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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 28, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota Phe Way to figure it id advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $6.00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. It wians a to advertisers to in \ v .4eusage reach nearly let a in Albert Lea and fresh Jar a Aly. That is Why Adver the examiner is Worth it a a St 4 a volume i number 41.albert Lea. Minnesota thursday october 28, 1920. Ogle copy 5 cents Washington immediate repeal of the excess profits tax and revision of sur tax rates were demanded in a banners Union in California great Success new federation a 60,000 members i one of states strongest. Stockton years of patient turning of the other Cheek to Middle men politicians and Packer California ranchers have banded themselves into a defensive Organiza influence prices was condemned As Tion which in the past year has were Quot demands for government As grown from a handful into a Quot Union seance to enable the holding of com nearly 60,000 Strong. It Yudities for Price its called the Quot federation of a Mer la dior was Quot called on to abandon Jean the economic fallacy Quot that the curtail Bankers score plumbing graft. Farmer method. A a to get Justice 111 new York is i i found by probe new Law curb on Bank greed official s plea legislation placing limitations upon the profits in interest which Bankers May make on volstead not a a dry Quot attorney Manahan avers Resolution adopted at the i Omar be. N to we j Combine used a on a congressman not author of of the american rankers a a it Hailon Mae to mine hangs and reloaded will to recon 6 new scheme to Eli i mended to Congress by comptroller of l3w, it Nate Competition. Rions of the american Bankers association convention Here. The excess profits tax was describer As unsuccessful and inequitable anti the sur taxes As a Brake upon achievement. New Quot Lodge embracing 425 master plumbers having Initia it omit run Armer Aid. Be. Aruj various secret artificial manipulation intended to rites anti in which the general pub the currency Williams in his annual report it was Learned today. Comptroller Williams aroused to action by the alleged practices of Bankers in employing Reserve Bank funds to reap Quot unjustifiable Quot interest rate profits is prepared to press his proposal before Congress As a step is charged. Lie is the a a Goat a was revealed today at the hearing of the joint legislative necessary for the country a econom committee investigating the building pc welfare. Industry. Soon after Congress meets the Many members of this Quot Lodge a comptroller probably will Confer with known As the a Cotie of Han members of the Senate and House it has spread to ten counties and ment of output will improve Condi die plumbing contracts in All parts of banking and currency committees has already become one of the most tons since Quot Only through increased powerful single organisations in the production can wealth be evenly dissipate. It president is j. J. Mcdon Ald. And in each county is an enthuse encourage immigration attic group of red hot boosters forthe Quot Only real Farmers Union in should be encouraged America a Rego us Ltd a #�?o<1. But caution should he tar. Few of the. Ninny chert Boum i u to the character of the impute they Hove pulled out of the Are Quot was admitted. In the past few the Esch Cummins Railroad act was endorsed but amendments to permit banker and business men to serve Hail Boon Fiat in ack. Quot to the Mil As director Wert urge. For themselves months i. They found that Grain Farmers lers. First securing a rebate of 9 instead of 7 cents the Farmers then brought action to determine who owns j the Container a suit which if favourable will mean hundreds of thou Sands of dollars to the Farmers. Protect producers. 2. They found the Power companies cutting Down the Farmer a Quot juice. While in the cities electric signs biased full tilt. They secured a ruling from the Power administrator Ami got their quota for irrigation while the cities went on rations. They fought off an onslaught upon Farmers co operative canneries by private canneries. They also Back j de up the milk producers fighting a suit by the attorney general and flashed hit court action. Saved crops. 4. They championed the cause of the Tomato growers by seeking financial Aid from the Federal Reserve Banks and failing there have appealed the government was urged to bring about world wide distribution of american products in the Wake of the news the United state. And an Early Effort will be made to through various witnesses it was push through an amendment to the brought out the procedure followed by National banking act authorizing the this organization both a to big and proposed changes. Little jobs was this a get Green card. All members woul it receive Quot Green cards from Headquarters when bids were to la submitted on contract. In return they would Send in bids on Quot Pink cards not to the builder but to Headquarters. These bids would be compared and returned sometimes with corrected figures. Submit new bid. The member whose Quot turn it was to have the contract would then submit a new bid to the builder and his Quot Lodge Brothers would see that their bid Over All higher. _ in this Way Competition was completely eliminated and plumbers were a kept press in new Effort to Dow Shipstead St. Paul dispatch a a yarn shows weakness of Trust ticket. St. Or England a great Coal strike which started last week is not hard to grasp in outline if we Bear in mind done that the English Coal magnate Ami government have been up to the veme Monkey Busine a ours Here. Famine prices restriction of production Low wage government commissions whose purpose is delay by Paul an Effort bolster up the steel Trust candidate port in his District Campaign for attorney general the St. Paul they dont even list him Able to make contracts infinitely High a than they otherwise have dispatch he a fathered a he Minnesota daily Star congressman Andrew j. Volstead Isnit a Quot dry Quot and never was but merely voted for the enactment measure which carries his name because he did no to dare vote against it according to former congressman James Manahan St. Paul who was a member of the sixty third Congress with volstead. Quot under the custom in the House of representatives a Bill fathered by a committee automatically carries the name of the chairman of the committee when it is introduced in the Assembly. It sometimes Hap Fiens that a Bill opposed by the chairman of a committee carries his name As author regardless. So even if volstead had been opposed to the volstead act it would still carry his name As author a said or. Manahan. Volstead not author. Quot volstead did not draw up the volstead act. He did nothing to help it through passage except to vote for it and sign the committees report i sat with volstead in the sixty third Congress and i never once Ever heard of him having done anything for prohibition. They laugh in congressional lobbies Over vol steady a attempt to to claim a monopoly on prohibition Lupin con among a paid $4,060,000 due. Worth of business a year. Of this they paid in $4,000,000 As dues or one million dollars of this ing promises Are familiar to a Ami was supposed to go to John t. Hotto the English workers. Trick a lawyer who is alleged to now if we can imagine the English have evolve a a scheme and headed miners Lee id my that they have stood the Quot Long All Thi sort of Ming they Are going amp or to , we have the fundamentals to Washington to ave the a crop # it Trike rotting on the ground. _ it a it they us up. 3.000.000 Over two years ago thee Turner. Irrigate project which Hun orc the Coal for years in court and in seven Only sol Tum for the had it in operation. A a a a a. Rhe a Fri it. A. They saved 200,000 bushels of a a a k new a de1 by turn a to the effect that the nonpartisan the brewery and distillery inter i league and labor has g Ven up Hope est really Are much More opposed to for the governorship and is Coneen Rev. Kvale s election because they testimony showed that the Quot code of Trail on it8 cum ii late for attorney know that while volstead was Idle in practice did about $100,000,000 Fen Era Washington Rev. Kvale was stump the loss of the attorney general Ink Sevin the District for local up office would mean More to special Tion an l state prohibition privilege if anything than the to Kvale dynamic orator. Of the governor hip. I a volstead has no More influence in failure to enforce the Law is a Washington than any other member valuable As vicious Law for those who m fact not us much As the average wish to take advantage of the people. Yoe Jug a poor orator and lacks Pep. He fear Sullivan a ability never has done anything except what he had to do to keep his seat in the Uclea in convict ing the son in Law of senator Knute London a Ury of ten men after Nelson of the first degree murder in 12 minute of ii traction today re Nelson s own county has convinced turned an Aper indict at the inquest the gang that the league and labor Over the Al do if Iford mayor Mac candidate has the ability to make the Swiney of t it a who died in Brixton special interest toe the Mark verdict of jury on do eth of of ac8winey Tom Sullivan. in convict key. Kvale on the other Handl. A a course because the preservation of. -. a Grain for Farmer 1 one .1 j pm full tel it an the big business prison Moi a of the results of j for a Long time it looked As if the a Hole says reports system meant More to it than did the his 73 la Trike country s welfare. The War a been the or Twat a hat a he deceased death wms of Hait failure due to dilated k and Amit delirium following scurvy d of a Wius a getting water diverted in time. On the eve of elections the organized Farmer Are impressing candidates with their needs at the met leg a lature. A number of important Bills Are already under Way. Quot done to carry Quot the federation a nothing to buy Over two years and a is the Case with return to private Railroad management Here the situation went from bad to worse and the proof has piled up that the miners were right. The miners demand a lower Coal Price to the consumer As Well a in or sell and fears no Boycott a said my Wafe. Donald. Quot we re not going to attack any party and we re not starting a party of our own but if making a candidate keep his election pledge is polities then we re in politics up to our necks. Quot we Haven to any Chip on our shoulders but there Are certain legitimate object we have in View and these can be effected by organization Rich As every other Das in America but the Farmer has resorted to. Quot we Hope through this to make the government i greatly worried lest other big labor organization join with the Miner in the strike and just now it is playing two cards. The one to keep the other unions out and the Tion from prolonged n a food. Can not be stopped at the Border lib drawn Diplomat. Ai it Joie nouse. Is a dynamic orator an ambitions and tireless worker and if elected will make a name for himself in volstead Quot in a Hole Rev. Kvale is Quot putting volstead in from Canby now convicted Man would escape with where 2,00u heard him and elsewhere dismissal by a Justice of the peace m seventh District. The ind Epen court where he a charged Only a Reading a letter signed by vol with manslaughter. The county at and and addressed to a constituent Tomey resigned Rathe i in take up which shows volstead willing to help the Case. Inocal peace Fri Etc refused eve the purposes of his own in to make an arrest nnt-1 in Ghiors for Cement it is said in tend mob action thro nay a Are then App Artuh to the voters of Freeborn county voters of Freeborn county men and women will go to tha pole next tuesday november 2, to decide moment Otis issues. The Fate of the state of Minnesota rests in the hands of the voters of this state and the people of Freeborn county will play their due Hare. Big i sues Are involved in the coming general election. National issues Are involved As Well As state issues. But it is the Stele issues and the outcome of the election in this state with regard High state candidates that should interest voters in this Section most of All. On the one hand we have the reactionary forces led by j. A. O. Preus steel Trust candidate for governor. Jake Preus and his followers seek to continue in control Aud Power in this state so that they May continue to mulch the Public and keep Minnesota Safe for the steel Trust lumber Barons Grain Gambler live Stock brigands and other trusts and corporations or. Henrik Shipstead and other progressive candidates for state office Are hacked by the common people. They were nominated by organized Farmers and organized labor and if elected to office will see that these toilers get a quare deals something they have been unable to get in this state under the domination of the special vested interest. Or. Shipstead an other Independent progressive candidates Are running on a Strong platform. Here Are some of the planks a Shipstead a platform 1. Repeal of the Pillsbury Law w hich Charters the Minneapolis chamber of Commerce urn legalizes gambling in Grain futures and who Csc pm it eludes Farmers and co operative marketing associations from membership. 2. Opening of Market place to All producers who have foodstuffs to sell and to legitimate Consumers who come to buy. 3. Rural credits. 4. State owned packing Plant and terminal elevators. His labor program follows 1. To stand for the eight hour Day in All industries except where As in fanning natural conditions will not allow it establishment. 2. To provide state workmen a compensation for injury or death in Industry. 3. To recognize the right of workers to organize and Deal collectively. 4. To secure full Equality under the Law for men and women. 5. Minimum wage which Woi maintain workers in health and Comfort without labor of mothers and children. 6. Abolishment of unemployment through government work in period of depression. 7. Public ownership of Public utilities and repatriation of Large holding of unused land. For Soldier sailors and workers. 8. Mothers pensions. 9. Equal pay for men and women doing the same work. 10. Academic Freedom and economic Independence for teachers. Stands for fair Grain Grade in addition to this labor program the Independent candidates headed by or. Shipstead stand for state guarantee of Bank deposits fair Grain grades to protect and encourage co operative enterprises exemption of improvement from taxation and state Hail insurance. A a or. Shipstead platform is endorsed and supported by capt. George h. Mullein one of Pershing Hundred heroes Minnesota greatest hero in the world War candidate for lieutenant governor and Thomas v. Sullivan candidate for attorney general a Well a other Independent progressive candidates running of set offices. Any fair of it a must admit that these Independent progressive candidates have t it no platform. They Are sworn to carry out this platform to the he to of t r Iii to if elected to office. Organized Farmer and organized labor have Era t a Tidence that they will fulfil their Trust. Or. And or Uliter you have a big question to decide at the voting Booth tuesday. Nov. G my god guide your hand to a True and just decision in marking your i it sugar profiteers mulch Public even when prices decline speaker declares Iwai Ai u. U Ade eldest Vethe Anar Quot Iii few ration of lid % n v a will vote to so vote Grain Gnu it Tif k How the chamber o. E Gumtree crowd feels Al rout the attorney Gen attorney v t slip Minneapolis Var la j 511. A i Sughran tonner rom claim the constituent had a desire to a Kent peaking a. Art i e know How he could get a drink under Minneapolis Council of Quot t a o i the volstead act and the congressman workers in Richmond Hall re. Red that the Man could go to a How the Public has been and is by a a and get a prescription for gouged by profiteering dealers i i if Mir including whisky wine broker in food products a pc fall ic., but advised the addressee sugar. To got alcohol because he could get a he riled an a Tance of a car of other to town we recent the Marr of a Wmk War Borm. That it can Mare the general up blur it Wop a a a a into >119porting it in the. Vent of a that organic a or on Thia special election. A of the water will not be proof against the idea. Not Long ago we reported the organized Zubor of important euro fact its exp spot tits a i. Ave 1 Ueva a Strong statement Agam to the i lir it Erali office is shown by the follow pm and by diluting it could make it sugar chipped from new Orleans to Midway the Price to he original buy my from the Minneapolis Tribune for october 14 a the attorney general a the states chief Law officer is a mender of most of the important executive boards. An antagonise attorney go farther. He explained that the Man could get a prescription every to of doctor Mayo that the Pean countries in a great meeting general could successfully blk much More assertive the rights of Thi Basic next War would be fought by disease held recently at Amsterdam decided of the work o the govern rur Industry As Loyal and conservative germs and that the captains in the citizens of California and the fight would be medical men. We did a a not think list we would be Thi new taxicab Driver never Quot Arfy Are a a a a got Marne Battle fee Eros. M had accumulated Large supplies ton to use direct action War. The the More an attorney Genera de factory workers would Refuge to Mal. Artrous of creating Trout e Cou d in. The Muai Tiona. La Railroad Mea would Ouray hamper pm tical y la australian labor party cups claws of All profiteers a thy i 14 cents a porn the aum it car or. Maid changed Hamir four times in the course of ten Days the Luh time being sold for 26 Cen a to ind. During this time he stated the Seal on the car a not broken and Bruker invoice to prove the value of the consignment. The Railroad is forced to pay him to the full value of the car. In Load filth on 1 ubic. A of a bile the big Price of Ugar Prev a however sometimes As High. A three tons of sugar might Tai ii he floor of the car. Accel i # regulations the dealers Shoul h. A claims against the Raih 1. A p a r it did not rear to condition in j i a Angje claim was filed Aga in i roads at this tip. Dealer so every Pound it car tot Quot a. 1 % 4 the recent Celebration my flt a Caj Relief in for use in of the sixth anniversary of the Battle disease in Russia and of of the Harne. Taxicab Drivers played department has consistently re a prominent part. I to allow the american red Many remain of the thousand drive r0hs to undertake the work in that refuse to transport them and if it got to the seaport docks by any other Means the do k workers an Ltd m would refuse to help them to i Nuth destination agreed upon by t a i t our Cinn. Now our own association of 1 machinists in a convention at Beche in. St de business. An opinion a of the attn Ney general holds As Law until passel upon by the the actual truth about the Gove Norship race is of course exp a a to opposite of what the a n others of Theka a a. A is it deny Australia. One of the pledges of the new South Wales labor party was that if it was returned to Power at the recent elections it state. Uni ers requisitioned with their car by Gen. Gallieni to transport troop taken this Means of fighting from the right Wing of the 6th arms new Orn 0f Industrial order in rus to n Ante ail on the extreme left Wing in or Ler to counter attack on von a Luck a flank and make possible the Victory of the Marne. Quot what is the incident that impressed you most during the trip a a journalist asked of one of the veterans. A my Taximeter showed 75 francs at the cad of the two Days a replied the Driver. Quot i never got paid for it. That a what has remained most la id in my the and to site a a i in Market proofs that the governorship candidate of. 4 i Trust a mad a a a g a a Cecilly i or n. Y., a adopted the following Field. The so called civilized nations Lution Quot modern War Are fought w a Chinery created and Fash be e Chiniks and related draft Nen o i a disease of nearly every kind i countries who in the ugh of recent ship Teann present in ail part of the world. Events must Bear the pm r so Baity Tain. These diseases do not become a great for future War. We u to this Southern counties i it in menace in civilized Rountrie because Power used wisely will d in Tolly to tile to the Farmers. Normally science has developed Means War Titan the Tate it men and of fighting them effectively and to do this each country draw on All the the conservatives will argue that countries of the world for supplies Jor refuse to handle mum set aside representative not Only Farmers but town Buri men Are flocking to Tongue made out on that who sold it did of 1 it in which they were to says dealers. A a it to Quot at the present a or. Mccaughran said a the idea prevails that sugar would introduce a Bill to clip the dealer Are Money because the claws of the profiteers. Having been Price a fallen off. While on the face elected the labor government of that of it they Are Money they accounts a introduced a Bill for the tally Are making purpose of dealing with the profiteers. Or. Me Laughrun then told How car the Bill As introduced in the Parlia loads of sugar Are lasing sent to min because to ment of that country provides for the neapoli.-. Whole Alers under a contract i Burse the of prevention of undue profit Laking Price which had been agreed on at the j control and acquisition of necessary time when the sugar shortage a at commodities Ami control of necessary its Apex. Services obtaining of information As Quot there was no shortage a he said. To the operation of Trust combines Quot dealers were set on making Money. In the i aft How the b u Vert Back t Esch cumin i Ern ment has r 5i per cent e pay the differ Road can pc pies the 1 raw then pointed out a the charges re a p Iblis under the i big no e the gov i. I a the Road their he Public must Rice the Ruil Ems w Ith can Ament will Reim-<1 loses under the i and it is the pc is being used for by reason of the dirty Woik 1918, Are profoundly stirred Market raids and the action o Bank. In forcing Farmers to Ell. Gene Fie a til and other association prevention of the contract Price was set at 22�?~a heaviest woman dead of Bra tub log a Lucy , de needed to carry on the fight. No country is suf Frient unto it Eif in fighting disease. American import drug. From nearly lion i to set aside representative government and a great Case can be Ness score to the effect meetings and talking Shipstead for its herbs and that if Peoples do not want War they he first time. A very Corner of should elect officials who will repro the machine feel that the people v-.v.,. A a world a heaviest woth world if we were to raise a Wall sent them Tother than the War profit May not realize that the attorney Attri Ted a the world Marf pc r own rued Ming jnu>rest8. On he other Hartl. I a ral to a import Al As Tho Trover an ground Russia for the last two years european labor argues that it can not Norship and that it May ave this of it a a a we likewise world have a widespread displace the ruling class governments Hee by concentrating on it. 90 menace of typhus fever or other Dis i in time to save Europe from absolute Sullivan will need several Lasist mrm ruin War and that after All is said Anta to handle properly All the now in Reft ing to allow one country to and done the co nation of profiteer crime rings and import mean of fighting disease the life and the restoration of Normal Liv Market gamblers who have had a free thankful that he in t a whole i told is in danger because dig Are the Gurren by important Liand under the present attorney Gen unfair methods of Trade Competition promoting of co operative amending of acts relating to a rial arbitration a peal of leg he Ai 0 a a the former anti labor gov a in Lieut much profits really oper i \ fit of the profiteers. Com a a 8 dead. It took Nim men and shot a 48 years old and other emerged Quot now. I Ebay Elva to Coal of Cen what is an Optimist due v vet an Optimist is a Cross eyed Horn but to tem. So cart ii a in n w Sease May gather impetus their which things eral. Total m la of i ,1 i for Elk a St Julius a so e sent Ary of Tate estimated at a Ota vote Ca t in a nne Sot. On a 1 a will be 656,000, compar a wit 364 votes cast for preside in a he places the male vote this it or 410,000 and assuming that the men will cast 40 per cent of the Dtta i vote he estimates the we menus total i at 246,000 vote. Cents a Pound but sugar is being sold for 12 and 14 cents a Pound. Railroad pay big share. Quot it does look As if they were to f about it cents on every Pound it Gar they sell a he said Quot but a i How they get around it a a a a does a Carload of sugar Arr. # j destination without a mishap Fri a. A there Are one or More. A a a Chi have been ripped sore s Only enough to allow a flt w r#l4,.�?~-> or it , a few pounds 1h o trickle to Quot a a nest i Akong waffles beat. /. Sinkers but it does no to mean a thing die floor. K in. F to Rcd a. ,si#, the con. Is Hutch to ale a claim to m3 a the value of i i b dealer Bas Coom a it $ Pound for the \ i rant Ong Imd it Dodge Bill of fare at the a Regil Rattan breakup at the y. A a Here thursday Cuil sifted of Quot Harding Eagle l Aud a a tax it wan explained that the Waffle were of the kind lot which or Harding in eel braid. While the doughnut were or t Oxx Ftp Fialty. Vav affixes were ordered by iffy doughnut he so. Democratic women Ina kit ii woo Waffle doughnut a in Fimel not a Harding Cox poll

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