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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 2, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it to advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that by a More business is cheaper tha Ltd ver Tising costing $3.00 wbk suits in less business. Figure. A p Albert Lea examiner it Means mum to advertiser to have their me Fogt reach nearly every Home in Elbert l a and Freeborn county. That in Why advertising in the Crummiel in Worth while. Volume i number 33.albert Lea Minnesota thursday september 2, 1920. An it single copy 5 cent Salbert Lea to celebrate labor Day next monday september 6 solons pose As labors Friend for a purpose political Faker abroad in land trying to deceive worker 25,000 grades unionists a. D. Grain Law parades As labor leaders thu Nrec plane a or it of a it twi it i a a a a a ii Woi in i Idlla offer selves to sheriff a p. R official announces he has mines lie Idle As leaguer gives talk no paper for their arrest Minneapolis minn., aug.28�?ap red Lodge month not a Lump of k. For Washington the political Fucker is abroad in the land and he is particularly Active in his efforts to deceive the workers. Many of those who made unsavoury records during the recent session of Congress forgetting for the time being that there would come a Day of reckoning Are now trying to persuade the workers that local Coal was mined the Day r. Wheeler democratic candidate proximately 25,000 Trade unionists governor endorsed by the no part and sympathizers with the labor imn i uric an i organized labor movement assembled at the Parade licensing system enables inspection department to Check business United states District court of appeals upholds a Midon in Townley Case decision a turn Hump Kunfi it today at 2 p. In. And escorted to the Hennepin county jail four officials of Fargo n. North Dakota spoke Here the miners Leo Larink it a Ain in pm a in it la apartment was Holiday. J about to take action toward reducing previous to his coming rumours in the Wake of the news the unreasonably Large margin charge trades and labor Assembly who were current to the effect that the Obi Elt i tie 1�� for handling have been convicted of violating the corrupt political guard tools of Spe be Kra a when the Combine sudden wonderland theater injunction. Cha privilege would not allow him i Yost its Norv and revised ill priv Union officials described the Parade to speak in ded Lodge. The Coal card developed yesterday. The past As the greatest labor demonstration miners of this place and Bear Creek Fow a k department had been their interests were safeguarded and a a Neap i has Ever seen. I he first immediately got Busy and converted protected and that they should cheer in is were at the courthouse before the Day into a regular Holiday. Not fully support for re election Tho set in a it halt parting Point a Coal mine in either Field was work women of privileges that Are Mas Aii the Way the marchers were cheer sing. Even though the mine whistles a Hen Lars o. Tjelle a Farr t of Barret minn., discovered 13 skeletons while repairing his Houe two weeks ago. The interest taken in a discovery of what is thought to be an old scandinavian Rune Stone in 198 in the head of Farmers movement again Virid leafed Federal tribunal finds charges that Townley was appropriating la ague funds for own personal use absolutely false literally swamped with complaints Samo neighbourhood was revived. The concerning the wheat marketing sit halt a Bei it a buried under tones Uati on. Information came to the de an<1 the gee Eton found appear to be apartment that in Many instances Lobo quote of White men rather than in All the Way the marchers were cheer a Fri. Que fading to the sheep clothing of by crowds that thronged the Side blew longer than usual to bring the Cal elevators were paying Only from Public welfare. Walks. Worker to the mines. To $2.13 per Bushel for wheat Olaf ohm a Farmer Cia is to senators and congressman who a the top District which the i1 in View of the fact that the senti when the Caish and arrive Market a c four i the ascribed tone while supported the Cummin ech Bill Are men arc it it crowd were ment for Wheeler was so Areng As a Minc Apolis was to $2.80 a com of. An a swed posing As i i melt of labor and a a a a a a a a Quot Ltd the cheering to prevent even a Pound of Coal from to j. A. Mcgovern chief Deputy a recognized the Ancien Point to their votes on minor issues Stronk office and store windows were being dug and the miners assembled nun inspector. As justifying their betrayal of the crowded tot blocks. In such Lurge and enthusiastic num la Wra not on a the Farmers that Public interest when they were called leaders review Parade Tom we realized that complaining of this situation. But Many Bankers in various Sec upon to Deal with really important issues. Case of Webster j any efforts at mob Law which Here on Lions of the state wrote to the de a notable example false pretence is give Man Webster of Spokane wash., who is serving his first term in Congress and is a candidate for re election. As a member of the House interstate Commerce committee he introduced and advocated the so called Webster amendment to the original j ech Railroad Bill. This was toe most r. I. Cramer Leslie Sinton Lynn Toton Haye of it might i Tompson and Dan w. Stevens the Thor p Ace Waud be of re apartment urging that something i Ai labor leaders held in contempt of whaler in his speech flayed the Donc to prevent this steal a Gaul this specious Couit marched directly behind ases mob lists unmercifully. At the end Mcgovern yesterday. A there was Coneen by Congress Cort world War veterans in in of a in Corfu Jay on 0f the leading Isit Erab a threshing going on last form. On reaching the courthouse marchers As the ranks to abreast filed by. The defendants accompanied by Nels be on procession marshal entered sheriff Earle Brown office at 3 07 o clock. A How do you do gentlemen a said members of the old gang was heard we Ltd a various parts of the state to remark a we Are licked. Wheeler unit the Farmers were not hauling will sweep red Lodge and it is lost an Quot boat to town. Instead they to . The Farmers Are surely against told the business men that they . Would hold their wheat until the fair drastic anti strike provision submitted to either Branch of Congress. Under it a court could not Only Send strikers to jail but could confiscate the Homes of men whose Only offence was that they were affiliated with organizations which had gone on strike. The thing was so bad that it sheriff Brown. A we Are said or. Nelson a to deliver the defendants under the contempt proceedings. Our stay of sentence expired at 3 of clock. W e want to be the sheriff replied a we Haven t any order for your commitment. No higher fare in Wisconsin aug. 26 local elevators would pay a Market Price. Bankers become i near a a this did not suit the Bankers and business men at All. The Bankers writing although he was not Able to translate it. He sent the Stone to Minneapolis where expert branded it As fraudulent. Hamn then used it As a Doorstep for several year. In 1907 Hjalmer hued Holand a norwegian scholar touring the country for historical material truncated the Stone As follow Quot eight goths swedes and 22 nor f weians Are upon a journey of discovery from Vineland Westward. We camped by two Skerries one Day journey from this Stone. We were out Ashing one Day. When we returned we found to men red with blocs and Clead. A. V. M. Ave Virgo Maria save from evil. We have to men by the sea to look after our vessel 14 file United states circuit Couit of appeals sitting at St. Louis has just handed Down a unanimous decision sustaining the decision of judge Charles f. Amidon of touted states District court for North Dakota in which judge Amidon held that a. C. Townley president of the nonpartisan league had i not defrauded any of his creditors and was not concealing any property from them. La e appellate court also taxes All the costs against the plaintiffs in the Case who were backed by the i. V. A. In their fight against the Farmers move ment whether or not this Case will be appealed to the United states supreme court was not announced yesterday by attorneys for the appellants. I. V. A. Try to make political c capital judge Amidon handed Down i decision in Fargo Early in january 1919, alter hearings anti investigations which had lasted for More than a year. Townley failed when farming on a Large scale in Tho Western part of Thia state several years Ugo Ami unable to meet All his debts petitioned the Federal District court to be adjudicated a bankrupt. He had then organized the nonpartisan league and the enemies of the banners movement preferred All manner of false charges against him in the Federal court among others that he had amassed a Fortune out of the league and was hiding it with a View of defrauding i creditors. In his decision in favor of a. C. Townley which has been sustained by the United states court of Appeal among their things. Judge Amidon said against the forgery claim and would Impo Kil for Pullman accommodation., j with let Farner i the later in Nuzum void Tiu Lav Tkv i i i a Ash lied inc Haft. A a a a act a a Imp a to to Lay by Woula of a a him the to. -ll-tll1 commanded Only a handful of vote i a a ont u., then sold or. A Enker agent of the Chicano Ami elevator were attempting to Perpe a upped but Webster took occasion to deliver one of the bitterest anti labor speeches Ever heard in the House. Now congressman Webster is being paraded by his newspaper supporters As a Friend of labor ant As _ having received the endorsement of federation of labor. Of Cote pm is no truth in this of being a Friend of labor congressman Webster was so unfair that Samuel Gompers found it necessary to publicly rebuke him it eau a of his Effort to misrepresent the attitude of the labor movement. The Case of congressman Webster ecu ipod on Page eight Nelson. No a the sheriff replied a we done to want the convicted men then filed out. A intrastate fares will and the crowd in the Street cheered the present. It Northwestern railway in this state. I he notice stated that the three could not argue away the facts. Some cents a mile rate in interstate As Well thing had to be done. Continue for nonpartisan wins in Montana election Helena returns indicate that the Farmers and organized there had been no indication the crowd would be decreased by announcement that the sheriff Nan no authority to take the men into custody. This development was hailed As a Victory for organized labor and created vast enthusiasm in the gathering throngs. Lynn Thompson one of the defendants said the decision of the county authorities not to take the convicted men into jail Means that labor has a won the first round in the fight against injunction Rule. A we have got them bluffed a he asserted. He said he did not believe the fines by judge Bardwell would Ever be collected or that the defendants would Ever serve their sentences. Real motive seen the eleventh hour announcement to i a. -11.-1i or 41 Days journey from this is Milwaukee there will lie no in need to collect the Money on the far an j year jog. A crease in passenger fares in wisc on nut and a Iam a a a i. Kin on am a a or ill the t m a a Quot a internal evidence would seem to Bel min Auk to -6, nor will the for ors hold their wheat there was Noth charge of a it Pei cent additional be inv to tie had. When the hanker Talit of urn me Ournac tune pm to Point to scandinavian sex is the Stone a -. Found not on an Island but on a Knoll Jin a Quot a a a the 1> Inker surrounded by wimp which probably i la i w frn ii la i nut la jul i i Tea fuel. A a Lake Over 500 years ago and the White men would naturally choose Quot so the Banket Bethought then an is am or Protection Flom the of the state Gram inspection depart Vage room. We have Hen receiving for Coult Han a hav hit from a Large number of banker and the phrae with boo. Otler but Inen men part dts Ribe a Ctm the a anal it of the Tate that lid depart am prayer for ail a a pc it Holic , it intervene in favor of the Farmer. Whereas scandinavian of Are interstate Commerce some of them Are leading i. V. A. Supporter. Exposure brings result a the Law gives this department the authority to regulate them to continued on Page eight several Day ago railroads filed notice with the Wisconsin Railroad commission that they would contest the commission authority to prevent the incr a get in passenger rate granted by the commission. It is understood that passenger agents in Illinois Iowa Minnesota Anil Michigan also receiver notices that no fare increase will go into effect on August 26. Generally protestant. Again the voyagers would naturally come to the stones location from the Southern tip of Hudson s Bay vial Nike Winnipeg a water route All the Way except for Small portages. In Quot peaking of the efforts to find any Money appropriated from the league by a. C. Townley for his own personal use a the search Quot sat a judge Amidon in his decision a has been pursued not Only with the Zeal of creditors intent upon collecting heir debts but that of political adversaries seeking to discredit a party believed to be dangerous. Detectives were hired to ingratiate themselves with the wife of the bankrupt As the result of months of following these Clews by the trustee the creditors and their detectives counsel for the trustee state frankly in the argument at the recent hearing that no secret Deposit or specific property held upon Trust had been found. The conclusion is justified and the court so finds the fact to be that the reason Why this hidden reassure has not been found is that it does not in concluding his decision. Judge Ami son said referring to the league and the i eague publications the trustee has been permitted to go through the record of All these concerns As with a lighted Candle. He has found no Trace of any Grant of any of the funds or property of the nonpartisan league or its subordinate agencies to or. Townley except a salary of three Hundred dollars $300.00 per month. He has found no Trace of any claim by or. Townley to any part of such funds or such properties except his salary. He has found no Trace of the use of any part of the funds or properties by or. Townley for personal purposes except the accomplishment of the objects of the political party of which he has been Leader. Holds Townley never used league funds a on the contrary the record shows clearly and affirmatively that the nonpartisan league and its subordinate agencies have never granted to or. Townley any part of their funds or property As his personal estate that he has never made any claim to those funds or properties As belonging to himself personally and he has never used them for any purpose except that of a political Leader devoting them honestly to the achievement of the objects of his party. A the record is full and has been honestly kept and it shows a hone to purpose to give an account of an honest i that the jail doors will not Clang be labor of the state have nominated All Hind the Union officials today a Al Thea candidate for state office. Tribute by Thomas a Lear to an b. K. Wheeler their nominee for attempt to spoil the demonstration governor on the democratic ticket he said the Union officials were Well a several thousand More votes than aware that they could not be taken the combined vote of his two opponent and double his nearest competitor. His vote i greater also than that Given any nominee on the Republican ticket. Joseph m. Dixon former United states senator and candidate of the Copper Trust and Allied interests evidently has won the Republican nomination. The league and labor cause has teen greatly strengthened Here by the efforts of the old party machine into custody until commitment papers had been issued but that if they had resolved to postpone the demonstration until the papers were actually out it would never have been held. Or. Van Lear said he would not be surprised if the decision of the prosecution to attempt to collect the fines by civil process does not get very far. There have been cases before he Ray marked in which fines imposed on labor men for contempt of court in injunction proceedings were not collect to repeal the direct primary. On two and a terms not served. Occasions last year the Farmers Saver the primary by amassing great bundles of signatures and carrying the Case to the supreme court. And the fight opened the eyes of Many who had not had Opportunity to learn officials of the trades and labor announced that the plans for the demonstration will not be changed in any respect. Not having been officially informed that the jail is closed to them the four defend a convicted Man refuses to pay a Fine he is at once remanded to jail. It is explained that the present Case is really a civil suit and that before the men can be imprisoned an attempt must be Matte to collect the fines a in any civil action. Attorney for John compbell proprietor of the wonderland theater in whose behalf the fines were assessed Are expert it i to apply to the clerk of the District court for a writ of execution under which the sheriff will be authorized to collect the Pudge ments. He May collect by levying upon the property of the defendants. In default of collection the men can be put in jail to serve their sentences. The sheriff has sixty Days in which to a enforce the judgment. I i genian Paul w. Thompson county actor postal Ney gave it As Bis opinion that the convicted Union leaders cannot be put in jail until an order of execution for the collection of the fines has been issued and turned Over to the sheriff for settlement. Commitment papers can be issued Only after the execution has been returned a a collectable he said. Hope to collect fines the opinion was Given in a conference with sheriff Earle Brown Deputy sheriff w. A. Egge and p. S. Resignation of unionist asked Washington business in St. Louis will be paralysed by a lockout of clerk if the administration postmaster at that place Collin Selph carries out his threat against the National Union of postal clerk. President Wilson has be n appealed to in a Telegram from Thomas f. Flaherty secretory treasurer of the Union to forbid Selph to take his promised action against the employ wine grape raisers of California in the past year have passed from great dejection to the height of Prosperity. The dejection came with the of the prohibition amendment because the grape Farmers figured that wine was the object of raiding grapes and with wine no longer made there would lie no Market for grapes. Many a Farmer mortgaged his fat in to support the anti prohibition fight. Shutdowns club for votes Gompers says Binghamton n. of labor must make no further attempts to Force the working people to vote As they want them to by frightening them by the shutting Down of factories and the reducing of wages compel it president of the american workers fear unemployment federation of labor declared at toe three years ago a i in i buyer could opening be Sion of tile annual con have had his pick of the vineyards in Many sections at $100 an acre. Now he could not look at a fairly Good one for a even time this Price. In those Days of gloom Farmers frequently Ven lion of the new York state federation of labor today. corporate interest. Are trying to scare the men to labor a he Aid. A we found such Conn Lions sex sold for a third of what they had paid listing recently in a number of plants much of the truth about the league it was said will be escorted to Neilton clerk of the District court. Fumes unto that time. Stones knife used by escaping inmate Fergus fall voc Kovich. An inmate of the state insane Hospital Here escaped Thia afternoon. The court House from Hennepin Avenue and sixteenth Street at % p. In. Sentenced by Bardwell the convicted men who Are All officials of the Minneapolis trades and labor Assembly were sentenced by judge w. W. Bardwell to pay a Fine of $125 each or serve six months in All the fines can be collected fro in is president of the clerks. Of master Belph has served notice that Freeman must resign or Selph will fire every member of the Union from his office. Union member three fourths of the in St. Louis. Toe local mail service would virtually Stop if they were diet Misi de in a body. J postmaster Bel Poha been engaged in a persistent Effort to destroy the Union Ever since he adorned office at the beginning of the Wilson administration. Post mater general Burleson is said to have backed him in this Effort to introduce his ultimatum to the for their vineyards a few years be fore. The explanation for the change is the great development of the Market for dried grapes. The old Price of about $10 a ton on the vines has leap compose nearly a a to flt and $70. And this explant postal worker Tjon for the Market is probably the considerable advertising and publicity carried on during War and since As to the value of the Raisin As a food. Great in the Price. And particularly the Woolen Mill of new England and in the Pennsylvania la company s affairs where attempts Are being made to shut Down factories and reduce Wuwei there is not now in the torn. Iou be of the country sufficient to meet the needs of the people and the shutting Down i for the obvious purpose of repeating the old policy of the corporation and big business to frighten the people by Tell of similar foods have made the Raisin ing them if they vote one Way they a comparatively cheap food and hence 1 will lie kept out of popular. The next step is for the a a a one defendant or from the defend St. I Truis Union Belph issued a Tate ants individually or Thompson ruled. District clerk Neilson said that As the stay of sentence does not expire until Midnight the execution papers cannot be issued until monday in the jail. Stay of sentence was Given for event of a refusal to pay the 15 Days the stay expiring tonight at been fines. Made he struck chief of police Huseby in Midnight. All the convicted men re the face with a Stone. Huseby was fused to pay the Fine and it was sup heading a crowd of pursuers. Walter Wenino grappled with the Man who stabbed Wenino through a lung severing a bronchial tube. Vockovich also slightly wounded Deputy sheriff Herman Slatten with jus knife before he was recaptured and returned to the Hospital. Posed they would be taken into custody today on surrendering themselves. Execution papers have out it was announced. Attorneys said judge Bardwell injunction prescribes the procedure in the Case. They explained that it or oilers judgment to be entered and exe ment in which he characterized Freeman As an undesirable citizen and one quite unfit to care for the interests of the postal clerks. In consequence of that attack Freeman has instituted suit against postmaster Selph for damages in the sumo $50,000 for defamation of character. National officers of the postal clerks Union Are solid in their support m Freeman and Are preparing to go to the limit to sustain him and speculators to gradually kill this healthy demand which Means Ane returns for grape growers by hoarding and overpricing. Rumor has it that the Amateur Boose makers use raisins to produce some of the hoped for kick and their needs May have hat some effect on the grape Market. Ten cent sugar by Detroit unemployment with attending privations is the growing fear of workers Here in spite of reassurances by the Board of i Nerce fear is gnawing it the vitals of the worker lest they lose their jobs in the drive of the opulent wealthy to reduce wage and labor Standard. It is estimated that 50,000 Are out of work Here and Many Are leaving the City. The striking sign of unemployment is the number or dwellings available for workers at reduced rates. Until Ery recently rooms were of scarce that thousand of families were compelled to live in tent on the outs it and rents Vert crewed to the highest Point j from reliable authority it is Learned that the general motors Laid off about 30 per cent of its office Force Ami 2 per cent of it hop employee. The Timken Axle company is reported to have Laid off 20 per cent of it office Force and 20 per it in of its shop men. The Packard concern is reported to have Laid off 30 per i Ali i a do dad Micro Cut of n a a i quote fort and about a it j ail a i rum Idle per cent of it mechanics the Moi a a a a gun Wright tire company Laid Iff about 2,000 men the hand of the Dollar rubbers is seen in this unemployment mov. Advertisements by employment a for help after these la it off Chicago sugar will be to or la cents a Pound by january Russellj pole Secretary of the City Council High Cost of living committee stated in submitting the result of i Vestiga facies Aion today. J bet a the efforts of Lite Manu fact be Canada recognizes Union the country beet crop will i tis to reduce wage.-. Min Are rot Montreal settlement of differences from 30 to 40 per cent larger than to the Ain it plants by agencies and Between the Cana lion railway com any Ever before produced was also arc offered work at go cent an Hor Pany and their shop employees num predicted. Where cents a paid fur the Bering about 14.000, has been effected the report stat that the m w si4me work before die la off. By an agreement signed thru the Ca cuban crop will be about 4,, Khz j it has leaked out that at a meet radian railways adjustment Board it tons or three time the 1914 crop announcement was made today cution issued if payment of the fines vindicate the right of the workers to was announced today. Recognition of or. Poole said that a if consumer however that Legal formalities necessitated by the stay of sentence e Iii impossible to take the men into custody at once. In Ordinary cases when my of the rotary club Al Ifo trl trailer a week ago it was re ended to Lay is refused. Doubt was expressed a elect their own officers without die the signatory unions and higher will begin now to buy As Little Sugai off not in n than iop r Etal of their to whether this procedure is Correct tation from the politicians at whose Scales of wages retroactive to May a As they can get along with we will Force in line with the att eve id pre in a contempt Case in which the a1 hands they Are striving to procure Art contained in the contract with have to cent or la cent sugar by Gram of of Imiu-ti.a1 Magnet tentative to a Fine is imprisonment i Justin the 44-Hoar week january 1st a there is so none of tilt Psi a Putti aked in it _

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