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Albert Lea Examiner Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1920, Page 1

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Albert Lea Examiner (Newspaper) - October 21, 1920, Albert Lea, Minnesota The Way to figure it in advertising the Cost is figured by results. A $5.00 and that brings More business is cheaper than advertising costing $3.00 which results in less business. Figure it out. Albert Lea examiner it Means much to advertisers to Haw their men age reach nearly livery Home in Albert i a and Freeborn county. That i Why advertising in the examiner la Worth while. Volume i number40. Alii Titi in re % r \ Vav Quot z__2 capacity crowds hear Shipstead Lea Minnesota thursday october 21, 1920. Sit tents \ Force Preus to y return extorted i $145 to Farmer gubernatorial candidate s methods in office exposed. Minnesota daily Star the office of state auditor j. A. O. I cuss candidate for governor has i Wen compelled to return $135 extorted from John Munsey a homesteader by threats it was revealed at the state Capitol today. An expose in a nonpartisan league publication last Spring stopped Preuss deputies from continuing a wholesale i a a Shakedown of homesteaders in Northern Minnesota the editor of the publication charged. Massey was one of the victims whose Case was revealed. A masses told the league paper that appraiser c. Lang went to his Homestead near Little Fork purchased from the state several months previous and told him that if he did no to a kick in with $145 he would have the Tate auditor annul the Dill of Sale. Gives Deputy Check i while Massey was debuting what to do he said a brother of the appraiser who is superintendent of a Backus Brooks logging department came to him and a a adv de Quot him to do As the appraiser demanded Massey i then gave Lang a Check for $145, drawn on the first state Bank of Little Fork. Lung cashed the Check the endorsement shows. Several months later when Otto Diercks state superintend eat of Timber in Preuss office was confronted with the cancelled Check he came to defense of his aide by de daring Lang a few Days after Cash-1 ing Massey a Check had sent him a Bank draft for $145 from Interna-1 tonal Falls. Diercks pocketed Money it was then revealed that Diercks had pocketed the bunk draft and had kept it at that time More than in months. It had never been turned in to the state Treasury. Derek a admitted his state appraisers to go i out Ami get More Money from homesteaders a if in their judgment the original Sale Price had been too Low,�?�1 As he put it. Diercks admitted the practice was illegal and under the Law amounted to extortion. The state treasurer refused to accept his warrant for $145 after the league paper had published the Story and it was revealed today that the auditor Hail returned the Money to Massey. Longer charge unfairness Independent loggers insist that Masey Scase is one of Many that the state auditor Bilows the Weyer-1 Haeuser and Backus Brooks interests to carry out an alleged agreement w hereby each bids uncontested in Cor Tain Forest areas for state Timber thereby keeping Down revenues to the state. Massey a Homestead was in Backus Brooks territory it was said and according to Diercks admission the state auditors appraisers under act i mated the value of the Timber. Instead of the Backus Brooks interests obtaining Possession of the tract Massey bid on it and obtained it. Massey charges the auditors office then tried to squeeze him out so that the Backus Brooks interests could get his Timber. Here a the 0eeiciai ballot cat it now now save it have it with you november 2 state ballot governor a. Secretary it Sutey a. St state treasurer Henry Rines state to easer air John fat Wagner Fannie Ubois Ute treat Aram a f Lueders Democrat. A Ute treaaaaat�?4p. M. Phelps sedate. A Ute tree am attorney Genet at Clifford l. Hilton rep a bit can at Terne general a. A Mcouatt de octet attorney general Thomas f. Sullivan Ondr Pendroy k attorney general Railroad aaa warehouse Cornetti it Orr o p b Jacobson or Poburan Railroad Sod Ware Hoezee i Mil c. Macg Enzi a a Farmer Lebo. Railroad Aad we Reb one Ralph w Rubinson Democrat Railroad and a Rohonie Tom May soda tut Railroad Aad Ware Heejae c o aum Mio eat associate jut a of the supreme Coarts Homer b Dibell Nunu of Ted without Patty Gnu Toaloa o a in 2 0 1 asset Lair Justice of the supreme court George l Siegel non tailed without party do us my too associate Justice of Ute supreme court k fuel famine is held Mere fake to milk Public the miners Leader declares a a shortage nothing but propaganda. Pittsburg statement is i sued from Indianapolis that the a j tonal convention of the United mine workers had thrown out the a a radicals and endorsed the John l. Lewis administration is erroneous according to Alexander Howatt Leader of the aforesaid what happened at Indianapolis is that the nominations by the different miners locals were canvassed. It was found that John l. Lewis had been j renominated by 920 locals anti Harlin of Washington Hail been placed in the running by 169 locals. Alexander Howatt had been nominated for vice resilient by 667 locals and Murray name by 740 locals Quot there Are 4,200 locals in the United mine worker a Aid Howatt. Quot Only 1,400 of these took the trouble to nominate anybody. The showdown will come at election time. Capt. Geo. H. Mallon Why John l. Lewis gave out the capt. Geo. H. Mallon. Of Minneapolis for lieutenant governor member statement i can not understand unit s it was to influence the wont let miners work the Coal situation is tense. With the whole country Yelling for More Coal mines work Only three Days a j week on the average. They Are will i ing to work but the operators won let them. They profess that there is a shortage of cars. The truth is they Are working to prevent a surplus of Coal getting on the Market. They could have Given cars to the miners they did not want to. working to Makc-4opl believe there is going to be a Coal famine St that they will pay fancy Price. Favor control of Milieu of organized labor Captain in the late War cited by general Pershing for con Pieu Ous bravery and distinguished ervice in action in France. Opposed to Universal or compulsory military training or service. Stands on the progressive program of the Farmer and labor organizations. Republican fusion plan Poison Gas Salt a i by Norman j. Gillie pit readers of the examiner will re member that last week they were warned that the Quot kept press a Ami its parrots in the smaller towns such As the local daily could be depended on to Bune Quot ninety per cent of the Coal min to open a Strong a Poison Gas offends Are in favor of Eugene Debs plan rive prior to the election. The Poison of nationalizing the Cual mine a con propaganda is Well under Way tinted Howatt. A the Cleveland Naas demonstrated by an Issue of the tonal convention voted unanimously Tribune of Thi week. In favor of it. The latest propaganda boing Dis Quot if the Public owned the mines pub tribute by the a new Pap a ? lie interest would be to produce Ai backing special privilege such As the jul much Coal us tical daily is to Quot advise voters that Howatt a Appeal from the Kan a democrats Are swinging Over to the Industrial court has been taken to the Republican Side. A democrats realize that Hodgson cannot be elected so Are going to help elect Preus a the Stul tidied press declares at this stage of the Campaign. Nothing is further from the truth. Democrats Are working hard to win liar to that of Kansas of Howatt a and despite toe fact that close Polit i i it Juii i revel cd is tit it Upit a Cal of a Ive admit the by have Little court there seems to be no doubt thai Chance the y Are heartily Lek of he tor maj. Mark after Preus for governor and All of the rest of the Republican Quot of course they Are they have been staunch republicans in principle All their lives like the great majority of the citizens of the great state of Minnesota. A few socialistic Townley leaders can to pull the Wool Over their Eye. This fact was proven at the lat auditorium filled both afternoon and in evening Farmers and labor turn out in mass to hear their candidate. In spite of inclement weather the initial appearance of or Shipstead at Albert Lea was a decided Success. Farmers from ail Over the county filled the auditorium at the afternoon meeting while the Lawr men and their Lien furnished a very approx Dative audience it Iii evening meeting. Or. Shipstead won his hearers from Tho stint when he went on record for a clean Campaign. I am not Here to throw Brick he said my opponents repro seat certain interests which they arc trying to serve while i Rej it rent other inter a which i also am trying to serve. I regard them As individuals with whom i have no quarrel and so shall discuss Only such Mich i aes As have to do with the welfare of nil the people of our state. After pointing out very clearly hew the mining interests had in j former years obtained contracts from our state whereby they were paying Twenty five cents per ton for Ore taken from school lands for which amt Graie of Ore they were paying private owners As High As one Dollar Ami fifty five cents per ton thereby depriving the school funds of vast urns of i Money or. Shipstead emphasized very forcibly the need and jul Tice of a tonnage tax. He supported his statements still further by giving out facts anti figure. Pre enter by him to the legislature while he was a member of that hotly. Concerning the ownership by the state of terminal elevators hour Mills and packing plants he said a we do not want to put arty one out the examiner in nut aware of the of la inns hut Quot in a a it a Laborin Many referred to by the Al Fly fact hat in a Tsee Are it is possible that the a in "1 the it a a a a a a a of interests who inspired article was a dream of the1 an "b,0, monopoly and Over so called editor or one of i. Many Hora in a impossible to exercise any dictators but we will go on the As-,contro11 thes a Quot Dotries have be sumption that a Labouring Man dirt not Eom a a a it Quot or Anil Ltd that it make such a statement. I practically impossible for an i divid United states supreme court. To claims the Kansas Industrial court j constitutes enslavement of Lalmer Ami a such is unconstitutional. Nebraska has jut an enabling Stet. Opening the door for the future adopt i Tion of an Industrial court Law Lim in 2 a the above in a photographic reproduction of the official state ballot f urn Lake the Leader by the dec relay of state. A Trues x has been marked in the proper plate to vote for the candidates having the formal endorsement of the nonpartisan league and working Peoples nonpartisan political league. Vote your ballot this Way to free Minnesota from steel Trust domination and restore the government to the common people besides the candidates formally put in the Field Ami endorsed by the Farmer and labor organizations for the Tail election the p Armer icebox party has several candidates. Among these is Lily Anderson for Secretary of state. She was endorsed by the league before the primary As a candidate fur elate treasurer but run because the women did not get the vote in time. Later after the women got the vote she was put on the ballot by the late committee of the Farmer labor party which is Friendly to the league but not a part of the league. All the league candidates Are not on Thi. State ballot. Cut oui the list of congressional candidates end legislative Caad Datea appearing elsewhere in this Issue. Vote kor them too. Every voter who votes for the state candidates but forgets his congressional and legislative candidate throws away halt Bis vote. Vote Foh every office. Publican prorate in this Tate Ami Are going to May within their own party rank. Here in an example of the local daily propaganda printed in it Eli Tori Al column lat monday Quot Many a goo Democrat in Albert leu Ami Freeborn county hag stated to the Tribune that they Are going to vote the straight Republican state ticket this year except the head of Lite ticket. They Are uniting with the re i publican in an Effort to oust Townley and his Bunch of leaders forever from the old North Star m by j Republican. I a n. A great m ticket is in la pc play Foi Democrat votes a they Rai it will be adopted by a thee Tate. Lewis silent on Issue Chicago oct. is lewi.-, acting president of the unite min worker on receiving Alexander Howatt a version of the situation said a i am disinclined personally to enter into any Public controversy involve i ing the question of anyone veracity. Con sequently i do not care to make a any comment on the statement irom the Tribune refer to staunch republicans and staunch democrats a ours any voter interested in the Progre Sive ticket is a Quot Townley notes in Albert Lea and Freeborn county know the stand of the Tribune. They know that the Tribune has always opposed anything that has not meant something in the Long run for the Tribune itself. Ami the voters Are aware of the fact that a Good Way to vote if one Doe not know anything about the issues or the candidate i to vote against the Man in and supported by the Tribune. The i it Bune Bas been booting Harding for president since his nomination Many week at. Lets take a look at this Man Harding record he voted to make it a criminal offence for Railroad employees to strike. He voted again to the la Lumb plan. He voted for the Bill. T a or smaller concerns to compete with them. The Tate alone having those re source necessary to furnish that or. Shipstead used the present Price of wheat the t Price of flour Ami feed made from that wheat and the great difference in those prices to Point out the need of such Competition. His numerous illustration of operation of the tax Laws of North Dakota was very Clear Ami to the Point. Or Shipstead gave a graphic description of his experience with Highway robbers at Carlton and in comparing their method with those of the Coal interest remarked that in his opinion the Only difference waa that the men at Carlton were bikers at the game of Holdup. After a glowing tribute to the americanism Ami up tam my manhood of Apt. Get. H. Melton candidate for Lieut governor and to that lovable Fearls Little irishman Throe cd Cummins a Sullivan candidate for attorney general or. Shipstead concluded by a he voted against an increase of pay tog a it bus Ben True of All times for the soldiers. And history Bear me out that Justice he voted against a measure to curb a been secure i Only by the people Shipstead tells Why Independent the rent profiteer Columbia. He voted against the appointment of judge Louis d. Branders to the unite state supreme court he voted against giving publicity y to ire they must have them to win but the Pruitt. Milie by corporation in the Wake of the news that the National officials of the United mine workers of America still face charges of conspiring to violate the lever act May be news to most of our readers. Their trial is set for november 8, at Indianapolis six Days after the election. When the injunction was secured in the court of judge Ander on of Indianapolis forbidding the National strike for better condition in the fall of 1919, the indicted officials bowled before this High handed use of War time legislation in peace time and called off the strike. It was difficult to understand what More they could have done and there was considerable argument in labor Circle a to whether they should not have defied such violation of the constitutional rights. Kansas miners organization adopted the latter course and went to jail when governor Allen started the Industrial Monkey Busine. The miners of the nation however in 1919 went out on strike in Defiance of the order of their leaders As Well As the governor Only North Dakota was Able to keep its mine going. Now the Federal government is endeavouring to hold the Coni prom leaders of the mine workers re Pon sible for this mass Adion of the rank and file. Nomination of former senator Hardwick for governor of Georgia on the democratic ticket Hows that the recent Vidor of Lorn Watson in the race for unite state senator really indicated the sentiment of Georgia and was not a Freak occurrence senator Hardwick a one of on whom the vials of wilsonian Wrath were poured out because of i Atti j tu4e on declaring War and i Atti Alexander Howatt president of the Tuff on the peace treaty at Versailles at the time of the first Wilson attack on Hardwick two years ago it was sufficient to prevent i Renomin-1 at Ion for the United state Enate. J Hardwick however a not Monde his ways in the meantime and among his late a a sins is that of serving a Legal counsel for Ludwig Marten Enate hearing last Winter. Europe now appear to be in great i danger of an epidemic of disease. Over 00,000 typhus Case Are reported in Poland. The poles appear to have no mean of fighting it except the Volunteer Charity efforts of private organizations of other countries. And lacking the scientific control which has hitherto been Superior to Thi corporation interests in Minnesota declare it is bad form for the candidates of the Farmers and workers to run in the Republican primary and then to run independently. On this Point or. Henrik Shipstead Independent progressive candidate tor governor says a we tried to save the Republican party in Minnesota and did not succeed but this should not keep us from trying to save the state of wed to recaps Board Bill Portland or oct. 16.�?frank Covert owed eight month Board Bill dangerous plague it is Likely to find at $20 per month Hack in 1916. He All of Europe Fertile soil. Did t pay it marrying his Landlady the condition which leave a typhus epidemic uncontrolled in Poland exist to a considerable extent in All the rest of Europe. The common people live largely in unsanitary instead. Now the Landlady want divorce and the $160. When a tartar invites an honoured guest to eat and drink he will take dwelling by reason of the destruction Kim by the ear and Lead him up to continued on Page eight i the table. It is apparent that the Democrat Are not going to have the Wool pulled Over their Eye any More by the steel Trust crowd. Here is another example of the a Poison Gas used by the Tribune to Way opinion of voter a we knew it All the time but just the same it pleased a to hear it from a prominent focal labor Union Man. Thi Albert Lea citizen who a a wife and a Fine family stepped into the Tribune office and after paying his subscription said to the editor �?�1 am a Union Man and belong right Hare in Albert Lea. I am in a position to know that the majority of this City a Labouring men Are not going to vote for ship Stead and the rest of the non partisan league Bunch. Most of the Union boys Are Republican Ami when they get into their Little Booth on election Day with their ballot before them they Are going to vote their own Eon i victim by placing their Quot a a 1917. He vote in favor in the a strict of getting together and it is very fitting that the people who labor in the factories and on the farm should join forces As they have done in this a delegation of Farmers and Labouring men accompanied or ship Lead to Austin where he add Esse a Capa the Shields it it Ciudin the armory. In of Bill which gave Wall Street control of the water Power of the United states. He voted again to every Mea Are that was favourable to the common people. He voted for every measure that the Farmers and tailoring men who were instrumental in bringing or Shipstead Here were Hig Iii gratified at the reception Given him Winch to Ltd Gether with comment heard would indicate that Thi \ Trinity will play no Little part in the tuition of the would tighten the grip Tun inc lease entire Independent ticket on the the Power of the privileged few. His record in the Senate pro veld in against the Farmers the Railroad men the soldiers the toilers everywhere. He stands for the Garys Dupont Rockefeller Ami Morgan who a the invisible government in the United states. Jake Preus steel Trust candidate recon i Day of november pen is Ami will continue to put thru a Little Loose change should the occasion demand. In the pm nary ejection there were some socialists connected with the Lead fillip of the pro give Len movement in Freeborn county. But people in action of the Tate know that for governor Al of supported by the they were repudiated immediately of Tribune has a record equally Asun Lei the primary. The examiner fair to the Farmers and organized print 1 an editorial prepared by Imp i labor. J okie is the self avowed a a writer of tide article of Tadeh ii Date of the steel Trust opposed to a cd the local socialist in no tonnage tax and he can be depended terms i upon to uphold the wishes of the bar Erose Jue Fly there iv11 to re on who Are paying his Campaign sex j attuned on Page a a big

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