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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - September 1, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Farmers workers help Albert Lea trades and labor Assembly celebrate labor Dayt la Gir ground endorsed by the Albert Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examine Elf you Are wrong you can t be too conservative if you arc right you can i endorsed by the Austin trades and labor Coe Neil a Olio a single it of Piei 5 workers lose in rail wage award overtime pay granted to the transportation brotherhoods in Railroad service by the terms of the Adamson act of 1916, if taken away in whole or in part by the Railroad labor Board will precipitate a general Railroad strike throughout the United states. This is the conclusion reached by men who have watched the process of disarming tying throwing and ppm Meling the Railroad labor organizations during the past two years Ever since Congress and the Railroad executives got their Heads together to begin the framing of the transportation act. Now the ver it life of that measure hangs in the balance. Of Railroad labor decides to fight for the vestiges of Security which it still retains labor is free to do so. The Law Doc not prevent strikes. The Railroad labor Board if it join the anti Union and huge smashing movement through a repudiation of the overtime guarantee in the Adamson act will become an advisory hotly without an audience. It will go into the discard. Would enlist labor bodies Gigantic Force Are operating to make the Railroad labor Board take this fatal step throughout the bus j Ines and professional classes of the country where reactionary influences penetrate readily the word heard everywhere is that the Industrial and agricultural collapse is the fault of Railroad wage and con miners wages. These must come Down or the country will be ruined sinister suggestion Are made to the effect that for organised labor to resist these proposed depression in wages and standards of living is treason or insurrection or something of the sort which require to be met with violence by a a patriotic citizen. This propaganda is not definite it is gauge and whispered and hinted but it is running Back anti Forth from town to town one need not he especially intelligent to conclude that it is carefully manufactured Abd Dis-1 tribute and that worse is to follow. It appears the Eastern and Western group of railroads have not merely refused to agree that the transport tation brotherhood shall escape a wage reduction but that they Are go my to insist on one regardless of the decision of the Railroad labor boart a their decision i affected by uncertainty regarding the Fate of the Townsend Bill through which the Railroad Are attempting to raid Tho United state Treasury for now und additional loan of $500,000,000 under the Guise of a a refunding the present debt. Senator la Follette. Stanley and other Are planning a determined fight on the Bill when the Senate takes it up after recess. They Are in Hope that Public sentiment which is being aroused to the True nature of the Biry May make it impossible to put the measure through the Senate the letter of William g. Mcadoo to senator Stanley read into the congressional record wednesday is helping to crystallize sentiment Agam i the grab. Move against foal Miner of Railroad labor stops a a first step toward getting an understanding with the anti labor forces in the management and in the Washington administration and in Wall Street Coal production must likewise Stop. Coal operator have been preparing for a struggle when the contracts tween them and the United mine workers expire next Spring. Recently they have been Given from a Home mysterious source to demand the abrogation of their contract and to insist upon a wage reduction on dec l president lewd of the mine workers a refused the same propaganda machinery which i driving toward a crisis with Railroad labor is driving toward a Brea with the a Ooi Tail it was Gump can t understand Why Farmer labor people should own paper an except from an editorial from the red Wing daily Republican Ami reprinted in Gumps agony a great Deal of Buncome is heard about Farmer owned papers being willing and Able to do More for than papers which Are not Farmer owned. It does not take Long for Farmers to find out that there is nothing to this. So far As country papers Are concerned anyone who has sense enough to publish a paper at All Khz orcs that the Farmer a interest and the business menus interests Are interdependent Anil that what directly hurts one will indirectly Hurt the other. In order to serve any useful purpose at and therefore he must uphold the interest of the one As Well As of the other instead of merely harping about the grievances of the Farmers and the Rasca Lity of the business and professional class thus in effect trying to make matters worse by arraign ing the two interdependent classes against each other. It is a realization of these facts that causes the occasional petering out of so called Farmer owned papers. Also the fact that Many of them Are worked up by would be a newspaper men who appoint themselves champions of Farmers interests As a pretext for getting into the newspaper game at the Farmers expenses being unable to get there in any other Way. What a matter fido did some one step on you be got a reason to whine All right Haven to you pretty smooth sailing when you and a few of your half baked satellites were ironing around town trying to boy Cott the examiner different now he can to even do a decent Job of whining yourself so you hide behind another joke Joum Alist and let him do your whining for you a the Farmers and workers interests and business interests Are interdependent Are they. That a one time that through some strange Freak of Fate or circumstance you printed the truth in your puerile rag. The knowledge that they Are interdependent is the thing that a making the business men of Albert Lea advertise in the columns of the examiner to the banners and labourers of Freeborn county and that a the reason they Are getting their business that a one thing that a hurting you. And another painful thing is that the examiner tells the truth without fear or favor a a journalistic system that is far beyond your meagre comprehension. And again you never missed a Chance to take a Nasty Little slam at the Farmer or worker when the Opportunity arose you re getting called for those Little tricks pretty regularly now Arentt you and it hurts of course it hurts. We want it to Hurt and it will Hurt a bit worse lie fore we Are through with you. We have pretty thoroughly succeeded in making you the laughing Stock of Freeborn county Haven to we the Only Guy in town that does no to Giggle when your name is mentioned is a a Bill Chamberlain and he has a sore jaw from cussing the nonpartisan league and can to laugh. Before we Are through with you people wont laugh when your name is mentioned they will hold their noses and look sick. And that garment of dignity you affect to Wear it becomes you with the same Grace that a hobble skirt does a Muley cow. W on to lie drawn into any Low squabble with a Farmer Lalmer paper will you you let it you wont not while Burtie hollow nut wields the editorial pen on the daily excuse. That delightful child May not know much but he sure does know How to take a trimming lying Down. Well that a what you pay him for Isnit it not very Bright hut remarkably docile. We can to see Why the Farmers should run their own paper. Gump. And you so willing to do it for them. Telling the banners what to do is your particular Forte Isnit it ? but a lot of the Farmers and workers got to lie big boys and mind. Ii la ainu to it went right off and started a paper of their own. And the darned thing keeps right on living and getting Sasser every Day. Too had old kid know just How you feel. Just like an old Hen with some ducklings in her flock when those precocious youngsters take their first swim. Now done to think for a minute. Andrew that we Are trying to make a fool of you. It is not our province to attempt to improve on the Handiwork of god nor Are we so egotistical As to paint the Lily or gild the Rose. Goodbye old dear a till we meet again next week. All labor j Ted to celebrates i the Trade and labor Assembly i committee who have the labor Day Celebration in charge want it distinctly understood that unorganized labor i invited to Par i Tir Pate in the big Celebration at i the fair ground next monday the i Celebration is planned for every i Man who toils and for i Friend i a special invitation i extended to i the member of the farm Bureau i a and other Farmer organization a a Well a to those Farmer who Are not affiliated with any farm or a \ a animation. Speaker will to on f i the Rostrum who will have a Mes Sage of unusual interest for every. I one of you. The worker of Elbert Lea have year of weary toil Rater-1 a spent i ing to your want and need. Coati out and help them celebrate their Holiday. Admission is free. �?�0 of a to the accusation is made in a letter sent by the executive committee of the organization to the interstate Commerce commission urging that body to take immediate action to put a halt to this latest attempt of the Railroad executive to avoid their obligation and responsibilities to the Public. A we need not remind says with All the regular feature of the week plus a big Railroad locomotive collision directly in front of the. Grandstand a straight track is be Jing Laid insole of the mile track. The engine with throttles thrown wide open will lie turned loot a. One at each end of the track and will Rush head on to destruction in the Center of the track at a terrific Speed. Asst. Sec. Ball is reactionary Dball assistant Secretary of agriculture is credited by the spokesmen of various farm organization Here with being the really controlling personality in the department of agr culture. Bal is mentioned whenever the question is asked As to Why Secretary Wallace does not take the firm stand against the Chicago packers and other predatory group that was expected of the editor of Wallace Farmer. Strange stories Are told of the intensity of or. Balls sentiments on americanism Law or Ler. Bolshevism among Farmer Ami among wage worker Ami of Forth. An interview with or. Ball i an experience in the Fine distinctions which must lie made by new writers Between the official statement of men in Public salaried positions Ami their personal and intimate statement a which of Cote you must not quote a Hare Are a few sep of opinion which or. Ball a a Public official will permit to be credited to him a the Farmers trouble today is that a Bushel of wheat will now buy Only 67 per cent As much in other commodities As it did in 1913. Two thing Are holding up the Price of other than farm products fir to the Cost of labor producing the other commode second the transportation Chi be transportation charges Are in us Tance the wag of rail us labor and of fuel labor the wages of Coal Miner. A organized labors a tvs have not a no Down a fast or a far a the wage of farm lao a be Burmm i a a n in this item be vac by crop this year will wild a High or higher than the one painted inst year at u much labor Cost. But on the cot of firm Ria ninety and All his supp the Farmer is paying the charge made by organized labor a either nun wages Ami Railroad wage my t c me Down or the prices of other com module Quot must go up. The presence of 6,000,000 unemployed in the United state mean to or. Ball simply that american labor refuses to take jobs at a rate of pay which will allow american business men to compete with european Quot. He thinks american Tabor must compete with Low priced German labor if it wants employment american Farmers he believes May find tile i to a Ergative which a aug everything in readiness for Albert leads biggest labor Day Celebration Atter Many Days of untiring Effort the trades and labor Assembly boys have arranged a program tor next monday at the fair grounds that will be a every last has to it Een attended to from the securing of an orator of National Fame to providing the a a dogs for the succulent hamburgers. A thirty minute band concert by the Albertj a band will be followed by a program of speeches by men who have made a life time study of the problems that affect the Farmer and the worker. These men know their subject and will have a message just As interesting to the unorganized worker and Fanner As to the Union toilers. In fact the Celebration has a it Een planned throughout to please everyone who toils with hand or brain. Follow ing the speeches a program of motorcycle races and athletic events will take place that will bring the audience to their feet and keep them there. Plenty of entrants have signified their willingness to participate in the contests to insure a Large Field and plenty of keen Competition. Plenty of refreshment stands will be on the grounds where cold drinks fruits sandwiches Candy and other delicacies for the Solace of the inner Man May in obtained. The program of the Days events follows concert Albert i a 30-piece mind 1 30 of clock p. In. Speaking commences at 2 00 of clock p. In. Concert Albert Lea 30-piece band. The following races will take place immediately after the speakers 5-mile motorcycle race first prize $5.00, if More than 3 enter there will be a second prize of $2.00. Each contestant racing does so at his own risk. I mile bicycle race for it oys and girls under 16, first prize $3.00, second $2.00, third $1.00. 100-Yard foot race for men Over 16, first prize $2.00, second $1.00. 75-Yard foot race for women Over 16, first prize $2.00, second $1.00. 75-Yard foot race for boys under 16, first prize $2.04second $1.00, third 50c, 75-Yard foot race for girls under 16, first prize $2.00, second $1.00, third 50c. Sack race free for All. First prize $2.00, second $1.00. Bun eating contest for in mys and girls under 16, first prize $2.00, second $1.00. Pie eating contest committee says Blueberry free for All first prize $2.00, second $1.00. Tug of War Between the producers of farm products and City Industry to men each Side. Tug it of War Between the farm women and City women to on each Side. Musical selections during the athletic events by band. Fight with organize labor and to Trust the Grain speculators Ami the packers to Render patriotic and in Periou service. Preparing for next world War Minneapolis i Abor review who can forget tile gladness with which the news a receive that the great world War a at an end t who Doe not remember the rejoicing Ami the Celebration of that Long awaited Day ? it came to refresh a world harrowed borrowed by death and wracked with nervous searching of casualty. List Quot for name of loved one. But Quot by of recruit for a what would have been the Tate of i my. Said the Kaiser any Man or Quot it of men who had declared that they were preparing another murder holocaust of whose the workers is to bring on More War in the Navy Yards civilian worker Are being forced out of employment to make Way for men in uniform who were recruited to serve in the Navy Ami who Are to be paid with Money appropriated by Congreve for civilian workers wherever pos Ible the worker Are evidently to be chained to the Chariot of militarism not a workers but a part of the military machine. With All these indications of War it i opportune to a Xam Rne jul Quot to what i Quot expected of the Modem Warrior and for Horn he really fights. That rather humbled individual the Kaiser a once quite an authority on militarism. What he Quot Aid in a speech to German recruits in 1891 might be truthfully said by any officer to any capitalist a the letter a that there is in this coun miners. The More quickly the men Iryl a widespread and co Tanly grow in these two Basic industries can be ing distrust of the efficiency of gov driven to revolt the More pleased eminent control. If the Erie Railroad apparently will be the fanatics Bent permitted to Fiu unt its Defiance of upon destruction of All the unions in that control in the manner of it retire United states. Miners maturing plans the United mine workers each afternoon directly in front of the grandstand. Lieut. Louis James any of toe profit of the will from a speeding racing aut confident in my you May learn that he mob ii to a Low flying aeroplane has never believed evil of the Chicago the most tearing stunt Ever attempted packers or the Grain dealers. A rope ladder hanging from the Bot j or. Ball had the unusual advantage cent action Al Marion and by Force j of the plan will be grasped by of being the classmate of the son of of successful example pave the Way Yeut. James As the Airship goes Over Chicago meat Packer William Wilson at to further Defiance by other Road. Lust James will then climb up to this son and classmate a been to Statora Quot a promoting in War Elm mid qandur Dizinn in action arum a it tall. U ing distribution to the Market he refuse to comment officially on the Prospect of then saving to the i Amie middlemen aware of the anxiety of the anti in then indeed the interstate Commerce the aeroplane. Ruth Law will Loop Washington and has told or. Ball my the Aztec a will be presented. With it will be a big open air program of circus acts signed up from All parts a Ion strategic to bring on a Coal commission has become superfluous strike at the ame time the Railroad a until the time comes when the men Are compelled to quit work. They american people demand Public own pm a How freely the charge of at Reship of Public utilities government tempted Industrial revolution and m control and supervision offer the bolshevism would be used in that sit 0le defense of the people against ution. They Are maturing plan of the constant aggression of the Hank their own the Railroad Issue must ing clique behind the Railroad execu-1y world Auto a dozen be fought on its own merits. Tives. We took to your body to prove bands Ami orchestras and a score facing the probability of the scrap in tangible Mariner that this defend q Fem term win a supp Emem the Ping of the transportation act by the a Strong As the circumstances per and evening programs solid decision of 2.000.000 organized Railroad employees in Case of the withdrawal of overtime rates of pay the Railroad labor Board casts the die. Erie action cause protest to i c c. The action of the Erie Railroad i the Loop daily standing on top of an All about the packers patriotic serv aeroplane. Ice or. Bidi can recite them apr each evening the big fireworks Intel in the packers annual report spectacle a Montezuma or the fad of but he say that he has never read the report of the Federal Trade commission on the meat. Packers de Pite the fact that i department is about be hardly a suggestion time the War maker believe is lulling the people into forgetful and he would be Blind Index who did not read Between the line of the capitalist pre that another carnival of Muller is being plotted for a loosing on tile workers by the International War profiteers. An army officer at the Snelling citizen Soldier Encampment assure the prospective soldiers that the i Quot armament conference will not put an end to training for War Harding expresses the Hope that America is to be the mightier nation and the headlines tells us a Pershing ambitious to make u. S War machine greatest. Scheme a recruits before the altar and tile servant of god you have Given me the oath of allegiance. You Are too Young to know the full meaning of what you have said but your first car Mut la to obey duplicity All orders Ami direction. You have sworn Fidelity to me you Are the children of my guard you Are my soldiers you have surrendered yourselves to me body and Quot oui. Only one enemy can a exist for it of my enemy with the pre ent socialist machinations it May it Lin e stoc k happen that i shall order you to Quot Hoot j your own relatives your Brothers or even your parents which god forbid a Ami then you Are in duty bound to obey implied to my order Quot a event have proven that Woodrow Wilna a Quot once speaking the truth when in a message to Congress in 191� when the civilian Soldier Blea was Public ownership proves a Success operation of the Staten Bland land railway on a municipal Tauff at a 5 cent fare has netted tel City $4,359 from december up 1920, to june 39, 1921, according Grover a. Whelan commission of Plant Ami Structure who hat just filed his report. The total Revenue for the seven months commis goner Whalen Aid was $2o9jd04. Making All deductions for up nos interest charges und depreciation. The commis Doner said the net balance of Over $4,000 showed that the City could successfully operate its own traction lines and give better service than under private ownership. Fort i Bilio Colo make Success of it municipal railway fort Collins Colorado owns its Street car line. It is making Money on the project according to or w. H. Win Low the City treasurer. And this in spite of the fact that the private corporation known a the Denver interurban claimed that they had lost Mey every year for twelve years during which it operated the line under favourable conditions. About two year ago the City took Over the line an in spite of the greatly increased Cost of materials labor etc., the City has been Able to meet expenses improve the service and make a profit besides. When the City took Over the lines it increase the ser let from a 20-minute headway to a ten minute headway whatever the conditions require although the City pays higher wages it operates on practically the same fare six for Twenty five cents Cash fares being six cents. New zealand make profit on Railroad. New zealand owns and operates its own Railroad system hence the railroads Are run for service to the people. The last annual statement shows that the government owned Railroad of new zealand made a net profit of More than $88,000,000 last year on less than $200,000 000 invested. The roads earned More than $9,000 a november 13, 1920. North Dakota recall. It seems Likely that the opponents of the nonpartisan league in North Dakota will launch the Long the re Stencil recall of governor Frazier and his associates. They now have 40,000 signatures to their petition it is announced. That is about half enough but they Are very Busy getting the other 40,000. If they get the recall election it will in a very Bitte right of they get it and win it will mean the defeat of every progressive Law on the North Dakota statute books. Every Trade unionist every Liberal and every Man or woman that love Liberty an democracy is vitally in the re sled. Every one should do his utmost to defeat this threatened raid upon democracy in North Dakota. Ami the very Best thing to do the most telling blow to strike to help defeat this recall i to buy the Bonds of North Dakota. Strike now and strike hard Sledge Hammer blow that will break the opposition to piece. Queenland railway Queenland a Quot the greatest railway system in Thau Trutian Commonwealth the government lines open for traffic to Date totalling about $6,-000 Miles. In addition to these there Are 440 Miles of railway owned by Public bodies open for Public traffic a of. The railway under construction include two very extra Ive Quot themes. The great Western railway Ami the great North coast line the Extension will be connected by a trunk line running Northwest from Eio Manga to Cam Coweal on the Border of the Northern territory and will open up Large Arras of land splendidly adapted for sheep Ami cattle raising a South african railways amt Harbor a Magazine september 1920. Movement shows big decrease the capitalist the fact that in a pan me in i Alvinez Quot Oao ers a it is a to begin the supervision of the Jimlu germ army under i a Ait. Today he a while he is ignorant of this be. Will i Mort comprehend-., than he int popular Mhz if a again being at Mit ones won grate was a a Grad. A dispatch from boat an Tulsa la grave that drama Reform staffed thens to him Bat Burton cannot rata llah far Imis St own of a Rpu Tantra turning Over its Roundhouse and shop rp9rubt try an that Acara. At Marion Ohio to a a private con the Garden of Cerny is characterized by the committee of 48 As a fresh proof added to an already imposing Mas of evidence that the railways of our country Are run by a Small group which controls our National resources transport Auto racing will be put on wednesday and saturday sept. 7 and 16-horse racing will be scheduled the other Days. The fair Gates will be closed to the Public sunday. The biggest livestock show in the i history of the fair is assured every foot of space pm machinery Hill a been sold for two weeks the eighty acres of space will be covered com a potely with every known kind if machinery. Several european government Art exhibits will be displayed my factional program Roar put on s the iw0.000 Art Rait Talon. Hor fair in America is shoe pitching champions from All the Detroit Rora press. State fair news the most stupendous entertainment Tion Industry Ami credit Atilla. Pm by a Tat. A will compete for the National petition prevents equal Opportunity a staged for the motor you Ute air in the big tournament for for All and Tho so Shutt it # Childrs. Will Baad in Tad Faa it open on saturday september 3,1 on labor Day. Dictates the we in a condition under which or try. While he ignorant or in the Sarn or a i for one do not doubt the Pat report he feels ure the packers Are Ani biotic Devotion of our younger men a beneficial element in the live Quot lock been Quot tarted by the Fin of those who have Given them employ i marketing Bunnes. Meat�?1those for whose Benefit and j a visitor to the office of tin Quot re an5je? aim to til Protection they would in fact enlist a j Mark Abl react nory official need Marine Are a Erious dispatched Raja w a a few question to get the Impre to Panama and the Tribune carries on As on that of. Ball would have de the War propaganda for a huge stand Alfred martial Law rather than per ing army of declaring it for Mit the Railroad men to have gained the United steles to intent the Spud the advantage thrust upon them by rat army maintained it a any government figure recently released show that the total live Stock receipts at 69 Public lock it Ani de Cree a i decidedly during the first even month of Thi Quot year a compared a Corse pending period in 1920. The Only exceptions in the beep Reed pts which increased 11-8 per cent. The movement of the cattle showed a decrease of 13 or cent Ani hog 55 per cent for the Quot ame period of the 69 markets Thilaga was die Only one to show an increase which Large runs of sheep this year the in crease amounted to 1.5 per cent on great Tong re. In the Artnur Fum it of 1916 j pow paltry fore of 150.1 to that he would never tolerate the pro on the streets of jew 11 it a filtering which organized labor pre pieces of heavy artillery e a tired during the War that business Goe out for More men for the Ria a men did not profiteer to any extent Ter House of War., a in comparison with the wage work a six million men Art unemployed in ers that the Farmers Are Lucky to i Thi country with the billion taken out of the the other hand bout by Paul a War by the profiteers with 6,000,000 one of the Large Market to How a men jobless with the veterans re heavy Deer which amount to fused a Hon us and with every Ideal j 173 per Cen for which the soldiers believed they in this cd Irtira it i Stere us were vhf for thrown into the discern to note the figure with who will deny it we the employers reference to the Elt fun by o Aper Tive the non Union shop employers who Exchange the Only Farmer it up were benefited Ami protected by the relative conium too Tympani la opera terrible sacrifices made by the am Tarn a this two Large ii it men Ere unwrap Ioyel i Hiram Ecru toe Market at car. A the Nill Rill Ibi and now thee urn War nuke thin or Genirs tot. And us Unema Loytonen j a a in the Raker while rent in this re a month ,a1, in line been Tole to fat Ltd year problem a Wdow r. A pm re to it in tor period to Lim log a to f i so Toto i la ital at in we h if he mass the most hideous of All that through White at South by Paul As of sane it my of their trop. That the the to they like Ben in ton Alu Farmers to do now in to work up a profit and to afford employ Mont for continued in fag amp ii 4 pee rent a a de

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