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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 28, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Page two Albert Lea examiner �w0thursday, october 28, 1920. Elbert Lea examiner published by the Freeborn Cooth Plum so i no Cik office 222 East Clark Street Albert Lea. Minn. Published weekly Norman j. Gillespie editor and manager Telephone state 618 entered at the Post office at Albert Lea. Minn., As second class mail matter. A subscription rates it no year. F a .1. $1 of my months. A v All subscription accounts must be paid in Advance a t fete it a a a a Ltd a a a. Real friends of All progressives Hose Are the a Odulate who arc the real i friends of All or cry it Ivo a vote for i j candidate Means a vote for real redress. These men must be he cled to injure carrying i on of the progressive program. Do your duty i vote for them i for governor. Henrik Shipstead for Lieut. Got George Mallow for vat of Dpn Thomas v. Sulli an for Congreve Juliu j. Reiter i i Henrik Shipstead not on y our new friends but the old time member of the nonpartisan league probably do not Realise what in unusually Good record Henrik Shipstead has made a candidate for governor. In a Campaign which Challenge the very existence of corporation Rule in our state Ami in which the pedal vested inter to have every mean of scandal Hunting Money could command Henrik Shipstead career a afforded them nothing which needed explanation or apology. Henrik Shipstead was unknown before the convention of organized Farmers and workers Choe him to Lead the a ult on the tee tru to and Market gamblers. He had served in rite Lees nature before the league entered this Tate he ran for Congress in 1918. If there had been any Shadow of crookedness or any vote of his that would reflect on his character As a real repro in tatic of his District. The politicians would have plastered the Tate with a astounding they have had to remain silent Berau a there a nothing to report. The Only thing the a kept Ami its smaller Echo Ach a the daily paper in Albert i a a can find to Harp so out is that Henrik Shipstead is not a Farmer. No Henrik Shipstead i a professional Man he i a Glenwood dentist. But that is nothing against or. Shipstead career or character. Dentists Are As respectable us persons in other vocations More so than those persons who stoop by every foul Means to malign an honest organizations efforts to better conditions for the common people. The Farmers Ami workers at their convention in March above All else wanted a Man who a free absolute y free from any control by big business and the politician. One can easily imagine the Joy with which any one of Tho a skinning the Farmers and worker would report any urge a on of evidence that Shipstead a not too per cent right. Bankers Market brigand and politicians would know us parties of the fit t part of any such evidence. They have had nothing to a. The ame is True of other candidates endorsed by the organized Farmer and worker on the Independent state ticket. Thomas v. Sullivan candidate for attorney general is a fearless fighter for True democracy. For the past eleven years he a been engaged in Thi state fighting the profiteers and others of their ilk for Farmer and Labouring men. He represent afer 400 co operative societies in the Northwest at the present Titre. Would the Market Bandit and steel Trust vulture on of having Tommie Sullivan As attorney general v we hardly believe they would. Sullivan k u a it mud n a tout them. No one has Ever Hea against the record of it a Date for lieutenant. Berthing too be St i duty a a to for Attar t. Tendon of anything d it. H. Mallon. Scundi e ref c Apt. Mallon is one of med the uniform Ami did it won Fame thru out All nation be gun nest with his Bare fist. In i a a fooling the people Meredith Nicholson one of the country a Best known literary men recently it something Worth remembering it a especially Worth remembering at this time when we me about to cast our ballots i remarkable word. Follow Quot fooling the people i. An ancient pastime. W Nero the tyranny of Phy Leal Power a be rime impossible rulers in All age have re sorted to hypocrisy arb deceit. To the arrogant and boastful governors of Jerusalem Isaiah addressed a warning that the Hail would sweep away their Refuge of lies and the Waters overflow their hiding places. I cynicism that the people ii1 but this is met by a great that at a certain Point they deceiver and destroy there is great logic in or Nichols a. Give it careful consideration. In Mort of the country it is High time storm arrived. A familiar a be fooled i absence their have you received your free Book from Grain Brok or Howard on the wicked league leaders yet we Are glad to note that the. A Battery Captain could t make a Sun toward proving that the leaders were under Hie control of i chamber of Commerce or the steel Trust. They Are 10u per Cen right on the Rel b or a at every Man in the would be proud of til Only thin in a it politician them have a a a in i thee thre n n i the fact they Are caudate. By the or set worker Ani of Quot to Armer am a a Quot it organize Ami. A a went \ k e have often he., Tenet we re it Hap thai they could gut a Man capable of filling the go Protr chair Here As Lynn j. Frazier Farmer a done in North Dakota. We have the Man in Henrik Shipstead. Let thy a who love their state More than the mammon of unrighteous do their duty As Well As he has done by. I if rent. Condemning the Farmer condemning the Farmers of the nation particularly those of the Northwest is becoming the great National partic among the big business interests. This week s Issue of the examiner contain an in Terc Ting article we refer to the Washington Story headed Quot Bankers to Core Farmer method to get jul ice.1 it i a splendid news a a from a banker s viewpoint. Members of the american Bankers association at the closing be Ion of their convention the latter part of la week. Passed several inter Ting resolutions. They declared the excess profits tax unsuccessful and inequitable. And sur taxes As a Brake upon achievement. Verv Fine in the opinion of the Bankers naturally Tho would condemn the Ece its profits tax. It hits them hard. Their heart is in their pocket Book. Artificial manipulation intended to influence Price was condemned a were a dem Ami for government a a a is Lance to enable the holding of commodities for Price by this the Bankers condemned Farmers for holding their wheat and other commodities for a More stable Maine and until they can get a fair Price for their product. I armers Are holding their product until the can cot a Price that will give them a fair profit for their work and investment. I it not a fair thing to do when the Farmer tries to sell his product he is told that the Quot Law of Supply and demand governs the Price. This year the Farmer intends to see that there i a demand it is his Only Chance to get a fair return for his Effort to feed the nation. I or years the Market thieves have robbed him. He escaped to a certain extent with the government Price guarantee but this year their is no guarantees Price and once again he is at the mercy of the brigands. He is forced to do his Best to protect he self consequently he is holding his product until he can get a Prce that will at Lea to allow him to come close to breaking even. Tile american Bankers a Ocia Tion took a slap at labor calling upon the working men to a incr a a production to accomplish an even distribution of wealth. The big business exponents endorsed the Esch Cummin grab Railroad Art but urged amendments to permit Bankers and business men to serve As directors. Tho american banker a striation went on recoil As favouring a typical reactionary program. The banker Don t want control of the country to slip from their hands. % it is All right for the Bankers to have their own organisation and control politics. But it is wrong for the Farmer and Labouring men to organize and even attempt to enter politics. In the ballot lies Farmer labor Power. May they be guided to be it judiciously at the polls november 2. Or says the National Catholic welfare Council a is often mistaken for socialism and in the turmoil of today is frequently called bolshevism. Public ownership May or May not be a foolish policy. That is not the question Here. But whether Wise or foolish it is not socialism for the pre a a a a a a a a ii .im.inn.i,i,i.,.a, what other editors Are thinking about. Now that the women can vote the anti Farmer press have switched reason that its Public ownership their uns toward the Farmers wives of Only some of the Means of product am daughters who Are forming Nocturn and distribution. Partisan clubs and Are rehashing a the programs of the nonpartisan their a to mineable hts Al out the , the labor party Ami the ers organization favouring free love committee of forty eight unite in tic bolshevism etc., and hinting that the numbing the Public ownership of a women or in favor of such number of industries All of Tuff. The banker a anti Farmer a then attack of now or Ber in Daca Lias taken up this false Gani Zed and extended but at the same 1100,1 an it insults the women by say time All leave a Field to private own no them Quot i he women evidently ers hip. None of them plans Tho Nom a a no know that the nonpartisan Mon ownership for example of fac i endorsed the russian soviet which tories engaged in other than Basic destroys the Home opposes belief in god and puts a free love into no or. Anti Farmer editor these women Don t know it and neither do you know it la eau a it Isnit True. A Twenty five to thirty years is the limit of which our forests will hold out under the present this a the alarming declaration Quot a know it is a Damnable lie yet made by president Charles Lathrop Oul i it in trying to Blacken pack before the american forestry an<1 came the Farmers wives and association of new York. Daughters because they do not Swal truly alarming and yet this Cou Lou 11c of Ank political dope. Try is paying Little or no attention to fat you wow Ltd to meet us be or. Henrik ship Tead of Glenwood for governor the situation. In 1901. President Roosevelt gave the first Clarion Call for Woods conservation. Sixteen years have passed but this government As yet has no definite Forest policy. It is the Only civilized country that has none. Can the people of this country be made to realize the meaning of the following that Forest fires in the United states annually Burn Over ten times the Forest area devastated by German armies in France. That the annual new growth of tim fore the ladies nonpartisan clubs we would take pleasure in cramming that lie Down your Throat a Mille lacs county Minn times. Git citizens when you got Togo tier in your unions your Granges your schoolhouses to Start a new party did you consult the old line politicians ? you did no to because you could t Trust them a Hen finally you took the time from your work to reassemble in stand for a tonnage tax on Iron Ore and for putting the steel Trust out k,.Seattle on a Rimari Dav to Nim Vns or of mins to pol tic. Running on a platform to improve Tho coalition of or not More the Ltd third of a Lay ,0 a it your labor Ami to make farming a safer Ami More profitable business through curbing of the profiteering and monopoly in markets. Use of political Power our forefathers who started the great american Republic knew better but Many of the people in our time have thought that they did no to need political Power to live happily. Lulled into dangerous sleep by a kept pre is and the sonorous voices of Clever politicians Many it mall business men. Professional men. Farmers and working men have come to believe that the Best tiling for them ii to a mind their own business a and to Lei lug business run the country. When any real Patriot appeals to them of the danger of such a course to Busine Success and welfare he i called a dangerous agitator. And they Are Likely to neglect to fight for self Protection until it is Well nigh too late. In 191s it they Hail voted for Congre Smen of their own kind instead of the big Butine kind there would have been something done for reconstruction. Soldiers would have received a Square Deal. Farmers and Busine men would not now be facing bankruptcy by reason of Lack of credit and the consequential unnatural reduction of farm prices. Peace would have been provided for Europe inst eat of the present Orgie of Imperial tic greed in which we America Are one of the chief actors. Of we Are suffering now from big business domination thru it politicians How can we expect to still further suffering if we endorse the a politician again at the polls if they have Cha Alsed us previously with whip they will then chastise in with scorpions. New War sea Long of labor unions thru new Legal and extra Legal proc cry More raiding of farm prices. Gag Law Mot violence such Are the thing t e for us if we give big Busine on More Indol a in us. Political Power is All import ant to the pm it t a mean of prot acting their property Lite and opportunities for happiness. It i All important to big Busine As the Means of fixing the Rule of business Anil of turning the country into a big dividend machine for itself. Are Vou going to vote for Protection for yourself til greater end citation of yourself review and comment n variola topics amount being used or destroyed Ever j la cot by which you Are 10 take Hack year. A state of Washington from those a. Who have so Long tyrannical by tra that the Center of the lumber in-1. j diced our liberties did you consult Dusty is fast moving to the Pacific Tjie coast the great Wood consuming one of the worst nonpartisan league hating governors of the West Peter Norbeck of South Dakota has led his state into state ownership of a Coal mine. The state of South Dakota. De Perate in its attempt to get Coal for state institutions from the Coal profiteers has purchased a 90-acre tract of land in North Dakota and will operate a Coal mine on Iii and. But we need not expect that the kept pres. Will Call him a socialist and other skilled but not unionized workers would be higher if the wages manufacturers of the Middle West now import lumber. That the great i Ake states now import lumber Ami pay millions in freight rate on Wood the Backbone of All Industry. A a that new England is no longer self supporting in a lumber was. Very men you seek to throw off your backs \ of did to because you could t Trust them you can to Trust them now a.Seattle Union record. In of Union men were Mailer. Employ offer a forestry policy to the uniter1 or Are Eulous promoters of this Iii a. They frequently Pleat the exaction of the Union As an excuse for resisting increase in pay asked by their unorganized employees. The truth is that the St by organized labor Force up wages and living standards not for Union men alone but for the whole patronize your friends up. I co operation Between the Farmers the american forestry Avocet on and Tow hu�?znc., a Lien of Lamberton is Only a matter of watching the advertising columns of the Northern Light. W Ith nearly too stockholders. States and urges action. It proposes Extension of Federal tinder holdings. Co operation with the states in fire Protection and silviculture. Forest taxation and insurance. Forest surveys and research. There May Lee objection mostly Farmers this paper i it in a position to produce the goods. It has been proven time and again that the results come to the advertisers who use the a columns. It stands to reason that we can produce i results with t ii Iii pow Refuio backing f of a a it my my it is to the internet of the Stock a thew Plank. But anyway let Holder of Thi paper to matronly have some kind of a forestry policy our advertisers. Preference working Cia. Wage Scales Stab and attack him in his Campaign for lured by the unions income a Meas United states senator this year. Nor ure for All wages. When the unions Beck is Tine of the Best servant of win increase there is a tendency for that will build for the future Quot the interests in Hie Northwest because wages to Rise in All occupations. Thi he us Clever deceit rather than Blunt i due in part to the fact that Success tactics just As Burnquist in Minne Ful Union. Rapidly increase their Mem general electric co. Has taken 0<h s the people of Redwood Ola be i when in 1918 he made a in be ship. Thereby at once enlarging the out insurance for 70,000 tut Fallows the warm Gal. Orderly election in Minnesota in Numier of men benefited by the new Emp by a e of it lip for those who help their hour i be Given those merchants who Are using this medium to put their by the new to sible. Wage rate Ami diminishing the Supply in 1018 Norbeck ran on the of unorganized labor. Furthermore. About 80,000,000 pennies Are made league platform against the league Tho Success at aint Quot it garage Emu Ami put into circulation every year candidates. Then after he was elected lation among unorganized worker he found this anti that Plank i prac it prompts Thorn to Eek increase for Tiea or not workable just at present to to Alwi and these increases Are two or three Little thing that y a Quot in because it is impossible amounted to nothing like a state had re employer to maintain any Trik in Urania plan acceptable to la Fol a a hear it to Between the wage of paid a badly done a 0 Don men and those of in it Union a urn. A kicked in the face 11 Ere is not a Comer in the unite state ghz a armers do not know that the nonpartisan league a to form of organization for Farmer. The i i org to action which were going to secure prut n f a the Farmer without going into politics have faced inc supreme tet of their policy and have failed. Last week a great and almost spontaneous assemblage of the Heads of such organization gathered in Washington to beg for credit Relief a desperate plea for mercy from their a a friends the politicians and they were kicked in the face. Members of the Federal Reserve Board and the former Secretary of agriculture who used to rant about the non parti an league menace knew they had nothing to fear from farm organization whose fists were sponges and who had previously done Good service for the politicians in helping to prevent the Farmers from gathering real Power. When we say the politicians kicked them in the face As if they were cringing dogs we put the Case mildly. The politician who manipulate our credit machinery for the Money Trust not Only refused to fit a hand but they sprinkled the Salt of advice about keeping Down extravagance on the wounds. It is nothing less than remarkable How and the Market raid on wheat corf Colton Wool and livestock have suddenly cleaning the vast smoke screen of foul arguments which the politician have kept the Farmer in Obj of states from learning the truth about the Noel Agatui league and the harmless organizations. Now mighty almost despairing cry goes up from e Cut go territory for Che league ale Gehan net league farm a thar nates have a a h i Opp Tail to. Render great service to them a a act am j 9 where. If they put their can a a a a a a sex swing fashion of they Send a irk i Rou y in congressmen to Congress these other Farmer i proper a organized for action will have Hope Mthr than despair. They will be with us to drive privilege oat of Washington by 1034. In eggs ill in. R creamy eggs the hi&4ua Price in some Citie. Some other Citie pure White Are in greatest demand. Those who prefer eggs with creamy Hells often a such eggs look Rich or those who prefer the White say com Taw n the Union Are in the font line Germany plans to join league at All hazards France stands almost alone opposing admission of Teutons. Trenches or. The struggle of labor for a larvae Hare of what it produce a fur ut., Woric no conditions. Vice in 4 by the Union Benefit ail labor. Union men Are therefore entitled the Whitem a i indicates freshness and to As Ltd support of the wage earn purity. Ers As a whole in their Effort to elect that of Coure is not True. The can Date to the Legi nature who will flavor of an egg is influenced by what anti Union legislation. They the Hen ii fed Ami sometime by the a on sron8 ground when they Airn red. Rut the Quality of an egg is Mart that a defeat for the labor cannot reflected in the Hue of the Shell. It i at it i november 2 will mean the in Many buyer in All their shopping act ment of legislation that will Seri choose what Appeal to the Eye with out a Injo Uro organize a labor and pave but thought to the True value of what the May for Wafe reductions begin hey select. But not All. Nin with Union scale and passing on grocer Tell the Story of a Camy own had the nominal gain housekeeper who bought eggs More of the last few tar Are wiped intelligent in. She insisted on picking min a daiy Star it her own dozen eggs. She said she �?1 an Only the eggs of Black hens. Hank hired Man says a them she did not cart bet her the Shell Gambler Raisin paper wheat done to Sere Brown creamy be purest have much Cost of production and by "h.,w can you Tell the Tolor if Lye mud quote a i Var of economic recovery on the Market a what a Lieen of roam want to protect their holding. Ala month but the lawyer Ken therefore the scandinavian have prove Thi. Aillet unfair agreed to plead German cause. Great Britain and Italy Are inclined to support the scandinavian attitude neither country has anything to fear county newspaper. It i a coldblooded Busine Minn Northern Light. Or. League member and those who sympathize with the Aims of the progressive of the state remember to take your women Folk of 21 years of age and Over to the polls november 2. The women Are entitled to vote and it is their duty As Well a the Mon to cast their ballot. Take the women along. A Jordan Minn Independent. New y l planning to Force her Way into Tho league of nation. At next months full session of the Iague at Genova. Germany a purpose is by this mean to try to place herself on a Equality with the allies for future discussions of the War indemnity an . The Neutral scandinavian countries Are being used by Germany to further her de Ign. These Northern neighbors ii ave become strongly pro German since the armistice. Their sympathies Are wholly in a Slit was a ked a a it a easy a he sack Hen Lay the gum egg. Of Yff undoubtedly be made Vav licit session of the legislature the National Catholic welfare Laws designed to cripple or Council has issued a valuable state ref cd labor. Already a vigorous ment for those of that Faith who Are from a Quick recovery of Germany propaganda has been started by the Likely to be misled by the efforts of both British and italian merchant Minneapolis manufacturers club and Northwest politicians to prove that a convinced they can recover Adan other employers organizations in the nonpartisan league stands for Ageous balances of Trade. Favor of legislation prohibiting j extreme socialism and is therefore this makes a Strong combination in trikes. Trade unionists Are alive to against the Catholic Church the menace of this propaganda. They in Minnesota especially the re Are meeting it by mobilizing to the publican political machine a at favor of admitting Germany to the a ague. France however objects. Frances support of candidates endorsed for Temple with every Means possible to objection is based on the demand of election by the working Peoples deceive the Catholic voters by such he vast majority of the French peo non parti an political league. Arguments. And curiously enough pm that Germany be kept in a strictly but wage earners outside the Trade the same politicians Tell the protest subordinate position for a indefinite unions seem indifferent to the danger unt voters that the nonpartisan period they done tee How it affect them. League ticket is controlled by the France therefore intends to com Litiere is a impression among them cot hoi in Church. They take great Bat the proposal to Grant equal rights that or a lied labor in some Way pro care that the two lies do not get to of discussion to Germany suck a fits at the expense of unorganized la gather. The lawyers know too much i he lawyers Bob know too much. Tiey Are chums of the books of old John Marshall. They know it ail what a dead hand wrote tis a dead i land and its Knuckles crumbling the Bones of the Fin ure a thin White Ash. The lawyers know a dead Many a thoughts too Well. In the heels of the giggling lawyers Bob too Many Slippery ifs and buts and however too much Hereinbefore provide whereas too Many doors to go in and out of. We Hen the lawyers Are through what is there left Bob can a mouse nibble at it and find enough to fasten a tooth in i Why is there always a secret singing when a lawyer in w by does a Hearse horse snicker hauling a lawyer away a Carl Sandberg in the dial. Jority. But the French people have persuaded themselves they Are fighting for self preservation their Bael to the Wall they have become almost Famore r the question. The French Battle therefore of Despe rat Ion. France May even threat from the league of u would automatically follow Germany Many is admitted Bor and that the wages of store Quot Public ownership of some of the admission into the league clerks office men warehouse hands i Means of production and Dis Tribu in this respect Ranee is in a Jai. Throw european fusion. In a to Mem

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