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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 8, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examine if you Are wrong you can to be too conservative if you arc right you can t in Loo an-1 endorsed m the Austin trades and labor Council volume 3, number 36. Albert Lea Minnesota thursday september 8, 1921 the truth about Mingo i county War comes out single Ltd pie it a 5 Ceuta operators fliers red Cross ambulances say Miner witnesses Washington orders for the with draw a1 of the Twenty sixth United states infantry from the West Virginia riot zone and its return to its station at Camp Dix a j., will be issued from the War department late today. Secretary of War weeks to announced this afternoon after a Short conference with president Harding. This leave the nineteenth infantry from Ohio in the mine District. Officials would not Hazard a guess a to How Long the presence of the nineteenth would be necessary. Fat a a Imp it epee Ewe Erie it St it eee it Mit it might Iwin it bombed frown Baric and its failure to secure enough ready Money to keep going. Under a Bank guarantee Law this kind of stuff would be absolutely impossible. It would do away with some of the Power of big banking interests for to a certain extern it facts about n i. Bonds real estate Bonds $3,000,000 authorized. Issued for the purpose of providing the Farmers of North Dakota with first mortgage farm Loans at Lear Nable interest and on Long time payments. Interest 5 3-4 per cent. Denominations $50. Too. $500, $1000. Maturities to 15, 20, 25, 27 years. I Hest Bonds Are secured by first mortgages on North Dakota farms the farm Loans la eing Limiter to 50 per cent of the appraised value of the lands. Mill and elevator Bonds $1,000,000 purpose elevator an Appeal to americans Clifton. Boone county. . Va., Quot a a Quot pulling sum of a Quot next in 0,4 sept. Do Quot hell from the heavens ruin my is Bureau drawer Ami in the the worker wive Ami children to ocl Quot to a of he we of county that should be in the Hanks would relieve the smaller banking interests of the state of the possibility authorized. Issuer for the of their local patrons making a Sud of constructing a terminal Den run on their funds through fear and Mill. Denomination. $25, $50. Of losing their deposits. When one Hoo $500, $1000. Interest rate g looks at it rightly the idea of leaving per cent. Mature in 20 Ami 25 year Bank deposits at the Rik of the de in the Case of Mill and elevator posit or is certainly absurd. It is an Bonds the state Board of appraisers incentive for people to keep their must approve the construction to a Money out of a a Banks just at the time certain Point and determine its value it is ,-1 needed in the Hanking ays t before Bonds to an equal value can tem to keep business moving. There be issued. On and the red a Mai plane raid. Or hurling bomb in i Poison a. On it \ a a Tuche Ltd villagers and such head lines would Stream across our great american dailies if they truthfully depicted the situation in West Virginia a recent rising of the miners outlaw a government by the Tisne owners gunmen and sheriff chafing a citizen the first raids took place last to the depositing of the Money in Bank. And this will con the last Issue of a am Rica a a paper of Large circulation published in Milwaukee contained a pitiful Appeal from German women and children along the Rhine for Protection from the brutal african sober who Are employed by the French government in patrolling this territory. We cannot Sully our pages with a recital of the revolting crimes charged to those Black brutes. If Only a tenth of them were True the american people should arise in indignation and demand in the name of hum Anity that the French Send those Black devils Back to Madagascar. I he article in America i in part As follow s a an awful crime against the White lace against our German woman Maidens and children if being perpetrated by the French in u no Black Ami coloured troops for the occupation in. Our being Constitution be to prevent it. It therefore resort to the Only Means it our Dispo Al Viz to an urgent Public Appeal to the conscience of All the White nations in the world. A when in the United states u coloured Man outrages a White woman. Limber Barons wage War Seattle than 35 men. Or corporations have a virtual Mon opos a of Northwestern Timber and this not wages is responsible for High prices and the paralysis of this Industry says Harry w. Call Secre tary trea user of the International Union of Timber workers in that Union official bulletin. A reductions in wages have not sold any More lumber a said Call. A they have not started any More Mills and Camps. They have not reduced or. Shipstead pleases big crowd on labor Day a Mitt a millions saved v i. Farmers supreme court of the United states a granted a writ of in the North Dakota Grain grading Case dispatches ski. _ pc i cilium a it for night rate. And they have not in from mated thereby All of these Bonds Are exempt from North Dakota mate taxes and Feder of German territory in an Ever to v a creasing number without the North Dakota provides that the Laws authorizing the issuing of state Bonds cannot be uttered amended or repealed until Tine to exist in every locality not both interest and principal Are Folly protected against it by a Bank de paid. The Laws and constitutional posit guarantee Law. Amendments by who i these Windi in this connection it is interesting Are issued have been tested and up he is lynched without i i. To note that the last Minnesota Regis held by the District court of North what have our German w. A a lature Defeated u proposed guarantee Dakota the supreme court of North and children to suffer fit 7 Fri of Quot Quot Quot ,-.tors Dakota the l Mir i sure. to Upu thursday afternoon near the Little pm uce Ltd a Nat a a of court ani1 Ronai a by an unanimous what says the world to hundreds of mining town of Jeffrey. A 30-Inch he e cont it fennel a banker i he decision of the supreme court oof the thousands White people big endure bomb struck Between mrs. Sailie pol at u the bl1 can attribute Ltd United states. They have been voted de by Black and collate a to the big Hanks of the state which for and approved by the people of do not care for the Protection of the North Dakota at seven statewide s Lanesboro week elections. There can be no further it a a authority or Appeal. By and her married daughter mrs. Laddie Oxley As they were doing their weeks washing by the Side of their Louse. A dozen other persons were nearby and would have been killed had the bomb struck pin first instead of sideways. It was loaded with 25 pounds of powder and hundreds of Iron nuts. Bomb followed bomb in Jeffery sharpies Beech Creek and Blair for three Days 20 Iron bombs and As Many Gas i hina is falling. Only a few bombs exploded and these damaged the Earth the aviators flying too High for accuracy. Two bombs fell at the miners mess Hall in Jeffery. Two bombs hurled protest meetings will Beh held in Many Minn. Counties deed the Public to Ouy. A they Are right Back at the end of the vicious Circle which they stalled to months ago being ably assisted by their company known As the Loyal legion of loggers and lumbermen. Quot Many logging Camp. In the puget sound Section and in British Columbia Are closed the being Given that there is a surplus of fir in the water. Prices for Cedar logs Are so High that Many Mills Are forced to suspend operations. Other Are operating with a reduction in wages of from to to 25 per cent again the workers Are compelled to help pay for the increase in the Price of Cedar. Quot in Seattle common labor for the a Mills is Down to $2.60 per Day an i in some cases lower. In some Case employment officers do not Tate the wages to be paid. Quot it is not and has not keen the wage rate paid at any stage of the game that has been re it on Telb for the stagnation in the Timber Industry. This a Lieen charged to three reason High wages High freight rate and the refusal of the people to buy lumber. A the truth of the matter is that i continued in up go five the Minnesota Leader the official by mess men in this state a that paper of the nonpartisan league in three months in jail did not amount this state carried the announcement to anything hut where is the Man in its Issue of August 27 that a series who would relish being shut up beef protest meetings were being a Hind steel bars deprived of his uber. Ranged at the demand of the Organ to and in the Nano. Of his our Quot if t,.t7 Ite Folrn for Quot am a a tax the a Quot it a. Wha gloat Over ins to f Mur in lip Ltd meetings Ore for the purpose of pro predicament for even that length it f p u. _ a a testing the decree issued by the state time especially when he was go Ity Mac me gun lire that followed Cut Lurt it the Townley Gilbert red of no Erin when i. Only offend from the air plane was equally to of Tjon Many of the forum Hje a Loyu to to a e Pru Lucina. Dec Ive. A a t&Quot"1 a it morning a die a a Are already familiar with the now the Cia that feed the nation whiter who had Juat arrived were famous a Jack a county cart. The. Never before in the history of any Case has gone the limit in the state movement or organization was a Man courts and unless the United states Ever of openly discriminated against supreme court revenues the action of As a. C. Townley a been. He was the state courts a c. Townley pres denied the right to speak in his own a Dent of the National nonpartisan behalf before the jury an unheard league will be lodged in a count of proceeding in this country Ami pitching their tents outside Jeffery a bomb crashed into the Earth 20 feet away without exploding. Nearly All these bombs struck from a Quarter of a mile to three mile behind the line. But two others fell in the vie pity of an emergency Hospital six Jai another Martyr to the cause of fatal had been a school House. A Gas bomb overcame a red Cross nurse bound for this Hospital in a Reid Cross automobile saturday morning. She was mrs. Hula Cham continued on Page 4 there a need of a guarantee Law the closing of Banks in various places in Minne Ola illustrates the need of a state Bank Law to guarantee Bank deports. In every instance so far each Bank has i keen compelled to close not because it was insolvent but , although it had the Best paper in the world for Security it could not get the ready Cash to meet a. A re. A now come word from the mde up Hewett Creek from Jeffery. The common people he t0 that of Vej Cuti he several Wou Mied miners Mere being jul under a Law enacted by the tenure been refused pending or. Townley l in in a unconstitutionally elected. Because Appeal to the supreme court he May the Bankers the Grain gamblers the have to go to jail any Day. Steel Trust and Chambers of Commerce any one at All familiar with the could not buy him off. Trial of Townley and Gilbert at Jack there is no doubt that Townley can son know of the Many irregularities survive a jail sentence and that when and prejudiced rulings in the Case. He is again with the people he will but a c Townley and the non Ike a More valiant fighter hum eve partisan league Are w Minnesota Crooks who Sci k ing to tand before the people of to build up their financial holding at Minnesota and of the nation confident the expense of the Farmer Ani the they will a acquitted in the minds worker. Of All fair minded citizens. But sirs. Townley is ill. The i Many letters have been coming in Cious attacks upon her husband by to the state office asking what we the professional liars politicians amt intended to do about a c. Townley others who stand up before the world going to jail. In reply we will a and assume the Mantle of exclusive we can not prevent his going. Every Wisdom have made her illness critic thing has been done that possibly can Cal. Townley has been with her virtually All the time since her Hines the demands of customers. A whip she is in Colorado. From her Neker Here and there carefully placed by bed he is to return to Minnesta to the enemies of a Bank intimating serve a sentence unjustly i moored. That it in unsound starts a run on the courts have issued their decree its currency and As the withdrawals the Farmers can do nothing to pre Side will do what we can to vindicate Ca to a Nuez news spread vent Townley being sent to jail Felt a him in the eyes of the Farmers of the and tile run is increased like tim the sick bed of his wife. But they country and we will rally to the Stan spread of a Prairie fire. Of course can protest against a system which Dard of the nonpartisan league the no Bank can stand up in the face of permits injustices. J organization for which a. A town a continued Drain of its Cash for a George h. Griffith state manager Ley has surrendered his Liberty and Large part of a Bank a Money in tied of the nonpartisan league say thu show our appreciation and Loy up in Long time securities and when a Townley in jail think what a ally to our Leader Anam Al conditio., a it a it. A. Thrill of exaltation the element a to a a �?za1, use a a the the it Are now tile Bank fed it of have fought Tbs non parti an league and demand the state office a . To get any fund on the and its president will experience be Ted we have deeded to but of Security. Money the life when they read that a of the nation is controlled by mandrels of thousands of banners i Hll a a Townley p, meeting founders through Mio log Central throughout this nation will read the these meeting. Should be arranged Bank anti they can make or break line. With regret and indignation thy ventral pan of the county and any Bank by Relea mar withholding the. Men who till the land wha real-1 be Well advert a i. We will furnish funds As they please and there i be ire that a. C Townley has fought speaker thoroughly familiar with the Way to curb Power under the with then and for them who have Case thereby reaching every far present Laws. With Townley glimpsed the vision of in Lii mate during the month of of distress from German women published by h r. Engel Man. Berlin these represent the police rec Only of a Large number of crimes committed by Black and coloured men. Any ones blood must Bull at the Huron committed on defend fleas women and children reported in these pages in a cold matter of fact Way. Quot in them pedal emphasis i Laid on the fact that the Caes not placed on record would be far More numerous than those officially reported which seem but natural As the feeling of shame restrain in Many victim from denounce ment partly from fear of retaliation for often Dejunc gators have been punished for Labelling Black troops. Quot the French chauvinist Are trying to hide these farts. Abroad the new is spread that the Black have been withdrawn from the Rhine Long ago. I Besa lie Are spread so persistently that America a repeatedly inquired by Cable whether the coloured troop had been withdrawn All that really has been done is that of approach of the cold season and own to the Many cases of illness amongst the soldiers part of them have been transferred to southerly districts in France but with the warmer sea in returned again their number is steadily increasing France does not dream of withdrawing the Black troop. On the contrary France i Hes to make the occupation of German territory by Black troop a permanent institution. A in View of the Bure aced scorn Ami compelled by the unspeakable disgrace heaped by the French on us Ami and White people vie Are opening a Campaign with in Tell dual weapons. Millions of Fly leaves must be ent out to wherever the White people live but particularly to England Ami the i. United states of a me Rica announcement i Spewers to any county that ashes i helu a Quot Quot of Farmers to hold a u ree our women girls and children from the hell in the occupied District into which they have been cast by the Black Ami coloured horde of Ihfe hordes of Herdahl de by Black and a closed Savage. What says the world to the Ever increasing assaults and crimes committed by these wild Baa. T on German women Ami children do the other White nations of thu world know about this it Mut really be doubted for it can hardly be believed that they should have no fellow feeling for the disgrace which is la eing perpetrated on us and thus on All White people Rne Refore the crime committed by the French must be shouted out Over the world and the other White nations must be Macle aware that this disgrace hits them As Well As us. A a a a Quot 7�?T f r Quot a or he a Quot of in mining to the landslide of veal it a Hundred Peg. Entitled a col. A Eek to Market at new Low level red Hren Ehmen on i e a Rry the heavy shipments of Grain Railroad of facial Are Busy preserving operation of the Grain grading Law in the Sale of the present crop. A this Deci Ion allowing the Law to Ive effective while the Case is being contested will mean millions of dollars to North Dakota Farmers in the a a of their crops this attorney Vince a. Day said. La. H. F. Ladd forme i president of the North Dakota agricultural College. And now unite states senator estimated that the Law saved North Dakota Farmer $15,000,000 in 1918. The fir to year of it operation. The Law a amended in 1919 and thereafter was attacker in the Federal courts. Judge c. F. Amidon Federal judge for the North Dakota District upheld the Law but on Appeal to the circuit court the Law a declared invalid. On the ground that it interfered with interstate Commerce. Apr so was then taken to the supreme court of the United states. Biggest labor Day gather ing in local history at fair grounds monday Lubor Day some 3,000 people and county gathered grounds last monday that Holiday that Haas labors own and from the City at the fair to celebrate been set aside to hear one of ancient roman election. Ancient l it it a a Lenns im<1 la Oil primary Himi general eled Loii. Similar to those we have in every town and Spring. They were in the midst of an eloping local Eli Ili a. Ii is Inch rated when Pompeii was destroyed to 79 a. D. A. A limit. Make the loafing billions get to work pleads capper Federal Reserve system Imi. Ing Little to reconstruct business. Ing themselves with proving that Farmers do not feel the High freight rate Vav hat is really proved and pro veil by Chicago Market reports is that Farmers Are shipping heavily because they must have Money and this is about the Only Way they can get it. When he arrived in the foiled slate the other Day Isil northcliffe was amazed he said to find the richest and most naturally prosperous country on the Globe Idle and in the dumps. He could t understand it a your Bank reserves Are colossal much higher than our. You have close to one half of All the Gold it Hie world Ami it is still rolling in on portion of the Breeding ground of the livestock Industry of the Southwest. I am fully appreciative of tin necessity for Quick action if the cattle Industry i to be saved from annihilation. A a i he Stock raising Busine is run almost entirely on borrowed capital and the cattle loan companies and Minn Otas Greaten in deliver an elation that was a of forensic eloquence. Shortly before noon family groups trom the City and country began to gather on the ground and to prepare picnic dinners in every inviting place or. Ship Tead la. Peaker of the Day that one of Hie happiest moments of i Young life was when lie sat Down to the Bountiful picnic i Nncy a that had Bien prepared by mesdames Anton l Ngen and 8. Set min son. I he local band took the Center of he stage at 1 30 and entertained the gathering crowd until 2 of clock when or. Bock Man of the local typographical Union stepped in front of the packed grandstand anti in a few Well chosen words introduced the first peaker of the Lay. P. \. Peterson of near Emmons. Or. Peterson who has been a life Long worker in the Cau a of emancipating the Farmer anti Tho worker a poke forcibly to the assembled workers on their duties to the state he explained the relations of the armers and the workers Aspi Quot Ducer and advised them of their duties As citizen and voter. If they did not wish to be ruthlessly exploited of All they produced. At the conclusion of i address he introduce or. Henrik ship Tead. Of Minneapolis w Bowa a candidate for governor last year. Or. Shipstead talked on the a Phil sop Ltd of hate or the Law of the Jungle that age old fallacy that might make right or that to the Strong belongs All that they can take. He showed How this doctrine of greed Ami avarice had dominated the world from time immemorial Down to the present Day when a Wyar scary we ply a is trying to Rammer from the ears and sore that the grasping greed of world financier a inflicted upon it. He explained How that ame cattle loan Banks ure All without in exception that i know of demanding wealth maddened group was p re Par liquidation of their Loans and Init-1 ing and ready to plunge the nations ing that the leans must be paid and into another titanic struggle if by so paid in full this fall. I doing they might enrich their coffers Quot As a result the ranch men have Al a Shipstead a speech win probable y begun shipping their entire calf him Quot 1 forceful and clearcut to that the cow of the Caus underlying the crops to Market will have time to flesh for shipment about october or november of the resell year. I know personally of three different herds of calves hipped from this place during the last to Days Ami practically ail ranch men that i have talked with advise me that it is their put on sufficient pc out period of agricultural and in do trial depression Ever heard in Al i Lier i a. The doctor a that clarity i of diction and Force of expression that characterize the Burn orator. He dwelt particularly and at nth on the Brilliant scheme of the financiers who compose the be dead it arvo you. Except for the fact that a a air the or cry a who it Ali it Bankers charge More for the use of pres Ltd it month Ulm that it the blink rust european nation at Money than our i it no legitimate 1 Paft of guru to a a in cacti Najiy All ranches Are under lie Ltd gone. can not go for Iii or Many of us would. We can not even share his canc ration with him. He must go alone and alone endure his confinement and persecution but we who Are still on the out reason Why Busine should be slow in this country a to a Large extent we have Bud from the Ite Erve Board the destructive kind of banking which goes on under the in of the three balls the kind that thrive on the misfortune of the customer instead of benefiting him and sharing in the benefits. Farmer got the worst of it admits governor Strong of the new York Reserve Bank whose Bank show profits of 154 it i cent this year when Farmers get the worst of it there Are few of a it who Prosper Here is an example of the Burden imposed on needy an i worthy Bor under stocked but unless Relief is forthcoming. Immediately the herds will be reduced More than 59 per cent by december Lac 50 million Dollar Pool formed seems to be functioning very slowly and the Outlook for any material As Istance from that source for this portion of tile country is vague indeed. A a h m Kendrick Prea first nut. Bank Brownfield the cattlemen Are suffering now but the whole country will suffer presently from a shortage of beef if adequate credit Relief in not soon Well to do Farmer have been put out it feet of business by such internet rate or How Many tenant Farmers have been recommend x. I Bonds. V. I. Sci Comuti aau a Coooer with me True 1 of Bank my Hub. Pum Bare an Opportunity a naia. In Tho Tury of the Townie Hilbert Dufat the Ltd Conneree. Phyla to Baa never been Repen Leti anti ugh Atlantin titration and in the making Flat Jackson. A Delphia one of the meat financial a thin a Dapo Anitore fright the Laws he Moat obey these men paper of the country Aye of there unable to tide them relies Over the ened by the Getreu Luyun of torte Are anxious to do Home that to show the tan Point of re reported epidemic of pellagra among a Tvrz Husz flu re w e a xx.�?� a. Fur a a to of in m offering to in the. South a a . A a u ii a a vill of world that the Man who t0 8 hol i and with can show a better and More answer and from North Dakota the a in Ltd in of Privet of i Ida it std do covered that the Acou talc properties table Security than these North a associated pres brings news of a no guarantee Law. Rival Heater a their love affection Ani support. I of Ber room were such that very Kola Bonds. The Bond have behind tragic situation caused by acute fit the Alit the of a a Erity is a sting Mancial depression aug Jill Gmo Al. In i the a Verbial Rock of Gibralter from a Bank president in the cat a. A a. _ _ i and in Safaty thav Putin Nat Wlzlo i 9a it a a c in. The or Mytr 1 a a a eve. Up apr. W t a Pup a Quot to a Quot re x to f express and f government Quot situate Ltd in i am in throwers under the former policy of forthcoming for these men the Federal Reserve Board. Of 105 la t year with huge Reserve of Loans reported in Texas Tib ire in credit untouched <5 31 per cent of the Teret at 2a per cent and four at too total volume a it of business done by the per cent. In one in Tance the inter Federal Reserve Bank was so called est leached a 14 per cent while on agricultural paper. What the Reserve loan investigated the rate rang Bank did for agriculture was a mall cd from 36 per cent to 2,000 per cent drop in a Large bucket. W hat they pet annul by new York and East did to agriculture won t be forgotten pm banker Tine Oklahoma Bank for a generation. The local banker reported 1h4 Loans at rates exceeding has not been to blame he Baa gone 1>0 per cent of which 75 exceeded As far a lie could or dared to help Soo per cent. Thirty three Borrower the local Farmer. Paid interest charges of 500 per cent or More this is not banking it is Paw broking. It is impossible to say How Many with a pre ent lending Power of to billion Dollar the Reserve Bank would do Well to make such use of this enormous Aile re Revoir of credit As will help by iness and Industry to Start stories about each other s Inati-1 Many banners it is True a a ready Tuti ohs and if the stories stick they know the fact which led up to the tic suggest a the a Thor Hwan of Cash Many do not. Of have Beard or me the re. Erve Bank have made such enormous profits they can place re discount rates so Low that member Banks May again make Loans at Normal rates of interest to borrowers and the Reserve Banks still do a profitable business from the purely banking viewpoint that again will help Farmers. Yvo opinion May a Hugo in of or a or p the cd of the War period he explained that tile Only Hope of collect ing Intel to from these loan a to furnish the debtor nation foodstuffs at a Price so Low that their National would Haw enough left from their wages after buying a Ood stuff to pay luxe that then government might pay interest to these tame financier. Arum to prov ult the euro Pean Countie with food Lute it Low prices to e same american financiers tie lit from the agricultural Tate an i Force the Market Down to a Point ruinous to the american Farmer Ami then after these same Wall Street Sharks Hail ruthlessly robbed the american Farmers the european debtor nut Amie used to pay their internet a. A consequence Industry Aru i agriculture Are both paralyse business it a standstill Ami the country facing the worst unemployment problem in its history. He reminded th1 sex service men of the governments promises of financial Aid and guarantees of living wage for the returned service men and then refreshed their memories re Gar Ling the administration going Bufo it Congress asking $500 a Lubo in the Railroad and Abo asking in the same breath that All Sefc Iliof Bonus legislation be deferred after or 8hip.-iu<fs add re a a program of races Ani a ports look place on the Tiac k in inuit of the grand stand continued on i age frit what its pres at policy should he it should use All its con. Fro live Power to of or Dot Parvati of u tint i a wealthiest country in the world it should do All its in Toni billion of i Iii can a to n Rosto a p. In a

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