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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Oct 27 1921, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 27, 1921, Albert Lea, Minnesota Endorf Kab by the Al by it Lea trades and labor Council Albert Lea examiner a Elf non Are wrong you can i be too conservative i if you Are right you can i he too Radical. _ endorsed by trades Justin volume 2, number 41 Albert Lea Minnesota thursday october 27. 1921 min. Shipstead hits Rule by Trust local liquor merchants cd 1lty of profiteering Minnesota condition Art won than North Dakota. He warm audience Wolcott n. I oct. 25�?busine- conditions in Minnesota after one year of j a. Of Bleu As governor Are worse than they ure in North Dakota after five years of crop failure and political and economical struggle. It Henrik Shipstead candidate for governor of Minnesota last year against Praus told a Large crowd Here recently Praus will tour the state next week and or Shipstead intends to follow him a a travelling men Tell me that Minnesota is As bad if not worse than North Dakota a said or Shipstead. A the by newspapers say nothing about the Bank failures there which Are occurring every week about the Farmers forced to leave their farms Ami the merchants going bankrupt a i was afraid governor Frau. In his Zeal to a a ave North Dakota might follow their example Ami forget to Tell you some of these things. I Here is need of some one to follow him to Tell the truth. A was a taxpayer in North Dakota for the last five years who has Bei n struggling to finance crops through the disastrous weather Ami Market conditions of that time a or. Ship Stead said he Felt competent to address a North Dakota audience he came he said at the invitation of Wolcott citizens. Quot we used to hear tales about the North Dakota taxes Down Aid or Shipstead a but we done to hear much any More. We have to Many of our own tax troubles. Mgt House in Glenwood was taxed last year at $144. This year i paid $248 Laist year mgt office furniture and equipment co me $28. This year the Bill was $81. A the reactionary gang has been in control of Minnesota for to years for the most part of that time Praus was prominent in 1911. The appropriations by the legislature were $17,500,000 for two year. For the next two fiscal years 1922-23, there Are $35.000ooo, or exactly twice As much the population in the same time increased 15 per cent. A ten years ago the total taxes for All purposes within the a a Lute a noun de to about $t$.0� per person or approximately $00, for every family of live now they Are $48.31 per person or $190 for every family of i Ive a these figure Only illustrate the Way in which the pros id Smith steel Trust gang have added to the Burden of tile people of Minnesota a the Man wan will Atul Ress North Dakota people next week Ami Tell them How to a save their tau from real democracy told us last fall to vote for him and save our Homes. To top against him might he to lox our Home he Aid a never in the history of Minnesota have Home been so unsafe never have so Many been Tost through inability to keep up payments. A promised the Workman he promised the Fanner continued pro pretty and a marketing system which would save him Money and. He promised Prosperit to big business but not in his Public speeches. A the Numier is bankrupt there never has been so much unemployment. The last Promise is the Only one he has kept. A worse than that he a not even been at Home while this degeneration a occurred in Minnesota business conditions he a. Been Durning All Over the United states pm junkets similar to the one he will undertake next week up Here fighting the Battles of the steel tru to and intriguing for his own political advancement while Minnesota has been suffering if the horde of local bootleggers denatured alcohol vendors and dealers in liquid dynamite Are to be allowed by the local prosecutor office to continue in business the Law against profiteering should be invoked to protect the thirsty Public. Commercial alcohol is just As plentiful Here As in any of the neighbouring towns but it commands a Price about 40 per cent higher than that charged in our sister cities. Possibly the Sherman anti Trust Law could be invoked to protect the thirsty member of our populace from this graft. There being More Competition in the Moonshine Industry the Price of that commodity has fallen to the Lowe to level reached since Saloon Days but the Quality has been cheapened a Well As the Price. From the fragrant breath of some of our prominent a a Moon devotees one would opine that old tires world weary Feather pillows and Haarlem Oil were among its concomitant. Now the drinking of these varied mixtures is undoubtedly delite Riou and prosecutor Peterson should invoke the Aid o the pure food Law in having this corrected of we mud have Moonshine let us have pure Moonshine. Tai. Is a progressive Community and the Best is non too goes. There seems to be no Hope of the present prosecutor stopping the traffic in illicit liquor hut it does seem that he might do a Little something to bring town the Price of a Alki Quot and bring up the Quality of Quot Moon Quot that is not very much for a Long suffering Public to a a Congress must Aid 1 Idle is demand the White m is Burden representative London flays u. For ignoring problems of i employment s. Washington get 25.�?that con Gross must take up Tho problem of unemployment which thus far it has it nored was the declaration w repro emotive London in the House on to Day denouncing As a crime the refusal of society to permit millions of its wage earners to secure work he recalled the silence with which Gompers flays War Gas use \ pm it i it peace seen As Only partial measure in report Washington oct 25.�?�?othe awful madness of War a says the report of Congress greeted three years ago his proposal that it then take up the task of restoring to Industry in a Cien Tiftic and helpful Way the 4,000,-00� Young men who had been drawn off into military service Quot we can and we must take up this problem a said London whether by reducing the hours of labor whether by loan to municipalities or Loans to labor organization or Loans to the individual or whether it be by the government forming corporations in which the employer the worker and the government shall have a voice by organizing industries to lie run by the government so As to train and develop the workers to run their i own indu tries and prepare the world for real democracy we must take up the problem of he Aid that the Republican Pongee could boast that when it began its Sesi on the unemployed numbered Only 3,000joo, while now they Are 6.000.000. Then since the jailing of the millions of unemployed. Would not Avail the president had called a conference a at which he got together the Leader. Of Industry and of helpless labor under the Clever management of that great Diplomat Herbert Hoover a hoovers conference said London agreed that the weather a me. Suite adjourned the following parody by Ernest la Crosby was first published supping a it May seem by the new of times. We reproduce it because in our opinion it exposes the viciousness and Hyp Cracy of imperialism better than could volumes of detailed reports take up the White Many a Burden Send Forth your sturdy sons. Ami Load them Down with whiskey Ami testaments and guns. Throw in a few disease to spread in Tropic clime for there the healthy n goers Are quite behind the times. And done to forget the factories on the a benighted shores they have no cheerful Iron Mill nor eked part ment Steres they never work twelve hours a Day and live in strange Content although they never have to pay a single cent of rent. Take up the White Many Burden and teach the Philippines what interest and taxes Are and w ii at a mortgage Means. Give them electrocution chairs and prisons too. Galore i and if they seem incline to kick. 1 then spill their Heathen Gore. Take up the White Man Burden to you who thus succeed in civilizing Savage hordes they of a debt indeed concessions pensions salaries. And privilege and right with outstretched hands you raise to bless grab everything in sight. In. Take up the White Man s Burden. Ami if you write in verse flatter your nations vices Aud strive to make them worse. Then learn that if with pious words you ornament each phrase in a world of canting hypocrites this kind of business pays. Ford s Railroad is not affected fair treatment of owner made it unnecessary to organize men employed Chicago. Oct. 25 i Ashen pre ident of the switchman s organization. Saturday night said that the Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railroad owned by Henry Ford would be the Only Road not affected by a Trike. He said that or. Ford treatment has made it unnecessary to organize the men on that Road and that they consequently Wen not a toot re by the strike order or. Cashen said that general Headquarters for the strike would be in Cleveland. Headquarters o1 the i switch men a Union of no a rth America i will be moved there from Buffalo and j the order of railway conductors will j Transfer its Headquarters from Cedar i rapids Iowa. To Cleveland he added or Ashen left saturday night for Buffalo. Miss Margaret Connor joins examiner staff the examiner has secured an additional member to its staff miss j Margaret Connor who a accepted the position of City editor. Miss j Connor is not a stranger to Albert Lea As she a lived in and near this City until a few years ago when he went to Chicago during the War and worked with the Federal Trade t commission during its investigation of the meat packers at the conclu-1 Ion of which so had charge of the Ixia or party offices during the Thompson Fitzpatrick mayoralty Campaign from Chicago she went to Wahington d. A where until the present time she a been in it aged in secretarial and publicity work for the Farmers National Council. Mius Connor bring to Lur work wide experience As a writer and a keen knowledge of economics that will prove a valuable asset to the examiner she is making her Home with Lier aunt. Mrs John or Godley of this City. Court House notes marriage Licensee Harthill lecture pleases crowd hut appreciative Audi Nee heart. Northwest realest it Jimim Tigist former chief of police Harthill of Minneapolis who was thief under mayor Van liar. Poke at the Audle urn hem tuesday evening under the auspice of the local trades an i labor a Samba on a police working upon the theory that Raa i should displace of far n possible the employment of Force Cuba f Lilart Hill Aid each week he and h worker rounded up the Dup fiends and opium smokers and gave them Trent ments thereby lessening the potentials of crime and incidentally reducing the number of Highway robber murders and other vicious crimes m the Kiln records the City prisons wore mad More conducive to morality by doing away we Ith the solitary a cells and making them humanly Hab Presh Terian Church Del Sabbath school 10 00 a in. Ing worship at 11 00, Sermon a can we apply the Golden 30 morn topic Rule to Albert to son. Nellie May in a both 1 it n i i Day a evening Sermon topic pearls to adorn Deaconesses will tug Day. Nov. I b Lyle pastor worship at 7 30, a Christ seeks for his kingdom the meet at the manse 3 00 p. In a James i return from Colorado or. Ami mrs. De Flindt Ami daughter Joy Margaret returned today today from a month s Outing which they spent visiting their daughter Luella and son Herbert it Newcastle Colo or. Ami mrs. Find report a splendid time Ami were very much impressed with the Scenic wonders of Colorado. Of Freeborn county Harold Punty of Freeborn county to Thea i. Nelson grand Forks n. D Han Thorsen a Handcock la to Anna Jacobson. Winnebago la Edirne to , or to Gordo county. La to Jessie Olive Tutti Cerro Gordo county. Iowa Janu s a Sorensen to nah e. Lawson both of Freeborn county. Real estate transfers Empire holding co. To of a Beers f e. A. W. Sec. 23, n. A a e. S to. A n. E. A Sec 26. Twp. 104, Range 20. V agony assails local Young people a a a the evening Tribune on monday my Mem mum a ,., a a a a a rooted in economic necessities and is greed in paralysing fear of Ungro s voted attack in ancient wrongs not s yet Righter i a great armies an navies Are not Jug the chief cause of War. Frightful s a i the Burden the put upon thes Peoples of the Earth a great world a War ii infinitely worse great Anna g a a Lent Ai not the Only Means of de s tin turn terrible u will he tis de Vul tation of the world but its armies. And navies the. Poison Gas Ami s deadly chemical compounds now s timing discovered in the secret Labora tories of Muny nations even those s which May have a peace time use May annihilate civilization in the g next War. Against such destruction a no disarmament agreements can pro g Lect us j a the limitation of armaments is a Good thing in itself. It will the j great nations of the world from j threatened financial collapse. It is a Long step Forward but it is not j the report declare that the Allied j nations have a obliterated the last of j the great unlimited autocracies a Ami j that the world a now prepare with 1 democratic machinery to demonstrate its intellectual capacity to establish actual peace you do or. Examiner Scriber Stock Holder in a Clear Conn with pictures taken while he was a on the Job Quot chief Harthill described the Bert bion system of identification the Finger print system and showed the exactness with which a a Cord a it each criminal is kept in the a rogues Ile showed All too graphically the brutality of crime and the curse of prostitution which of i ten i found directly connected with the a upper world an interesting incident of this working Many a administration is found in his Protection of the a Little girls a he called them who picketed Dayton a for a living wage. These girls Wero receiving 1 Mio a week from Dayton with their breakfast Ami a Light luncheon during the time of the War from this wage was deducted $2-50 per week for the payment of a Liberty Bomi on complaint of or. Dayton that he was being annoyed needlessly by there girls chief Harthill had the Case investigated. The girls continued to picket. They also received a increase in salary of $1.00 a week and three meals a Day. The former chief also showed showed pictures of the Beautiful Home erected by the International typographical Union at Colorado Springs Toh for their sick. Particularly tuberculous patients and urged the a Hearty support of or nosed Aker and a Campaign Agu not the open shop movement now being conducted chief Harthill Ami mayor Van Lear Are to be highly commended for the Eon Tractive work they did in cleaning up the City of Minneapolis during their administration. During the entire time they were handicapped by the Lack of cooperation of Heads of Large industries who were determined that the labor program should fail waking up a if or. Preus can come up hero talking for the milling and packing and steel interests of Minnesota and expressing their Hopes in regard to the coming election it is Only fair that someone should bring you a message from the real people of the state the people who Maie the Tate the common people the Eye. Of the common people not Only of Minnesota but of the United state Are fixed upon North Dakota they Are waiting and hoping Victory against the recall i hey Are proud of the splendid fight which has been put up by the people North Dakota a cil this is your do you want it to be paper thin biggest of g Choice to be in tour of cil influence for Good in Southern Minnesota or do you want it to be a common Little local newspaper ? it s if to Yong attend the exam t Iner meeting when its called in your neighbourhood a and devote a few hours of your time to getting examiner subscribers and your make proposition state. Paper this t ii in e biggest end of the tainting that several girls daughters of a respectable Albert leu families were drunk at Glenville last saturday night and raised particular Cain in that Village. Investigation proved the Story to be True that is excepting the first and last halves. We quote a a Bunch of smart girls were said to be creaming at the top of their voices a How dry i am these dry girls were said to be Albert Lea Ami again. A Ami it a. Aid that the ring leaders were girls Ami boys j from Albertl Tea. Some of them from highly respect i families sow this to the writer sounded rather fishy we have so far failed to notice any of the a daughters of prominent families drunk around the. Town or ans other town for that matter. There Are several a prominent families Here that we have Cunt use for but we do have pud enough and manhood enough not to vent our spleen on their innocent children an interview with sheriff Fosse Ami his Deputy and with reliable Glenville citizens failed to divulge the foundation for any tory that Ute re were Drunken girls from Albert i Lea at Glenville saturday night True there were a few drunk boys then gut where has there been a., .-.,. Low <1 by a new Prosperity Public Dun in Freeborn county i \. A i ii. Day they Are i him a it i w in re the Moonshine did not flow j freely that i since the non enforce i ment of the prohibition Law under a prosecutor Peterson there were some girls from Albert l4�u at the a Glenville dance but from what info Mutual we can gather they comport a them elves a ladies Ami went s Home at a seemly hour. Thai these s Young people should uder the in a dignity of be Rig pointed out a time r of the girls it to were in that drunk s in party at Glenville a because Nome j 5 i ack wit printed Rumor in Lead Chi fact is a Ham and a disgrace. There a a la enough moral turpitude and Gen j e Era vile new to tie corrected without1 5 v vilifying Young people engage in 5 an innocent amusement a 5 i i amp twaddle about a daughters off z highly families being i s drunk is utter non ene. When the 5 Young ladies of in it family form the b habit of appearing at Public dance a drunk the i pertain Lityn a of that Amu at a Low state of via a e it Iii Mali but Cit Quot Vii gave Civ s one Farmer interviewed 15 non us this county one a last wee scribers in k. Eleven of the him $2. I each and Are now read my least that is not afraid to Tell newspaper at truth without fear or favor Jet in the Ness pm one the Barbel p spread the gospel of a newer the pow not exploit you not have your done to kno i to will it and Vic a it do know Fri newspaper common t. Vii tale i Tkv is that i rigidly need in i who jut in in i tin their alleged inter Iione to a a a Hoot that in a we regu office where even it Rule Are observed that affecting a it i Nam of Young girls est gated be fms it is some of the leading Pok Mien of the american Busin world Mem at inst to a coining to ens year ago they were it n n Ltd s in in i Ting that there a no p. Rod of hard times ahead and that even if there Yvere a few hard month on the Calendar they would be quickly Fob wave Toly they Are telling u very a off a rent Story. J a the country generally a a Cekov i red it Normal said governor w p g. Harding of the Federal re j serve Board new \ Ork Jan 7, 1921 in the is us of Commerce and finance for sept 2s, 1921. He write a fall hint or show that periods of pros peril Ami depression come in Cycle the rotation being about a follows ii pro Perky 2> liquidation 3> stagnation and 41 revival. At the present tim the proves of Liquida to on is Well advanced a a ahead of the country the there is the period of stagnation and the slow Stag of revival to Joie pro perdy can i reached a glance at tile history of panic in the United Stater Hows that Hest proce ses under Mutual conditions take from two to ii a Yian Ami the pre it conditions Are far from Normal the american worker might just a Well make up then minds that neither unemployed conference nor disarmament Dis .on will modify die situation to Long a they a copt the present system they acce i with it a recurrence of Ai employ ment riflery Ami offering. Already Khz nay Kahm by Hea i will Bruha by \ he Dis Ostuni de brighter Day for the common Man at int Ley bar Mon Illy the directors of the town Freeborn county farm h Edness Tny october 26. Meeting of hips of the Bureau on interesting ers of graft and greed con Twenty minutes consent. Id if they did and important action As affecting the county farm Bureau bulletin a taken after an interesting Ami animated discussion it a decided that the six Page bulletin which the county agent a been getting out monthly be discontinued in favor of a state Puhl Leat urn the co int Bureau will i Fie allowed of words of to a it and and Ance im4, there Haw a n 17 or ids of Hunt times in do United states Ami anti there is a i Wuttge Jill the method of Dull nation the i periods of economic sleeping sir it be will cont Nae to afflict be Connie with de vast he regularity Vert sing in each in due of the Tat publication Ami while there will not to an Opportunity for such a a Mart pensive report there will Ieta a cadent for comparing to work of the various Coontie the meeting also Dac Idad to carry out a line of i actuation of Hie toes marketing at each of the town a unit meetings with ire Heel stimulating efforts for a sipping of. At Ion the regular annual meet a of the farm Bureau a it it be held in her 2ou and on Tho re there will tar a vpeeia1 enrol meeting. Eft a

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