground last we k when mrs Stella j Gardner of South Bend ind., a Erht to be a. Bur file suit for �?�?�?T00.000. Again Bab mat trials. A a fatty Rocoe Arbuckle moving picture median is under arrest at los Angeles accused of killing miss Virginia Kapp a motion picture actress while attempting to commit an live amp it Sau upon her at a Drunken party held at a hotel in that City on i Aho Day according to the daily pre. The crime a a particularly revolting one. Those Wiio care i or disgusting details of the affair will have to depend on the evening agony and other a family papers of that Stripe As tin examiner does not care to Sully its pages with a he salacious rot the agony reports of the s trial tars at corporation is that part of the Grain grower plan which i. To furnish the Money for handling the salts of Grain a in the Ca with the Bank of North Dakota Tho Farmers opposition a now that Farmers business Signe Rea a in Ami apparently with ventures cannot go ahead without none except that Potter Friendly financing to the Friendly and Murphy Ami the packers Back of financing is attacked and now these them had no voice in the one which Bureau Heads mentioned above Emlea the equity Farmers have been build Vor to prevent such matter scale Oping up rapidly in the last three years ration As May be possible through one of the most dangerous factors existing co operative organizations in the situation is that men by in Minnesota this year. Reason of their connection with the me have not be Ranthu a tic political machine have All the kept about the u. B. Grain grower plan pre of the state Back of them. They because we foresaw just Ach Coni got so much advertising for instance plications As have Arisen. We know on this South St. Paul venture that that the nonpartisan league pro thousand of Farmers think it is the Gram of state credit system inde first and univ co operative of the pendent of the Money Trust and mar kind. What the kept press approves Ket monopolists a few state owned i it almost always a blow at the Franj elevators and Mill a state Grain or inspection act like that in North a the crisis offers the Farmer Mem Kola. And Farmer and workers gov Lier of the Minnesota federation two eminent Are absolutely necessary to ways of protecting his own Interpol be the Farmers Grain marketing est. Divorce the federation entirely problem. From the hostile political machine or neutrality impossible let the politicians make up the entire fat to auf pot mean hat Wise . World is off on a big crime Jamboree says Beck bit he omits some offenders in what to dts Scrilda a a a of the moral psychology of the present revolt against the spirit of authority a j Anteri a Beek solicitor Jenera Cit the in cited states painted a gloomy picture of the situation that but. In this country and throughout the world. The member. Of tile american bar association who listened to this Jeremiah must have been impressed with the thought that the world in literally going headlong to the Der Anition Bow wows. Here Are some of the High lights of the Beck speech criminal cases pending in the Federal courts have increased Nom 9,503 in 1912 to 70,<m 0 in 1921, burglaries reported by casualty companies have grown in amount from $886,000 in 1914 to $10,, in 1920 murder is increasing. In new York in two years tin re were 457, with 144 convictions. In Chicago in one year there were 356 murders and ii convictions. The annual profits from violation of the prohibition Law Are estimated at $300,,. This does not tak into account the graft paid to Revenue agents. In the recent relation there was widespread a a belching a among business men who had theretofore been classed As reputable. Beek did not catalogue the crimes of the 23, 88 new a millionaires the rafters among Dollar a year men a contract rafters shipping Board Crooks a construction rafters. Evidently he considered them too Nam Erous to mention. �?�3

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